The Originals EP on Haylijah's 'Closure,' Cami's 'Ticking Clock' and More

The Originals Hayley Elijah

Will Monday’s midseason finale of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) end in a royal wedding for Hayley? Crippling heartbreak for Elijah? Literal death for Cami? All of the above?

Fortunately, executive producer Michael Narducci is here to answer TVLine’s burning questions about Monday’s episode, including how Rebekah will handle her major life decision the final hour of 2014.

HERE COMES THE HY-BRIDE | “If Hayley goes through with this arranged marriage [to Jackson], she’ll finally be able to really help her people, and she’ll be kind of a queen to them,” Narducci tells TVLine. “And she does trust Jackson. She feels a kinship towards him and, I’d say, even an attraction.” Refreshing our memories, he adds, “Since the very first episode of the show — going back to Vampire Diaries Episode 420 — we knew that Hayley was going to New Orleans to find her people.”

THE END OF HAYLIJAH? | “While it might not be the worst thing in the world to marry someone as handsome as Nathan Parsons and become queen of the Louisiana werewolves, that would mean she’d also have to find some closure in regards to her feelings for Elijah,” Narducci notes. “The very first thing she needs to do is come face-to-face with Elijah and be honest with him about everything that’s going on. There’s a huge scene in the midseason finale where that happens.”

ALL FOR ONE | “Cami’s been prepared to be a vessel for Rebekah; that would mean, effectively, Cami would die,” Narducci explains. “No one wants to lose Cami, so they’re going to have to stop Esther, and now they have a ticking clock.” And it turns out Cami’s peril is just what the gang needs to come together for a common cause: “All of our heroes are now truly motivated to find a way to take down Esther. Cami is also trying to find a way to save herself, which leads her to a confrontation with Finn, the very guy she helped take down in Episode 7. Through this interaction, you find out why Finn is the way he is and why he believes he‘s the hero of this story.”

REBEKAH’S CHOICE | “It was wonderful for Rebekah to raise this baby, but she knows it’s not hers, and she knows she’ll never have children of her own,” Narducci says. “This leads her to really think about her existence as a vampire, as an immortal.” As for Rebekah’s charge? “We’re going to have to make some pretty difficult decisions about what to do with Hope in order to make sure she’s safe.”

How do you hope the year ends for the Originals gang? Would you be OK with a Hayley/Jackson wedding? Should Rebekah give up her vampirism? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Laura says:

    Klayley wedding is the way

  2. Karen Ivy says:

    nuh I’m not ok with that hayley’s marriage with Jackson…all I wan’t till the end is the Haylijah forever…and as for rebekah, it’s her choice if she want’s to be human or still a vampire!! If she want’s to be a human just not Cami’s body she will gonna used…still want cami in the show!!

  3. Ari says:

    I hope the year ends with the awful Hayley and Elijah romance dead. Also the return of the real Kol. No more of the tame Dan Sharman version.

    • Hope says:

      Don’t think so

    • Sara says:

      I wish. That’s what the show needs to do, but I don’t think it will happen.

    • Letti says:

      I wish the same. Dan Sharman isn’t bad, but I miss Nate Buzolic more and more with each episode. I’m still hoping he will be a regular at some point. As for Haylijah, I don’t hate them, but I don’t ship them either. I always prefered Kalyley anyway.

    • Nicole Aguirre says:

      I completely agree that the real KOl needs to come back!! I prefer Nathaniel buzolic then Daniel Shrman anyday.

    • danielle says:

      hayley and elijah are not awful they are the best thing next to damon and elena i wouldnt be watching it if it wasnt for them and if they did do that a lot of fans would be complaining

  4. Jessica says:

    Our heroes! excsues me whilst i vomit……. miss the day of real originals not this tear streaking, vampire loathing shadows of their former selfs…… oh and i hope cami dies and i could not care who hayley bangs klaus,elijah,jackson or all the men in her mighty swamp kingdom

    • Sharon says:

      Wow totally agree with Jessica. Tired of Klaus crying every episode. Why is Hayley the girl for everyone…UGH! Cami is sooo boring, please kill her off!

    • Anna says:

      “and i could not care who hayley bangs klaus,elijah,jackson or all the men in her mighty swamp kingdom” – SAME. Or rather, I do care. About Elijah. She can bang Klaus, Jackson, Marcel, the whole supernatural population of NOLA – I don’t give two craps. Just let the thing with Elijah die and set the poor man free. She’s destroying his character.

  5. panka98 says:

    No,i’m not OK wit Hayley+Jackson…i need HAYLIJAH! They are so cute, they are totally in love with each other,they need to be together *~* <3

  6. Ivy says:

    I hope it’s not the end of Haylijah, i don’t think i can keep watching The Originals without them.

  7. Leslie says:

    No I would definitely NOT be ok with a Hayley/Jackson wedding. If she has to marry a Alpha she can marry Klaus. Otherwise I want her and Elijah to finally get together.

  8. Amber says:

    Sounds like it will be a great episode! I’m glad the writers aren’t listening to the naysayers who want it to be a show it never actually was and never will be. Season 2 has proven to be even stronger than season 1. Can’t wait for more!

  9. Hope says:

    No Elijah and Haley wedding.

  10. Hope says:

    I don’t think so. Haley and Elijah romance will continue. At the end they will find their way back together. And don’t need Klaus and Haley Haley and Elijah get married that I am up for.

  11. Hope says:

    I am sorry I don’t want Haley to marry Klaus and I don’t see him being married on show anyways. I am only Elijah and Haley fan. And I think Daniel GIllies is way hotter than Nathan Parsons. I think that Elijah and Haley will always find their way back to one another. And I am hoping that Elijah and Haley are end game for once.

  12. Jess says:

    If they are doing this so that they can pursue Klayley, then so help me Jesus. I am not here for more romantic angst between brothers.

  13. Emily says:

    I hope it’s not the end of Hayley and Elijah, I don’t particularly LOVE that pairing, but it’s definitely the most appealing of the bunch. Everyone else is just kind of unshippable. I wish they would stop focusing so much on the baby though, no one cares about baby drama on a supernatural show. It just doesn’t fit. I want more Kol and more Davina, I want to find out about Freya and see the Original family all back together again. I’m not a huge Cami fan, so if it means we get Rebekah back, then stick her in Cami’s body for sure!

  14. Jimmy says:

    Haylijah? Really? You should ask God to forgive you for doing that. This silly need to combine people names should die a painful death.

  15. Anna says:

    After Beks the only blond Klaus would confide in & know can properly influence his spawn is Caroline. He’s called her already, he’ll call her again.

  16. pamela says:

    It would be cool to have Rebekah in Camis body so her character could be in the show more but I wouldn’t want to have Cami be dead permanently. Jackson needs to be written off enough said.

    • Letti says:

      I don’t agree. I think Rebekah shouldn’t be played by anyone else but Claire. I’d rather have her as a recurring than have her in every episode played by someone else. And I don’t like the fact that the other Originals are played by others as well. Even if Finn stays this way, I hope Kol and Esther will get their bodies back, and that’s why they aren’t regulars yet. As for Cami, I just don’t care. Her death wouln’t bother me.

  17. Dear Andy, do you have anything against Elijah per se? It’s like he doesn’t exist in your mind space, he’s just an extension of Hayley. You did an interview with Joseph Morgan and you asked him about everything, including Caroline – a character from a different show, mind you – but not about Elijah, even though Klaus’ relationship with his brother – you know, the other lead? – is the corner stone of this show. And now again? Elijah is suffering from a magical case of PTSD, he’s being courted by Marcel and Gia as their patron, he has two whole storylines that have absolutely nothing to do with Hayley and are, in themselves, much more interesting, at least for some of us. Yet, they seem to be completely ignored by you in every article you post. Why?

    For those who actually are interested in it, go to TV Guide and their interview with Michael Narducci. They have a whole lengthy paragraph about this arc.

    • Anna says:

      Ah, thank you for that TV Guide tip! Elijah’s literally the only reason I keep track of this show, my interest in the rest of the main cast is shallow at best, yet the way a lot of interviews go, it’s like Elijah’s nothing more than a glorified supporting character.

      He’s an ORIGINAL in a show called THE ORIGINALS, for god’s sake. Is Hayley an Original? Is Jackson and Original? Is Cami an Original? Didn’t think so.

      • Pretty much. Klaus and Elijah are now the only original vampires left, everybody else is body-hopping it, and yet, most interviews and articles compeltely ignore Elijah. I don’t get it.

  18. Yes I am ok with the wedding, as I am not for Haylijah anyway…but no Rebekah should stay a vampire…but of course it is her choice after all….but is not the series about the originals vampires not humen ?

  19. Jacinta Chowdhury says:

    I want hayley and elijah together…poor guy is always left heartbroken….jackson is sweet…but he is no elijah…hayley and elijah are too cute together

  20. Maria says:

    Oh please oh please enough with the stupid female drama…we want a show about THE ORIGINALS!!!!!!! not about a “queen” and her clan or whatever, Hayley is becoming worse than Elena were everything is about her and do not even get me started on that Cami girl..!!!

    • Letti says:

      IMO no one can ever be worse than Elena. xD Sometimes Hayley gets too much attention, but at least she is fighting and doesn’t need to be saved every time. Oh and she’s not crying for everything. But I don’t get what everyone likes in Cami. She is so…uninteresting.

  21. B says:

    I love The Originals!!! I ship HAYLIJAH but I like Jackson so I don’t want them to get married or for the writers to have them go through with it only for Jackson to be killed off Bex will not accept Esther’s offer and I want more Josh an Aiden I like both actors that play Kol so if they bring the original Kol back maybe they can figure out a way to keep Daniel around this series is great and I think that fans of the vampire diaries need to stop with the I hate Klaus crying all the time complaint if you were him you’d be crying too this series is great and just keeps getting better

  22. Katherine chavers says:

    No rebeka should not give vampire powers. And Hayley should not marry the wolf.

  23. joy334 says:

    Please bring back all the original characters for Esther, Finn, Kol and Rebekah this body jumping is ruining the story lines

  24. I’m cool with haylijah and hayley nt hayley with any other man,they are so romantic

  25. Tristan says:

    I think Hayley should marry Jackson to help her people but, I really would rather klaus and hayley to be together but Elijah and haylay is fine. I think rebekh should not give up being a vampire. She loves being one, all though she can’t have the life she wants she loves being with family forever and likes to do amazing things and plus the show wouldn’t be the same the name of would be point less.

  26. Sa'ad says:

    Keep rebekkah a vampire. Let Hayley marry Jackson. And thee most important of all keep Klaus an invincible Hybrid forever. Make kole,Elijah,Klaus,Finn,Marcel and devina unite against Esther and mikael. Prevent kole from daggering Klaus.

  27. kelly V says:

    Ok…im so confused. The whole wolf thing is two Alphas need to unite. Ok well Klaus is the Alpha for his tribe and Hailey for hers so y not unite and than those TWO tribes will be unstoppable. It just makes more sense lol Jackson isnt her love. Not like Klaus. He is her baby daddy. They need to be together! :)

  28. Natlie says:

    No, I think the marriage would be there,but of Klaus and Hayley Coz it’s the matter of their daughter hope’s life. she need the love of her both parents.

  29. zed says:

    How sure are they that Esther didn’t jump the body?
    btw Klayley always and forever!!!

    • zed says:

      Oh, and Cami should become a vampire! She will be far more interesting as one- I would like to see her not be able to satisfy the bloodlust!!
      And- Elijah being heartbroken and gloomy gives me an edge and certain dark romantic vibe. Plus his heart is with the doppelganger.

    • Hope says:

      No Elijah and Haley forever

  30. zed says:

    one more thing- if now the body that Esther is in is a vampire- still Esther’s immortal soul is a witch, so what stops Finn transferring her into another witch’s body?! Finn was a vampire and yet he is now a warlock! Maybe I am asking silly questions?

  31. Katie says:

    Hopefully Hayley ends up with Elijah in the end! I am ok with Hayley being with Jackson in the meantime.

  32. Dani says:

    I don’t give a crap what happens to Hayley.

    She is the worst character on this show and has basically dragged Klaus and Elijah down to the ground.

    Hayley needs to be killed off, asap. She is a low rent Katherine Pierce and even a pathetic waste of space like Elena Gilbert is more sympathetic than Hayley.

    Elijah and Klaus deserve better than a troll character who was dumb enough to get her last pack slaughtered for am empty disk drive.

    This character and her devil spawn has completely destroyed all the potential The Originals had.

    I miss the real Klaus and Elijah and they are never going to be that again until this character is dead in a ditch somewhere.

    They can keep the brat on the show of they must. At least that kid is a better actor than whoever plays Hayley.

  33. saray says:

    i think jackson wil die and hayley cant help her pack…..klaus is a wolf too .and hayley wil know the only way to help her pack is marriage to klaus. (and ıts my dream)

    • Hope says:

      Yea dont think so I am a Elijah and Haley fan and that is the worst ideal. Anyways Klaus is not a alpha he was not born in the boyou

  34. Kaelyn says:

    I want Halijah they are adddorrablee and i see a big connection there. I dont want Hayley to marry jackson but it seems she will do anything for her pack. They should kill jackson in the season so we can have halijah. I hopw we get tgem two

  35. FIRIYAL says:

    I dont think that Rebekah should leave her Vampirism although it already happened, it can be changed. Her body is still avail for another switch, she is a bad ass vampire and what would the originals be without her and i mean it in the sense of her vampirism.
    As for hayley and Jackson getting married HELL NO!! i want to see hayley and Elijah together

  36. Natasha dewhurst says:

    Love the originals love all the family dynamics, just please dont try push klaus and cami as a romantic thing, i dont care if cami gets a thing for klaus (who wouldnt) but klaus heart has already been taken (sweet lil control freak in mystic falls!). Now im not sayin rush caroline over to N.O it wouldnt make sence right now, but the only love i wana see klaus pursue is love for his family klaus love for his daughter will be his redemption not the love of a woman x ps i want the real kol back :)

  37. melanie says:

    Its time for Elijah find a good girl! Don’t really like Hayley or cami, they’re very dull characters. Klaus belongs with Caroline though, hands down.

  38. Elisheva Kimmel says:

    I want Klause and Cami to get together and no Haley/Jackson wedding bring Halijah back. Again bring back Halijah and the beginning of an eternal Klause/Cami romance relationship!

  39. ozioma michael says:

    i just hope it ends well with them… For Hayley and Jackson wedding is such a tragedy to the original family especially Elija and klaus but Rebecca how i wish is easy for to give up her vampirism because is what she ever want… TO BE HUMAN!

  40. ozioma michael says:

    i just hope it ends well with them… For Hayley and Jackson wedding is such a tragedy to the original family especially Elija and klaus but Rebecca how i wish is easy for her to give up her vampirism because is what she ever want… TO BE HUMAN!

  41. ozioma michael says:

    Elijah is gud for Heyley why nt the both of them rather than jackson’s…. I dont lik dis queen of a thing on lik elena sudden role making interesting show boiling….Elijah is too gud for such ALWAYS heartbroken to befall him…. What i want to hear is Hayley weds Elijah and caroline weds klaus and forget about other wedings….. Pls bring caroline back to the originals show and if posible bring the little salvatore with her…

  42. Lucifer says:

    I hope Camille lives, Jackson dies, Hayley never forgiving Klaus, Elijah getting better, Fin dying, Rebekah living, Devena living, Cole living, Klaus living, and Camille and Klaus getting together

  43. lance says:

    I really dislike cami so I could careless what happens and Klaus should redeem himself with hayley and have rebekah come back along with the whole original family in their real bodies and some huge fight breaks loose with mickaels,esters and above all Finns demise I really dislike Finn then maybe devina sometime after it doesn’t really make a big difference to me. I know this won’t happen but it would be cool if silus came back I always liked him more as a 2000 year old vamp but still

  44. Valerie Mendez says:

    I can’t believe just how cray cray Dahlia truly is I hope they show what happen in her life story I refused to believe she was born that way. Oh you can bet Klaus will get payback. And the truth will come out about Freya she’s been away too long from her family, Dahlia broken that women in thousands of pieces.

  45. Chinenyeaniegbuna says:

    Well,rebecca is better off as a vampire she is more useful as a vampire than a human as for haley need to confront elijah she is marrying jason for hope sake he is to understand.

  46. Maryjane says:

    I like d new kol…he’s cute…

  47. Maryjane says:

    Hi hope…are u a female or male..???

  48. Richmond Rossy says:

    it will be wonder if Rebeka didn’t give up her vampirisime

  49. Fleri says:

    I like Hayley and Elijah together. One of the reasons as to why I watch the show. Elijah deserves someone and that someome is her. Just like him she can’t be killed, it’s time he has something that makes him some what happy. One way or another they will always find each other.

  50. John Edobor says:

    This is Not fair ,why will cami die? she’s playing an important role and I really like her please I want her back in the show.