American Horror Story: Freak Show Recap: Here, There and Every Scare

American Horror Story Freak Show Episode 9

Since American Horror Story: Freak Show characters have begun dropping like flies (of the Vincent Price variety), we went into “Tupperware Party Massacre” well aware that the season’s body count was likely to rise again. (The episode’s title was also a pretty big clue. Hello?!?)

But what we couldn’t have predicted was just how much creepier Dandy was going to get. (After last week’s bloodbath, who even thought he could get creepier?) Are you ready for this?

FUTURE TENSE | The hour opened with Dandy – recently having stitched together his mother and an ill-fated Avon lady’s head into a gruesome puppet version of Dot and Bette! – overpaying Maggie for a reading. After she reassured him that his sins would soon be forgotten and he’d “go on just like before,” a drunken Jimmy spotted the psycho leaving the fairground and accused him of being Twisty’s accomplice. In response, Dandy sneered, “I’m your god, Jimmy,” and because the lobster boy took away the Tattlers, “I’ve decided that you need to suffer.” (Yikes!)

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | While tall, dark and handsome Angus T. Jefferson showed up looking for secret lover, Desiree, grieving Jimmy alternated between boozing it up and screwing Ima. When Maggie caught them going at it, her ex sang his new squeeze’s praises. (Apparently, she “tastes like a lemon-lime lollipop.”) Futilely, Maggie tried to make Ima see that Jimmy was so blotto that he didn’t care who or what he was shagging. “You could be a pillow, a donut, a sock,” she noted. In defense of his new friend with benefits, Jimmy… puked. (And they say chivalry is dead.)

PARTY SLASHER | Later, the lobster boy attended one of those sexy Tupperware parties at which his flippers are always making a few extra bucks. Unfortunately, he was so soused that he saw a vision of Ethel (in which she accused him of being just like his father) and got himself kicked out. Immediately after, Dandy came a-knockin’. Easily gaining entrance with a lie about a broken-down car and a compliment about the hostess’ dress, the nutso wasted all the housewives, dumped the bodies in the pool and went home to draw a blood bath.

At Mott mansion, Regina informed Dandy that she had called in reinforcements to investigate her mother’s disappearance: the police. Unfazed, the enfant terrible confessed that yes, he’d killed Dora, Gloria and a buncha other people, too. “Take a bath with me, Regina,” he then said, “like when we were little.” (Erm… ) After she declined – even though he promised not to kill her – he was so angry that he called her “a hideous, predictable bore” and threw her out.

Naturally, Regina soon returned with the police. But once again, Dandy wasn’t the least bit frightened. And, it turned out, with good reason. He’s so rich that all he had to do was offer the detective a million bucks to do away with Regina for him, and bang! She had a bullet in her forehead!

ANY WHICH WAY BUT NOOSE | Back at the freak show, Dell – haunted by Ma Petite’s murder, egged on by a vision of Ethel, ashamed to be a freak (gay) and possibly shell-shocked from the sight of Stanley’s monster penis – wrote a suicide note and hung himself. He would’ve died, too, had Desiree not burst in at the last second.

BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO | Tracking down the Tattlers, Stanley lied to the girls (and, for that matter, Elsa) that he’d gotten hold of the doctor that Dot wanted to separate them. Assuming that it was curtains for one of them – if they only knew! – Bette tearfully told Dot that she was willing to sacrifice herself for her sister. Moved, Dot decided that they should stick together after all. Hightailing it back to the freak show, Dot tearfully admitted to Jimmy that she was in love with him and always had been. “You are the only man for me,” she said. “You’re like us – different but special.” As for Bette, she assured the lobster boy that she could give them privacy. Besides, Dot noted, “not many men can boast of a blonde and a brunette for a wife.” Alas, Jimmy claimed to be in love with someone else and turned down the proposal. Moments later, he was arrested for the murders of all of Dandy’s Tupperware party victims.

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Who do you think will survive the season? Hit the comments!

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  1. aadil says:

    it’s getting boring, except for first season,every other season had first few good episodes middle were boring then last few episodes were good.

  2. nikki says:

    Any clues about next season? I heard something about aliens. I hope it’s not that.

  3. debbie says:

    Not my favorite season, turned it off after Tupperware party pool party, too much for me tonight, not sure if I will return.

    • Greg says:

      You watch a show titled American Horror Story and a pool full of dead people is too much for you??? Wow… I just don’t even have the words…

      • DYS says:

        I know that the cool thing to do online is assume that others are idiots with their comments, but perhaps you made a false assumption about what she meant. Maybe by “too much” she mean too much stupidity or too much something else in their opinion as opposed to meaning too much” horror.”

        • Greg says:

          If the commentor is going to be that vague, then they are going to be taken at face value. Even still, if the commentor isn’t used to the horro genre having crazy scenes, often unbelievable or over the top, then maybe they should rethink watching a series in the horror genre.

          • Twisty The Clown says:

            Well thank Xenu Greg is here to save the day, pass judgement, and tell people what they should or shouldn’t be watching. Judge the show Greg, not the fans. Nobody asked you for your opinion about their reactions to the show.

          • Joey says:

            @Twisty the Clown: Funny, even though no one asked for Greg’s opinion, he’s still free to give it, just as you’re free to give your incredibly ridiculous opinion about his opinion. I know, freedom of speech on the internet is a pretty shocking concept, isn’t it?

  4. Joey says:

    Not as good as the last episode (which, were you sick last week, Andy? No recap, sadly.), unfortunately, but really, when you kill off Frances Conroy, it’s wasn’t meant to be.

  5. michele says:

    Jimmy is becoming insufferable. Dandy is obviously the high point, though makes you wonder where he’s heading. Gabourey Sidibe is an awful actress, I dont know why ryan Murphy uses her sorry to say

  6. Almeda says:

    added to my bookmarks.

  7. Kris says:

    This episode was ok. Seems(beside the first season) the shows is really good in the beginning then starts to decline towards the end.

    As for what next season could be. Well they gave the clue of the top hat. So when I think top hat I think of entertainment. I thought magic show but that’s to similar to freak show. So maybe they are having entertainment and the location is the theme. Like a hotel/resort(somethimg similar to the shining) or a haunted theater.

  8. Chris says:

    Last night’s episode renewed my hopes for this season. Like so many have pointed out, this series is notorious for starting out strong and then falling apart near mid to end season. I had been struggling with whether to continue watching this season but last night rekindled my interest. I had always viewed Dandy as more ridiculous caricature than genuinely scary. Last night changed that a bit. The puppet scene and pool scene were gruesomely disturbing. Audaciously sick to the point of inducing chills. The scenes with Dell’s attempted suicide and Dot and Bell were so poignant and brilliant I almost forgot I was watching a typically campy horror series. I’m interested in finding out how they will wrap all of this up. I hope they do it well this year.

  9. christine says:

    This was a more entertaining episode in a very lackluster season. Its been dissapointing and at times embarrassing.

  10. Kalme Willow says:

    I think it will be about human testing. The name Rockefellor is mentioned by Dandy’s mom a time or two and legend says there was a project called Top Hat. That is where the rumor of aliens come from. My understanding, Top Hat was never funded by government or very little.. but the Rockefellors funded it in secret and folklore said it was at area 51 facilities.
    We know the Top Hat IS a clue, Ryan Reynolds admitted that.
    I thought maybe it would be a play on to Coven. Papa Legba (sp?) From Coven wore a Top Hat and he could travel through gates of time. Since all seasons will connect..gateways are the only way I could see that happening.
    Papa was a practicer of Santaria…and Voodoo. We had heard after Coven last year that añ episode was being discussed about the dark arts.
    I’m a huge fan of AHS and have watched all seasons seveal times. I can’t hardly sit through Freakshow. It loses my focus.
    I hope fans ride Ryan Renyolds to write a season more like Coven or Murder House. Not all people like these stories…the ones that the arts…that was seen in Coven.
    Maybe the human testing will be ok…but I’m not sure if that would hold fans another season. Freakshow has been a disappointment.
    Sorry about getting wordy. I’m a writer. Lol.

  11. Sheila says:

    I liked Coven much more.

  12. Ames says:

    This season has become a COMPLETE mess. I still don’t see how Dandy works into any of the other characters. It’s boring as heck. I feel like we’re just watching a gory porn at this point. Just…bad.

  13. Justaviewer says:

    Sadly Freak Show is just plain flat after Coven….that was the true season of the witch!

  14. debra sparks says:

    Remember when Dandy talked about the Roosevelts? He wore a top hat,( clue on cup) so maybe the next season is about politics.Lots of horror there.

  15. tvseriesaddict says:

    great recap! very detailed.

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