Gracepoint Finale Recap: 'Every Single Bit of It Stays Between Us'

Gracepoint Finale Recap Who Killed Danny

There was never going to be a happy ending to Gracepoint, Fox’s remake of British crime drama Broadchurch.

I mean, when your starting point is the murder of a 12-year-old boy and your midway marker involves the suicide-by-drowning of a falsely accused old man (in possession of a creepy secret, but still…), you can’t expect the closing montage will be set to Jimmy Cliff’s optimistic “I Can See Clearly Now.” (Not unless someone has a coal black sense of humor and a blatant disregard for the audience’s emotional state, anyway.)

But oh, man. The way Episode 10 spirals down, down, down like an eddy in a cold, dark river — dragging kind-eyed Det. Ellie Miller so far below the surface she may never take a true, clear breath again…

In other words, the Gracepoint finale is as brutal as you’d expect — maybe even moreso — making real the awful, overarching specter of pedophilia that lurked in the shadows all season; making true the creepy phone-company clairvoyant’s prediction that Danny Solano’s killer was someone close to him; and making a mess of the audience’s emotions with a final-act twist that doubled down on Ellie’s grief.

In a nutshell, here’s how it plays out:

gp_sc1070_0248_hires2* While Ellie continues her interrogation of Vince — assistant to Danny’s dad/secret hunting buddy of Danny’s — Carver calls in Ellie’s son Tom (and hubby Joe) to find out why the kid smashed his computer hard drive. Turns out BFFs Danny and Tom were feuding, with the former taunting that Tom would soon discover his own dad was “bored by you — you just don’t know it.” Hrmmm… At this point, we all know that somehow, Ellie’s world is about to crumble around her, but before that, we get a brief moment of relief.

* Carver and Ellie share a moment on the shores of Gracepoint, with Carver finally telling his No. 2 that she’s done “good work on the case.” And with that, he sets off to find at what address Danny’s second cellphone had been activated.

* Surprise! The cellphone traces back to Ellie’s home — where Carver finds Joe in the garage, looking guilty as hell. “I’ll tell you everything,” Joe says, almost looking… happy? At the station, he admits he struck up a friendship with Danny when the boy’s father hit him for quitting his soccer team — but he clearly doesn’t see himself as the predator in the equation as they “got to know each other” spending afternoons alone. We see Joe’s version of the night of Danny’s death — and it’s a horrifying seduction scene, one that Danny flees after Joe strokes his lips with his fingers. In the ensuing chaos, Danny falls and strikes his head on a rock — or so Joe wants us, wants himself to believe — and the terrible night ends with him disposing of Danny’s body on the beach.

* Now, it’s Carver’s turn to break the news to Ellie — a moment of devastating drama that (it has to be said) proves Anna Gunn is much more than her Breaking Bad breakout role. She freezes in disbelief, vomits when the realization hits, shivers in the hope that somehow it’s all not true, and finally goes to confront the monster with whom she’s shared a home (and a bed) throughout the investigation. Despite Carver’s warnings, Ellie violently assaults her husband — slapping him repeatedly, hurling him to the ground, kicking at his torso — and like it or not, it’s cathartic to watch.

* Carver breaks news of Joe’s arrest to the Solanos — and their almost numb reaction proves perhaps even more devastating than wailing and gnashing of teeth. (Later, a brief memorial service features some empty platitudes from Rev. Paul and an around-the-lake ring of solidarity bonfires that I guess are meant to give us some closure. They don’t though, really, do they?)

gp_sc1071_0003_hires1* Finally, at Carver’s instruction, Ellie takes her boys to a nearby hotel to isolate them from the community and the media — and it’s there she has to break the news to Tom. “I’m here with you and I will never leave you. I will always love you and protect you,” she tells her pre-teen son, before having to ask if his father had ever touched him inappropriately. It’s a very true moment, but one that borders on the unbearable. The boy insists vehemently that the answer is no. But something still seems amiss. Finally, maternal instinct takes over — or maybe it’s the detective within her finally freed of her emotional ties to the case — and Ellie asks her cowering son, “What are you not saying?” Turns out Tom followed his dad to that cliffside cabin and watched him make a sexual advance on his friend. As Danny sprinted away — with Joe in pursuit — Tom wielded a boat paddle to defend his friend, but the wild backswing cracked little Danny’s skull and killing him instantly. So while Joe is indeed deeply guilty, the murder is (however accidental) on Tom’s hands, with Joe merely taking care of the cleanup/coverup.

* Ellie visits Joe in jail. “That’s what you meant by ‘I’m a good man’?” she seethes, as Joe’s eyes brighten, thinking maybe he’s getting off on the worst of the charges. “I never touched him,” he swears. “You were going to,” Ellie spits, imploding her husband’s delusions of innocence. When he puts the power in her hands — asks her what she wants him to do — she makes the decision to protect her child and let her husband rot, no matter the psychological consequences. “Every single bit of it stays between us,” Ellie declares, and it’s as close to a happy moment as we get in the hour.

* We also get a nearly silent moment where Ellie stands outside Danny’s house — and Beth comes out to tearfully face her former friend, the wife of the man who killed her child. “How could you not know?” she asks flatly — and it harkens back to the exact question Ellie posed to town pariah Susan Wright about her late husband’s abuse of their little girls. Let’s be honest: We all knew that moment was going to come around and haunt our protagonist, yes?

* Carver, in the end, decides to get the aortic valve surgery he’s been putting off, says goodbye to Ellie (who jokes that they’re now bonded as members of the “former detectives club”) and then takes a video-phone call from his daughter. She wants him to attend her graduation. And she’ll attend his surgery. Looking at his cell, his mind wanders back to his questioning of Joe and Tom. Did Ellie’s son ever see anyone hit Danny? “I never saw anyone else hit Danny” — anyone else? Carver knows something in the boy’s story isn’t right, but after he dials Ellie and she ignores his call, we’re left to wonder whether he pursues it further or walks away with at least some sense of justice found.

Like I said, there was never going to be a happy ending to Gracepoint, so perhaps we should be happy with some twisted justice and a side of moral ambiguity.

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of Gracepoint? Did you like the finale? Did the Joe-Tom twist sit right with you? And did you see any of it coming? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Lo says:

    So essentially, it’ss 99.9% identical to the Broadchurch ending… epic fail. Please FOX, just stay the hell away from Luther, lovers of British television beg of you to just stop while you’re behind….

    • Ross says:

      Completely agree. The change with it actually being their son, while it being semi- different from the original ending, was unbelievably predictable and boring. What happened in the aftermath was interesting, but then they couldn’t even bother to end the thing seeing as there is very little likelihood of it being renewed, so it’s just left hanging. Spectacular failure.

      • Susan says:

        I was capitivated by Broadchurch and only watched Gracepoint (because I usually do not like American versions of British shows) because of David Tennant. The finale of Gracepoint was disappointing, it was flat in comparison the the finale of Broadchurch. I was shocked with the revised ending and introducing Tom’s involvement was a compromise to the original…..sanitizing the harsh reality of pedophilia.

        • ? says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was an open question whether Miller’s husband was a pedophile on Broadchurch. He could have been, or it could have been something more along the lines of the guy unexpectedly finding some sort of emotional connection with Danny that he hadn’t realized was missing from the other relationships in his life, which, while entirely inappropriate for a grown man to interact with an emotionally immature boy like that, wasn’t actually sexual. Like maybe he just wanted to feel young again, or he didn’t actually know what he even wanted from Danny, or something. I remember thinking that grey, uncomfortable ambiguity was one of Broadchurch’s strongest storytelling points, and if Gracepoint was a lot more definitive about it, I would say that’s a pretty big change.

          • Anglophile says:

            That was definitely the feeling that I got from Broadchurch in regards to Miller’s husband’s feelings for Danny. I felt it was much more overt on Gracepoint. I also enjoyed the uncomfortable ambiguity, as you so beautifully phrased it, of the Broadchurch take.

      • Mike says:

        Stop remaking awesome shows that do not need an American version. I could not bear to watch this or listen to David Tenant’s American accent. I am looking forward to the 2nd season of the British version with the British cast in Jan.

        • Stacy says:

          Ditto this! Except I think it’s premiering in February.

          • Kate says:

            February 4! Can’t wait!

          • wgsecretary says:

            It’s coming to BBC America in February, but it’s airing in Britain in January. So, depending on where Mike is, he could be getting to watch in January! I don’t have cable. So, I’ll be buying it on VUDU. I wonder when it will be available there! Probably not until February, when it starts airing in the US.

        • mary says:

          Then it would be helpful if in the US everyone had access to those versions. Not everyone has cable, much less gets the BBC. We had to buy the dvd to watch it. Oh by the way Tennant is Scottish, not British.

          • Anglophile says:

            mary, I think you meant “Tennant is Scottish, not English” as the phrase British usually is a catchall of anyone who is from Great Britain and/or the British isles, where Scotland is clearly located. Granted, there is the whole Scottish independence thing going on right now that can muddy the identity issue, but it isn’t a fallacy to say that Tennant is British.

      • mary says:

        When they filmed this(last summer) they were hoping for big ratings so they could have Gracepoint 2. So they left open ended. They changed the killer which is what they said they would do. They didn’t say they were changing other parts, just adding what they had to take out for BC.

        • Stephanie says:

          Not true, there are numerous articles with quotes from the producers that after the second episode, there would be noticeable changes. They did in fact say that they would be changing other things.

    • Diggy says:

      AGREE with that SO much. I refused to watch Gracepoint after having watched Broadchurch & then seeing they hired the same actor. Glad to see I didn’t miss much. And yes, please FOX, please stay away from Luther. Unless you’re making it on FX, then maybe it’ll be OK.

    • Sara says:

      I’m just really disappointed that the producers made statements and promises that there would be enough differences to satisfy Broadchurch viewers, when in actuality there were little to none. It was hard to enjoy Gracepoint when there were so little changes, even in the lines that were said! It makes it difficult NOT to compare the two casts/shows when it is a mirror copy of the original. I can objectively say that if I hadn’t seen the original, I probably would have liked this version, but unfortunately, I HAVE seen the original and since they changed so little of it, this was a bad cookie cutter imitation for me.
      I’m just glad that BBCAmerica announced today that season 2 of Broadchurch premieres in February. I can’t wait to see Olivia Colman’s Ellie again!

      • Bonnie says:

        I wish the “I saw Broadchurch” people would stop being so arrogant about it. To those of us who didn’t, “Gracepoint” was a new and fresh show that we thoroughly enjoyed!

        • Sara says:

          It isn’t arrogance to have taken the producers’ words as truth and to have expected them to have followed through on their statements that there would be some significant changes and to be disappointed when that ended up being false. Yes, Gracepoint was a new and fresh show for those who haven’t seen Broadchurch. Good for you, I’m honestly happy that you enjoyed it. But the producers and showrunners tried to pull in Broadchurch fans with false promises and we are subsequently disappointed. As I said, it is hard not to compare them when every single shot looks and sounds exactly the same (except for the accents).
          You always love the one you saw first, especially when the second is a shot by shot recreation. I’m sure if you were to watch Broadchurch now having seen Gracepoint first, you would view Gracepoint more favorably, as this is how you view these characters and story, since you know pretty much exactly what will happen. For me, and other Broadchurch viewers, the British cast and setting is how we see these characters in this particular story. It isn’t arrogance to have a preference.

          • Kate says:

            Well said, Sara! It just comes down to preference and we, as Broadchurch viewers, already have a set opinion and Gracepoint didn’t do anything new to make us sit up and take notice with new material, even though were were promised it would be different. Sorry to those who are just joining us via Gracepoint if that makes us “arrogant.”

          • The Beach says:

            I agree with Sara. There’s nothing “arrogant” (merely hookwinked) about believing the producers that this would be a substantially different show than Broadchurch when in reality it was the same characters (even same lead role) saying the same lines as the original. Except for tacking a little Tom Twist at the end in hopes of appeasing viewers of the original, the only difference I saw was setting it in a sunny, California coastal town in stead of a gray, dreary English coastal village. Bah!!

          • mary says:

            I think they changed enough to make one think the killer could have been someone else. They changed the personalities of several characters & the priest. There wasn’t a time when you though maybe he did it? They added the backpacker & Tommy running away. Did you want it to be completely different? They never said they were changing the dialogue. And to those still complaining about Tennant’s “accent”. What accent did you want him to have: Boston, NY, Jersey, southern…middle america has accents all over the place. He could have been born elsewhere & moved to America when he was younger-thus having a slight “accent” that comes out every now & then.

          • drhenning says:

            give me a break… Broadchurch was shown in the US on a cable network watched by very few.. There’s a reason why Orphan Black has not gotten much notice outside of hardcore TV fanatics that read sites like this and TV critics… As for me, I enjoyed Gracepoint even though I watched Broadchurch as well… Maybe it’s the fandom of Anna Gunn in me…

        • stacey says:

          totally agreed

        • Verity says:

          Well said Bonnie, I agree!!!

        • Mrs. Ripp Campbell says:

          Thank you for this comment. I have never seen Broadchurch. I loved Gracepoint. I’m just a little perplexed about the last scene. Why didn’t she answer? What is he thinking?

          • Stacy says:

            ;) And this is one reason why I prefer Broadchurch. I’m glad you enjoyed Gracepoint. Since you did, I highly recommend checking out season 2 of Broadchurch when it airs in February.

          • neaorlean says:

            She didn’t answer because she knew he figured it out. He knew that if she doesn’t answer, she knows.

        • Kate says:

          Bonnie, I’m curious as to why you choose to respond to Sara, when she herself said that if she hadn’t seen Broadchurch, she would have liked Gracepoint. Seems you could have picked someone else to respond to if you were looking for “arrogance.” As is, I agree with Sara. The reason I am upset as a Broadchurch viewer was because we were promised by producers that things would be slightly different so that we would also enjoy it. That just didn’t happen. Like Sara, I’m glad that the new viewers enjoyed it. However, it seems unlikely that you’ll get a season 2, based on the ratings. Better check out the next season of Broadchurch if you want to see the next part of the story. ;-) Or was that just too arrogant to say?

          • Bonnie says:

            I wasn’t responding to Sara, in particular, just to all the people in general who kept saying how disappointed they were in Gracepoint after watching Broadchurch. No one forced them to watch it. And I may well watch Broadchurch’s season one now because I’ve become a real David Tennant fan. Being an American, I hadn’t heard of him before, although I’ve come to learn how big a star he is in England.

          • Anglophile says:

            Eh, Bonnie, being an American doesn’t really have much to do with you not knowing who David Tennant is. You just haven’t been watching the right stuff! He’s actually quite popular in a cult way with many Americans. Not sure how you’d like Doctor Who (but seeing as you’d never heard of Tennant, the most popular modern Doctor, I’m guessing you wouldn’t), but he’s been on some British mini-series that have featured on PBS and BBC America you might be interested in, specifically Spies of Warsaw and The Escape Artist. I haven’t yet watched The Politician’s Husband, but have heard really good things. And let us not forget his all important role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, LOL! All that said, he’s better in Broadchurch *wink*

        • Stacy says:

          It’s not arrogance. I just think if you thoroughly enjoyed GP you would have absolutely loved BC. For all of us who love mysteries, Broadchurch season 2 airs in February. And since you like remakes check out ABC’s Secrets & Lies airing in March – it’s based on an Australian series. :)

        • Kate says:

          Well Bonnie, if you didn’t want to respond to Sara in particular, then you shouldn’t have responded to her and called her arrogant. It was actually quite rude. In fact, one might say that it takes a certain amount of arrogance to directly respond to someone and tell her that expressing her opinion that she found faults in a show makes her arrogant.

        • Meg says:

          I completely agree! I also wish the “Don’t remake Luther” group would just get off their high horse. Luther wasn’t all that great of a show. If Fox would pick it up, they should be grateful. Gracepoint was a really good show and speaking honestly most do NOT watch British shows. I’ve never witnessed such negativity and such arrogance about a tv show. Britain does not encompass all that is good in terms of Mystery mini-series made for TV.

          • Anglophile says:

            You’ve never witnessed such negativity and arrogance about a tv show? Clearly you’ve never read the comments on a Glee or Once Upon a Time article.
            Now, I have a simple question, why should Luther fans be grateful for a remake of a show that they love? Sure, you don’t seem to like it, but why should fans of British shows apologize for their love of them or bow down to American remakes, especially if the remake is a shot by shot recreation like Gracepoint?
            If Britain doesn’t encompass all that is good in terms of Mystery mini-series, then America should stop making remakes of them and come up with an original idea that isn’t based off of movies or books.

          • smartysenior says:

            Good heavens, there is so much Broadpoint snobbery going on you can’t get a word in edgewise if you are one of the 3 million people who actually saw this for the first time. Broadchurch people, please bug out. Gracepoint people, I agree that this was a terrific show with absolutely mezmerizing production values and excellent acting all the way through the cast (no matter which side of the pond they’re from).

            I wish they could do another miniseries based on this in the same way they are doing another Fargo (note I emphatically did NOT mention they’re doing a second Broadchurch because who cares?) The percentage of people who saw Broadchurch in the US is so miniscule and I swear every one of them are on these boards interrupting our fun.

          • Stephanie says:

            I love that whereas the Broadchurch viewers are expressing their disappointment with Gracepoint, the Gracepoint viewers seem to be personally attacking the Broadchurch viewers with comments of arrogance and snobbery. From what I see, no one who loved Broadchurch has suggested that the Gracepoint viewers are lesser for having not seen the original.
            From this message board alone, one can see it wasn’t just Broadchurch viewers who were disappointed in the show. Are the new Gracepoint viewers who didn’t like the ending also not entitled to that opinion?

        • Ann says:

          I have seen Broadchurch over and over and loved it. By now I’ve also seen each episode of Gracepoint several times thanks to HULU. They are very similar, but Gracepoint kicks it up a notch. Susan is creepier, the priest is more suspicious and he now has a thing for Danny’s mother. Danny’s father adds jealousy and suspicion to his traits. Ellie is tougher and dishes it back to Carver, who is more unlikeable than Hardy ever was. By introducing the daughter and seeing their interactions, the empathy for Carver is also bigger. We also have the added character of the Hiker and the extra plot on Tom’s disappearance. The ending is remarkably the same, but bigger too by adding not only who actually did it, but the changes that makes for Ellie. She is now in an angry compact with her husband and will soon be at odds with Carver in a Mama Bear way. It leaves Ellie as not as innocent as she was in Broadchurch. Gracepoint is Broadchurch, only bigger.

        • Amanda says:

          I completely agree. I enjoyed Gracepoint. I had never even heard of Broadchurch.

        • I agree, Bonnie. I didn’t even know about Broadchurch till I started watching Gracepoint.

    • Cass says:

      I’m really grateful I didn’t waste my time with the US version since it was completely predictable if you watched Broadchurch. The only way to compete with the impact of the UK ending would be to have her son commit the crime, not the husband. I was waiting to watch the US until someone could tell me this was not the outcome but I guess I can now free up 10 hours of space on my DVR.

    • Marc says:

      I agree. The good news is that Luther will be back for a 4th season. But I’m praying that they scrap the horrible idea of doing a US version of Luther.

    • Walter says:

      Spare me your sanctimony. The majority of the U.S. population has little to no interest in British dramas.

      • Stephanie says:

        Seems like the majority of the US population also had little to no interest in a remake of a British drama as well.

      • Lo says:

        If Americans have such little interest, then they should stop trying to remake them. But you’re right, America has a much different viewing speed overall, preferring to watch garbage like Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo and about 1000 different competitive reality shows. I love how you call me sanctimonious (completely out of context btw, I think you mean snobbish or arrogant), when it’s the Americans who have an air of superiority trying to remake something that was brilliant to begin with, as if only THEY can create great television. Cases-in-point: The Bridge, Life on Mars, The Office, The Killing, Red Band Society, etc… not a ONE has held a candle to its original counterpart… but yeah, I’M the arrogant one, riiiight.

        • Carrie says:

          I guess we can’t compete with your Great British Bake Off and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. If only we we could create great American television like Breaking Bad or Mad Men or Game of Thrones or True Dectective… Oh I forgot, we did!

          • Lo says:

            You just proved my point, Carrie. There are truly amazing original creations right here in the US of A…. there is absolutely no need to remake already awesome originals from any country, just show them as they were meant to be shown. Imagine if the UK tried remaking Breaking Bad…. why bother when it’s perfect just as it is? Nothing beats original content.

  2. I sadly can’t judge the finale on its own merits. Problem is now I’m really damn annoyed because they promised a difference and there really wasn’t. Yeah Danny struck the blow but it’s like they were too lazy to drop the pedophilia plot in favor of running another angle so they just graffed it on.

    • Bev G says:

      EXACTLY they promised a different ending and gave us the exact samw, tacking Tom’s part in as a failed afterthought.

      • MAYBE if Tom was the killer period and the pedophilia angle was dropped or different it would have worked but yeah, not like this.

        • maescu2014 says:

          When it showed that the father did it, I thought the pedophile angle was pretty predictable. They gave no foreshadowing as to the father’s inclination, which kind of bothered me. I was pretty sure it was Vince. I thought Tom seemed kind of off though throughout the series. I also thought at the end, when Ellie asked her husband if there was something else, and he didn’t answer that it meant there were more secrets to be revealed.

  3. Alyse says:

    Well I was right. From the first episode I said Tom would be the killer. The majority of this episode with exception of Tom delivering the final blow was identical to Broadchurch

  4. Kate says:

    Seriously, after the whole season of “the ending is different! We swear!,” the ending is nearly identical to the (superior) Broadchurch. What a waste of a talented cast.

  5. Mark says:

    It was almost exactly the same ending as Broadchurch. :(

  6. Dee Kottkamp says:

    Predictable. I’d figured out a few episodes ago the kid would be responsible… maybe because something about him reminded me of Lizzie’s character on The Walking Dead.

  7. Ken says:

    I thought it was an exceptional limited series and i never saw the original british show Broadchurch so i have no baggage when it comes to watching this incredible show.

    • Kim says:

      I’m with you Ken. I also never watched Broadchurch, and found Gracepoint to be an excellent series.

    • Lynn M Campbell says:

      I’m with you.

    • Bonnie says:

      I totally agree with you, Ken! I never saw “Broadchurch,” either so, judged strictly on its own merits, I thought “Gracepoint” was amazing! Boo to all the naysayers!

      • The naysayers are primarily people who saw the original. The problem is when you see a remake that’s shot for shot you tend to just notice the seams and are more likely to be be bored. So no boo to them, boo to the creators for the waste of a remake.

        • drscoffeecup says:

          I saw the original and am not a naysayer. In fact, Gracepoint’s ending satisfied me far more than Broadchurch’s. Gracepoint’s ending makes more sense regarding character motive. Both Joe and Ellie want to protect Tom and Tom only wanted to protect his friend when he swung that oar. Unfortunately that swing will haunt Tom and his parents for the rest of their lives.

          I agree there was a huge backlash among Broadchurch fans online over Gracepoint being made. I was one of those people for a while. I decided I would try to enjoy the performances since most of the actors were unknown to me and I’m glad I did. Gracepoint delivered several fine performances from actors I now want to see in other things – Anna Gunn and Virginia Kull in particular.

          The number of positive comments from people here who didn’t see Broadchurch prove that Gracepoint was worthy of its predecessor.

    • Betty says:

      I did not watch broadchurch/I was intrigued by grace point and enjoyed the 10 episodes.
      I found myself looking forward to each episode. Have never watched a series where episode got darker and darker and ended on an even darker I’m going to go
      Back and binge on broadchurch

    • mary says:

      I saw Broadchurch & Gracepoint. Loved both. And just to note, the ending & killer were different, despite what others are saying. Apparently they wanted the whole storyline to change, which the writers never said they were going to do.

  8. diane says:

    Knew it was the kid all along, but I was hoping the reveal would have been more dynamic. I thought maybe they were going to go the bully angle.

    • smartysenior says:

      That’s exactly what I thought it was too, the two kids hated each other and Tom just whacked him out of spite and because his Dad was trying to catch him. I had to rewind it to see he hit him by accident. I like our version better. At least then we have a murder and not an accident for an ending.

  9. betty moore says:

    I still feel that the good reverend has something to hide…

  10. betty moore says:

    I never saw the British version…I guess that’s a good thing

  11. W.Dust says:

    Kid killing another kid must always be accidental when it comes to American primetime drama. In America, kids are cherubs who supposedly do not have the capacity to commit willful acts of murder (though the child’s race often factors into this perception). More satisfying–and more disturbing–would’ve been if Tom, jealous and angry over what Danny said, deliberately pushed Danny down to smash his head against a rock, and Joe willingly covered up, relieved that his object of desire would not be able to tattle on him. Also, a three-way drug/money triangle with Sara Burke, Vince, and Joe somehow intertwined with Danny’s life would’ve added a deeper dimension to the mystery.

  12. Rick Katze says:

    While I enjoyed Broadchurch, I freely admit that Gracepoint logically tied up a story where there lots of hints which eventually coalesced in an explanation that actually made sense and thus am happy that Fox gave it a chance. Based on the ratings, it will be a one-shot but it was far better fare than much on TV. After the initial confession, it was clear that something further was going to happen since there was still too much time to fill. Initially I did not like the incomplete ending but, after review, it is consistent with the story and the characters. While the truth may never be told, it is clear that the three who know the truth will be forever changed.

  13. Joe Sim says:

    I think it’s interesting how Carver concealed the truth about his former case, ultimately to protect his daughter from learning her mom had an affair and botched the trial by losing the evidence. Then, Ellie and Joe in different ways also conceal the truth to protect Tom. It makes you wonder if Carver empathized with Ellie at the end, being able to understand her position from his own experience.

  14. Maryann says:

    Is there any way to block my ipad from constantly sending me to the app store with a popup right in the middle of trying to write a lengthy comment about the show? It loses my comment when it does that and it keeps happening.

  15. Jules says:

    Somewhat disappointed, but the twist in this ending and with Detective Carver having a clue something is not adding up, could have made for a more interesting season two for Gracepoint then the ending of Broadchurch.

  16. Shannon says:

    Sucked!!! Epic fail!! So damn pissed!!! Can’t believe I watched this every Thursday to be so excited for the finale and nothing!! Piss poor acting in the last show too!!!

  17. Ali White says:

    I loved it. Kept me watching each Thursday. I did have it figured out at 9. Ellies moment with the crazy trailer park lady, ‘How did you not know’ immediately gave away the plot. That coupled with her explosive bedroom scene with Tom, ‘What do you do all day?’ I knew then it was Tom, but why, how? I never saw the British version, but the series did reflect the same awesome quality in believable character, with talented cast (not overdone- just right), that BBC always produces in the UK! I sure do hope we get another go at a series like this in the future!

    • Stacy says:

      Both memorable scenes you mentioned were also notable highlights in the original as well. And I believe you meant to type “Joe” – her husband, not her son Tom.

  18. Lynn M Campbell says:

    I was sorry to learn that I guessed correctly, early on, that it was Tom who killed his friend & his dad was covering up for him, tho I didn’t guess that Joe had sexual feelings for Danny. I would have preferred to not have figured it out at all, & been surprised by the outcome in the final segment. I also believe the ending leaves the door open for a possible season 2.

  19. Drew says:

    Haven’t seen the British version yet… I kinda know the ending now because of the comments here but that was bound to happen.
    Anyway, I didn’t like the end here. It would have been nice if they could have one reasonably decent father on tv. Instead we get a pedophile, a cheating kid hitter and an absentee father. It seemed obvious that they were going to go there. I was just hoping for a twist.
    It would have been more interesting if it was kept between the two boys. However they wanted to play it, to have Tom be the killer would have been sad, creepy and dramatic. Why did they even have to bring Joe into it?

    • mary says:

      Part of the story is about how a small town is not all happiness & everyone knows each other. It points out that problems exist everywhere. And shows how very little they did know each other despite being in a small town.

  20. Shar says:

    Never saw the original but stopped watching weeks ago when I figured out who did it. Didn’t care why.

  21. Bonnie says:

    I really loved “Gracepoint” and especially David Tennant as Det. Carver. The weird assemblage of characters reminded me of the ones in David Lynch’s TV series, “Twin Peaks,” years ago. And I really liked how it made you suspect everyone — and someone different — every week.
    Even in the finale, when the supposed killer was arrested, there was still another twist. And the ending made me want to see more. Will Carver confront Tom and Ellie or consciously let things lie as they are, although he now knows the real truth? I so wish this series would be renewed or we could, at least, continue to follow Det. Carver’s career. If someone starts a petition, I’d certainly sign it!

  22. Gary says:

    I really liked it, the whole series. Would like to see Carver get his heart surgery during the off season, then get called in by Ellie to solve a new crime, as the community has lost respect for her.

  23. Jan says:

    So… who ELSE hit Danny??? Does Broadchurch answer that? Not getting the Luther connection other than FOX. Luther and Ruth Wilson were amazing!

    • Sara says:

      The “who ELSE hit Danny” clue was that Tom saw Joe hit Danny on the night Danny was killed. That he looked at his father and said “I didn’t see anyone ELSE hit Danny” (or whatever the direct quote was), was meant to mean that he saw his dad hit Danny, but wasn’t admitting it, or it could have been that he was the one to hit Danny. Either way, the clue was there for Carver to figure out. And no, it isn’t in Broadchurch. That was a rare difference.

      • Rich says:

        Thanks for explaining that. I was wondering why he called Ellie and also why she didn’t answer.I should have figured that out but thanks again for the help. That would have annoyed me all night.

    • Maryann says:

      The Luther connection is the thought that the announced American remake of Luther will not be as good as the British one.
      Carver was picking up from “Who else hit Danny ?” that Tom himself had hit the other boy.

  24. poker says:

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    keep it up all the time.

  25. Mike M. says:

    Never saw Broadchurch, so judging Gracepoint solely on its own. I thought the ending was a total cop-out having the death essentially be an accident. The first 9 episodes were very good. This finale ruined everything.

  26. azu says:

    Love this show!!! The setting and Tennant are wonderful! Prefer it to TRUE detective even

  27. Mark Staten says:

    I thought it was entertaining..suspenceful and well acted. I MISSED the finale!
    But read it here online!(not the same of course)a little closer is better than nothing!

  28. Valerie Burke says:

    i loved the show and the acting…until this episode. The ending seemed rushed and just weird. It was s stretch to find the most non obvious person for it to be, and then hurry up and write some ending to hurry and get it over with. Didn’t like the ending. Loved the actors!

  29. Lala says:

    I had figured that it was Tom for quite awhile, but the Dad part was unexpected. It all felt rather empty. I guess it should have. I wish I hadnt watched it at all

  30. Marie says:

    I think Carver should investigate more into it. There should be more episodes of the show.

  31. rosecitysister says:

    I liked it until the last episode. I knew something was wrong when the episode led with his confession. You should not have messed with the original plot. It felt like an attempt to redeem Joe.

  32. Maryann says:

    First nine episodes were great, the tenth was terrible. Maybe I would have liked it more if it had not been virtually identical to the original, even though they promised us that would not be the case. Sure, the killer was changed, but almost everything else, including that devastating “How could you not know?” line was unchanged. I suspect it was fine for people who had not seen Broadchurch, but as it was, the almost identical killing and motivation threw me off terribly simply because they had promised it would have been different. The real challenge (and potential reward) would have been to make the killer someone like the priest or the hiker, and make the twists and the irony still just as good as the original.
    The other big thing I really didn’t like about this version was the lack of a real ending. Sorry, it was just totally downbeat, and not in a good way. And I REALLY didn’t like Ellie letting her husband take the fall for something he didn’t do to protect her son. The boy would be far more damaged by this than having him confess.

  33. broncfanwa says:

    Ellie didn’t do her kid any favors to my mind. He gets to live with not only killing his best friend but letting his dad take the fall for it. Yes, dad is an epic fail, but that is poor parenting.

    • Stacy says:

      Agreed. Given the circumstances I don’t believe Tom would be charged. By hiding this her son now carries the burden of guilt where there isn’t any.

  34. Morisot says:

    For a minute I thought the mother had killed the children at the end.

    I don’t know which was worse — for an instant I thought that maybe she was concerned about the older boy/younger boy, dynamic.

  35. Pam says:

    i had watched Broadchurch last year and the American version has been a letdown. I did think Anna Gunn was good and the actress playing Danny’s mother. The young boy playing Tom was good, but I thought David Tennant had to struggle with the American accent. Arthur Darvill was 100% better as the preacher. Overall the Brits have it.

  36. Sharon Colbert says:

    I hope Carver pursues Tom. His Dad should be charged also. He’s a pedophile, he covered up the murder

    • Trev says:

      The dad is being charged, to protect his son. Tom (the son) did not actually commit murder or any crime; see California Penal Code section 195. Stupid ending.

      • Alfred Utton says:

        So there’s no reason for Joe to go to jail for covering up the murder? And, if he did let Danny go before he actually did anything sexual with him, is there any reason for him to be in jail at all? Except I don’t quite believe that Joe never touched Tom. Why else would Danny have taunted Tom about Joe being bored with him?

  37. martin says:

    ts better to always send us guidlines and we become good funz

  38. martin says:

    i wish i would see how broadchurch.n

  39. LDW says:

    I saw the Joe thing coming weeks ago even without knowledge of Broadchurch. Putting Tom in the mix added a little surprise but not enough. If they had truly wanted a mind-blowing shocker of an ending they should have made Beth the killer.

    • Mike M says:

      That was I thought I had in the back of my mind for a while also. That in the end, Beth was going to be the killer. I just felt that it would have some kind of big twist and be someone they didn’t really make look like a suspect all along and not end up being someone from the obvious group of suspects…Tom, Paul, Vince, Mark, Susan, etc. Throw in that the death was accidental and the finale was a complete cop-out.

  40. S. Tudin says:

    Not equal in suspence to Broadchurch – casting of Solano family was weak – did not like the ending as it left it open to moral interpretation and Ellie unbelievably protecting a son who seemed to be cold and Zombie like towards his mother at every turn – boys are not like that with their mothers so this did not resonate well with me – love David Tennant however and Paul’s acting was also excellent!

    • I also think that Ellie being Ms Super Detective, she should have been honest about Tom. With that in mind, I definitely think Carver would have got to the truth. The Rosemont investigation was botched and it was too important to get it right, no matter what. If he was going to let it go, I think they would have just showed him looking at his phone. But the way he called her immediately, and then the determined look he had when she didn’t answer, showed he was determined to get the truth.

  41. Shara says:

    Haven’t seen Broadchurch, didn’t love Gracepoint. I only stuck with it because I wanted to know who committed the murder. It was depressing with almost no likeable characters. I’m so glad it’s over.

  42. jen says:

    Why make a show if you are basically just going to mimic the source material? so lazy

    • mary says:

      They said they were changing the killer & adding in the 2 episodes they had to cut for BC. They never said they were changing the dialogue.

  43. I only wish for once that Joe wasn’t a sick pervert. I like that he wasn’t the killer and it definitely did make him good in a twisted way. I just wish that it stayed an accident but Tom called Joe and he covered it up. They just would of had to explain the $500 differently.

  44. GeekGirl says:

    As a viewer of Gracepoint who had not watched Broadchurch, I was grossly disappointed with the finale. I knew from the first episode that Tommy was the killer, just based on the clues the writers had placed in the story line. Having Joe be a pedophile on the last episode was a complete cop out, IMO, as there was no indication, all season long as to that being his predilection. If this is was intended to be a detective series, the clues need to pan out. For me, as a viewer, it came out of left field. All the clues were pointing to Tommy having asked Vince to help him cover up his accidental killing of Danny, and since all three were friends, Vince took him up on it. I was waiting for the why/how it happened and the fallout of Ellie finding out. Instead I got ‘Joe is a pedophile’?

    • Lala says:

      To Geek Girl. Thats pretty much how I felt also. I figured it was Tom but the rest didn’t play well for me. I have not seen Broadchurch so I have nothing by which to judge the show other than itself. The last episode just seemed to fall flat for me. I felt cheated for some reason.

  45. Linda says:

    I read an article about Broadchurch and since they said the ending wasn’t going to be the same, I read the whole thing, even about the ending. To say it spoiled it for me is an understatement. I wish they would have been truthful about how closely it was going to follow Broadchurch’s ending.

  46. Bob Cavicchio says:

    the whole series dragged out and not that interesting. Certainly no FARGO

  47. kay says:

    So it was even the same murderer as broadchurch?! Why would anyone watch this when it’s just a worse version of an amazing tv show that already exists?

  48. Jacqueline says:

    Ok, can someone PLEASE help me? I just watched the last 2 minutes of Gracepoint (lost power last night during the storm, had it “DVRed”) and I’m a bit confused…after he re-watched part of the Joe/Tom interview, did Carver realize that Tom had hit Danny?

    • Trev says:

      Carver realized from the recorded interview that Tom says he didn’t see anyone else hit Danny, while glancing at Joe, i.e., Tom was there at the cabin. We are supposed to be left with the implication that Carver has realized Tom killed Danny, with Joe covering with Ellie, and Carver is now on to them. Not great writing, another failed US version of a great UK series.

      • Jacqueline says:

        Got it. Thanks:)
        So is Gracepoint pretty much just a US version of Broadchurch (haven’t seen Broadchurch)?

        • Trev says:

          Yes. It is a remake, where the goal is to “Americanise” a foreign program, often with disastrous results. Life on Mars and Cracker are two other series that illustrate this; the UK series are stellar, the remakes are not.

          Broadchurch is on Netflix (US) and so much better …

        • Bonnie says:

          Yes, but you can watch season 2 of Broadchurch, Wednesday nights at 10 p.m., on BBC America. It’s a continuation of the Gracepoint story, except with different actors — except for David Tennant, who’s called Alex Hardy in this version. The only other difference — and it’s a big one — is that in Broadchurch, Joe really was guilty, not his son.

  49. Joe says:

    I never saw Broadchurch, so Gracepoint was new and interesting to me.

    However, if the “size 6 kids shoe prints are in the sand around Danny’s body” on Broadchurch like they were in Gracepoint, I think during season 2 of Broadchurch you’re going to find out Tom was completely guilty and Joe was just protecting him by taking the fall.

    According to Joe and Tom, Joe told Tom to go home after leaving the cabin and Joe put Danny on the beach. So if Tom went home, how did Tom’s footprints end up on the beach? Obviously because it was Tom that put Danny there. Tom was jealous that Danny was now getting Joe’s attention instead of himself. So he killed Danny.

    Joe didn’t realize that Tom was the killer until that last interview with Carver, when Carver produced the emails Danny had sent Tom. He knew he had to protect his son (even though he has been sexually abusing him, though both he and Tom deny it), that’s why he turned Danny’s secret phone back on, luring Carver to the house so he could confess before Carver figured out that it was Tom all along.

    I only mention all this since it is unlikely we are going to get a season 2 of Gracepoint.

  50. Gayle Bentz says:

    I would like to see a sequel with Det Carver confronting Ellie.

    • smartysenior says:

      Ellie knows that her convo with hubby at the jail is recorded. Yet they talked about Tom killing Danny? There’s where the second season with Dt. Carver begins!