New Criminal Minds Spin-Off in the Works, to Follow Globe-Trotting Team

Criminal Minds Spinoff 2015

CBS is going back to the Criminal Minds well, by way of the crime drama’s second attempt at a spin-off.

TVLine has learned that the 19th episode of Season 10 will serve as a “planted” spin-off/backdoor pilot by introducing an elite team of profilers that travels the globe and works with local law enforcement to solve the crises of American citizens abroad. Criminal Minds showrunner Erica Messer will pen the episode.

Casting for the episode/prospective series is already underway, with an eye on a February production date.

CBS of course previously tried to spin off Criminal Minds some five years ago, with a backdoor pilot that introduced a team led by Forest Whitaker. Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior went on to score a spot on CBS’ 2010-11 schedule, but ended after 13 midseason episodes.

This TV season alone, CBS premiered NCIS: New Orleans (which quickly earned a full-season order) and CSI: Cyber (a third CSI spin-off, to debut March 4, 2015).

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  1. s says:


    • JEst says:

      Did you ever learn that the past predicts what may happen, and not always what will. Apparently not. The failure of one spinoff doesn’t automatically mean that the new one will fail. Time will tell.

    • DL says:

      Well, actually, hopefully they did, and therefore this spinoff attempt will be better. Pretty much all the actors on Suspect Behavior I’d seen and liked in other things. Yet, for some reason, I didn’t like a single one of them on that show. I don’t know if it was poor writing, miscasting, or some combination thereof, but that show just did not work.

  2. Daya says:

    I want to say, “Yeah, that’ll work!” (in a sarcastic voice)…but then I remembered NOLA took off after Red failed, so it’s not impossible.

  3. Tedi says:

    Isn’t that just Crossing Lines?

  4. analog says:

    They better shoot on-location and not have cheap looking sets of other countries.

  5. It will be interested to see how the Criminal Minds spin-off international team will be differ from the last time the producer try to make a spin-off a winner.

  6. K says:

    I really liked Suspect Behaviour, it’s a shame it didn’t last.

  7. derek117 says:

    Criminal Minds’ fans DON’T want spin-offs like CSI or NCIS. Right or wrong CM fans consider their show unique, and don’t want it to become a spin-off factory. But, the very nature of business people (like the CBS executives) is to try to make more and more money–which has them trying to duplicate their successes.

    This clash between determined fans vs. determined business people will probably continue–even if this new CM spin-off fails

    • I’m a Criminal Minds fan, although not nearly as much as I used to be, and I welcome the idea. Give me a great cast and I’m there. *shrug*

    • tannerose5 says:

      Does she actually think she’ll find another group of actors that work as well together as this present group? I think not. Give me Reid, Rossi, Hotch, Derek, and Garcia anytime over any group she can come up with.

    • shahendr says:

      I believe you are speaking for yourself and not “Criminal Minds fans”. I’m a Criminal Minds fan who is also a fan of all three NCIS shows. I liked Suspect Behavior (mostly) and wouldn’t mind another spinoff attempt.

    • Just because YOU don’t want it doesn’t the rest of us CM fans feel the same… Keep your opinion about yourself and don’t include the rest of us.. I am a hardcore CM fan but I don’t mind the idea of a spin-off if it proves worthy especially with Gary Sinise as a part of the cast. Also I happen to like CSI(and CSI NY where Gary Sinise was exceptional), NCIS and Law and Order:SVU…So instead of being such a hater why don’t you focus what YOU like and stop speaking on behalf of all of us.

  8. I dread this one. I disliked the episode that launched Suspect Behavior. None of the characters grabbed my attention. Of course as a die hard Criminal Minds fan, I’ll watch the episode and see how it pans out. But I don’t really like the idea of yet another spin off. It will probably be cancelled as quickly as Suspect Behavior if not quicker.

  9. scg says:

    Oh please no, no no no no…. and I don’t think anyone really knows what spin-off means, or maybe it’s me, but isn’t a ‘spin-off’ when you take a character from a show and that character goes on in a NEW show as that character…????

    • herman1959 says:


    • NeeVa says:

      I think that is what spin off used to mean in the 70s and 80s. Now it means building off a successful show name.

    • JEst says:

      There are multiple definitions of spinoff. One is to take an existing character from a show and “spin them off” into a new one and another is to suddenly plant new characters into an episode of a show for a “backdoor spinoff.” In this case, a variation of the BAU would be what’s “spun off” instead of a character.

  10. dee123 says:

    Oh goody! A show about American stereotypes of other nations. Just what we need.

  11. Patricia Klassy says:

    This season is not as good as previous years. The new addition J. Love Hewitt is not a very good fit. I’ll hold my breath about this new spin-off.

    • Paul says:

      IMO Some of the biggest problems with new shows is less than inspired casting. Most new shows fail for one of three reasons., crap premise, horrible time slot or bad casting. Case in point The Librarians. Good foundation, Ok time slot, but Rebecca Romijn is only marginally less annoying than Katherine Heigl [whom she closely resembles]. If it is a failure it will be because of her, just as State of Affairs will fold due to Heigl. I agree about JLH. She’s not relatable.

      • Jenna says:

        Well, I’m sorry, Paul, but I like all of the 3 actresses you mentioned, so that’s a very subjective and biased assessment. I’m more about the storylines and the writing.
        If a veteran show is declining, it’s probably due to a change in the cast, and/or a change in the direction of a character, and/or viewer fatigue of the same old, same old.

  12. Amanda says:

    Criminal Minds is one of my favorite shows, and has been since it’s first season. It even worked after it lost the great character of Jason. The first spin-off didn’t succeed because everyone of the cast was weak, except Forest Whitaker. He was awesome, and I wouldn’t mind him joining the cast of Criminal Minds. The original. I like the idea behind the new show, I just can’r stand all these 20 year old unseasoned actors playing supposedly brilliant profilers. It doesn’t work. Reid is the exception-boy genius rocks

    • LJ Bissonnette says:

      Totally agree about the cast being too young to be such well seasoned profilers. Not even Agent Candice DeLong was THAT good–and she was one of the best!

    • Paul says:

      I found Mandy Patinkin to be creepy and repellent as Gideon.

    • Hege says:

      The reason I didn’t like Suspect Behaviour was Forrest Whitaker. I thought he was horrible. Every line said with intensity and a long stare. Plus the stories felt like scripts that CM found too weak…

  13. Tran says:

    The whole “been there done that” is coming back to haunted CBS and having yet another spin-off this time around with Criminal Minds. I mean Suspect Behavior was a huge disappointment and it may do the same whether or not it gets picked up as a series during the 2015-16 TV season. We know CBS has had its share of spin-offs from the past and present: the CSIs and the NCIS’. The Eye network has had a lot of procedural dramas dating back since 2000 when CSI arrived.

  14. greysfan says:

    Suspect Behaviour wasn’t bad. It started off slow but it got better as the series went on. I still believe if they gave it a 2nd season it may have been more successful. Crime shows seem to do better when they get older. I’ll definitely check it out. I hope they do it well though. They have to get the casting right. In saying all this though as a Criminal Minds fan i don’t want the main show to suffer like last time. We haven’t forgotten you cut Paget and AJ even though AJ is back now it wasn’t on!

  15. Criminal Minds is such a pitiful shell of what it used to be, how about fix the real show before trying to make ANOTHER one?

  16. sd says:

    the should focus on CM, the last seasons have been sooo boring

  17. Robin Cohen says:

    CBS: The network of spinoffs and football.

  18. Angela says:

    I got into “Criminal Minds” some time after “Suspect Behavior” ended its run, so I missed out on the first spinoff. Given what I’d heard about that one, though, and how quickly it tanked, I am a little surprised they want to give this another shot. And I don’t know how easy it’ll be to replicate the success of the original, in terms of cast chemistry and storylines…
    …that being said, however, if the other procedurals out there can have multiple spinoffs that are successful, and if this spinoff can find a good cast and come up with enjoyable characters, then I’ll be happy to give it a look. Hopefully this second go-round will work a little bit better for them.

  19. Jooshua says:

    I’ll give it a try if the team consists of Jason Gideon, Elle Greenway, Ashley Seaver, Emily Prentiss, and Kevin Lynch.

  20. My husband and I both liked the spin off with Forrest Whitaker. I think it’s a good idea. I say go for it. We both love the new NCIS New Orleans as long as you leave the other two alone!! Plus, please bring back CSI-NY, we are still watching the Re-runs whenever we can find them. We also like Bishop as the new addition to the NCIS team!

  21. No thank you. You can try CBS, but I will not watch beyond the backdoor pilot. I’m sorry I just don’t think the spinoff will capture any of what made CM great, you cannot have the team of awesomeness: Hotch, Reid, Rossi, JJ, Emily, Garcia and Morgan and their chemistry (btw I did love Blake also), it will not have these great characters and all the little things that made CM work so well (and to me it was so refreshing the show). It doesn’t work like spinning-off NCIS or CSI does. I’m sorry? I know CM is a crime drama, but it feels to me such a driven characters drama with big emphasis on main characters and their relationships with each other and you cannot recapture the magic no matter how many spin-offs you try.

    • eye says:

      With that being said, it the show wasn’t first presented in a episode of CM or using the name, would you potentially check it out? Just because it won’t live up to the original doesn’t automatically mean that it can’t be good on it’s own merit.

      • Let’s say it aired on ABC/NBC/FOX I still don’t think I would. I think one show about profilers (and an excellent show at that) is good for me for now (and a long show, 10 seasons). I don’t think I’d feel the need to start another (if I somehow came across it on TV maybe I’d check out at least). IDK I’m like that I guess…loving a certain show doesn’t mean I’d necessarily check another that is similar.

        Anyway, if you read this what you think about Criminal Minds? how many more seasons will it last?

  22. Viv says:

    And there I was, thinking CBS has enough produceals. Silly me. Also: that reads an awful lot like Crossing Lines (a series that I adore) and we did get to see the second season in Europe so… I don´t need two of those. But let´s see how it plays out. I´m sceptical.

  23. Vicky says:

    You forgot Scorpion which has already had a crossover from one of the NCIS LA team.

  24. Kim R says:

    Hmmmmm….not sure if this is a good idea or not. It will all depend on the writing and cast chemistry. CM:SB just never meshed. NCIS:RED also did not. I’m on the fence with NOLA. Will it involve Emily? That would give it a real anchor to the original and might help.

  25. Vi says:

    Sometimes you just need a great cast. The first spin off didn’t have that.

  26. Christian says:

    That CBS.. such a bastion of creativity!

  27. Spin off’s only take money away from the GOOD ORIGINAL show. Then they wonder why their hit show goes down the drain. NO SPIN OFF’S!

  28. Heathers says:

    I blame the boring eunuch ” comedian ” woman for the first spinogf’s failure. Forest Whitaker and others were good.

    • car says:

      sorry i did not like Forest and the cast of suspect behavior, the comedian was great, probably the only one i like it. The show had potential….but i didn’t like the cast

  29. Arlene says:

    why didn’t they just pick up season 2 of Crossing Lines?

  30. ZhaneEndrick says:

    I liked Suspect Behavior, with the exception of Janeane Garofalo. I don’t think her personality or character fit the show at all. I would have kept watching it though.
    One problem out of that show’s control was that the night of the backdoor pilot, there were major storms moving through the Midwest so a bunch of local CBS affiliates cut away to full coverage.

  31. Bb says:

    ENOUGH with the spinoffs already!!!
    I am tired of the CBS’s lack of originality when it comes to their scripted dramas. They would rather do a spinoff then think outside of the box for. This one of the reasons why cable channels are winning the awards. You don’t see them doing stale spinoffs.

  32. Kisha from Houston says:

    The first spinoff didn’t draw you in…didn’t connect. Hopefully they will find a way to remedy this!

  33. Sounds fine to me,it would be great if they could get Anna Torv of Fringe to play on it, I would be sure to watch it then,lol!

    • Mama2lm says:

      My hubby would DEFINITELY NEVER miss an episode. Fringe is his all time fav show. He sings that stupid Elephant song all the time. He even named our 3 cars… Olivia, Fauxlivia and Walternate. sigh.

  34. Tina says:

    Well what ever the plan is I always go back to my criminal minds I enjoy it I try not to miss it and I like the characters so I hope because there trying a spin off they leave our criminal alone

  35. Mama2lm says:

    I wonder if they will bring Prentiss back in to run it since she is supposedly international now. THAT would be cool.

  36. Brenda Fox says:

    It would be great to see Emily Prentiss heading up the new team. It would give us someone we already love. Plus we know she will pull in extra viewers.

  37. Samantha Markley says:

    Hi can you please let me know if you guys need any actors please I got bullied and I feel like if I’m a actor I can be myself

  38. Angela and dustin says:

    Me and my husband has been watching your show for a very long time and we love your show everymuch we cant wait to see the up coming shows we watch your show on ion and on CBS and on ane so can u tell us whin the up coming show will be thank u every much

  39. Arlene Mary Jones says:

    With Gary Sinese as your lead
    Actor, how can you go wrong!!
    He is wonderful, sexy, chrismatic
    and he has that “somthin’ ~
    somthin'” about him!! 😎

  40. brittney says:

    i am currently trying to be a normal teenager and take pot *Fault In Our Stars reference*winkwink* lol I have literally seen this preview of Criminal Minds : SB and I can’t believe it like this is going to be badddddd, you know how I know….it’s because i’ve just taken pot and am going to consume 6 fresh glazed donuts from DD for 3.99! may the energy of the world be with you all, peace out ! *drops mike*walks off stage like puff dady singing biggie biggie cant you…just hypnotize meummumm*

  41. I like criminal minds suspect behavior, I wish it was still making new episodes. I’m not happy that I just seen the series finale and said to be continued and heard that their is no season 2 so we don’t find out what happens, they should at least finish the episode.

  42. C. P. Edwards says:

    The main problem with the 1st CM:SB, in my opinion, was Forest Whitaker. He is a fine actor, but I feel he played ‘Coop’ with far too much angst. That got in the way of could have been a successful series. The balance of the cast performed well in their respective roles and the plots were intriguing, but Forest’s portrayal clashed in a very distracting manner. I hope CBS will give it another try

  43. Kathy says:

    I was sad when they canceled Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior. I for one enjoyed all of the Criminal Minds, CSI and NCIS programs. We need more spin offs and they need to be on longer than one season before the get canceled.

  44. Skyler b. says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Criminal Minds. This show will always be my favorite. It has the best actors and the best stories. I hope it stays on FOREVER!!! And I loved the Suspect Behavior spin off, so I know if they do another it will be great, so please give us more!

  45. Linda Alexander says:

    I’m ecstatic that Criminal Minds is beiin renewed! I’d also be happy to see Jennifer Love Hewitt gone–she always looked so sad/droopy and didn’t seem a good fit for the rest of the cast.

    • Lori B says:

      Just a quick comment on JLH. She was pregnant during at least her later episodes so please take that into consideration when you mention her looks. I am a fan of hers and noticed she was so non-JLH charismatic, something must’ve been up, so I went looking.
      I will say though, I didn’t watch many episodes with her in it, so I can’t speak towards her character,

  46. Janet dinan says:

    When are they back. But not with j l h don’t like her she is rubbish

  47. S says:

    They didn’t even solve the last spin off case, it is left the fans half way and drop off, we don’t even know what happened to beth, did the unsup caught.

  48. this show stinks!!!!!!!! how embarrassing for the original show which is a winner from story line to professional cast. Janeane Garaffalomo is a hypocrite and the worst actress ever!!!!! get her gone qnd the whole smelly show

  49. Ginny says:

    I think u should at least have an episode to end Criminal Minds Sb and not just let it end with a ” to be continued ” that’s just rude

  50. Matthew Lebish says:

    Does anyone remember what NCIS was a spin-off from??? I am intersted to see what comes from a CM spin-off since I have been watching all these shows from the start. I also don’t think CM:SB was on the air enough to make a informed decision.