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The 100 Post Mortem: Star Eliza Taylor Defends 'Brilliant,' Heartbreaking Twist

The 100 Finn Dies

Heads up: Do not continue reading if you haven’t seen the midseason finale of The 100. Major spoilers coming in 3… 2… 1…

Well, that just happened.

Proving their threats are anything but idle, the Grounders called for Finn’s life on Wednesday’s midseason finale of The 100, forcing Clarke to make the most difficult decision thus far.

Knowing death was inevitable, Clarke mercifully snuffed her old flame to avoid further torture from the Grounders, though not everyone — here’s lookin’ at you, Raven — saw the beauty in her plan.

Below, star Eliza Taylor tells TVLine how she really feels about the heartbreaking twist, what it was like to film the actual event and how Finn’s death will impact the survivors moving forward.

TVLINE | Maybe I’m too invested as a viewer, but this episode — especially Finn’s death scene — must have been really tough to film.
It was intense. I think we shot it in the pouring rain from, like, 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. That alone was crazy, but also to be doing something so emotional and epic. I think we had over 200 extras, all dressed in Grounder garb — and poor Thomas [McDonell] was tied to a log that whole time. [Laughs] It was a pretty crazy night.

The 100 FinnTVLINE | I imagine this is going to have some pretty serious effects on Clarke moving forward.
We’re going to see her break, definitely. What’s good about this, in a way, is that it’ll force her to evolve into a real leader. You’ll be asking, “How far will she really go to save her people?” And, “Can she wash the blood from her hands?” It was really Finn’s story in the first half of the season, and now it’s Clarke’s.

TVLINE | Will some people not understand why Clarke had to do this?
Oh yes, especially Raven. That friendship is over, at least for quite a while. A lot of people are shocked by what she’s done, but people also realize he wouldn’t have made it out alive. He would have suffered, so she ended it quickly.

TVLINE | I’ve got to admit, I’m surprised — and impressed — that the bosses pulled the trigger on this one. Did you think they’d do it?
I was surprised, but I thought it was kind of brilliant. It really gives me, as an actor, a lot more places to go. It’s such a powerful end to Finn’s journey. I was really, really impressed when I read the episode.

TVLINE | You seem very level-headed about everything. How do you predict the fans will react?
I think it’s going to be a mixed bag of emotions. There are going to be a lot of angry people, but hopefully people just think it’s a really cool twist in the story.

OK, fans… react! Were you surprised by Finn’s death? Are any of you happy about it? Whatever your response, drop it in a comment below.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Yayyyyyy! I’m glad that it’s Finn who died. I’ve been afraid that Raven would sacrifice herself for him.

    • TG says:

      Me, too! I loved the Finn/Raven flashbacks and it was clear that one would sacrifice themselves. So glad Raven survived.

      I know Clarke and Finn loved eachother but the Raven/Finn relationship flashbacks showed Finn’s romanticism and innocence before the 100 were sent to Earth. It was such a tragic episode and yet showed Finn’s journey and through those flashbacks gave his character some redemption.

      Clarke is so atrong, saving Finn from torture. It broke my heart to hear him say how scared he was then to see Clarke save him by killing him. Her guilt will be palpable.

      Great episode. The 100 writers know how to write a finale, season one and now this midseason finale. Awesome.

    • No how could you say that

  2. meg says:

    Holy cow! I never expected them to actually go through with killing Finn let alone by Clarke’s hands. I am really excited to see what happens next. I so hope this gets a 3rd series.

  3. Kevin says:

    Why are there no polls?

  4. destiny says:


  5. Heartbreaking, but it was the most humane thing she could’ve done.

  6. Sam says:

    I honestly cried like a baby. That was more heartbreaking than Neals death on OUAT and a year later I still can’t watch it without crying! Even though I was pissed at Finn fir murdering the Grounders, I loved him as a character and loved following his journey. I no longer trust TV shows. That’s 3 mid season finales in a row where they killed off major characters (who has to be my favorite, ugh(.

  7. Jaclyn says:

    I am not too happy about how that ended. I get that they were trying to do something unpredictable with the death of a lead character but to be honest…. Finn was the reason why I watched the show. He’s adorable and I am disappointed that we couldn’t see the development of his relationship with Clarke. Remember they really didn’t have that development in their relationship after the news and arrival of raven. Clarke was standoffish and then she was kidnapped by the mountain people and then loathed Finn for killing some grounders even though they had her CLOTHES! Just sucks.

    • sawyer says:

      I was afraid it would be Raven. I liked Finn last season until we found out he was involved with Raven. I felt bad for Clarke, there was no way Clarke and Finn would ever be together. Bellamy turned into a hero and the chemistry between Bellamy and Clarke is off the charts. I don’t think the series wanted to have an ongoing love triangle when it is all about survival. This year Finn just moped around. I am glad Finn was redeemed in this episode and Clarke did the merciful thing by killing Finn. It was sad, but it was a very emotional episode and a great finale for the next journey for The 100. The actor who plays Finn will have a new gig soon, very good actor.

      • Deniqua says:

        I agree with you a hundred percent. I wasn’t too crazy about Finn after it was obvious Raven was his girlfriend and in episode 1×03 when Bellamy looked at her as she sung Atom to death – lol – I knew it was Bellarke. Finn was a pretty good character because he was a pacifist, but in the end that didn’t matter. He deserved to die by Grounder standards, but I was hoping he wouldn’t. I’m excited to see how Raven/Clarke/Bellamy are going to evolve down the line. Even more excited for Bellarke, but not too soon though. That needs to be build upon and given special attention.

      • Jacqueline says:


    • Abby says:

      After what he did, there was no more relationship development to be had with Clarke, in my view. She couldn’t forgive him and she never did, even as he was dying she just told him she loved him and that he’d be okay. Without forgiveness, their relationship was as dead as he was.

      • ultimate fangirl says:

        how rude
        Finn was a major character and a good one at that. I hate that they had to kill off Finn, but if they had to do it, his death was a good one.
        I, along with many others, will miss him very much.

        • Abby says:

          Just because I thought he had to die, or I thought his death episode was amazingly compelling and near-perfectly poetic, doesn’t mean I won’t miss him or, at least, what he represented. However, if his death does eventually bring a true peace between the Grounders and the Skypeople, and they can work together against Mount Weather and whoever else they may eventually come across, then he didn’t die in vain. Peace was all Finn wanted with the Grounders before he thought that they killed Clarke, but if she and the ones still alive can achieve that peace, then he still accomplished what he wanted to, and made the world a better place. Because of how he hurt the Grounders with that massacre, he would have never achieved that true peace while still alive, because his actions cost him the trust of everyone on the ground but Raven.

      • horizonwave says:

        LOL! As Clarke’s mother I expected a bit more sympathy from you, jk. I always felt neutral/hate for Finn because of what he did to Clarke and Raven, but he had great moments in other areas. You ready for some Bellarke?

        • Abby says:

          I don’t watch for the romance. I don’t need it, but I don’t dislike it, either. I’m indifferent yet ready for Bellarke, yes.

          • Mel says:

            THANK YOU! Not enough people realize that show is not about the romance. It’s the story of the survival. The romance is just a plus. If I wanted bad and endless romance I would watch more soaps.

          • Suzie jones says:

            I agree about not having senseless romance and all that, but I do ship Bellarke!!

      • Gillybean says:

        But thats the thing….him killing grounders like that was so out of character for him it was like he was on drugs or something.

        And that one nonsensical moment is basically what brought us the next few episodes – which although were really well done….are tarnished in my mind because Finn killing the grounders like that was just so surreal.

        I’m hoping clarke cut him enough to slow his pulse to non-existent so they can save him as I’d really hate for a character to die solely because of a bodysnatcher moment.

        • Abby says:

          First thing, he might be back in flashbacks, but that is all.

          As for his change of character, yes, it was sudden, and yes, that makes it harder to take. But he was nearly blown to bits at the end of season one. He hated war and everything about it, which actually makes it more believable that he snapped, in my opinion. Warlike people, or those who always have their guns drawn, roll with gutpunches like death and loss of love better than a pacifist trapped in his own dystopia. What he did was horrifying, and there was no real justification for it. But beyond how you or I feel about what Finn did, the reason why Clarke had to do what she did was because the thousand-strong mob of Grounders had decided there was no other end for Finn but death. Maybe the Grounders were irrational to want death so badly, but that’s not the point. The point is, the Grounders DID want him dead, and they would have torn out his tongue and his eyes if Clarke hadn’t killed him.

          • K.R. says:

            I think we are all forgetting that almost everyone in the whole series, the kids at least, have killed more han once as well, and what they did was no more justified than what Finn did. And the “warlike people” who “roll with gut punches” are the ones who kill and feel no remorse, at least Finn felt like he had to justify himself and gain Clarke’s forgiveness.
            I feel like the makers of The 100 have put undue, and frankly a bit unrealistic focus on Finn’s sins (heh, it rhymes). why did the grounders not want to kill Clarke when she exploded all the grounders at the dropship? Or any of the other countless times people killed others?
            Plus if the grounders had just accepted the kids when they came down none of this would have happened and it would have saved hundreds of lives on both sides. They started everything and sometimes we need to step back and look at the whole picture, I believe.

        • Yulia says:

          I want the same! I’m hoping the next episode the grounders leave and Clarke will say, “move! I only cut him enough for him to pass out. .. now let’s save him! ” I’m so torn how finn is just. .. no more. I don’t think I’ll watch it again unless finn comes back.

  8. Kaba says:

    Crazy excellent season…
    While I have no issues with the turnouts and found the plot to be great…I just think the wrong character was used (and sacrificed) for this finale.
    Finn’s peace-loving character was absolutely destroyed in what I felt to be such a contrived way. Last season he spent the time trying not to hurt people nor get them hurt, this season he mercilessly kills a man and then slaughters a portion of a village…out of desperation for finding Clarke? Can’t believe it, doesn’t strike me as fluid or proper. Another character, frankly any character outside of the original 100, would have made much more sense.
    That’s all really. Keep the same plot, swap out characters. Making Finn the one just didn’t make sense to me.
    Also…can these sky folk be the ones on the morally reasonable side for once? They are always at the mercy (and in the wrong) of grounders. Can the grounders be in the wrong for once? Lol

    • sawyer says:

      Bellamy told Clarke we are at war and all of them including Clarke/Bellamy/Abby/Kane/Octavia/Murphy have done terrible things.
      Finn as peaceful and gentle as he was in the first season became so obsessed with finding Clarke, he lost it and killed innocent people, casualties of war. Murphy even tried to stop him. A huge difference in surviving in battle, and killing innocent people.Even Murphy knew the difference.

      • Kaba says:

        No, I understood that part entirely, I just don’t think Finn, with the way they’d developed him in season 1, was the right character to show such a…drastic transition.
        Wrote him out to be much more reasonably than they gave him credit for this season.

        • art says:

          I am very comfortable with what they did with him as resolution after rampage, but you’re spot on that the hard turn around from last season to this was a bit much to swallow and a waste of what was a good character.

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah, I have to agree with you and Kaba. I felt the change in Finn was terribly drastic, especially since the premiere was supposed to pick up only a day or two after last season’s finale. It really was a waste. Finn was one of my favorite characters, so I am torn with this resolution. Frankly I would have liked a redemption story. And even though I knew she was going to kill him after Raven gave her the knife, I was still hoping something else would happen. I even got hopeful when we saw the teaser for the next episode and Finn’s eyes opened. I do wish, since they went this route, that the exchange at the end between Clarke and Finn was a bit longer.

          • Kaba says:

            Ideally I wanted a redemption story.
            Well, actually I just didn’t want him to be the one to massacre.
            There simply isn’t an allowable spot for redemption after you’d massacred people. Just…it’s just not okay.
            Sealed his fate beyond repair, his death wasn’t surprising as a result.

        • Abby says:

          Finn almost got blown up and he snapped. Even the very best men can come home from war as completely different and unrecognizable people. That’s not to say that all people with PTSD need to be put down, of course, but a man with PTSD who massacres as many elders and children as Finn did has to face the existing society’s version of justice, even if that justice seems unfair (not everyone agrees with the death penalty in the real world, for example, but if you kill someone in, say, Texas its going to be a factor in the justice that results). That’s just how the world works.

          • Gillybean says:

            Either that or the take away message is that Finn had some serious relationship issues and had very poor judgement when it came to whichever lady was in his life at the time.

            I don’t see a break like this being explained. It was surreal. Not just the fact it was Finn but how it all happened too. It felt forced at the time and now it all makes sense.

            The writers wanted to kill Finn off and needed to manufacture a way to do it – since natural story progression wouldn’t even bring them close.

            I do hope it doesnt set the tone for the whole show as I really was enjoying it until they done that.

          • Abby says:

            Gillybean, I hear you, but at the same time, in the real world, dealing with PTSD with people in war DOES result in natural personality changes not at all unlike what happened to Finn. The show could have done more to explain or illustrate that up front, but maybe they thought the viewers had a basic understanding of the effects of PTSD. Maybe they miscalculated that…

    • Ali says:

      I was not too surprised by Finn’s reaction. They are in the middle of a war, he’s been stabbed, gone hungry, sleepless and been through a battle. His “voice of reason” at the moment of the massacre was a murderer himself who shot his exgirlfriend. He wanted to make them feel the pain he thought that the Grounder village had made the girl he loved feel. He wasn’t thinking straight at all. And like it has been implied, he was a peacemaker. He cracked. So when all this anger came out, he didn’t know how to handle it the way someone like Clarke who lost her father, best friend would have

      • Kaba says:

        Like I said, I get it the progression. I just don’t think it fits Finn’s prior established character like a glove.
        Kinda just wrote him off as the lovesick psycho.

        • Ali says:

          The thing is characters must evolve and under these circumstances and duress sometimes they change for the better, sometimes they don’t. These characters are not black and white. They are all human. And even our own mistakes surprise us. A young, calm kid was forced to grow up too
          soon-like the rest of the group. No character is established. But I know what you mean-it seems like a useless scenario just like Wells getting killed by Charlotte.

          • Kaba says:

            I just think that this route would have been much more convincing if done by a character outside of the 100 primarily.
            Considering the sheer amount of fighting to survive they’d done when faced with the grounders…I sooner see one of the arc bodyguards causing this sort of hell rather than someone who had to experience the treachery of the grounders first hand, they already knew the consequences of crossing them and had tried incredibly hard to avoid such trivial fighting. Even Murphy knew better, the guy never knows better.

          • Abby says:

            @Kaba, but if it had been written for someone outside the 100, the emotional impact on the viewers would not have been the same. Its the 100 who the viewers are truly invested in…

  9. Melanie says:

    Very unpredicatable. This show shocks me every time!

  10. donnamama says:

    Maybe he wanted out of the show. Was a major turnaround with his character, does anyone know?

  11. donnamama says:

    Plus you knew from the flashbacks he was leaving. Felt for Raven

    • Uwana Ibanga says:

      dammit!! you have a point. the 1st time, it was poignant. Now i just realized that they recycled a similar strategy of leaving a characters death on a better end with some arc life-end up in juvie- reveal. but im still in denial.

  12. Trenton says:

    This was the choice the writers made when they had Finn kill those people. Clarke did the only thing she could. It’s sad and for the characters involved heartbreaking. But you knew a big death was coming when they all basically survived the finale. Next to Clarke he was the most important person connected to the most people and they weren’t gonna off Clarke. Plus it also makes Clarke do what her mother did to her father. Be responsible for killing someone she loved and shows love their parallels. I’m betting either Clarke or Raven will be pregs. It’s odd to me the MOunt Weather people didn’t just use the kids to reach out to their people as they have enough bone marrow combined to cure them all with no one dying. Maybe that’s where it’s heading but just seems so obvious an answer. I don’t think this is ever going to be a show with happy endings more a bittersweet to dark chocolate ending.

    • Tabitha says:

      I totally agree

    • Mel says:

      True for the parallel. I had not seen that watching it, but I def. agree.
      As of Mount Weather, reaching out to other Skypeople, what if they say no? And they probably didn’t have enough space for all of them anyway. And I mean, they were not clean from the beginning with the use of Grounders for their experiments (not only the blood, but turning them into Reapers).

  13. Kaba says:

    Also, I think this was the best turnout. I sort of expected Finn to die after he was designated the peace-lover last season (those guys hardly ever make it through a 2nd season o.o). The twist? It was alright.
    Wasn’t sure how his death was gonna play out until Raven handed the knife to the Queen of Mercy kills. >.>

  14. Data1001 says:

    So glad they didn’t cop out on this. It was starting to get really annoying how everyone was coming to Finn’s defense, when he proved himself to be a war criminal at best, and at worst a mass murderer of innocent people. Having done selfless things in the past — not to mention being known as a “nice guy” — doesn’t excuse a heinous criminal act. He didn’t deserve to get off for what he did, and saying things like “that’s not who he IS!” is truly the height of inanity.

  15. emily says:

    I hate the fact that Finn died, he didnt deserve to. Many people are guilty not just him. Murphy shouldve died. I think it was a good twister but an even better one would be that he survives…seriously.

    • Uwana Ibanga says:

      thank you for this. im in total agreement for all those reasons.

    • Abby says:

      I’m fairly confident that Murphy will eventually get his, especially knowing the show had the guts to kill Finn. Murphy’s closest allies hate his guts, and he’s been on borrowed time since they cut him down from the noose in s1.

      • Abby says:

        But in the real world, sometimes bad people live and good people die, so its not like its that outrageous, really…

        • Jasmine Winters says:

          abby, i have a question for you… When clarke was hugging finn and telling him that he was going to be okay and it showed finns face and his eyes were squinted was it because she was pushing the knife through? when he said “Thank you Princess” was he saying thank you for killing him quick and not letting him suffer? ive been wondering this ever since i watched it..

      • That's ridiculous says:

        Finn killed 18 innocent people, he deserved to die. As for Murphy, he went from wrongly accused of murder to killing two people who pushed particularly hard for his death. Murphy is a jerk, but not near as bad as Finn.

  16. James D says:

    Oh snap is he really dead or is this a sci-fi drama thing where he only mostly dead and they bring him back. I liked Finn it will really suck if he’s gone for good, but at the same time i commend them for doing it. this will surely bring some interesting storytelling for the rest of the season.

  17. Kaba says:

    Also, while I have no real issues with Finn dying I sincerely do not understand who thought it’d be a good idea to let Murphy out-live the kid.
    That kid is a bona-fide a-hole that just knows he can’t afford to step out of line atm.

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering that too. Murphy gets to live, but Finn is killed. And let’s not forget that Murphy wanted to kill Jasper after they’d rescued him because Jasper’s moaning was bothering him. He chased another 100, Charlotte, until she committed suicide. He murdered two other 100s, Conor and Myles, takes Jasper hostage, tried to hang Bellamy, and then shot Raven. After being captured, he tells the Grounders everything about the 100 and their camp. Then is sent back into the camp knowingly infected with a virus, and doesn’t tell anyone until he starts vomiting blood and many others are sick. Murphy did all of these things while mentally stable and aware of right and wrong. While I don’t buy the way they sold the story of Finn’s mental break, the fact is he did have a mental break and lost sight of all sane and rational thought. He’s killed, and Murphy’s walking around with a gun. It does seem a bit off.

      • Kaba says:

        Thank you.
        I get they’re trying to redeem his character, but as a result we get a more desirable character being put in an irredeemable position.
        So just…no thank you. It resonates sourly with me. He’s the reason Raven can’t walk and I had no issue when she wanted to give them Murphy instead.

      • ? says:

        Murphy will get his, I assure you. It just isn’t time yet. Some people are just slippery and good at surviving, and right now the camp is in a position where someone like that can be useful. But it will catch up with him, it always does.

    • Abby says:

      Sometimes in the real world, bad people live and good people die. Certainly, tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians in WW2 didn’t deserve to die before Hitler, but they did. Life’s not always fair, and I give the show props for embracing that reality. That said, I’m confident Murphy will get his. His closest allies hate his guts, and now that Finn is gone he’s public enemy #1 all over again.

  18. Mikaylah says:

    Thank god. I was so worried they were going to let him get away with what he did (although the narrative still made excuses for him). I’m sad for Clarke for having to do it, and for Raven. But I’m glad he’s gone.

  19. Coal. says:

    I actually liked Finn last season he was were Bellamy is this season, sane and rational. However I felt nothing when he died. I just hope the writers don’t make the Raven character unlikable because she blames Clarke for Finn’s death for the sake of creating tension in the camp. Its very rare on tv to see female characters work well together and don’t hate each other because of a man.

    • Abby says:

      Excellent point. I hope the writers tread carefully knowing there is absolutely going to be severe tension between Raven and Clarke, and writing that tension improperly will just resonate like a cat fight no one feels comfortable being privy to, since both Clarke and Raven are well-liked…

  20. Juan says:

    I was shocked that it actually happened and was a little sad. I agree he had to die after everything he did because I’m sorry killing those 18 people was just cruel and unjust and him dying seemed the only way to right that. Yet there had already been so much death that I didn’t want him to die. I’m especially sad for Clarke who must be heartbroken but it was better than letting him get tortured. It was so smart of her to set it up by telling the commander to not be a savage and not seek retribution for her doing the killing. I watched all season 2 today and it has been so good.

    • forestelf86 says:

      I agree with your comments about being sad, but also that he needed to face retribution for what he did. Had the 18 people he killed been warriors, it would have been another story, but he killed children and old people. Like you, I was hoping they could realize that there had been too much death already and was hoping he’d be spared, but I didn’t expect it. I honestly believe, though, that she was legitimately trying to plead for his life and when she was refused, she did the only thing she could to spare him pain.

  21. Tatiana says:

    I cried like a big baby!! I didn’t want Finn to die! I wonder who her new love interest is going to be.

    • Kaba says:

      Really hoping the BellamyxClarke ship isn’t sailing its way to victory now.
      I’d sooner it be something with Jasper than him.

      • Letti says:

        I agree with you Kaba. I would hate it if they’d go with Bellarke as the epic love from now. But I’d rather have Clarke with Monty xD Poor guy haven’t got any girl on the show…

        • Marta says:

          I agree, I would rather have Clarke being with ni one rather than Bellamy. I do not hate Bellamy though. Sad that Finn is gone.

      • Abby says:

        I think its safe to assume that the writers are absolutely going to build up Bellarke. But hopefully,its a slower build than the quickness of Clarke and Finn. As in, I hope they’re not even close to being ‘together’ by the end of the next 8 EPs, because they have far more important and intriguing storylines that have nothing to do with romance to take care of, like saving the 47, defeating Mount Weather. If they play with romance, I hope it focuses on established pairs, because they’re in a war which in the real world doesn’t leave a ton of time for love…

        • Mel says:

          I’m sure the writers will take their time. I remember when people started shipping Abby&Kane. The writers said it wasn’t plan at the moment as the core of the show is the survival storyline and that romance is secondary.

  22. Ilene says:

    It was perfect. I am so glad the 100 writers and directors went there. I loved Finn, I thought he was a fantastic character, but this is Clarke’s story to an extent and what she did made absolute sense to her growth as a character. It sucks to see Finn go, but what else were they to do? Its refreshing as a viewer to not watch the antagonist (ambiguous antagonist anyway) cave at every sappy moment. This was just, wow, excellence all around.

  23. Uwana Ibanga says:

    im aware that this might be grasping for straws, but am i the only one in denial about this. LINCOLN shouldve died when he got taken by reapers. but next thing you know hes being marked for the cerberus project. (i still do NOT get why they named turning a grounder into a reaper after a 3 headed Greek mythological dog – that apparently also has lion snake and lion parts) so my bad if i dont believe this death for the moment. Clarke was bleeding too when she was pressed upon him. I was wondering if she would cut him loose but i knew that couldnt work with the reapers around. but what if they faked the death. is that so hard to believe. even as a fellow commenter said she saw a teaser with his eyes open. if clarke got to take his body back while the grounders thought he was dead that could just be smart on her part. cause if thesallonius got to live too i will be very confused since finns death is not one that i will make peace with.

    • NotTroy says:

      If you’d do just a little research on Cerberus you’d know that this “3 headed Greek mythological dog” was the guardian of Hades (The Underworld). The project is called Cerberus because the “soldiers” they create (the Reapers), are the “guardians” of Mount Weather, an underground facility (The Underworld). See how that works?

      • Uwana Ibanga says:

        WOAH. calm yourself kid. there is NO NEED for the smartassholery. i DID do some research which is also how i was reminded of the snake parts and lion bit. I SAID that i didnt get it from the jump. but thanks for your explanation.

    • Trenton says:

      I agree with your sentiments, but more likely it’s her having to deal with killing him. She sees his eyes open as guilt. The sad thing is all of his personal sacrifice of his own identity to save her was for naught. It be one thing if he did save her but he didn’t which is what’s sad. But he got to go out on his own terms actually saving everyone from probable massacre.

    • Jaylynne says:

      I really hope you’re right!! For them to kill Finn is the most ridiculous thing. Come on his character was beautiful and for them to end the season just like the last when we thought he was dead then too! They have to know they just killed the best character! I will watch the fist show when it comes on again but if Finn is not alive that’s it for me! If Clarke doesn’t have a love interest then what’s the point Finn and Clarke’s romance made the show. Oh please ppl I already see them saying wonder who her next love is goin to be? COME ON you really think she will fall for anyone after loving Finn!!! I’m just so pissed right now they did not have to end Finn that way when almost every other character has done something just as terrible. Like sending 100 innocent children to die or making a little girl be so scared she kills her self. They have truly ruined the show if Finn is dead!

      • Dmac says:

        I think the point they are making is that isn’t about romance this is about survival. The producers spelled it out in the begginng this isn’t a show about romance or love and they are not shipping anyone. Clarke needs to focus on being a leader and not being the girlfriend of. It is kind of refreshing for a CW show.

      • Abby says:

        The best (as in, most compelling) characters (Clarke, Raven, Kane, Abby) are actually still alive…

      • Chisalee says:

        well the romance wouldn’t have continued anyway even if he had survived, Clarke couldn’t forgive him after what he did

    • Abby says:

      Mount Weather controls the Reapers. If Cage as the head of the military sent out Reapers on a finding mission, they would bring their catches back. If Cage let them out to kill, they would have done so. That’s the point I think you might be missing – that the Reapers are not making their own choices. The drugs they’re on, paired with that little light thing Cage had, put them under Mount Weather’s control. So yes, while the Reapers are killers, they aren’t making their own choices to do so, and they don’t kill indiscriminately.

  24. Uwana Ibanga says:

    and btw. i was waiting the entire time for clarke to say take me. I DEFINITELY saw her screaming that in a promo last week.

  25. Samantha from Canada says:

    I am still fighting back tears. Finn is/was my fave character on the show. I love(d) him and Clarke together and their relationship.

    I have no more reason to watch this show now that he is gone. There is no ore Finn. There is no more #Flarke.

    I am no longer watching any episodes.

    You broke my heart, The 100 writers. And you lost a viewer because of your choice.

  26. Bri says:

    Are you kidding me? In what way is this ok? There was hardly any closure for Finn and Clarke’s relationship and I just can’t stop crying. Finn was an amazing character and he didn’t deserve to die. But I am glad he didn’t suffer, If he had suffered it whould have made the situation ten times more worse and emotional.

  27. Mikki says:

    I’m really pissed off that Finn actually died. Like I’m going to be annoyed with this when or if I watch the next episodes. I think there could have been a cooler way to turn things around to where they controled the grounders or something. Idk, I just don’t like it

  28. I’m crying and rewatching and crying again! Aside from Indra, the grounders we’ve seen so far don’t seem to be so bloodthirsty so hopefully Clarke won’t be the victim of some assassination plot.

  29. stacy says:

    Hate that they killed him, that it was Clark that killed him makes it worse. They are my two favorite characters. I might just quit watching now.

  30. ? says:

    AWESOME! This show just got a thousand times better. Clarke vs. Raven in the back half of the season is going to be epic.

  31. Em says:

    Finn and Clarke were the moral of this story. i assure you with his death the 100 lost a big number of fans. i really hope it’s kind of a trick weather it was a dream, or sort of a plan he made with the others. don’t ask me how but it was freaking heartbreaking to watch.

  32. Amber says:

    It was a good story line but why did it have to be Finn? Cauld of been someone we haven’t envested ourselfs in :P really sad to see him go as a character and actor, was he fired or wanted to leave or just trying to do good tv, really sucks though should of taken murphy

  33. Claire says:

    Great, great midseason finale. Such a ballsy move.

  34. sky says:

    it is quite surprising, did not expect that Clark is the one killing him, but it makes sense, be killed by loved one is much better than being tortured by gounders. very intense. and sad that super handsome Finn is dead :(

  35. Lucy says:

    This was one of the best episodes of television I have seen in a long time – the CW is on a roll at the moment, with those last episodes of Arrow and The Flash and this season of Supernatural, but The 100 is by far the best show they have on air. I haven’t been the biggest Finn fan but this really redeemed him for me and made me understand him a lot more, and I’m sad to see him go but it was such a fantastic twist and so completely believable. Props to the writers, they really aced it with this, as they have been doing all season. The CW needs to do WAY more promotion for this come January.

  36. Omotola says:

    I think it was ok the way it ended…Finn killed innocent people and there was no way he would have stoppped,if Clark didn’t appear…and He wasn’t even remorseful at all…He actually put them all at risk from that moment…
    I liked that Clark did the killing to reduce his punishment from the grounders
    The 100 is so unpredictable that’s why I love it…

    • Britt says:

      I have read so many comments about people condemning Finn and some even praising the grounders while condemning. I have to wonder WTF is wrong with people. So we are suppose to get all upset that Finn killed innocent grounders but suppose to not care about all the innocent ‘sky people’ the grounders have killed for no reason over the past 2 seasons. Most of the innocent blood spilled by the grounders was the blood of children/ teenagers. If Finn was condemned to die then every grounder who killed an innocent ‘sky person (especially one of the kids) should have also been condemned to die. I don’t see a single grounder feeling any kind of remorse for the innocent ‘sky people’ blood they spilled and all the kids/teenagers they murdered for no reason.

      • sicilypalermo says:

        Britt, your right. I think people forgot that part. For 18 people of who Finn killed he was to die 18 deaths as Lincoln said. But how about the 60 of the ones the grounders killed? Than in their law the ones who killed the young kids and teenagers should have all died 60 deaths. If the writers wanted to make Finn the one who killed the 18 (which I thought they should have put that on Bellamy) than Clarke should have reminded them of the innocent lives of the young kids “sky people” that the grounders killed, so how would those grounders who did that be punished? Why aren’t they being killed for the life’s that they are responsible for taking?

        You have a good point. Doesn’t matter that they didn’t know who the sky people were and no one can say that didn’t count at the beginning. Because it did count even more so, the grounders started killing before they knew these people being bad or good. They are not complete savages because they have a set of rules. So the excuse that the grounders are savages doesn’t stand. Any group that have any form of laws has reasoning among themselves and than knows what’s wrong or right! Finn should have stayed he was very good actor and played a part that could have developed into a great future with Clarke as two leaders as I previously mentioned in my other comments on Finn’s death. They could have actually truly been the first Family.

      • elliott37341 says:

        Totally agree Britt. I said the same thing. If all were held to that, we would have no cast.

  37. Brandy says:

    First I\’m pissed!!! He\’s a great character for show …
    Second … If Finn is truly dead which part of me feels .. That Clark new exactly where to put the shank in hitting no major arteries or organs yet loss of blood to slow heart rate & pass out ( that\’s just a big Xmas wish !!! Giving Clark time to say let us take our dead giving enough time to revive him shave his head new identity however wishful thinking…. To 100 writers just saying ( okay you got your wow factor now Wow us again bring his adorable puppy dog eye Finn of the sky people back!!
    & finally if Clark did shank him it was merciful & better then torture they were going to torture him to DEATH or was everyone vacant when LINCOLn told them what they would do so!!!
    So raven a quick shank peacefully with his love or tortured from grounders….
    Just being him back as I said Clark is smart she hopefully gave him a 50% chance of survival …<3 bring fin back from dead … However my money he\'s not …especially you could use the name of episode so many ways!!
    <3 FINN

  38. Brandy says:

    First I\’m @€#%£ !! He\’s a great character for show …
    Second … If Finn is truly dead which part of me feels .. That Clark new exactly where to put the shank in hitting no major arteries or organs yet loss of blood to slow heart rate & pass out ( that\’s just a big Xmas wish !!! Giving Clark time to say let us take our dead giving enough time to revive him shave his head new identity however wishful thinking…. To 100 writers just saying ( okay you got your wow factor now Wow us again bring his adorable puppy dog eye Finn of the sky people back!!
    & finally if Clark did shank him it was merciful & better then torture they were going to torture him to DEATH or was everyone vacant when LINCOLn told them what they would do so!!!
    So raven a quick shank peacefully with his love or tortured from grounders….
    Just being him back as I said Clark is smart she hopefully gave him a 50% chance of survival …<3 bring fin back from dead … However my money he\'s not …especially you could use the name of episode so many ways!!
    <3 FINN

  39. leanne says:

    I thought it was an amazing twist. it made it so more emotional and personal at the fact that Clarke killed Finn. At least Bellamy and Clarke can get more personal now.

  40. Ty says:

    Very well done episode, and very ballsy of the writers to go there with this whole storyline. That said, there was nowhere else the character could have gone that wouldn’t have meant him being a liability to the story. He would either have been a morose, self-pitying guy constantly seeking redemption (who really wants to see that?) or it would have been swept under the rug with everyone forgetting he killed innocent people in cold-blood. This was the only way out that would resolve the story and move the characters forward without it feeling like a drag/copout. For that reason, I’m not sad to see him go. There was simply little else they could do with his character. We can all move now and the show is better off for it.

    • sicilypalermo says:

      I disagree, they could have made Bellamy the character who killed the grounders. He was willing to kill before his own than all of a sudden Finn because the bad guy this makes no sense they changed both characters around too quickly the good one made evil and the evil one made good. Finn was the best looking guy on there and his love for Clarke and her’s for him they should have developed it more so we could be excited about when the climax would come of them getting together and even being the first after a while to be married on earth. That story could have developed, there should always be some sort of romance going on that people (us) should cheer for and see that even through all the mist of what the first 100 and now the older ones who came down, that love has not been lost but found because of all the changes. That something good came out of the kids being sent to earth. Or Finn and Clarke would have never meant and as their love grows thru all the trails and tribulations, them two could have started the next generation on earth. They would have gotten married and of course have the trials of marriage but they could have been the first to start a family and become the strong leaders of the whole group, growing in rank. The writers could have twisted it and not have Finn died. They shouldn’t have made him a killer, because as I said earlier from seeing his past with Raven and his love for Clarke and him always being the reasonable one he wouldn’t have killed that easier, but Bellamy would have.

  41. Matt says:

    this, as a viewer, is one of the most heartbreaking things i have seen on this show, equal to the death of allison (teen wolf). however in the shows perspective this is one of the most interesting outcomes that could have happened.

  42. Tehmyya says:

    😭😭😭pls bring Finn back…

  43. It was really intense and emotional. Very sad how it all came to an end like that. I can only imagine through what hell is Clarke going to go now. :/

  44. love says:

    Ok so I feel he had more closure with raven than with Clarke. That said, awesome episode. C ‘Mon some of you guys on here watch game of thrones and you’re sad about this???

  45. Tay says:

    Wow, I can’t believe They actually killed Finn. In the back of my mind I thought about how the grounders might kill him but I figured he would get out of it some how. And the fact that Clarke was the one to do it made it even more emotional. I cried my eyes out when Finn said ” thanks princess.” 😭😭😭😭

  46. Jack says:

    Finn is a coward. He should have given himself up the moment he learned of the grounders demands. He was guilty of a massacre after all. Glad to see this character gone from the show.

  47. Timothy says:

    No not happy. He played a critical role and had much more to offer. This is as bad if not worse then killing beth in walking dead. No one will see this as necessary.

    • canjura says:

      Beth was as useless of a character as there was on the Walking Dead lol. Had no real talent, wasn’t strong physically, wasn’t the one coming up with ideas, didn’t really do anything besides whine. Finn on the other hand, who I do think deserved to die for the further developments of Clarke and the show, at least brought all of the above to the group. Finn was strong, smart, and courageous and will be a big loss to Clarke, Bell, and obviously Raven. But nobody else in that camp will truly miss him. 99/100 people still alive from the ship would have sacrificed him for the betterment of the group.

  48. Linda says:

    HE ISN’T DEAD…… he opened his eye’s as they are carrying him away…….

  49. I want to see Finn come back (like so many others I thought were dead!) I also want to see Octavia have Lincolns baby. How about that one!! The population has to grow somehow!!

  50. Holly says:

    One of the best episodes I have seen on tv in awhile. The moral and political issues are brilliant. Eliza had some amazing acting skills this episode. For all the shippers out there upset, this is about more than just that. It will have a wonderful second half of the season, because Clarke had to kill her first love. The parallels between Abby and Clarke are so much more meaningful now, because Clarke had to do something that she has hated her mother for doing for so long.

    • DonnaMaMa says:

      exactly what I thought, maybe Clarke will now understand Abby more, I don’t think Clarke ever forgave her Abby yet – I don’t think they ever talked/discussed it either.

      • Finns Fan says:

        i fine wen i watch last episode that finn should have not die cuz there could of been allot more of him to go i wanted to see finn being the hero they say he killed 18 so what whats more important is that mount men are making grounders as reapers and there was about 200 reapers. so idk if that makes any sences

    • SoundJudgment says:

      Let us also not forget… WHO.. was the one who handed Clarke that very knife which was used on Finn?? Ohhh, the irony. ;)