Gracepoint: No Season 2 for Fox's Mystery-Drama

It’s one and done for Gracepoint.

Fox’s just-wrapped mystery drama will not live on beyond its low-rated first season, TVLine has learned.

Although the Broadchurch remake was billed as a limited series, the possibility existed for a second season. But the show — which starred David Tennant and Anna Gunn — never made a dent in the Nielsens. Its October premiere drew a disappointing 4.8 million viewers and a  1.2 demo rating. (Those numbers fell to 4 mil/0.9 for last week’s finale.)

A Fox rep declined to comment.

Gracepoint fans can take some comfort in knowing the franchise will live on via the original series; Broadchurch Season 2, which finds Tennant reprising his role as Det. Alec Hardy, bows on BBC America on Feb. 4.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Wow, this is old news. The promo said it was the series finale, so it was pretty obvious that Gracepoint was in fact canceled.

    • I would have shock to read that Fox have renewal Gracepoint for the second season.You must be a loyal fan to sit through the 10th episode series.

      • I wish that Fox have decide to air Broadchurch instead of creating Gracepoint. I am glad that there will be a second season of Broadchurch.

        • Gracepoint have the right cast and crews to make the show come alive. I can’t wait to see the second season of the Broadchurch. Good luck.

        • I am glad that Broadchurch was renewal for the second season but I wish that Gracepoint was a little longer in order to tie up all the loose-end from the last episode. It would be interested to see how the people handle the fallout from the case. It would be to see how the lady detective and her children was getting on with their life. I believe that she and her children would be living somewhere else.

  2. EJ says:

    Talk about a no-brainer. I don’t think Broadchurch should have a second season either, for a very different reason. Are they turning Broadchurch into Cabot Cove?

    • johnhelvete says:

      Murder She Wrote had 22 episodes a season and needed 22 murders a year. Also the police force in Broadchurch was pretty big and likely dealt with the surrounding areas (I am not British so I dont know how their law enforcement works), they only need one murder or major crime for each season.

  3. Tran says:

    Guess Gracepoint can’t hold a candle for the UK version known as Broadchurch.

    • wjm980 says:

      Doesn’t matter whether it can or can’t. 99% of Americans will never see Broadchurch.

      • Kate says:

        I’d love to see your source for the “99% of Americans” statistic. And even if that stat is true, it doesn’t matter, because those Americans who want to see Broadchurch will get to see the second season of it, quite easily. And tiny little UK had more than twice as many viewers for the first season of Broadchurch than the much larger US had for the first season of Gracepoint. You can find that info by a simple google. Your stat, not so much.

      • Sarah says:

        I just finished watching season 1 tonight. Me. An American. I thought it was clever.

      • It just popped up on Netflix. Merry Christmas

  4. maria says:

    Fox taught its viewers years ago not to watch any new series it debuts, because odds are it will be cancelled.

  5. Jameson says:

    Looks like TVLine needed an article on a slow day. It was cancelled when FOX promoted the last episode as series finale.

  6. Ann says:

    When will American networks understand that we can ALL(both sides of the pond) watch the original(usually superior) broadcast. There is no need for an Americanization.

    • Tiedye79 says:

      I think it’s the belief that Americans can’t understand the accent, or perhaps they think they can make more money if they do it themselves.

      Honestly Tennant’s accent in Gracepoint was absolutely horrendous! His accent though, geeze, it sounded like he was trying to talk with something in his throat like he was choking!

      Perhaps of the years of watching British shows & movies the accents don’t bother me and I expected a British or Scottish accent from him. I am quite curious how it sounded to others who aren’t used to his accent and had no previous knowledge of him.

      Or…networks are idiots!

      • Thank God that I got closed caption on my television. I can’t wait to see the second season of Broadchurch on BBC America next year.

      • Ken says:

        I thought his voice sounded fine as an American. I never once heard any slipping of the accent. I don’t really know his other works, so i wouldn’t have known he was Scottish or using an accent, if the media didn’t mention it.

        • Tiedye79 says:

          Ok. I was just wondering if it was me since I had watched him so much. It’s like when I saw Hugh Laurie speak with his normal accent for the first time. I had no idea he was British so it didn’t seem right!

          • I’ve loved Fry & Laurie since forever, so I knew about his native accent. However when “House” first premiered, my brother and friends were completely hooked. I remember saying during the 5th episode, “can you believe his British? Doesn’t sound like it huh?” And they were all surprised. He was excellent. Shame he never got an Emmy.

            I’ve actually never heard of some Americans not understanding a British accent. I’m new that that (really), lol.

      • Rodg says:

        They are plenty of shows on the air with British and Australian actors using American accents

      • Treve says:

        His accent was nasty bad, obviously not real American. He slipped into Scottish-sounding numerous times. This has been widely remarked on. And yes, networks make more money thru remakes than they do by airing original versions. Think about it; why else would they even do remakes? It comes down to money.

      • It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good. It didn’t distract me or whatever, I liked his characterization (I mean, I do know that he was playing the same character, but still you know what I mean).
        I only had network TV, so I wasn’t familiar with the original series. I thoroughly enjoyed this series, though. Too bad there was no renewal. But NOW I do get BBCAmerica, so I’ll catch up on season 2 there.

    • CK says:

      This is usually said, but unless the show gains the traction and name recognition of Sherlock or Downton Abbey, it’s going to be repackage and resold with an American flavor. More risk, but also more reward if it works out.

    • Brandon says:

      I preferred Gracepoint by far, due to the fact that I can relate to it. Contrary to popular belief, there are poor Americans who can’t afford BBCA, and only know of their programs from Netflix. I saw it on Fox because it had David Tennant in it, who I knew from Doctor Who.

  7. Kvivik says:

    Given that almost all US remakes of awesome British shows turn out to be messed up heaps of crap, I am totally not surprised. If only the networks would bother to air the originals, they’d save themselves a great deal of money.

    • Brigh.Guk says:

      I agree. The new ending completely gutted the Ellie Miller character and the less said about Danny’s mom and the dad the better.

  8. I am not surprised that there won’t be a second season for Gracepoint. It was a pale copy to the original Broadchurch the series. I can’t wait to see the second season next year.

  9. Kjirsten says:

    This was an awesome show… I kept wanting more.. I dunno why everyone has to be such a downer! :]

    • Pamela says:

      It really wasn’t that bad but for those of us who loved Broadchurch, it was somewhat disappointing. Just find the second season of Broadchurch next year and you won’t be missing Gracepoint at all.

  10. terrysagirl says:

    I’m not surprised at this news. With a few exceptions, the acting wasn’t as good as that in Broadchurch. For example Anna Gunn was so obviously “acting” and not inhabiting the character like her British counterpart. The town newspaper owner was blah and at times David Tenant’s American detective was so overblown as to be embarrassing.

  11. Lynda says:

    I watched I was waiting to see if she was going to push him into a heartattack to protect her son

  12. Nell on Wheels says:

    I really wanted to like it, but fell asleep halfway through every time I tried to watch. Even fell asleep during the same episode twice while watching it OnDemand.

  13. Cori says:

    I’m still hoping this won’t be the case for Red Band Society, but I understand odds aren’t in its favor.

  14. tahina says:

    I loved Broadchurch and looking forward for 2nd season.. But, I also watched Gracepoint, but only for David Tenant and Anna Gunn who I just finished watching in Breaking Bad. My mistake. I loved her so much on that drama, that I wanted to continue watching Skyler forever! Not fair for the actress. Hope to see her back sometime on my screen again!

  15. Walkie says:

    It was a terrible idea from the start.

  16. Jared says:

    I just watched Broadchurch on Netflix and was wondering if S2 would be broadcast in the US. Thanks TVLine Feb 4th cant come soon enough. I personally had no intention of watching Gracepoint. Clearly I wasnt alone.

  17. Not a shocker, shot for shot remakes tend to be problematic form the get-go (ever seen the American pilot for the IT Crowd?), then factor in Thursday is a tough night and the performances in earlier episodes being not so great by most of the characters (I think it was episode 4 or so everyone seemed finally locked in) and yeah, about as much of a shock as most cereals going soggy in milk.

  18. nancyjlynch says:

    Not surprised since I had watched Broadchurch on BBCAmerica and Gracepoint was word for word identical.

  19. Holly says:

    No surprise. Looking through the other comments, even those moderately supportive of the concept of the show recognise that it simply was not very well done. I felt embarrassed for David Tennant struggling with a risible accent to the detriment of portraying a character and Anna Gunn going through the motions for most of the series. The other parts veered wildly between pantomime (Jacquie Weaver, Kevin Rankin) to simply poor (Kevin Zegers Michael Pena). No one comes out of this looking good, although I think Virginia Kull did pretty well to inject some emotion into the part which most others failed to do. The Nick Nolte/Jack subplot was immediately forgotten, whereas it resonated throughout the original. Things looked up a little at around episodes 7 and 8 and even Tennant and Gunn weren’t squirmingly bad but then we dove straight back to rote Broadchurch before the fake ending to allow Fox to make their commitment that Gracepoint didn’t have the same ending and killer. The few moments across 10 interminable hours of slo mo, whale tail and hilariously bad ‘sick’ acting from Tennant or mommy acting from Gunn when things worked just showed that with some more effort in development and a better cast, this could have been quite good.

  20. benjitek says:

    They shoulda aired the original — it’s 2nd season is about to start p;-)

  21. Pam says:

    It shouldn’t have a second season. It was far below the British version, although some of the acting was good. Broadchurch was still much better!

  22. Obie says:

    i am sad to hear that Gracepoint will not have a season 2. It was a very good series. It was on at a very bad time though. On Thursday during Shondaland, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. I taped Gracepoint so I could watch it later. In a better position it might have done better. I also introduced a couple of friends to the show and they also enjoyed it. It was well cast, smartly written and kept me in suspense from week to week. I also don’t think it was advertised very well. Everyone knew to watch Shondaland on Channel 7, but noone knew what was exciting about the case on Gracepoint. Too Bad. Most people didn’t know it was on. Anyway I enjoyed this season and I will try to find Broadchurch on the BBC channel.

    • benjitek says:

      I think it’s much simpler than that: The original, far superior, version was available to stream on Netflix. Why watch a remake when you can see the real thing? Time well spent, as season 2 starts 20 days from now :-)

    • David E says:

      I agree with you. It was a very good series. I just hope Netflix or Amazon Prime or another network pick Gracepoint up for a second season after Broadchurch 2 is shown on BBC America. Because Gracepoint 2 needs to be based on Broadchurch 2. It could happen in 2016.

  23. marie says:

    Every time Fox gets something good on TV they take it off by the end of the season. Gravepoint is the best show ever. Gangland was also a great show. It was real & drama felt. But they would rather put on crap like Empire. That’s a show more for HBO not Fox… Every season Fox disappoints me more & more.. They’re stuck in the fantasy world.. Anything real they cancel.that’s a shame.

  24. Nicholas Paprocki says:

    This is just like ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars’ spin off series, Ravenswood. Ravenswood was good and mysterious, but got cancelled after 1 season, and like Gracepoint, I’d seen and is rewatching Broadchurch, but I would of gave the remake American version a chance. Both my favorite shows get cancel the same year this year.

  25. Lee Brown says:

    I liked Gracepoint. I knew we were promised 10 shows and that was ok, but I expected the story to have a proper ending, not leave us 3/4 through and unfinished. I was happy this was not another stupid comedy sitcom. I guess that’s what we have to look forward to.

  26. Kathryn Sheets says:

    I am disappointed to hear that you will not have a season 2 for Gracepoint. The writing and the show was very well done. I am so sick of seeing shows that have to put sex scenes in it. This show was a great mystery without showing sex scenes or bloody , overly violent scenes. Please reconsider and bring Gracepoint back. Maybe the marketing should have been better.

  27. Jameszetta kelly says:

    I AM SOOOO SORRY GRACEPOINT GOT CANCELLED. But these days anything without sex or homosexuality usually does get cut. WOW! Thanks

  28. Gail T says:

    Will definitely miss that show. I loved the story line and characters. Had hoped it would be renewed at the last minute. Will definitely watch Broadchurch instead.

  29. ruth says:

    What a shame to waste such a great final scene. A natural to lead to a second Gracepoint season. So many plot angles lost..

  30. Mary Karius says:

    good, Gracepoint was a pathetic copy

    • cdhaskell says:

      I wish that Fox was able to show the original Broadchurch instead of the Gracepoint. I still glad that that BBC America decided to renewal the show for the second season.

  31. Lana says:

    I really enjoyed the series GracePoint. I would love to see it come back.

    • David E says:

      I agree, Lana. Gracepoint 2 needs to be based on Broadchurch 2. They just need to make this after Broadchurch 2 is being shown on BBC America. Broadchurch 1 was broadcast on ITV in 2013, Fox remade it as Gracepoint 1 last year (2014) and Broadchurch 2 is now being shown on ITV this year (2015). So, maybe another network would make Gracepoint 2 in 2016. Broadchurch 3 has already been renewed by ITV since last month. So, I do hope they would make Gracepoint 3 based on Broadchurch 3.
      Why not? Gracepoint 1 is based on Broadchurch 1.

  32. Jim says:

    It’s really a shame that Gracepoint is not being renewed by Fox. I looked forward to watching every episode. You can’t say that for the other 95% of television shows out there.

  33. Dave says:

    Gracepoint …the best show on! Too bad.

  34. David E says:

    I’m sick and tired of the TV shows getting cancelled after just one seasons by the stupid networks. Are you?

  35. Gay Dixson says:

    I really enjoyed the series and hope it will be renewed

  36. sharon minteer says:

    Very disappointed no season for Gracepoint beats out Broadchurch by a long shot,,

  37. David E says:

    Oh, come on! Just give that show a second chance.

  38. Linda H says:

    Just watched Broadchurch on Netflix and found is so much better than the US version. David Tennant is great in both versions.

  39. sandy says:

    We watched Gracepoint first and then Broadchurch. Broadchurch was much better. Tennant did lose some intensity in Gracepoint. Perhaps that was because he had to watch his accent. In general the characters were better and Broadchurch was put together very well.

  40. tina says:

    Im saddened to know that the show Gracepoint has been cancelled that was one of the shows i wanted to see the next week…

  41. Irene says:

    I just came across the show last week (Jan 2015) and the first show had dropped off the listing but I watched all the other episodes in less than a week – and I rarely watch TV! I thought this was a GREAT show.

  42. Gracepoint Fan says:

    So after watching all season I’ll never learn who the murderer is? This will drive me crazy!

    • David E says:

      What? it was Tom who killed Danny but his father, Joe turned himself in in order to protect Tom.

      • David E says:

        This drives me crazy, too!
        I really wish Netflix or another network would bring Gracepoint back for a second season.
        Because Fox didn’t realise that it ended on a cliffhanger.
        What else can we have next that were shown on BBC America and PBS?
        A U.S. version of Primeval? A U.S. version of Ashes to Ashes (a spin-off/sequel to Life on Mars)? A U.S. version of Outcasts? A U.S. version of Collision? A U.S. version of Red Dwarf?

  43. Sharon Gregory says:

    I really enjoyed it, and was so looking forward to its continuation.cudos to the great actors and actresses! Disappointed ..,,

  44. Jonathan Bell says:

    Why did you stop gracepoint?

  45. Madonna Laidler says:

    Enjoyed the show looking forward to see season

  46. Linda says:

    Its not the same. I already watched it and could not get into it. Its a shame because I really enjoyed Gracepoint…..

  47. Tamarah Duffey says:

    Can’t another channel bring it back for a season 2? Maybe u could give it another chance!!

    • David E says:

      Can’t another network bring it back for a second season? Maybe you could give it another chance. A second season of Gracepoint needs to be based on a second season of Broadchurch.