Once Upon a Time Scoop: Eion Bailey to Return as 'Pinocchio' in Season 4

Westworld Eion Bailey

Once Upon a Time is knocking on wood — again.

Eion Bailey will reprise his role as August (aka Pinocchio) in multiple Season 4 episodes, starting with Episode 14, which is titled “Enter the Dragon,” TVLine has learned.

In Season 2’s “Selfless, Brave and True,” August died (from a magical Taser wound?) while trying to warn Emma about Peter Pan’s minion Tamara. Blue was able to save him, but only in the form of his seven-year-old self.

Since August is just a young lad now, it’s likely Bailey will appear only in flashbacks — perhaps some connected to the storybook’s sought-after author? After all, August is also is credited with adding pages to the tome (namely, the story of Pinocchio).

Once Upon a Time resumes Season 4 with Episode 13 on Sunday, March 1, at 8/7c.

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  1. Duke says:

    He most certainly has to have some connection to the book and it’s author, to have gotten the pages.

    But I do also have to wonder if this has something to do with the magical Chinese healer he met. (The one who had another form that we never got to see because he too was tasered by Tamara.) As one of the few characters seen using magic in “our” world, outside of Storybrooke, it could bear some significance to Gold’s plan.

  2. LaPiquante says:

    This is my favorite news of the day!!! Hoorah!

    • Lyn says:

      I have everything crossable crossed that it’s more than flashbacks and he’s August again in real time. Then he can send Hook packing and be Emma’s happy ending. Please, please, please.

      • Vari says:

        August who sent Emma to prison.
        Hook is the man for Emma from what i have been seeing and build up. Emma is with him. Emma chose him. Just like Hook chose Emma, that is the build up and romantic arc. Not some random dude who wasnt a love interest and another person who let Emma down and took the choice out of her hands.
        I have to question what are you watching or actually watched so far.

        • Heather says:

          The Hook who left Emma and her adventure party locked up in a medieval magical, Rumple proof cell with no way of knowing whether she or her companions live or die- but fairly certain- not being a complete idiot- that they must surely all die for lack of food/water and zero way to escape (he did not know of Rum’s inky escape plan).

          That bloke?…

          Sure… sure…. That makes sense. (sarcasm mode engaged)

          If I’m Emma I’ll take “that guy” over the man who put me in an earthly, 1st world country, government scrutinised minimum security prison for a certain timeframe of a single year.

          Yup… I’ll take Mr. Medieval, hopeless oubliette man.

          Good choice Varl. (claps and ends sarcasm mode)

          Note: We were never given a sane reason (writers error) for August to have done what he did.. and never will now that the necessity to use him to un-vilify “Henry’s dad who’s bad enough Emma says she’d rather have Henry think he’s dead” from season one mess they wrote themselves into. There is no need because Neal is dead.

          They had the option staring them right in the face at the end of this very season. I fully expected them to use the fact that they had the Apprentice able to move about free of the curse to do so. I thought we would get a reveal the know it all Apprentice was how August knew “I know your Baelfire” and that he and by proxy or also meeting the Apprentice Neal had been warned Emma must be in a secure location that she could not be taken from- nor tricked into leaving of her own volition because at the time (and as displayed in the show itself) in that timeframe Peter Pan’s agents were actively after her and or her child.

          That THAT would have made sense and been good writing- at least it would have been good “oh we meant this the whole time” cover our asses writing but apparently it never crossed their brains to do so. However we are talking Once Upon a Time where they frequently forget what they just wrote in the very same episode let alone episodes or seasons before.

          Proof of that? I will flashcard in one’s face the episode where the scenario of

          “If we cross the town line we forget our true selves and become Storybrooke selves (later magically amended but at the time canon)” also included the “Regina has magic -Oh Noes! We must all leave!” ENTIRE TOWNSHIP EXODUS scene which was painful to watch. And done so that Charming could have his rousing speech at the edge of town. Hullo!? Hey writers can you may have him have that speech at town hall instead so the whole town doesn’t look like a pack of idiots?

          You yourself said “I have to question what you are watching or have actually watched so far”?

          I throw that question back at you with a twist.

          Are you cherry picking what aspects of the show your watching?

          Good day.

      • Len84 says:

        Lol August who planned for Emma to go prison is better please.

        Give Hook some credit – the man has done so much for Emma but what is important here is the love he has for Emma. And Emma Swan opening her heart to him. Do not dismiss that.

      • Lily says:

        August is the farthest thing from happy ending for Emma. He is jerk who ruined her life!

      • Renee says:

        or maybe August is Regina’s happy ending (as Robin said she would find and he mysteriously found the page from a book. Just guessing….

        • Ashley says:

          Love that idea!!!!! I’m (like someone else above) hoping he comes back as more than a flashback – and I think he and Regina would be great…. If it’s never going to work out with her and Robin 😒😢☺️

  3. M says:

    That’s awesome, he was my third favorite boyfriend material for Emma.

  4. Azaleya says:

    Just mentioning that the Chinese healer he went to see was named “The Dragon”…

  5. AA says:

    Could he be the Author?

  6. abz says:

    OMG YES!!! Loved him on the show. One of the biggest mistakes this show ever made was reverting Pinocchio back into a young boy. Sad it’s only in flashbacks though.
    Now if they can just find a way to bring Jefferson back and Anastacia from OUATW, I’d be even more happy.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Yep unlike some of the “missing” characters (Frankenstein? Does anyone care?), Jefferson is noticeably absent IMO. He could have served a purpose with anything magic- or portal-related, which is a HUGE part of the show.

      • abz says:

        Lol the Frankenstein episodes are some of my least favourite. I don’t mind Dr. Whale in Storybrooke, but if I never see Frankenstein again I’m good.
        I was hoping that even though the Wonderland spinoff already happened, that with Will Scarlett in Storybrooke, we’d get a chance to see some Wonderland characters again like Jefferson and Anastacia. Maybe it’s a matter of scheduling. Wish we could see more Graham too. I’d really love some more flashbacks to the time during the 28 years during the first curse. We’ve only seen like two.

    • ScottJ says:

      My understanding is that Jefferson’s absence is almost entirely due to the actor not being available. Sebastian Stan has something like four films on the go currently. I imagine Once could get him back for a day here and there but that’s not a lot of use with lengthy story arcs.

  7. Ginger Snap says:

    Now that is excellent news!

  8. Gg says:

    Blech I didn’t really care for him. But he’s not my least favorite. He could be interesting I guess

  9. Phoenix says:

    Bleh. He isn’t high on my list of characters I’d like to see again. I want to see Ruby again! And Mulan. And Tinkerbell, though the actress is the lead in another show, so that’s highly unlikely. Jefferson would be good, too, but I know they’re not getting Sebastian Stan back with his schedule.

    Though if it’s not flashback, maybe Emma can punch August in the face for conspiring with Neal to send her to prison instead of, oh, TALKING TO HER about her need to go to Storybrooke. That would be worth it.

    • Cideric Rhyes says:

      Because explaining magic to Emma before the first curse ended went so well for August, Ingrid, and Henry*sarcasm* August was the best of Emma’s potential love interest, and the only one without weird age gaps.

      • Vari says:

        He sent her to prison. And he only wanted the curse to be broken coz he was turning into wood. And he was NEVER the love interest at all. Neither was jefferson. Graham was meant to die and was in for only 7 episodes thats it. Neal was unworthy and meant to die
        Always meant to be Emma and Hook (pretty obvious by now from the beanstalk episode)

      • Lennie says:

        Pretty sure August was like a sibling thing for her when we realised August was child August sent with Baby Emma. He also was never the potential love interest (the dude knew Bae and then made up the plan to let Emma go to prison)
        As far as i can see he was actually turning into wood and he needed the curse to be broken sooner so he wouldnt go all the way into wooden.

        • abz says:

          I think that’s what sucks so much about what they did to August. He could’ve been a real buddy/brother-like person to Emma. It didn’t have to be romantic and she would’ve had another friend aside from her parents. They had really great chemistry on the show.
          That’s why I was happy when they brought Elsa on because Emma finally had a friend (one who understood her and had a lot of similarities with her), but of course now she’s gone.

          • Len84 says:

            I also like Elsa.. I loved what Elsa and Emma achieved and it was needed for Emma’s arc this season so far.
            August as we know let down Emma twice. As a baby and then the prison thing.

          • abz says:

            He was a young boy, so I’m not necessarily gonna hold it against for leaving Emma as a child. The prison thing was a really crappy thing to do, but I think they would have overcame it. I mean Regina was forgiven for killing Graham and Emma eventually forgave Neal, so I don’t find it hard to believe that Emma would have forgiven August after some time.

  10. Brian Reed says:

    I’d like to see him back on Covert Affairs too.

  11. S says:

    Best news ever!!! Seriously, there is no such thing as too much Eion Bailey. It would be crazy to see if he has a connection to Hook (all roads do tend to lead to Emma!)

    • Vari says:

      Why would he? August was in the real world for so long… so he has to be back coz of the book and flashbacks.

      Hook was always in the Enchanted Forest unless August knows Hook’s story as a lieutentant and pirate

      • abz says:

        Why do any of these characters have connections to each other? Never say never with this show. Plus, Hook’s backstory is still extremely underdeveloped. Who knows what adventures he’s been on or who he’s met during his 200+ years as a pirate. All we know are his connections to Neverland, Rumple, Blackbeard, and I think that’s pretty much it. Still so many gaps in his history left to fill. Hoping for another Hook-centric episode this season. OMG can you imagine the back and forth between Hook and Cruella? I can just picture it. I’d probably be laughing non-stop.

        • Vari says:

          I so want to see another Hook backstory… because the potential is so much there. He was once a lieutenant – i want to see did he get the king who took his brother from him. Maybe see Davy Jones? who was his father? could it be Davy Jones.
          Hook also knew Maleficient as he fought her last, in season 2 just before the finale of season 2.
          I would think Ursula would be a best bet seeing as she is a a water creature and Hook has his jolly roger and sailing.

          • Len84 says:

            Vari – I so very agree with you.
            I really do think we need to see young Killian Jones as a child. Because Hook said that line to Emma “Wounds that are made when we’re young tend to linger.”

          • abz says:

            Yeah I only mentioned Cruella because I felt like even from her brief appearance she had so much sass and the same quips that Hook is known for and I was already in love with her.
            But seriously. you’re right. There’s so many possibilities for Hook and the Queen’s of Darkness especially with Ursula. I don’t think it’s a stretch that he would’ve had an encounter with her at some point during his pirate days.
            And I would definitely like to see Maleficent’s reaction to Hook. I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten how he fought her. Or David for that matter after he battled her in the first season. Can’t wait for the show to come back.

  12. Cobra says:

    He’s The Author.

  13. katie says:

    Jfc Captain Swaners are actually the WORST. I come on here to enjoy some speculation about August’s role for the season and half the comments are CSers policing the comments to make sure everyone that likes August better than Hook is told how wrong they are. It’s freaking ridiculous, it’s like discussing the show with a bunch of children. (I mean, really, one shipper actually came over here to whine about Hook getting a backstory.) In case you shippers haven’t been paying attention, your ship gets asked about or mentioned in nearly EVERY news article about Once. Get a grip. Most people don’t actually watch Once for the ships. So when news like this comes around, is it so impossible for you to just let the fans of August, such as myself, just bask in the news of his return? It’s funny how CSers whine all the time about people coming down on Hook, when really THEY’RE the giant internet bullies. As far as Augusts return, it probably is in flashbacks about the writer (I mean, he had that typewriter) but oh man, it’d be awesome if they brought the adult version back full time. I always thought his character was super interesting and mysterious, it’d be great to have that tone on the show again.

    • Paul says:

      ITA August has lived most of his life in the real world. Bae/Neal came to reality as a teenager. Hook has been in the fantasy world since the time of sailing ships. Emma and August have more similar formative years. And August was charged with fulfilling the prophesy when he got Emma sent to jail. Hook the man who hit Belle when she was imprisoned [talk about kicking someone when they are down] did what he’s done out of his own free will. No guy on this show is a monument to Dudley Do-right, or up for Man of the Year. If it was my decision, I’d bring in a entirely new love interest for Emma.

    • Augusta says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself :)

    • abz says:

      The comment about wanting his backstory was part of a conversation that started about what sorts of characters AUGUST might have a connection with this time around that wasn’t revealed before (there’s one August speculation comment for you). One commenter suggested if there might be a possible connection to Hook. Another questioned why and how that would be possible and then I suggested that it wasn’t a stretch for a connection to exist given Hook’s limited backstory and thus a discussion continued changing topics to the new villains and their connections to Hook, etc. Newsflash, when discussions happen between commenters, a lot of topics can be brought up. Not everyone who likes Hook is a bully. It was all in good fun (at least for me it was). I didn’t police any of the comments to attack people who liked August. I actually loved the August character and Eion Baley is great. I think there were only like two commenters that I saw policing the comments creating August vs. Hook drama. So there’s no need to generalize based on two vocal commenters.

      • Katie says:

        Did I address you specifically? Because I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I was talking about overall. Comments like this one: “I so want to see another Hook backstory… because the potential is so much there. He was once a lieutenant – i want to see did he get the king who took his brother from him. Maybe see Davy Jones? who was his father? could it be Davy Jones. Hook also knew Maleficient as he fought her last, in season 2 just before the finale of season 2. I would think Ursula would be a best bet seeing as she is a a water creature and Hook has his jolly roger and sailing.” Not a single mention of August. Or, this one: “Vari – I so very agree with you. I really do think we need to see young Killian Jones as a child. Because Hook said that line to Emma “Wounds that are made when we’re young tend to linger.”” I was going to copy/paste one of your comments too just to make a point, but this is already too long. I’m sure you can see what I’m saying, and I refuse to believe that anyone in the Once fandom can honestly say that they’re unaware of the Hook/CS stans and the aggression they dispense to anyone or anything that threatens their ship. (Neal, or Bagel, as the CSers like to call him, for example.) It’s ridiculous and mind numbing and every. where.

    • Joey says:

      Preach it sister.

  14. JC1 says:

    Can’t say I’m thrilled about this. I’ve never been a fan of August, partially because of the character, but also because of Eion Bailey, who I did not like on Covert Affairs either.
    But this book author storyline has me more worried than anything else OUAT has done to date. I just am not even remotely interested in anything that takes away free will from the characters, or makes it so that their destiny is the result of someone else controlling them rather than the result of their own choices. I just really hope that’s not where they’re going with this, but I’m not confident, based on what’s happened in the first half of the season. :(

    • Gail says:

      I think the result of the story about finding the writer of the book will be that the characters do make their own choices and that the writer just writes whatever happened. Robin finding the pages about what would have happened if Regina had gone into the Tavern, is just reflecting what could have happened if she chose a different path. Emma didn’t appear in the book until she returned from the past. The book was blank in the past after Emma interrupted Snow and Charming’s meeting because the future was no longer set and could change. The writer of the book has never determined what will happen. Therefore i am confused why the characters think finding the writer will change their destiny and give them a happy ending.

      I would assume August will be a part of this story. I hope there will be a reason to age Pinocchio and that he will be part of the present. Perhaps the Blue Fairy , assuming she gets out of the hat, or Regina or Rumple will age him because he knows something about the author or is suspected of being the author. If he is only in a flashback, I am not sure where he would fit in. It would most likely be during the first curse. Was he ever in Storybrooke prior to his appearance in Season 1? He knew about Storybrooke and was able to enter it even though he wasn’t cursed and was not the savior. Perhaps we will find out how that was possible.

      • JC1 says:

        Oh I’m sure August will be a part of the story – he was always tied to the book somehow. I’m not sure about them re-aging him, but we’ll see.
        I think the result of the story about finding the writer of the book will be that the characters do make their own choices and that the writer just writes whatever happened.
        I hope you’re right. It’s what I always believed about the book, but this new thing with the characters being so convinced that the author controls their destiny makes me afraid that they’re trying to change the rules on us. :(

    • Lily says:

      I thought I was the only one who hated August, because of who he is portrayed by. Eion Bailey is a terrible actor, and probably the worst to ever appear on OUaT.

  15. Gerri says:

    Ya I totally thought August was the Author until this season where they were talking about another author. He is certainly connected.
    It would be nice if he came back as a man and gave hook a run for his money with Emma. Of course it would be even better if they brought back the Sheriff somehow….

  16. Ezzy says:

    OHhhhh Geppetto is the author :)