The Voice Recap: Did the Right 3 Artists Make the Season 7 Finals? Plus — Who Deserves the Wild Card?

You can’t accuse NBC of underestimating the power of cross-promotional synergy.

With The Voice rocking the 18-49 demo and its venerable Today struggling to get out of No. 2 in the morning-show ratings, the Peacock net made a bold move with its reality-singing juggernaut’s semifinal results telecast: Nope, you won’t know identity of the fourth and final Season 7 finalist unless you wake up with Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and that collection of other folks who use international news as the aoli in a pop-culture and cooking-segments sandwich.

I’m not kidding. Host Carson Daly taunted the Voice audience with these very words at the top of the episode: “I will reveal the fourth finalist tomorrow morning on the Today show, which you all should be watching anyway!” Carson, pleeeease! (Our congenial host also prattled on about something called “Starbucks for Life,” but I suffered an acute case of unconsciousness-by-disinterest.)

Weirdly, while the Wild Card twist made this week’s results show the most compelling (musically speaking) this year, it also relegated the season’s biggest stars (aka the Top 3) to afterthought status — announcing their success with the viewing public in the opening minutes, then having them escorted off the grounds by the same security guard who dragged Christina Milian from the social-media box at the end of Season 5. (I kid! I kid!)

Anyhow, enough of my editorializing, yes? Let’s get to the action:

Top 3
Chris Jamison (Team Adam)
Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake)
Matt McAndrew (Team Adam)

Eliminated (at least temporarily)
Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen)
Damien (Team Adam)

The Voice - Season 7Wild Card Performances
Reagan James (Team Blake) “Put Your Records On” — Grade: C-
Jessie Pitts (Team Blake) “Zombie” — Grade: B-
Ryan Sill (Team Gwen) “Marry Me” — Grade: C-
Anita Antoinette (Team Gwen) “Waiting on the World to Change” — Grade: B (or C+, depending on how important lyrical interpreatation is to you)
Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen) “Wicked Game” — Grade: C+
Damien (Team Adam) “Grenade” — Grade: B
Sugar Joans (Team Pharrell) “Back to Black” — Grade: A
Luke Wade (Team Pharrell) “Have a Little Faith in Me” — Grade: B-
DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell) “Without You” — Grade: B+

I summed up my feelings about the Wild Card via Twitter, because you can be over 40 and still relevant from a social-media standpoint, dammit!

On that cray-cray note, I turn things over to you.

The Voice - Season 7What did you think of the Season 7 semifinal results show? Did America choose the right Top 3? (Um, pretty much yes, thanks.) And who gets your vote for the Wild Card? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. analythinker says:

    Here I am again :) (I wrote this as the show’s progressing)

    Thoughts before the wild card contestants started singing: I wonder if the producers are trying to make any of Team Pharrell happen.

    Reagan & Jessie was not that bad, but I kept anticipating cracks in their voices.
    Ryan was good. He probably played for those online peeps asking him to marry them, though.
    Anita scatting was grrrreeeeaaattt, but I still heard a couple off-key notes.
    Hm, see? Team Pharrell are last to perform. Hmmm…
    Of course TJW sang something gloomy.
    Not really feeling Damien’s performance.
    I didn’t like Jacquie Lee that much, but I think she outsang Sugar on that song.
    I badly want to love Luke again, but kept thinking like I had heard that before.
    As soon as Carson said DaNica would be singing Without You, my heart sank. Her runs imitated Mariah’s to a T, too. Not a smart move…

    Oh well, if I pick DaNica, will she sing another old song next week?? And look, TJW is charting already at #129.

    • JM says:

      Yes, I loved Anita’s scatting, too! My heart also sank when Danica sang that song. What a way too ruin your chance. I can’t believe people are voting for TJW! That was unbelievably bad!

      • analythinker says:

        I’ve lost words trying to explain the TJW phenomenon.

        • Scout says:

          That kid keeps getting worse. I thought he was pretty awful the last two nights. And by that, sings worse than he usually does.

          • John Baldino says:

            Agreed, wrong material for his eclectic sound and style, he is talented but belongs in a single nitch,, not for every ones taste.

          • But, still better than the majority of the rest of em’. In fact without a critical eye one would even see that he’s got the best voice/talent of them all!

          • Oh’ aren’t you just, the Simon Cowell of singing competition’s. You, don’t judge an artist on one performance. You take into account the assemblage of their work and quantity (amount) of their Talent; collectively. One take’s a lot more into account than seemingly you have, also… By the way, on the first of, “the last two night’s” that you reference; Taylor John’s performance provoked tears, (joyous one’s) for myself as he had once done before earlier in the season… “I knew then,(first time, I cried with just joy and gratitude for the artist) that he was an exceptional artist with incomparable talent” ; and I know it now & without cease.! You, can take the music out of the competition, (good music, anyway’s…)but you can not take the “artist” out of music… Taylor john William’s will make “timeless” record’s… “Oh’, Thank Goodness, Thank Goodness, Thank Goodness”!! :)

        • What does this mean? TJW is a phenomenon, in it of himself (itself)! I view the man with some element of stage fright and every performance he had ”kicked butt”, none the less! He’s got the best voice, and I believe in different arena so to speak; we would have seen his immense talent showcased to the degree of even higher “phenomenon” and it would have ‘floored’ on an even bigger spectrum… He will be presenting an album, and then some and so from now on think before you make yourself look bad; having said something senseless.

      • Bob says:

        I don’t get it either. He’s gotten worse, week after week. Are people voting for his genre or his looks? Only Sugar or Anita or maybe Ryan or Damien deserve to move on, based on the performance.

        • JM1 says:

          Notice how many of the singers performed (and looked) better than their last few appearances before elimination? Getting a little time off helped them. At some point the show really wears people out until they crumble. Not much of a TJW fan, but do feel bad that he appears to have hit that wall this week.

          • Giuseppe says:

            As we all know, Demian won the wild card and I am all team Adam every year, however sugar deserved to move on but the public never had a connection with her and that is what really stinks about shows like this because it’s more about a popularity contest then talent. Sugar sang way way better then Demian, however because the public seen him more week after week, they have that connection with him that they lack with sugar. It doesn’t matter though because Sugar will make it huge without the show 1000%.

        • Sandra Forwell says:

          I was disappointed in Damien’s performance last night but he has been so awesome throughout the whole competition, I am hoping for him to win for his outstanding performances not lose it on one bad song. And how many times America saved Ryan over the competition and he was terrible. I liked Danika but her nerves took over last night. A lot of them were very nervous and it showed.

          • Robin young wells says:

            Damien is awesome!!! And deserves to be in the top 4 !!! His voice is so good !! Go Damien !!!!!!!!!!

          • nancy says:

            Damien was terrible he can’t sing Bruno mars song Danika still best out of 9 left but go Craig Boyd go Blake

        • You, don’t have feel bad for Taylor John Williams. He’s the only one of the whole competition that’ with long-lasting success and secured career longevity!

      • I thought Anita was amazing! I wonder why Michael graded her so low!

      • Tony says:

        Danica is a karaoker. Luke or Taylor!

      • flip says:

        Agree with you on TJW. I still can’t figure how this person even made the finals! Sorry, just my honest opinion. This season was a snooze fest for me, but I will vote for Chris, as he has the best all around voice and talent as a performer. Listened to Chris on You Tube, and he does great covers of Marvin Gaye. Very soulful singer. Go Chris!

        • I think you need to become musically inclined buddy. What your saying now, seem’s to be coming way far out of left field! If you’d of even been paying attention to “The Voice”, “this season” ; than you would of recognized the best one yet and Chris Jameson been barely hanging on since early on. He throw’s out a couple of sublime high note’s in one song; then cream’s a song that he should have never attempted in the first place! -_Make’s sense of the fact that he then get’s picked first of “the three”, at the same time knocking the two more popular and most talented of the competition; straight out of the ranking’s.- Can anyone make sense of this? It just doesn’t make sense even! The wildcard production, must of just caused some difficulty (maybe even a slide of vote’s) in differentiating the ” Would Be” outcome (I mean in the event, that the wildcard had not existed). No one, beat’s the soulful all-together singer; “artist” -that TJW is (and will continually be…)!!

      • I can’t believe, that you said “I can’t believe people are voting for TJW” He’s amazing and honestly I think that the voices process went wrong somehow for not having voted him back in. The wildcard process somehow threw off the voting, or something. You wanna talk unbelievably bad, then refer to Chris Jameson(s) version of “When I was your Man”; by Bruno Mars…

        • Chris Jameson was by far the best performance of the night and the way he sang Bruno Mars, AWESOME. America voted correctly!!!! I picked them exactly.
          The rest of the crew, I don’t know what happened to them, but they flat lined on their performances. Adam’s people reign! And what a performance with bring on the rain with Matt McAndrew! Go Team Adam!!!

    • The Beach says:

      Good grief! Does DaNica not even bother reading Slezak and our forum? And yet week after week it’s something old, borrowed and blue…I’m bumfuzzled.

    • safado says:

      I agree with your main point, which you may not even realize you made: Ryan was good. Actually, he was very good. You were right about your other assessments too. I dread hearing Danica another power ballad. Someone keeps trying to push her into that corner–a mistake, even though she’s most likely to go through, thanks to landing that prime closing spot. Why can’t we admit that Sill has the voice? It’s not his fault that he is so squeaky clean. (Damien’s pretty talented too.)

    • Byrdman says:

      Nice comments.

      My thoughts. Damien should have been in the top 3 and not Chris Jamison. Clearly young girls are voting. This is suppose to be about THE VOICE! Not even close between Damien and Chris.
      I himk its a 3 horse race for the 4th spot. Damien, Danica and Sugar.
      My vote. Damien.

      • Ebony Drayden says:

        Byrdman I absolutely agree. Last night I voted for Danica. But in my opinion I would have been ecstatic if it was either her, Sugar, or Damien (who always makes me cry when he performs). I think Damien should have been on the Top 3 instead of Chris (even with that fantastic falsetto!) Damien’s performances this season have been ridiculous and to shun him from the Top 3 was crazy! Danica has a beautiful voice in my opinion but she sounds like Mariah and Whitney. It needs to be more her singing instead of trying to sound too much like them. Not original enough. Sugar was phenomenal last night but nobody knows who she is! It’s too bad too because it would have been nice to see at least 1 female in the Top 4.

    • Luciana says:

      So glad that Damien got the wild-card position!!!

  2. Good Gravy says:

    I have to face the reality that Taylor will get the wild card.

    Since the winner is determined by who has the most votes overall, does that mean that Taylor will have an extra round of votes to account for? If so, that’s really unfair.

  3. Chris says:

    Reagan James a C-…. No. Just No. Did we watch the same show…….?

    • Kaba says:

      You’re right, a D would’ve been much more appropriate

    • Kate says:

      Right? It should definitely be at least a full letter grade lower than that. ;)

      • Chris says:

        Hmm. Guess we were not watching the same show either….. But that’s Ok you have your opinion and I have mine, I don’t want to start a war in the comment section. I personally would have given A- or B+.. But that’s ok….

        • Kaba says:

          An A? Alright.
          Anyways, I don’t understand why you’d even make a comment to begin with if you don’t wanna talk about it lol.

          • Chris says:

            Not an A… an A- or even a B+.. I’ve just seen some of your comments about Reagan on other of Slezak’s posts so I just feel it wouldn’t be worth it to argue, because no matter what I say I am not going to convince you. You have your opinion about not liking her, and I have loved her since the beginning even if It ain’t over till it’s over and Fancy and I’m like a Bird where well….Awful…. I honestly believe she was able to get her breathing under control for this performance which is something we haven’t seen since Hit’ Em Up Style.

        • Timmah says:

          I thought it was great. A- seems reasonable to me. Given the viewing demographics of this show she’s got no shot, but I think she will do the best post-show.

          • JM1 says:

            I’d just say that it was a good song choice and I enjoyed her way more than her last couple of performances. So good on her.

            I don’t like this new wild-card experiment, other than it’s nice that some eliminated singers get to come back and do one last GOOD performance.

          • AlyB says:

            I don’t think she did that well live. It felt kind of lackluster & sloppy to me. That said, I always found her to have one of the most interesting voices even though her live performances, especially the last few, were subpar. I do think the studio version of Put Your Records On is terrific. I think Reagan may have been better off waiting a few years to come on the show. She could use some technical help & performance experience but I do agree she has promise & a unique sound that I really like.

    • Greg says:

      Reagan was one of the worst but that’s nothing new for her. lol

      • Scout says:

        I think Reagan actually got worse. If that’s possible. Maybe she just wasn’t feeling the whole thing… weird.

        • Joshua says:

          The fact that you barely know how to put a sentence together using correct grammar tells me that your opinion is irrelevant. Reagan was great tonight and every judge thought so – including Pharrell, who knows a little something about that kind of thing. Versus you – who doesn’t.

          • JM1 says:

            Can we skip the personal attacks, please? We can ALL have valid opinions.

          • Scout says:

            Dude, it’s just a TV show. Simmer. Pharrell knows how to dispatch his team with great skill. Agreed. Knowing about music and winning this show are two different things. But, okay. I get it. You like Reagan. That seems fine.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Don’t all the judges say everyone is amazing all the time, even when they clearly were not? You need some better supporting evidence, Joshua. If that’s all you’ve got, I’m wholly unconvinced.
            But save your breath. You could show me a handwritten note by God himself saying Reagan was awesome and I’d still be laughing whilst shaking my head in disbelief.

          • Michael says:

            I’m a huuuuuuuuge Reagan fan, and even I can admit that she wasn’t great last night.

          • Elizabeth says:

            Forgive me for pointing this out, but your comment about using correct grammar loses credibility when you compose a “sentence” which is not a true sentence: “Versus you – who doesn’t”.

            Re: the show, I believe people are too hard on Taylor, & Danika is overpraised. She is incredibly likable, with a trained voice, however she sings more runs than anyone I’ve ever heard. They are overdone, take her out of pocket many times, & sometimes off pitch. I don’t understand why Pharrell won’t correct/coach her on that.

            S/O to Michael S. for having a column that has credibility & gets a great deal of interesting feedback.

          • Elizabeth says:


            Now that is a well written reply. :)

            Don’t hate me, but Taylor for the wildcard, Damien 2nd choice (but don’t like that he was offering follows for downloads) & Sugar, Anita & many others were very good. It was great to see improvement. However, the question remains, is it fair to bring someone back who has been gone for weeks?

          • Sharon says:

            Joshua, I can’t let this go because you brought it up. You criticized someone’s grammar and then made a grammar error of your own. It should be “versus you — who don’t.” In any case, musical taste and knowledge are not predicated on grammatical skill. You like Reagan’s work and felt compelled to defend her. Fair enough. Maybe she will be successful post-show and your taste will be vindicated.

          • safado says:

            Joshua’s grammar is actually correct: “versus you–who doesn’t (know a little something…)”.
            Whether that actually matters is another thing altogether.

          • Sharon says:

            Safado. I guarantee that Joshua’s grammar is not correct there. It has to do with the form the verb takes: I don’t know, you don’t know, he/she doesn’t know, we don’t know, you don’t know (plural), they don’t know. You can see that only the third person singular takes the form “does not” or “doesn’t” versus “do not” or “don’t.” The insertion of the word “who” in the sentence does not affect the verb form. Sorry to go on about it, but I’m a grammarian!

      • imaan abdiqadir says:

        exactly she sucks

    • LG says:

      I like Reagan, but she did a song that has been beat to death on the singing shows. Plus, she sounded a little breathy and mumbly. However, I think based on her pre-Fancy performances, she has a great future ahead.

    • HTGR says:

      Anyway I think she actually may be back in a couple years and doing things real world.
      DaNica has a crazy voice, but she is one of the way too early eliminated females who sadly probably won’t be back doing things.

  4. Kaba says:

    This is the right top 3.
    Why did anyone ever think Reagan was a stronger singer than Jessie? Though they both suck.
    Were these people aware they were singing for a shot in the finale?
    Sugar and Luke gave their best performances since they’ve been on the show…something tells me the lack of Pharrell helped.
    By no means did DaNica do better than Luke. I’d say that’s the worst she’s sung ever. Awful execution of her infamous runs, too many, and that did not sound entirely on key.
    I liked Anita’s performance.

    • analythinker says:

      I think DaNica was more nervous than before. She went last, the pressure’s on her, etc.

      • Kaba says:

        Is that really excusable though?
        People perform last all the time on these shows.
        Reagan went first, are we going to make excuses for her too?
        That seriously was just not good stuff I heard.

        • analythinker says:

          I know, but maybe she picked the song so it’s all on her if she did bad. I honestly thought she would’ve picked something new and current for herself. Almost seemed like it had Pharrell’s name all over it.

          • Kim Moores says:

            If I recall, she chose her knockout performance…
            So that’s all I need to know that this was predictable coming from her end.

          • analythinker says:

            @Kim Moores I don’t even remember what that is… oops. I remember she picked Creep, though. It was not predictable for me.

          • JM1 says:

            I think the singers chose their own songs tonight. They mostly chose well. Besides Danica’s song being tired, it needs a lot of build up for the money notes to have any impact. They had only a few seconds each to sing tonight, so that song just didn’t work. Sad – I love her voice.

    • Scout says:

      I really wanted Danica to kill it. But awful song choice and super sharp notes ain’t gonna cut it. I am actually rooting for Sugar – who converted me tonight. All of the others made me realize that they should stay gone. It’s like some of them weren’t even trying….

    • The Beach says:

      Yep, this is absolutely the correct Top 3.

    • HTGR says:

      What? Reagan was stronger than Jessie all along the way.

  5. Kim Moores says:

    77.8% of those singers dunno what singing for their lives mean.
    I’d turn into a Joshua Ledet and Candice Glover love child if I were given an opportunity to sing for chance to skip straight to the finale.

  6. Greg says:

    I voted for DaNica and Damien! I just can’t stand Sugar’s voice and Luke was just safe, bland and the way he was singing masked what I like about his voice to begin with. The rest pretty much sucked!

  7. Angie_Overrated says:

    My love for Sugar Joans has been vindicated. She gets all my votes so that she can come in 4th place with her head held high.
    Or Damien so that he can come in 4th place with his head held high. I’ll vote for both.
    The rest… no thanks.

    • Kaba says:

      I’m rooting for Sugar too, that was good stuff.

    • JM says:

      Hmmm, maybe I should throw some votes Sugar’s way. I had kinda given up on her since so many seem to hate her.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I never understood the Sugar hate. In a season that brought us monstrosities like Jessie, TJW, and Reagan, I found it odd how many folks seemed to zero in on Sugar as the worst offender.
        She’s had a few damn good performances. Like tonight!

        • Kim Moores says:

          I couldn’t initially get behind the contrived growls and constant singing at the top of her register….but I didn’t hate her.
          Hell, I couldn’t name anyone outside of the top 5 (sans TJW) that was even vocally superior/on-par to her out of all 20 artists who made it to the live shows.

        • JM says:

          Agree, but it seemed like you and I were the only ones drinking the Sugar kool-aid.

        • Sharon says:

          I gave her a standing ovation tonight, and I was alone in my living room at the time (well, the dog was there — he didn’t get up). All those irksome mannerisms of her were gone, and it was just a wonderful, powerful, exciting performance.

          • lostnightfall says:

            Thanks. I definitely do want to stop TJW. Nice guy, but not worthy of the finale at all. I guess I’ll be voting for Damien and only Damien. Sugar did have a nice comeback moment, though.

          • lostnightfall says:

            I have no idea how my reply ended up here. I originally thought it was gone. Oops.

          • Scout says:

            I agree, Sharon. Sugar used to seriously annoy me with her overwrought delivery. But she was the only one who seemed to work on her craft and *actually* come back a better singer. It was impressive.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            The great thing about tonight is that Sugar gets to leave the competition on a high note. Yes, her time was short, but her performance left no doubt that she knows how not only to sing, but also to sing really well. She should be very proud of that performance.

        • MamaLis says:

          Totally agree Angie. I really liked Sugar last night. Especially liked the stank-face at the end. She just went there and she was into it! :-)

        • John Anthony says:

          Hi Angie. I agree that Sugar had a good performance and deserved to get back on the show but reality sets in once again. The Voice will not produce a real star out of this bunch and leave the door open for the Idol as the only real star producing show as advertised. I was disappointed with DiNeca. I thought she would come out swinging but her performance had a really poor ending. I guess the talent speaks for itself when a performer like Craig can end up in the final group. This guy’s been hanging out around Nashville for years. I really like your comment regarding these four judges. I can’t sing a lick and I’m pretty sure that if you or I gave the show a shot they would say we are the next star as well. After all, every performer on the show is the next Carrie Underwood according to these judges. Their comments are starting to be a joke! You take care and maybe we’ll exchange comments when The Idol rolls around next month. Been awhile since a real super star find graced the stage of any of these shows. Maybe the critics are right and these shows are starting to fade out in popularity?

          • Kiki says:

            Um, the fact that Craig’s been hanging around the capital city of country music for years only proves he’s authentic, dude!!! Are you suggesting that he should have come from nowhere to be taken seriously? Are you also suggesting that ALL fantastic talent gets discovered on their own if they’re talented enough?

            That is simply not true!!!

            I’ve been an Idol and Voice watcher from the beginning, and I recognize the breakout stars every time. ***Craig will be the first breakout star from The Voice.*** Remember I said this! And I said it weeks ago when I predicted Matt would win but Craig would become the star. Now I think he has a legit chance at winning since a lot of people who like Team Adam will split votes between Matt and Chris.

        • HTGR says:

          You’re gonna eat your words one day. Reagan has top 40 star power written all over her. She has that star presence and cool vibe so strongly already at 16 that just has star all over it and such an interesting tone and some solid musical thoughts already (and the pop looks won’t hurt off reality tv). (then again I don’t know that you really like top 40 so probably won’t count that for anything, but she may just well win you over anyway)
          As for Sugar Jones. The hate was a bit much. But basically this was the season of if you are not XY then you MUST GO NOW!!!!! (if not sooner) And a lot of people seem to automatically hate any contestant who re-names themselves. The voters on these shows just hate that. In the real world nobody would care and the name Sugar Joans would probably help. On reality TV it just leads to instant hate. She was doomed this season before even starting and then add in the name and the not 100% beyond 100% buttery of an Alessandro upper and she was toast.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Reagan?! Top of the charts? No way!!! I fully get that not everyone who’s a music star is the best singer. Like Lorde for example. Kind of an awful singer actually, but it’s “art music” so you’re buying in for the whole package, which I can get behind. Reagan? No way!!! She thinks she’s an R&B singer (huh?) and comes back with that country-lite song to sing for her life? The girl is a mess, and I haven’t even gotten to the part where she can’t sing. lol
            Honestly the one I think the top 3 have some commercial potential. Maybe Craig the least of the three, but I can see Matt and Chris potentially being the two who MIGHT break the show’s curse. I’d say Chris has the best chance as he’s talented, hot, and has the type of sound that’s en vogue at the moment. But maybe Matt will surprise us?

    • lostnightfall says:

      I usually read, but not post. So, you wouldn’t know this Angie: we rarely agree, but we are two for two tonight! I’m stuck on voting decisions, though. Does anybody know: If I vote for more than one person, do the votes necessarily cancel each other out?

      • Sharon says:

        No, your votes for both contestants would count. But if you want to stop the mystifying TJW juggernaut, you might prefer to put all your support behind one artist.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        The stars must be aligned for us tonight, lostnight. Even by dumb luck two people who never agree have to agree once at some point, right? :)

    • Michael says:

      The second (and possibly final) time I will agree with you on Sugar Angie. She was great! However, you knowing me, I wouldn’t mind Danica there as well lol. I just love that woman. But Sugar was really really great.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        FIrst you swoon for Chris, and now you’re singing the praises of Sugar? It must be upside down day, Michael.

        • Michael says:

          Oh yes, most definitely. I’m actually surprising myself while I type this, and (dare I say it?) if Sugar makes the wildcard, I wouldn’t be surprised if she knocked one of the three guys down to 4th place if she brrrrrrrings it like she did tonight.

    • Carol says:

      I agree with Angie and was glad to see Damien get the wildcard spot.

  8. Kim Moores says:

    So is everyone going to ignore that DaNica was simply awful?

    • Timmah says:

      She’s been pretty consistently awful, so there’s not much to say.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Well all the worship she gets up in here would say otherwise.
        I enjoy the way you think Timmah :)
        Emotionally bankrupt is just not what needs to be on the show.

    • Greg says:

      She wasn’t awful but it wasn’t her best. Funny, the same exact thing can be said for everyone else as well.

      • Kim Moores says:

        Just re-listened.
        I stand by what I said. Frankly…everyone was pretty ‘no thank you’ tonight aside from Luke and Sugar if you’re asking me.

        • Timmah says:

          I will agree with you on Luke. His little Elmer Fudd-like delivery is starting to grow on me. Sugar, though, was just a’ight for me. I give her degree of difficulty points though for taking on a Winehouse song. But I’ve heard it covered better.

    • Jeff Marley says:

      In my opinion, she wasn’t bad, maybe it was just nerves to perform. At least she gave it all she got. And I’m pretty sure that pharrel is interested in working on new music with all his team members. 😃

    • Scout says:

      Nope. I was just trying to forget it. :) I was ready to vote for her – but she made it impossible with that performance. I don’t know why she insists on dating herself with those um “antique”…song choices. Unless she intends to update them – make them modern – just stay away, for the love of Christmas. *And* she didn’t even sing it well. It was just screechy and desperate to me.

    • Jaszy says:

      Based on that performance, DaNica does not deserve the wildcard spot. On her runs, she was constantly out of key and pitchy. Not good at all.

  9. Wynne Harrison says:

    The top three sang from their heart and soul which is a rarity these days. I am glad to see this trend in this generation of artists.

  10. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    Like I said last night, I’m voting for a woman. And I was all set to vote for DaNica but that was not good.

    Anita was great, loved her scatting, thought the whole thing really suited her.

    Sugar brought it like she knew she could win. And she stopped growling so much. That was easily the best of the night.

    I still like Reagan, but I don’t think that was her best material.

    Yikes to Jessie.

    So it’s down to Anita and Sugar for me…thoughts?

    • Kim Moores says:

      Sugar. With ease.

    • analythinker says:

      Sugar, although I didn’t like the second half of the song.

    • JM says:

      Those two were my favorites as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like either will win the fourth spot, but I still voted for both!

    • Scout says:

      Sugar. She actually came back a better singer. Anita needs to focus on her voice more. I don’t think she brings all of the pieces together well. The scatting seemed affected and the her Jamaican vibe seems contrived sometimes. It’s just something she needs to work on. I like her though, but she wasn’t the best. So yes, Sugar. For me, tonight she reigned supreme.

      • JM1 says:

        I have too many painful memories of Sugar’s wailing and growling to be swayed by this one performance, but yes she was good tonight. TOTALLY agree with you on Anita. And – for me – she sometimes grates a little during the judging.

    • Paula says:

      Sugar. She was amazing tonight and I’m voting for her because I want her to sing in the Finale, I believe she can do great.

  11. Michael says:

    IDK Sugar was soooooo good! But so was Danica! I don’t know who to vote for! Hellllp

  12. Andres says:

    Sugar was AMAZING. I am really happy I saw that performance because it showed the upward slope of her improvement. I woulod pick her for the wild card, or DaNica.(But mostly Sugar).

  13. SAS says:

    Damian is a real talent. He needs to move forward on the voice. He is THE real artist

  14. mercedes v. parungao says:

    I really enjoy watching The Voice season 7. The top 3 are really great. The best of the season. Damien should be the wild card. Chris is my favorite.

    • Scout says:

      This is the “right” top 3. They are leaps and bounds above the rest. And what I like is that any of them could justifiably win. It’s cool when it’s closer.

  15. SAS says:

    Damian is the best he is the true talented person he needs to move forward on the voice

  16. analythinker says:

    TJW is at #46 now, I give up.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?!?! lol

      • Tori says:

        The teenaged girls who have carnal desires about TJW the way you have them for Chris

        • Bob says:

          Not sure they are teenaged girls but some demographic has been voting for this “type” on competition shows for years now, with mixed success.

        • Ana Andrade says:

          I don’t agree with you. I don’t like how people assume it’s teenage girls that vote for certain contestants. They can appeal to people of all ages.

          • Tori says:

            Honestly it’s more of a joke than anything else. Though, someone must have some sort of desire for this boy to keep voting after that bleh wildcard performance.

          • Timmah says:

            The average viewer of this show is a 45 year old female. I don’t know where people get this idea that teenage girls are watching in any significant numbers.

      • guesty says:

        My mom told me the entirety of Portland is voting for him … :(

        • LOL says:

          Even the part that he bitched about having “too much”?

        • Most of our youth and (hipsters, college students, and people that would seem to vote for TJW are out fighting the good fight and protesting every night! Huge protests here in Portland, especially the college kids! Not quite sure how the voting will turn out! I thought Anita was excellent and I have not been a fan in the past, but Holy Crap that was good!

          • And on top of having the protesters in the streets every night, we have the show “Grimm” filming weekly and now they just filmed “Wild” with Reese Witherspoon” here. So crews were everywhere, blocked off streets, protesters,cops, filming etc.. It is crazy here right now!It is not all THAT big of a city for all that is going on! LOL

      • Ana Andrade says:

        To answer your question, people who like him. I know that you don’t like Reagan, Jessie and Taylor. I was just wondering what you think about people who do like them. I’m asking this because personally I liked Reagan and Jessie tonight more than most on here. I would have given them each a B.Sorry if I offended you before. I just feel that people on here seem to complain a lot about contestants they don’t like. I respect others opinions but wish people were more accepting of what happens on the show. There’s nothing you can do about the results. All you can do is cast your vote.
        BTW, yes, Sugar was awesome tonight and I never understood the hate she got.

        • analythinker says:

          Preference certainly plays a part on how people vote. I know I prefer others than TJW, but I still can be objective and say he did good when he did. What I “have problem with” is the different kind of preference (not music or voice-related) people base on to vote for him. This is what drive them to vote even when he had a bad day. But hey, people like what they like and I’ll accept that eventually even though I won’t agree with them all the time.

          • Monique says:

            A certain level of skill is usually required when I’m considering who to vote for, BUT I’m also looking for someone with a unique voice. I’m sick of the same types of voices winning all the time (R&B and country singers come to my mind). That’s why I sometimes overlook someone having a bad night when the alternative is someone I deem “boring.” Just my opinion.

        • Sharon says:

          Very good points, Ana. I guess the truth is that many of us (most of us?) get passionate about things we care about but don’t actually know personally (like favourite singers, actors, sports teams, etc.). On this site, I’ve noticed some of the most heartfelt discussions are around who sang “well.” For some people, singing well seems to be mostly about evoking a feeling, interpreting the lyrics with meaning and heart and other style details. Others are looking at technical ability (with varying levels of knowledge and skillfulness of a musical ear to hear all those components, including singing on key, breath control, timing, difficulty of song and so on). From my point of view, it bugs me when someone generates a lot of positive attention because they seem “different” or “hip” or “artistic” (and man, is that a word that needs careful parsing for meaning!!), but they don’t actually sing well from a technical perspective. That’s probably because I used to sing in choirs, including a competitive choir, and I always hear our teachers and choir directors in my head pointing out problems when the technical part is wrong! :)

      • Amish goat herders from Portland! LOL I am from here and we have many wierdos! Im not for him though. I vote CWB! Just kidding we dont have Amish here, but many many hipster types!

  17. Bobby says:

    Damien is just so eager and Humble I think he deserves it all . The songs he select and his voice just moves through you he’s got my vote ! He’s a fighter

    • Suelo says:

      Then vote on all venues for him…home phone, cell phone, voice FB page, twitter and voice app!

    • I think so too! If we are really looking at talent Damien should be the wild card. I liked Anita tonight, but I wish she would have done,”What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love. By Diana Ross instead of” Waiting For The World to Change”. Both songs have kinda the same meaning!

    • Robin Price says:

      Damien has had my vote from the beginning! His voice is just awesome!!

  18. geri Hocott says:

    Damian, You are the best and should be one of the top 3 ,To go on & be the winner of the voice ,You have worked so very hard all your life ,Your time is now ,You should sing one of Micheal Buble best song’ s, Home , just written for you ,Good luck ,God Bless Phil & geri Hocott

  19. Fran Newkirk says:

    Damien is the one, he should have be #1 to night in the save. Great Singer.

  20. Alan Slaydon says:

    I agree that Damien is a great singer and seems to be a very nice guy, but I believe Sugar Jones and/or Danica Shirey should be voted back. I feel they are 2 of the most overlooked talents of the show.

  21. Chris says:

    Taylor has artist appeal.. And I like his unpretentious ways.. Hope he gets back in..I think he has a unique voice.. He’s different .. I can see him
    Doing a cool record… He doesn’t seem like a follower..

  22. tbraiders says:

    I don’t think this format was fair to Damien or TJW and kind of made the last few weeks of voting worthless, but seeing how I am not a fan of either I am not raising a fuss. I thought Luke and Sugar did a good job, but this will be about the biggest fan base. Pulling for Chris or Matt to win it all.

  23. Peggi says:

    My opinion is that when these last 5 contestants worked all their way up to the top fairly and squarly they are the talent that earned their spot, while the others did not make it. Why can someone now come from below the rank which these 5 men were voted to and take that vote away from them. I don’t think it is fair when they stuck it out all the way to get where they are. I voted for Damien.

    • SuzieQ says:

      Totally agree!

    • Maelene S Watson says:

      Yes, I agree that this last ditch effort to have the others sing again and perhaps take the lead is not good, in my opinion. I also don’t believe that having three contestants from one team is a good thing; can the coach help but really have a favorite, which leaves one or more with less than what they deserve from a coach. I don’t like that; however, I don’t have a good suggestion yet to overcome what appears to be an unfair advantage to some team members. Damien sings from the heart, always…….can’t help but wish him a world of success.

    • JM1 says:

      Agree. This gimmick really stinks, especially since the wild card has no chance to win it next week, anyway. I’d so much rather they not cut so many contestants in one week (from 8 to 5 – HELLO??), and let the season play out without the gimmick.

  24. jill says:

    I think Damien did a good job, but I have loved Anita’s songs all along. I think she was too pigeon-holed.

  25. Liberty Foronda says:

    For me Damien is deserve to be in top 4 his very talented n he can really sing

  26. SuzieQ says:

    Love Demian, Sugar and Danica. Danica gets my vote but Demian should be in finals. Not fair to those who made it to finals to bring back those eliminated already. Probably moot point since the amazing Craig wayne Boyd will likely take it all!

    • Antonio Hall says:

      I agree 100 percent . DaNica getting the vote . She sang her heart out and that was the best performance of the night . Hands Down !!! Damien have a huge powerful voice he have a inspirational gift . He going to make alot of songs . I am going to buy his album when it come out . He going to make a record Deal . He better come back to the voice .

  27. AlyB says:

    I haven’t voted yet and I’m not sure I’m even going to at this point.
    Reagan & Jessie sound great on their studio versions but neither can seem to pull it together for the live shows. Ryan has a very pretty voice and that was a very pretty song but not by any means compelling.
    Anita was fine. Actually better than fine, I quite enjoyed that. If she had done that for her save me song she’d have stayed in that week. She still wouldn’t have lasted much longer though.
    I wanted to like TJW. I really did. I know he doesn’t have a lot of love here but hey, I like the broody, dark, haunted types lol. But wow that was kind of dreadful and I love that song.
    Damien sounded great as usual but as usual there’s just no spark there for me. I just don’t see the point of putting through someone that’s made me shrug my shoulders & forget their song as soon as the show is over.
    Sugar’s tone makes me wince. Even her studio versions are just unpleasant. I don’t get her at all.
    Luke is a bore with a capital B.
    Danica. Sigh. I posted on the top 5 post that I would support her for the wildcard IF she cut loose, lost the matronly vibe and just sang something fun with that technically perfect voice. Not only did she pick a lame old song, she didn’t even sound like her usual competent singer self.
    These weren’t bad performances tonight. All in all, I enjoyed the show but they didn’t earn my vote. I really love all 3 finalists that already made it but I think I may be all in for Matt FTW now. Chris & Craig may give him a run for his money. I don’t think anyone up for the wildcard proved themselves in their league.

    • analythinker says:

      Pretty much agree with you, except I don’t think Sugar’s that bad. I’m kind of afraid Craig’s fanbase is growing bigger and bigger (as Chris’ is) and Matt’s staying the same, but it’ll be interesting to see next week. Now I think Craig does deserve to win, but the other two might need the win more than him (Craig will have a career in country music no matter what).

      • AlyB says:

        It’s funny this season. My preference musically is Matt but I like the final 3 so much I wouldn’t begrudge any of them the win. They are each terrific within their own genre. I can’t say I feel that way about any of the others.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I’m 100% with you AlyB. This is a great top 3 this season. For a season that was pretty bad all the way down to the wire, I’m relatively shocked to find myself saying that. All three are highly competent singers doing their own thing, and I wish all 3 the best.

  28. Tori says:

    Can someone please explain to me what is so appealing about Grandma Shirey?
    She has a pretty voice? I can compile a list of past voice contestants that were much better than her on the show who weren’t this popular round here. So perplexing.

  29. Sara says:

    I wish contestant would pick more new song their is boring that’s why they. Not interesting and coaches complement south that how good they but actually they not

  30. Sara says:

    Songs are boring too much good complement

  31. Sharon says:

    I think having a “wild card” was an insult to those that made it through to the top 5. America had already chosen who they wanted to go through. It seems to me to be a slap in the face to the final five, but especially to Taylor and Damien. The producers are telling America they are stupid and don’t know what they like. I think this was an extremely poor and insulting idea. Please don’t do it again. If one of your morning shows is in trouble don’t try to improve its ratings by ruining a GREAT SHOW. We have free speech in this country. Why are the producers taking it away from us Americans?

    • Scout says:

      Agreed. Most of the rules on this show are dumb. But the producers don’t care about these contestants or they wouldn’t dispatch them faster than curdled milk. It’s all silly, but I needed something listen to while I was doing the dishes.

      • JM1 says:

        This season has really irritated me in how quickly they’ve cut contestants. If they hadn’t done it that way, we’d have had more time to get to hear them and vote accordingly. To rush it so much and then do this stupid wild card trick does show that the producers care nothing at all about the singers.

    • Cynthia Wise says:

      I agree totally!

    • Greta says:

      So right Sharon i voted before i really thought about! It was pointless when you think of it! But a few should’ve never been in bottom in first place!

    • Sharon says:

      Hi Sharon! I’m Sharon, too. How weird that you can have the same user name on this site.

  32. Elaine Tribelhorn says:

    I believe that Damien has the best voice BY FAR!! I hope someone gives him a record deal!!

    • Antonio Hall says:

      I agree he have a exceptional voice but Vote for DaNica Shirley . She got it all . I love her gift and her powerful voice she got . I don’t want Adam team to win . Adam is good but he says to much . I want Pharell team to win with DaNica Shirley . She going to win Season 7 next week Tuesday December 16 , 2014 .

      • carmen says:

        Sorry to say that there were to many blind people and they voted her out it’s an a shame that the best singer is out. Danica don’t feel bad we saw u were the best

  33. Joan says:

    The wild card is the worst idea The Voice has ever come up with. It is not fair to the 3 finalists who worked their butts off to get to the top. I didn’t vote for any of the wild card performers.

  34. kevin says:

    Can anybody explain why Jessie Pitts got a B- for that D rated performance?

  35. nancy says:

    he sings with his heart. everytime I hear him he makes me want to stop what im doing and listen to him. he the best!!!

  36. Aneesah says:

    Whoever wins the wild card has to have the potential to face matt mcandrew because he is definitely a threat. .we don’t need somebody to just come on stage and sing anything. .they need to be on point if they are going to go up against the top 3 period.

  37. Alan says:

    In answer to the question, “Did the right three artists make the finals,” the answer is a clear no. Only Matt is a legitimate finalist. Chris is there because of the “cute” and the “underdog” factors. Craig is there because of the country niche. The contest should have come down to Damien vs. DaNika, with Matt, Sugar and Anita vying for the other spots. Luke had a shot, but he kind of petered (or sold) out. This isn’t American Idol, this show presents itself as being about singing and not finding the most commercial pop idol. Yet it, like the others, ultimately caters to the teenage girl demographic. The best singers: Damien and DaNika, hands down. Hopefully at least ONE of them will get back into the finals.

    • Antonio Hall says:

      I agree 100 percent .

    • Aneesah says:

      Danika can blow but she’s boring wheres the creativity, and damien can definitely sing but has no real stage presence..he just a brian mcknight..we need something original like matt..he owns the stage period

    • Bob says:

      The three artists that made the finals are legitmate, regardless of your personal taste.The “country niche” is a demographic on the show that votes for their favorite. And no, I am not a country music fan. And Chris was arguably the best performer last night. I don’t disagree with some of your ideas, but the highest vote-getters are the legitimate finalists.

  38. robin says:

    Thanks. I didn’t think those first 2 women were good at all. I quit watching.

  39. Ken W. says:

    Damien should of been top 3.
    Remarkable talent…..

  40. Aneesah says:

    And im sorry but craige I understand his passion but its simply not fair for him had to get saved twice…matt and chris.have been working hard they deserve to battle eachother and finally see who’s best. Anybody who got saved had too many chances this is a competitive wake up

    • JM1 says:

      That’s the show’s fault, certainly not Craig’s fault.

    • Chris was saved two weeks in a row by twitter save! So Chris had to be saved also!

    • CheekyKea says:

      Yeah but Chris got saved twice too, he was Adam’s pick for the top 12 rather than getting in through votes and he got the twitter save last week. How is that different from getting stolen twice before America had even had a chance to vote. All the top three are really talented and deserve their spots.

      • carmen says:

        Just by getting saved twice without America voting tells u everything the couches saw what he has he just needed to be trained a little and he demonstrated he could do it just by getting to the end , and Chris got lucky because Adam has a way of getting people to believe in his singer’s even when he knows they r not good enough to be there and then to top it off did you see when he went home how many people were there, rite there u can see that he has his whole country on his side not because he’s the best voice is because he’s just from there. If all countries would go with their singer it would be another story believe me. Not everyone sees this show for the better for some and the worst for other’s

    • carmen says:

      Well by having to be saved twice gave him a chance to get better that don’t mean he is not good it’s just that people keep voting for country like I said before; because Chris will never fit in Craig’s shoes believe me and he is still there explain that.

  41. Shauna says:

    Sugar Jones stole the vote all the way. She had great tone and has less mistakes than the other contestants. Overall this season has had a higher level of singing than previous seasons. Love Love Pharrell-he adds a different level of production. Hope he comes back.

  42. Mary Bailey says:

    Damien should have been in the top three.

  43. nettie says:

    I would like to know how no one black has ever won. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good singers who should have and did win. But I have been watching this show since it first aired and if I missed something, let me know. There have been some awesome singers who were black and I felt they
    were given a raw deal. This is a talent
    show not a popularity contest and I feel
    that is what it has come too. This will be my last year watching.

    • Alan says:

      I think you have a legitimate point.

    • JM1 says:

      . . . Javier Colon, Season 1 winner . . .

      I think it has to do with Blake and Adam emerging as the two star coaches. They aren’t R&B guys so their teams reflect that? Not sure I’m right but that’s my guess. And sadly, it is in large part a popularity contest although, like you, I wish it was purely based on talent.

      • Pam says:

        It is the Adam and Blake show. I’m tired of only one of those two winning. This is my last season watching. It just seems too rigged anymore.

    • Greta says:

      Yes Nettie just go back and take a look the first winner was black and then there were 2 afterward!

    • Julie says:

      Jermaine Paul, who is black, won season 2, and didn’t even get an album recorded for some reason. AND he is a much better singer than Damien. I don’t think Damien is bad, but Jermaine can sing circles around him.

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      Uh… The first 2 winners were black. Lol.

    • carmen says:

      Sorry to say that if u were watching this program from the beginning you should know there was a black winner go back and u will see

      • carmen says:

        let’s not go there we r not voting for colors we voting for the best voice here is were I say that people r not voting for what they r suppose to, here is a vivid Example

    • carmen says:

      Sorry to say that if u were watching this program from the beginning you should know there was a black winner go back and u will see let’s not go there we r not voting for colors we voting for the best voice

    • bird says:

      well you say you’ve been watching since the beginning but obviously that isn’t true because there have been several black contestants that have one and deservedly so so why don’t we keep the race card out of this it’s about voice and talent not color

    • archillies says:

      Apparently you weren’t watching very closely …..

  44. Dianne Watts says:

    I think Matt McAndrew looks and sounds a lot like John Denver. I think he would win the whole thing if he sang a good John Denver song.

    • Alan says:

      John Denver wouldn’t win this contest. Much of his appeal was his personality. What garners votes in this competition are either big notes or upbeat sexy pop. Those are what get the shrieks and the votes. Denver was too laid back; he would have been blasted by the people here for being boring. There needs to be a competition for singer/songwriters.

      • Sharon says:

        Alan, I agree with you that if a young John Denver was on Season 7 he wouldn’t win. But I don’t agree that much of his appeal was his personality (as pleasant as that seemed to be). Denver actually had a beautiful voice.

      • Luciana says:

        John Denver had a beautiful voice and some songs that were far from laid back. Have you seen The Wildlife Concert?

  45. Cynthia Wise says:

    This new format of bringing all the others back for the sing-off, when it should be between the final two (NOT NINE) is not fair!

  46. Diane says:

    I feel Damian did best tonite but still going for Craig all the way Surgar can stay home where she belongs

  47. Greta says:

    I see my girl Antoinette is in the bottom sad because she is Most original everyone sounds like someone but she is really sultry and original! She should have that WC but oh well! Who knows original when they hear it? Not America!!!! Too Bad!! 😒

  48. Dennis Rose says:

    Don’t like wildcard or instant save. Take the top voter receivers each week which would validate everyone’s vote.

    • anonymous says:

      i agree. instant save just makes the most popular get back in. (i guess that is the entire voting system). wildcard is the same. some who were out far back have a chance to win now. it takes away from those who were voted to the top. there has to be a reason why some weren’t voted through, so wildcard feels like it disregards that. i think the top votes should go through each week.

  49. Izzi says:

    I don’t think Craig should be in the final three. Taylor should have been there.

  50. Diane says:

    Damien gets my callback vote fill he poured his heart out again tonight