Post Mortems

Post Mortem: Castle Boss Discusses [Spoiler]'s Next Move, Espo and Lanie's Big Decision, OLTL Reunion and More

Castle Season 7 Rick Fired

The following contains spoilers from the Castle winter finale.

The midseason finale of ABC’s Castle found Kate crafting for her husband a sweet and poetic Christmas gift, while all the NYPD left in the novelist’s stocking was a huge lump of coal.

In short: While investigating the case of whacked mob doctor, Rick suddenly found himself bound by an omertà blood oath, with crime boss Dino Scarpella. And though the “bond” indeed afforded Rick the access he needed to talk to the right underworld figures about the murder, it ultimately cost him his association with the NYPD, when the dirty organized crime unit detective he helped put away wound up sleeping with the fishes.

Elsewhere in the episode: Per Rick’s family tradition, an anxious Kate ultimately came through with her six-line poem about the year-gone-by (reprinted at bottom), while Lanie and Espo’s brief turn as “fiancee/fiance” led to some reflection of their own — resulting in the surprising, mutual realization that their romance is not a grand one worthy of either of them, so they called it quits.

TVLine grabbed a few minutes with showrunner David Amann to survey Rick’s new crimesolving future, break down the Esplanie break-up and more.

TVLINE | Hasn’t poor Rick Castle been through enough…?
Well…. You know, there are always new challenges facing Richard Castle. This is just one of them.

TVLINE | Since logic would suggest this is but a temporary setback — I would think he’ll ultimately return to the 12th — what will he be up to in the meantime?
He’s going to pursue the private investigator angle, and part of that is driven by his desire to work with Beckett, even though he is no longer officially able to do so. He will follow that to its natural conclusion.

TVLINE | Might he use any of this down time to poke further into his own vanishing?
I think that in light of the fact that he is just starting out as a private investigator, he’ll be mainly focused on [his new job].

TVLINE | When is the next beat in the vanishing storyline?
It’s probably something we’ll touch on in the two-parter, which is currently slated for Episodes 14 and 15, which I think will air in February.

TVLINE | Anything else to share about the two-parter?
It’s a little “early days” at this point, but it will deal with show mythology — though not necessarily directly connected or delving deeply into the disappearance.

TVLINE | Turning to Lanie and Esposito: You really zagged when I thought you were going to zig. Did you feel that relationship had become too pat, or that things were almost incestuous at the 12th?
Look, they’ve had an on-again, off-again thing for a while. And it’s good for our show when not everybody is settled down, so we wanted to be able to keep them a bit footloose and fancy-free.

TVLINE | What can you tell me about the first episode back in the new year?
Castle will be getting involved in an investigation that Beckett is also involved with, and he will attempt to run a parallel track with her — and of course it will not go entirely smoothly, especially since this is his first case ever as a private investigator.

TVLINE | Any fun themes to any upcoming cases?
Shortly thereafter, in Episode 12, is a case that takes us into the world of a telenovela….

TVLINE | Yeah, I had suggested to Nathan [Fillion] on Twitter that he should get his buddy Kamar de los Reyes, from One Life to Live, for that.
Uh, funny you should say that — Kamar is in that episode. [Laughs]

TVLINE | As the star of the telenovela?
Yes, he is one of the telenovela actors. So Nathan either took your advice or he was thinking along the same lines!

This has been an epic year
Life’s been full of joy and tears.
Solving crimes and catching killers,
Just like Castle’s famous thrillers.
We share a passion every day,
As partners go we are here to stay.

Well, sorta.

What did you think of the winter finale “Bad Santa”?

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  1. leigh says:

    Um…what? No Castle at the precinct?

  2. Badpenny says:

    If this ends up being the last Season of Castle my heart won’t be broken.

    • Morgane says:

      Neither will be mine. The writers doing everything to separate Castle and
      Beckett this season, seeing Castle play detective and barely Beckett prove how much this show is going down. What’s even more frustrating is that the acting is much better than last year in the scenes between Nathan & Stana.

      • leigh says:

        No. This is where I get angry with the fans. The vocal group that cried the show was becoming about Beckett and wanted Castle back at the forefront are getting their wish this season and now all I read on the boards is how the show is lame and how the writers are destroying the show. No one on this board is happy anymore and it is so sad to hear all this negativity. The thing the writers are guilty of are trying to cater to the fans too much instead of just telling the story. Don’t like where its going, just move on. If the end is as close as so many of you guys are predicting, then find something else to watch Monday nights.

        • SarahB says:

          Perhaps they should have never listened to a vocal minority crying for more Castle

        • Morgane says:

          First I wasn’t one of them and second, there’s a difference between focusing on Castle’s backstory (even if it’s ridiculous imo to introduce it after 7 seasons) and making him play detective on his own for 3/4 of the episode. Why can’t they write him with Beckett being a team, focus on them ? It has to be either one of the other ? Because I’m almost sure that’s not what has made people love this show.

          • jersey07fan says:

            Exactly right. It was a story about a writer and his muse, but the writers lost them and now we will have Castle, PI and Beckett who?…And really does anyone know anything more about Rick Castle’s background than we did in S1-6? New mythology – where?. The show’s successful formula was focusing on “Caskett” with secondary characters included. now Im not sure what this show is about. Talented writers but I don’t know who they’re listening too.

        • RBA says:

          That is not what people were asking for. People wanted a balance of the two characters, and they wanted both of them working together. What they got before and are getting now is one character at the expense of the other. They wanted Castle to be involved with Beckett in the investigation of her mother’s murder as he was in the first 3 seasons. Season 4 and afterward it became the Beckett show with no Castle on her mythology. With Castle mythology it is Castle and no Beckett…

          • SarahB says:

            Castle was always involved in Beckett’s mother’s murder investigation (After the Storm, Veritas)

          • RBA says:

            That is not true. Recoil, Belly, and Veritas were episodes were Kate investigated by herself and Castle was sideline. Look at those episodes and compare them to Knockdown, Sucker Punch, and Knockout. In the latter 3 both were involve in the case and the investigation whereas for the former Castle only came in at the end…

          • AliceInWonderland says:

            do you really watch the show? Castle and Beckett tied the case together in Veritas

          • RBA says:

            Please… Castle was a bystander on the last 3 episodes of the JB arc…

          • Harvey says:

            Completely agree, Castle was a bystander in those eps, hardly had anything to do.

          • Riley says:

            No offence, but it’s fans like you that make for terrible television. You like something, and then feel that it’s your god-given right to receive the same thing over and over again until it’s run into the ground. It’s like saying you love a song and demanding that the band only play the chorus over and over again… it gets stale quickly.

            If they want to try new things, let them, if they want to try different character combinations, so be it. We are not the writers, so we should not be acting like domineering executive producers who insist on a specific formula to suit ourselves, we are not even their customers, we are their product, so get over yourself.

          • S.Orms says:

            You are so right. It is Castle & Beckett’s chemistry TOGETHER & the COMBINATION of mystery, romance & comedy that made it such a draw.

        • RBA says:

          To illustrate the stupidity of the writers Rob Hanning is twitting stuff like “#Castle well on the bright side Esposito is now available #teamBecksposito”…. They think viewer complaints are a joke, and they use the Beckesposito as something to make fun of the fans off.

          Castle is the perfect example of a show where the writers think they know better, but they don’t. Everything they been trying this season is failing, and it is leading to a premature end of the show.

          I use to think this show could go on for 10 years, and now I think it will be lucky if it gets 8.

          What the show needs now is grown ups in the writers room. Get rid of Marlowe, Miller, and Amann and along with them Hanning and a couple of others.

          The writers room needs new blood, or they need to bring back all those who left before season 4.

          • Tom says:

            They should mock the fans, as the vocal minority of them are ridiculous. Every week these comments get made, no matter the plot of that week’s show (too repetitive, not enough Castle-based episodes, not enough ‘Caskett’, not enough Esposito and Lanie, too much Esposito and Lanie, etc).

          • RBA says:

            Their job depends on fans watching… Go ahead and mock the fans, and watch then change the channels. If enough of them do it, there will be no renewal and therefore no show. No show. No job. Sounds like a winning formula to me.

          • Fran says:

            Their job does depend on fan watching, yes, but social media is just one faction of the viewers that watch the show. I’ve seen shows listen to the vocal twitter crowd before and its actually suffered because of that. I’d rather the show come up with their own storylines instead of listening to twitter or facebook. A HUGE amount of social media fans would have to stop watching the show for it to make a serious dent in the ratings, and I just dont see that happening (especially since we have no idea how maby of those followers actually count in the ratings). Has it already lost viewers? Of course but that does tend to happen to a show in its 7th season. Plus I honestly thought Rob was making a joke about the fact that some people automatically freak out when any change is made. I don’t think it was meant to be taken so seriously and a lot of people responding took no offense to it.

          • KCC says:

            The writers DO know better than the fans. It’s their characters, their stories, their show. They created all of it. You only watch the end product. Would you sit next to a painter and say: “Use more blue. I like it when you have blue in your paintings” or sit in a recording studio and say: “add more guitar, I don’t like it when you don’t have guitars on you records and you’re disrespecting your fans by not giving me exactly what I like.” It’s your right to critique and say what you like or dislike about a show, but thinking you know better than the creators of that show is hubris. You haven’t done anything in the creation of the show. You only watch it after all the work is done, you don’t own it.
            Television series are unique in the arts in that they are a work in progress. Movies, painting, recordings, etc. are one and done, There’s no kibitzing by the fans where they feel entitled to change the work as it develops. I prefer to let the artist share their vision with me. Once they start blurring their vision with catering to the “fans” it’s no longer their vision and becomes some kind of communal art and that is bound to end badly.
            I continue to enjoy watching Castle every week and if at some point it loses my interest, I’ll stop watching it. There’s always another show that will catch my interest.

          • RUCookie says:

            Very well said TCC – I am so tired of armchair critics thinking they know better than the creators of the work (they are willingly watching). Twitter has allowed this vocal minority a louder voice than ever – and THEY are ruining my experiences of watching my favorite shows. I see this with Castle and a slew of others – Once, Shield, Scandal… heck even the Walking Dead isnt immune to this insanity!

          • AnnieC says:

            Part of me wonders if Castle as PI is an effort by tptb to try and get some leverage against Fillion in his contract negotiations. It seems to me that the writers are trying to make Beckett and Espo happen in a way that the fans just will not buy. This season has been a mess with the writers throwing everything they can rather than going back and focusing on what made the series great, an interesting case-of-the-week and lots of Caskett.

          • G. says:

            I stopped watching some time ago. The writers and producers can laugh at and belittle the fans all they want; they’ve already been fired.

        • shirley says:

          I feel the same way.
          If not happy with the story line.
          Change the station.
          We got a wedding and a sort of honeymoon but that wasn’t enough. for many.
          Lets just go with it and see what happens.

      • maria says:

        I don’t think the writers get it…that the chemistry between Nathan and Stana drives this show. Separate their characters for too long, and the show turns into a run-of-the-mill cop procedural. If this is how it’s gonna be, then I’d love to see these talented actors move on to something else.

        • S. says:

          They’re not separated for God’s sake. They live together. Castle’s not gonna be solving things without interacting with Beckett and the boys. They never can quit one another professionally. It’ll be used for comedy and for spurring investigations onward. “If this is how it’s gonna be”? It’s clearly just a short term arc. People need to get over themselves with the willful misunderstanding and ultimatums. I thought I was part of a smarter fandom than that.

          • lkh says:


          • sigh says:

            It’s not about if the characters live together or not… It’s the onscreen time of the characters together that we get to see. But like tonight, they were apart, and it seems like it will be that way for a few more episodes. I’ve always watched for their chemistry, but it’s disappearing.

          • John NYC says:

            SO ^this^.

            They’re giddily happily married (she’s a saint on that basis alone what with his, ahem, “quirks”), and they live together: hence NOT separated. There’ll be a ton of scenes with both of them, the writers are too good at that to leave it off, so the structure has taken a different beat for a while at the precinct itself, I expect to see an entertaining route for that to play out.

            Plus, much to my delight, MARRIED Beckett is even livelier than previous Beckett. He actually is good for her. Well played TPTB, well played.

        • S.Orms says:

          You are right about the chemistry. It seems to be fading away. I think that’s a big part of the draw for the fans of Nathan & Stana. They can still have a good show if they keep that in. Remember the quote in the ninja episode about (Just because they are married that there life would be boring)

      • Paul says:

        Really? Screw you it’s great, you’re clearly delusional.

      • Linda Payne says:

        Hope it is not the end of the dynamic duo. That is the best part of Castle. I will continue to watch but will be waiting for the return of Beckett and Castle working together at the 12th.
        I agree with the comment that the acting is much better if you can believe can get any better.

    • S. says:

      That’s because, unlike the Grinch, your Castle fan-heart shrank 3 sizes at some point. If you’re that bummed out, move along. Sounds like you probably haven’t been enjoying the show for some time. I personally wouldn’t let myself be that miserable. The show most of us are enjoying isn’t the show you’re seeing, and I’m sad. I enjoy my fun, Nick and Nora-esque crime solving pair. May the ghost of Castle seasons past visit you over the holidays and you’ll wake up bright eyed on Christmas day and send some guy’s family a goose or something.

      • leigh says:

        Your words are so fun and happy. :)

      • Badpenny says:

        Who said I was “miserable?” I simply find the show to be common now.
        First rule to Castle production these days: whichever moderately know character actor seen in the episode ends up being the bad guy. No thinking required.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Treat Williams wasn’t the bad guy last week. If you’re going to ridiculously overstate something, try to have it not be disproven with the most recent episode

          • D. says:

            Treat Williams wasn’t in last week’s episode. If you are going to disprove someone, get your actors straight.

      • lkh says:

        Good grief S!

      • DL says:

        Yeah, it’s unfortunate these comment sections have become reduced to this. I still love the show, love the actors, the characters, and I love that the writers are still able to break fun case-of-the-week stories that are in keeping with the light-hearted fun that has always been Castle. I enjoy the heavy serialized moments, I enjoy the Caskett love story (which I feel is still going strong, btw, that western episode was some great Caskett), but in the end the show has always been about great cases and great humor and I think the show remains the show that I fell in love with.

    • Paul says:

      You’re dumb! As long as the story needs to continue it will. You clearly aren’t a true fan of Castle if you’re hoping it’s over. Pathetic. There will probably be one more season after this. You sicken me greatly

    • a says:

      For real. This show is just so bad now. Poor Stana Katic.

    • S.Orms says:

      Then don’t watch it. I would be happy if it went on as long as Bones. Too many people complaining about one thing or another. Let the writers start fresh as in the beginning with as much chemistry, mystery & humor as there was, That was the big draw for the show.

    • S.Orms says:

      Then don’t watch it! Too many people complaining! They aren’t writing it. Let the writers start off fresh as in the beginning with the chemistry, mystery, & humor. I would be happy if it went on at least as long as Bones. Long live Castle!

  3. Morgane says:

    Yay, how interesting to watch detective Castle investigating on his own during almost all the episode. And see so many Lanie/Esposito scenes. Yay.

    • sigh says:

      Yay! Said no one ever lol. Awful, actually. I just wish they would end it already.

      • Brigid says:

        Whaaaaaaa! Yay said most of us that enjoy the writers version of their story. I thank the writers every week that they continue to tell their story and not pander to the children on Twitter. It can end for you today by never turning on the show again. It’s that simple!

    • Lisa says:

      Wow, ya know, it’s not a sin for Castle to investigate on his own once in a while. Geez, do we really need to jump off the deep end, and act as though this is a constant thing?

    • Harry_Wild says:

      Cannot wait to see Rick Castle get beaten up since he not in the inner circle of NYPD. He just a lone PI without even a gun since nobody in NYC that he once had influenced with will issue him a gun permit to carry! He not a Hollywood A-List celebrity after all; only a famous writer without influence in the NYC Mayor’s office, D.A. office or in the police department Chief Of Police. Remember Beckett is only a first grade level detective equal to a Lieutenant but is not in management capacity.

      Rick Castle is not a trained police officer; so he has no hand to hand combat training. This should be good to see in future episodes.

  4. Luli says:

    Didn’t see the Castle twist coming at all… I don’t know how I feel about it, but I was crushed when Gates told him he was done.

    • KCC says:

      I was sadden as well. I’m glad I watched the preview for the next episode. That lifted my spirits and I’m looking forward to it now. I thought Gates wimped out by only telling Castle and not including Beckett and the others in the disclosure. If anything she should have told her employees first and explained the situation to them, then told Castle. It will have a tremendous effect on them and they should have been told first.

    • Mike says:

      Castle will be back at the 12th in two weeks! The writers just sadistically sucker punch fans with no back story in major plot issues and then drop it. Kate in DC 2 weeks, Castle coma 2 weeks, Alexis kidnaped 2 weeks, Kate returns as detective 2 weeks, and it goes on and on, and on. Nathan and Stana should combine forces and as a Christmas gift send/force the writers to writing holiday bootcamp! They could learn about foreshadowing, back story, or what Castle was a couple of years ago!

      • AnnieC says:

        I agree Mike. It is clearly another device that the writer’s think will create some drama but they’ll quickly drop it.

    • Rich Abey says:

      I was crushed too but you gotta admit it adds a different dynamic to the show that could be quite interesting.

  5. Alisa says:

    I watch for castle and beckett… as good as it was I didn’t like it.

  6. Alisa says:

    Who are the idiots at ABC that don’t watch this shizzzzz….

  7. James D says:

    wow that was quite the curveball. I can usually predict this show but I didn’t see that coming. obviously it’s an empty threat Castle away from the precinct sort of defeats the purpose of the show, but it would be great if the writiers could run with this for a little while it would certainly bring something fresh to the show. Great episode.

  8. Mika02 says:

    Bittersweet Castle that sai I’m so excited for private eye Castle I have been waiting for it since Beckett quit a couple seasons back.

  9. c-mo says:

    YAY Esposito and Lanie broke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Creasey’s made my fondest Christmas wish come true!!!

    • carbono says:

      Yeah I agree about Lanie & Espo breaking up. There is absolutely no chemistry between the 2 & that relationship has always been boring. I really wish that they would have shown Beckett’s reaction to Castle being kicked out of the precinct. i’d think that Beckett would be heart-broken about that. While I think it’s going to be cool with Castle as a PI for a couple of ep’s (have always thought that Castle could be a good Rockfordesque PI) I just hope that they’re going to be able to somehow keep Nathan & Stana in a lot of scenes together. I also hope that this doesn’t mean more scenes for Espo to be a jerk to Castle cuz I am sick of his attitude toward him.

  10. Fran says:

    I thought it wasn’t a bad episode. But then again, I’m the rare breed, I guess, that doesn’t need to see Rick and Kate together all the time. For me, it gets a little repetitive with them working on a case every week and always solving it together. Plus it honestly makes sense that sooner or later Castle would get into trouble with the precinct for using the methods and/or contacts that he does. I know he’ll back soon enough and I think it opens it up for some interesting changes in the meantime.

    But that’s just me! I know most wont agree.

  11. Susan says:

    Loved it! We can’t wait to see Castle as a private eye!

  12. N says:

    This wasn’t as good as some of the old Castles. Hope he’s not off the force as a consultant!

  13. RBA says:

    Stick a fork in it folks.. This show is done… I know season 8 will happen, but the way things are going with the show I rather it end now than to watch it further sink into mediocrity. The writers have no idea what to do with Castle and Beckett, so they are doing everything possible to keep them apart with bogus mythology, Castle Pi, a relationship and secondary cast no one really gives two hoots about, and the worst writing this side of the last years of Moonlighting…

    • sigh says:

      Agree. I so wish this was the last season–it would be better than this slow, painful death that is Castle.

    • Fran says:

      I guess again, I’m in the minority. I’ve always given a hoot about the secondary characters. Its part of the reason I fell in love with the show. Castle and Beckett are the focus of course, but the characters around them have always been a big part of the charm for me. If anything I don’t think they focus enough on them anymore. We hardly ever see Martha and Alexis and that was one of the things I loved about the early seasons.

    • Eurydice says:

      It’s an easy thing to make this the last season – just change the channel.

    • AnnieC says:

      I agree. Marlowe let the “Moonlighting curse” get into his head and it has become a self fulfilling prophecy. It’s really too bad because if he was more confident in the show he created and could see his way back to focusing on a good COTW with plenty of Caskett, Alexis and Martha and Ryan and Espo thrown in as they did the first 5 seasons fans would be much happier.

  14. lauri5567 says:

    Did anyone else think Dino’s comment at the end meant that he knew something about Castle’s kidnapping? I’d like to wrap at least some of that up, so if Castle has time to look into it with Alexis while he’s kicked out of the precinct for a few weeks. I can live with it.
    I’m still not certain we’ve heard the end of Lanie and Esposito, but it was interesting to see her parents. I like Kevin coming to the rescue with the proposal story. I know Ryan is usually team Castle, but it seemed like he was in awe of Castle being friends with the mob, when we learned a couple seasons ago that he knows quite a bit about the Irish mob. It seemed a little off to me.

    • emmakingg says:

      I immediately thought that. It was a set up for Castle to use Dino in the future for help with his disappearance storyline. I thought the episode was well written, it flowed well, but I am missing Beckett, big time. Give us some serious, meaty episodes with SK’s knack for for dramatic storyLines. Also, Caskett seems to have fewer and fewer scenes together and it saddens me. Im in this show for the long haul though. Looking forward to Jan.12.

  15. Robin says:

    I liked it. I didn’t see Castle getting fired. I thought it was a great Gates gave him the bad news considering for several years she wanted him out of the police station; now she’s used to having him there and she has to tell him he’s no longer a consultant.

    I was surprised Lanie and Espo kinda broke up. I hope we see him with the transit cop.

    • Badpenny says:

      Why would Castle be fired? Think about the last 6.5 seasons. The guy has only saved the city a dozen times. He has been involved with putting away corrupt politicians and major crime rings. And don’t even get me started on all the serial killers; as well as regular killers.
      Plus Castle has a LOT of mob friends, going all the way back to Season 1. The idea that he is friends with a mobster now means he can’t work with the police? Just another example of how shoddy the writing this season has been.

      • Jake says:

        “The idea that he is friends with a mobster now means he can’t work with the police?”
        Well, the idea that Kate could be married, not know it, and not have it come up in an FBI background check seemed like a good idea to the writers…

      • KCC says:

        The fact a cop got killed is what got Castle booted from the precinct. Granted he was a corrupt cop but so was Montgomery and he got a hero’s funeral. The higher ups in the police department have to consider there are cops in the department that are angry one of their own got killed. Banning Castle from working with the police is the most expedient and simplest way to head off any potential problems within the department.

  16. Kourt says:

    Castle is dying a slow death. Do the writers really believe that fans will tune in to new episodes in January with Castle and Beckett no longer working together because of him being involved in a mob? Hell no. People watch the show to see Castle and Beckett solving crime week after week. Go back to the basics. Rewatch seasons 1 to 3. You’ll find the elements of why Castle is a success, That is my message to the writers. Dara and Chad went from a hundred thumbs up to a hundred thumbs down real quick

    • Just one thing says:

      I don’t know, the way the next episode was promoted, it looks like Castle and Beckett will be involved in a fun competition. That sounds like a potential for even distribution, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate continues to be inexplicably sidelined.

      • lkh says:

        It’s not really inexplicable. I think a business deal was made…

        Anyway, how are you JOT?

        I think what I’m feeling is that the show was about these two people meeting, working together, having a reason to be exposed to one another. On a weekly bases there would be a case that added interest and opportunity for the banter and then there was the underlying motivation for Beckett-but also for Castle to solve her mother’s murder. So this provided the forward movement and the glue. (I’m probably not using the right terminology here-thread?). Anyway, they solved that murder. Now what? Now nothing. Just sporadic cases. I think they missed an opportunity by not continuing Castle’s disappearance at least at some level, some nod each week. So now we just jump around. I do bless the person who put tonight’s episode together because the silly, goofy stuff was at an all time low (at least a recent bar–the lit on fire twirling bar :] -thanks for that visual)

        Beckett is sidelined–but what else would she be doing in these episodes? Before, Castle was the storyteller, now the switch is that he’s the story and it an’t going as well as they hoped. He’s just talkin’ about himself.

        • lkh says:

          ps one word about the poem-ugh. She’s supposed to be Stanford, right? She should have gone with haiku.

        • Just one thing says:

          Hey lkh! I know you’re speculating that a real life deal was made to bring Castle “back to” the forefront, and that wouldn’t surprise me, if true. However, they haven’t really taken the time to explain the reason IN the show – which is also not surprising.
          I was trying to defend the around this time last year, but now I’ve learned there’s no point. Whatever logic prevails in the writers’ room, whether they explain it to everyone else or not, fails to make much cogent sense online.
          The writers still rely on subtext, and reading every Aman interview out there this morning, he has fully adopted Marlowe ‘ noncommittal “I think” habit.
          You THINK that’s what the characters are saying or doing, and you THINK that’s why? It’s not arrogant to speak with certainty about the story lines of a show you run with characters you’ve either created or guided through development. Yet both Marlowe and Aman speak with such conditional uncertainty, as if they’re afraid to own some characterization or future arc, lest they decide to change it down the road.
          It makes it difficult to take anything said and done onscreen or offscreen very seriously.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–I thought I was talking in code…:] Fans need to check out the interview with Larry King…NF is very vague about continuing.

  17. AliceInWonderland says:

    One of those episodes where I fast forwarded through so many scenes. What a nice send off for Xmas hiatus, Castle writers.

  18. Jesus says:

    I really love your site, but could you STOP putting SPOILERS in the freaking link to the article, it negates any god damn spoiler warning you put in the body. The link also gets made into the headline by google I wasnt even looking at your site just looking for info on season 7 of castle.

    • Angela says:

      If you’re actively searching for information on the current season of a TV show, what exactly did you expect to have happen?
      I’m all for respecting people’s wish to not be spoiled when necessary, but in this case, this is kind of the risk you run when you Google this stuff.
      (Apologies if this posts twice, by the way-comment didn’t seem to go through the first time.)

      • Jesus says:

        No site that reviews TV that I frequent ever puts spoilers in their headlines or their links. I just wanted to know when the next episode aired after this one, but nope got spoiled. This is also the reason I unfollowed the authors on twitter their links always have spoilers.

  19. Harvey says:

    The ep was good, the end was awesome and unpredictable,

    • DarkDefender says:

      I agree Harvey. I liked it too… And I never expected Castle to get booted from the 12th… But I also secretly hoped Caskett would become private detectives at some point after they married (with RyEspo helping them from the precinct).
      Also, the set up with Dino owing Castle a favor is definitely gonna come in handy when he needs help with his kidnapping saga.
      On a side note: It just concerns me that the show I love keeps sliding in the ratings. I hope it bounces back and they find their groove. I like the married Caskett just fine and here’s hoping the upcoming competition on the next case is as much fun as it was in “The Double Down.”

      • Lynn says:

        Remember the rumour about Fillion throwing a tantrum because he was the “star” of the show and was angry the limelight wasn’t on him! Well I guess the story was true. Now he and some of his fans should be content. It is centered on him and the others can go jump!
        However they should note how fast the ratings have nosed dived since “Castle&Beckett” have been split up ! Sad what an ego can do!

        • lkh says:

          I think this might be partially true :[

        • Harvey says:

          LOL! If he ever wanted a whole story on him, he wouldn’t have joined the show at the first place.

        • Harry_Wild says:

          Having you character name as the name of the show can do things to your ego! Fillion is only human; but this is the best job he has ever had too.

          He going kick himself if he pulls a Suzanne Somers move that she did on Three’s Company!

          I think Beckett is more important to the Show then Rick Castle! Too bad it name Castle instead of something else. Then Fillion could be written off the show!

          • Harvey says:

            LOL! Without him the show would never have started, sorry to say this Harry, but Nathan’s the reason Castle actually got something to go on with, and Castle character which actually makes it different.

        • lila1star says:

          The operative word here is “Rumor” and has already been shown to be false. NF is known for his easy going nature–support for cast and crew etc… This rumor stems from some notion this should ne the Beckett show. Hate to burst bubbles here but Castle would not have made it past S1 without NF and the fact he had a large fan base to begin with. SK was an unknown o most.

          • emmakingg says:

            That may have been the case when it started, but it’s certainly not the case anymore. It’s been 7 seasons and SK has huge fan following now. I watch for both of them, but I have to say, she has been the engine behind this show for quite a while now.

        • carbono says:

          Lol! Yeah I remember that rumor being on the same site as the Stana Katic/James Brolin affair rumor & it’s funny that the rumor about Nathan is true & the 1 about Stana isn’t. Me, I love them both & don’t feel the need (as most adults) to throw 1 of them under the bus to prop the other up.

  20. ndixit says:

    I could tell that this was going to be the cliffhanger as soon as I read that the cliffhanger would involve Castle leaving the precinct. Given the title of the episode, it was my first thought. Fairly predictable and also a bit pointless. I mean twists like these are all for show given that we all know he’ll be back some point soon. Funny thing is that its not like he won’t still have the same mob associations when he comes back. I wish the writing was a little less predictable. I hope they can actually have Castle do something other than just sneaking around Gate’s knowledge and helping out with the case in the mean time. That will get old pretty soon. I hope they actually have him use his spare time to start doing something about his disappearance. That might actually be interesting.

  21. lame says:

    I have to hand it to AWM & D.Amman for going for the gold ring or sinking the ship completely.This shakes up the working relationship officially. Unofficially, Rick and Kate can share the murder board in Rick’s / Caslett’s study more intimately and it allows Rick to contact all his people, remember he used to have people all over NY. I for one an interested to see this play out. Hopefully it’ll take more than two episodes. Bold move, and more wise than that disasterous season six finale.
    As for Espo and Lannie, that horse has been beaten to death, Hook Espo up with Tory and try to resurrect his totally damaged image.[ he was more than willing to throw Castle under the bus this season ]

    • lame says:

      Intimate Caskett moments are what we’ve all been nagging for, isn’t it?

    • lkh says:

      Agree in some respects–they needed to do something. Someone said last week-why isn’t there a white board in the loft with all the stuff they currently know about his disappearance, them working on it there…

  22. Rick Katze says:

    I heard the reference near the beginning that Gates shouldn’t be told what they were doing but I never expected that twist.
    As with the Senator’s promise, at some time the mobster’s promise of help will happen.
    I’m assuming that things will work out but, at this point, I really don’t see the path especially since the Mayor has apparently signed off on the deal to remove Castle.
    Hopefully there will be some hints later ttonight.

  23. Just one thing says:

    Also… Blood oath? What the holy hell?

  24. Carla Krae says:

    Enough of the constant complaining. If you don’t like the show, move on and find something else to kill your time.

    • Juniper Berry says:

      We all are. That’s why the ratings over the last 3 episodes have gone: 1.7, 1.5, and 1.4 for last night. Remember when 2.0 was the norm just a season ago?

  25. Esplanie breaking up again? Oh please. Writers need a little more imagination. It gets boring.

  26. lkh says:

    What! Do my eyes, ears and senses lie to my, am I being deceived?! I liked it, I know!!! Interesting story and the buffoon was mostly gone. yea. Bad guy kinda obvious tho.

    How come y’all didn’t think it was outrageous that Castle was out doing stuff himself–he should be removed–along time ago really. Anyway, guess this is the new mythology (that’s the right word!!!-mythology)) A goof, who has a secret past and disappeared for 2 months and, and, and etc…now with a PI license.

    As an aside, and just ’cause it irritates me. When you’re doing business don’t introduce the detective as ‘my wife’. There goes that power, control and presence.

    Also, Beckett has become supporting cast. Too bad. She(Beckett and SK) just seems absent this season. Sorta stepping back and watching.

    All said, I enjoyed this episode more than most any this season. I think it was because the silly meter wasn’t on tilt.

    (Check out the interview NF this week on Larry King Now.)

    • arial2 says:

      Regarding the introduction. When entering the “office” of your friend, who also happens to be an impetuous and dangerous mob boss, mention that the person with you is your wife before telling them she’s a detective. Lessens the chance that guns will be drawn immediately. lol

  27. M3rc Nate says:

    I am usually at the forefront of Castle critiquing, but i dont understand a lot of the issues people on here are having. I mean yes, per usual, the case was “meh”. The the Espo-Lanie stuff was not only fairly fun, but it actually had a purpose, breaking them up. However i hope given the chemistry Espo has with the Tech Cop and the Beat Cop (on the subway), he ends up with one of them at least for a handful of episodes or something.

    As for “Beckett is baring in this episode!” wow i didnt get that at all. I mean yeah they didnt share 100% of the scenes but there were just a few small chunks of scenes that Fillion had on his own (Mob related). Besides that they were together, goofing, talking, etc.

    As for the twist, i like it. First off it was bound to happen, and with a show this long running (both with it being season 7 and that theres 22 episodes a season) it doesnt hurt to mix things up for a few episodes. The “P.I.” job will just add a little twist on his investigating a crime with the Cops we love, and the competition of him solving it first might be really really fun to watch (especially between him and his wife).

    I’d say the only thing that saddens me about this episode is that they are required by the studio to have a episodic case (that always has to be a murder). If this show was allowed to every…5-10 episodes have a “characters driven” episode that would be amazing. In this episode we see 30 seconds of Martha and Alexis, and we didnt get to see any of the Dinner (not that im crying about that) and we dont get to see much of Lannie, and we dont get to see Detective Ryan’s home-life and wife…just imagine a episode without a case where we get to dive much much deeper into the characters, to see them interact for more than 15 seconds at a time…sucks we will never get that…only in 2 minute increments at the beginning and end of every episode. Chuck was able to do it, we got to go home with every one of those characters on Chuck and got to know their characters really well. Wish it was like that on Castle.

    • KCC says:

      I agree with the first three paragraphs of your critique except that the case was “meh.” I thought it was pretty good and kept me guessing most of the episode. That’s the point of a who done it, to keep you guessing but still give you a chance of figuring it out before the reveal. You don’t seem to care for that aspect of the show as demonstrated by your “per usual” that the case was “meh” and the final paragraph. While I would watch the show even if it was more character driven, I’m not disappointed that it’s not. I do enjoy the mystery every episode and it’s what first brought me into the show and why I watch it. I don’t know that the studio “requires” an episodic case every week except that it was the show that was pitched to them and the show they brought. They have every right to get what they’re paying for.
      I don’t get wanting Castle to be more like Chuck. When is Chuck on? That’s right, it’s not. It was cancelled. Well, maybe I can catch it in syndication on TNT or USA. What’s that? It’s not in syndication either and Castle is on TNT most week nights. There’s a business reason the studio wants stand alone episodic shows.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Its more than just that the show was pitched as a episodic cop show, its that its locked in at the by the studio/network. The star of “Numb3rs” once said that he was upset how the show always had to have a murder in every episode, the studio/network required it. He had this great show about math that students/families were watching but murder had to be in every episode. Well stuff like that is how it is, they know episodic and procedural and every case being a murder case gets people watching every episode, people feel like they didnt miss much if they missed last weeks episode.

        As for the Chuck point, your response has no merit, i wasn’t saying it needs to be like Chuck in every way or even most ways, i didnt say the changes that would happen would be why Chuck got cancelled. Chuck is a very different show on a different network than Castle, to say its cancelled so how it did things isnt good is just wrong.
        My point wasn’t that they should change all of Castle to not being episodic anymore, it was that so we get less filler they should move the show from 22 episodes a season to more like 18, and that every 7 episodes we get one episode that is more character driven, that there isnt a “case” but instead we the viewers are taken home with the characters, for more than just 3 minutes. We get to see Kate and Lannie have a girls night out and them talk as friends about a ton of stuff, and then we see Castle and the guys go out….or something like that. You cant argue that the amount of character driven content we get kinda sucks…i mean for goodness sake we got a green screen 4 minute long wedding between our main two characters….. im not saying it should have been a whole episode but this is the biggest moment the characters can have up to this point, and we get 4 minutes and a crappy green screen?

        (Its not that i hate episodic cases, its that i hate most Network episodic cases, they are boring and predictable and full of tropes and stereotypes and lame jokes. Person Of Interest since the pilot has done theirs in such a unique and smart way that i really enjoy theres, but besides that? There really arent any on Network TV that i think are good. Where as cases on shows like Justified are fantastic. They get great guest actors, they are written so well, they are unique and you dont see whats going to happen coming usually. It feels like a real life event instead of a scripted Network TV episodic procedural case.)

  28. OneLife says:

    It amazes me how much people are complaining about the show (or maybe it’s because I didn’t happen to read any comments the previous seasons?). I have loved each and every episode thus far.I am not sure about Castle’s back-story, but I am reserving judgement until more is revealed. It seems that whatever the writers do people cannot be pleased. Some are writing about how the show is becoming too common, but how is always having Castle and Beckett working together on cases not common? They need to rock the boat once in a while. Obviously Castle will not be working as a private investigator for long and we get plenty of the duo dynamic. I have seen so many shows go stale where they end up running on fumes and struggling to get through the season. Castle is an exception. They always come up with fun and refreshing ideas and explore different themes and that is one of the things I like the most on this show. My only considerable disappointment was with how obvious it was that they were standing in front of a green screen in the wedding scenes. That and Beckett’s surprisingly bad wedding outfit! lol

  29. Matthew Weber says:

    I have to say that that is the first Castle episode that I disliked completely. The best part about Castle is Beckett and Castle woking together, and they just ruined that for at least a couple more episodes (or at least it appears that way). These two characters are great together and the show seems to be doing everything they can to keep them apart. It’s idiotic, and as a diehard Castle fan, that is something I don’t say easily.

    I’m not abandoning the shoe (because that’d be dumb), but I’m sincerely worried about where the show is right now.

    • It appears the show is ready to shuffle off its mortal coil and head to where shows go to die.

    • KCC says:

      Wow, that’s the first negative comment I’ve seen you make about Castle on TV Line. I’m curious, did you dislike the entire episode or just the final part where Castle got booted out the precinct? He’ll be back at the precinct, but it’s how they handle the “separation” that I’ll be watching. I’m going to withhold my opinion about it until after I see how it’s resolved. I’m not one of those fans that think Castle and Beckett have to be joined at the hip to enjoy the show.

      • Matthew Weber says:

        I’m more positive on it now than I was the first time through. That time I despised it almost all the way through. The last two episodes have been mediocre, IMHO, and yes as you say I’m normally on board for almost anything (I even liked 6×23).

        But now that I’ve read a few interviews and rewatched it, I liked it a tad bit better. I don’t know that I like the fact that the 12th moved on from Castle so fast (supposedly they are acting normal after two months without him), it makes it seem like he didn’t play any real role there if they can get passed his absence so quickly.

        But I’ll still enjoy the upcoming episodes. I hope that we see serious Castle again soon, he’s been acting a little too goofy this season.

        • lkh says:

          Agree with KCC–you never say negative stuff. Thought maybe you hit your head–glad you recovered :]

          • Matthew Weber says:

            I know. I’m Castle obsessed. :) But I still love the show, and I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t return for at least another season.

  30. Mary says:

    I´m all in for this new angle, I think seeing Castle as a private investigator – but working the same cases as Beckett – will be funny and interesting!
    I don´t care if he´s not at the precinct (please, of course it´ll be a temporay thing), actually I´m loving the idea of a little “fresh” side:)

  31. Lisa says:

    My goodness, people are always so ready to freak out and proclaim the end. Overtime the characters have to face a challenge, this is what we get.

    – OMG, Castle and Beckett are getting together. This show is guaranteed to end this year
    – OMG, Lanie and Esposito broke up, the show will end
    – OMG Beckett is going to work for the FBI. What about Ryan and Esposito? The show won’t be the same without them all working together. They’re breaking up the dynamic. This will be the last season for sure.
    – OMG Castle was in an accident. So now they won’t get married? This will be the last season, guaranteed.
    and the latest…
    -OMG Castle can’t work at the precinct. Why are they trying to separate Castle & Beckett? They’re breaking up the dynamic. The show will surely end this season.

    Let me enlighten you. These are all challenges the characters face, that usually take place over a hiatus period, and things will go back normal. It does not spell the end of the show, nor the dynamic. Rather than having a cliffhanger at the end of every half season or season, they find ways to explain the person’s absence over the hiatus. Castle has done this from day one.

    If you look at the end of each season, and now half season, you’ll see that Castle they have done this every time. It’s nothing new, so perhaps instead of overreacting, we should be thinking about how the writers will bring things back to normalcy. We know they will.

  32. ljd213 says:

    Bah Humbug! No more Christmas episodes for Castle, no more live watches for me. If I record it, I can avoid all the garbage passing as good story telling.

    First, if a cop is killed even a dirty one,there’d be no Christmas party. Everyone on the force would be hunting for justice so bad storytelling there. Obvious plot with no twists for the crime.

    Banning Rick won’t be permanent, we’re not that stupid as viewers.

    As for stupid, Lanie has never been depicted that way until last night. She would lie to her parents? Doubt it. The actors playing the parents weren’t given much, they made no impact. I figured two weeks after Esposito mouths, “I love you, Lanie” before nearly dying–we’d get a proposal.

    Instead, we get a break up that’s not one making both of them look immature. Plus, wouldn’t Kate at least have been in on this as Lanie’s best friend.

    Coal in the stockings for Castle fans from show execs and writers who seems to have never watched the show. Much as I’ve loved it, this might be the time to close it down.

  33. lila1star says:

    I found last nights episode good. It had just the right pace and for the first time in a long time Castle is not portrayed as a goof! What I fail to see is how Beckett is side lined? Just because they are not in every scene together does not mean she has been diminished. Castle came back with info and the two worked together. There is a lot wrong with this season, heck a lot wrong since the writers unfortunate 6-23 reset. But last night felt more like “Castle” of old. With KB mothers murder solved (a mythology that fueled the engine) KB & RC evolved to the point of marriage. Just as RL much of what went on in earlier seasons is no longer relevant–time to move into their new life chapter. Have the writers handled it well–NO. They are indeed all over the place and I certainly agree that we need to have that amazing dynamic duo. I just do not feel that if KB and RC are not in the same scene she/he becomes invisible. This is not the KB show.

    • Cassie says:

      It isn’t the Castle show either. This show is about Castle and Beckett.

      • Harvey says:

        Agreed Cassie, but after a long time of being a Beckett show, some eps of Castle are quite okay.

        • Cassie says:

          It was never the Beckett show

          • Harvey says:

            It was a definitely the beckett show last season.

          • Cassie says:

            When was it the Beckett show? Was it during Need to Know? Number One Fan? Time Will Tell? Get A Clue? Like Father Like Daughter? A Murder is Forever? Deep Cover? Under Fire? Limelight? Smells like Teen Spirits? In the Way of the Ninja? The Greater Good?… So totally not the season of Beckett.

          • Harvey says:

            Well then the 3rd ep, 5th ep, 7th ep, 8th ep, 9th ep had both of their stories, hell premiere had Kate way more than Castle, so this isn’t Castle season either!

          • lkh says:

            not sure it’s the Beckett show or not, but my favorites in the last couple seasons, In the Belly of the Beast and Veritas. If that’s the Beckett show, maybe that’s what’s needed.

  34. Jake says:

    I watch both Castle and Bones, and am aware of the comments over the years about the parallels between the shows, the best example being the writers’ reluctance to actually get the main characters married. Since Bones has been on longer than Castle, they were the first to take too long getting the characters together, and I recall for a while considering stopping watching since it had gotten so ridiculous, but lately it seems that they’ve gotten back into the groove (especially since getting rid of Pelant) and are writing watchable shows (Sweets’ death notwithstanding). I am afraid it’s reaching the point of unwatchablility with Castle. It’s really like you can see the writers flailing around for the next idea to keep the show “fresh”, while all most of us want is the original concept – two people falling in love/in love working together to solve mysteries and having fun. I wish the writers on Castle would talk to the writers on Bones, and learn from their mistakes. The show is really starting to suffer.

  35. carbono says:

    Hey guys, I need your help!! I live in south east Wisconsin & Castle wasn’t aired due to the Monday night game. Does anyone know when it’ll be aired there??

    • Fran says:

      You’ll have to check your local listings. It all depends. I know here in Pittsburgh they put the episode on Wednesday mornings at 1:00 am the two times it was preempted. But I’ve also seen where it comes on later that same night as well…. Or you can always catch it online or on demand if you have that :)

    • lame says:

      If you have access to the internet, go to can see the

  36. henny says:

    I don’t complain, I love the show, and want it to go on for many years. But seeing last nights episode made me wonder. Stana Katic said in an interview about here contract: “For me it is art over finance.”And I’m afraid the writers do not give here enough ‘art’, so then this will be the last season. So please castle writers give Stana the art she needs, she is a great actress!

  37. Aki says:

    I don’t know about the rest of this fandom, but I started watching Castle accidentally, got hooked into it and just rolled with whatever the writers came up with. Of course I had fallen in love with a lot of things – the characters, the chemistry, the plots. I had my own ideas in between seasons and scenarios in my head in fanfictions.

    But I’m just here for the ride and I couldn’t care less what the writers do next as long as I see the characters I learned to love continue to interact. I can always make things happen the way I want in my head instead of complaining about it not being canon.

  38. Donna MaMa says:

    they (EP) need to be very, very careful here; Elementary had Watson move out of the brownstone and Kitty moved in and this show is now not the same show it was, granted it hasn’t been on as long as Castle, but if they are experimenting this may not work. I mean really how long would the NYPD keep him (Castle) on as a “consultant” – same goes with Sherlock and Watson, they write themselves into a corner then have to figure a way out!

    • Lisa says:

      Ok, I have to agree with you about Elementary. They really messed with the dynamic on that show and it appears to be a bad move. It isn’t just because she moved out of the brownstone. It’s that she now has an almost complete disdain for Sherlock as well, and her the fact that THEY really have split up the team. I’ve loved that show and it’s concept, but it really has lost it’s flavor this season for me. It’s as though Joan really wants nothing to do with Sherlock and it almost seems like she threw a tantrum because she wants to be deemed Sherlock’s equal and even overshadow him or cut him out. To me, that completely ruins the dynamic we’ve all come to know as Sherlock and Watson.

  39. Paul says:

    This episode nearly made my head explode in frustration. Apart from the actress playing the mobster’s daughter [who was on point], it was a comedy of errors and cliche’. Bloody clothes in a backpack? Why? Castle & Beckett going to the warehouse without backup? Would not happen. And while no one expects Robert Frost that singsongy poem at the end was so trite and pathetic a 14 year old girl would have tossed it and started over.

  40. TicaTica says:

    I read a lot of comments before I saw the episode (won’t do it again) and I’m glad that I saw the episode. I actually liked it. At first I wasn’t sure about Espo and Lanie ( I’m not fan of that story), but I liked how that was handled it. Also people was saying that Castle and Beckett didn’t work the case together, that it was all Castle, and I don’t think so. They were together most of the time. Overall I liked it more that I though that I was going to. And people PLEASE stop complaining, is true some episodes have been better than others, and besides we all know that Castle will be back to the 12th. Just have faith. I’ll watch this show until the end no matter what :)

    • Donna MaMa says:

      I agree with you about Espo and Lanie, they needed to go, they had zero chemistry, hell Espo had more chemistry with that cop on the transit train, so I am glad that they were grown-up enough to realize this and end it.

  41. So, Castle is banned from the precinct and the previews for January show him getting his private detective license. Oh, look, even more opportunities for Castle and Beckett to be separated. This does not fill me with joy – this saddens me that a once fun and lighthearted series has turned boring and mundane. The writers don’t realize the series works when their two lead characters are actually on screen together.

    An Rob Hanning needs to be banned from Twitter. He is a self-absorbed idiot who thinks he is funny but he is NOT!!. Especially the time it was Castle and Beckett’s wedding episode and he tweeted he was watching The Blacklist – a show that was kicking Castle’s butt in the ratings. Isn’t that nice?


    • KCC says:

      If you banded every self-absorbed idiot from Twitter there won’t be anyone left. That’s what Twitter is for, self-absorbed people that think they have something interesting to say about everything.

    • Harry_Wild says:

      I think the show could pull a big move and have Beckett divorce Castle in season 8! That would be cool to have happen and then they become arch enemies – EXs! LOL!

  42. Teri says:

    Castle will be back at the precinct, just like Kate was back somehow after the DC ARC. It is storyline and not permanent. Relax! The writers have to think up storylines to pull the fans in both positively or negatively. I am a long term fan that will enjoy Castle no matter what happens. The show’s run is coming to an end in the next 1-2 years, so enjoy great television while you can. Compared to the other crap out there, CASTLE IS STELLAR! Just wish we could see more Caskett passion.

    • S.Orms says:

      I agree with you mostly, although it could go on. If the writers will keep it within reality like Bones, & keep them working TOGETHER creatively within the norm, I can’t see why not! They need to talk to Dave Boreaneaz & writers.
      PS: Always think of the show when I look at 1 of my daughters. Told she resembles Stana at times. Told she’s so pretty. Does that make me prejudiced? lol

  43. Not a bad episode actually. Castle getting booted out and not having it fixed within an episode would be different and is probably one of the few shake-ups they have left (I do love this show and thought the three prior episodes were darn good but I do wonder how much they have left in the tank). Wasn’t a huge fan of the Espo and Lanie stuff but bits like Ryan stepping in to cover were pretty good.

  44. Andrea says:

    I really liked the twist at the end and the promo for the first episode back in January looks really funny. I’m looking forward to Castle working his way back towards working with Beckett again. I have a feeling this will be like the Double Down episode, which was really funny. And it seems like the who PI bit won’t last too long and things will be back to normal. I can’t wait to see how the work around what happend with mob and how Castle gets back to being Becketts work partner!

    • Donna MaMa says:

      and remember Castle hasn’t told Beckett yet, he kept it to himself, as she was so proud of her poem – – – so cute together!

  45. Andrea says:

    Oh, and I forgot to add that I’m happy Espo and Lanie broke up, hopefully for good this time. I’ve never been a huge fan of the two of them together. And I think it will be funny to see Espo as fully single.

  46. J. R. Moore says:

    Castle – (sigh) has no “pizazz anymore”. The writing is just not there. What a shame – was a really good show. Oh well, on to Scopion.

    • Rick says:

      I gave up on Castle after the wedding vanishing. I do not see any reason to go back to watching it after reading the comments on this show. Castle as a PI. What he is he going do? Catch cheating spouses and collect on skipped criminals for bail offices. I can’t envision any secret that justifies skipping out on your wedding and leaving her hanging for two months. And no one wants answers? after now marrying him in any real world Kate would be a laughing stock on TMZ and late night shows. Not good for a career as an NYPD Lt. Not much respect from her fellow offices.

      • Harvey says:

        Man! With such a bad point of view, I don’t get how you ever watched the show. BTW, Castle solved too many cases and much of the respect given to Kate now is because of his help.

  47. CM says:

    Is it possible that the Castle fandom is just suffering from “cliffhanger fatigue”?

    I must admit that the cliffhangers don’t necessarily feel special or give me an “I can’t wait for the next chapter” feeling. They feel manipulative.

  48. Harvey says:

    Love the arc! So many possibilities. Not like the D.C arc where everyone else had gone, but here, everyone’s gonna be there and it’s going to be damn funny by the looks of it. I mean, I don’t know where separated thing is coming from. The next ep promo looks awesome, the kiss, the comedy, the expressions, everything.

  49. Katrina says:

    Call me crazy but I actually liked the twist at the end!

    • lkh says:

      Katrina–I agree with you, the twist didn’t bother me either–interesting. However, I think what the fans may be reacting to is that the shows is becoming very formulaic, sorta like there is boilerplate where the just ‘plug in’ various characters, places, times and finish. Here, we know we are to be surprised that someone is leaving(Castle), a competition ensues(with the 12th), usually another party will be introduced who will be supportive of the ‘exiled'(who, dunno. Alexis–Veronica Mars?) and then after a few episodes(about 3), the exiled character comes back, is reunited. I wouldn’t be offended if he stayed a PI–lots of shows/movies/books that have that format-now that would be a twist.

      In this case, I think it warranted that he goes, as a matter of fact, long time coming. Never bought into how many times he’s been free to investigate and be involved in dangerous situations–but, of course, that’s the character, that’s the show. And he does have a good, curious mind, he is competitive and would want to be involved with the 12th at some level. Actually, him being a PI makes more sense than what has been true in the past–so comparatively, I like it too.

      Something needed to happen but fans may be reacting to this twist ’cause it almost seems like a insult. Don’t know, we’ll see.

  50. S.Orms says:

    Draw for the show originally was Caskett working solving crimes & being TOGETHER along with the comedy & chemistry. Getting less & less like that. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Take a lesson from Bones!