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The Originals Post Mortem: Inside Rebekah's Midseason Finale Twist

The Originals Rebekah New Body

Heads up: Stop reading now if you haven’t watched Monday’s episode of The Originals. It’s about to get real spoilery up in here. 

Just in time for Christmas, Monday’s Originals midseason finale gifted fans with more twists than they could shake a white oak stake at. But for now, let’s focus on the biggest twist of all…

Was it Elijah telling Hayley to marry Jackson, then making sweet supernatural love to her atop a fine antique table? Close, but no.

Was it Klaus turning Esther into a freakin’ vampire? Getting warmer!

Give up? The biggest twist of all was Rebekah’s decision to accept Esther’s offer, leaving her original body and entering that of a young witch (played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers) — one handpicked by Kol, no less. TVLine spoke briefly with executive producer Michael Narducci about Rebekah’s big swap, and how the deal might (read: probably will) come back to bite her in the now-mortal butt.

TVLINE | So, what’s next for Rebekah?
Putting Rebekah into another body is a great instance of “be careful what you wish for.” Now that she’s no longer in her original immortal body — that strong, fast body that can endure anything — she’s just a mortal witch. She’s got a whole new set of powers, but she’s not immortal anymore. If she’s stabbed or killed, will that be the end of Rebekah? And will this Faustian deal be worth it to her? That’s one of the things we really want to explore.

TVLINE | Does this mean we won’t be seeing Claire Holt as Rebekah anymore?
The great thing about our show is that we have a built-in engine. We’ve seen Kol in a new body, for example, but we also still get to see Nathan Buzolic quite a bit in flashbacks.

TVLINE | But is the body swap permanent?
This isn’t necessarily a permanent change. It’s not like something is going to happen to Rebekah’s original body, or that once she makes this change, she can’t go back — unlike Kol and Finn, whose original bodies were destroyed. Rebekah’s body will continue to exist, so there are many different story opportunities for us to explore.

Your thoughts on the midseason finale, specifically Rebekah’s new journey as a *gulp* mortal? Drop ’em in the comments section below.

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  1. diane says:

    well this certainly isnt a show about the original vampire family anymore! all new cast and all human witches wtf is this the secret circle! didnt like it at all nor the season so far so im out

    • Andy Swift says:

      They may not all *look* the same, but in my opinion, this show is more about the Original family than ever.

      • Lucius says:

        I agree.

      • Kenny says:

        Yes I agree. I love me some Clare Holt but I’m loving the direction the story is going

        • I love what they did. They needed Rebekah, but they didn’t have Claire, and if they ever tried to kill her off, there would be hell. So they put Claire in hold, brought Rebekah in new body and, any time Claire wants to come back, they can have her. Is like… “Hey, here, take as many time as you need, we’ll be waiting for you, in a way”

      • Naazneen (@miss_naazneen) says:

        Haters gonna hate Andy

      • Mel says:

        Yep, they killed nearly all of them in TVD so that ends up being a good way to have them back. Although I’m sad about sorta losing Claire Holt, but she wanted out anyway last season, so here’s what you get

        • Robert Wood says:

          Clair Holt and Julie Plec have stated that we have not seen the last of Clair on the show, that’s why here body remains unharmed and she can be put back at anytime. For now we will see her in flashbacks and at some point she will be back in her own body when the story calls for it and depending on Clair’s Scheduled, although she would still be only a recurring character, but for now this is what needed to be done for the direction of the story being played out and the only way to have her character present full time. Clair also stated that she is not finished playing the character and hopes to be back as soon as possible right now she is juggling her other commitments where her other show films in LA and the originals films in Atlanta.

      • Letti says:

        I’m a huge fan of TO, yet I hate the fact they are not “Originals” anymore and played by different actors. For example, I’ve been a great Kol fan since they introduced him in TVD, and ever since he died I was waiting for the time I’ll see Nate Buzolic as Kol pop up in TO, as he should be a regular since the beginning. And no matter how good Daniel Sharman is I feel more and more betrayed with each episode. For Lenore, I just can’t believe that she’s truly Esther, even Cassie was better. The only one I’m ok with this way is Finn. But now they just “recasted” Rebekah… this is just too much. As I said previously, I’d rather have Claire in 1-2 episodes than have someone else as Rebekah in each one. What will be next? Elijah and Klaus will get new bodies? I like the storylines this season, but I have already though about stopping watching if most of the original actors don’t return until the end of this season.

        P.S.: Mikael’s body was destroyed as well, yet he’s back in it. So why can’t the others get it back?

        • Tay Henry says:

          Klaus’s body was destroyed when Alaric staked him on TVD, I guess they forgot that. Look….I think they just weening us in on with Kol slowly but shortly. We got 14eps left

        • Nich says:

          That’s exactly what i thought! I wanted Nate to come back because I thought he was the perfect Kol and if Daniel wasn’t the replacement I would’ve gone berzerk and destroyed my computer… I’ve accepted the fact that Daniel is playing Kol since he portrays the character well but now that Claire isn’t playing Rebekah anymore I feel like the supposedly new Rebekah isn’t Rebekah. The new witch is Rebekah but it doesn’t feel like Rebekah, it’s like a different person with the same name as Rebekah. I shouldn’t be judgy this early but I can’t help but be disappointed. I like where the story’s going though! It’s exciting but I do hope Claire comes back as soon as possible. Could it be that she’s officially playing Supergirl?

        • Tay Henry says:

          Klaus didn’t die we know but his body was burned from the whiteoak no different than Kol, Mikael or Finn.

          • Dani says:

            If they can find a loophole to create that mutant baby then they can find a loophole to bring back Nate Buzolic as Kol.

            No wonder Claire has jumped ship. This show is a mess.

            The Originals? What a joke! A whole different cast and the remaining ones might as well have different bodies to go with their new personalities.

            This has always been a vehicle for Phoebe Tonkin, for some godforsaken reason. That’s why they created that demonic brat.

            Wait until Klaus and Elijah are recast and see how many people like the new direction then.

            Maybe they should recast Hayley with an actress who can act or recast Nope with a plotline that actually makes sense.

      • Robert Wood says:

        It maybe about the family, but for me personally it stinks, there is no reason why they have to use different actors, the original actors who created these roles is what makes the show without them this might as well be just another vampire show. The whole purpose of the show “The Originals” is about having the original actors, so far all we have are Klaus, Elijah and now Rebeka is in another body, Clair Holt had moved on and only wanted to be apart of the show as a recurring character but her scheduled most likely does not allow her to be there to often so what they did with her makes sense, as for the others being in new bodies is now getting boring and that ha played out long enough, either they need to get the original actors back in their bodies or kill them off and continue with Klaus and Elijah and keep Kol give him back his body. This show just may not last if they keep going in this direction, the writing sucks and the story sucks.

        • Rebecca says:

          I so agree! Thus show is about the original family, and yet none of the original family is there!

        • Melissa says:

          There is a reason: the actors are doing other work and don’t want to be on the show. I think it’s a pretty creative way to keep the show going when all your actors jump ship, although it is confusing and frustrating with some of the choices.

    • Marty says:

      Ya,I will never watch that show again.And,I did really like the originals first appearance in the vampire diaries.But,now it has taken a turn for the worse.

  2. Skittles&Bits says:

    Rebekah’s smart and resourceful; new body or not, I’ll sure she can take care of herself. Not feeling this body swap deal but it’s the only feasible way for the writers to keep the character open even without the wonderful Claire Holt.

    • Rook says:

      Yeah, there is no way that would just kill Rebekah now that she is mortal it would be a stupid move. Not really a fan of it either, but I understand it. However nobody, and I think everyone agrees, that nobody could play the hopeless romantic bitch like Holt.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        I agree. I’m *desperately* hoping Holt returns. She was the reason I got into the Originals; without her, I only read recaps. She brings such nuance and vulnerability to a character that is quite abrasive and violent. The new actress playing her seems lovely but it’s not the same without Claire.

      • Nich says:

        I second that

  3. Ryan says:

    I hope this wasn’t their plan the whole time because I enjoy Claire Holt especially as Rebekah. And this seems like a sure way of giving her some time off the show that she already has. Main point: Claire Holt needs to come back as Rebekah full time please!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I think this was a smart move on the part of the show. Claire Holt is busy with a whole other series (NBC’s Aquarius) so this was the only way to keep Rebekah on the show for an extended period of time.

      • Ryan says:

        I believe you’re right Andy, I just hope Claire Holt will reprise her role as Rebekah at some point and maybe just maybe in the future of the series (hopefully next season or so) return full time.

    • Josh says:

      Seems like Claire Holt wants to leave(she’s rumored for the CBS Supergirl show) so she probably wants to move to bigger, better things where she can be the center of a show.

      Strange that they cast another actress who will probably be moving on soon too. Maisie Richardson-Sellers has been cast in what is rumored to be a major role in Star Wars: Episode VII.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Filming of Star Wars is already over. She has time right now.

        • Josh says:

          Well I mean future movies. I doubt she can be a regular down the line(far down the line, mind you) but she’ll need to return to filming plus promotion, premieres, and what ever offers that come from being in such a big film.

  4. Robert says:

    She is a hot actress on the rise and in the serious running for the Supergirl series, she will be burning up our screens in one role or another!

  5. christine says:

    Um….No way. Claire Holt is Rebekah or nobody.

  6. Rachel says:

    Not really a huge fan of them bringing in new people to play the same character with the body swapping. The Originals doesn’t seem to fit anymore with new people playing all the old characters. I want to see Claire Holt in the present and not flashbacks.

  7. Emily says:

    I’m not a fan of them recasting the entire Original family. We’ve already got baby drama and wolf princess shenanigans…. why do we have to give up or favorite actors too? I’m just losing confidence that this show will ever reach its potential. It continues to sink further and further.

    • Lucius says:

      I actually like the recasting of Finn and Kol. Yusef Gatewood as Vincent Griffith, who was just upped to series regular and the annoyingly handsome Daniel Sharman as Kaleb are VERY good and we get Nathaniel Buzolic as Kol in the flashbacks so all is good in that regard. Claire Holt is a bit of a problem though, irreplaceable in my opinion and I was quite upset at her wanting to leave. Remember Finn and Kol’s bodies were destroyed. The Show is called ‘The Originals’ and with the recasting it’s now much more of that than the so-so first season. I suppose Aleeah Rogers, from the web series ‘The Originals: The Awakening’, is the new ‘Rebekah’

      • i to agree i like that actor as finn!!! but as for kol i like sharman as kol but not as much as i love nathaniel as kol! nathaniel as kol is just irreplaceable no matter how good sharman is and im glad that sharman has not been upped to series regular this give us a chance or a hope that nathaniel will return as kol in present time.

        • Lucius says:

          I’ve heard that Nathaniel is going to be in more flashbacks so they probably don’t want to up Sharman to series regular because he’s still very much around and especially considering his history with Astrid in the past who is now Rebekah in the present.

      • Lucius says:

        I misspoke. Maisie Richardson-Sellers is the new ‘Claire’, not Aleeah Rogers and she’s a looker.

    • Ari says:

      I agree. The whole body jumping thing is becoming too used. It’s like the magical multiplying doppelgangers on TVD. Just when you think they’ve used the plot device for the last time, it pops up again! Hopefully, this won’t get as convoluted and ridiculous as the doppelgangers though.

  8. Pennie says:

    I really want to like this show, but every week it just bums me out more and more. While some may be okay with the body swapping, I am not. I fell in love with the originals because of the actors that originally played them. Not that the new actors are not talented, it just doesn’t work for me and Klaus is way OOC.

    • Ari says:

      I am ok with the new Finn. I am not even a little bit ok with new Kol. No shade to Dan Sharman, who I loved on Teen Wolf, but the original Kol just had that spark that the new version is missing. I am still holding out hope that they bring him back. They all keep saying his body was destroyed but so was Mikael’s and yet here he is.

    • Rebecca says:

      I agree with you! I wanted to watch this show for the original actors! I never really liked finn anyway, but I love the original family! I want the other actors back! Especially Nathaniel! They can kill finn. Lol

  9. Fran says:

    I guess I’m the only one who enjoyed the ep and this season overall. Would I prefer Claire Holt to be on? Of course. I’d prefer Nathan as Kol too. But if the actors aren’t available, I think its an interesting way to keep the characters going. I hope they’ll be available to come back in the future, but Im still interested in the storylines and enjoy where the show is going. Then again, I like Hayley too so her storyline doesn’t bother me like it does with a lot of people.

  10. Z says:

    why do they keep jumping into African American bodies? are the originals racist and have no respect for Black lives? Seems odd to me, you’d think they would want new bodies as close to their original ones but it seems like they are saying “we need a new body go pick a random Black person no one cares or will miss them.”

    • Idalimanz says:


    • Mick says:

      Hint Hint A show with a very white cast wants to show some diversity and I am not mad at that.

      • jerrired says:

        Yeah I agree with Mick. I was watching TVD last week and wondered why all the black actors/actresses seem to only be on the show for about a second, minus Kat. So I’m glad The Originals is at least trying to be more diverse, and they make race and important issue on the show (such as Marcel’s history).

        • Lucius says:

          I agree with Mick and Jerrlred. The First Season was painfully white. The Show is set in NEW ORLEANS ffs. It’s Funny because Joseph Morgan’s new wife in real life is (half) black.

      • Mel says:

        Yeah I agree I don’t see it as racist, they did take a white body for Kol. I think, as mentioner in someone else comments, it reflects the population of New Orleans, and also the fact that most witches have been African American so far (including TVD)

    • James says:

      New Orleans has a sizeable African American community in real life. Them body-jumping to people who just happens to be black is just reflective of that reality as it is just a coincidence.

      And FYI, Klaus has had his share of body-jumping himself, with Alaric (White) and Tyler (Hispanic). Esther had jumped bodies with Cassie, Becky and her latest host body.

      And, yeah Kol jump into Isaac Lahey’s body, who’s not even American.

  11. Isabel says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS EPISODE!!!! I have always been a fan of this show but this episode was definitely a standout for me!
    The episode moved so well through each scene and the pace felt good.
    About the whole actor change ups,..that’s tough, but in order for the show not to suffer you have to make tough calls with the storylines and of course not everyone will agree with them. I would LOVE for Claire Holt to come back full-time but I have to say I am also lovin’ Sharman’s performance as Kol. I think Plec has handled this show beautifully and think this was one of the top mid-season finale’s that have come out from this season’s shows.
    If I could grade it, I’d give it a strong A.

  12. Kar says:

    What happened to the ORIGINALS. Now it’s the recasts.

  13. Sally Labson says:

    I agree and disagree. I want the original Rebekah (Claire Holt) She is indeed one of the originals!!!

  14. jerrired says:

    I’m actually okay with the twist. I know they’ll find away to put Rebekah back in her original body. I just think it’s the show’s way to bring some of the Forever and Always dynamic back to the show. I also like the idea because I refuse to give up on Nathaniel becoming Kol in the present. Daniel is great, but I would prefer if he just becomes Kaleb and Nathaniel is Kol again. Yusef is great as Finn. So no complaints there, but I need original Kol back.

    I’m hoping they same loophole that sends Rebekah back to her body will somehow send Kol back to his (despite the body being gone). But if the TVD/TO world is anything, it’s inconsistent. So there is always a way to undo whatever rule they create. I thought the episode was pretty good. I definitely like this season, but not enjoying it as much as the last one. I think I had my hopes really low for season 1, and too high for season 2.

    • Mel says:

      I’d be very surprised for Kol. I actually enjoy him more as Kaleb/Kol, but if you remember few eps ago he did tell Davina he had been missing being a witch, so Kol would never want to go back to his old body. Unwillingly though, that could be. But not sure for that one.

      • jerrired says:

        I love Kol but he’s not the most reliable character on the show. I can see him really lying to Davina just to get her to completely fall for him so he can use her in the future I’m not saying his feelings aren’t/won’t be genuine. But Kol seemed to enjoy being a vampire, quite much. The only one that hated it was Finn. So I don’t know if he meant that or wants Davina to believe he likes being a witch.

      • Letti says:

        I think that while Kol enjoyed being a warlock, he loved being an immortal vampire as well. Michael Narducci wrote something on twitter, that Kol likes both, what he wants most is power, no matter which species he has to be for that.

  15. Katerina says:

    Mikael got his body back even though it burned same as Kol’s. When Elena died in the car with Damon on VD her body was burned to a crisp in the accident and when she came back from the Otherside she has her real body. So there’s always a way.
    I can’t stand that we don’t have the real Esther. I like the new Kol and Finn tho.

    • James says:

      With the Other Side gone, I think all other spells in bringing the dead back to life have all been thrown in the fire. Bonnie and Damon survived because they were sent to a far plain that requires the use of an apparatus to get back to the real world.

  16. Kay says:

    I will be missing Claire Holt but I think she’ll be back some day! Also this way Rebekah can stay on the show and I would love to see her and Marcel get back together!

  17. Katerina says:

    Question: Elijah said if he accepted Esther’s offer to go into a human/witch body then he could have children of his own. Bex reminded him that Dahlia would come for his child and Elijah said not if he was no longer of Mikaelson blood. Well Klaus isn’t a true Mikaelson. With that line of thinking Hope shouldn’t be in danger. It should be explained that it’s Esther’s bloodline that Dhalia claims the first borns of and not because they’re Mikaelson’s right?

  18. B says:

    Epic!! The Originals is the best genre series on television!! It reminds me of The WB’s glory days when Joss Whedon’s Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer put it on the map and made critics take notice!!! The Originals is a well written action packed series with twist and turns that advance the storylines will honoring the characters and their development!! I can’t believe Julie Plec is the mastermind behind this series, because The Vampire Diaries is poorly written! #JustSaying Maybe Michael Narducci deserves the credit!!!

  19. Elisa says:

    Can we please get rid of Davina, I can’t stand her.

    • Ari says:

      I don’t see much point to Davina. At all. Why is she here? Honestly. Why is there a teenager hanging around with all of these adults? I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have made the main witch an adult character instead of a child?

      • Patricia says:

        I agree, not much of a fan of Davina, she is a teenage girl surrounded by adults. Her character makes decisions that aren’t thought out and is gullable and nieve. Which is how most teens are reaction without thinking.

    • Brianna says:

      I never liked Davina. She’s really just annoying. I would be extremely glad if she left

  20. Cayrem Landt says:

    I am sad to see Claire Holt go! She’s been a wonderful part of the show and the world wouldn’t be the same without Rebekah Mikaelson. That being said I am excited to see where Maisie Richardson Sellers will take Rebekah. I’m thankful that they chose someone who is as beautiful and as English as Rebekah (Claire) to take up the mantle. Plus witch Rebekah will probably be just as fierce as vamp Rebekah…she did learn from Esther after all.

  21. zed says:

    It is an absolute shame that Clair Holt will not embody Rebekah for a long while…or maybe even ever again. It is also a shame they can’t come up with something that we get Nathan back as Kol in present time… he is Kol…I do say thanks for the flashbacks!..Can you guys imagine Elijah in someone else’s body?! NO- says me! Finn is the only one I can understand wanting to agree and do what his mother asked of him, as he was with her when she wanted to kill them all on TVD. They should bring back Alice as Esther, Seriously!!
    Cami should become a vampire!

  22. Luis says:

    So, the next time we see Claire Holt, will she be wearing a big red “S” on her chest?

  23. sprizzle2182 says:

    claire holt is up for the lead in a new show…this was prob the only way to keep her story going without needing her there…if she decides to come back im sure they wont have a problem giving her her “old” body back..

  24. Jen says:

    I’m looking forward to January. We are a huge fans of the show here in Jersey!!! But we would love for the Davina character to be killed off already, man she is soooooo annoying! We Love the other cast member. Camie, Niklaus, Rebelah, Ely, Marcel and wolf girl :)you guys have a lot of fans in NJ & NY. Love your guys!

  25. B says:

    According to The Hollywood Reporter Claire has the Supergirl role in the bag which makes sense since she has a lot of fans because of her work on TVD and TO and PPL which would attract female viewers to a comic book character based show I just hope the writers make it similar to Buffy with her facing real life situations with the monsters and demons being metaphors

  26. Maggy says:

    I really, really want to watch this show but it is so hard! The thing that made the originals so perfect was the actors! I can handle Finn’s actor switch, but some are managing wit Kol’s, and I am just not! Now Rebekah too! I can’t watch the show without feeling like they aren’t even the characters!

  27. Shuaib says:

    I think Claire Holt is great at playing Rebekah, so I bet this body swap is temporary

  28. Deveraux says:

    “Aquarius is an upcoming American drama television series starring David Duchovny. The 13-episode “event series” is expected to air on NBC during the 2014–15 television season.[1][2]”
    Quote from Wikipedia

    After Aquraius ends (which will end in my opinion quickly, because it has only 13 episodes), Claire want to come back to The Originals as regular.
    The authors will have to find out, how Rebekah get her old body back.
    Her body still exist and is not destroyed like the body from Kol and Finn.

  29. Gail says:

    I thought this finale was AWESOME!!! This show stresses me out each and every week, always worried who is going to get killed basically! I wanted to jump out of my chair in excitement when Haley and Klaus finally got to hold their precious Hope, only to be heartbroken when Haley told Elijah about marrying Jackson, then back up when Elijah grabbed her and kissed her. The best part of the night was when Klaus told that horrible, horrible Esther that she died with vampire blood, back up again; only to be left stunned about Rebekah! I really hope they bring her character back soon. She is one kick ass woman and she gives Klaus a run for his money!!

  30. rae says:

    I actually don’t think you’re correct about Finn and Kol’s bodies being destroyed. They were just brought back from the dead into new bodies. There’s nothing to suggest that they couldn’t be brought back into their old bodies if needed, the way Mikael and Ansel were. Remember that Kol had no idea Esther was planning to destroy Rebekah’s body with the white oak stake; he had no idea that she was destroying their bodies, period. Since his has already been decimated, it’s a moot point, but it’s still a different situation. That said, I’m a huge fan of Daniel Sharman as Kol, so I’m hoping we keep him!

  31. anonymous says:

    Claire Holt is just incredibly awesome as Rebekah and there is no one that can play her as well as she can and I really hope that she returns to the show soon. I also really don’t like this new chick she’s ugly and doesn’t seem to be the right fit to take over for Claire Holt in the interim. At least they could have got someone who was pretty and could be almost as good that would have made it easier to accept. I like the new actors for Kol and Finn they are both very hot and extremely talented so for me it’s not a big deal.

  32. B says:

    I’ve enjoyed the second season so far and I’m looking forward to seeing the storylines continue

  33. SCS says:

    Show keeps getting better the twist keep coming but please keep Rebeckah. I understand she wanted a break great way to give her one but the show needs her! You guys have done a great job at bringing the others back and getting new characharters in!❤️

  34. i dunno.. was a fan?? says:

    Well they better put Bekah back in her original body or i am so done with this!

  35. Robert Wood says:

    This body swapping crap is losing me, the show is starting to suck, and I fear its not going to go on for the long run. The next season is going to be the one that makes it or breaks it. I think the writers and Juli Plec is killing the show with this non-sense, you have a show called the originals and more then half of them are different actors which makes this show cheap, cheesy and UN-exciting. The actor who originally played Kol how long do the Producers think the actor is going to make himself available for the few seconds of screen time he gets in flashbacks which are BS by the way before he moves on and they lose him altogether. If the Producers are smart they would give Kol his body back and with Clair Holt they could play that story with her new body for a little while since Clair Holt is not full time on the show and give her body back next season, i don’t know, I just am losing interest with this story line and because its going on to long.

  36. jazz says:

    Maybe becks becoming a witch is not such a bad thing if they are to battle dear aunt Darlia who’s after little “Hope” so everything happens for a reason and these script writers are brilliant can’t wait to see the rest of the season

  37. amber says:

    Rebekah’s new body character doesn’t act like Rebekah’s at all and there’s been no action or drama since the new season came back on its always at the end

  38. alexandra says:

    Claire Holt needs to return asap, the whole body swap is awful she does not do Rebekah justice, we need the blonde back on our screen.

  39. Emmanuel Success Ogbuagu says:

    Did mikael and esther finally died?

    • Chantall says:

      Remember paptunda the guy who trapped rebecca and klaus and then he drew energy from them..finn is doing the the same they are alive but kinda in a coma so he uses them to draw power

  40. Rebecca says:

    I’m a little disappointed in the fact that almost all the original family is being played by new people. BRING BACK THE FIRST ORIGINAL FAMILY!!! I want Rio see the original brothers and Claire holt for sure! And I don’t remember anything starting that the original bodies had been destroyed. I remember then being dagger in vampire diaries, but the originals should come back! Just saying. The cast worked well together

  41. Kiah garrison says:

    Hi I thought the mid season finale was cool but Rebekah is my fav character and I want her back so please bring her back it’s not the same without the real her

  42. Jay says:

    Shows great, loving the witch element but the new Rebecca hasn’t got the same ass kicking attitude as the original was abit of a let down.. It should have been a female with more fire to turn up the show.

  43. Heather says:

    Bring back Rebekah in original form. The show is dying with out her! Keep her. The new Rebekah is sooooo dumb. It really disappointed me.

  44. Heather says:

    Booooo bring back the original Rebecca. The new one is Stupid.

  45. Lori says:

    I hate the new Rebekas body. I loved the original girl that played her. I’m sick of this new girl playing her. Why won’t you switch them back already…it’s getting old.

  46. Michael says:

    I think TO atleast did a better job of temporarily removing Claire from the movie than TVD did with Nina

  47. rose says:

    this page needs updating its 2016 now and season 3 of the originals has just finished but why are they taking so long for us too wait for season 4