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Post Mortem: White Collar Boss on Neal's Last Con, Alternate Ending

White Collar Series Finale Recap

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Thursday’s series finale of White Collar.

White Collar said au revoir on Thursday night with a series finale that just as easily could have been titled “Keep On Chasing.”

After pulling the ultimate con and faking his death, Neal jetted off to Paris. Meanwhile, Peter mourned the loss of his pal for a year until he discovered Neal’s secret storage locker, full of medical research and an article about the Louvre’s upgraded security system. With a small smile, the G-man realized his partner was still alive.

But that wasn’t the ending that creator Jeff Eastin originally had in mind, he reveals below. Instead, he went with a variation pitched by the show’s own stars.

Eastin also talks about the possibility of a TV movie and the finale’s homage to Catch Me If You Can.

TVLINE | I can’t believe you fake-killed Neal!
We spent a long time saying, “Nobody will ever believe we killed Neal.” So we spent quite a while trying to sell it. We figured the moment when Mozzie believes it, maybe the audience will believe it.

TVLINE | When and how did you settle on this particular ending?
I had a different ending [in which] Peter finally released Neal. This was going to be the moment when Neal has to decide what he’s going to do. And so he walked up to the Flatiron building in New York, and he’s tossing a coin. In one version, the coin lands heads, and he goes to the right and he gets in a limo with Mozzie and they go off to be the greatest criminals ever. And then we’re back with Neal, and he’s standing at that same intersection, tosses the coin and it comes up tails and he goes left and he goes to the FBI. We realize it’s a few years later and Neal’s taken over Peter’s job as head of the White Collar Crime division and he’s now an FBI agent and very happy. And then we come back to Neal, and he’s in that same spot. He tosses the coin and just before it lands, we go to black. We never know which choice he finally made. That was the ending that I had settled on from the moment I sold the series. I pitched that ending along with the series to USA six years ago, and it’s one I had planned to stick to.

White Collar Series Finale RecapThen Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer came to me and said, “Hey, look,  we love that ending. It’s awesome. But we’ve got a better idea.” And that was the idea, which is Neal, ultimately, decides to kill himself to save the people he loves. But of course, it’s Neal, so he hasn’t quite done that. Once they pitched me this ending, I said, “You know what? This is so much better.” So that’s how this ending came about.

TVLINE | So it was really a collaborative effort.
Yeah, it really was. And it was nice because the series as a whole has been a collaborative effort between me, Tim and Matt. Ultimately, I think to end it that way was really the right thing to do.

TVLINE | What do you want viewers to take away from those final moments?
The real idea there was the relationship between Peter and Neal, that chase that we started. In the world of White Collar, that pursuit will just continue forever. The moment Peter discovers that [Neal] set the entire thing up, I’m hoping people will go, “OK. Neal tricked us one more time.” Obviously, there’s a playing card inside there to indicate that Mozzie had been there before. So Mozzie will also continue on with Neal. And that, really, Neal’s finally free. The entire series, we’ve tried desperately to get Neal to Paris. We figured that if there’s one place that an art thief needs to be, it’s in Paris. So we’re finally able to do that in the very final moment, which I’ve very, very happy about.

White Collar Series Finale RecapTVLINE | Does the Queen of Hearts card mean Mozzie’s on his way to join Neal?
Yeah, exactly.

TVLINE | Tim DeKay’s smile in that scene is so great. What’s behind Peter’s grin? Is he just glad Neal is alive? Is he excited by the fact that the chase is on again?
Tim DeKay and I had talked about that. When he came to pitch me that final moment, he didn’t have the details or anything. When Peter realizes that Neal is not dead, he’s faked this entire thing, that smile he has at the last moment really is about the chase is on. Because what we’ve established there is Peter has, to a certain extent, settled down. He’s got Elizabeth, and he’s got his son, Neal. He turned into the guy that’s going to leave at six o’clock and not work late. As much as Peter loves that, the thing he loves more, the thing he’s always loved, is the chase. So for Tim, it was that moment when he realizes that the chase is on. As Tim said when he pitched it to me, “The game’s afoot,” and you see him turn and run out of there. That’s what it is. It’s like, “Great, the game’s on. This is going to keep going.”

TVLINE | So Neal’s next target is the Louvre?
The next target is the Louvre, yeah.

TVLINE | You’ve said in the past that a lot of the series has been about Neal struggling with these two different sides of himself and secretly wanting Peter’s life. Are we to assume from this ending that he realized, “I am who I am”?
Yep. Exactly. That after six years, after this long struggle, Neal can decide, “Who am I? Am I the con man? Am I the thief that my father was, my real father? Or am I Peter Burke?” who in his heart became his de facto father. He’s always struggled with that, with that desire. I said before in a couple of interviews that, for me, Neal wants to be good, but he was born bad. This was finally the decision that Neal Caffrey is what he is at his heart and that’s an art thief. That’s just a much more fun ending than deciding that he is good and that he gets the white picket fence.

TVLINE | I couldn’t help but notice that there’s a bit of an open door with this ending. Is there room for continuation? Maybe a TV movie?
You never know. That would be nice. I know the studio is pushing me to try to have viewers mail ties into USA to try to keep the series going. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Not pocket squares?
Pocket squares would be good, too. Somebody had pitched me the “Tie up White Collar” Season 7 pitch. [Laughs] I said, “You know, that’s not a bad idea.” … I think everybody involved would probably be excited about that idea. So I don’t want to rule anything out, but the ending really was for me not necessarily to say, “Hey, let’s go back and do another one,” but really just to say that Peter will always keep chasing Neal and Neal will keep stealing things for as long as people care to wonder.

White Collar Series Finale RecapTVLINE | The scene where Neal is dressed as an airline captain, was that a nod to your original pitch and this being sort of a continuation of Catch Me If You Can?
Yeah. Beyond that, Frank Abagnale, Jr., the real guy [on which the film is based], was a fan of the show. He had been really nice and sent me like a signed poster and things like that and told me how much he liked the show. We were trying very hard to get him to do a cameo in the finale, but the timing didn’t work out with his schedule. So the airline captain was really a nod to Frank Abagnale, Jr., the original Neal.

TVLINE | What are you going to miss most about this show?
The thing I’ll miss most is just that friendship with Matt and Tim and Willie [Garson] and Tiffani [Thiessen]. Everybody was incredibly nice… Matt and Tim, especially, were such incredible leaders on the set. They would come in every day — long standard 12-hour days, sometimes 14, sometimes 16 hours — and to keep up with the level of humor and the fact that I don’t think I ever saw Tim and Matt not smiling between takes. That does so much just for the morale on set. That’s probably the thing that I’ll miss the most. Whenever I would go off to New York, I’d be able to go out there and hang out with these guys. I’ve never laughed so much or had such a good time. I’ll miss that.

And then the other thing is I will miss New York. For six years, it was sort of my home away from home. Now I realize that unless I decide to set another show there, I will really never be back to New York other than as a tourist and that’s going to be different. I know Tim and Willie have said something very similar.

White Collar fans, what did you think of the show’s swang song? Would you have preferred the original ending? How did you react when Neal “died”? Grade the series finale via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. amysue4772 says:

    Oh thank god he’s not dead. This episode was awesome.

  2. Alichat says:

    Even though I knew he wasn’t dead, since we’d seen him doing the practice shot on the mannequin, I still began to bawl when Mozzie and Peter lost it. And then they took 12 of the remaining 15 minutes before revealing he is alive…….I began to doubt. LOL! Part of me also felt that Neal might not go through with it because he would miss working with Peter. Still, great episode all around.

    • sam says:

      great way to end it for sure, btw it wasn’t a practice shot. It was used to make the bullet they had in evidence.

      • Alichat says:

        Oh I didn’t think about that. I assumed he had a makeshift vest on, and he was testing that it didn’t fail. Figured it was something attached to the squibs to protect him from the bullet. Yours is a much simpler explanation. ;-)

      • Jeremy weatherspoon says:

        I kinda knew what he was planning but as it went on I thought he still may have gotten killed just because the way the gun when off. I was getting sick to my stomach and was about to cry when peter and mozzie was talking about it in the mourge I kept saying no no no. Then the very last scene I smiled but still was upset because I thought he left mozzie behind till the fact the card was in the locker

        • keller d says:

          Exactly what i thought …like why would he bail on mozzie?
          But still the ending doesnt made sense cause the pink panther got caught so neal was free already. I get that he staged his death in case the pink panthers would find out about him and started to kill everybody he loves. But why couldnt he tell peter? He and Peter became friends-ish. So why would peter chase him again? Because he will probably steal from the louvre? Thats not within the fbi its juristiction. Its europe so why would peter chase him after fighting to release him.
          I prefer to think that neal left all those clues for peter so peter Elisabeth baby neal could come and visit hom in france. Neal knowing Peter he knew peter was 1 of the few people who could trace these clues to his whereabouts. In that case the finale was solid. Allaround great serie

          • Jevin says:

            An awesome serie; I might have an answer to your question why he would bail even though the Pink Panthers were caught and he would already be free: Did you notice the way Neal looked the last few times Keller said to him that the FBI would never let him go, for he was their biggest asset…? I like to believe that is the reason Neal changed his mind and decided he couldn’t trust his freedom to the FBI, and had to take matters into his own hands.

          • Hippen says:

            I think he did tell Peter with the key to the storage shed the doctor gave him after his death. I think Neal thought Peter would figure it out immediately. When Peter goes to the park and finds Mozzie a year later, Mozzie/Neal realize that Peter doesn’t know but wants to give him closure (move him from step 3 to 4). So Mozzie fills in the gaps for Peter. The bottle of wine with the “cork” …from his counting freedom days…And then Mozzie left the card. To let Peter know that Mozzie already knew but wanted Peter to know as well. I liked the friendship closure between Mozzie and Suit.

          • Alicia Renkema says:

            I would have liked to see a two-parter for the season finale beings that there were just 6 episodes. In case there isn’t a future movie it would have been nice to see what Peter was going to do from there. It would have been nice to see the two of them and Mozzie together one more time as well as Neil being able to see his now name-sake.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree, i didnt bawl but i teared up when Peter cried in the hallway. However i knew basically from the start he wasnt going to be dead, and it solidified when you saw him take the practice shot, if they hadn’t of shown that i feel i would have been seriously 80% of way to believing he died.

      I loved the ending, i loved the original endings (all but the flip of a coin and cut to black). The idea of Neal with Peter’s job is awesome, though i think deep down i would have thought this ending was right (him being who he truly is, a con man, a criminal, a adrenaline/thrill junkie)

      Overall, great job! This leaves it open in a way that would be awesome to see a TV movie. There are so many possibilities, you can have Peter needing Neal (and Moz) to help him with something, or hes chasing after them for something, or they were setup for something bad and Peter is trying to catch them but also prove them innocent, so many things. One thing i would like to have in the movie is Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis back. I would like them to end up together, whether she ends up joining them as a thief or if Neal goes fairly straight (still the little odd side job) and they are together or SOMETHING. This final season 100% left out Neal’s love life, and i get and respect why, but in the TV Movie (actually id prefer a TV-mini series, aka 2-3 42 minute episodes, a little mini season, or basically a 2 hour movie) i feel like his love life should be addressed. Its not like it was some super side thing in the series as a whole, his love of Kate, then of some other women and most importantly with Sara Ellis…its worth it to go there and give us romantic closure with Neal. Would be really cool if Peter showed up and he was shocked to see Neal and Sara Ellis were married, and had a son they named “Peter” who is like 2 years old.

      • JBC says:

        Neal had closure with Sara Ellis. Did you notice when he fell in love with Rebecca? It may have been a con for her at first but it became REAL for them. Everything that the writers showed us in S5 and the first ep. of S6 proved that. Neal never even bothered to look up Sara when he came back from the island. The Empire State Bldg. was the Good Bye for that relationship. I very much enjoyed seeing Neal really fall for someone. The 2 ladies he really loved both ended up dead unfortunately, i.e. Kate and Rebecca/Rachel.

        • Nina says:

          Welk said JBC! Makes me wonder if people wanting him & Sara together even watch the show. Sara made it pretty clear she’s a straight laced girl with the hopes of a suburban life. Her and Neal have different dreams.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Just because he moved on and put that away as something he couldn’t have, and fell in love again does NOT mean he doesnt hold Sara in a special place in his heart, and if the writers wanted to could easily rekindle that romance. As for her proving she is a goody goody…she proved by what she was into (her doing “missions” with Neal, her breaking some laws with Neal, her job in general is a white collar Repo-Man which is thrilling and a legal version of stealing….she is primed and ready to admit she would go to the dark(er) side. Or like i said, maybe Neal has gonna basically straight and she moved to London for her work…maybe she and Neal bump into each other in Europe, or she goes after him for the Louve job, or one of a million possibilities where in a TV Movie Neal’s love life can be brought up and locked down.

          He didn’t truly love Rebecca, he loved who she was before she turned out to be a murderous con. I would say it became real for HER (she obviously loved him, as shown by how she helped him when she had nothing to gain) but he didn’t love her. A small part of his love for the person she was pretending to be seeped over into his interaction with her but still, he didn’t love the woman who murdered people.

        • Jason says:

          Rebecca is not dead she as well faked her death. She was disguised as one of the ambulance members that’s why in the crate there were pictures of her. She helped Neal fake his death.

          • JennCO says:

            If it was Rebbecca that helped him why did they show him pay the female paramedic, then see her pic on the wall there along with the coroner and the blowfish whose poison minmicks death, the gun with a blank that was shot at Neal, then an empty chamber that was shot at the female hostage giving Peter the right for deadly force so that he wouldn’t have to watch his back from Keller and so Keller couldn’t get word to the panthers in jail. The minute I saw Neal shoot the dummy for the bullet, I mean his plan was to fake his death, and I really like that Neal sent Peter wine, most likely through Moz and its been a while since I saw the bottle he use to refill and pretend to drink fancy wine with Kate, the same bottle Peter caught him broken hearted spinning on the floor, when he said Peter the bottle is the message from her, it means its over, she is through…..that’s why he got up and ran to his old records of his chases of Neal, and then put together the key and container and everything he discovered in the container. I wish we would have seen Moz meet up with Neal in Paris because they always had a plan to disappear together…so seeing him stay in NYC to make sure all the loose ends where tied up, but then a shot of Neal meeting him in Paris after meeting little Neal I think would have been just one more thing to make the ending just a bit better….

      • Naomi says:

        I LOVE that idea!!! Yes yess yess

    • iammusic says:

      The second Mozzie lost it, I lost it. That was an AMAZING finale!! Bringing up Kate also made me choke up a bit. Peter’s smirk at the end was amazing.

    • The Beach says:

      I loved that they named their baby Neal.

    • E'Bahn says:

      It’s like: I wasn’t sad at Neal’s parting, I was sad at Mozzie’s loss.

  3. Maia says:

    Exactly what I wanted/needed to wrap up this series. Amazing job.

    • SW says:

      I agree. So many series finales I’ve seen just haven’t been satisfying for me, but this one was. It was definitely the type of ending us fans wanted and needed. I think if Jeff had gone with his original ending, it might not have been as satisfying, so I’m glad he went with Matt and Tim’s idea.

  4. scg says:

    After having seen Leverage end a couple of years ago, them and their cons, I never believed it!! :)

  5. rainey13 says:

    I figured Neal would fake his death to protect the people he loves – even sent that in on the USA contest. But I’m disappointed that Eastin still insists that Neal can’t go straight. There are so many things he could do with his talent – and that $23 million that’s mysteriously missing. After all the times this season that Neal said he didn’t want to be that guy hurting people… Of course, since we didn’t see a theft at the Louvre, I can ignore that part.

    • Alichat says:

      “I’m disappointed that Eastin still insists that Neal can’t go straight.” Same here. I don’t buy it.

    • Wanda Gibson says:

      I agree, Neal can go straight, he has a good heart

    • LK says:

      This. I’ve never bought into Jeff’s idea that Neal was “born bad” (as if people, in general, work that way). Fortunately, authorial intent isn’t everything, and the ending they actually filmed was definitely open to interpretation. Maybe he’s casing the Louvre. Maybe he’s working on testing their security. I (and most fans I know who weren’t somehow convinced that they’d really kill him – people seriously thought that?) called the Neal fakes his death to protect his ‘family.’ He’s so not Keller. And I (and all of us) can interpret the ending based on what we saw & not JE’s weird ideas about people. :-)

      • Lisa says:

        Neal has always left little clues for Peter that would let him know what he was involved in when he was pulled into something. That way, Peter would investigate it further, and catch the person. So, we can also think that perhaps Neal is not the one that is planning rob the Louvre. Rather, he could have pointed Peter in that direction because he involved himself, to infiltrate the their group. I just love that we can still wonder if his intentions were good or not. The ending left open a lot of possibilities. So, he could be still assisting the FBI behind the scenes on the Louvre incident and that can lead to a storyline for a movie. I love that the show left it up for interpretation. Things are not always how they look with Neal. So, we can take it the way it looked, like he’s going back to being a thief or we can think that things aren’t the way they look at all. Neal is trying to point Peter to the real thieves.

        • JennCO says:

          The FBI wouldn’t be involved in a case on a different continent….maybe Interpol, but more likely Paris police, but Neal said to Moz that they would go back to the good old simple cons, so I don’t believe he went completely straight, but I wouldn’t put it past him to get a job testing things like the security there, but also forging and replacing a painting durring his operation.

    • MJ says:

      Neil doesn’t have the money. Mozzie had the money.

      • The Beach says:

        And that’s what had me puzzled. Mozzie has 21,000,000 bucks (somewhere?) and yet a year later he’s running a street card game. Why isn’t he on a beach somewhere or already hooked up with Neal?

        • Dcorpz says:

          I think neal had mozzie be there so he could ‘let’ peter know that Neal was ‘alive’. I love mozzie and neal and I’m solo glad Neal clued him in. I miss white collar already! Please make the TV movie!

          • WC-fan says:

            I agree, after watching the last episode I was just “it can´t stop now? i want to see the “future”……” would have been awesome if they made a TV movie! if they could make a ending that would not have laft me with so many answers XD..

          • lola says:

            tv movie? yea i would like that too but i want them to come back with new seasons. i miss this show soo much….it was and still is sucha popular show….wonder why they ever ended it. stupid director….stupid production house …..stupid USA NETWORK!!!!!

      • JennCO says:

        You really think the conspiracy nut would get through the stages of grief in a year with his best friend even though he doesn’t yet believe JFK is dead? I believe that the reason Moz is working in NYC still is to keep an eye on suit and misses suit until Peter was cleared for the shooting, the panthers where in a hole out of the way, even make sure June was safe, but I don’t buy that Neil left Moz in the dark for more that a day or 2, if at all….It wouldn’t be cheap for Neil to get travel documents, a new place to live, and everything else he needed since it isn’t like he could pack and move, so since Moz already has homes and stuff set up in NYC I believe that Neil was given at least a cut of the money so he could travel and set things up. Also with how Moz was saying bye I believe he is going to go meet Neil since everytime they talked about leaving, they talked about going to the same place when it was safe….I also believe that Moz was playing the card game as a “reason” to keep an eye out and make sure the whole family was settled and safe before meeting Neil…Moz wouldn’t leave Neil out of the cut of any con they did together, even if he thought there was a chance he didn’t make it through the con. Moz had many different homes, storage, and he spoke with Neil about the need for start up money to be ready in other places to keep them safe and hidden from the different law agencies and the suit. So thinking that Moz has all the money, or is grieving faster than Neil is not believable in my eyes…

  6. BetsyBoo says:

    i wish for the original ending. I get that Neal was giving up his life to protect those he loved, but I’m having a hard time reconciling that he would put his “family” thru such anguish. Even Mozzie believed at first. I don’t know that I could forgive it. Just my initial two cents.

    • Cheryl says:

      Yes i agree the biggest problem I had with this is Neal would never put his “family” throught this anguish. Its not in his character to be that cruel. The whole neal not being dead idea was a good one how it was carried not so good

      • dryad says:

        I disagree. I don’t see it as cruelty on Neal’s part. Given Neal’s knowledge of the Panthers and their history of going after the loved ones of those who crossed them, I think he recognized this was the best way to keep them safe. By allowing them to truly grieve, there was nothing for them to slip-up on. There was no temptation to try and find Neal or contact him. Sure, it was painful and tragic for everyone, but they were alive and stayed that way. It was only once the Panthers were behind bars that Neal delivered that bottle of Bordeaux to send Peter down the path of putting the pieces together.

  7. Becky Ann says:

    Neal deserved that white picket fence. He is not an art thief at heart, he’s a good person who makes bad choices and I want Neal as an FBI Agent leading the White Collar. That’s how it should have ended.

    • Cheryl says:

      I like Jeff Eastins idea the flip of coin and Neal either choosing to go off with mozzie or stay with the FBI. Wish the series ended with I don’t see what we got as a better choice unless they cut out that whole year with poor Peter and Mozzie in such pain. Neal would never do that to them. Sad that in the series finale Neal was taken so out of character.

      • Wanda Gibson says:

        If Neal had made a choice for the white picket fence there would not be the chance for the chase between Peter and Neal and Mozzie to continue for more seasons!

        • lola says:

          are they coming back with more seasons …………please tell me they are…..i loved the ending….but its left me with alot questions….i want too see sara and neal together. i want to see them solve more cases….hell i want the show back …ya sure a movie would do too but i really want the show back!!!!

    • Nina says:

      Why do you assume he will not get his picket fence? I think the episode with Amy showed us how easy it’s for Neal to be able to find someone to love. I don’t need to see it to believe it. Neal Caffrey will live & love again!

  8. Retnan says:

    Wow, the alternate ending sounds better to me.

  9. Lisa says:

    Since the beginning of the series, Neal has walked a fine line. The con still courses through his blood, and yet we’ve always known he could end up on either side of the fence, depending on the day and time. So really, either option for the ending would have been fitting. I enjoyed the finale, and the ending was priceless.

  10. Bryce says:

    Whether Neal lived or died, or whether they kept the coin ending—that was a wonderful finale. I would’ve been okay with any variation because, at the end of the day, I’ve never settled on whether or not I actually wanted Neal to keep thieving or reform. I’d be okay with either, because he’s such a middle of the road good guy/bad guy. I’m pleased with this ending though, the entire show, and the emotionality of its fine actors.

  11. TinLV says:

    When Neal ‘died’, I knew it was a con, but the way they played it, I had moments of doubt. I really didn’t think they would kill him off, but I briefly did wonder. I really hate that the show ended, but I’m glad it ended the way it did. I don’t think I would have liked the original planned ending half as much. Of course, there was all that money missing, so I think Peter always suspected deep down, that Neal got that money. And the gift of the bottle of wine.. got the wheels turning again. Mozzie was clearly on his way to join Neal when he left Peter’s house, but the queen left behind was meant for Peter. So he would know. And Peter’s smile when he realized for sure that Neal was alive.. that was perfect.

    • Nathan says:

      when mozzie and peter talked during the find the queen con, he told him that Neal did the con to him. But in the end the con helped him, so was it really a con or a nice deed. this was a subtle hint that mozie in this moment was playing a con on peter showing him the queen card. Soon after going home, mozzie leave before peter can open the wine. Peter connects the 701 on the wine bottle to neal, gets the key, goes to locker 701 discovers how neal faked his death and sees the queen. things come full circle, it was a con, but really it helped peter stay safe and give probable cause to take out keller.

      before reading eastins comments i want sure if the news paper in the 701 locker meant neal went there to secretly setup the security to protect the louve, or to rob it.

      a question im a bit confused about is when neal got “shot” by keller, those were just empty shells in the gun correct? The empty shell created a mild would, which neal made bleed more, maybe a pocket of blood, then took the poison pill to give him signs of being dead. Paid off the ambulance nurse and doctor

      • Rachel Blackett says:

        What I can gather, Keller was firing blanks and there was a vile or something that Neal set off somehow :)

      • JennCO says:

        I am sure that the gun had a blank for when Neal was shot and all the “blood” was the exploding packs that actors use that he bought and used to sell the con, then the gun had a empty spot in the revolver so when Keller tried to shoot his hostage, it allowed Peter to safely and legally take Keller out, while as Neil does, kept the hostage safe, and then the rest of the gun had live rounds for the investigation. That’s why the table in the container had empty shells, blanks, real bullets, and spent shells too….Neil had to keep Keller believing that he won so that he would sell it before he was taken out. Keller had to lose his life to keep the panthers from ever finding out and going after Neil, suit, misses suit, baby Neil, Moz, and even the lady that housed and clothed him all the time throughout the years with her beloved Byron’s clothes.

        I told my dad when they gave Neil cake that was blue, that the baby would be named Neil….but people saying Moz didn’t know when the queen card was there, that is proof that he had been there before, so that’s is why he was further through the steps of “grief” than Peter, because he knew it was bye to the name, not the person….just like Moz told the suit he went back to his given name Mr. winter’s when suit said by Mozzie, you should come by sometime and see the little man, (since they weren’t ready to share the baby’s name with the viewer’s yet).

  12. Gabrielle says:

    I sobbed like a baby, that’s what!

  13. robin says:

    Loved it! A follow up tv movie set in Paris with Neal, Mozzie and Peter would be great!

  14. Maya says:

    Neal pulling a con and fake his death was so obvious but yet, when Peter holds his anklet and says “you are free, you are free,” I lost it. Then Peter and Mozzie talking about losing Neal was heartbreaking. There was nothing more heartwrenching and sweet that Elizabeth and Peter named their son Neal .. and echoing older Neal saying Peter and Elizabeth were his family. I also loved the little call backs to – how it’s a wine bottle again which leads Peter to piece it together and find Neal, the Italian Roast comment, June talking about how she first met Neal; Mozzie and Neal talking about their first meeting. Now, I just really want little Neal to his namesake. Also, I love how the came full circle and Neal/Peter’s friendship and how they have always been in each other’s life because of the chase.

  15. Adrienne says:

    I think I would have preferred the alternate ending, actually. I know Neal never truly reformed, but I don’t like the idea of Peter going back to chasing him. I think Neal did show growth and deserved an ending where he either earned his freedom or Peter, happy that he wasn’t dead, decided to let him go.

  16. Lucas says:

    I knew Neal wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be. The mannequin shot, the blood seemed almost fake ( too red, I don’t know if I am looking too much into this detail), him saying good-bye to June, and letting Keller get the gun. I almost believed it when Mozzie and Suit were talking where Neal pulled his first con on Mozzie, but when Elizabeth said 1982 Bordeaux I knew he was alive ( and surprised that Peter had to get the evidence box out). Well done White Collar, great finale! From the TV shows I’ve watched: Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Dexter and many more this was by far the best ending. Part of me wanted it to end with the coin flip, but I know I would’ve hated it if it was left to the viewer’s interpretation.

    • scott says:

      I think it’s funny how so many think he was going to rob the art museum. .. if you look at it the way they originally were going to do the coin toss ending. The same can go for this ending…. Is he going to rob the place or let’s just say for argument sakes… maybe he was the one that showed them there security wasn’t good and help them update the system. The paper said updated security system put in place…so you can look at that either way. Was a good ending… and he wasn’t Con his family on his death …he was protecting them…it had to be sold to all! I like to think he gonna rob the place with Moz… though they did say in episode at start..once this was over we can start with the basics. Anyway good comments from most and great show!

      • LK says:

        This is what I like about the ending that was actually shown, and what I dislike about Jeff Eastin’s comments in the interview. He’s saying that the ending is fixed, and is sticking with that inane “Neal wants to be good, but he was born bad” concept. People don’t work like that, and if he really had no choice, no agency, what was the point of any of it? I like the fact that the ending that was filmed *does* leave it up to interpretation. And I agree that it wasn’t about conning his ‘family’ – he did do that, but to protect them.

  17. Lynn says:

    I still can’t stop crying. I wanted to see Neal free and with either Alex or Sarah. He seemed to want love and who wouldn’t want to see him happy.

  18. Diane rivera says:

    Im going to miss this show alot! I knew he didnt die but i still cried & just made me happy it ended this way!

  19. Julie says:

    I agree with the others here saying they don’t think Neal would put the people he loved through the grief of thinking he was dead – and what’s more, I don’t think he’d want to leave them all behind either! I don’t think the finale fit his character at all, and after reading this article, I like their original ending (of him flipping a coin) much better.

    To me, the ending we got says that nothing has changed, he’s still the Neal from the pilot, who puts the thrill of conning others above everything else, including his closest friends. I feel over the course of the show, he changed and realized there was more to life than stealing and conning people – in fact, there are plenty of times that he has the chance to run and doesn’t. And he still gets the thrill of that kind of life by chasing others and outsmarting them, and running his own cons with the FBI itself. He enjoys the life he’s made and he loves his friends. Why would he just throw all that away?

    • laraujo010 says:

      Neal appears to have changed throughout the seasons, but that just a con:)! Once a conman always a conman

    • Wanda Gibson says:

      Julle, he hasn’t left it all behind. Peter loves the chase as much as Neal, its in their blood. And Neal has a good heart.

    • Ann says:

      I thought his words to Mozzie, in the episode with Billy Dee Williams said it best. He wanted the life June had with Byron. Why couldn’t he have that. He ended up like Billy Dee Williams character, before the downfall. IMHO, what a waste.

    • SK says:

      Well I think he did it to protect everyone. You know they said multiple times that the pink panthers come after your loved ones for revenge. So they had to be a 100 percent convinced that Neal is dead. If everybody knew he wasn’t dead, they could not have faked so much grief.

    • cnith says:

      I think they would have found a way to keep Neal captive in some way… He was never going to be free, contract or not, and he knew it. The ending could be that the “chase was on” again but maybe Peter wasn’t going to arrest Neal, just go say hey, I can still find you…

  20. Sarah says:

    I don’t know, I think the idea of circling back to where we were when the series started is kind of ridiculous – it kind of feels like the whole series was a waste of time, as if any growth we saw from Neal was an illusion. I kind of wish they’d gone a different way.

  21. SW says:

    I thought this was a REALLY great ending for this show. I’ve been a fan since around Season 2, I think, and I felt like this season wrapped up the series really well. I had my doubts that they could pull off a good ending with only 6 episodes, but I actually feel like I’ve watched an entire, full season – that’s a compliment. One thing, though – Jeff didn’t fool me for a second that Neal had faked his death. I said this on Twitter – if they hadn’t included the scene with Neal testing the bullet and gun on the mannequin in the locker, I may have believed it for a second. As soon as I saw that scene, I had a feeling Neal was planning on getting shot for some reason, at some point. I didn’t figure out the toxin part until I saw him lying in the morgue. However, I still thought it was an amazing last con for Neal to pull. I just felt really bad that Neal put Peter ,and everyone else, through mourning his death. This was one of the best series finale’s I’ve seen in awhile. I’ll miss it a lot.

    • JennCO says:

      Him shorting the dummy wasn’t a “test” it was how he got the fired bullet for the doc to give to Peter as evidence that he was shot…it had to have the marks that the specific gun that Keller was going to “steal” from Neil and the slugs had to match. It protected Peter from being in trouble for shooting Keller, it was evidence that Neil was shot with “Keller’s” gun and it just wraps up the e evidence so even the panthers see Keller was the traitor, and that keeps them from hunting both of Neil’s families and friends.

      • jayson shah says:

        I agree with this but then where does the blood come from during the scene where his is “shot” by keller?

  22. sladewilson says:

    That alternate ending seemed pretty good but I liked this one better also. I always believed that Neil was an art thief at heart. I never thought he would become a Fed. Just not Neil. Great episode, beautiful ending to a very cool series….

  23. Steve says:

    Personally i would of liked the Flip the coin scenario better

  24. Carol says:

    Brilliant writing.

  25. laraujo010 says:

    Come on people! Everyone is saying that this doesn’t fit Neal’s character, well of course it does. Neal’s biggest con was making US believe that he had changed/developed throughout the six seasons. Some of you guys don’t like the ending because you guys got conned!

    • Tenney says:

      I agree, Neal was always a con man. He was a good guy who truly cared about a select handful of people, but he was also aways looking for the next big con. Even Peter always knew that Neal was a con man at heart and I think he appreciated how Neal got one over on him at the end. I really loved the ending.

  26. Anthony B. says:

    Honestly? I heard this rumor that fans wanna see a movie that follows up on the ending. And if a movie ever was to be made, the ending Jeff Eastin had in mind for the show to end should be the ending to that movie.

    However, this is all hypothetical. Probably me just wishing it wasn’t over. XD

  27. Jo says:

    I think people missed that Neal’s intent was never to put his family through grief or maybe I did and it’s just how I wanted to see it. The key was with his items when he ‘died’. How was he supposed to know it would take Peter a year to find it and open the locker and discover his death? I think the intent was for them to know that he’d done it for them.

    I also don’t think Peter will chase him. This also might be my wishful thinking, but I think that he’ll keep an eye out and as long as Neal stays on the straight and narrow with his millions, he’ll let him be free.

    • Jen Solstice says:

      Even if that was the case, Neal would have been able to trust Peter. The ending was not true to the characters. I think they just missed the mark with the choice they made. I also did not enjoy seeing Neal alone in Paris at the very end – just a very unsatisfying and dry ending to a show that sparkled in every frame of every show for the last six years.

  28. Wanda Gibson says:

    Bring White Collar back! How do we contact TNT?

  29. Cate says:

    so what it boils down to is that we’re right back to where we started pretty much. And nobody really changed at all.

    .. that is a *terrible* idea.

    I really wish they’d gone with the originally planned ending.

  30. tonyb500 says:

    Honestly? If a White Collar movie was ever to be made, it should pick up where the series left off, and it should end the way Jeff Eastin said it was originally going to end. Because now I kinda wish I was able to see that ending, even though I also like how it ended.

    Ultimately, though, the main gripe that I have about the ending is that it was the exact opposite of what Neal said he wanted near the end of season 3. I’m also disappointed because I was hoping that Neal would end up with Sara at the end, but she didn’t even make an appearance. I get that it’s a cliched thought, but still.

    • tonyb500 says:

      One other thing I forgot to mention that irked me; for the entire series, the idea of finally proving that Neal isn’t what everyone expected (nothing more than an art thief) and that he can actually go straight. Therefore, even though the ending was brilliant, it basically said “Let’s take all the hard work Peter and Neal did to finally get Neal free and possibly on the right path and toss it right out the window!” I get that that’s a bit harsh to say, but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that the series ended with Neal proving that he’s what people like Kramer said he was. So here’s hoping that the alternate ending is on the DVD, or the original ending is put into a TV movie!

      • Ann says:

        My main problem. Matt’s performance always sold it as desperately longing to be more than a ‘criminal’ but in the end, that’s what he became.

      • Jean says:

        Totally agree! I’ve already dumped the first two season DVDs which were about two characters I really liked and wanted to see grow into a lifelong team maybe as private detectives or something like that. As the third season started one of my teens said they should be called Sneaky and Snarky and the names stuck at our house. We watched a few episodes each season and I tuned in alone for this season hoping to see the beginning seasons validated by Neal’s change and Peter’s belief in him. Instead the naysayers were correct and Neal is a criminal and the bromance is over. I’m trying to shut out the thought of a couple of middle-aged gays living together in Paris but it does validate all that creepy lurking Mozzie did in Neal’s apartment!

      • Nate says:

        What about the iron clad contract for Neals freedom. wasn’t the idea we got from the contract that Neal would be free if he helped the FBI capture the Pink Panthers? That is what he did, so h should in theory have his freedom. But he had to clean up any left over pieces so that the panthers couldnt harm Neals family. Everyone thinks neal is dead, Keller will probably take blame for being the mole, and peter had cause to shoot him because he killed Neal. Peter could potentially be in harm from any pink pather backlash if they can get anything done from prison, but he has the FBI to protect him. Mozzie is off with Neal in France

      • Gern Blanston says:

        I think that you missed the main point of the story. It wasn’t really about freeing Neal from the FBI or prison. It was about Neal, a person with a messed up childhood and loads of trust issues that always wanted a family that he loved and that loved him in return unconditionally. He found that in Peter and Elizabeth. Ultimately it didn’t matter to them that he was a criminal. After every con that he ran on Peter, Peter still cared about Neal as a person and forgave him for running his con. Would he have preferred Neal to be an upstanding, law abiding citizen? Absolutely. Is he going to try until the end of his life to convince Neal to be that kind of person? Absolutely. But, Peter and Elizabeth will love Neal no matter what path he chooses. In finding that love Neal was able to accept who he truly was, a white collar criminal.

      • JennCO says:

        I don’t believe that Neil faking his death and taking money for services rendered or as a reward for taking down those the FBI couldn’t alone makes him bad, or throws away all the good he did. It doesn’t make him just a thief. I see it as him protecting Peter and his job and making darn sure that he wouldn’t fulfill his end of the agreement for freedom again and have it taken from him again….all he did by faking his death and leaving with his start up cash is make the FBI keep their end of the agreement that they failed to do before. It might not be “right” but neither is it fair for Neil to fulfil all he said he would and then be told that they changed the deal and he still wouldn’t be free. He took them saying he could have his freedom and leave before and now he was facing the same thing as before…he did his part and brought down the panthers, but should he have trusted that he would be free this time when he hadn’t been given what was agreed to before. Why should the con man believe they will do as they say when they didn’t before? It goes back to the saying do it once shame on you, but if I let you do it to me again, shame on me. It only looks “bad” because its the conman that didn’t wait to see what happened this time…if the roles where reversed then no one would say it was bad that the FBI made sure they got what they where promised even though they didn’t do it in a conventional manner….

  31. Tara says:

    i LOVE the new ending.

  32. Katie says:

    When I thought Neal was dead, I cried and cried. When I realized he wasn’t I still felt sad that the series was over.

  33. I loved it. I was just as convinced as everyone, that Neal had died but was so glad to see at the end that he was still alive. I should have known that he would pull the ultimate con. Thanks for a great show. I will miss it, but thanks for a satisfying ending.

  34. Ange says:

    Now that is how a series should end!!!

  35. Mary says:

    Maybe Neal will end up working for the Louvre recovering stolen artifacts with Mozzie.

  36. Simon says:

    I loved the ending and am actually happy it’s finally over. At first I was like, come on he faked his death. There’s no way! Then when you saw his body on the table and Mozzie was crying that’s when I was like wait they really did kill him…THIS IS A TERRIBLE ENDING! I almost threw my shoe at the TV. Then it turned out he really did fake his own death and boom I was like BRAVO! I started to do the slow clap. This ending was very The Dark Knight Rises esque. I think this was a perfect way to send his character off. Absolutely beautiful, I will miss Neal Caffrey. He is actually the inspiration to my suit game. Bravo!

  37. Mike says:

    loved the finale I kinda wsh Alex or Sarah was there with neal at the end

  38. Alice says:

    it’s depressing how many people equate being in the FBI agent as being a ‘good guy’ and being an art thief a la Neal as a ‘bad guy.’ leaving real life aside, in white collar we’ve seen pretty of lousy behavior from the fbi leadership – esp in using/lying to Neal. Including peter at times – i esp hated the ep last year when he told jones he wouldn’t wish being Neal’s handler on anyone. Neal never betrayed his friends and used ‘i’m just following orders’ as an excuse. i’m thrilled he took himself off the leash and went back to doing what he loves. as for people mourning him, i think that was to protect them – assuming the pink panthers and others would be looking for any sign of a con and would have hurt the people close to him. Loved this ending

    • Nina says:

      DITTO to every word you said! I will add that I would trust Neal or Mozzie with mylife and property more than any fbi person! I’ve always said we need good people like Neal & Mozzie on the bad side. I’ve never liked the redemption theme. I believe Neal can have it all. Why not?!

  39. Blank says:

    I really wish that you would have gone with the original ending of Neal first flipping a tails then years later flipping a blank. I feel this ending could have addressed the questions of are con men always destined to be conmen. Then years later reflect on his life at the fountain again reading if he made the right decision.
    To me this would point to, if he is second guessing his life decision of joining the FBI then it really isn’t where his heart is at. This leaves it to the interpretation of whether can we really change what we are or not. A direct answer to that question is not needed, leave that one up to the people to decide.
    Work the details around that but I like that story line more. Personally

  40. Dalelyn says:

    I figured that the newspaper about the Louvre was just Neal’s way of telling Peter where he was, not that he was going to rob it. And I also thought that Neal really did “go straight” right after their one last con.

    • GhostWolf says:

      I thought so too. Didn’t know how much of a time jump it was and what the date of the newspaper article was but was just placed there for Peter so that he’d know that Neal was alive and, with the article, potentially noted that all was quiet in France. All in all, thought Peter’s smile was that he was thrilled that Neal was alive and not that the cat / mouse game was continuing.

  41. Meggan says:

    To be completely honest I’m still crying. I was literally going through everything mozzie went through when he was denying Neal’s death and I was crying and everything and once the wine showed up at peters house I knew Neal was alive so I started crying more just because I got so upset over nothing. I’m just a mess right now. Six years with this show… Man. A TV movie or (preferably) a spinoff series would be good for everyone

    As far as spinoffs go, it would be interesting to see where Neal and Mozzie go from here, or if Matt and Willie have other plans/shows, it would be neat to see Neal as a teen/young adult and how he got into the conning business

  42. Joey Padron says:

    Great finale & ending to the show. Sweet Elizabeth & Peter named their son after Neal. Keller was stupid trying to steal all money & try to kill Neal. Glad he’s gone. Good Jones is in charge of White Collar unit & Diana got Washington job.

    • JennCO says:

      They where pretty specific that peter was running white collar, before he was under someone, he said to Jones that he was in charge, but they where talking about a case that required a stake out, Jones asked peter if he wanted to join, but he wanted to get home to El and the baby, then Jones said peter was the only person that would give up the job to be the head of the section in dc that Diana got, because peter wanted to do his more important job of raising his son with his wife, so he was willing to bring the stake out crew coffee at the crack of dawn, and being present and available to do a harder and greater job of being a husband and father.

  43. Amelie says:

    The alternate would have been a great ending mainly because it would have let us imagine what happens next. But I quite liked the ending they decided to go with and disagree with some comments that Neil going back to being a thief negates the growth he experienced throughout the series. I think faking his death was done to protect the people he grew to care about, which is growth in itself. And Neil didn’t have to tell Peter he was still alive. He could have just gone on and lived in relative safety. By telling Peter, he’s actually taking the risk of being chased again and going back to prison, just for the sake of reassuring his friend and giving him the thrill of the chase again, which is the foundation of their friendship.

  44. Whitney Devlin says:

    In general, I was not thrilled with Season Six, but the finale more than made up for it!

  45. Charles Mallory says:

    That was a very cool finale. You had me with Neal’s death. Then I remembered the build up to the finale around Neal pulling off his greatest con about the time that Peter pulled the key out of the box of Neal’s things. I thought, “This isn’t over!”

    This is really bittersweet. I felt really good about the ending, although I was hoping that Neal would join the good guys permanently. I am going to miss White Collar. Great job, one and all!

    P.S. If you make a White Collar movie, I will definitely watch it.

  46. Brian says:

    They had me also thinking Neal died. I was crying lol. I prefer the actual ending and would of been disappointed not knowing exactly how it all ends. I will miss the show enormously!!! I like to believe Neil’s days of stealing are behind him and that he is free. Maybe he conned me?

  47. Joe Joeington says:

    They ended the series like they’d end a season finale, not a series finale Neil flees, Peter going to chase him again, really?

    • JennCO says:

      Who said Peter was going to chase again? One Neil isn’t in the U.S. so our FBI may track him, but not chase him….but I don’t believe that at this point Peter would do more than he did with Moz who he saw comitting a crime…gambling and scamming people isn’t legal…The show was sure to let you know that by telling the story of how Moz and Neil meet and became close….so Peter could have locked him up right then, but he didn’t….Peter was pissed and hurt by the FBI when they promised his partner and friend if he did a job he could have his freedom and the FBI was conning Neil as they had no intention of letting him go – Peter fell for that con too…he tried everything he could to get the FBI to follow through, and he had even said he would understand if he ran the first time, but that it would be Peter’s job that would be gone too…Neil couldn’t do that to Peter…but if the FBI “knows” and has evidence that Neil is dead, then Peters job isn’t in jeopardy….when Peter got Neil out of jail the said their fate would be tied together, so Peter better be sure he could trust Neil not to run. So the show left it up to viewers to answer somethings, but why would Peter chase Neil when 1, he was upset when he didn’t get the freedom he was promised before, 2, it would definitely make him lose his promotion and possibly his job that now supports himself, baby Neil and his wife since she gave up her business to go to dc then gave up her dc job because she was pregnant, 3, Neil had a contract that he would be free after so if he was brought back for questioning everything could be settled with the fact that Peter, El, baby Neil, Moz, June, and everyone else Neil ever cared about had to be protected from the Panthers…even in jail they could arrange for them to be killed…it just doesn’t make sence that they would elude to him helping in Paris to upgrade security, and to have Peter chase Neil again when he fulfilled he agreements for the FBI, regardless of him being dead or alive…..

  48. jj64 says:

    Im pretty sure moz new all along. Imo he pretended to act like neal was dead to keep up the con. Bring on a tv movie. Great show. Great ending. Hope we get more.

  49. Annoyed says:

    Thanks for making this – ‘White Collar’: Neal Fakes His Death — Series Finale Recap, Ending – the first search response when I googled “White Collar finale.” Way to put the spoiler right there in the headline.

    • SonOfCoul says:

      why the hell would you ever google that a mere couple hours after it has aired? thats your own fault….

      • Annoyed Internet TV Watcher says:

        People watch the show online, you know. I Googled “White Collar”, and the first freaking link spoils it (this article) based on the title. How is that my fault?

        • JennCO says:

          Come on people…its tv…I like tv too, but FAULT…that’s going to far…but if in the future you want to WATCH, not READ OR TALK about something (anything really), you may want to put the word WATCH in your search and that would have eliminated your issue as a search for “watch white collar” or “watch white collar finale” you will get much different results…but I am certain to be careful as to my searches before I have watched, but after my DVR recorded it…and I have a standing rule with people I talk about shows with via txt that first we make sure the show has been watched and if we know someone is watching, no one says crap like have you gotten to the _____ part yet? So its just tv, you didn’t Google what you actually wanted, so you got more results than you wish you had…the moral of the story is start specific with a search, then go broad if you don’t get enough results.

          • Annoyed Internet TV Watcher says:

            This is garbage. You don’t put a spoiler in the title of something. Period. Especially when it’s the series finale spoiler, and it’s been one day.

            Arguing that “it’s just TV” diminishes any person that enjoys a show, or any sort of media, especially one they’ve been following for six years. If GRRM told his book fans how the show ends and who dies and then said “dude it’s just a book!” you’d be pretty unhappy. So this kind of dismissal is wrong.

            Arguing about “well you should have searched for THIS term” is pointless because if that term had brought it up as well, then you’d say “well you REALLY should have searched for ‘white collar watch online -‘spoilers'”. What if someone just wanted to learn about the show? And the first result ruins it for them? Is your argument “well they should have watched it when it was live”?

            The moral of the story is, I don’t care if people write articles with spoilers — that’s expected, reviews, etc. But the title of an article is seen a lot of places — Google, RSS feeds, the base site (TVLine), etc, and there will be a lot of places you can’t avoid it, and also weren’t expecting it.

        • JennCO says:

          I watched every epixiode, every single week…my saying it is just tv is coming more from there being lots more serious things that people don’t get as angry about, so let’s put entertainment where it goes and not up with stuff like life and death, and people having enough food, health care and those things…6 year’s is a long time to invest in a show, but I watched every episode of ER with my mom on the phone as my parents where divorced and I saw all 15 years, but we went from celebrating my birthday and labor day to her in the hospital with surgery, and dead on Veteran’s day…the show is that much more special as I shared it with her and this one with my sick father, but youalready read the title, you already have the information, at this point it can’t be changed…all you can do is personally search differently so that the people that watched live that are passionate and write stories and people that comment can do that, and you can watch it undisturbed next time…there is not away to remove the info and change your experience, and by posting a comment on an article you won’t reach and change every author, so take the advice on preventing it going forward since being annoyed fixes nothing either, or stay mad….I still believe fault is to strong of a word as it is just entertainment, however with my medical issues I have lots of “tv people” I can’t wait to see what happens next, but in the world there are other things to get in discussions about. Your still not going to reach every author of every article, so take it or leave it…you either didn’t read that I said I don’t watch live, so obviously I am not going to say just watch it live, but no you don’t get this article or any similar in at least the first couple pages, as dvrs get interrupted by other shows,weather or have other issues so occasionally I too have Google’d to watch.. I too don’t want and haven’t had the problem you had and as I said I have les with people I watch stuff with to avoid such issues, so I too don’t like it, but there is no changing it now, no real person died or was damaged by a title, so sorry you can’t get past a title, sorry you don’t understand your actions are all you can control so being upset over something you can prevent going forward, but nothing can change the info you have now, but if you would like to continue to be upset about things that cannot change, if you would like to continue your actions the way you have in the past, because the whole rest of the internet should be different, then it sounds to me like you will spend a ton of time annoyed…but I guess its hard for some people to learn to change the things they can, accept the things you cannot, or maybe you lack the wisdom to know the difference….so do as you like, take the search advice to prevent the same trouble again, or continue to try to get the world to fit exactly what you want…maybe you did get your comment to the one author of this one story, good luck with reaching the rest of the world to avoid typing 5 letters before the show name, maybe you can make it a Christmas wish and then everybody will not put spoilers where you don’t want them, rather than controlling your actions….personally I find my actions easier to control…and I only wrote in hopes of you changing your search a tiny bit, so you wouldn’t have the same disappointment again, but you got stuck on its just tv, so let’s change that to it isn’t life or death, my entertainment is important to me too, especially on the days I cannot walk while I still try to care for my dad, and myself, and my moms widower, either way..I hope you get past knowing one small part of a show that many people figured out very early on in the show, like when Neil shot the gun in the container…or during the teaser the week before is when I suspected that may be where they went…hopefully you can let this go and even have a happy holiday with real people…since most of mine is dead, I will be with those who are actually family and those I have chosen to be in my extended family because losing an aunt, 3 weeks later an uncle, 4 days after that another uncle and 3 weeks after that 1 more last summer, the few of us that are left will be doing the important things in our eyes and seeing those we care about before they are in a box… Maybe that sheds a little light on its only tv, but by tv I did mean entertainment, not books are better, or video games, or even notes on the internet. By the way I am way too young to have degenerative conditions, or so I am told its typical in people twice my age, so to also be out of grandparents, almost out of aunts/uncles, and half out of parents too…the people in the world are who I count as more important than entertainment, people suffering, people that need food, kids that are hungry, and cold…never that one form of entertainment is “more important” than tv…in my world its all about the same, but it is also an important escape…my Christmas hope is you already know that entertainment is a nice part of a life, but isn’t life shattering, and I hope you know or learn that you will never get every person to put things online in a way that you prefer (by the way, I agree with your point, incase you didn’t get that by my relating to spoilers…).

    • 99ways2die says:

      Actually I Googled it right after I watched it but thee real question in why would you even think of Googling the Final episode at all if you haven’t watched it already and seems that you have why would you care if there is a title spoiler? You know he faked his own death so now that you watched it then it’s not even a spoiler and even if you did look for it before watching the show only a real idiot looking for a reason to complain would do that. So I guess the title is null and void at this point