White Collar's Matt Bomer & Tim DeKay on Series Finale 'Twists,' Movie Hopes

White Collar Series Finale Spoilers

Thursday’s series finale of White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c) will have you glued to your seat – or at least that’s how star Tim DeKay recommends you watch the farewell hour.

“Do not walk away – and I know you wouldn’t anyway – but do not walk away until the final second of the episode,” the actor warns. “We’ve got some great twists and turns, some wonderful moments between everybody. And I think it fits on all the tones that have made White Collar what it is.”

In addition to a “great familial” sense, the hour includes a “wonderful” heist, and DeKay promises that “many questions people have had throughout the seasons … will be answered.”

But how will Agent Peter Burke and con-man extraordinaire Neal Caffrey say goodbye in the final moments?

“I think the writers did an incredible job creating somewhat of a cliffhanger, but also giving the audience a little bit to chew on,” star Matt Bomer reveals.

Reflecting on the show’s swan song, Bomer says, “I was really satisfied in some ways and, in some ways, I would have been interested to explore other avenues as well. There were still directions to go, but I think the way they wrapped it up was really well done in the sense that they didn’t try to tie everything up into a nice bow. They really left some things open-ended and left a lot up to the viewer’s imagination, which I always think is more potent than anything you could put down on a piece of paper.”

And it’s a series ender that both actors had some input on, pitching their own take on the conclusion of Neal and Peter’s journeys to creator Jeff Eastin. “We heard a lot of ideas being bandied about and we threw in our two cents, and it ended up becoming a soup that everybody had thrown a few ingredients into,” Bomer recounts. “So I don’t think Tim or I could take any personal or professional responsibility for it, but they were definitely open to our input.”

DeKay praises Eastin for “how well he listened, whether he listened to our rhythms through Peter and Neal, or listened to Tim and Matt.” Throughout the show’s run, the creator was “always open to that and not precious with his words.”

White Collar Final SeasonGiven that the series finale doesn’t conclude with everything spelled out in a tidy manner, could a movie version – on the big screen or small – be a possibility?

“I don’t know,” DeKay replies. “I think in the past, I would have said, ‘No, I don’t see that being a possibility,’ but Veronica Mars kind of broke the mold with that. So I’m not going to say it would be impossible. I certainly would entertain that possibility, but right now, there aren’t any plans to have a movie.”

Bomer echoes the sentiment, noting any decision about a continuation is “way above my pay grade,” but if he was approached about such a project, “I would definitely want to do it just to get the chance to work with Tim and Willie [Garson] and Marsha [Thomason] and Sharif [Atkins] and Tiffani [Thiessen] again.”

Whether or not a follow-up comes to fruition, Bomer and DeKay have made a lasting mark with some of the best bromantic chemistry ever on TV and a genuine camaraderie than can be felt offscreen, too.

“I learned from Tim the kind of person I should be on set,” Bomer says. “I learned how to be a morning person, because I never was, thanks to this job. And Tim just is. I learned a tremendous amount about acting from him. Every day, I learned something different from him as an actor. But also, I learned just as much about how to handle yourself on set on a day-to-day basis.”

DeKay, in turn, was taken by his costar’s “unmatched” work ethic. “I’ve yet to see anybody who works harder than Matt,” he says. “He’s never satisfied, which none of us are as artists. There’s always one more take we want. And I’m glad that neither one of us ever allowed or accepted it to be satisfactory… The two of us never were [satisfied]. And also, I learned another kind of comedy from Matt, [who] is so specific and just brilliant and hilarious.”

White Collar fans, how would you like to see it all end? Drop a comment with your hopes below.

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  1. Hannah says:

    As long as no one dies I think I’ll be okay, lol. Definitely will miss those two on my TV though. Such great chemistry between the whole cast!

  2. Nichole says:

    A shame this show is finishing, hopefully not as a result of Eastin going to focus more on Graceland as last season wasn’t that great. Really felt there was more to be told on White Collar and am sad to see it end. It’s made the 6 seasons, now we just have to hope for the movie!!

  3. mrs. peele says:

    i enjoyed the series but it does need to end… can’t have Neil on the hook or anklet forever! now there is going to be a baby… possibly a well deserved promotion for Peter, just what to do with Mozie? hope he ends up doing what he wants too.

  4. David4 says:

    Great show that had a plan ahead of time that this would be the finale season. There is no need for a movie like with Veronica Mars.

  5. Pat says:

    Notice how when just about every single hit show, even some not so hit shows, end they always ask the movie question? You’d think they’d give it a rest already, It has happened what? 5 times in the last few decades? Stargate, The x-files(which sucked), Prison Break Veronica Mars and some farscape thing I think wasn’t it? And in 2 of those cases the movies were greenlit before the series ended. Movie would be great, but not gonna happen. Closest show on usa to get a movie was Monk, but they shut that idea down pretty quick over $$$

    • Shaun says:

      Don’t forget Firefly/Serenity

    • M3rc Nate says:

      There’s also the Burn Notice (Sam) movie…though it aired on USA Network and didnt come out in theaters or on DVD, that is basically all i would ask for. If the White Collar series finale ends in a way that leaves it open for a movie to be made and that movie’s plot is really awesome (aka they dont rush it, they spend their time and write a really really great movie) then i would LOVE to have that be made and like the Burn Notice Sam movie, it air on the USA Network.

      • Pat says:

        True, but the burn notice movie aired between seasons. Much like the 24 movie and the first x-files one. Oh yeah, forgot about Serenity, that one was done great.

    • sia says:

      Also Doctor Quinn, the medicine woman I think.
      Nevertheless, I would like nothing more than to have Neal back on my screen, be it a tv movie or big screen.
      Just give me Matt Bomer and I’ll be a happy camper. He is such an amazing and intuitive actor!

    • You know Stargate was a movie first, right? The show came from the movie, not the other way around. So that one doesn’t apply. I’d say that Firefly is the biggest example.

  6. rainey13 says:

    Very sad that this show is ending – there was so much left to explore with Neal and Peter. I would have loved to see what might happen when Neal is free. My hope for the ending is that everyone will be in a reasonably good place in relationship terms.

  7. Television says:

    I hate it when they make a movie after they cancel a show. Either keep the show on or not. And if the show is so good they need to make a movie? Keep it on the air! When they do that, the movie version does not have the same feel/vibe as the tv show. They dont film it the same way, and the story is too shortened. With tv shows the story line can play out for a whole season, movie is too short.

  8. Bryce says:

    Interviews like this always make me tear up, I don’t know why. I hope the finale is as fulfilling as they let on. This season is nice though. In the past, Neal’s backstory was fleshed out more and more. This season has been nice in that it hasn’t done this, which is good because it’s like a short bonus season. It seems very final and bound for the future. I do wish Hillarie Burton was involved, but I understand the creative decision for her not to be.

  9. justsomeguy says:

    I never like when shows end and they leave things “open to interpretation.” I mean, why? This is your chance to end the story on your own terms and you decide to let viewers make up their minds on how it ends? That’s just weak writing and shows that the writers never really didn’t have a clue on how they really wanted to end the story. They had the time, and opportunity to wrap up the story and then blew it. I’m so glad this didn’t happen on Sons of Anarchy.

    • David4 says:

      I agree, shows need closure. The best finale I can think of is West Wing, you wish you would be there for the next president, but it closes the story of Bartlett perfectly.

  10. Tran says:

    Sad to see White Collar going out with a bang but at least I can’t get enough of Tiffani Thiessen.

  11. Seaton Sutherland says:

    I think you’s are making a big mistake making this the last episode of the show as there is a lot of fans in the uk and it has been a amazing to watch I have enjoyed every episode thank you

  12. Gabrielle says:

    Ending tonight or do you mean tomorrow?

    I get the vibe a major player will either be killed off or maybe that’s the ‘cliffhanger’ sotospeak is that we have to wonder if said person is alive or not?

    They are really heavy handed with the hints about who it is throughout the past 5 epis.

  13. Meg says:

    Remember who has the $100 printing plates. My guess is that Neal replaces the Federal Reserve 500M with counterfeit money that gets seen but also destroyed so it can’t come back to get him incarcerated for life. Did his mom, Mrs. Brooks, hiding in Witness Protection protection in St Louis get to marry a US Marshall guarding her and Neal has half siblings? Neal will now have money to spend living in Paris-close enough to go see Sarah.

  14. Anandasky says:

    So hope you truly didn’t mean tonight or I’ll have to rush home to change my DVR. My thought is they all end up in Witness Protection together – bringing Neal full circle and letting all their friendships in the virtual world continue … and absolutely yes to a movie!

  15. Joey Padron says:

    Good preview about finale. Hope everyone lives and hope the ending of the show will be good.

  16. Marci says:

    I just hope it doesn’t end with us being afraid that Neil is going to return to the criminal life again.

  17. abz says:

    As long as Neal gets his freedom, I think I’ll be okay with an “open to interpretation” finale (even though I usually don’t like them). If he doesn’t then regardless, the finale and final season will have sucked completely. There’s only so many times they can show him being denied his freedom.

  18. test says:

    i think Neal is going to die today

  19. I hope nobody dies. I love this show. It shouldn’t end.

  20. pulsingmind says:

    please dont kill Neal or Peter or Moz

  21. Thomas Newman says:

    This is a great series, sorry to see it go, but poor writing and lack of imagination did them in.A movie would be great if the writing is there.

  22. Cee clark says:

    I was sad to see my favorite show end, but they did it was an awesome ending and I just hope there is a movie!

  23. Suzanne Koenigsbreg says:

    Please, please keep it going. I cried because I will miss this show so very much.

  24. tommy hawk says:

    I just think its sad it is all over now. I really think a full season to end things would have been more fitting, but grateful we got the 6 episodes. As for a movie. I think if they can do a movie they can start another season. From all i read white collar was costly to film and hence its denise. But other networks should be chopping at the bit to be able to pickup something great. But all and all i loved the finale and hope the series ending was a con as well. #Whitecollarfan4life

    • A-a-Ron says:

      LOL, It’d be nice if the season finale was a con! That would be awesome if they came out with a new season! That would make a nice Christmas present this year! ha

  25. A-a-Ron says:

    Too bad they had to rush the finale. I really thought Jeff Eastin was going to somehow merge Graceland and White collar together for a few episodes. That would’ve been a great turn out! Looking forward to Graceland now. Please please make that movie! :) Great show!

  26. Sarah Janssen says:

    I loved the finale, it was perfect, what I didn’t like was Jeff Eastins comment afterwards that as far as anyone’s concerned Neal will always be stealing and Peter will always be chasing him. As a fan of the show, I never saw Neal being the tax paying, upright citizen Peter wanted him to be, and in 6×02 Peter says it perfectly, that he tried to mold his “son” into the man he wants him to be, but in the end Neal has to make that choice for himself. HOWEVER i did think Neal would go straight-to a point. The entire show he’s chosen his family again and again, only running when he has to, and I think he chose them again. He protected them the only way he knew how, and if I think that he was the exact same criminal he was when the show started he wouldn’t have left the warehouse for Peter and Mozzie to find. But, at the same time it’s up to the fan’s imagination now, Eastins not in control. In my mind, Peters going to find Neal-soon and they’ll find some way to be a family again. It won’t be picture perfect, but I can’t see a future where him and Neal are apart for very long, or one with Neal in jail again. After everything, I feel like Peter would give Neal a chance to go straight before slapping on cuffs-probably doing his own investigation without the FBI. I’d like to finish by saying how much I love this show, the actos are amazing and inspiring people. I’m sad to see it go, but satisfied with the end. Au revoir White Collar!

  27. Nadine says:

    I need more White a Collar, I need at least a whole 5 more seasons. It’s my fav show. I would watch a new episode of white collar everyday, I always look forward to every Thursday. It’s the highlight of my week. Please bring it back there is so much more to the story. If that can’t be done I want a TV movie or a spin off with Matt Bomer of course. Although I love the whole cast we need mr&mrs suit, Neal &peter and the Neal and Mozzie combos. Anyways, I need more, more and more white collar. I missed the show and cried even before the final episode that the show was ending. Also still can’t believe it’s done, I’m heartbroken if it’s really done.

  28. Ray says:

    I liked the ending in Paris one year later. If I was Neal I would have a new face ,fingerprints ,name .If there is a movie after this how will peter know who neal is now?? Will neal have left peter a message if you find me the panthers will track you and kill your family ,this is the only way to keep us all safe and alive.

    If I was Neal the newspaper I left in the container was a giant red herring ,and that was fake Neal in Paris. THe real deal Neal is in a non extridition country and has already pulled off ten art thefts around the world.

    I wonder what will happen next ?? I cannot belive that mozie did not figure that neal was still alive

    I loved this show !!!

  29. Sidharth tyagi says:

    It was a great ending no doubt about it, it does make everyone cry.but i just dont want everyone to say “it ended really well” and just forget about it, so please make a movie! Please! Imma a great fan, and i am sure there are Other people who feel the same about this show. Make a movie guys!

  30. Carmela Gagliardi says:

    I love this series and I hate to see it end, but I think the writers and all the actors did an amazing job to end it the way they did. I love that Neal(Matt Bomer) ended up in Paris, France!! And yes I would love to see them do a movie!!

  31. Linda Clem says:

    Loved entire seasons, bought each season on DVD. Liked ending that “Neal” could have lived to finally have a life of his own, and did said goodbye to each character in a special way, plus Neal is name of baby boy. Thanks for this incredible show. Linda

  32. kathy akers says:

    I was hoping Neal would be faking his death, sit up and run off with Moz and all the cash. I wish it hadn’t ended and I’m sorry that the series is over. I hope management puts their heads together to make another storyline where all of the characters can still interact.

  33. kwoolf says:

    I was so sad that I had to search for a place online so I could vent my disappointment that White Collar is over. The finale was a bit rushed, as there was so much more that could have been played out. But as for endings go, this was left a bit open. From what I put together, Neal and Mozzie were in on the faked death together. How else do you explain the queen of hearts in the container? Neal gave it to Mozzie, and Mozzie made sure Peter knew it’s significance. How would Neal make it in Paris when Mozzie had the money? And about the newspaper Peter found in the container, I think Neal wanted to show Peter that he could get a legit job–the “large contract” for security upgrade at the Louvre. And since Neal had a contract with the FBI, there’s no reason for Peter to chase Neal as a criminal.
    All in all, not a bad ending. I’m sure Mozzie and Neal still do their thing–back to the basics as they taked about. So sad this series is over. I really, really want to see Neal and Mozzie again.

  34. Mike B. says:

    You can always tell when the show’s writer/creater is on another project. See Justified’s season five after its brilliant seasons 2 & 4. All the great tension built up in Eastman’s Graceland spilling out in the dinner table scene was all laid to waist with the triumph of 2 psychopathic characters I will not watch next season. Glad White Collar never jumped the shark, even while cleverly letting Neal reclaim his con personality and still be able to work with the FBI.

  35. Mike B. says:

    Burn Notice meets White Collar crossover movie!

  36. Cheryl says:

    I would love to see this series return. It was always fresh, exciting and the relationships between the characters was amazing.

  37. Dharmal safi says:

    Hi I am a big fan of this show and Matt Bomer I have a question are you guys planing to make a seventh season that will be great if you are lets make a vote who wants a new episode or not if the people who want it wins then make a new one of the one that do not win then don’t continue white collar but I love that show

  38. David Beharry says:

    I am so disappointed that white collar is brings cancelled. You guys really had something with this show that has never been seen and can never be reproduced again. If it were at all possible I would push to have it put back on tv. The twists and turns and constant unpredictability of each episode along with the cast completely NAILING they’re characters is unprecedented and once again will never be reproduced! Big mistake by canceling the show.

  39. SherryD says:

    Hoping for a movie!!!! Missing this show.

  40. Ron Legato says:

    My wife and I are absolutely Huge Fans of a White Collar and all of the actors on the set. We would Love to see the series continue.

    • Ron Legato says:

      My wife and I are absolutely Huge Fans of a White Collar and all of the actors on the set. We would Love to see the series continue.If the 24 series could go on for 11 seasons, there should be lots of life left for White Collar.

  41. tracy says:

    Want more movie or surprise 7th season from me and 23 other fans that love the show

  42. Andrew Mutz says:

    i love a show that leaves me wanting more, and this show knew how to do that every season. I got to say though with these actors I would have watched them even if all the did was sit in a room drink wine and chit chat.

    that being said I felt robed with a 6 episode last season, I’ve never found a show I liked so much that I hated how it ended so equally much…

    .. not so much in the ending, but lack of 6 episodes before said ending .. #Robbed