Post Mortems

Post Mortem: Nashville EP Talks Wedding Blues — and Bliss! Plus: [Spoiler]'s 'Grim' Diagnosis

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Wednesday’s fall finale of Nashville

There were no near-fatal car accidents or crazy mistresses announcing pregnancies, but that’s about all that didn’t take place in Nashville‘s jam-packed fall finale.

A possible death? Check. A terminal diagnosis? Check. A paternity revelation? Check. A long-awaited reunion that ended far better than we might’ve hoped? Praise Reba, check!

A brief recap: As Rayna and Luke’s big day approached, her feelings of dread about what being Mrs. Wheeler would do to her life and kids finally propelled her to call the whole thing off… on the morning of the ceremony. Luke was (understandably) irate, and though Rayna was upset about hurting him, she looked at peace as she drove away at the episode’s end.

In happier nuptial news, Juliette asked Avery to move into her place to ease logistics after their daughter is born. After some soul-searching, the dad-to-be came up with a better idea: He proposed, and they were married in a quiet civil ceremony. Sniff!

Meanwhile, Deacon and Scarlett spent most of the hour in Memphis, where they did a fun karaoke duet before Deke returned to the hotel, saying he didn’t feel so great. Scar later found him passed out and unresponsive near some broken glass and minibar bottles of alcohol. Good news? He didn’t fall off the wagon. Bad news? He’s got a terminal illness. So far, Scarlett’s the only other person who knows — and Deacon wants to keep it that way. Different kind of sniff!

Elsewhere: Sadie’s ex matched the emotional punch of his reappearance with a physical punch on her front stoop; Jeff broke off… whatever it was he had with Layla, which sent her on a pill-popping, heavy drinking jag that ended with her drowning (maybe?) in his swimming pool; and — as many of you predicted — Gunnar learned that Micah was his nephew (AKA his brother Jason’s kid), not his son.

So much to process! So long to wait until the next episode! To tide you over, here’s showrunner Dee Johnson with some scoop on what’s next for your favorite Music City folk.

TVLINE | Let’s start with Rayna. Did you know, as you were conceiving the Rayna-Luke relationship, that it wouldn’t end well?
We knew that it was going to be a completely different way of living for her and it might not be all that comfortable when push came to shove. She was committed to it for a certain amount of time, she had her eyes on the prize, and then the goal post kept moving.Nashville Season 3 Spoilers

TVLINE | Let’s play a percentage game: How much of her decision to back out of the wedding had to do with her girls, how much was because of Deacon saying, “I’m still in love with you,” how much because of other factors?
That’s a tough one. Because the Deacon element is so deep and so intertwined in all of those emotional feelings for her, it’s hard to tell where that stops and any other issues begin. For the girls, there really was a tipping point. She was rolling with it, and then she was like, “It’s one thing for me to feel uncomfortable; its another thing to see them literally changing before my eyes.”

TVLINE | Early in the episode, we see her raising objections to another six months of touring. Is this the end of the tour for her?
It would be a pretty horrible tour, to be honest! [Laughs]

TVLINE | It would, but Luke dragged Deacon out there!
Yeah. I think that you get a good sense, with how the episode ended, that Luke pretty much doesn’t want to be in the same room with her. [Laughs] And not even a concert hall or stadium would be big enough.

TVLINE | Their wedding was shaping up to be such a spectacle. I’d imagine the public fallout from their not getting married be equally huge.
We basically have a fairly immediate pick-up in the episode that follows when we come back from our winter break. So we’re going to be right in the immediacy of what one does in this situation.

TVLINE | Will we see Luke around in the second half of the season?
Oh yeah. He’s not going anywhere.

Nashville Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | Deacon doesn’t want anyone to know about his illness. How possible is that as the season progresses?
It’s pretty hard to keep it a secret for too long… Let’s just say: He can’t keep that genie in a bottle for too long. He’s gonna try, though. Because I think that he feels that it’s almost karmic in a weird way, that it’s as a result of some stuff he did at an earlier time in his life. Whether or not that’s true, he certainly believes it. And the last thing he wants is any kind of a pity party.

TVLINE | What’s his attitude toward the disease as we go on? Hopeful? Fatalistic?
He’s gonna go through all of that stuff. There’s a million reasons for him to survive, but it’s also pretty grim.

TVLINE | We saw Juliette and Avery marry, which I think will make many of the fans happy.
I hope so.

TVLINE | Ever consider doing a bigger wedding for those two, as opposed to going to town hall?
No. You know why? Because we knew it was going to happen in this episode, and we wanted the juxtaposition of the big ol’, honkin’, all out, huge, super expensive wedding which was all show versus the simplicity and the heartfelt thing that they had been through, keeping it simple and real for them.

TVLINE | Has Avery forgiven Juliette?
I actually do think he has. Look, you never forget those kind of things. But I do think he has forgiven her.

TVLINE | Poor Layla is face-down in the pool at the end of the episode. What can you tease about what we’ll find out when we get back?
That’s a hard one. It obviously affects Jeff and Will profoundly and definitely pushes Will to take an action that is selfless for the first time in a very long time.

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  1. Riana says:

    I think Will might come out. I hope that Layla is not dead. She was starting to become likable

    • Sutton says:

      Really? She is a horrible actor who overacts all her scene, and just whines the whole time. I sincerely hope she is dead.

      • abz says:

        Her acting may not be the greatest, but you can’t help understand her struggle. Her whining is not from nowhere. She’s trapped and miserable and stuck in a marriage and a life she would never have chosen. And after finding out her husband is gay and then months later catching him sleeping with a woman, that must’ve been very hurtful and confusing to her especially in her drunken state.
        I’ve grown to like Layla and she has a great voice in spite of her so-so acting. I hope this drowning incident doesn’t turn into another drug addiction storyline like Scarlett. Been there done that. I want them to use this to finally move forward with Will’s storyline. If this were real life, of course it’d probably take a lot longer for Will to come out, but this is TV time which usually moves at a much faster pace. His story much like anything to do with Juliette this season has been moving at a snail’s pace. I like Rayna, but the way the writers have made her hog this entire season with stupid Luke (who seriously needs to just leave for good!!) has been so annoying. She takes up like 20 minutes every episode allowing nothing to happen in Juliette’s life outside of the Avery drama and little to no progression for Will.

    • Normandy says:

      This is an entertaining show but it’s not very well written, despite its pedigree. When they realized the political and shady business stuff wasn’t going to work, they fully embraced their soap opera nature. However, if they kill Layla off that will be really cheap. Don’t know what to do with Lamar? Kill him off. Don’t know what to do with Peggy? Kill her off. Now Layla?

      And they’re already going down the soap opera checklist by making the kid’s biological father the dead brother, and giving Deacon a potentially life-ending disease that we know he’ll beat as long as the show is around. All we need now is for Luke Wheeler to turn into a psychopath who will get plastic surgery to look like Deacon.

      • michaelene gon says:

        The business and wheeling and dealing that really does go on in the real Nashville should have kept going. All of the ensuing could easily have been incorporated, as it has been something to give the series more dementions. Deacon…not likely cancer. Cirrhosis yes. In any case, liver transplants usually very successful. Will needs tto come out and Layla needs to live as they duet well together. WOW! Oliver Hudson does do the slimeball well!

      • Abby says:

        If Will is going to do something selfless, Layla probably lives. Otherwise I can’t really see how he would be selfless in coming out. Probably, the press is going to slay her for being at Jeff’s and under the influence despite the fact she’s supposed to be happy and married, and Will might come out to try to protect her reputation and career.

        • Abby says:

          This would also probably force the production company to cancel their reality show because the marriage is clearly fake, thus saving her from continuing the charade of playing dumb that is a huge part of her unhappiness.

    • Kay L says:

      I couldn’t stand her until the last episode or two. I was shocked that I was actually beginning to like her. It would be so like Nashville to kill off a character just as we find something redeeming in them.

  2. CK says:

    I didn’t like Layla that much, but dang send her off somewhere, don’t drown her in a pool. This is Peggy 2.0.

    • CK says:

      Scratch that. I know Nashville would push a storyline focused on Will planning a memorial/funeral for his beard and eventually falling in love the sexy Funeral Planner/Guy at a grief support group, and that would just be morbidly fantastic.

  3. Elsa says:

    Soooo happy that Rayna finally saw the light ! I’m thinking Deacon will push her away due to his illness. I can’t wait to see how it plays.

    So glad for Juliette and Avery. Simple and perfect.

    As for Layla, I’ve grown to like her, but I would be ok with her dying to push Will’s storyline.

    In other news, goodby Teddy’s whore !

    I won’t be able to wait until Feb 4.

    • Bev Mavus says:

      So glad that Rayna didn’t marry Luke — and I agree that Deacon will pusher away due to his illness. This is the best drama show on network. There is nothing else like it and with music too — can’t beat it. It’s the best evening soap opera since Knot’s Landing. It certainly will be an interesting second half of the year.

  4. I hated Avery and Juliette season 1 and was surprised at how they became the two I was rooting for most season 2. I hope now they can get back into the rhythm they had as a couple before. I love them together.

    • Valerie says:

      I knew from the very first episode that they were going to end up together. It was so subtle but their chemistry was on fire. I love that they had a great friendship once they became friends. That is such an important part of the relationship foundation.

  5. Everton says:

    I really hope they don’t kill Layla. I despised her during most of Season 2, but she turned into such a likable character, she became my favorite. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this show without her.

  6. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Loved the look of burgeoning relief on Rayna’s face as she drove away from breaking things off with Luke. Connie Britton did a tremendous job in that moment. It’s like she didn’t realize just how trapped and unhappy she’d become until she was at last free.

    • SP says:

      Connie Britton’s scenes were indeed beautifully acted in this episode but I think Will Chase deserves some serious credit here. The whole breakup scene was heartbreaking and his delivery of that “but I love you, rayna” line was just so well executed.

      • abz says:

        Honestly. I don’t think I ever bought his love for her as legit. Maybe he loved her, but he for sure never GOT her. I think he loved what his union with her did for his career though.

        • SP says:

          Interesting. I always got the impression that he had been pretty nuts about her for years

          • PTF says:

            Watching the whole relationship unfold, I never got the impression that he loved Rayna, for who she was, he had just had a crush on her for ages and finally got to beat Deacon, and win her. She seemed more like a prize than a person to him. He sure didn’t care about anything that was important to her.

  7. Jenna says:

    Avery and Juliette..what a wonderful surprise ending! Am I the only one thinking the girls played Reyna to get the end result that they wanted? They looked like two co-conspirators throwing down their last play.Whether it was Deacon or the girls or both..I will take it. Poor Gunnar..he can’t win for losing.

  8. Jill says:

    Thank god Rayna finally woke up from that coma she’s been in since the beginning of season 2. For the first time since season 1 I actually remembered who she was as a character, and that I like the character. Here’s hoping she’ll stay on this path to taking responsibility for her actions and the rest of the season will be filled with her addressing all the heartache she’s caused. Poor Deacon, just don’t kill him off before he finally gets some hapiness. I didn’t mind the Will/Layla/Jeff stuff this week, but they really need to get rid of that Gunnar/Micah storyline I fell asleep every time it came on screen! Finally, Juliette/Avery! Amazing, though I think they could have used a little more screen time tonight.

    • RUCookie says:

      The bomb was dropped early in the episode when she kept asking about her new wedding dress – “I had picked out something more modern but Luke is a traditional guy”… ugh – everything around them was his doing. She didn’t want to extend the tour for another 6 months and his response is, no rush, let me know when you tell the girls… in other words, we are doing it.

    • Abby says:

      Well, the lack of screen time may have been due to her being heavily pregnant, so at least the scene they gave us was the best present ever!

  9. Bill says:

    Ruke is no more! It’s about time. Love the Avery-Juliette marriage. Things are looking pretty grim for Deacon and Layla. Deacon’s potentially fatal diagnosis came out of nowhere. Can’t believe thy’re going to make us wait until February 4 for the next episode.

  10. Sarah says:

    I would just like to say that I totally called Deacon having liver cancer (if anyone cares to look back at the comments for last weeks episode you will see it). So cue the heart burnings about Maddie donating a piece or her liver to him.Teddy will be opposed and so will Deacon because it can be dangerous. Deacon will go into a coma, medical powers of attorney will be invoked, death bed pronouncements of love and season ending cliff hangers will ensue. This show gives a whole new meaning to the term prime time soap. Its like Melrose Place with music.

    • pamill says:

      Speaking of Melrose Place, Layla totally pulled a Brooke.

    • RUCookie says:

      YOU did – I remember reading it. But, I don’t think this is cancer. They said his liver is failing due to cirrhosis. Still, he needs a liver transplant and his daughter or maybe Scarlett are better options than organ transplant… hey, the liver is the only organ that can regenerate!

      • michaelene gon says:

        Cookie…you got that correctly. His cirrhosis doesn’t necessarily have to advance. But we do know the liver transplant will happen. They are usually successful. I’m an RN.

    • Gail says:

      Unless they find when doing tests that Maddie is not Deacon’s daughter after all. Lamar had the paternity test switched and Teddy is her real father. It is a soap after all.

  11. pamill says:

    SUCH a great episode :

    – Rayna : FINALLY back to her roots. Loved that last shot of her.
    – Juliette & Avery : Kudos to the writers, the build-up in recent episodes AND the payoff was great.
    – Scarlett & Deacon : That is a make-or-break storyline, hopefully they can pull it off.
    – Sadie : Oh, no, he didn’t…I can’t wait to see her open a can of whoopass on the a-hole.
    – Jeff-Layla-Will : The triangle of sort was a great move, now two of the their least likeable characters are actually likeable…AND interesting.

    • BrittBrat says:

      Sadie’s husband is crazy! I hope he gets his butt kicked and ends up in jail. I’m also trying to figure out why Jeff called Teddy and not the cops.

      • pamill says:

        Probably because he wants Teddy to cover up the potential OD of a young girl at his house (he would be probably held responsible for being the host, not to mention the drugs were also his) OR to make sure the incident doesn’t go public because that could pretty much end Layla’s career.

        And yeah, Sadie’s husband better get slapped around a bit in the upcoming episodes. Frankly, I hope she will report him to the police immediately and get him arrested for assault.

    • RUCookie says:

      Please oh please oh please don’t have Sadie hide this black-eye. Please have her go public immediately and have Rayna back her up. Please have her call the cops and go to an attorney. The guy needs to be locked up immediately.

      • pamill says:

        My thoughts exactly. Sadie and Rayna are written as strong women, and strong women would proceed exactly the way you’ve just described.

      • neaorlean says:

        That’s not happening. TV loves strong women who have a weak spot for an abusive/alcoholic ex.

        • Abby says:

          But she’s straight up said she has nothing left to give him, or or ANY men, so if she regresses it goes against every line they’ve already ever written for Sadie. I hope she actually kills him and THAT is her spring drama, or something.

          • neaorlean says:

            You mean like Rayna was saying she can’t wait to marry Luke or she’s over Deacon? They say a lot of things, if she wanted him gone, she’d have a restraining order issued months ago, when he started calling her. Think about it – does anybody know what’s been going on? Did she tell anybody that he’s been calling her? She kinda did, but not in detail, she was like “my ex’s been bugging me”, but she didn’t honestly tell anybody about the situation… When Avery entered the room, she didn’t admit he’s bothering her, she just said he’s leaving. She didn’t even mention calling the police when he hit her, she was like “I won’t let you do this to me, blah blah” but that’s just talk. Sadie was never a strong woman, I don’t know why people call her that, it’s always been the other way around – she just left her ex and never did anything to stop him from harming her, she’s been Rayna’s Scarlett 2.0, she’s easily persuaded (I’ll sign with Edgehill, no, Highway 65, no, Edgehill), she never actually faced anything so far, she ran from the paparazzi, playing some loud music, is that what makes her strong? Just think about it, she’s weak and it’s absolutely like her to let her ex walk all over her again.

          • Abby says:

            Fine, it’s totally possible but it would be a lot less interesting than if Sadie needed someone to help her cover up the fact that she’s a stronger person now than when she was with him the first time, and she killed him in self-defense, rather than allowing him back into her life. ‘TV loves it’ feels too disingenuous because as a fan of TV I know the trope’s been overdone and was even a part of Rayna’s parents’ back story…

          • lorna says:

            Im thinking sadie will kill the scuzzy ex. I hope so. I also had a thought: what if he did cowrite her music and she is taking all the credit? She is almost too perfect to be true, minus the gunning the car e ith Rayna in it.

  12. BrittBrat says:

    Ding Dong Ruke is dead!!!! That should have happened a long time ago.
    Kind of figured that Chase was the father.
    I’m starting to like Layla and still can’t stand Teddy. Why the prostitute story? I hope they don’t kill Layla off.
    Why did they have to give Deacon a disease?
    I was shocked about the Javery proposal and wedding!!!!!!!
    Did anyone look at Kylie’s parents and think they look nothing like the actress who plays her? Was it just me?

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes, I was surprised about the casting for her parents, too.

      • Embeth says:

        Even if they aren’t a great visual match, it does make sense, given that Alexa Vega is half-Latina, half-Anglo in real life. Her natural hair color is much darker. It took me a couple of episodes to recognize Kylie as the girl from “SpyKids.”

    • neaorlean says:

      Explains the kid, he looks nothing like his Kylie or Gunnar’s brother.

    • Valerie says:

      I think Jeff is going to blackmail Teddy into helping him because he knows about the prostitute.

      I was not surprised at all that Juliette and Avery got married because there was a spoiler that went around about a couple was going to get married and it’s not who you think it is. I knew there was no way that they would allow Ruke to get married. The only other couple that would probably get married was Avery and Juliette because of her pregnancy. I’m so happy that they got married.

  13. Carla Krae says:

    Yay for Juliette and Avery!
    I hope Sadie files charges on that jerk. Back up her words that she’s not the scared young woman he knew. Man, that sounded like a hard punch, too. Wasn’t surprising to see her eye looking like that immediately. I hope she and Rayna continue to have scenes.
    I feel sorry for Luke. The morning of the wedding? That’s only slightly less bad than at the ceremony itself. Hurts no matter who you are.

  14. Rosy says:

    Well…soap alert here…big time. But the javery wedding was sweet and THANK THE LORD the end of Luke Wheeler. Connie Britton absolutely NAILED that scene in the car at the end.

    • Shira says:

      Connie nailed EVERY scene this episode. The moment Tandy was talking about Luke the night before the wedding and you could see she was thinking of Deacon just by the look in her eyes? HOW DOES SHE DO IT???

  15. Iakovos says:

    Excellent midseason finale but no new episode until February 4?!?!? I do not care for the webs’ new programming schedules. Anyway… I do hope NASHVILLE does focus on fallout from all these stories. The plot twists are game changers and worthy of time and nuance… without a quick turn of page and introduction of new characters (Sadie and her story excepted. Laura Benanti rocks!) . I applaud ABC for giving NASHVILLE the opportunity to recalibrate. It is a good show!

    I am thinking Layla dies, a victim of selling one’s soul and not being able to overcome broken dreams… a showbiz truism and trope. it also will inform Will and Jeff for some time to come and establish a rivalry. So happy for Deacon to have a story beyond Rayna. Charles Esten is wonderful to watch and I am looking forward to his story arc here. With the wedding upset in her rearview mirror, Rayna and Jeff may be more formidable and evident foes. She may have to help her ex Teddy when the call girl scandal most surely comes to light for Mr. Mayor. And Jeff is responsible there just enough to be regarded at fault by Rayna. And of course a baby is soon to be born!

    • michaelene gon says:

      Charles ( Chip ) Esten is a central character. He will not die. But will have a lot to sink his acting chops on. It is cirrhosis only…but will need a liver transplant. There will be “moments”….but he will pull through.

  16. Gail says:

    So I guess Gunnar is now free to tour with Scarlett and Avery.

  17. izzieb says:

    Loved it! So glad to go into this long break without an at-the-alter cliffhanger. Happy about Juliette and Avery! Gunnar and Scarlett need to get back together – and sing! I suppose this is where the Jeff’s blackmail over Teddy comes into play – if Teddy doesn’t help him cover up his part in Layla’s demise, he’ll out the mayor and the escort. Deacon – I hate for him to have this diagnosis (although they called it “undiagnosed”) – but I’m not panicking yet. If they killed him off, that would seriously tick some people off and the show wouldn’t be worth watching anymore.

    • Elsa says:

      ITA, I was so afraid there would be an at-the-alter cliffhanger, which would have made the wait until Feb 5 even more unbearable.
      And I was also very happy that Rayna decided to leave Luke on her own, without some kind of drama happening at the ceremony. I was glad that she realized herself that she was becoming someone else.
      Finally, I don’t believe for a second they would kill Deacon. It would not make any sense.

  18. goldilocksloves says:

    Left out the part about not only did Jeff break it off with Layla, she then walked in on Will hooking up with a girl… talk about a double whammy.

  19. di says:

    so glad for Juliette & Avery, I was hoping they’d get back together. sorry for Luke, he really loves Rayna, but he’d be living with a ghost (Deacon). That girls needs a lawyer and the cops, no one deserves a punch in the face! Poor Gunnar, losing his girl, now his new son/nephew, I think he will go bonkers. I want Rayna and Deacon to be together, for however long they have…I am not sure if Layla will survive, she was starting to be likable, I think some news about Will will come out soon cant wait for next season Keep us guessing!

  20. Julia says:

    I hope they don’t kill Layla. I don’t like the character, but I think killing her would be the easy way out. And I also hope Brent comes back. What happened to him?? I liked his storyline with Will.

    • abz says:

      I want Layla and Will to divorce and Brent to come back and help Will come out and for Will and Layla to eventually move on as friends after time has passed. They need to start moving this storyline forward. Hopefully with the wedding not happening, Luke will FINALLY be gone and there will be a lot more time devoted to other characters like Juliette, Will, and even Sadie so we can see her kick her ex-husband’s ass (Laura Benanti has been great to watch).

  21. cg says:

    So glad Rayna ended things with Luke. They better not kill off Deacon and want I him and Rayna to get back together.

    • michaelene gon says:

      For all Nashville show lovers:

      Wednesday has swept all the competition by far!!! This is really good news…as it also has Nashville as being better season after season with prime demo group:18-49!!!! YAY!!!!

  22. Jen says:

    Great episode! Loved Rayna calling off the wedding and realizing that’s not the life she wants for herself or her kids and LOVED Avery and Juliette getting married. I am really liking Layla now and feel so sorry for her so I’m hoping she’s not dead although it doesn’t look good for her. We thought Will might have died with the train incident so I can’t imagine they’ll do that twice which means I think she’s a goner unfortunately. So sad for Deacon but I really love his relationship with Scarlett so I’m glad she was there for him and I can’t wait for the first Deacon and Rayna scenes after he finds out she called off the wedding. I really liked the Scarlett and Gunnar hug too and hope that leads to if nothing else them writing and singing together again. In fact the only thing I didn’t like was that we have to wait until February 4th for it to return!

  23. michaelene gon says:

    Probably not liver cancer for Deacon. Cirrhosis sure. Liver transplants, by the way, are usually very successful. Who will be giving Deacon a piece of liver????
    Rayna looked content at last.
    Zoey is too good to just let her go. Great voice. Good character.
    We knew Avery loved his GIRLS to be absent!!! :-)

  24. Abby says:

    “Luke’s not going anywhere.” Gah, please retract. Retract!! I’m guessing a tour contract has been signed and Rayna/Sadie will think about doing their own tour together, but Jeff and Luke will force Highway 65 to send out Sadie. But I’d like to keep Sadie and toss Luke, so I’d really rather they not fall in love.

    • abz says:

      My exact reaction. I almost yelled at my laptop as I was reading. WHY?!?!?! I honestly hate the Luke character so much. Maybe I just don’t like the actor or maybe the actor is doing a great job at making me hate the character. I just want him gone once for all. I don’t even care about seeing Rayna. I’ll be happy with a new person or even seeing her by herself for the rest of the season. I don’t care. Just get rid of the Luke character. He’s worse than Teddy!!

  25. Sue Adelson says:

    Does anyone else think Rayna just might be driving back to…. Teddy? The scene has been set: Teddy broke things off with the prostitute; Rayna told her sister that she wanted things to be back to “normal,” like they were with Teddy (I think); Teddy became a little bit more likeable during this season; Rayna going directly to Deacon would be too predictable/easy (we need more teasing); and Deacon has a new storyline with his illness.

    • Zarahlynn M. says:

      OMG NO!!!!!
      Rayna was never truly in love with Teddy and she told Luke she could not do to him, what she had done to Teddy. Going back would be a horrendous mistake.

      Especially, since she and Teddy had Zero romantic chemistry. I often wondered how they ever conceived Daphne!

      • suesox says:

        It was that statement, that she couldn’t do to Luke what she did to Teddy, that gave rise to the thought that she might go back to Teddy to “make amends” for having broken up the family. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want this to happen- – at all. I was just considering it as a possibility, one that would surprise most viewers.

  26. Abby says:

    Is it bad that I think the Juliette-Avery wedding, while sweet and perfect, was so clean and ‘happy ever after’ish that some serious drama is going to test them, like perhaps an unhealthy baby? It’s perfect, Avery on tour with ZAG, Juliette goes into early labor and the life of their baby girl will be in peril… :(

    • abz says:

      That’s possible. It is a soap after all and there was recent news a while back of them casting a doctor character on the show so we’ll see.

  27. lorna says:

    I have grown to really like Layla. Please keep her. I think Jeff liked her as well. Let them reunite!

  28. Mark says:

    I find it mystifying that there’s any support for the detestable Rayna. Luke is well rid of her solipsistic nonsense. May she be alone and miserable. She doesn’t deserve more.

    • suesox says:

      And I thought I had a good vocabulary. I disagree with your point of view, but I appreciate being given a new word for my working lexicon.

    • PTF says:

      Eh, I like Rayna generally, but this is possibly a holdover from previous years as I don’t think she’s been very likeable this season: I just want her to OWN her decisions and choices, which NEVER happens and which frustrates me greatly. I doubt I’d root for her as much if she wasn’t played by Connie Britton if I’m honest. But however irritating she’s been, she’s nothing compared to the black hole of suck that is Luke Wheeler. Hopefully now she’s rid of him, she won’t be so annoying. Fingers crossed.

  29. Linda Stevens says:

    I Think Sadie may kill her husband because of his abruse..And he isn’t important in the story line except to show what an a-s he is to Sadie..I think Deacon will get his transplant when Sadie Kills her husband..And hopefully She doesn’t get charged for it