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Forever Post Mortem: Ioan Gruffudd on Henry's Newly Uncovered Nemesis, 'Very Loving' Relationship With Jo

Forever Season 1 Midseason Finale Ioan Gruffudd

The following contains spoilers from the Forever fall finale.

Calling all Forever fans: Surprised?

The ABC drama on Tuesday revealed the identity of the mysterious man who refers to himself as “Adam,” claims to be immortal like Henry and has been phoning Dr. Morgan since the pilot: He’s Lewis Farber, a therapist played by Burn Gorman (Revenge, Game of Thrones), and he ups the game in a big way by the end of the episode.

When a mental patient shows up at the antiques shop and claims to be the caller — who has murdered others during the hour — Henry takes it upon himself to kill him. But afterwards, it becomes clear that the troubled man was coerced into pretending to be the caller by the actual caller: Gorman’s Farber (though we doubt that’s his real name), who pulls up outside the store in the episode’s final moments, vows that he’s not done with Henry and then drives away.

TVLine chatted with star Ioan Gruffudd about what the revelation means for Henry’s (endless) future, when we’ll next see Gorman’s unkillable baddie and what Gruffudd thinks will happen if Jo and Henry ever get together.

TVLINE | When I saw Gorman in the episode, I immediately thought, “Oh, he’s Adam.” He always plays villains! But then his character seemed so benign, I thought perhaps his casting was a big red herring.
I was worried about that. Because you and I know — because we’re so savvy about and aware of people who get cast in things. Because I knew of him, of course, and I thought, “Oh, he always plays these [characters].” But I’m thrilled that you of all people saw him and thought, “Oh, he’s actually quite nice.” [Laughs]

TVLINE | You’re now shooting Episode 13. The caller — we’re still calling him “Adam,” yes?

TVLINE | Does Adam appear again in what you’ve shot so far?

TVLINE | Will he pop up in future episodes?
Burn is on another show [AMC’s Turn], and there’s always talk of getting a date to come back. [We’re filming] the second episode after the big reveal and he has been mentioned, but he hasn’t been seen.

TVLINE | Adam has been around a lot longer than Henry. Does Henry worry at all that he might turn into someone like Adam, given enough time?
Well, the way that we’ve played it after the fact that he’s mortified about [killing the wrong man]. Although there was a line that was never really discussed with the writers, because — I say, “I didn’t have to do it.” I don’t know why I said that line. Was that a red herring. or was that me saying “I could have run away” or “I could have let him take me”?… [Henry] says that line to Jo in the next episode afterwards, and I wondered what that meant… It would be incredible to see Henry have to kill somebody in order to protect his secret. That would be the ultimate challenge.

TVLINE | We see Henry in the 1800s in this episode. Are there any historical periods you’d like to see via flashback?
We did a brief thing in the ’60s. Something of course from the days I grew up, something like early ’70s, that would be amazing. All the other stuff is all delicious and delightful, and the costumes are so wonderful. Something that all the audience members could all relate to. You know, early ’80s or something like that, that would be fun.

TVLINE | How much of Henry’s back story have you been privy to?
The stuff that is coming up, I’ve been forewarned about. Most of the stuff is fantastic. There’s never a point where I’ve gone “Oh, where is this heading?”  [Henry’s] just got so much scope, and the writers are so clever.Forever Season 1 Spoilers Ioan Gruffudd

TVLINE | The show does a good job of making Henry and Jo’s relationship warm and friendly without veering into will they-won’t they, at least not yet. Have you and Alana de la Garza discussed how you play that?
It’s interesting. I think it’s all down to the fact that we both know who we are as characters, where we’ve been, and where we need to go to further live a fulfilling life. Henry doesn’t die, but for her, she needs sort of closure from her past and she’s in a bit of a denial I think, from her loss. But as far as Alana and I discussing that, the scripts are so good and so subtle that we just play the episode. There’s no real effort involved or there on the page and it’s rather beautiful. There hasn’t been anything that’s come along yet that I’ve gone “Oh, this is too fast, this is too sudden.”

It’s all, as you said, very natural, and very warm — and very loving without any real romance there at all. I think that’s what people are attracted to. You can imagine them being together or maybe want them to be together, but it’s such a subtle thing that we have and it’s rather beautiful. It’s almost as if we ever did get together, the show might be over. [Laughs] It would be a totally different show by that stage.

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  1. N says:

    I loved the article! Loved the episode!!!!!!!!!

  2. madhatter360 says:

    I also suspected Faber of being Adam because of the casting but I thought the fact that he was so benign and friendly was the give away that he was the real Adam.

    • herman1959 says:

      Same here, but when he gave up the name of the other patient so quickly I knew it was him. No decent Psychiatrist would have done that so easily.

  3. Emily says:

    Can honestly say that I have not been so surprised at a TV show reveal in a LONG time! Awesome episode!

  4. I figured as soon as I saw Burn’s name that he was the other immortal. So excited to have another Torchwood alum on one of my favorite shows! (Loving Barrowman on Arrow.) I find it interesting that this article doesn’t reference his Torchwood role, especially with (spoiler alert) his character being dead and yet alive (in contrast to Barrowman’s character dying and returning to life, quite similar to Henry).

    • herman1959 says:

      DITTO, DITTO, DITTO! Hello to another Torchwood fangirl; Barrowman is the only reason I started watching Arrow (I’m really a Flash fan).

  5. dani says:

    But wasn’t it Adrian Pasdar’s voice that you heard in earlier episodes?

    • Maybe it’s just me, or that I haven’t heard Burn Gorman’s natural voice a lot onscreen, but it looked like he was lipsyncing, at least to Adrian Pasdar’s voice. Considering that Pasdar is active on ABC with Agents of SHIELD, it’s not a far stretch that he’s voicing the character, and perhaps with enough gap between now and the next time we see Gorman, it will actually be Gorman’s voice and forget Pasdar originally voiced the mystery immortal character.

  6. Alichat says:

    Was I surprised?? Uhh, no. The moment I saw his therapist, I knew he was the other immortal.

    • maria says:

      Same here, but unlike many of the posters here, I have never heard of Burn Gorman nor have I seen any of his prior work. So for me it was just a gut feeling rather than seeing the actor and thinking “oh that guy! Of course!” Great episode…probably my favorite one so far. And excellent interview.

    • KCC says:

      I wasn’t surprised either, but not when I first saw him. He was British and Adam has an American accent. Only after they went to him for the patient’s name did it dawn on me he was Adam. It was like he was leading them right to the other guy, too easy.

  7. Burn Gorman is too big a star to have been “just” the therapist. So no, I wasn’t surprised. Doesn’t mean I didn’t love every minute of it. Burn is an amazing actor and I can’t wait to see Adam and Henry clash again.

  8. SW says:

    I definitely wasn’t surprised that Burn Gorman turned out to be Adam after I saw him in the episode (for the same reasons as everyone else), but I did appreciate the little twist with the first guy showing up to make us think he was Adam, but then turn it around and have him not be him. I didn’t see that part coming. For a second I thought maybe I’d been wrong about the therapist, so it was a nice little twist. Also, as much as I adore this show, and want it to stick around as long as possible, I don’t see it getting renewed for a second season in May, and I feel like the writers are wasting the opportunity to explore what happens after Henry reveals his secret to Jo. I think it would be really interesting to see the both of them use his immortality when it comes to cases. If this were a show that was doing really well, and would definitely be getting another season, I’d be all for them dragging out Henry keeping Jo in the dark, but knowing it most likely won’t, I want to see that big reveal moment with them before the end. And like Abe keeps telling him, Henry needs someone else who knows about his condition in case something happens to Abe. I really hope the writers realize they should reveal his secret before the end of the season.

    • herman1959 says:

      I don’t know, SW, I thought it was more realistic for him to not reveal everything at that point based on what happened with his wife in the 1800s. Plus, I think it changes the dynamic of the show if Jo is in on everything. But, they may do the reveal later.

  9. jj says:

    Wasn’t much of a surprise to me. As soon as he showed up, I knew he was the other immortal.

  10. Carrie says:

    More British actors on TV in the US? The star of the show is British. It would have been nice to throw a bone to an actor from NYC, where the show is filmed for this new part! Our actors are struggling too and could use the part!

  11. Ally says:

    I Loved it. Where is the grading poll? I give it an A for awesome…I really thought they may go with theory of Adm being the detective’s late husband. However the minute I saw the therapist I thought it he looks creepy enough to be him.

  12. Paige says:

    As soon as I saw Burn Gorman’s name in the credits, I knew he was Adam and found myself not enjoying the episode because I was just waiting for the reveal. Had the rest of the guest cast not been unknown generic actors, especially the fake immortal, I would have been wondering the entire episode and would have been surprised. The producers threw the surprise away by doing that. I LOVE that Gorman is back on TV. Torchwood (Miracle Day aside and forgotten) was a fabulous show that suffered when they killed Owen, Tosh, and Ianto. I can’t wait to see how Henry and Adam interact in the future and in the past.

  13. Luis says:

    John Barrowman on “Arrow,” and now Burn Gorman on “Forever?” Just get Eve Myles on TV over here and I’lll be having a complete “Torchwood” meltdown!!

  14. Luis says:

    One of the elements of the show I have enjoyed the most has been the easy chemistry of Ioan and Alana. It’s nice seeing a male and female lead character develop a friendship without immediately looking for signs that its turning into a romance. Given Henry and Jo’s respective histories, it’s easy to see why both of them would be reticent about entering a romantic relationship. I enjoy the professional relationship and friendship that has developed between them and I hope the writers allow this relationship to grow at a good pace.

  15. have really enjoyed this from the start and i hope for more

  16. Joe says:

    There was a clue in Henry’s session with the therapist. The therapist asked who Henry has to talk to, and after a pause Henry said, “Abe.” When asked, “Who’s Abe?”, Henry explained that Abe is a friend and that Henry and Abe are co-owners of an antique shop. The therapist then asks something like, “Is there anyone else? Maybe someone closer to your own age?” But….Henry had said nothing about Abe’s age.

    While watching, I thought this was a mistake, but in hindsight after seeing the twist I suspect the writers did that deliberately. I was surprised, though (if it was not a writing mistake) that Henry did not pick up on that, especially given his Sherlockian talents.

    I initially discounted the therapist because I was expecting to see Adrian Pasdar in the role of Adam, based on the voice. Was the actor who played Adam the same actor who has voiced Adam before? Or are they dubbing in someone’s voice? It sure sounded like Pasdar to me.

  17. I wasn’t surprised but I don’t think that takes away from HENRY being surprised. I love this show, all the characters and the relationships feel organically close and I really love that. Also, the cute little wink wink mentions of things like Highlander and Sherlock never fail to entertain me.

  18. Mare says:

    I wasn’t surprised at all with the reveal. And it made sense that “Adam” would have maneuvered himself into a position to get intel on Henry without revealing himself to Henry. I was just kind of disappointed that Henry never suspected anything, since he knew how diabolical Adam is.

    I wish you had asked something about my absolute favorite relationship on this show, Abe and Henry! I’m much more interested in that unique father/son relationship, than in the potential for romance between Henry and Jo.

  19. “Burn Gorman (Revenge, Game of Thrones)” His Torchwood credit should have been mentioned as Forever has things in common with Torchwood unlike Revenge & Game of Thrones.