The Voice Season 7 Performance Finale Recap: Who Deserves the Title?

It’s been a strange season of The Voice — and not just because of Gwen Stefani’s penchant for pairing torturous heels with tights.

But despite the almost constant shift in contestant momentum and often head-scratching results (Damien over Toia Jones in the Knockouts? Ryan Sill in the Top 8?), something kind of miraculous occurred during tonight’s performance finale: NBC’s reality singing behemoth finally took on its most obvious shortcoming — that it’s never produced an American Idol-level superstar — and did something that may very well obliterate all those “what’s the point of all this, anyway?” criticisms.

Yep, Mark Burnett, the Season 7 coaches and/or the wizards working tirelessly behind the scenes dug deep (AKA spent some serious money) and came up with Billboard chart-worthy songs for all four of the show’s finalists: Chris Jamison, Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd and Damien (last name TBD?).

To which I say, “Hallelujah!”

Because it’s one thing to hear a TSA agent or a college student present a kickin’ cover of somebody else’s radio hit. It’s quite another to have them deliver an entirely new audio experience straight to your ears — and in the course of three minutes, make you say, “Yes, I will willingly add this to my iTunes playlist, somewhere between Beyoncé and Róisín Murphy.” (Subject for future internal dialogue: Do I inexplicably fall for artists whose names contain accented vowels? Or, in other words, would I like Season 7’s inevitable fourth-place finisher any better if his name was Dámíén? #perhaps)

Anyhow, the excellent “Contestants’ Singles” round, combined with majorly fun duets and one final set of solid (albeit mostly risk-free) covers, combined to make Season 7’s performance finale The Voice‘s strongest episode in the last 12 weeks.

What radio — the place where fresh voices go and smash their foreheads into concrete walls — does with the eventual winner (and his immediate runners-up), only time will tell. But here’s hoping Pharrell, Gwen, Blake and Adam double-down on these chaps in 2014 and use their pop-cultural currency to help one or two of ’em break on through to the other side. (Sidebar: How come no one ever covers The Doors on reality singing competitions anymore? My brain can only recall “Light My Fire” during Season 7 Hollywood Week of American Idol.)

Oh my stars, I’m off on a tangent. Before I wind up in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven in Duluth, let’s grade tonight’s performances — not listed in chronological order, just so we can compare like vs like.

Damien (Team Adam): Donny Hathaway’s “A Song for You” — Grade: C | Not one coach pointed out the fact that Damien either forgot his lyrics or missed his cue on the line “you taught me precious secrets” — and that his grasp of pitch slipped through his fingers like a gallon of Wesson in the aftermath of his misstep. But lest we forget, this is The Voice, a program that threw the final shovel-load of dirt on criticism’s grave about three seasons ago. The voting public, however, will probably be more discerning, which means last week’s Wild Card winner will have to settle for the “it was an honor just to make the finale” statuette.

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake): Alabama’s “In Pictures” — Grade: B+ | Did Craig give us absolute perfection on this schmaltzy love letter from an on-the-road musician dad to his growing child? I cannot answer in the affirmative (thanks to some wobbly intonation in the second verse and a smattering of swallowed words throughout). What saved the performance, though, was the rawness of the country contestant’s emotions: I mean, that break in his voice as the music dropped out on the final chorus activated my tear ducts like a bell to Pavlov’s dogs (or the flash of a camera to a Kardashian). At his best, Craig not only feels his lyrics deeply, but is able to convey said feeling to his audience. I’m not convinced the guy delivered the kind of TKO performance necessary to claim the Season 7 crown, but if he pulls off the upset, “In Pictures” deserves credit as the performance that tipped the scales.

Chris Jamison (Team Adam): Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” — Grade: A+ | If I knew how to add an emoji to a recap — don’t bother trying to give me guidance in the comments, I’m too ooollllllddddd to learn new tricks — I’d sum up my feelings about this performance with a jaw-dropped and drooling little yellow fellow. True, saved for some amped up guitars and Chris’ decision to deliver both the J.T. and Timbaland lines — the arrangement stayed pretty true to the original. And yet, something about Chris’ note perfection combined with the way he ruled the stage like an actual superstar (not just a potential superstar) left me feeling like he’s the winner NBC’s reality singing franchise really needs. The piercing falsetto on that last “don’t it make you sad about it” went through me like a steak knife through room-temperature butter. (Uff da, see why I just wanted to go with a simple emoji?)

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam): “Over the Rainbow” — Grade: B | I figured that since exec producer Mark Burnett saved Matt’s solo cover for last, that it was bound to take us on an epic journey to Emotional Middle Earth, complete with bubbling lava, that pesky ring and Frodo and Sam exchanging their long-overdue wedding vows. Which is why it came as such a surprise — and yeah, a disappointment — when Matt went for the three-pointer instead of the touchdown, treating the classic melody with all the enthusiasm of a 5th grader finding socks under the tree on Christmas morning. OK, OK, maybe it wasn’t quite so dreary — although that final glory note definitely got away from him — but for a guy whose sole life goal is checking the unmarked tattoo box on his arm to denote he’s been signed by a label, I wanted Matt to make me hear the lyrics in a new way — like they’d been written about his own personal experience. If he’d closed with “Wasted Love,” there’d be no question about Matt sewing up the Season 7 race, but even his most ardent fans have to admit “Over the Rainbow” opened a door for Chris to potentially spring the mild upset.

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake): “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face” — Grade: B+ | Craig’s debut single — which Blake Shelton says he wrote eons ago but never got around to recording — has an appealing rhythm and a naughty playfulness to the lyrics (all about a guy who’s keeping his lady satisfied in the Cialis advertisement type of way. I couldn’t shake the notion that the melody of the opening verse sounded like a sped-up “Angel of the Morning,” but that craziness dissipated as I got lost in the Craig’s charm — and the genuine thrill that the Nashville vet was conveying in the midst of (finally) getting his big break. The last few runs didn’t land quite as squarely as they could’ve/should’ve, but Pharrell’s prediction — “welcome to your future” — could absolutely come true in the next year.

Chris Jamison (Team Adam): “Velvet” — Grade: A- | I know subtlety has now dropped to No. 194 on the Billboard Top 200 Qualities Appreciated by Modern Radio Listeners, but even so, the lyrics to “Velvet” are undeniably filthy. (#NotThatTheresAnythingWrongWithThat #IGuess) Yet while Chris’ debut single probably won’t be something you sing along to with your favorite aunt over the holidays, there’s no doubt the guy fully committed to the seduction he started – as two mirrors highlighted his non-vocal assets in the back and in the front (as Fergie puts it). I know, I know… the fit of Chris’ jeans should not be germane to the end result of a show that’s supposed to be about the voice, but don’t blame me — blame Adam’s staging choices. And no amount of bootyliciousness would’ve been worth a damn had Chris not excelled at gliding over the slinky, R&B groove and nailing both the husky lower range and the soaring falsettos. Perhaps moreso than any bit of coaches’ hyperbole this week, Pharrell’s “a star was born on this television show with you” critique rang true.

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam): “Wasted Love” — Grade: A | Matt’s “Wasted Love” may wind up being to The Voice what Phillip Phillips’ “Home” was to American Idol: A game-changing, earwormy gem perfectly suited to the singer — and capable of launching him from reality star to viable recording artist. This portrait of a guy who’s lost at love and can’t quite figure out where it all went wrong showcased the little breaks and rough edges in Matt’s instrument — and proved that, with the right material, he’s as good a storyteller as he is a vocal technician. I got so lost in the song itself, I barely took notice of the bizarre “9-year-old boy’s HotWheels fantasy come to life” look of the stage (complete with a massive ramp flanked on either side by FIRE). Here’s hoping the intriguing lyrics — “like smoked cigarettes, I inhale these regrets, I can’t change what I’ve become” — don’t cause the robots who program Top 40 radio to CTRL+ALT+DEL, yes? Because I could seriously envision this tune giving Matt access to the gated community currently housing the Taylor Swifts and Hoziers and Rihannas of the world.

Damien (Team Adam): “Soldier” — Grade: B | I appreciated the chance to hear Damien deliver something other than a treacly ballad, and while he seemed more relaxed and confident than ever, the unnecessary melodrama and the general lack of dynamics he brought to uberproducer Max Martin’s thunderclapping, midtempo jam left me feeling wiped out by the time he was done. I mean, can you imagine a whole album full of Damien’s full-throttle-24/7 vocal stylings? As my husband grumbled while listening to the performance and reading his comic-books on the iPad, “This sounds like the kind of artist I’d have heard on the radio in the ’90s — and changed the station.”

The Voice - Season 7COACHES’ DUETS
Craig Wayne Boyd & Blake Shelton: Randy Houser’s “Boots On” — Grade: A- | On a night where the mood was mostly “serious,” “sexy” or “seriously sexy,” Craig and Blake brought a real sense of fun — and the episode’s guitar-blastiest arrangement — to their duet. The more I try to handicap the Season 7 race in my mind, the more I wonder if Craig’s ability to simultaneously court country and rock voters (along with the “Blake bump”) could lead to a Jermaine Paul-style upset. Worse things have happened! (Like Jermaine Paul’s Season 2 win, for example.)

Chris Jamison (Team Adam): Robin Thicke’s “Lost Without You” — Grade: A- | The fellas’ sweet falsettos went together like chocolate and peanut butter, Victoria’s Secret ads and British lady voice overs, Idris Elba and spontaneous swooning. I loved how Chris managed to get his groove on even while the pair remained glued to their stools — and the way he managed to make the dubious Robin Thicke’s lyrics come across as more romantic than sleazy. In fact, if Adam’s not careful, it could be Chris who’s in a rotating chair wearing $5,000 bowling shirts a decade from now.

Matt McAndrew (Team Adam): Adam Levine’s “Lost Stars” — Grade: A- | I’ll admit I’d never before heard “Lost Stars,” but so what? Good tunes are good tunes even at first listen, and while Matt’s falsetto didn’t come across quite as effortless as Chris’, dude showed a willingness to stretch his voice into dangerous territory without ever losing his way.

Damien (Team Adam): Elton John’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” — Grade: B | I’m sorry, Adam and Damien, but I just don’t want to hear “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” on reality singing competitions anymore. It’s played out — like that time Adam tried to go peroxide blonde. It didn’t help, of course, that Damien delivered the ballad with such tiresome flourishes as outstretched arms on the line “wander free” and the patented vocal quaver he unleashes every time he’s trying to convey “EMOTION!” But it was mostly in tune, and certainly good enough for fourth place as long as I can’t suddenly cast votes for DaNica Shirey, Sugar Joans, Toia Jones, Brittany Butler and Troy Ritchie.

Should Be the Order of Finish: Chris (winner), Matt (2nd), Craig (3rd), Damien (4th)
Will Be the Order of Finish: Matt (winner), Chris (2nd), Craig (3rd), Damien (4th) — but it wouldn’t shock me if Craig won, either

What did you think of The Voice performance finale? What were your favorite performances this episode? And who should win it all? Take our polls below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments! And for all your reality singing competition recaps, news, photo galleries and exclusives, please do follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. Mike says:

    Damien – A Song For You – B-
    CWB – My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face – A-
    Chris + Adam – Lost Without U – A-
    Matt – Wasted Love – A+
    CWB + Blake – Boots On – B
    Damien + Adam – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me – B
    Chris – Velvet – A
    Matt + Adam – Lost Stars – B
    CWB – In Pictures – A+
    Damien – Soldier – B
    Chris – Cry Me A River – A-
    Matt – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – B

    • JM says:

      Damien – B+
      CWB – A-
      Chris & Adam – A+
      Matt – A
      CWB & Blake – B+
      Damien & Adam – B
      Chris – A
      Matt & Adam – B-
      CWB – A
      Damien – B
      Chris – A
      Matt – B

      Overall, I gave the win to Chris, and he got my votes.

    • JT says:

      Hearing Matt sing along with Adam just exposed how weak and tinny Matt’s voice is by comparison — and closing the show with him doing Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Craig’s original song and coach’s pick were awesome — the duet with Blake not so much — couldn’t hear their voices over the band…Chris is just a one trick pony — all falsetto all the time. All his songs pretty much blend together. Damien had his best night by far — but too late to change America’s mind about him.

      • kandylynn says:

        Agree with everything you said.

          • JM1 says:

            Ugh – I replied to the wrong post, sorry! I actually love that Matt’s voice has so many sides to it. It’s pretty sometimes, powerful sometimes, sort of broken sometimes . . . I find it much more interesting than just hitting notes. The other guys can really sing, but for me, Matt – while not perfect – provides a unique, interesting voice that stands out and that I haven’t heard before. I haven’t voted much this season but gotta go with him tonight.

            Putting Damien 2nd. Beautiful voice. Wish he’d song a little softer songs tonight, he softer voice is gorgeous and he’s best when not belting so much.

      • Meri says:

        Your comment is exactly why I laugh at the Chris fans who call Craig a one-trick pony. The guy is really underwhelming without the falsetto and I personally find falsetto annoying when it’s overused.

        • H says:

          The falsetto is a bit overused with Chris, but especially in his duet with Adam, it came clear to me how beautiful his “natural” tone of voice is. Having found a style that fits the kind of artist you want to be doesn’t make you a “one trick pony”, it makes you stable. Same goes for Damien and Craig who do what they do how they do it ’cause that’s their style… it’s a matter of taste and how well it fits yours.

        • Angela says:

          I agree that Chris fans are wrong about CWB. I think he (Craig) is a star, no matter what the outcome!

        • The Beach says:

          I blame Adam (Mr King of Falsetto) for Chris’ overdoing it a bit. He said several times that it was Chris’ sweet spot and he was going to have him go to it at every opportunity.

      • Ginger Snap says:

        I don’t get the Matt love at all. His voice is a train wreck.

        • Linda says:

          Thank you! SOTR was awful! A grade of B? I gave it a C at best.

          • flip says:

            I agree with Ginger and Linda. Never felt the love for Matt. His final performance was a disaster. His original song was his best performance, but I hope Chris wins this competition, especially since he is the best all around performer, and keeps improving with each performance.

      • DidntWork says:

        I can’t believe that Michael has called it for Matt McScreamy to win. I thought not only was wasted love not an “A” it was one of the most overdone, pretentious stinkfests this season with him — yet again — dropping to his knees and flopping back on stage, ’cause, that’s like all dramatic and all and shows how he really, really means it (and as though we somehow forgot that he’s already done that four times this season). In fairness, the guy has a couple good performances over the season (blower’s daughter) but the constant posturing melodramatics are just tiresome and no way does he deserve to win.

        • Allison says:

          Thank you! After watching, my roommate turned to me and said what a trainwreck and I had to agree. Swamped with overproduction, yelling instead of singing, the completely awkward stage presence, it was fail, fail, fail. He has no consistency. I”m sure the Itunes version sounds better, he’s probably great in the studio where he can do dozens of takes to finally get to the right notes, but as a live performer, he’s a cloying annoyance. But I suppose with so many singers abandoning live performances in concerts he’s on trend. Oh, and what he did to Somewhere Over The Rainbow is just sad.

        • Dani says:

          No, no, no. Matt’s voice is so soft, yet hard like a rocker. His voice is full of potential and he wrote his top charts, number 1 single all by himself, unlike the other artists. He is so much more talented and his voice will make him a star someday. He deserved to win, that’s my opinion, hands down. I did not like Chris’s voice near the end of the show, it got kind of boring and he was overdoing it with the falsetto. Back to Matt, he was not ‘screamy.’ Yes, he had a few powerful screaming moments, but that’s what happens in rock songs. That’s what makes them so raw. Also, your critisizing him for being too passionate during songs? He was not overly dramatic or overly passionate, let him get lost in his song, let him fall to his knees and let his heart sing for him. If he hadn’t done that, you probably would have complained that he wasn’t passionate enough. There were many reasons why he deserved to win, and he should have won. Yes, that is just my opinion, and we all have different opinions, so I understand that you didn’t like him, but he was not a stink fest. Especially because the song you called a stink fest has been a number 1 hit all day.

      • Sharon says:

        Hmm…Damien had noticeable pitch problems on his first song, which was a bit of a shock, given that he has been so reliable in that regard.

      • jem says:

        Your crazy Matt has 10 sides to his voice as to where all the the others only have 1 plus he wrote his single no one else did learn music bud srry I have to disagree…..

      • carole stein says:

        Great, as an Adam fan, it was so good to hear the richness of his voice throughout the competition.

    • Jon says:

      Damien – A Song For You – C (not his fault-this song’s been done to death)
      CWB – My Baby’s Got A Smile On Her Face – A- (very catchy)
      Chris + Adam – Lost Without U – A- (the best duet, IMO)
      Matt – Wasted Love – A-
      CWB + Blake – Boots On – B
      Damien + Adam – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me – B-
      Chris – Velvet – A+ (bought this and can’t stop listening to it)
      Matt + Adam – Lost Stars – B
      CWB – In Pictures – B+
      Damien – Soldier – A- (Max Martin makes perfect pop, and Damien’s best all year)
      Chris – Cry Me A River – A (dat falsetto!)
      Matt – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – C (those final notes — YIKES)

      Overall, I thought Chris was the best, and he got my votes (plus iTunes buys).

    • Diana says:

      Damien”s song soldier deserves an A+ in my opinion

  2. analythinker says:

    It’s Damien Lawson, Michael :)

    Wow, for an underwhelming season, the finale was a loud bang.
    Was Craig more nervous and Damien more confident than usual?
    In terms of original songs, my ranking: Matt, Damien, Chris, Craig. Lucky for Damien to get Max Martin, but idk if it will resonate with the listeners.
    For duets: Matt-Adam > Chris-Adam > Craig-Blake > Damien-Adam (but just because I think Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me should be retired).
    Coach’s picks: Chris > Damien > Matt > Craig, because Craig sounded a bit off in the beginning. I may or may not have clapped loudly after Chris’ performance. Shivers.

    • Adake says:

      I think you got this about right!

    • Scout says:

      Wow. This is dead on. Craig did seem shaky tonight, but I think he built up enough momentum to carry him through to the … I’m gonna say Top 2, but we shall see? I really liked the singles tonight. Way better than anything that Idol produced.

      • analythinker says:

        Agreed, wayyyy better! Craig will have a long career no matter what. At least that’s what I hope for him, and for all four, really.

        • Scout says:

          I know. Right? I really like all of these dudes. I wish them all well in their careers.

          • Jon says:

            Same here — they’re all likable and talented. Even Damien, who I’ve been iffy about all season, came to life tonight when given a catchy song from this century. (Seriously, Adam, “A Song For You” AND “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me”? I’m surprised you didn’t make Damien sing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”…)

      • JM says:

        Agree. The originals left AI originals in the dust. I will probably buy a couple of them.

      • analythinker says:

        I may need to listen to that again, I was distracted by work, heh.

    • JM says:

      My grades differed from yours (I listed them above). I just have to mention that the Chris/Adam duet gave me shivers. One of the best duets I’ve ever heard on these reality singing shows.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Craig was hoarse! He totally blew out his voice on the first song because it was too high for him. I won’t get into the technical details why that happened, but I’ll just quickly say it was too high for him and he doesn’t know how to sing that high properly. I felt bad for the guy. He sounded so bad as the night wore on. Blake really screwed him tonight.

      • Scout says:

        Oh, I see. It did sound like his voice was tired – that is my non-technical opinion :) I still voted for him. I dig that dude’s voice when it’s in peak condition. He’s doing okay on iTunes right now. I think his fans will pull him though…

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Craig isn’t necessarily my thing, but I appreciate that he’s a talented dude. I know he’s a lot better than what we heard tonight, which made me feel sincerely sorry for him. One thing is for certain is he should at the very least get some high profile gigs in Tennessee out of this.

          • Scout says:

            Oh, I hope he does well. He’s definitely as good as anything on the market right now. I hope the exposure gets him where he wants to go.

      • analythinker says:

        Finally, someone who heard what I heard :)

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Yeah. :( He doesn’t know how to protect his throat on the high notes. Baritones need special love and care up there. Blake really messed him up with that song.

      • Jon says:

        Angie, what did you think of Matt’s “Over the Rainbow?” While I respect his restraint, I thought it was an underwhelming way to close the show. And his last few notes were really shaky, IMO.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          tee hee! Please read below, Jon. I can probably write an essay on everything that was wrong with Over the Rainbow, but my abbreviated one-paragraph thesis is outlined below.

          • Jon says:

            Found it! And I agree 100% with your comments. I have no idea why Matt and Adam chose that song, or why he would try to match Judy’s arrangement. He was doing so well before that, and his momentum came screeching to a halt. NOT good.

            (BTW, I have no idea why the trolls have come out to attack you for finding Chris hot — which he is — AND liking his vocals as well. They seem to be personally offended that someone might acknowledge a male singer’s attractiveness. Threatened, perhaps?)

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Over the Rainbow is a very technically challenging song to sing. I never realized it until a student brought it to a lesson and I was like “whoa, this ain’t easy.” The other thing that makes it hard is knowing which notes to accent because of the chords, and he really failed on that as well. It was so… blah, even ignoring that yucky final note. Dumpy. That’s the adjective I’m going to call it. Dumpy. Yeah.
            I find trolls hilarious. Bring it on! But yeah, to your point, why is it so hard to understand that someone can be talented AND hot? My favorite is when a troll thinks I’m getting riled up when in fact I’m laughing at him/her the entire time.

          • JT says:

            Angie, you’re not a “troll?” Angie-“And it also happened to be the final song of the season in the PIMP spot that people are going to remember.” Comment on EW-“It was NOT a good way for him to close out the night (and in the PIMP slot!)” Hmmmmm…
            Also, you’re not young but like to use “pimp” in sentences? Something tells me you’re a little young!

          • Jon says:

            Preach it! And lest you think you’re alone in your appreciation of Chris’s…assets, Twitter was ablaze all night in #tightpants and #bulge comments. I guess we know why his girlfriend has held onto him for 7 years…( ;

          • JT says:

            Jon, not accurate to say Matt was trying to match Judy’s arrangements. Not my favorite song choice as I think it was definitely played safe, but these criticisms generally suck.

            Finding Chris hot is fine but should be irrelevant to who wins the show. Tired of pop music being so shallow. I’m not “threatened” by an attractive male singer-I just feel that looks (for a male or female) should be entirely irrelevant to a singing competition.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Jon, I was appreciating the back side of that glorious outfit in the mirrors, but yes, the front was a spectacle as well!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            JT, you’re an idiot. Did it ever occur to you that someone might have copied my exact statement and passed it off as his/her own? Guess not.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            JT, you’re even less clever than I thought, and for the record, I thought you were remarkably not clever. The poster you’re referring to wrote this: “The original songs were especially strong — certainly the best originals The Voice has ever put out there.”
            Does that comment strike you as being even somewhat consistent with the views I have shared here tonight?
            Try again, bub.

          • JT says:

            And you’re definitely not a young person, pimp! This whole convo’s moot because MM’s the Voice winner tomorrow night and all you’ve done is inspire me to vote more. Something tells me you’re a lot like the producer and exec of the Wizard of Oz who both wanted “Over the Rainbow” cut from the film. Sheesh!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ha! You got me, JT. 30-somethings definitely never use the word “pimp.” You are one smart dude.
            I’m bored. Carry on without me.

          • jem says:

            I thought it was beautiful but most of you on here seem like you only like voices like Adams anyways Matt can’t be that bad he’s the only artist to eclipse the top 10 I tune charts 4 times this year and he wrote his single did the others oh wait NO I’m proud of Matt accomplishments he sounds good to most better to others….

        • Mr. Sunshine says:

          My favorite reality rendition of Over the Rainbow has to be Shayne Ward from the XFactor. It’s on YouTube. :-) His voice is phenomenal. And, all of his CD’s are pure pop perfection!!

          • guest says:

            Try listening to Sissel Kyrkjebo sing “Over the Rainbow.” She’s really got a voice, but that’s just my opinion.

        • Meme says:

          Matt destroyed OTR for me, and not in a good way. It wasn’t a good song choice for Matt’s voice and certainly not one to close the show with. What happened there?

      • Cold Topic says:

        My God, you can always count on one of your many stupid posts after these shows to take the cake. “I won’t get into the technical details.” No, please do. Get off your high horse and enlighten us about that.

      • Sharon says:

        Yes, not a good night for Craig overall, unfortunately. I think his pitch was off in the last song because he was battling tears.

      • The Beach says:

        Thanks, Angie. I was wondering if it was just nerves that cause Craig to sound so off on his In Pictures song….very unlike him.

    • Sara says:

      I totally agree! This was an AMAZING finale for such a hum-drum season. The four guys in the finale are all so strong in their genres and also so different from one another. This was such a good performance night; it was just such an enjoyable show. I loved all 4 of the original songs. I could definitely see any of them getting lots of play on their genre specific radio stations.
      I can honestly say, for the first time ever, that I will be happy with whoever wins.
      And yes, Damien’s last name is Lawson. It isn’t that hard to find at all. It is on his twitter and the show’s.

    • Adrian says:

      Agree – CWB was very nervous tonight, but “In Pictures” is just an amazing way to end the show. The vocal might not be perfect but the emotion is so real. However, it is interesting to note that his original single’s “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face” ranked the highest among his three songs. Damien Lawson perhaps is more relaxed than the others because he has the least to lose. He manages to sing in the final with an original song. He knows his chances are not that great, so he is able to just let go and gives his best performance.

    • jennvozik says:

      I think Damien was thinking, eff it-I haven’t got a chance in Hades at winning this so I’m just going to go and have fun. I enjoyed him more last night than I thought I would. On an unrelated note, did anyone else catch the XFactor UK?? Amazing!! I loved Fleur but Andreas had my heart, he was so adorable! Ok, sorry for the departure.

  3. Adake says:

    Well, that was an entertaining music night. My favorite singles were Matt McAndrew’s and Damien’s but least favorites were Craig’s (very repetitive – probably why Blake didn’t record it) and Chris’s (his video sounded better than his “live” performance). The question will be, will Adam’s three finalists split the pop/soul/rock vote and lose out to the one country artist. Hoping Matt McAndrew’s wins but all four are deserving.

    • Scout says:

      Yeah, I agree. I wouldn’t mind if any of them won. I thought they all came out pretty even by the end of the show. Thanks for the reminder about Damien’s single. I just snagged that one as well. My fave singles tonight were Damien and Matt. Should be an interesting results show.

      • JM1 says:

        I really enjoyed all of their “original singles”! So glad The Voice is making the effort to showcase these singers as relevant commercial artists.

    • Antonio Hall says:

      I agree 100 percents. Damien single was breathtaking and gorgeous . I hope Damien win tonight and I hope you vote for Damien because I did (Antonio Hall ) .

  4. Kim Moores says:

    Lord, I don’t pray often, but please make the sexual man-candy Chris Jamison win.
    Even if he has a gf of 7 years (anniversary today) I’ll happily be the mistress.
    Just let the boy win. I beg, lets reward his tight pants and bulges with a win <3
    Matt ended the night awfully.

    • Greg says:

      People like you who let their hormones dictate who they vote for shouldn’t be allowed to vote. I spit out my drink when Chris was singing “Velvet” wearing skin tight velvet pants it was so corny.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Oh get over yourself.
        “Oh their hormones dictate who they vote for”.
        I was well into Chris even before I became rabid, but since you appear to understand (to a t) how and why I’m voting tonight, please carry on. I don’t really care lol

        • Greg says:

          At least you admit it.

          • Kim Moores says:

            I’d also like to make sure you’re aware that I’m not simply voting because I find him attractive. I’ve found many of the men on this show sweet on the eyes. None of them have vocals as strong as Chris though…except for maybe Dez from season 3.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Shut up

          • Greg says:

            Angie, no one is interested in talking to you or your five sock puppet accounts you always agree with on here. lol

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Dunno about that. It seems more people care to chat with me than with you. Now crawl back under your bridge, Greg.

        • JT says:

          Well, “The Voice” should have very little to do his bulges in one’s pants. Chris seems to cater to a certain demographic, for sure.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Do we really need to quit catering to that silly title of the show though? It, at the end of the day, is simply a catchy title to make the show memorable.
            Especially considering we’ve had seasons on the show where the winner was certainly not the best of the best.
            That being said, my attraction isn’t the only drive for my interest in voting by no means.

          • Greg says:

            No kidding. That was the male equivalent of Haley Scarnato. lmao

          • JM1 says:

            Chris has gotten really good this season, but my thing with him is this: I think Adam’s taken him under his wing and made him a mini-me, but it doesn’t feel completely authentic. Like, Chis is a blank slate who takes direction amazingly well, but I don’t get the sense that he himself knows where he wants his career to head. Feels like when you cram for a test and ace it, but you rushed it and so you forget it all afterwards.

            Does that make any sense at all?! :-}

          • Tyler says:

            @ JM1: Isn’t that true for all of the finalists? Don’t you think Blake is molding CWB into a rocking country singer? Don’t you Adam is molding Matt into a serious Irish rocker?

          • kandylynn says:

            Yes. He may look good in velvet pants. Its more than obvious whose votes he was looking for.

          • H says:

            Was I wrong to not notice any bulge or backside and just focus on how good Chris sounds? I feel like so much less of a woman now. On an other note, no contestant in the finale lacks in the looks department so saying that Chris has an unfair advantage because he’s “hot” is an absolutely idiotic thing to say. Much of the way viewers grasp these contestants depends on what reality judges like to call “the whole package” (no pun intended) and Chris has it – and so do the three others. Whoever’s going to take it tonight will probably have more to do with musical taste and general appeal that anything else since they are all good in some way or another, just appeal to different crowds.

      • Scout says:

        You vote for whoever, you want to – Kim! All of my votes went to those pants! Five points for each beautiful leg :)

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Oh shut up! You don’t get to tell people how to vote.

      • becky says:

        I agree…. I dont believe your vote should be about how sexy someone is…and the fact that she dont care if he has a girlfriend shows her age… this is a singing competition…. not a “how cute” someone is

    • Scout says:

      Okay, Kim. Thank you for validating all of the naughty thoughts I was having about Chris tonight – especially in those delightful blue pants. Good Lawd, Lawd, Lawd. “sexual man-candy” indeed :)

      • Kim Moores says:

        Lol I can’t help myself.
        It’s probably because he looks good and sings damned good too that I’m getting like this.
        I’m okay with it though.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I was having a moment watching him in those pants. I greatly appreciated four mirrors behind him so I could see that derriere from 4 different angles.

    • JM says:

      Kim, I’m with you all the way. And to Greg, I say, ‘If he didn’t sing so incredibly (Oh, that falsetto!), we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

      • Meme says:

        Chris’s vocal tone and smooth transition from chest to head voice is like enjoying the most delicate whipped cream on my dark chocolate cake … and I don’t really care about his pants. He will have a career because of his voice.

    • MamaLis says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself Kim! Also check out Chris’s video. Not only does it sound amazing – but he makes it look like he’s been doing this 10 years, which is crazy! It’s SO good!

  5. Kaba says:

    Matt’s original is already #1 on iTunes
    Still…Chris is my chosen one.

    • JM says:

      To be honest, Matt had the best original song. However, overall, Chris was stronger so he got all my votes.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I didn’t like Matt’s original song. It sounded like something someone in a Composition 101 class would write. Was not into it all. In all fairness, I didn’t love any of the new songs. I’ll just be the resident grumpy pants for the evening.

        • Scott says:

          Totally agree with you Angie, unpopular opinion, but I just didn’t like it. It wasn’t anything special or different and feel it’s being way over hyped. Not hating on Matt he was good, just didn’t like the song.

          • Sharon says:

            I thought Matt’s original song was semi-good. Catchy and a good fit for his voice, but horribly repetitive. And can someone explain the meaning of Damien’s new song? Was it about the end of a relationship? Or the end of the world? I’m not trying to be silly…I just didn’t get the lyrics.

        • Tyler says:

          @ Angie: I agree with 1/2 of what you said. I didn’t see anything special about Matt’s original song. But I disagree with you not loving any of the new songs. I liked Chris’ original song. Unlike Matt’s song, it had a catchy tune.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ya know, I actually did like the melody and the chord progressions in Chris’ song. But for whatever reason the live performance fell flat for me. Of the 4 originals, I think I liked Damien’s the most, but I’m not going to buy it.

    • colton says:

      chris might be the best improver, but matt is overall the best contastant this year,the most consistent, if he doesnt win thats a robery

  6. analythinker says:

    iTunes placement:
    #1 Matt – Wasted Love
    #5 Craig – My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her
    #8 Chris – Velvet
    #11 Chris & Adam – Lost Without You
    #12 Damien – Soldier
    #21 Matt & Adam – Lost Stars
    #23 Chris – Cry Me a River
    #25 Craig – In Pictures
    #30 Matt – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    #37 Craig & Blake – Boots On
    #52 Damien & Adam – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me
    #93 Damien – A Song for You

  7. Brian says:

    I think Craig will win, but I’d be fine with any of them winning. Damien is my least favorite, but I think he’s pretty good, but I don’t think he stands a chance anyway. I think if it were a final two, Matt or Chris would probably beat Craig, but since they will split votes, and Craig will carry the country voting, since 4 people get votes, this format largely favors Craig. That’s my only problem with having a final three (or especially four).

  8. Greg says:

    I thought Damien was the best tonight. I don’t get this Chris love, sorry. Cry Me a River is my favorite JT song and he didn’t do it justice. Sorry.

    • JT says:

      Yeah, Chris is OK but mostly a one trick pony with the falsetto and I thought Adam made him look silly next to him. Damien was solid to me but I thought he didn’t reach a high like Matt did with “Wasted Love.”

      • Greg says:

        Yeah Matt’s original was the best of the night and I think clinched the victory for him.

        • Adake says:

          Absolutely agree! Matt for the win. Plus I think they said he was the only one who had three top ten hits going into tonight.

        • Meri says:

          Also, if they’re factoring in cumulative votes, he’s got it in the bag. He’s got at least 3 other songs on the chart aside from final performances.

      • Scout says:

        I think Adam relied to heavily on Chris’s falsetto tonight. I think used sparingly it’s more powerful, but when used consistently it just becomes a gag or nifty trick. Adam’s team did well tonight, but I think of the 3 – Matt shined the brightest as well.

        • JT says:

          Every song Chris has done is about the falsetto. No range and his non-falsetto is average at best…

        • Meri says:

          Bingo! I don’t think falsetto should be overused either. I find it annoying after a while. Matt or Craig are definitely more professional sounding. I hope one of them takes it.

        • Meme says:

          Matt did not shine the brightest. Listen to OTR again … there is no shining. Listen again to the duet … no shining. A little shining in his new single, but that’s it.

      • MarieCA says:

        You are right, Chris falsetto was annoying. I probably go for Matt. Damien’s voice is something I could listen to when I’m relaxing. Enjoyed his performance. Realistically, Matt will win and Craig second.

  9. Dan says:

    CHRIS for the win!!!!! I just downloaded two of his songs from tonight and I have NEVER downloaded a song from The Voice.

  10. Pat says:

    I thought Damien had the best overall night, as surprised as I am to say it and as unpopular as that might be to say. I’ve gone through this season pleasantly enjoying it but really not picking any favorites and I really liked Damien’s original song. It’s got Brian McKnight 1999-ish energy to it. I thought Chris and Craig’s originals left A LOT to be desired and Matt plain sucked on Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

    Matt’s got the best original song though. The studio version is excellent. It will probably be a hit.

    • Andrea says:

      I dunno..for some reason Damien gives me “Disney World” performer vibes. Sure, he’s got a great voice..but..he’s so melodramatic. I think Chris was by far the best tonight.

      • JM1 says:

        Pat – totally ok for you to like Damien best! He IS good. I agree with most of what you said. I literally fell asleep during Chris’ song (Velvet?). I honestly dozed off for a minute, woke up during commercials, and had to go back and replay it.

        Over the Rainbow was a strange way to end the whole season, for sure, but Matt’s been a rock week after week and has my vote. Gonna give a few votes to Damien, too, I think he’d sound great on the radio.

        • JT says:

          Fully agree with everything you’ve said on here. Craig Wayne Boyd is also solid, imho, but not really my cup of tea and is too generic country, if you know what I mean. Definitely seems to be a gender gap with Chris-he never draws my attention and his “Jealous” cover was the only song I found moderately impressive.

  11. Scout says:

    Good show. A “B” for Somewhere Over the Rainbow? I will assume you were doing the dishes when that monstrosity happened. Aside from that, I think Matt had a solid night – and I purchased his awesome single. Somewhere along the way he converted me b/c I definitely didn’t start out liking him. I think the winner will be Matt or Craig. I give the slight lead to Craig – ’cause Matt will split some votes with his teammates. All around good showing by the dudes of this season.

  12. Kim Moores says:

    Vote for Chris. Melinda commands you to!

  13. lmjo says:

    I thought the sound mixing on Chris’ original song was off. His vocal seemed overpowered by the back track during the live performance. I would be happy seeing him, Matt, or Damien winning.

  14. Kizzy says:

    Chris was on fire tonight! That guy’s falsetto is like buttah!

    I’ll be happy with Chris, Matt or Craig winning. I think they’re each deserving. I’ve never been a fan of Damien. He’s talented but I’ve never found him appealing and I have little desire to hear him.

  15. Davey says:

    Chris sure is cute but I would rather Damien win before him. But pretty sure the winner is Matt or Craig. Wasted Love was my favorite performance of the night.

  16. JM says:

    Calling it. Best Voice show ever!

  17. David H says:

    Best original song- Wasted Love
    Best performed original song- Velvet
    Worst duet- Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (3-way tie for best)
    Best coach pick- In Pictures (I don’t get the love for the JT song)
    Damien’s best song- Soldier (He deserves some love after 2 horrendous songs)
    Matt’s worst song- Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Did not soar like a majestic falcon)

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I literally LOL’ed at your last parenthetical. Awesome.
      I liked Damien’s Elton John duet! Sounds like I’m alone on that one. Oh well. Table for one, please!

      • David H says:

        Cheers, Angie! :) No, Damien wasn’t bad on the duet. I thought that Adam was phoning it in on this one. That left Damien to compensate on a song that should have been retired from reality competition after Clay Aiken set the bar too high.

        • Sharon says:

          I didn’t think Adam was phoning it in, so much as he was very out of his element. Maybe he did something selfless by picking the song because he knew it would be a good fit for Damien. I hope so.

  18. abz says:

    This season overall seriously sucks big time, but Chris is the best one out of them and he needs to win. Seriously, if Damien wins, I may just have to stop watching until Adam takes a huge break.
    I do not understand how Damien made it this far into the competition. In previous seasons, he probably wouldn’t have made it past the Battle Round. He’s so BORING and cheesy. I have to skip the majority of his performance because I can’t take his cheesiness and over-emoting that seriously comes across as more fake and for show rather than genuine.
    Seriously, how the hell is this guy in the Top 4 and Taylor Phelan was eliminated. It makes absolutely no sense.
    Hoping for a better season next year. At least with Christina back maybe someone from the coaches panel will have the guts to speak their minds and offer some critiques and honesty. Gwen and Pharrell despite his terrible coaching I can maybe forgive with this being their first cycle, but Adam and Blake have absolutely SUCKED this season. I’ve been disappointed with Adam ever since he let Taylor go. Not only that, but his commentary on the performances is just repetitive and annoying. And don’t get me started on Blake and his constant claims of this being the best season ever (seriously, someone is filling his drinks with something). They both need a long break away from the show.

    • Kizzy says:

      I feel the same about Damien. My fingers automatically find the “skip” button whenever he comes on.

      And yes, I miss Taylor Phelan. When I think of people like Ryan, Jessie and Regan lasting longer the he did, it’s terribly annoying.

      • JT says:

        I loved Damien but feel he needed more variety. I thought Taylor should have been saved over Chris. Regan was very good early on but tanked at the end.

        • JM1 says:

          I was Taylor Phelan all the way. But it’s not Damien’s fault that Taylor was cut, and I never once have felt like Damien is phony or cheesy. He’s just up there singing for his life, so good on him.

      • abz says:

        Yes, it’s extremely annoying. I blame it on Adam and the voters. The fact that all of those singers that you mentioned advance ahead of him IMO proves the title of the show doesn’t mean much. Ryan was nothing special. Jessie was an Ellie Goulding wannabe and Reagan started off interesting in the beginning, but just got worse with each week.
        And yeah I’ve read many comments about Damien and how technically he is good and maybe he is, but its a matter of preference for me and I can’t stand him. He comes across as cheesy and phony. I seriously hope he doesn’t win,

      • H says:

        I would have loved to see what Taylor Phelan or Ricky Manning could do on the live rounds, it’s a shame top 20 contestants can’t have a second chance. I am following Taylor on facebook and recently bought his Christmas single, good luck to him. :)

    • Scout says:

      Sigh. Taylor. Yep, he’s awesome. That was a downer. It does boggle the mind that he was cut but she-who-cannot-breathe stayed for … like… ever. Oh, well. Some coach usually does something stupid during Battle Rounds. I think the viewers should be able to save at least one person on each team. Just to balance out the stupidity.

  19. Pk says:

    Fave performance and immediate iTunes download: “Wasted Love”
    Song that made me pull out credit card cause I used up all my store credit “Soldier”
    My WTH purchase since my credit card info is now stored on iTunes anyway “Lost Without You”
    Throwing all frugality out the window “Over the Rainbow” and “Make it Rain” to round out my Matt McAwesome collection.

    Matt ftw and… it just me or should Adam and Chris become a permanent duet?

  20. Evan says:

    Damien is a non-factor. Craig is good but I hope he doesn’t win. For me, it’s Matt vs Chris. Coming into tonight, they were evenly matched. By the end of the night, though, I’m voting for and rooting for Chris. His duet with Adam was great, his single was very good and his JT performance was killer. I thought Matt’s duet was very good, his single was okay but not as great as everyone is making it out to be, and I did not like his song choice for his final performance. I’m rooting for Chris. Also, I need to make note of this…it made me extremely angry to see Adam’s bias toward Matt and then backtrack that after Chris’ performance. For that reason alone, I would want Chris to win just to see Adam’s “favorite” lose. That made me really angry.

    • Kizzy says:

      Adam has done that in the past, showing blatant favoritism to one of his guys while he still has others in the competition. Not nice!

    • JM says:

      For me it was a three-way tie between Craig, Matt and Chris, which surprised me. I thought it would be Craig vs. Matt. But Chris is the definition of the comeback kid peaking at absolutely the right time. He blew me away tonight and thus earned all my votes.
      Oh and Adam always makes me angry!

      • Scout says:

        I need Adam to talk less. He always lets his favoritism show… It’s just kinda rude. I mean, Adam-dude. Really? Can’t he just fake it better. Just practice the night before or something.

        • Sharon says:

          Agreed. And not just his favouritism, but also his self-centreness. His feedback to Damien was awful. Blathering about how proud he was of all three of his team members because they listened to him. Really? That’s the best he could come up with about Damien’s performance? Please.

    • H says:

      Just happened to Simon Cowell on the british X Factor this week. It’s kinda funny and also pretty good, since if Adam supports Matt that much, he should be willing to help him out no matter if he wins or not.

  21. danin says:

    Not usually a Damien fan but tonight he did the overall best. liked Adam&Chris duo as well as D&Adam duo.Thought D performed his original song the best.Thought Matt had an off night all the way around.Craig isn’t my cup of tea to be n with so I couldn’t listen all the way through his solos. Chris fared nicely through all three of his songs though his original song was a bit oddm

  22. Kim Moores says:

    Where’s Angie? I need someone to swoon with.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Here I am!!! :) That Chris is one fine hunk o’ man. I think even my husband is developing a man-crush on him.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Those mirrors on his single.
        Someone up above is looking out for us everyday-folk.
        Can we just take a moment to imagine what could have been if Chris had Usher as his coach? Oh boy.

        • Jeff Marley says:

          That would be awesome!!! But I think chris is gonna be just fine.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I dunno. Adam did a great job with him! If you’ve been following this board for a while, you’d know I despise Mr. Levine. But he did a great job with his contestants this season. Maybe it was the falsetto connection? They oddly sounded great together on that duet as well.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Oh no I mean in terms of looks and luscious falsetto.
            Remember the duet Adam and Usher performed finale night?
            Replace Adam with Chris…lawd

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ha! Ok, I see what you’re getting at now. I was thinking last week that this season might be the one to break the streak of having no commercial success. I can easily see Matt or Chris making it, with outside chances of Craig or Damien doing well. Hey, it’s possible! Certainly more likely than anyone who’s come out of Idol that past few years.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Agreed. I’ll be thoroughly confused if none of these guys make it anywhere, particularly Matt and Chris.
            Honestly, I think the show has given us a few people who ought to be capable of commercial success. Off the top of my head alone: Dia, Cassadee, Danielle, Jacquie, Matthew Schuler, Chris, Matt. There are more, but I can’t recall everyone.
            I’m curious as to what their futures will look like, men tend to have an easier time blowing up from reality TV shows like this so I wouldn’t be surprised if the two go somewhere. Especially considering they’re the first youthful males to be this far in the competition aside from Jake Worthington and the Swon bros I believe.

        • Jules says:

          Usher & Chris would’ve been too much to handle!! Gracious…..

  23. AlyB says:

    That was an incredible finale. Chris and Matt were my favorites tonight but that’s mostly because I’m just not that into country music. CWB did a great job and the country fans on Twitter certainly seemed to love it. I’m endlessly surprised by Chris. He really has come into his own right before our eyes. I loved his original song (a little racy yes but he totally, believably pulled it off.) His JT cover was terrific too and I swear his falsetto was better than Adam’s on their duet. I would truly be ok with a Chris win. I do think Matt’s going to win this though. He’s already dislodged Taylor Swift from her #1 spot on ITunes with Wasted Love. It’s a good song that’s just perfect for him. He was the strongest going into this and in my estimation, remains the front runner with Chris a strong second. I wish Matt, Chris & Craig could all get signed. I hope they each find success. I think they might just make it happen. Damien was fine. Just not in their league.

  24. Jeff Marley says:

    Based on their overall body of work, I give it to matt hands down!!! 😃😃😃😃😃

  25. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    Well, that was the first time I’ve ever bought a contestant’s original on iTunes and immediately listened to it three times. I’m talking about Matt’s Wasted Love.

    Too bad Adam sabotaged him with Somewhere Over the Rainbow. What WAS that?! IMHO, Adam sabotaged Matt because he wants Chris to win.

    Damien was solid, but I couldn’t help but think about how much better Soldier would be with Matt singing it.

    Craig was…his usual self. I found Boots On incredibly boring, but whatever. I wouldn’t be surprised if he won because of the country vote.

    • Kizzy says:

      Really? I’m pretty sure Adam’s ready to tattoo that stupid check mark on Matt himself! He had to take back his whole “Matt should win” blah blah after Chris performed. So not cool!

    • I agree “What was that.” I am from Hawaii and if you have ever heard Israel “Bruddah IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole version of Over the Rainbow, you can see how awful Matt’s version is. Having said that overall I think Matt is the most original artist with the most potential and should win Voice

      • H says:

        Original? Really? If he hadn’t had that hair-glasses-tattoos rugged look I think he would have been perceived differently. His voice matches a lot of the pop-rockers out there on the radio and his groveled full-voice throws me back to early 2000’s emo acts like Dashboard Confessional. He would make a fine winner for me since it’d be refreshing to see a non-country, non-soul artist take the win on The Voice, but I really don’t find him special.

  26. Dina Herron says:

    Matt is inspiring to listen to and to watch. He delivers every song with heartfelt emotion and his stage presence is confident but never overshadows the song he’s delivering. He’s an artist and a performer!

  27. kandylynn says:

    That last note by Matt on somewhere over the rainbow was cringe worthy

  28. Carola says:

    Chris FTW! HE needs to win this! Superstar in the making!

  29. Angie_Overrated says:

    Going into the final song, the competition was Matt’s to lose. And I think he lost it with Over the Rainbow. That was impressively awful. He was singing the verse like a robot with no feeling, the chorus was too low for him, he doesn’t know how to sing softly, and that ending. Wow, that ending. It’s clear he didn’t understand the song if he thought that glory note would be appropriate. Not to mention if you want to add a glory note, you kinda have to actually hit the note and not scream like a bear trap just lopped off your lower extremities. Yikes.

    • Jeff Marley says:

      Do you think DaNica, toia, or maiya couldve hit that big note?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Sure, but the bigger point I was trying to make is that that big note doesn’t belong in that song. The whole performance was so ill-conceived.

        • JM1 says:

          Disagree! No way was that robotic or lacking in feeling. Just go back and listen to it with eyes closed. He sang tenderly and showed a very pretty element to his voice. He always sings with a ton of expression. I did not love that end note but loved it up ’til then.

    • JT says:

      And your average looking Chris would have done all falsetto on Rainbow. Far from Matt’s best, but how can you criticize his range while singing Mr. Jamison’s praises so loudly?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Not taking the bait. Nice try though!

      • Kim Moores says:

        I’m certain the point she’s trying to make is that the song is about subtlety, which Matt flat out avoided. It’s avoiding the issue to bring a song Chris didn’t sing considering it was Matt’s performance. Matt was very awful on that final performance.
        As for Chris, what do his above average looks or falsetto have to do with a bad take on SOTR?

        • Jeff Marley says:

          It wasn’t matts best, but it wasn’t the worst thing we have seen in history or in this season.

          • Kim Moores says:

            By no means. I just felt it was his worst of the season.

          • JM1 says:

            I’m with Jeff all the way here. He hit ONE bad note and other than that had a phenomenal season, week in and week out. It’s totally cool for people to prefer Chris, but it’s a little unfair to say Matt threw away the title with ONE note.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            It wasn’t just one note. It was the entire song. And it also happened to be the final song of the season in the pimp spot that people are going to remember. He picked a really inopportune time to choke so spectacularly.
            Not hating on Matt at all. I like him. I like all 4 of the finalists. But I do believe he lost it with that song.

          • Kaba says:

            Gonna have to side with Angie on this one.
            Every moment Matt hit a low note I winced. Shaky.
            It was slightly too low sung.

      • Greg says:

        KimMoore and AngieOverrated are the same person. Best to ignore them both!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          lol Kim, you wanna handle this one?

        • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

          We most certainly are. Who would have guessed? Even I was fooled!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I just squealed like a girl scout at the big reveal. Even my dogs got excited. It’s magic!

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            I must say that I’m surprised we didn’t catch on sooner. Our near rabid love for Chris. We’re practically on the same wavelength.
            Also, don’t you just love our dogs?

          • Greg says:

            Seek therapy immediately.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I just saw this movie where the “twist” was all the characters were the same person and it was a mental patient with multiple personality disorder. The main personality had to “kill” all the other ones in order to be healthy again. I dunno, maybe we can peacefully coexist. I don’t particularly enjoy seafood or processed foods / sugar, but I’m fairly easy going. Just don’t kill me or anything, k?

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            Our therapist concluded that it’d be more conducive for you to seek conversation outside of TVLine for our mental health.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            Oh boy, that movie had me floored. I think we benefit from peaceful coexistence. Along with just complimenting one another so darn well!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I just poured myself another whiskey for this conversation. Had a crappy day and this made me so very happy.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            Ah, whiskey.
            Love it. This has been a truly entertaining night. Chris just needs to win tomorrow for my entire week to be made. All I ask.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yes, I feel very strongly about a Chris win myself, but I think I’d be surprisingly ok with any of the other 3 winning. This is the first finale ever I have been ok with anyone winning and not actively rooting against anyone. I think I will be jumping up and down if Chris wins though.
            Can you delete that screenname? That’d be pretty funny if you were stuck with that one. lol Especially out of context.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Voila ;)
            I’m all for anyone winning aside from Damien honestly. Never really got into the guy, but at least he isn’t DaNica so I won’t complain.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Aww, I didn’t want you to delete it yet! lol That was so much fun!!!

          • HaHa it used to be everyone accused me (Calebwackofan) of being Jill Moy and we are two separate people also. But we joked about it and compared it to the movie “Sybil”. She had what? 16 personalities? So now they are accusing Kim and Angie to be the same person? I just dont get why people would even think crap like that? LOL What advantage would there be to act as 2 different people? There is no advantage to that!

        • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

          Well we’ve got another day to this two part finale so I’ll keep it up till then.
          Are you excited for tomorrows duets? Chris is singing with Jessie J. Craig w/Lynard Skynard, Damien w/JHud, Matt w/Fall Out Boy.
          Ought to be fun times

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            WHOA!!!! That’s really exciting! I like all 4 of those guest artists a whole lot. I think I’m most excited to hear Damien and JHud. I might be screaming some “praise Jesus”s and ‘hallelujah”s from my living room.
            Our husband and I will bring the cocktails. You bring the snacks. I’m thinking a homemade tomato bruschetta with grilled bread.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            I enjoy this lil AI and Voice crossover with JHud and Damien. We’ve got a guaranteed exciting night tomorrow. Personally I enjoy Jessie J’s vocals so I’m excited for that. She was a coach in The Voice UK and did a pretty awesome duet with her finalist. I’m hoping for something of that caliber :)
            I’m betting this might be one of the best finales the show’s had.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Fully agreed. Jessie J is legit. All of them are. I know it’s one of those guilty pleasure songs, but I absolutely love Bang Bang. Yes, I have it on my iPhone. I’m lame. But it’s a great song no matter how silly it is. I also love me some Ariana.
            But yeah, I have a feeling the night will belong to Ms Hudson and Damien no matter who wins. That’s gonna be epic.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            JHud’s gonna kill it. Full throttle sisaundra mode her performance. I can see it. Oh Bang Bang is a guilty pleasure, whenever I peek at the live performances I just get so happy watching Jessie J just go at it. Ariana is always based on my mood, I’d rather listen to her recorded. She sounds lovely :)

        • So says:

          My god, freedom of speech anyone? This is a comment section of a TV recap, not a political battlefield. Would people dial up a bit on the maturity and help make this one more enjoyable to read? Thanks y’all.

    • JM says:

      I agree. When Matt started singing that song, I started dialing for Chris to win.

    • Scout says:

      I agree. Rainbow was torture and probably lost Matt the win. The competition was so close the begin with – I thought that was a critical error in judgment (ADAM!!!) There is no way that song ever sounded good – even in rehearsals.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Right?! They flubbed that one. They should have figured out quickly that it was the wrong song. Or maybe it did sound good in rehearsals? It might have because they did give him the pimp spot. Maybe they were just exhausted from rehearsals and learning 3 songs + tomorrow’s songs all in a week and they just ran out of juice? Craig was having trouble tonight too.

      • Sharon says:

        And we knew from the prep footage that Adam wanted Matt to do that glory note. Not good advice.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Oh really?! That changes my view of the performance by a lot. I’m a lot more willing to cut him slack if the glory note was Adam’s bidding, not Matt’s. I didn’t see the prep footage, so I’m glad you mentioned that.

    • Kate says:

      While I am not sure how much I actually liked his choice or execution of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, I kind of got the impression that it might have held some sort of significant personal meaning to him. He was in tears after he was done, as was the girl who is always with his mom (not sure who she is? Sister? Girlfriend?). The moms are always in tears so I’m not sure if that was also a tell, but the fact that he and that girl were teary eyed suggested to me that there was something behind the song choice.

    • danin says:

      Yea it was hideous.I wonder if Adam ever heard Rufus Wainwright’s version and was hoping Matt could “reproduce” it.And I agree best duos A&Damian as well as A&Chris.Damian best on original song.Don’t think Matt had a good night on any of his songs

  30. Goldie says:

    Matt will and should win…he’s #1 on ITunes and has had the most songs in the Top 10….Chris is way overrated (don’t hate just my opinion)……Matt is a true artist.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I think I agreed with you until Over the Rainbow. That performance handed the crown to Chris.

    • Kaba says:

      Never understood what constituted someone as a “true artist” more than another on a show where you sing covers and the most you can do is control arrangement.
      Maybe if people played with phrasings, keys, instrumentation, AND arrangement I’d say they’re just oozing artistic ability.
      Nobody really does that. TJW kept being called one…and I swear he wasn’t doing much. If I recall someone said he just changed his songs into minor keys

    • Sara says:

      Actually, it doesn’t matter how many previous songs were in the top 10. The cumulative/iTunes bonuses were to get into the final. For the final, there are no iTunes bonuses and they aren’t counting cumulative iTunes votes. Everyone was on even footing tonight and started from the same number of votes: ZERO.

  31. Teresa says:

    Chris should win! He has been amazing in the home stretch!!

  32. S7 Fan says:

    Does Slezak still do the commentary show with Melinda Doolittle?

  33. Scott says:

    Unpopular opinion, but I didn’t really dig “Wasted Love.” The song, not necessarily the performance. Matt did a great job, but I didn’t love the song, and was really annoyed when Adam claimed that was one of the best songs he has ever heard. Really? Out of ALL THE SONGS EVER? But just my opinion, Matt was solid on it though.

    • Scout says:

      Yes, I too – hate when Adam talks. Especially when he says stupid things confidently and loudly. “the best song ever” – EVER, Adam? Were you born last month or something?

    • Jamey says:

      I didn’t like it either but then I haven’t connected with Matt except on one song. I thought Damien was strong tonight but that won’t matter!

  34. Blake is an evil genius. He gives Craig a song that appeals to every woman over 30 and leaves Matt/Chris to split the under 30 female vote. I would be happy with either a Craig or a Chris win, but really want Craig to win just to see Adam lose his shizzle when he realizes he has 3 in the top 4 and still loses to Blake.

  35. Kim Moores says:

    K. Slightly objective commentary:
    Tonight…everyone pretty much had one bum performance of their 3.
    With Matt it was SOTR
    Craig on his last song
    Chris on his single
    Damien on his first performance.

    Since this week is a clean slate from past performances and iTunes bonuses, I’m going to adopt the same policy say the bread winner is a bit of a tie (depending on how much you disliked SOTR) between Chris and Matt based on tonight alone.
    Damien’s duet was pretty…not worth talking about
    Craig’s duet was fun and entertaining. Rare for a Blake performance
    Matt has the best single out of the 4 imo, he also delivered a strong duet with Adam as did Chris.
    Personally I want Chris, but either won’t matter to me.
    Ideally Chris though…so vote for him.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Fully agreed with your list of bum songs. Damien’s first song was rough. Well, all the ones you listed were rough. But the great thing is that all four of them had great moments as well. So strange that a season this weak ended reasonably well.

      • Kim Moores says:

        I’m going to assume Damien missed his cue on “You told me precious secrets”…cause those are pretty simple lyrics to remember.
        I thought the arrangement was really disjointed too.
        This season started off really weak…proper turn out to be quite honest. I say we could’ve gotten some stronger performances from certainly stronger performers (the entirety of the top 20 sans Reagan and Jessie), but not a bad end to an awful beginning.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Ah, I don’t know the song well enough to know he missed a cue. I did notice there was a lot of dead space, so that makes sense.
          I’m curious what Toia, Elyjuj;alksjd;lfkajdsf, and Sugar would have done had they stuck around. There were quite a few talented folks this season. It just fell apart with some really poor mentoring from Gwen + Pharrell and bad contestant selection from Blake.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            I think the 3 would have proven stronger than those who departed top 8 results night.
            I’m perplexed by Gwen. I get this feeling that there’s this legitimately good mentor locked inside of her considering how interested she becomes in her artists…I just think something didn’t click.
            I’ll blame it on her recent childbirth like she did one night.
            Pharrell just needs to leave.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I’m so glad I agree with myself! :) I’m still smiling about this, btw.
            Gwen is a weird one. I don’t get the sense she’s technically the strongest musician, which might make mentoring very difficult for her. She seemed to do best when it came to styling Craig. But even with styling she had some issues. Why did she make Ryan Sills look like a 14 year old lesbian? He’s a good looking kid and she kind of ruined all of that. Certainly nothing against lesbians by any means, but I was confused as to why she thought that that was their best avenue to explore.

          • Kim Moores (revealed to be Angie_Overrated) says:

            “14 year old lesbian”
            Oh man, I’m a riot. So funny.
            I dunno, she does have a kooky fashion sense from time to time. We both remember those awful footy pajamas she wore while performing that painful song she and Pharrell came up with, no?
            I figured her strengths, aside from fashion, would be delivering comfortable performances….poor TJW.

  36. Scott says:

    I’d love to see Chris win, it would make it more exciting and he deserves it. Not that the others don’t, but he really kicked it into high gear these last few weeks.

  37. Michael says:


    That is how I felt after his first two songs and then backing that up with his last song and WOW! If Chris doesn’t win I might actually cry tbh. Honestly, I came into this expecting Chris to choke during the finals like so many others have, but NO! He was just like I came to win this show, and I am not going out without a MAJOR fight for that winner’s spot.

    Matt did well as well, but Chris easily won the night tbh. Craig didn’t do as well as I thought he would here, and congratulations to Damien on getting 4th place. My brain is kinda frazzled after Chris tonight honestly.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      YAY! We have another Chris convert! lol
      I honestly didn’t love his original song, but to be fair, I didn’t like any of the 4 original songs, including Matt’s that everyone seemed to love. But that duet was darn solid and his Timberlake just rocked. Like you, I don’t think most people saw this coming. I hate to say “I told you so” but he was an early favorite for me. :) I think this is the first time ever that an early favorite even made it to the finals, let alone has a legitimate chance to win.

  38. analythinker says:

    Confession: I generally like male voice in a rock band. I like R&B songs, but less than rock. May even like country more than R&B. Based on this formula, I should like Matt’s single more than others.

    But I bought two (Wasted Love & Velvet), and I’ve been playing Velvet non-stop. If media promotes the song enough, it can stay on the Top 10 long after Matt’s & Craig’s gone.

  39. Michael says:

    But I mean really, can we all just admit that Chris is hawt?

  40. What the f#@k is Adam Levine and the Voice doing to Damian ? On a past show he was the only contestant that did not get to sing 2 songs and tonight he is the only contestant who is not singing with his coach and not singing one of the coach’s original songs ??? What the h e double hockey sticks is up with that ???

  41. I think Voice had the best voices of the year and not necessarily these four tonight. I did enjoy the season and I’ll be back next year!

  42. Laida says:

    Waste Love by Matt blew me away. I bought it on ITune!

  43. Bruce says:

    I voted for Matt and Damien, and they should finish in that order, well ahead of one-trick Chris and no-trick Craig, but of course that won’t happen – I suspect Craig will take it because the people who typically vote for these shows like to make sure no one can have nice things…

  44. Kevin says:

    I think it’s a two horse race- CWB and Matt… Followed by Chris and then Damien in fourth. I’d be happy with either CWB or Matt

  45. Kaba says:

    Significant mancrush on Chris…
    I thought he got derailed with that single…but Cry Me A River was just excellent.
    The guy has really come into his own and honestly…I think he’s proved to be a bit more deserving on the win than his competition.
    I know Craig has the country vote, but this simply has to be Chris/Matt’s to lose.

  46. TinLV says:

    Out west here, I am still watching the show. So far, I have been impressed with all of them.. The weakest performance was Chris’s “Velvet”, the original song, it was ok.. but not great. But he was perfect on the duet with Adam. I had not previously been all that big a fan of Matt McAndrew’s, but his original song, “Wasted Love” was awesome, the performance of the night so far.. Damian hasn’t done his original song yet, but he was really great on the two performances I’ve seen. And Craig Wayne Boyd has been consistently good all season and no different tonight.I have no doubt he will be star. I really have no clue who I will vote for at this point. They are all so good and any one of the could be the winner.

  47. Millicent says:

    Most natural talent, Damien with Craig Wayne a close 2nd. Least natural talent, Matt. Only liked one song Matt sang during the whole season.

  48. Adam says:

    I have never really been a fan of Damien, but I thought his original song may have been the best of the four. Craig Wayne Boyd was solid as usual, but I thought that Chris and Matt stole the show, and I’d be happy with either of them winning. I sent more votes Chris’ way because it seems more likely that Matt will win. :-)

  49. Bill says:

    This is what happens when music classes are eliminated in the schools. So much screeching, very little musicality.
    Let’s turn off the tv and save electricity!

    • MC says:

      It wasn’t exactly a magical night, although Chris rose to the occasion and probably deserves to win of these four. I’m not very excited about any of them. Chris might be the next Robin Thicke, but at least he will be more sincere than Mr. Thicke. Matt would be in a stronger position if he had passed on SOTR because that was just unfortunate. He probably lost the title there due to one awful cover of a classic tune. I really liked “Wasted Love” and Matt has to hope people will remember that more than anything else. I think it’s really a contest between Matt and Chris. I was always bored by Damien’s overemoting and Craig at times seemed to be sleepwalking through his renditions. The last time a finale was this closely contested (on any singing show), the public gave us Tate Stevens as the winner. Country fans have to vote for Craig and that could be a big problem for both Chris and Matt (in the same way that 5H and Carly were shortchanged on X Factor).