Vampire Diaries EP: Elena Finally Faces Her 'Feelings' for Damon in Fall Finale

Damon Elena Spoilers

Though a #DelenaMistletoeKiss cannot be confirmed at this time, Elena will definitely spend Thursday’s Vampire Diaries midseason finale (The CW, 8/7c) reflecting on what — and who — matters most to her.

“Elena will go through something that reminds her about how important our minutes are on earth, how we spend our time,” executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine. “She kind of has this revelation about not wasting any time; even if you’re immortal, you still need to be grateful for your time here. She really takes that to heart and decides it’s time to deal with these feelings she can’t seem to shake.”

Another couple showing signs of improvement in the face of constant danger is the fledgling ‘ship #LivTyler. Make no mistake, Kai is still planning to use the former hybrid like a slave puppet, but Tyler’s hardly throwing in the towel.

“They have a lot of stress in their lives now that the Liv-Luke merge has become this reality they’ve admitted they have to do as part of their destiny,” Dries acknowledges. “Tyler’s facing a ticking clock; how can he prevent this merge from happening when it means there’s a chance he’s going to lose his girlfriend? There are still little tender moments between them, though. The fact that he’s doing all this for her is kind of telling of how strongly he feels for her.”

What are your holiday hopes for Damon and Elena? For Liv and Tyler? For… Kai? Drop ’em all in the comments section below.

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  1. Stamanah says:

    Hope for Steroline!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Lather Rinse Repeat

  3. JK says:

    Really? What else is new about this show? This seems to be the never ending story line of this snooze fest! You cand miss half a season or even a full season for that matter and find out you haven’t really missed much.

  4. lizz says:

    delena/steroline… Helloooo there are more fandoms out there stelena/bamon? My god the writers are trying so hard to make steroline work just to keep the delena fans happy… But the other fandoms get nothing so sad!

  5. I hope Damon and Elena broke up.

  6. Portia D says:

    Why does Bonnie always get the raw lonely end of the shipping stick? Delena is so played. Bamon needs to happen right NOW!

  7. Kar says:

    Delena is the worst thing on this show, it used to be soooo much better without it

  8. DonnaMaMa says:

    That Bonnie get home :)

  9. dahlia says:

    Finally some forward progress for Damon and Elena!!! This show just doesn’t work without those two. Merry Christmas!

    • Letti says:

      The show ONLY worked without those two.

    • Kara says:

      The show only worked when they were not together. Now that they got together and are on and off the show sucks ever since! They are awful together and even broken up, since the writers insist on their drama instead of ending it for all our sakes.

  10. Letti says:

    Plec and Dries: Merry Christmas Delena and Steroline fans, we love you! Everyone else, f**k yourselves.

  11. Geo says:

    Elena has become such an annoying drip the last few seasons, she could suddenly decide to make out with Caroline’s mom and I couldn’t care less. The best thing the show could do at this point is have the Elena character trip and fall on a stake, meeting a true death, and bring back Catherine. Let Nina Dobrev play a character who doesn’t spend 90% of her time being all “oh, boo hoo hoo, who ever shall I date?” It’s gotten so tedious.

  12. Netty says:

    I got to admit, this season Delena is not being shoved down our throats too much, There is so much more happening with other characters which is good. I hope they keep moving at a steady pace until they can be in a good place to have a healthy relationship. These two characters have done a lot of growing up this season. Unlike Caroline who seems to be reverting back to season 1 insecure, whiny Caroline. Love Stefan and Enzo’s feud, also I love to hate to love Kai and his devilish ways (See what I did there Andy).

    • Baileigh says:

      If the rumors are true and Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev can’t stand each other and refuse to speak to one another (except for when they are in character), I doubt that Damon and Elena will ever be in a place where they can have a healthy relationship. Enzo and Stefan’s fued makes me wonder if Stefan realizes that in the very short amount of time Enzo has been in Damon’s life he has been a better brother figure to Damon then Stefan actually has in the 160+ years that he has known Damon.

      • Dmac says:

        And how do you figure that? Give me any examples that shows that Enzo has been better for Damon than Stefan.

      • J says:

        Everything that you read in tabloids is fake, stop acting like you know them… they have a life so leave them to it. Everything written about any celebrity is fake because people are to bored with their lives so they have to mess up someone else’s. Just wait for the tv show to give us something don’t speculate and if you don’t like it stop watching. Nobody cares if you do or not but stop writing useless comments!

  13. Guest says:

    Was waiting for Delena scoop. Thank you

  14. love says:

    Emmmm..stelena shippers should rest imo..ain’t gonna happen wouldn’t even make sense anymore..steroline on the other hand..interesting.

  15. zed says:

    Bring on Bamon!! Bonnie is the one that making this show alive! And Kai!!

  16. sunce says:

    Just when i think it can’t get worse, another episode proves i’m wrong. Call me a shipper or whatever, but Stefan and Elenas relationship was a heart of the show. They’ve been ripping that heart out since season 4 and it’s been slowly dying since. It’s near the end. TVD will be one of those shows that started great and ended bad. Many people stopped watching and many are watching to mock it. What they did to Elenas, show’s main heroine, is a massacre of the character. And instead of ending Delena thing while they still can they just keep forcing it. And this Steroline thing… dissaster. Caroline Dries, keep ruining the show, less and less people care anyway.

    • Letti says:

      You couldn’t have said it better. First three season will always be my favourite, but I’d rather forget the others.

    • sj says:

      I don’t know why.. U biased stelena fans are bragging like, “when it was stelena, the show was at its best and blah blah”…. Really u think so.. I was annoyed by it..

      I am a Delena fan and I agree that show got slower once after delena came into picture….
      The reason for that was season 4 and 5 ‘s main core and only core is around delena oly.. No other cool story line. . no good plot.. No good twists That’s the reason the show got a bit boring…
      Whereas season 1 to 3 have a wonderful story line.. Plot.. Twists… Thrills.. And those things alone made it a hit and enjoyable..not just bcoz of stelena factor alone LOL..
      Believe me if oly season 1 to 3 storyline was fully about stelena just like how season 4 to 5 s about delena.. then TVD would be long gone.. Bcoz they bore like hell..

      • Letti says:

        I never said it was good because of Stelena. It was good because it had important stories and it focused on the main characters as people and not just their romance. Stelena was important but not everything. Now everything is just side plot and Delena getting together-breaking up is 90% of screen-time.But still I think Stelena was pure and innocent without drama about loving-unloving each other… it was natural and made both Elena and Stefan seem to be selfless and good people, it was easy to root for them. Now every relationship is about suffering and drama, and almost all main characters so bad, there is no reason to root for them anymore. IMO a series gets bad, when you lose interest in main characters.

  17. Indie says:

    Been a Damon and elena shipper since s2 and I’m happy the writers are still trying to get them together. they are endgame.

    • Kara says:

      How can u? They are toxic. I think the writers are waking up. All the rain kiss backslash made them realize that most of ppl dont like nor care about delena

  18. Nani says:

    I can’t stand the relationship with Elena and Damon. Officially dislike this TVs show. Get back with Stefan!

  19. Nadia says:

    i hope for Steroline, Delana, and for Kai to die in the most painful way possible

  20. Sarah says:

    The whole delena story is so boring and its losing alot of other fans as we are not all delena fans this show has become the delena diaries! Writers are so focused on pleasing delena fans that they are forgeting the other percentage i cant even watch anymore as delena does my head in! How about concerntrating on other storys like kai and getting BONNIE out! I personally loved Bonnie and Damon i hope that happens they are cute together and she understands him! Delena urgh boring boring they dont even work as a team as she is so whingy and winey sorry worse thing to happen ever putting those two together! And damon has lost his appeal he is a live sick puppy its so bad!

  21. Anyone has any doubt tht Kai will merge with his sister, only she will absorb him?

  22. ronzz says:


  23. Katelyn says:

    I can’t stand Kai he is so annoying. Damon and Elena were about to have a mistletoe kiss until kai comes in and ruins it. i really want caroline and stefan to be together. i never thought of them as a couple until season 6. i personally think that once sheriff forbes dies which i think she should she has been in this show for 5 seasons its time to say good bye. Anyway, caroline will turn off her humanity. i would love to see what she will be like if does she has been a vampire since the very beginning of season 2. we have all seen damon, stefan, elena, and enzo without their humanity and i thought elena is better without her humanity she takes more control of what she wants. and i agree i think elena does know what she wants than in season 4 and 5. i ahve a question for the makers of vampire diaries why do you have to air season 6 episode 11 and january 22 think about the viewers we love this show or at least i do so please next time air a little earlier thanks. oh and if you can’t air it earlier at least put out better promos with a little more information just a suggestion.who all thinks alaric and jo make a good couple i don’t they look weird together. i know that this was a long time ago and i know that she was all bad and mean and evil but don’t you guys feel like alaric is betraying isobel i do. well ok that is all bye.

  24. Ali Abbas says:

    oh Gosh! This thing is getting worse and worse.. Tell me why 11 episoe is taking too much time to be on air???

  25. zippy says:

    Team Delena all the way n i hope caroline ends up with enzo or stefan #ship #team #delena

  26. kay says:

    I stopped watching after season 5 and to be honest the only reason I lasted that long was in hope stefan and elena would get back together. STELENA.

    This show went from my absolute favorite show I’ve even seen to one that truly pissess me off I would never watch it again unless they get a new director in and turn this show around!!

    Delena is so annoying they ruined the show with them.. Stevens on the other hand was such an amazing love story.



  27. Annie says:

    Damon and Elena need to get back together ASAP. Elena somehow needs to remember all her memories and how much she lived Damon. They belong together more than anyone on this Earth. You need to save their relationship. Damon and Elena are soulmates, please bring them back to each other. Also, please make Elena remember all her memories.

  28. Erica says:

    Damon and Elena belong together. Her and Stefan just jumped right into a relationship while her and Damon’s relationship started out as friends and grew into more. Yes Stefan and Elena are cute together, but I really see a connection between her and Damon. No relationship is perfect. Anyway I hope Caroline and Stefan happen. I mean they started out as friends just like Damon and Elena and now they are developing stronger feelings for each other. Stefan just hasn’t admitted it yet. Call me crazy but I kind of want Bonnie and Kai to be together. I mean they’re polar oppisites, but oppisites attract. Anyway my point is Delena, Steroline, and Bonkai (or whatever their ship name is) needs to happen. ♡♡

  29. stephanie says:

    I would love for elena to get back with Damon and realize her true feelings for him and that bonnie comes back I love the vampire diaries I have every season I’m obsessed with this show truly amazing can’t wait to see what’s in store for this new year thanks to the creators of this show absolutely amazing!!

  30. Carolyn says:

    I started watching season 1 vampire diaries again while I wait for newer episodes to come out – all the people bashing Delena are so blind – the chemistry was there right from the start. They had SO many moments, it was a build up of their love story right from the beginning. Stelena were cute and sweet but Delena had PASSION. Speaking as someone who was in a sweet but boring ‘Stelena’ type relationship and is now in a ‘Delena’ type (I swear so many things Damon said to Elena in season 5 my current boyfriend has said to me, word for goddamn word), their love story is SO much more epic. Yes it’s not the selfless, cute Stelena love. It’s the burning, intense, consuming, can’t live without you type love. Damon loved, wanted, needed Elena more than Stefan ever could – he’d put her first, always, despite what she or whatever anyone else said, he’d rather her hate him than see anything bad happen to her. It’s the kind of love where that one person somehow manages to make you feel so much and it’s intoxicating and frustrating and you just drown in it. Maybe their relationship will go up in flames because they’re both just too much for each other, but she can never go back to Stefan – once you’ve experienced that kind of burning love, you are unable to settle for less.

    To the show’s producers: please ignore the haters, we Delena shippers have been loyal from the start, ever since we saw the little signs slowly drawing them together, even when Elena was still with Stefan :)