Bones' 200th Episode: Was It a Technicolor Dream? — Plus: The Series' Stars Dish About the Best Moments

Bones Episode 200 Recap

Well, that was a beauty.

Bones unveiled its 1950s-set, Hitchcock-inspired 200th episode on Thursday night, and the combination of old Hollywood glamour and intrigue was simply stunning.

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Somehow, director David Boreanaz was able to replicate the classic look of films like North by Northwest, kicking things off with an unusually quiet, picturesque sequence of jewel thief Booth and detective Brennan driving along the highway.

There were also lots of treats for longtime fans as the actors took on new characters — Pelant as a waiter! Aldo as an antagonistic Interpol officer! — and some cheeky, retro-ish dialogue (“Booth is a dreamboat I’d like to take a sail on,” Angela declares).

But as fun as the escapist episode is, there isn’t anything to tie it into the series’ current storylines. So rather than recap the plot, I present my six favorite highlights, with commentary from the cast and producers.

Bones Episode 200 RecapHODGINS’ COIF | I won’t soon forget the hair Jack sports in this episode. The part was so dramatic, I legitimately thought for a second that it had been created via CGI wizardry. “That’s my real hair!” T.J. Thyne confirms. “I kept growing it and growing it. I kept trying to convince them to do a very Gene Wilder-type, Young Frankensteinish [style]. But we didn’t want to go too far. So we pared it down. Amazing Meg, who does my hair, she and I sat down and came up with that concept, and David [Boreanaz] was game for it, as was [executive producer] Stephen Nathan, so we went for it.”

THE OPENING | The black-and-white premiere opening, with Emily Deschanel and Boreanaz getting their handprints cemented at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater, is a very touching tribute to the show’s stars — “We couldn’t ask for anything more than this testament to their great and enduring talent,” the voiceover announces – and their chemistry. Creator Hart Hanson explains that the bit was the idea of the drama’s current showrunner. “That is total Stephen Nathan,” he says. “He loves show business. He’s always loved show business. So he wanted to start on a black-and-white reel and then go to the color of a premiere. It’s a love letter from Stephen to Bones, but also to old timey moviemaking and all that glitz and glamour that pulled him into the business.”

THE FIRST GLANCE | If I had to pick one scene in a sea of pretty to single out, it would have to be an early one so expertly staged by director Boreanaz, I imagine it’ll be all over Tumblr in seconds. And it also happens to be Hanson’s favorite: “I’m a sucker. The moment when Booth has broken into the mansion, and she comes out up top and he’s down below, and they catch each other’s eyes, I just said, ‘Oh, this is going to work. This is going to be terrific.’”

HODGINS & ANGELA ALWAYS | The duo may have not be a couple in the episode, but true to Michaela Conlin’s words — “Jack and Angela always find each other, in whatever era we’re in” — the sparks between the two are undeniable. “The golden ratio is hard to argue with,” Hodgins says of Angela’s beauty, and if you don’t swoon a little, well, what’s wrong with you?!

bones-episode-200-recapTHE LOOK | A big round of applause to the hair, makeup, costume, props, etc. departments, who crafted a gorgeous episode. “I really loved the scene with Booth and Brennan in her apartment,” Conlin shares. “I thought the set decoration was incredible. That was when I really realized what we were doing. It really hit me… We were in hair and makeup for a very long time. But I thought they did an incredible job… [With] the dresses, the waists were very tiny, so I was excited when the episode was over so I could breathe again. But I loved it, because it changes the way you move. The whole thing felt very special to shoot.”

BAD GIRL CAM | After years of solving crimes and bringing the guilty to justice, Tamara Taylor got to feel what it’s like being on the other side of the law, and she lapped it up. Portraying the villain “was so good!” she says. And to think: It almost wasn’t meant to be. “Originally, I actually was not supposed to [play the killer]. Things got moved around just based on logistics and availability. I think I was supposed to play the lounge singer.”

Bones fans, what were you favorite parts of the 200th episode? Grade the hour via the poll below, then hit the comments with your picks.

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  1. Stacey says:

    Loved it. Very different. David did a fantastic job. Loved all the special touches. Emily and David have a magic chemistry. It’s obvious most of the budget for the season or the first half of the season had to have gone to this episode. Well done!

  2. madbengalsfan85 says:

    That was…perfect

  3. Karen MT says:

    I kept cracking up over the old-timey driving backgrounds. The make-up, costuming, and set decoration was great. A definite nod to how things are different now when the cop opened up the police box to make a call!

  4. Kevin says:

    Stunning is not a strong enough word. The look, the theme, the overall feeling was incredible. It embodied what a celebratory anniversary episode should be. Bravo to ALL involved.

  5. Wendy says:

    As with their last AU episode, it looked like everyone was having a blast playing characters from an era gone by. I thought the movie-esque credits were pretty cool as was the ’50s movie-inspired background music. Add in the sets, the look of the characters, and the different trajectory, this was great. I did really like the scene at the very beginning when “Detective” Brennan spied jewel thief Booth from high above, and they saw each other. Well done to all involved, and it was great to see the actor who plays Also included. I liked the character in the usual setting, so it was nice to see him make a comeback.

  6. Deb Saine says:

    one of the best episodes ever! i grew up watching hitchcock movies and others with stars like cary grant, james stewart, grace kelley (sp) et al on sunday afternoons on tv!! this episode was absolutely incredible! stunning! and so much fun!! like where’s waldo, it was where’s so and so and who is he/she playing in this? thanks to all involved!

  7. Lyn says:

    Loved the ’54 Bel Air ragtop. Chevy’s first wrap around windshield. And TJ in the Dr. Zorba hairdo from the old Ben Casey show was great! It’s one of those episodes that a person wants to own.

  8. Daisyparty says:

    It was AWESOME!!!❤️😄 I hope Pelant comes back later in a different episode. Funny episode!!! 2005)!!!😄

  9. TaMara says:

    Just wow. Again, again! Fantastic job all around.

  10. Linda says:

    I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this episode. All the details and callbacks to the Hollywood style of the fifties harken back to my youth, and the movies of that time are among my favorites. This episode held true to that imagery. Both David and Emily were excellent in their re-imagined characters, yet true to what we have come to know and love as B&B. Every element of the episode was worthy of a feature length film. Emily was stunning as always and David quite debonair as the gentleman thief.

  11. Lex says:

    Shows always try to pull of these retro themed episodes and they often come off cheesy and too over the top. But Bones has proven itself with this episode! Everything felt and looked right!! I’ve never seen a piece work as well as this did. Bravo to the cast and crew. 200 episodes and still going strong.

  12. LEP says:

    Absolutely loved it! What great fun, and spot on. That drive up the coast had me in stitches, and then I saw Hodgins’ hair…. It was the cat’s meow! Happy 200th!

  13. RBA says:

    I loved it. A 10, and a perfect present to fans. Great job by everyone,

  14. kmw says:

    Fantastic episode. David did a terrific job directing as he always does. They both looked stunning in their attire. David and Emily once again proved why they are the best.. Every part was terrific. I especially liked the opening because she was chasing him and the end because he was chasing after her. Loved Hodgins hair. Even Pelant stilled played as smarmy guy. I would have liked their kiss to be longer, but that is a minor issue. Of course best part was Booth and Brennan being on screen so much. AWESOME EPISODE. It is going to be a long wait till March.

  15. Karen Henley says:

    I only saw one problem with this episode, it was over too quickly. Loved it!!!!!

  16. Brigitte says:

    I didn’t like it. To celebrate the show on its 200th episode is to rewrite the characters? Felt too forced.

  17. John NYC says:

    Perfect from start to fade out. Thank you.

    Details of the era were remarkably spot on, I was a kid in NY then and I remember the rough deal vets had. Damaged men in the subways selling pencils. So the subplot of what motivated Booth and his relationship to “Sarge” rang true.

    The 200th should be special and that one was. A terrific cast and crew, wonderful gift.

  18. Rusty says:

    I am sorry I can’t agree with most of you. I felt it was one of the worst written and acted episode I have ever watched. IMHO This happens when the stars start to be too much involved in their own show, producers, directors, writers. They come across so full of themselves they feel they can do anything and it will come up roses and the fans will love it. Maybe the majority do, I don’t know. I have watched the show since the beginning. This last season should be it’s last. They should go out with some dignity. This past season has produced some pretty bad episodes. The Bones character has come across more of an arrogant and mean spirited bitch than a professional. Booth also comes across as a arrogant, distrustful, mean and unsympathetic A-hole. I miss the first 5 seasons, their best.

    • S. says:

      I loved the episode. But you are right about the characters. Booth and Brennan always seem like they feel they are better than everyone else.

    • I think a lot of it was the idea of the era, those old movies were amazing, but they can’t or shouldn’t be compared to today, cause they’re miles part. I think they did a good job, Didn’t feel Brennan too mean, actually reminded me the first season Bones, and even a little less know it ll, since science was just her hobby, not her career, I think it was clear when Hodgins went to explain that a certain bone was in the cranium and she didn’t reply it back, it let us know that she’s smart but not the same scientist we see every episode. And Booth was just the charming, self bsorbed thief who happens to have a golden heart. Reminded me of a movie with Audrey Hepburn, where she teams up with a thief. Don’t recall the name though.

    • Lucy B says:

      Agreed; it was terrible. We only kept watching hoping Zac would make an appearance. Hodgins’ hair was the only enjoyable note. Both Booth and Bones felt stiff and had poor line delivery and if I heard “old sport” one more time I might have thrown something at my tv. Terrible waste of an episode. Stunt episodes usually are, but this was the worst I’ve ever seen.

      • Dezz says:

        I agree…this was a waste of time for me….I think it was their worst acting the whole series….I love this show and have watched every episode, but booth and brennan are why I watch this show…not these characters they pretended to be…it made no sense to me. Seriously…it wasn’t a dream, not a story being told, there was absolutely no connection between this episode and Bones, the regular TV show. When the show ended, I asked myself, “what just happened here??”

    • Judy Wilson says:

      Where were you for the first 5 seasons!!! Brennan’s character is a socially awkward person who depends on the fact that she is the best. Booth’s character has remained fairly level throughout all the dramas they’ve had to face together… I think the show and it’s characters have matured gracefully and this 200th episode was a fun gift to the fans… I enjoyed it…

    • Bill Wilson says:

      3 of 3 people here agree. Unwatchable. We deleted it after about 15 minutes.

  19. Badpenny says:

    I preferred the 100th episode. That episode had comedy and drama; and even though it was far-fetched you still felt it could be true – and that you wouldn’t even mind watching that series.
    This episode just seemed too cutesy. Too much stolen from other sources rather then being original. I just didn’t resonate with me.

  20. Sara K. says:

    I’m not a fan of old movies, so I actually hated this episode except for the interaction between Brennan and Booth. I really liked the flirty side of Booth, which has been gone since they got together. The chemistry that we have not seen in such a long time was back in full force, and very nice to see still exists if the writing and directing (thank you David Boreanaz) allows for it. He’s a great director, give him more episodes if he’s going to bring back the awesome Booth and Bones interactions. I wish they would flirt more, can’t a married couple have the kind of interaction we got between them in the early seasons??? I also really miss Booth being in the lab all the time like he once was, can’t they get David one of those cooling shirts so he isn’t uncomfortable under the lights?

  21. Tex Mike says:

    Loved it!!!!t was over too soon.

  22. Patricia A says:

    Just loved, loved, loved this episode!!!

  23. Loved this episode…everything about it. Very well done!

  24. Lily21 says:

    Primo. Just lovely. I’m a fan of old detective movies, and this was a great homage to that genre, as well as a great showcase for David & Emily & all the cast, plus the sets & costumes & filming.. even the titles were just right. Thank you ‘Bones’ for this. I always hold episodes like this up to the noir episode ‘Fringe’ did, and this worked just as well.

  25. Amazing episode! I felt like I went back in time! David did such an amazing job directing!

  26. ljd213 says:

    It was cute, loved the Pelant cameo. However, Castle’s “The Blue Butterfly” is still the standard and the best.

  27. jj says:

    Couldn’t even get to first commerical break. I watch Bones to see Bones, being the exceptional anthropologist, and the rest of the cast excelling at each of their position. Not some “movie” that totally changes the whole dynamics. I don’t mind an episode like this here and there but not for the 200th episode.

  28. kmw says:

    Really worst acted episode ever? NO. This was beautifully acted and directed. The scenes were gorgeous. If you were a female in the 50s you had to act differently to get ahead. I do not see what some of you are seeing in Brennan. Even if she acts arrogant why is that a problem? Why can a man be rude and arrogant on television and not woman?. Right now the only thing I am worried about is that we are going back to only three scenes of Booth and Brennan in a show again. Stephen Nathan said we would be pleasantly surprised by what is coming, but I am still worried we are going to get Aubrey show again. GREAT EPISODE. Well done David and Emily and everyone else

  29. Jake says:

    Gotta say I was ready to hate this, but Boreanaz did a really nice job with this homage to old movies. The only thing I didn’t like was Emily was STILL playing it so STIFF – I mean, come on, at least this once, let her be a little less Spock and a little more Kirk. Totally missed the Pelant cameo, loved TJs hair, it was great, reminded me of Larry Fine in his prime.

    • Paul says:

      ED is not a very good actress. Over the years I’ve come to enjoy the rest of the ensemble and tolerate her. Don’t like her or her character. Pretty much love the rest of the cast.

    • Mary says:

      That´s my problem with E.D, I always find her acting so stiff! For example, on the wedding episode (rewatched it a few days ago) I tought she didn´t show any emotion when saying the vows, I felt I was wacthing a robot, for me she´s not a good actress, sorry…

    • gloria says:

      PELANT IS BACK IT TOOK 28 MINUTES FOR HIM TO SHOW UP BUT OH MAN! HIS FACE IS BETTER. too bad he only showed for about 5 seconds.

  30. kenL says:

    Not a big fan of episodes like this that use special occasions to do an “alternate reality” or “dream” episode rather than move ahead in a significant milestone type of way. Enjoyed it, but it left me very flat. Just my subjective opinion, though. I looove the show, in general.

  31. Lois says:

    Loved the episode…..the only shortcoming….it could have been longer!

  32. SLS says:

    Best ep this season by far. I know they went all out, but it was really great. My favorite: Carla Gallo’s character – perfect riff on Daisy a la 1950s!

  33. kmw says:

    With the comments about Brennan , I do not understand. If Brennan became all goofy and relaxed you would probably not like that either. She is NOT monotone, she was playing a different position NOT a different character. Would you really like her sobbing or smiling all of the time? I bet not. As for Emily Deschanel, she is one of the best actresses around. She has played someone who on paper should be totally unlikeable, and yet most of us like Brennan the way she is. You take her away from show and it WOULD NOT be the same. Great episode, I am sorry the ratings were not better. I normally would not want BONES to move again but TBBT is hurting it. Now a LONG wait till MARCH

  34. Spider says:

    Terrible. The acting was stiff, forced and cheezy. The sets, props and costumes were great. The story and acting was not. DBs attempt at being sauve was embarrassing, the facial expressions were comical. I thought stiff Bones would have relaxed a bit for this episode, but it’s just how she acts? It feels like she forgot the pacing from the beginning of the show, her speech, I mean, and is phoning it in now. Used to be a huge fan, but stopped watching for a bit when the Hanna debacle happened. I was trying to give it a chance again. Oh well.

  35. Daisyparty says:

    So happy that Pelant showed up, he is so cool!!!❤️I hope that when he comes back that the show EPs solve the 447 and why he took a picture of Christine’s room.?
    The episodewas AWESOME because of Pelant!!!!❤️Hope to see mire if Pelant so!!!❤️😄❤️on

  36. gloria says:

    YES! i can finally start watching the show again! i read the guest cast then i saw ANDREW LEEDS!!! PELANT IS BACK!!! now im going to be cheking the guest cast all the time so i know which episodes to watch!! PELANT!! BEST CHARATER!!!!

  37. gloria says:

    I CANT STOP WATCHING THAT 8 SECONDS OF BONES ” A phone call for you Miss Breanen” i dont care if i spelled bones name wrong. THAT IS THE BEST 8 SECONDS OF THE SHOW I HAVE IT ON RE PLAY!!!! GO PELANT!!

  38. Mally says:

    I hated that they made Cam the maid and actually said she could have played the lounge singer.

  39. kmw says:

    This episode was not PRESENT DAY BONES. Pelant is not alive!!!. The show was presented as if it was a movie of Booth and Brennan and it was presented in the 50s. The characters have the same mannerisms, for the most part. I think the show made clear that Brennan in any life would be the same, so that would be why Emily would not be playing her different. As for Booth he used to be more light hearted and that is what they showed. The point was to show that in any different circumstance, despite their differences, they would always find a way to be together. David and Emily were awesome, showed why they are the best I Also believe with the BUDGET FOX gave them they did a wonderful job. Imagine if FOX had given at least some of the budget they gave to UTOPIA , we would have had probably a longer show and more people we wanted to see. As it was it was a beautiful episode and one of my favorites. Some of us have been complaining about Booth and Brennan having so few scenes this year so this was great that they were in almost every one. Hope her pregnancy will give them more scenes together

  40. sandra says:

    Love this picture but of course I just love. The whole show and the actors miss sweets

  41. Chad Johnson says:

    long time bones fan…. and I think this was the stupidest thing I’ve seen them do yet. It was just a different show with the same actors. I found nothing interesting about it at all.

  42. Rich Abey says:

    One of the most fun hours of TV in 2014!

  43. B says:

    David is clearly a talented director! I love David! He proved that he can act which I understand that he was newbie on Buffy but he is reaching depths on this show that I wasn’t sure he was able to? God bless David and Bones I really hope they get an 11th season

  44. Jeff D says:

    Great great episode!!!! A really nice break from the often predictable show it has become. Wish Sweets would have had an appearance and the one thing missing to make it a more realistic 50’s movie was no one smoked. Didn’t need it but nearly everyone smoked in that era.

  45. Lani says:

    To put it simply, it was just pure Bones. It was different but I wouldn’t picture them doing anything else for their 200th!! Congrats

  46. kmw says:

    Bones has been on the air for a decade and for two big important reasons. David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. You take away one or both and the show will not be the same, as evidenced by some of our displeasure with their lack of screen time TOGETHER. There is no way this show would have lasted this long if either one was a horrible actor. This show IS called BONES. It has always been presented as a procedural, however both David and Emily have given a lot to their roles. Temperance Brennan is based on the character in the books and Emily has played it the way Hart Hanson has written it. Brennan is the way she is for a reason. I cant imagine watching this show if Emily was playing her any other way. But she has also opened Brennan up because they both became mothers. Brennan is most certainly not the same as she was in the beginning and neither is Booth. This show would be boring if neither one had changed. Emily and David are fine actors and that is why I watch

  47. lovi says:

    loved Dr.Fuentes