Vampire Diaries EP Teases New Hope for Steroline, a 'Badass' Bonnie in 2015

Vampire Diaries Stefan Caroline

Major changes are afoot for The Vampire Diaries‘ leading players — including a fan-favorite couple — and it all begins on Thursday’s midseason finale (The CW, 8/7c).

The first big shift happens between Stefan and Caroline, who bond over an unfortunate bit of news.

“Their friendship has been through a lot this season, and [Stefan] decides that not only does Caroline need to learn something she doesn’t want to learn, but that he’s the one who should tell her the news,” executive producer Caroline Dries tells TVLine. “What we’ll come to see in the next few episodes is that their relationship will be shaped by this.”

But because miracles often emerge from tragedies, Dries adds that Stefan will “earn Caroline back as a friend and their relationship will become a little more dynamic and interesting and layered.”

Vampire Diaries BonnieAlso undergoing a major change over the next few episode is Bonnie, who Dries promises will “become more of a badass” in 2015, though she’ll have to endure a pretty blue Christmas first.

“Bonnie, who’s one of the strongest women on our show, will prove that she’s not going to be down in the dumps,” Dries explains. “She tries to make the best of things, and it will help shape her into the character she’s going to become starting in the 2015 episodes, where she’s going to harden a little bit.”

Weigh in, TVD fans: What bad news do you think Stefan has for Caroline? Is “badass” Bonnie a good thing? We’ll have more even more scoop Thursday morning, but for now, drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Please no romantic Steroline! Let them just be friends!

  2. Candice says:

    So excited to see what’s next for Steroline!

  3. The bad news for Caroline is pretty obviously going to be that they can’t bring Bonnie back and that she’s stuck on the other side.

    i for one am VERY HAPPY about the direction they have taken Bonnie this season. She’s not pining over Jeremy. She’s making things happen! She’s gotten so much of her agency back and she has been a way more dynamic character again.

  4. l says:

    Boo Steroline.. It’s too late for me to start caring about Bonnie now..

    • Portia D says:

      You’re right, it is too late, but that’s because she was never given a storyline that wasn’t basically a background character/plot device/ dues ex machina. She’s the strongest character but the writers only want to make the story revolve around boring old Elena and Caroline. I mean really tho?!

  5. Nara says:

    So someone (mostly Liz) have to die for Steroline to happen? Wow the writers have reached a new low

  6. Elsaphaba says:

    Yes Romantic Steroline!

  7. Jules says:

    Yay! Stefan and Caroline need to be together! Everyone else who I know who watches this show agrees-these two need to happen.

    Looking forward to bad ass Bonnie in 2015. Her story arc this season has been fantastic! She deserves some love and happiness without consequences for once.

    • Josh says:

      No love! Let one woman on this show not have a story focused on love.

      • Portia D says:

        Bonnie is the ONLY woman on the show who finally deserves a good love. All of Bonnie’s “love” stories have been so tragic. The first guy she ever liked was an evil vamp, the second guy died… The third guy died… She got Jeremy then he cheated on her with a ghost, then they sent him away… Then they got back together… And then SHE died. I mean really tho! They said themselves, she’s the strongest character, so why does no one really give her any attention?

  8. I hope Bonnie get back together with Jeremy or find a bad ass witch and Damon and Elena get back together and get marriage and thing hope to Damon

  9. Fan favorite?! Only a twitter-delena-fan-favorite couple

  10. M3rc Nate says:

    I imagine the big thing he has to tell her is that her Mom is dead, leading her to drop her walls and let him comfort her as a friend, which could lead to her wanting comfort and love and to feel alive which might lead to Stefan saying he has feelings for her or kissing her. So overall like this article says they will become friends again, he will have helped her through a horrible time, and the kiss or admission of feelings will why its described as: “their relationship will become a little more dynamic and interesting and layered”.

    As for Bonnie, i imagine her being badass and not blue is that she comes back, Jeremy tells her he thought she was dead and so in grief he banged ever woman in a 300 mile radius who was attractive…she then confirms they are over, and instead of a new love interest instantly popping up for her character, they make her resolve to be strong, to be independent and to be a badass.

  11. Jessica says:

    Barf @ Steroline. Stop forcing this ship.

    • Nik says:

      LMAO. Totally agree too. The writers will do anything, including kill another character to make this train wreck of a romance between Stefan and Caroline happen. Thank God DVR has a fast forward function. Sorry “shippers”…just not jumping on that weird, chemistry-less bandwagon with all y’all.

      • Cas says:

        I think the only people who actually don’t like stefan and caroline are the people who read sites like this. And Twitter and real life has a bigger following.

        • Dmac says:

          Are you serious, that is absolutely idiotic thing to even think. Some people don’t like them because they don’t fit and they are better as friends, that Stefan has never had any romantic feelings for her and now all of a sudden.

          The fact that you are equating Twitter to real life???. You can make anything trend with a group of girls at a sleepover with electronic devises. People tweet the same thing over and over and you think that is real life. Get over yourself.

          • Cas says:

            Hahaha way to get all worked up. I wasn’t saying Twitter is real life considering I don’t even have Twitter, real life as in all the people I talk to who watch it and don’t ever read this articles happen to like them.

        • Jessica says:

          Twitter isn´t a good indicator of anything really

        • Ashley says:

          I legit dont get the steroline hate lol

      • Ashley says:

        most close friends have a chemisty that resembles a romantic connection… Alot of ppl start relationships like that.

        • Diana says:

          Diffantly a train wreck. Stefan and Caroline do not fit. To me Caroline is still just a “kiddy pool” so stop trying to make Steroline the endgame. Ms. Dries, Ms. Plec, your going way off track. Soap opera is that you want your show to be ?????

    • Brigid says:

      Why not, they forced Damon/Elena! They forced Caroline/Klaus. What is the difference?

      • Ashley says:

        they def forced damon and elena and caroline n klaus was very weird and even more forced like he’s a big bad guy that will kill anyone but randomly is madly in love with caroline… and since were on the subject tyler and liv seems weird and forced as well :-/

    • jen says:

      I agree. YUCK!

  12. Auster says:

    Steroline sounds like fun.I mean we’ve always known one of them would have a thing for the other.its just sad Stefan is being a jerk.I hope bonnie comes back out.ALIVE of course.can’t wait to see what happens to

  13. Karen says:

    Steroline’s really won me over this season. LOL, you know a ship is good when it works up people passionate enough to actively hate on it, ha ha. Seriously though, favorite romantic storyline on this show in YEARS.

  14. Ian says:

    I think its quite obvious theyre killing Caroline’s mom. What would work better though is if they used it to bring her and Tyler back together, since Klaus murdered his mother.

    And I think we’ll see Bonnie being less selfless and more selfish now. Me thinks she’ll kick Jeremy to the curb and follow her heart to Damon and put that before her friendship with Elena. Also, i want to see her reveling in her magic again. She’s been so long without it.

    • Cas says:

      I thought I would be sad that about Tyler with a new girl but I like Liv and him. And I got over that ship when he kept leaving her behind anyway. I think Stefan and Caroline are cute because they built up to it. Just like Damon and Elena. As far as Bonnie and Damon I wouldn’t buy it. She has always hated him and now they are in a friend’s spot. Plus I love Jeremy and her.

      • Ian says:

        She deserves better than Jeremy.

      • Anesu says:

        Bonnie stopped hating Damon years ago and shes always even before hated him less than Caroline , Damon and Bonnie relationship will change when she gets back sparks will fly.

        • Cas says:

          Really I must have missed that then. I never saw her take any interest in wanting to be his friend until they were forced together. She always gave him looks of disgust and I think you may be a little delusional.

  15. Aisha says:

    Bonnie has always been badass, and the writers still treat her like crap anyway.
    Elena’s had the hardest life, Bonnie has been the most selfless, yet for reasons I don’t understand, Caroline seems to be the fan favourite? Cool.

  16. Baileigh says:

    With a potential romantic pairing between Stefan and Caroline and hopefully an exploration of a romantic relationship between Damon and Bonnie there won’t be any Salvatore men left for Elena to throw herself at. Which makes me wonder, which of these formentioned pairings Elena will try to break up in 2015.

  17. Lies says:

    Don’t they get it? There are not so many people who want steroline.. think that the stelena/klaroline/bamon fandom is way more bigger. Since the moment that steroline became a thing fans have been begging to keep them as friends.. But no do they ever listen? Hope bonnie becomes a lot more selfish maybe that wil draw her closer to damon.

    • Ian says:

      I think it will draw her to him. Bonnie’s earned the right to be selfish, and NOBODY’S more selfish than Damon. That makes them very much compatible people.

    • Nasty says:

      There not supposed to listen to ur request. If they listened to idiotic fan request the show would be ruined. If you want it ur way so bad then u write a script and see if they air it how bout thet

  18. Jay says:

    The Sheriff dies as plot device to get those two together.
    Badass Bonnie is there for 2 episodes then goes back to the background with no storyline, until she dies again in the finale.

  19. beba says:

    I’m pissed that they are killing Liz off so Steroline can happen this is awful. I’m super happy about Badass Bonnie, she can start being her own woman and stop catering to the Gilbert family like their slave.

    • Cas says:

      You know I am tired of people thinking it’s just to further Steroline. I mean really Liz has been close to death for years. And maybe they planned on killing her off all season anyway and it just happens that Stefan is there for Caroline, you know his friend.

      • Emily says:

        I’ve got to say that I’ve been hoping for Liz to die for years. She’s not around enough to be a fully formed character, and her death could have been used to REALLY develop Caroline and add a new dimension to her character. I think it bothers people that EVERY time this spoiler is hinted at, it’s used to indicate that Stefan is going to use this tragedy to get with Caroline. They never tease anything about Caroline developing or changing or going dark etc. It’s ALWAYS about how this tragedy will serve the Steroline story. So yeah, they’re killing Caroline’s mother and making it all about her love life. Which is wrong and pretty disgusting.

      • Ashley says:

        I agree I love liz and carolines relationship but she’s basically the only parent on the show and you barely see her… the fact that they havent already killed her is a shocker. TVD gives no nothing about killing parents lol

  20. Leo says:

    Very excited for Bonnie to become a little more selfish and this season has been great for her! Her character should be front and center and not as a plot device!

  21. Ladym05 says:

    Well, thanks for the heads up! No reason for me to watch TVD for the rest of the season.

  22. Ryan says:

    If being badass gets Bonnie out of her hell in the premiere, then I’m all for it. Otherwise, I just hate the writers’ take on Bonnie as everyone has been stating a plot device. Is Jenna going to be in the flashback part of the episode, please say she is Andy!? I would think she is since it’s taking place in the first season is it not?

  23. Sam says:

    Yay for Bonnie, eww for steroline. Bonnie needs to start caring abour herself and not her “friends”.
    Steroline needs to stay friends.

    • Kristen says:

      Yes that’s how I feel about Steroline too. Reminds me of when they tried to pair
      Rachel with Joey on Friends. Hopefully, I will feel differently depending on the writing. I just hate that I know Stefan will never love Caroline the way he did Elena. She was always second choice.

  24. Yes!! Maybe Bonnie will FINALLY get the storylines she deserves…..

    • zed says:

      I really hope so, too. A big YES for Bonnie, the badass witch! She is the only female character that has evolved because of all her trials and tribulations! She and Damon have the best dynamic on the show!
      As for Steroline- dead water for both characters.

  25. Rinnie says:

    No more sacrificing you and your entire family for those people Bonnie!! You show them!! And I really, really hope Steroline never happens.

  26. Barbara Jean says:

    Maybe Matt is goibg to die. On previews it shows him being tossed in that van, by Enzo, which causes me to eonder if Enzo turned Matt just to drive him into Mystic Falls.

  27. Whisle says:

    Finally some Steroline movement!!! I never shipped them before this season because of how blind Caroline was about Stefan and how he was always so self-righteous and condescending toward her. They were tolerable as friends because they really do love each other but the dynamic was just really lopsided. This season Caroline has finally seen that he isn’t Mr. Perfect and she chose to put herself first in her own life and Stefan has decided to step down off his pedestal, so I actually want to see them as a couple. It’s time for both of them to have an adult relationship with a real foundation of love and respect.

    For Bonnie, I hope if she makes it out of this alive, she comes back a true badass witch. If she doesn’t, I hope she gets killed off for good. Her repeatedly coming back to life sl’s have become boring and her constant witchcraft failures are ridiculous at this point. How can we take her seriously when compared to all the other witches we’ve seen on TVD and TO who actually ARE amazing and competent?

  28. Please don’t do this. Friends are very important. And sometimes it doesn’t come out well in the end. Besides can’t mix oil and water. Or make mountains out of mole hills.

  29. Lucy says:

    Steroline, forced and fake. Enough said.

  30. Teyla says:

    I love the dynamics of a growing romantic relationship between Caroline and Stefan. I’m very happy the TVD writers are going in this direction and away from the love triangle. As for Bonnie Bennett, she is the heroine of this show. It most certainly is not Elena Gilbert. I would love it if Damon realizes he has feelings for Bonnie that are deeper than friendship. As for Elena Gilbert, I hope the writers can make me like her again and “sorry … not sorry” I really do miss Katherine Pierce.

    • Portia D says:

      Yesss! I agree completely with everything you’ve said! Bonnie is the strongest female character. Damon is the strongest male character. In my opinion they forced Damon and Bonnie to “hate” each other all these seasons, but it never felt natural. Also, why have they ignored the Bamon relationship from the actually book?

  31. Ashley says:

    not just because im steroline heavy but I am gonna be pissed if the bad news is that he’s still in love with elena… and I liked stelana waaaay more than delena I just feel like thats the news lol smh

  32. Nicquel Christensen says:

    Steroline shouldn’t happen keep them friends!! Stelena is ment to be!!

  33. Jessie says:

    Love Bonnie! Totally hoping she gives all of these people except Damon the boot, seeing as he’s the only one actually invested in getting her back for her own sake!

  34. Please no romance with Stefan and Caroline. It will totally ruin their friendship. And it wouldn’t be love for Stefan it would be pity and we know that that will never work out. And I’m pretty sure Caroline really isn’t in love with Stefan. In her heart she knows Stefan will always love Elena , certainly Stefan does. Once Caroline loses her mother she will change. She will never move away from Mystic Falls. It is her home and we know how important her home is to her from the beginning episodes of season 6. Just my opinion/theory . Thank you for allowing me voice it.

  35. red11serpent says:

    I’m all for Stefan & Caroline being more than just friends but not that way. To hook up during the possible lost of Sheriff Forbes is not smart and doomed for failure.

    I’m also looking forward to Bonnie’s badass attitude and I hope it’s felt wholeheartedly by her so called friends and supposed boyfriend who gave up on finding her or just didn’t care enough to make it right. Damon Salvatore so far is the only one putting extra effort in to find his best friend & hopefully Bonnie & Damon becomes much, much more with their badass attitudes. 😉

  36. chaney says:

    boo steroline! they should just be friends nothing more!!!

  37. jen says:

    Stefan and Caroline together is just weird. They are not a good match at all.

  38. jhijio says:

    NO NO NOOOOO MORE STEROLINE ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!