Chicago P.D. Winter Finale Recap: Is [Spoiler] on the Way Out?

Chicago PD Burgess Shot

Word to the wise: don’t bicker while on the job.

Because as Chicago P.D.‘s winter finale on Wednesday night demonstrated, if you do, you won’t be prepared for what’s about to hit you. Or in the case of this episode, what’s about to strike your partner.

When Roman and Burgess are assigned to ridealong with his ex-partner Jen (aka the one he fell for), things get tense very fast. “I should have called in dead,” Roman tells Burgess. Hey, it can’t be that bad, can it? Oh yes, it can, because Roman and Jen proceed to argue and open old wounds throughout their shift.

Jen reveals the real story to Burgess. She and Roman had a fling — why did I think Roman’s feelings were unrequited? — despite knowing better. Then she moved on to “bigger and better things,” she explains, flashing a ring. But apparently, Roman couldn’t let go and crashed the engagement party, hitting her fiancé’s father in the face!

Earlier in the episode, Burgess wondered if she and Ruzek would turn on each other should things go bad. He calmed her fears with a kiss. And thank goodness for that because it could be their last! Roman and Jen are so busy fighting that Burgess heads to check out a building herself after repeatedly yelling at them to shut up. That’s when you know something bad is going to happen, because you never go it alone. And of course, Burgess is shot as Roman and Jen race over.

Elsewhere: Lindsay debates whether to take a job with the federal task force; one of their special agents even shows up to woo her. “I’m proud of you, Erin,” Voight tells her in an uncharacteristically “Awww” moment. “And whatever decision you want to make, I’ll back you.” In the end, she decides to “get in front of” of the problem and take the gig.

Chicago P.D. fans, do you think Burgess will survive? Are you excited to see Lindsay in her new job? And now that she’s not part of the Intelligence unit, is a relationship with Halstead not too far off? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Gina says:

    Halstead and Lindsey need to get together now please. Thank you. :) and I want her intelligence still. Make it interesting though and have her get kidnapped or something haha.

  2. Bwhit says:

    I doubt Lindsay is leaving, Jay needs to talk her out of it! I wonder if Ruzek is going to lose it on Roman for arguing with his ex instead of watching Kim’s back. Should be good when it comes back!

  3. TVDiva says:

    I don’t see Lindsay being gone too long. Hopefully Burgess pulls through. Hopefully some movement with Linstead starts to happen.

  4. glenn says:

    Not at all happy if Sophia leaves. Is this someone upstairs dealing with staff relationships re Sophia and Jesse? Or something else?

  5. glenn says:

    Not at all happy if Sophia leaves. Is this more? Is upper management chastising a staff relationship? Burgess can’t go either, as they have a winning crew.

    • aw says:

      cool, who is having a staff relationship? Sophia? That kind of surprises me after that experience she had on one tree hill

    • Brendan says:

      I don’t think Sophia Bush is leaving the show. I think Erin won’t be in the task force for long. It’s like in Without a Trace where Malone leaves his New York post to join his family in L.A., but finds out that his wife wants to divorce and had to return to his original post.

    • Shannon says:

      Sophia Bush is not leaving the show and I doubt Lindsey will actually leave Intelligence. Something will happen that will cause her to stay I am all but certain.

  6. MarieCA says:

    Sophia should stay. I can’t imagine the group without her. Hopefully, Burgess will survive. Love her character. Please keep the same characters. Also, expand the Desk Sgt role. Love her sarcasm.

    • Jenna says:

      Platt is hilarious. Last night my husband walked into the room while I was watching the show and exclaimed “hey! That’s the mom from Rookie of the Year! Wow, she was nicer in that movie…” I shushed him and told him that Platt’s a bad ass b*tch who is nice in her own way.

  7. tom says:

    if sophia bush leaves this show will suffer i like most of the characters but i love Lindsay and sophia isn’t bad to look at for an hour beside people want to see if she and halstead hook up so even if she off the team keep her on the show as for roman i suggest he makes another transfer because if rusek doesnt kill him for this alwater will.

    • Livvy says:

      Sophia is not leaving the show. Erin is just leaving the IU for the task force.
      And if I had to guess, I’d say that Erin will be back in the IU soon enough.

  8. cherry medina says:

    I love your show. My husband and I watched it every week. We really enjoyed Ruzek and Burgess relationship. Please don’t kill Burgess role.

  9. Rachel says:

    They can’t kill Burgess, she’s my favorite character! I don’t think they would though…. I love her and Ruzek.

    Great episode.

  10. Laurie says:

    I think it would be awesome if they did another spin off with Lindsay working for the feds.
    I also don’t want Burgess to be killed off. Now that Lindsay is leaving it will give her the chance to work with Voit. She already has proven that she is worth her weight.
    Can’t wait till January!!!

  11. Sasha says:

    on Marina Squerciati’s twitter page she says bye to Sophia Bush. she also says “its been a fun ride” so who knows. doesn’t sound like she’s coming back

    • Jenna857 says:

      I think (hope) that she was referring to their live tweeting date. They hung out together to live tweet the episode last night.

    • christina says:

      I can’t imagine them killing yet another fan favorite ( shay from Fire). I don’t think she would be allowed to say yeah I’ll be back it would ruin the suspense of will Burgess live or die. Just like with fire the whole where is Mills/Brett?

      Plus they just gave us Burzek. I really, really, really hope she lives.

  12. Marco says:

    What if Erin leaves fro the TF, but she stays in the show?

  13. Kim says:

    No one talks about Olinsky, like ever and he is amazing. Elias Koteas did a great job in this episode.

  14. Jayne says:

    I don’t want to see Lindsay with Halstead. I would love to see her with Severide from Chicago Fire.

    • Jenny says:

      I would only want this for the crossovers. They’ve seemed to stop them and I miss that. They’re in the same district they should see each other a lot! Also they’re so bent on making Kelly miserable with serious relationships…….

  15. Lou Lou says:

    I think Burgess will be ok but down for a bit. Lindsay I think she will be back on Intelligence at least I hope if not I hope they get as good a replacement. Jay and Lindsay could happen but I am a Linseride fan. I like the friendship of Linstead, then who could blame her for playing scrabble with Jay, on the fence with it all. We will see in Jan. Question is are these people still in Chicago filming?

  16. I don’t want to see EITHER Burgess or Lindsey go, they are the reason I like the show so much. Without them and the balance they bring, PD would just be another rogue-cop shoot-em-up.

  17. Chris says:

    Keep burgess alive she is hot

  18. cici says:

    Oh no, don’t kill Burgess. My favorite character. Basically one of the few I like on this show.

  19. Kel'e says:

    Maybe now Ruzek and Burgess won’t be hiding their relationship anymore Boy he is gonna be pissed when he fine out what happened to Burgess. Since Lindsay is leaving they should wait til Burgess get well and don’t kill her off, let her take Lindsay place..Great show

  20. M says:

    love the show. Hope Burgess stays.

  21. I want to know when this will be back.

  22. Anita says:

    What is the date of the Season Premiere???

    • Klaus says:

      The Wednesday December 10 episode of Chicago PD was not the season finale, it was the winter (mid-season finale) finale. On It confirms the show returns on January 7, 2015.

  23. RON ASLIN says:

    Very good show

  24. perrogrande says:

    I smell a spin off show with Lindsey and the mystery Fed agent on the Task Force. Great twist when Burgess got shot at the front door. You saw that coming. Can’t wait for next season!

  25. LizzieLouisa says:

    Don’t kill Burgess!!!! She’s my favorite character on the show & I love her relationship with Adam!!!! She adds perfect balance to the shiw. If they kill Burgess off, I’m done with the show.

  26. L says:

    I hope burgess is gone, not a fan of her character or the actress herself. Shes just not believable as a cop AT ALL.

  27. I hope Burgess survives

  28. Grace Miller says:

    I will stop watching Chicago pd if I have to listen to a naraitor. Its awfullllll.

  29. Bill says:

    The only reason that I watch Chicago P.D. is to see Sophia Bush. In my opinion, she is one of the top ten cutest women on TV and a great actor as well. If she leaves the show, I doubt I’ll watch in the future. Hopefully, she’ll leave for another show in which case, I’ll watch her new show.

    • Hannah says:

      Same here! I watch it mainly because of Sophia Bush! she’s one of my fav actors! I loved her in One Tree Hill. She’s such a great actress! :)

  30. michele says:

    I love Chicago PD but I hate to see Lindsay leaving I wish she could stay she’s such a great actress! Please come back to the unit Lindsay!

  31. Joe says:

    love the show

  32. Mjoy says:

    I knew the minute burgess and her bf had their secret plan in place (romantic microwave dinner lol) that something bad was about to happen! and sure enough… hoping she will pull through… cannot believe Lindsey leaving PLEASE NO keep these women on this show … and somehow hoping Lindsey can get together with her friend on force too- burgess partner and ex gf really need to go…. grrrr… so pathetic.

  33. Kayla says:

    I don’t want Lindsey to leave intelligence, it won’t be the same!! And Burgess can’t die, she’s great!! If she leaves I don’t think the show will be as good either. Please let Burgess live and Lindsey not transfer, I love the show with the people that are in it!!!

  34. From day one I’ve said Sophia Bush needs to go. She is the weakest link and has one facial expression. Kim is so much more interesting.. She bettter survive as her and Ruziak are so cute. Put a stronger, more believable female in Bush’s role.

  35. christins says:

    Burgess has to live. Us fans need more Burzek. And more of Burgess kicking bad guy butt!!

  36. Thelma says:

    I was very pleased with the season finale. I was glued from beginning to end I actually didn’t know it was the finale until I didn’t see coming attractions for the following week. It was a great show. The downside is I don’t have anything to watch on Wednesday now. Ugh. When is the new season,

  37. Greg says:

    You left out thing where a girl almost od’s in Lindsey’s bathroom/ the unit robs a strip club/heroin plant/ they start reeling in drug-dealers/ Al’s wife is held hostage/ he kills one of the dealers/ the kingpin worked for a judge part. But other than that, spot on.

  38. Andrea says:

    Either Erin won’t actually leave intelligence or id she does, I think she’ll be back sooner rather than later. i also think Burgess will survive. Chicago PD has a lot of male characters, and I just don’t see the show exiting two female characters at the same time. Then you’d end up with Platt and Nadia, neither of which are large roles.

  39. Lorraine Colombi says:

    Please don’t ruin another relationship…let Burgess live! And def let Erin start a relationship!

  40. Steve says:

    Want to continue to see Lindsay in intelligence and don’t kill off burgess

  41. Abigail says:

    Lindsay and Halstead have to get together. Lindsay has got to stay in intelligence. I hope they keep her ink. I will be so happy if her and Jay got together!!!!!

  42. Jamilla says:

    It was so awesome, I really don’t want Lindsay to leave but who know what will happen. Also I’m so curious of what will happen to Burgges 👀❤️

  43. Nazia says:

    If Erin leaves the show I am never gonna watch it agan

  44. joseph abid says:

    I thought it was the best episode yet i.hope she makes it

  45. kelly says:

    Please don’t kill off Burgess. She is a sweet character.

  46. Bob says:

    This show keeps you in suspense.
    Great drama. One of the best shows onTV.

  47. Gerbear says:

    Hope Burgess comes back. Hope Lindsey takes the job and leaves!

  48. Absolutely love Chicago PD the finale was perfect. I will be patiently waiting for next season to start. I will be super disappointed if Lindsey’s not written in as a big part in next season. I love how they combine Chicago fire, an PD sometimes an whatever happened to Lindsey an Severide’s fling?

  49. Lexi says:

    Lindsey can’t leave I love her and she’s awesome I will be soo depressed if Lindsey leaves the show

  50. teresa says:

    Bring Burgess back….