Hart of Dixie Boss on Season 4's Quick Pace, 'Zade' Romance Challenges

Hart of Dixie Season 4 Spoilers

Get ready for the Great Farewell to Bluebell Party of 2015!

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean Hart of Dixie‘s 10-episode fourth season will be its last — The CW has yet to declare a verdict on that front — but regardless of what happens, the town denizens will be getting a proper goodbye. And yet, there’s still hope for more stories.

Creator Leila Gerstein tells TVLine that she plans to give all the characters “a happy, celebratory conclusion” at the end of the upcoming run, “while still leaving some doors open for the future.”

However, “I do feel like 76 episodes of these particular love stories is plenty,” she says.

Below, Gerstein previews Monday’s season premiere sneak peek (airing at 8/7c) and what’s in store for Zoe and Wade’s rocky romance.

TVLINE | How did you approach the season with the shorter episode order and not knowing if it was the last one?
Ten episodes gives us a real opportunity to tell a lot of story really fast. It was very liberating after 66 episodes. [Laughs] It’s a really tricky thing when you create a show. Particularly because it’s a romantic comedy, you can’t set up a beginning, middle and an end because you have no idea when the end is, and you don’t even know how to parse it out. It’s kind of crazy, so things just [zigzag]. But we did decide to take all the central love stories and bring them to an end. We actually had been saving a lot of stuff for whatever was the end. So we just decided to burn through it this year.

TVLINE | At the end of the Season 3 finale, Zoe vowed to Wade that she was going to prove that they belong together. What’s her plan?
Of course, Zoe being Zoe, she will begin the episode going about it all the wrong ways. She will first ask him to the movies, which is all low key. Then Wanda and AnnaBeth convince her to make a big romantic gesture, which she will also do to no avail. She will try seduction. And she will try various things in her confused Zoe way.

VIDEOS Hart of Dixie Season 4 Trailer: Zoe Seduces Wade, Lemon Picks [Spoiler]

TVLINE | Without spoiling too much, I was impressed by how much restraint and strength Wade has when she’s coming at him. What’s the issue for him that’s making him hold steady on his stance?
Zoe has burned Wade. Before Zoe, he never put himself on the line for anyone ever. Everything came easy for Wade until he met this woman. And then he put himself out there for her at the end of Season 2, and not only did she stay in New York, she came back with a new guy. She devastated him. Going back in those waters is not something he thinks his heart can take.

TVLINE | Tell me about this new guy, Henry (played by Hawaii Five-0‘s Ian Anthony Dale), whom Lemon brings home.
He is a doctor. He is perfect in every way. He is grandma Breeland’s dream guy.

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TVLINE | With this seemingly perfect man in the picture, do Lavon or George have any hope?
Poor Lavon and George. It was already horrible enough when they found out each was the other’s competition. ‘Cause it’s not like Lavon or George are so shabby either. If I was George Tucker, I’d be pretty intimidated by Lavon, and vice versa. They already have a lot of competition and suddenly, this guy shows up and one-ups them in every way. He’s a borderline saint. That makes them completely infuriated and frustrated. So they’re going to have to get over their own grievances with each other to band together and get rid of Dr. Henry Dalton.

TVLINE | It seems like you were able to get Laura Bell Bundy back on a more regular basis.
Laura Bell Bundy is a series regular on Anger Management, but they’re really generous at FX about letting their series regulars be guest cast. On networks, they only let their series regulars do like two episodes. So we have Laura Bell Bundy back for a bunch of episodes. She and Brick are going to make a go of it this year, and I think that they are delicious together. I love them.


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  1. Jurbd says:

    I am so so so excited to see this season! I think the Hart of Dixie we all loved in season 1 and 2 will be back… Season 3 had it’s ups, especially towards the end but I was very disappointed in it. I think it moved slow for many episodes but picked up pace at the end. I still love this show so much and can’t wait to see how season 4 plays out!!

  2. Jurbd says:

    I also can’t wait to see Zoe try her best to get wade and wade try his best to try turn away her advances. Think it’s going to be very entertaining but also with some heart felt talks when wade and her finally sit down and do the grown up thing

  3. Ari says:

    I really hate that they are showing one episode and then taking a break for the holidays! I can’t wait for this season!

  4. Tran says:

    The past three seasons of Hart of Dixie can’t find a way to rebuild it and poorly written out of context. This is one show on people’s hate watch list and the upcoming fourth season is going to do the same but if it gets renewed for Season Five, it should have a proper “final season”.

    • Katherine215 says:

      What are you talking about? I don’t think people hate watch this show at all. It has a lot of loyal fans, and I really don’t think it’s important enough to its non-fans for them to hate watch it. It’s a great show with a lot of heart (no pun intended). Yes, season 3 was rocky, but it’s still been a really fun and charming show for most of its run.

    • Boiler says:

      This comment must be a joke!! Hopefully this is a fun season, as others have been, and somehow it gets a 5th. It is disturbing to read to read Ms. Gerstein’s first comment though.

    • Tracy says:

      I wrote Dixie off when the show made it clear they would never give Zoe and George a chance and as a result I stopped watching. Why would anyone spend time to watch a show they hate? Don’t these pathetic hate watchers have lives? Hate watcher = loser!

  5. Kyle says:

    Zoe burned Wade? He cheated on her!

    • Spencer says:

      Ikr?! I get that he was hurt when she left and came back with Joel but well, all of that happened because he cheated on her. Zoe didn’t do anything to hurt him, she just tried to live her life without him.
      “Gotta run from Wade / Hide out in the shade / From all the messes that he made / And all the games that he played / Run from Wade! Run from Wade! / And all the bills that he left unpaid / The love that he betrayed.” — Lily Anne Lonergan singing about Wade.

      • Fogh says:

        Wade hurt Zoe but that doesn’t mean Zoe didn’t hurt Wade. In 222 she gave him hope saying she still had deep feelings for him and that she would return in 3 months. He said he loved her and she responded by sending an email, showing up with Joel and giving him the cold shoulder during S3 (that hurt him more than I think Zoe realizes). Zoe was well within her rights to move on with her life, but it was the way she did it that is the reason they are in this situation. Wade hadn’t gone after anything in his life before Zoe showed up so he is being cautious. He thinks he will get hurt again and doesn’t want to take the risk. Zoe hadn’t shown any signs of loving him since she returned and just as he is about to leave she suddenly does. This really has nothing to do with the cheating, but the fact that he is hesitant risking his heart again like in 222. For a guy like Wade that has dealt with abandonment issues all his life, (his mom dying, his dad gone to alcohol, his brother leaving, maybe even George leaving and Zoe left) he is going to make sure Zoe isn’t leaving him again which is why her early attempts isn’t going to work because she thinks he will be an easy puss over. An honest talk is what is going to bring them together again.

      • Radha says:

        To Spencer and Kyle: Yes, Wade cheated on Zoe and that was completely wrong. And he should have to answer for that. Which he did b/c she broke up with him. However, Wade also cheated because there’s this thing about Zoe where she was WITH Wade, but she also tried to change him a lot. Zoe means well and I think that SHE thinks she means well–but a lot of the things she tries to get Wade to do and all…well I think that put a lot of pressure on him and he felt, as usual, that he wasn’t good enough. So I think she’s not at fault for him cheating–because he did that all on his own–but she kind of led to his insecurities.

        Now, instead of Wade opening his mouth and telling Zoe all of this, of course he went and cheated b/c it’s a show and they love to have drama. So that’s on him. But, it was plain to see that they both still loved each other and when he went after Zoe and professed his love for her at the end of season 2, THAT’S when Zoe, if she truly didn’t want to give him another chance, should have opened her mouth and told him that it was over.

        But she didn’t.

        She told him that she needed time and space to herself and that she still had feelings. And he agreed to give her that time and space. So now it was on Zoe to make her decision and come back and actually give Wade an answer.

        She instead stayed longer in New York without warning, hooking up with Joel while there and then planned on never coming back. Sent an email to everyone saying her goodbyes–INCLUDING TO WADE.

        That was wrong. If she didn’t want anything more to do with him after he cheated, that’s perfectly fine. That is her call to make and I would have stood behind her on it. But to give someone hope–to ask them to let you think about giving you both another shot and to give you space…and then you just were going to leave without coming back and at least talking to them in person? Or at least a phone call?

        So that was where she burned Wade. If she planned on never forgiving him, then that should have been said at the end of season 2 and then Wade could have moved on himself. Instead she ends up coming back with ANOTHER man in tow and it put Zoe in the wrong.

        Even if someone wrongs you, if you let them think there is hope for forgiveness and another chance, then you should STICK BY THAT and be TRUE TO THAT. And if it still doesn’t work out, if you decide you can’t forgive them, then you at least should lay all of that out on the table. Be an adult and just give it to them straight. Not stay away for months and come back with another boyfriend.

        So yes, Wade cheated, but then Zoe turned right around and hurt him. So they both hurt each other now, and that puts them back on the same page. So now they can start fresh–but Wade is afraid of putting himself out there again.

        And please. As if Zoe was actually in love with Joel. She LIKED Joel a lot, but you don’t get out of one relationship and then fall in love with someone else in five months while you’re supposed to be getting over a recent breakup. I think it was clear that Zoe was still in love with Wade.

        • Bree Kinsella says:

          I might have agreed with all of your points only yesterday but… I finally got to see Season 3 episode 1. I was unable to watch it until now and watching it out of sequence put a whole new light on the matter. See… Zoe didn’t ask Joel to come down to Bluebell, that was something he did and it delayed matters. She would have gone back to New York and nobody would have had hurt feelings because she’d brought in a new guy. It would be one thing saying she was with someone else and another showing him off.

          Secondly, I don’t think Zoe intended to “not forgive” or decided she wouldn’t give Wade another chance when he asked. I think she genuinely needed distance to think and breathe and get over the hurt he caused her but because she was working crazy hours in New York she didn’t have time to think about him at all really and it opened her heart and mind up to another possibility.
          We don’t know exactly when everything transpired. We know she had a thing with Lemon’s cousin Jonah and we don’t know when those two got together, if it was just the night of the wedding or if it was later or if it started then and lasted awhile or what. He might just have been her rebound which is a shame because I really, really liked him and I wished they had brought him back for season 3.
          Then did she start seeing Joel before the three months were up or after she decided she wasn’t going back to Bluebell? These questions were just glossed over because the writers didn’t want to admit to not knowing themselves.

          I agree, the email was a coward’s way out but that held true with Zoe’s character, she’s a bit of a coward and tends to run, run, run when things get out of control.

          Other things of note, Wade cheated on many girlfriends. Zoe wasn’t his first serious relationship, he even married Tansy and yet he cheated on her at least once. Zoe was the first one to push him and he wanted to be better for her without her even asking him to be, and yes she did push him about the lead singer choice but that was because she didn’t want him to get hurt when they lost so dismally, she was being supportive of his band and his skills, it was just the type of music she questioned knowing he could do better. Before you start arguing I agree the way she went about it was a little Zoe-like and she realized it too so she apologized and wanted to show her continued support no matter what his choice was. She told him to take Meatball back if that’s what he wanted. We’ll never know what would have happened if Zoe had shown up to the show on time. Wade was already skunk drunk and George had no effect in getting him to stop. They might have had a huge fight and she could have left or they could have broken up then and there. Hey, he could have grabbed a girl and kissed her in front of Zoe. Who knows. Or they could have gone home and he wouldn’t have spiraled out of control that night, but he probably would have done so the next night or a week later about something else. I think he soberly decided in the back of his mind that he was going to wreck this relationship before he got in even deeper because he knew it could go very, very deep indeed.
          Don’t forget that he even chose to go to a strip club rather than do something that Zoe wanted to do when they were together. Everything Zoe wanted to do was met with resistance and undermining whereas she had to and bend over backwards to do what he wanted to. I really don’t think she was herself with him, sure she didn’t feel like she had to impress but she didn’t feel the pressure to impress George either, but with Wade she had to be someone a little different than who she really was just so they could spend time together and do something outside of the house.
          So basically what I’m saying: Wade put far more pressure on himself to be perfect for Zoe than Zoe put on him. Yes she was blinded by George and other guys in town/the area that were more esteemed in the job side of things but and here’s where I disagree with Wade they were just hotter than him and nicer and more upfront on their feelings from day one and had similar interests to Zoe. Wade does have a draw, I give him that and he does have a heart but physically in the face area and the way he dressed, the other guys were hotter and more to Zoe’s standards. If he weren’t running around in jeans and flannel shirts all the time, maybe she would have looked at him closer a little sooner. He was just so moody and inconsistent that the girl probably didn’t know for sure that he had been interested since the beginning in more than just one night’s romp.

          The other thing that I’m surprised that they didn’t play with: Zoe’s flirtation with Jonas. Wade had seen the two of them spark off each other like he and Zoe did but he had a better job and he was attractive and more worldly. Everything Zoe possibly needed and wanted and yet Wade was never ever jealous. I could have seen Zoe crushing on Jonas as much if not more than she had with George. He at least had great advice for her and was there for her whenever she went off the rails, not to mention covered for her at the practice.

          Then that very last point (which I agree with fully), you can totally see that Zoe still loves Wade like crazy when he’s with Vivian and she’s with Joel. Actually between the two of them it seemed as if Vivian and Wade were actually well-suited for the other one but then again I started skipping scenes in season3 because it was just SOOOO boring… especially with that kid of her’s. Yet when it was just the two of them they were clicking a lot more than Joel ever did with Zoe. Maybe Vivian was just more interesting, I don’t know. I know a lot of cool writers but Joel just fit so many stereotypes while they tried to break others and relied far too much on the viewers believing what the other characters told them rather than trying to actually make him appealing. Whereas Wade seems completely over Zoe. You can not see it clearer than when Wade has to go deal with Earl at Zoe’s birthday party. There’s nothing towards Zoe but thanks for dealing with his dad so far and coming up with a believable lie so Vivian didn’t know the truth. There is no awkwardness on Wade’s part when Earl says everything he does about how the two of them should be together and nobody will be better than Zoe. Wade is totally unfazed, not even embarrassed by the situation or his words but Zoe is. She’s very uncomfortable with knowing the fact that Wade’s in a good relationship and in love.

          So… basically Wade was better with Vivian sans kid and Zoe hadn’t intended to come back and hurt him to begin with, other people conspired against them (Dr. Breeland, Joel). They should have given George/Zoe a chance to just put the question to rest besides the whole “We both like complicated” speech from George and maybe let her end up with someone who wasn’t completely expected, like Jonas.

  6. Kar says:

    Its obvious its the final season.

    • Anna says:

      Yeah it probably is. Jane, T100 and Reign are all doing good enough for renewal, they have to get rid of something and that’s eather HoD or BatB. Or both.

  7. Melissa says:

    I don’t like George and LaVon fighting over Lemon. It seems completely thrown in out of left field. They had both gotten over her and now they are going to compete for her, nope!! I just want LaVon to be with AB :)

  8. Bwhit says:

    I love Zoe and Wade together but Zoe didn’t burn Wade as bad as he did to her, he cheated! He did put himself out there but Zoe didn’t cheat! She forgave him, they built a friendship so now their relationship could be solid. I read somewhere they do adress Rachel Bilson’s pregnancy so who else could it be besides Wade?

    • Spencer says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I love them together but he cheated! There’s no way Zoe burned him, everything that she did, was because HE burned HER and she still wanted to be friends with him. Anyway, love the chemistry between Rachel and Wilson!!!

    • Fogh says:

      Naturally Wade is going to be the father. I think they will get back together in 401 after they have an open and honest talk about the past and the future. And while people are free to feel that Zoe didn’t hurt Wade as much as he did her, fact remains that she did burn him. Maybe not to you but to Wade. After she opened the door in 321 he chased her down to tell ILY. Nothing something Wade has ever done. Now she could have just closed the door then and we wouldn’t be in this situation but she didn’t. She all but told him she would give another chance after 3 months in NY. She gave him hope which she then crushed with an email and showing up with Joel and sending him clear signals she was not interested in him ever again. Eventually he gave up and tried to move on, did everything right, only to be crushed again. And while Zoe wasn’t to blame, she was still there to witness someone leave him, again. Wade might have a carefree facade, but he also has a fragile heart because he hasn’t ever really risked it before Zoe came along and so he is hesitant to risk it again after Zoe suddenly realizing she loves him just as he is about to leave town for a great career opportunity. They need to talk things through. A long, long, long overdue talk about the past from the cheating to her sudden realization of love.

      • I agree that a long talk between Zoe and Wade is WAY overdue. Zoe is the Queen of denial and it took a bout of hicccups and Lemon convincing her that she really loved Wade to get her to finally admit it. I love them together but they have issues to work out. Can’t wait!!

      • Radha says:

        I completely agree with you. I hate when people only see things in black and white. Cheating is wrong, and Wade paid for that when she broke up with him. However, when Zoe gave him hope that there was a chance she could maybe want to work things out with him, he agreed to give her the space she needed for the summer–and then she stayed longer without warning. And then sent everyone an email saying goodbye. If she hadn’t had to come and get Brick to sign those papers, she wouldn’t have ever have come back to Bluebell–and that was wrong to Wade who was waiting for her answer and to everyone else she had made friends with. People don’t forgive behavior like that so easily. She at least owed them all by coming home and saying goodbye in person.

        And about Wade: If you are going to give someone hope, then at least spend that time that you say you needed to yourself doing just what you said you’d do. Which in her case at the time was needing to heal and process and just search deep and see if she could forgive and want to be with him again. And if she figured out that she couldn’t, then she should have contacted him either in person, or by phone or Skype and told him her decision. That should have been done before getting involved with Joel.

        So people can blame Wade for the only one in the wrong, but it’s not that simple. They both hurt each other very badly.

  9. Tim says:

    I think its fairly obvious from her comments as creator that this is probably the shows last run. I’m still curious as to why there’s no season three dvd release. I’m assuming that means there’s probably not going to be a season four dvd either leaving those of us with the first two seasons without the option to have the complete series on disc.

  10. Ames says:

    UM, pretty sure Wade burned Zoe first by cheating on her…

    • Fogh says:

      But does that mean that Zoe can’t have burned Wade – at least in his mind? They both hurt each other – unintentionally – but Wade is hesitant to risk his heart again because last time he did, Zoe told him she would be back in 3 months and maybe giving him a second chance and then S3 happened.

      I do hope they will talk about it since we have all been waiting for that talk since it happened over 1½ years ago.

    • Jurbd says:

      I also think, while his cheating isn’t justified in my mind, he cheated on her because of insecurities that he could never be good enough for her. She was always holding a flame for George in his mind and she pushed George to be in his band for the battle of the bands. And then she ran off to George to tell him she loved him in 2×21. So wade has always felt second best and might be scared that she is going to leave him when someone “better” comes alone and he doesn’t feel he can take that hurt again.

      He tried to move on and got hurt again and blames Zoe cause 1. She was related to Vivian and 2. If she hadn’t come back with Joel, he wouldn’t have been hurt by that. I get that Zoe was hurt first but wade chased and chased Zoe for years before they did their casually monogamous thing and even then, she was into George in some way.

  11. Maxsmom says:

    Zoe and Wade is a sitcom couple, Zoe and George endgame is the only story that makes sense to me. I hope this is the last season, the creator admits that the story has gone every which way but loose and she’s right. The first season was wonderful but the rest of the time I have simply enjoyed spending time with Zoe, George, and Lavon.

    • Jasminko says:

      Zoe and George as endgame makes me just LOL… they have always looked to me as brother and sister, and ZADE story is larger then life… they just bring the best out of each other, and just as in life, opposites attract… So many people all around the world are true Zade fans , and Zade is in favor of Zoerge like 100 :1 in every forum…And yes, first season was wonderful but the second and the the last 2 episodes of the 3-rd was fantastic (specially the beggining of the second when Zoe did the right thing and choose Wade,,,), you better start watching something else , ’cause this (the 4.th ) season will be ( thanks God and Leila Gerstein of course) all about the Zoe and Wade, as it should be,,,

  12. Carla Krae says:

    I liked Joel and Vivian. And Lavon carrying a torch for Lemon makes no sense. Was never impressed with the Zoe/Wade relationship, so to have that be endgame (with a baby) is disappointing. I don’t think they bring out good in each other at all. Sexual chemistry is NOT everything.

    • Radha says:

      Yes, but a relationship with Zoe and George that is bland, and vanilla and boring and completely without passion is also NOT everything. It was very clear from the start that she would never end up with George–and I love George. Just not with Zoe.

      I never get people who want two people to hook up who are EXACTLY like each other. That is the most boring to me. IMO couples who likes different things and challenges each other are more interesting.

      Zoe and George would have been together and skipping around town and sunshine and puppies frolicking after them and rainbows dancing around the air. And I would have promptly turned off my TV. I don’t want the cutesy couple. I want to see the couple who have issues and challenge each other and fight and make up and actually struggle to be together because Love isn’t perfect. Love is messy at times and painful. And that is always going to be more interesting to me to watch than a couple who is uber perfect.

      • Kara says:

        We never got a chance to swe zoe and george together so ur just assuming things. What we did get to see was zades boringand childish relationship that only made the show worse. Oh and its done because the ratings brought in by zade are plain abysmal

      • Kristen says:

        Totally agree! I saw no chemistry with George and Zoe beyond that of friendship. It was Zade that hooked me from the very beginning and what has kept me watching. The ratings went down in season 3 because there was minimal Zoe and wade interaction. If they had continued that, then the ratings would probably not have plummeted.

  13. Lola says:

    I am so excited to finally see Zoe and Wade back on my screen. The spoilers for this season make me really look forward to it. we all know that Wade won’t be able to resist for long ;-)

  14. PG says:

    Poor guy, I get that he doesn’t want to go back in those waters. I get that he’s scared to death of getting back with her. I mean, what if everything’s fine, no trouble there, and then he decides to go back to being him, and cheats and lies, and screws her up once again? That’s what “kablang” means, right? What if that selfish girl tries to get away from all that mess, and falls in love with a nice guy while he’s in Bluebell doing fine with the ladies? What if he devastates himself again?
    Keep zigzaging and revisioning and retconning, it’s entertaining!

    • Fogh says:

      I see what you did there.. clever I must say. I don’t wanna argue since you seem pretty set in your opinion of Wade. Just wanted to clear up the fact that he wasn’t “doing fine” with the ladies while she was in NY looking for a rebound.

      • PG says:

        He definitely was. Season 3 premiere. He reassured an extremely worried Lavon that he wasn’t going to seduce his niece. He didn’t need to, cuz he was doing fine with the ladies.

        • Fogh says:

          Maybe I should have clarified. Naturally after a period of heartbreak that Zoe wasn’t going to come back he dipped into the “dating” pool. I was talking about the time between her leaving and her sending him the e-mail she wasn’t coming back.

        • Fogh says:

          Not 100% but since he was celibate from the break up until 322 and he just presented with hope that Zoe would give him another chance when she returned plus Lemon said what that letter did to his heart, logic dictates he wasn’t fooling around and enjoying himself.

          You can say that isn’t definite proof and I’ll say that him telling Lavon he was doing fine with the ladies isn’t either. Classic way of easing Lavon’s mind about him seducing Lynly to tell him he is doing fine in that department.

          • PG says:

            Okay, so you’re assuming all that stuff. Which means that there’s no FACT to clear up, right?
            Your effort to make sense of a plotting that doesn’t make any sense is admirable, by the way.

        • Fogh says:

          I can’t seem to respond to your latest posts but we both presented it as fact so lets leave it at that (as in we were both wrong – and I’m rarely wrong so take that as a win). The FACT is what LG tells us it is because she is writing the story so I go by what she tells me. She said after S2 that even though Wade wasn’t celibate all summer, he had changed from what we saw in S1. Anyone watching the latter parts of S2 and S3 would also agree. If LG says Wade feels Zoe burned him and he isn’t willing to just risk his heart again that is a FACT even if some people feel different.

          • PG says:

            Only what you see on screen is a “fact”. Fact is that during those five months Zoe and Wade were not together and living their separate lives. She found a boyfriend; he was sleeping around. That’s what we see on screen. What Gerstein says sounds like a walkthrough to me, and a good show doesn’t need one. She’s been “zigzagging”, not caring about continuity and consistency, and now she needs to rationalize an alteration. Let me ask you this. If Wade was so devastated and is now unwilling to risk is heart again because of that, why was he hoping to get back with Zoe for some episodes of season 3? Because he was, we saw that on screen. Why was he willing to risk his heart then?

  15. Tracy says:

    Gerstein is a terrible showrunner! She knew what she wanted to do initially and that was to pair Zoe and George! She got derailed by a bunch of pathetic females who like Wade’s abs and allowed herself to be pushed into the idiocy that is Zade! Zoe and Wade have nothing in common – in real life they would never last! They also have limited chemistry! Fans just had nothing to compare it to since the show never gave us Zeorge! We only got that horrible Joel who was just pointless! Romantic comedies are not hard when they are done well – Gerstein just did a terrible job with Dixie and it’s time for the show to end!

  16. Joey Padron says:

    Good interview and scoop from showrunne. Excited to watch season premiere on Monday!

  17. Tracie says:

    Good interview. I’m more excited for this season than I’ve been for a long time. So far everything seems interesting and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out and what everyone’s happy ending is. And if this is the last season, it sounds like it will be a good one.

  18. Marissa says:

    I loved season 1 and 2 watching season 3 now and it is making me loose interest probably because I don’t like jowl and Zoe together. I’d rather see her and Wade work it out. Hopefully season four will be better.

    • Fogh says:

      Watch S4 because that will put a smile on your face, I guarantee it. Also we need people to watch for any hope of a season 5 (or cont. S4)

  19. Delores Pauldo says:

    Why you people upset about hart of dixie anyway? It seems that the show is having a final run. 10episodes was all they did. Why can’t the creator are the show going around it? If it the final season she should say so. Nothing can save the show ok. The star won’t make an apperance to promote it . So this is why the creator speaking out for it.

    • Tracie says:

      The creator doesn’t know if it is the final season or not because the network hasn’t made a decision. Or if they have, they haven’t chosen to announce it publicly at this time. Considering Rachel Bilson just had a baby, I think it is perfectly understandable why she isn’t promoting the show. In the past, Leila Gerstein has always given interviews about the upcoming season. It is her show and her vision. She is the best person to describe what to expect.

    • Boiler says:

      Guess you didn’t hear Rachel had a baby huh??

  20. Shannon says:

    loved the episode especially zoe and wade.I looks like it is going to be a fun season and I am happy with that. I hope they keep grandma breeland around awhile as I love the actress and her character because it is fun to see brick squirm. I am looking for to the season and I really want it to be renewed for a fifth season and if the rest of the season is like this one it should be a good season and definitely deserves to be picked up for another. I liked them bringing back shelby. I am curious about the perfect guy doctor and what his problems are that he would agree to help Lemon. I hope they keep wade’s dad around because I like the actor and he can give his son some sound advice especially where zoe is concerned. I liked how he tried to help him by doing the dinner thing. I loved Wade’s love about how he was not sure how he was going to resist zoe when she tries to seduce him.

  21. Shannon says:

    I like Zoe having female friends and those friends are who at one time did not like her. I like her group of friends she is having as they all have such different personalities it is fun. With this episode I can forgive and understand some of the boring stuff from last season because it is understanding to me now of why some things occurred. Plus, I also liked how zoe and wade communicated in this episode and got things out in the open. Will Zoe confide in Brick especially since it would be doctor patient privilege thing or who will she confide in first? Will we see more of Zoe’s family on her biological father side and also will we see her stepfather the heart surgeon again? I wonder if Zoe will tell her mom?

  22. Kath says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Hart of Dixie!!! I found it on NETFLIX and am hoping the people at CW keep it on the air!!! There need to be more shows like Hart, sweet and funny. You just feel great after watching an episode😊, Three cheers for the cast, writers, and crew!!

  23. Misty says:

    Season four can NOT be the last season! Haters can hate. I love this series. I do not enjoy SOA, but most everyone seems to like it. To each their own opinions. I look forward to Hart of Dixie continuing.

  24. Jessica Valure says:

    what about when Wade hurt Zoe by cheating on her. She’s not the only one who hurt him he hurt her also. Can’t wait, Zoe and Wade are meant to be together and they will be no matter what.

  25. smot 2902 says:

    Found this show on Netflix and fell in love I would stay up until all hours watching episode after episode. I managed to get through all 3 seasons just in time for season four to start and will be very disappointed if this is the last season. I love this show and love Rachel hv been watching her since the OC it’s nice to see what a mature actress she has become. I hope she continues to do well I love her work and I’m totally a fan of wade gotta love the bad boy right although most the actors in this show are pretty easy on the eye. Great cast & great chemistry what’s not to love. Hope the show continues for more seasons to come.

  26. ANN SEIVERS says: