Once Upon a Time Recap: Sisters Act

Once Upon a Time Snow Queen Dies

This week on Once Upon a Time, the people of Storybrooke waged (oft-amusing) war upon one another, while in flashback we learned just how close Emma and Ingrid had been.

IN FLASHBACKS…. | Upon her arrival in our realm, Boston circa 1982, the Snow Queen mistakes a storefront psychic (Hi, Rebecca Wisocky!) for a legit seer and asks the whereabouts of a “girl not born yet,” When the psychic “sees” someone named “Susan,” well, the jig is up, and some 17 years later Ingrid has found Emma herself, as a foster mother. Ingrid protects Emma from the house bully and effuses about the “extraordinary gifts” the young girl will one day surprise people with. Emma basks in this familial love, and as such is joyed when Ingrid admits her plan to adopt her! Alas, Ingrid then goes a step too far and goads Emma into using her powers to stop a car from mowing her down. Emma subsequently freaks out, devastated that the one person willing to adopt her was “a nut job.” After Emma runs off, we fast-forward to Storybrooke circa 2001 and Ingrid’s arrival there, led by the apprentice’s scroll.  It takes a decade, but Emma finally shows up in her ice cream shop — and immediately wigs out that her nutty foster mom has been “waiting” there for her. When Emma is further spooked by the talk of magic and what not, Ingrid pulls Emma’s memories of their past from her bean, and embeds them in a crystal.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | As the Spell of Shattered Sight takes effect, the choice words come flying from everyone’s mouth. Charming and Snow dis one another’s worthiness as royals (and dig up some dirty Dr. Whale laundry). Kristoff wonders to Anna is his haircut wasn’t the only bad idea he’s had. And the Evil Queen… well, she’s aghast to see herself in a pantsuit.

Emma and Elsa deduce that the only way to end the curse is by destroying the Snow Queen, but their “sisterly” ribbons (and the love channeling through them) prohibits that. Luckily, Emma gets the idea to counteract that “love” with good ol’ hate, and that means antagonizing Regina. Emma breaks through the seal on Regina’s vault and — after taking in her full-on evil appearance — taunts her frenemy with the notion that she purposely brought Marian to Storybrooke to bust up Regina’s romance while rubbing in her nose her own happiness with Hook. The Evil Queen licks her lips at the chance to take down Swan once and for all, but the girls instead use her first hate-filled fireball to dissolve their ribbons. Emma then zaps Regina away, and then they run! Smart.

While the Evil Queen engages in a battle of swords and words with Snow White at the cop shop — all the while never waking baby Neal, whew — Emma and Elsa confront the Snow Queen, yet still aren’t able to hurt her. That’s because, Ingrid explains, they still feel some love from her, born of the “good” memories she took from each of them and saved in two crystals. Their stand-off is interrupted by Anna, who after being poofed away to the beach by Regina discovered the message in a bottle, from her and Elsa’s mother. The note — quite detailed and neatly printed, considering the ship was tossing, turning, sinking — explains everything to Gerda’s daughters, about the sister who had ice magic, as well as another one she made Arendelle forget all about. Gerda regretted that decision and implores her daughters to retrieve Ingrid from the urn and restore Arendelle’s memories (with a handy enclosed crystal), so that they may know her again.

Ingrid at first is not entirely melted by the words, but once they sink in, she realizes the error of her ways. “I am a monster,” she says, “not because of my powers but because of what I let them turn me into.” And as emotional swells of Titanic-like music amp up, Ingrid undoes the curse, even at her own mortal peril, and reassures Emma that she did get her own happy ending: “All I wanted was to have my sisters’ love — and now I do. Now I get to join them.”

As a festive snowfall washes away the spell, Regina and Mary Margaret have a huge ol’ laugh at what they apparently got wrapped up in, while Elsa and Anna agree they will follow through on their mother’s wishes and return to Arendelle with the lost memories of Ingrid (and, you know, Helga). Yet while Snow Queen’s plan failed, Rumplestiltskin insists that his will not. That even though Hook failed in his assigned to kidnap a child (“Perhaps you could say my heart wasn’t in it”), he will leave Storybrooke behind — and none the worse for the wear, at Hook’s “dying” wish. But he can’t promise that “the rest of the world” won’t bother the Maine burg.

* “He’s a baby, not a burrito.” (Full disclosure: I used to hear that same criticism.)
* “I killed the Evil Queen’s mommy and I said I’m sorry. And I didn’t mean it. Still wanna hold hands sing  ‘Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah’?”
* Ha, Young Emma plucked a stuffed dalmatian at the arcade game.
* “Whoa, little late for Halloween. How do you walk in that thing?”
* “I had come here to kill Emma, but now I get to kill the two idiots who started it all.”
* “Your ribbons? What have you done?” “I’m not much for accessories.”
* “You think this spell has made me angry? Do not wake my baby!”
* “You said you could keep a secret!” “I… was… 10!”
* “I love you! You’re amazing! … You’re unconscious.”

What did you think of “Shattered Sight”?

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  1. StephonJS says:

    The flashback explained alot. Ingrid arriving here in 1982. The jumping to 1999 where we see everything from the video and seeing Ingrid and Emma’s relationship. We see that Emma did have a little magic in her when in 99. Then we see Ingrid arrives in Storybrooke. We also see that The Apprentice gave Ingrid the scroll. then jumping to 2011 b4 Graham was killed and the curse was born. Some plot holes were filled. But just have to wonder, how did Ingrid get her magic once in Storybrooke? or did she have that memory stone the whole time so she didnt need any magic to use it. Then i need to know how Ingrid was able to target Emma’s memories of her.. plotholes.. oh well

    I loved the spell of Shattered Sight. It really did bring out the worse in everyone. the worse part were really funny. Everyone had a zinger. Henry pulled Home Alone on Henry. Bada** Snow White. The return of the Evil Queen. I loved the fight between Snow and The Evil Queen and then they laugh it off as soon as the spell was lifted. Baby Neal is a good sleeper. The Dwarfs fighting in the street. Rumple explaining why Hook wasnt effect because he didnt have his heart. Why Belle had to sleep through all of that? I was hoping to see Racey Lacy again oh well. I feel like Will was wasted in this episode. At least his part gets bigger in the 2nd half of the season

    It’s interesting how the note from Gerda was the key to solving the problem. I’m so sorry to see Ingrid gone. I wanted her to stay :(… She literally redeemed herself before killing herself. She died a hero. I didnt know Gerda was the only who kept her memories. I swear Grand Pappy took everyone’s memory in the land including Gerda.

    I am going to miss Elizabeth Mitchell She did a GREAT job.

    A storyline ended early again, just like the Cora storyline and the Zelena storyline.

    This episode get 8.5 out of 10 mainly because the Evil Queen didnt lick the sword like in the promo pics. I wanted to see that so bad :(

    that promo for next week has me real excited!

    • Gail says:

      I believe you are correct that Grand Pappy took everyone’s memory including Gerda’s so I think that is a plot hole.

      I think it was a bit of a cheat to have the Snow Queen commit suicide. I think it should have been Emma who killed her with perhaps the Snow Queen understanding it was necessary. Again the Snow Queen’s plan made no sense.

      In this episode did Rumple say he would have powers outside of Storybrooke if he breaks the dagger’s hold over him? First I am hearing that. I thought he said that the Storybrooke would have no trouble from him but not the rest of the world. I thought that meant the rest of the world might have trouble from him, not that the rest of the world might cause problems for Storybrooke as noted in the recap.

      Have to say i was disappointed in how the curse played out. Most people just seemed angry at each other rather than murderous. Except for Regina.

      Love Kristoff but again he seemed rightly annoyed at Anna and the problems with her family delaying their marriage. He seemed reasonable frustrated under the curse except for wanting to swim back home..

      I thought last week’s episode was a filler leading up to this week’s show. Turns out last week was the better episode.

      • abz says:

        Murder changes the person and Emma is the sort of the symbol of everything that is good on the show. She’s the saviour and she’s supposed to bring everyone’s happy ending to them. Yeah, Emma said she would kill her if she had to, but Ingrid wasn’t just any one of the many villains they’ve faced. Ingrid was a troubled woman who let her magic and being different and her desire to be loved consume her into becoming a villain. There’s also the fact that she shared a past with Emma that wasn’t entirely bad as seen from the flashbacks. Killing her would have changed Emma and would have affected her a lot than say killing Pan or Zelena or whoever.
        The Snow Queen’s plan made sense to her. She was delusional of course, but the plans of most of the villains are delusional. Look at Evil Regina. She became evil after being betrayed by a 10 YEAR OLD who blabbed a secret!!
        Plus, the Snow Queen’s sacrifice kind of fit in with the overall Frozen theme. I know the show didn’t follow the movie exactly, but there were a lot of similarities. Elsa ran away and made her ice castle to spare everyone and protect them from her magic. Ingrid didn’t want Emma and Elsa to have to go through killing her and she took matters into her own hand to make up for what she’s done.
        Also, I believe Rumple was just reassuring Hook that Emma and Storybrooke won’t have to worry about him and his increased amount of power but that the rest of the world should be afraid of him once he’s freed from the dagger.
        The curse brought out the worst in everyone which is why all the fighting was shown. However, the curse was broken fairly quickly or else if it had gone on longer, I’m sure things might have gotten murderous since the point of the curse was for everyone to destroy each other.

      • Mel says:

        I don’t think it’s a plothole. When Grand Pappy accepted, he said there would be a great price for her to pay. I thought at the time it would be having a daughter with the same power, so history repeats itself, but it could be she’d be the only one to remember which is a heavy burden not to be able to talk about it to anyone.

  2. Ginger Snap says:

    Kinda boring.

    Bring on Maleficent.

    • Gerald says:

      Yup. Love Frozen characters, but need a real baddie with bad motives, not “get my sisters love”
      Also the message in the bottle the biggest cop out to solve all the problems. Boo.

      • Anesu says:

        It was okay because the message was actually written in the opening scene of this season with Gerda writing it , the writers clearly always had it planned so l was okay with it.

  3. Lyn says:

    My fave line was Regina going all Axl Rose “I wanna watch you bleed!”.

    • Lyn says:

      Still kind of wondering about the lbs. of eyelashes on all of the ladies. Also why did they have brown eyed girl as teen Emma when JMo has green eyes. Sloppy.

      • Really? says:

        Oh cmon, it was barely noticeable. The girl playing young Emma actually does look a lot like Jennifer and she’s a good actress. I absolutely loved her.

      • Mikaela says:

        Without falsies the eyes can disappear in film and photography. They help give definition and shape to the eyes. I work for performers and it makes a big difference between using falsies and going without.

        • Lyn says:

          Troe, but their eyelashes are like the ones they use for the stage production of Cabaret. I can understand them needing to be longer or darker, but those are like awnings.

  4. LADY_in_MD says:

    You said you could keep a secret!” “I… was… 10!”
    This was my favorite line
    That fight scene was awesome! I liked how they wrapped it all up the Snow Queen sacrificing herself
    Some of the things said between snow and charming were funny but true
    Regina saying “what am I wearing” when the curse went away and the two of the laughing was hilarious
    Can’t wait for next week and the introduction to the next half of the season!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Hate to see Elizabeth Mitchell’s go but at least there’s no more distracting cleavage.

  6. laurelnev says:

    Yet again, Charming/Snow get to use “It’s okay; we were cursed” as an excuse/defense. :-P LOVED Emma’s backstory bits, and in the end, I kind of wished they’d have found a wat to save SQ with love. (And how I will miss Eliz M!) I kind of wish the prior bits were MUCH more like this episode: action-packed, and character building/revealing at the same time. THIS was easily the best episode of the season, and probably the best since they introduced Pan! And that scene with the gals and the reading of the note at the end literally brought tears to my eyes!

  7. abz says:


  8. Azerty says:

    I am really disappointed in Rumple’s story this year…during the first seasons he was interesting, with a goal (finding Bea) and a great plan to get what he wanted by manipulating everyone and everything. He was very clever, the character was well written with a great interpretation from Robert Carlyle. His plan was revealed like a giant puzzle and it was great. Now that’s a different story. I understand he needs a new purpose now Bea is dead but his goal now is being more powerful than everyone else, which was also Cora and Pan’s purpose…so the storyline feels been there done that. It makes sense, that is the aftermath of the Wicked Witch arc and he doesn’t want to be used as a puppet but still, his goal is stupid, his methods are stupid and it reduces him to Cora or Pan’s level wich is kind of an insult considering how smart he was back in season 1 and 2.

    • abz says:

      This is my problem with Rumple lately. If his goal was to just free himself from the dagger once and for all and that’s why he’s acting like a gigantic ass each episode and being evil and all, then I’d sort of understand. He just wants his freedom even though he’s going about it in a bad way. However, he not only wants that but he wants to be even more powerful and it just basically cancels out any progression he’s had in the past three seasons. Bae’s death no longer has an impact on him. He’s willing to kill his grandson’s mother if it means his freedom AND more power. Being with Belle comes second to his power. There has been so much regression to his character. Of course I never expected him to become the next Charmings, I was hoping for at least some of the things that he’s been through to have had even the smallest impact on him. Let’s hope the trio of badass female villains coming up might mess with him a bit.

  9. Robert says:

    I am glad it was Ingrid’s sister who finally owned up to her mistakes in what happened to her sister that helped to bring out Ingrid’s true nature. in the end. I am sorry to see Elizabeth Mitchell leave but the preview the preview for next week episode, seeing the trio of villains, it sent a chill up my spine in a good way. I am looking forward too 2015!

  10. A fan says:

    I hope we get to see more of Emma’s past, easily the best part of this episode and in general this new season.

  11. X says:

    One of the best episodes of the season for me.
    Oh btw, NO HOOD, yes, feel like I have to write this. I kinda find the actor playing Hood pretty wooden.

    • abz says:

      Me too. I thought the actor was okay in the beginning, but I can’t stand his acting and he’s just so blah with like one facial expression.

      • Jerry says:

        When you say okay in the beginning, do you mean the original Robin Hood? They did switch actors at one point.

        • abz says:

          Yes, I am aware that they switched actors. I was talking about Sean Maguire. I didn’t have as big a problem with him in the beginning. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t as heavily featured then, but the more I’ve gotten to see of his performance the less I like it. As @X put it, he does come across very wooden.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          They did? I clearly wasn’t paying much attention.

          • abz says:

            Yeah, Tom Ellis played him in the first episode that Robin Hood appeared on the show and then they switch him with Sean Maguire because I guess Ellis was no longer available.

          • Tom Ellis originated the role, but I think he had to drop out of OUAT when he booked Rush on USA (which has since been cancelled).

      • Lyn says:

        He’s wooden [I thought MRJ was bad as Neal, but he has nothing on Sean when it comes to flat delivery]. And he has terrible posture, zero facial expression and little charm. Boring!

    • Shawn says:

      I’m actually the opposite. I wish we saw more of him. Not all of his scenes need to be with Regina though. I want Robin Hood to have a backstory episode and to see him more of a theif. I actually loved the other day when he stole the book a few episodes ago from Regina.

      • Laura says:

        I completely agree with you, I would love to see more backstory! I personally love the Robin Hood/Regina relationship and am hoping that somehow we get some backstory to discover that Will and Marian had some sort of relationship so it will be okay for Robin Hood to choose Regina…

  12. abz says:

    Sad to see Elizabeth Mitchell/SQ leave. She was a great addition to the show. Her story really made me somewhat feel sorry for her. Of course, she was consumed with anger and hurt which made her villainous, but there was so much humanity in her plan. And her flashbacks with Emma were great. Really makes you wonder if Ingrid was just a regular loving foster mother, Emma might have been a lot different than when we first met her.
    Loved Evil Snow/Regina and loved their laughing at the end. It was so great and it was a perfect example of how far the three of them have come along in the past three seasons where they are able to just stand there and laugh.
    The scene when Regina was locked in her crypt was hilarious. Regina’s one-liners the entire episode were awesome. My favourite was: “How do you walk in that thing?”….”With the poise and composure of a queen!” LOL

  13. bcharmer says:

    First ep I’ve really enjoyed since 4X05. I hope Scott Nimerfro gets more episodes to write as he is the common co-writer link between 4X05 and 4X10. His eps have honored canon history, have had character development and fantastic Emma flashbacks. I’ll miss Liz Mitchell and I’m ticked that yet another female villain has been killed off, but I blame that on A&E, not Scott. He wrote a beautiful last scene for Liz.

    • Just thinking about fairy tales in my head quickly, there are very few that I can think of with a male villain. Most of the stories have some sort of evil witch/queen/stepmother/female as the villain. I don’t necessarily think it’s A&E’s fault, but the way the original stories are written.

      • abz says:

        The first male villain that comes to mind is Hades which I would so love to see the show do.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        There’s Frollo from Hunchback (the scariest Disney villain IMO), Scar from Lion King (you never know how they could interpret it), the voodoo guy from Princess & the Frog, even the evil kid from the Toy Story movies. They just haven’t chosen to go the male villain route since Pan, but there’s material they could work with.

  14. Jerry says:

    I’m glad someone finally called out the ice farmers of Arendelle!

  15. TJ says:

    This episode was good.

    Didn’t see the Snow Queen sacrificing herself, so that was a surprise.
    I wasn’t surprised that one of the Frozen sisters saved the day.
    Loved the fight scene between Snow and Regina and their reaction after the spell was lifted.
    Was annoyed at Emma’s plan to break the seal on the vault, piss Regina off more than she already was….and then leave her (the super powerful Evil Queen under the shattered sight curse) free to potentially go and kill any/everyone. For a leader/”savior” I thought that was pretty careless. Also, if Regina had killed someone accidentally after being released, all blame would have fallen back on Regina, despite her having done everything in her power to protect ppl from herself.
    Snow and Charming’s banter was great
    The backstory was good too.
    I need Rumple to suffer a bit soon, he’s doing too much and needs to suffer some form of consequence.

    • Wow says:

      I agree here, it seems he’s gotten away with a lot and has yet to really answer for everything especially since he’s the catalyst for 95% of the curses.

      • K says:

        Yes, it’s not like he watched his son die or anything, or was controlled, kept in a cage like a dog, insane, sexually molested, and tortured. Or like he DIED. Nope, ol’ Rumplebumple never has to pay for anything.

  16. CK says:

    I enjoyed it. I do feel like the fact that Frozen characters were involved made the story a bit tamer than it should be. The whole “familial love and sacrifice” saving the day thing is getting a bit old, but I really don’t see much that they can do with the tone of the series to avoid that. It’s just starting to feel predictable. Don’t get me wrong, the journey to that point is usually enjoyable and I don’t want to see someone completely change, I would like to see something OUAT gritty ala Snow killing Cora again, every once and a while to save the day, and then the exploration of how they deal with that.

  17. rachelle says:

    I loved this episode. It was hilarious, it was badass and Ingrid finally realizing that the love from the sisters that she really wanted was the love of her own sisters and that she had it was so beautiful. And her sacrificing herself to save the town and go be with her sisters was so touching. I was crying during that whole scene: as soon as Anna started reading the letter to when Intrid disappeared. I’m sad other people didn’t enjoy the episode as much as I did.

  18. Shawn says:

    Liked the episode. My only complaint was where was Robin Hood?! They built up this whole big thing with Robin and Regina the episode before but no him. Even if he showed up for 5 seconds at the end but to not have him seem odd.

    My favorite parts were the Snow Queen and Emma. Those parts were extremely touching and very good.

  19. CeeCee says:

    It was okay, and hats off to the stunt man who performed Hook’s marble pratfall. I’m disappointed, though, that Will Scarlet continues to look like a buffoon or idiot. He was so much more on OUATinW.

  20. Tiffany says:

    Elizabeth Lail is just spectacular. Can’t believe she just out of college. I hate their leaving next Sunday. Georgina Haig is amazing too. Elizabeth and Georgina have great chemistry. I will miss them so much. Hopefully they can come back in future Episodes. Plus I like Emma having a friend she can relate too. Time to hit the Dollar Store and stock up on Kleenex. I’m not ready for OUAT 4A to end.

    • AnnieM says:

      Elizabeth Lail has been hilariously wonderful as Anna. I’m going to miss all the Frozen characters. I do hope they turn up again sometime.

  21. Gail says:

    The teaser for next week’s finale included almost nothing about Rumple’s big plan which I assume will be the major focus of next week’s episode. The Frozen story is finished so I will not be surprised if the characters leave before the opening credits and Cruella De Vil and all will most likely not appear until the last 2 minutes to set up the long wait until March.
    Will the story about Rumple, the dagger, and Hook’s heart be resolved next week?

  22. Jake L. says:

    So if Ingrid killed herself to end the curse, does that mean that Marian is unfrozen, or did she only undo the Shattered Sight spell? It’s nice how the show just sort of forgot she was made into a popsicle, especially when she was name-dropped in this very episode by Emma taunting Regina.

  23. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Anyone else notice that MO one a Dalmatian in the crane game I’m not quite sure why there was a plastic ring tied around it’s neck though but this coupled with the previews for next week makes me think that somehow Emmas old friend Lily will somehow turn out to be Cruella Deville but I’d still not sure how she supposed to fit in with the rest of the characters on once upon a time given that not only is she not a fairytale character even though there is presidents with Dr. Frankenstein a.k.a. Dr. Weho but while all the other valentines for season 4B are magical in a chair correlative bill has never possessed magic she was just an eccentric rich lady with imaginative fashion sense

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I think the ring was in Emma’s box of mementos that she showed Hook a few eps back, right before they watched the video revealing that Ingrid knew Emma as a teen. There was a close up of a ring & I remember thinking “That’s gotta have some significance.”

  24. Adam says:

    I was very surprised that I actually cried alot when the Snow Queen sacrifice herself to stop the evil spell she created but in the end she did the right thing because she finally got her wish which was the love her family back in her life again. I really wanted her to stay and build a wonderful kingdom with her nieces and have her happy ending. Plus I really loved on how fare Snow and Regina are totally friends now when they laughed at her old Evil Queen outfit which says alot that show how much Regina has come a very long way in 4 seasons. I am so sad to see the frozen storyline coming to an end.

  25. ninergrl6 says:

    Glad someone else got the same Titanic vibe from that music. Intentional or coincidence?

    Overall I liked the Snow Queen resolution. It’s refreshing for the villain to have a true (albeit convenient) epiphany about the error of her ways. I’m also glad there weren’t as many holes in tonight’s plot as last week, and it was nice to finally see Emma & Ingrid’s past. I’ll genuinely be sad to see Elsa and Anna go. I really like Elsa and Emma’s friendship, and Anna’s reactions to everything are adorable. It looks like they’ll return to Arendelle (are portals easy to come by now?), but I’m hoping we hear from them again.

    So what’s left to resolve? Marian is still frozen. Rumple still has Hook’s heart. Belle doesn’t know the truth about her hubby & the dagger (that’s the plot point that bugs me the most). Will’s backstory has been nonexistent, though I’m assuming that will be addressed in 4B along with more Operation Mongoose. And of course there’s the whole Rumple/hat situation. Can that be resolved in one episode? Doubt it.

    I totally didn’t understand Rumple’s “rest of the world” comment. I thought he meant the world wasn’t safe from him, not that Storybrooke wasn’t safe from the world. That makes much more sense considering the set up for 4B. I wish they didn’t give so much of that away in the preview with Cruellla, Ursula, etc. I read spoilers here and there but shows are at their best when they’re surprising. Now I feel like there’s not much to surprise us with next week, but we’ll see.

    • Gail says:

      Marian apparently has the same problem that Anna had in the movie, Frozen. In the movie, an act of true love will unfreeze a frozen heart. That is not true love’s kiss.

  26. Gail says:

    How did Ingrid operate her ice cream store without refrigeration prior to magic being restored to Storybrooke?

    Since Regina set up everyone’s new identity in Storybrooke when she cast the curse, wouldn’t she know that she didn’t set up anyone in an ice cream store especially if it was Henry’s favorite?

    Where did Ingrid get the money to survive in our world from 1982 to 2001 when she came to Storybrooke? She did not have magic nor most likely any marketable skills, yet she had a home and was a foster mother. How much money does a foster parent make?

  27. Missy Kelly says:

    After Peter Pan last year, any finale would probably be hard to beat so am I disappointed in the end, yes but that being said am I glad Frozen is over – Yes!!!!! that was tedious. Now onto some real villains!

  28. Gail says:

    I am guessing they must have edited something from the episode that explained why Belle was asleep, Perhaps she started accusing Rumple of doing things things when he went to get her and he cast a spell to put her asleep.

  29. madam says:

    As much as I love once upon a time, I felt this season was quite weak; I felt the writers really rushed the whole frozen arch and now we all know why: to have room for rumple’s story. (I really hope the frozen arch wasn’t just something to get more viewers and that they bring them back) I honestly wished they took a few more episodes to flesh out everyone, especially the ice queen, through the ending was worth it and beautiful. especially when the curse was broken and snow and regina just burst out laughing. There’s something wonderful about that moment where Regina is finally a part of the town and rather than the evil queen…she acted very cold before and it’s good to finally see her happiness.

    Rumple still feels so out of place, but if they are really going to commit then, it should be good. I hope they make him slowly go crazy or something. Maybe he has voices inside his head from being the dark one or something. The writing has yet to totally disappoint me so I will expect great things.

  30. pinky says:

    This was a brilliant episode! Elizabeth Mitchell was fantastic, and I’m really sad the Frozen storyline is over…I thought it was one of the best arcs in all 4 seasons.
    I wish Anna and Elsa would stay in Storybrooke…Anna is just adorable and funny, and I really like Emma and Anna’s friendship.

  31. Aly says:

    I find it vaguely amusing how once again the “Saviour” didn’t actually save the day. The show would like us to believe she does all the time, with lines like “You defeated the bloody Wicked Witch. You defeated Pan” (Hook), and Mary Margaret saying a couple of episodes ago how Emma has saved Storybrooke a lot, so it was ‘hard to keep track’ or something. But if we look at it:

    S1: I’ll give her full credit for this one, because she broke the curse (even if it was just a simple kiss) and fought a dragon.
    S2: She had no hand in defeating Cora (Regina-via-Snow), but she gets half credit since she worked alongside Regina to save the town in the finale.
    3A: Emma, Snow and David were all basically useless in the Neverland storyline. Hook was only useful cos he had the ship. Pan was defeated by Regina and Rumple.
    3B: Zelena was defeated by Regina.
    4A: So, the day was saved by Anna (inadvertently helped by Regina depositing her in the right place heh), and Ingrid. Emma and Elsa basically…stood around. It didn’t even matter whether they had the ribbons on or not, in the end.

    I was very sad to see Ingrid go. Elizabeth Mitchell is amazing, and I had hoped she could stick around. Her final scene was beautifully acted from her, and I think Ingrid really redeemed herself. However, I’m extremely happy the Frozen storyline is finished, because I was bored of the characters, and there was far too much focus on Emma and the Frozen guest stars at the expense of the rest of the cast for the entire run of episodes.

    I ADORED the Snow/Regina scenes in this ep, and loved them laughing after the curse broke. I’m really liking how the relationship between Regina and the Charmings has progressed this season. I also really appreciated the Henry/Regina hug, as always. I’m so happy to see mother and son have worked things out over this season and last, since it’s the most important relationship on the show for me.

    • Ann says:

      I completely agree with you. The cast got thrown under the bus with the frozen stuff. If they were going to incorporate some of those new people into being regulars then I wouldn’t mind because some of those actors were talented, but it was the same thing they did with Mad Hatter, Red, Mulan, and Tink.

  32. Pat says:

    I always wondered, how the snow queen and Elsa kept their gowns so clean? This to me as a woman was the biggest fantasy of this whole “Frozen” storyline.

  33. Matthew B Lawler says:

    I’m calling it right now before next weeks episode the rich girl runaway liar teenage Emma’s friend Lily with the star on her rest will somehow turn out to be Cruella Deville

  34. Jake says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like there were a lot more commercials than usual in this episode. They’d come back from commercial, show two minutes of flashback, two minutes of current time, then go back to commercial. I’m almost to the point of DVRing it just to avoid them.

    • Gail says:

      I DVR and start watching about 15 to 20 minutes after the show starts and then scan through the commercials. I usually catch up by the end of the hour. The show plays much better.

  35. Donna MaMa says:

    I am glad it was Ingrid’s sister (Gerta) who finally owned up to her mistakes in what happened to her sister that helped to bring out Ingrid’s true nature and how appropriate that it was Anna Who brought the news – – the Gerta look alike

    I thought Gerda was the only one who kept her memories regarding her sisters and let the rest of Arendalle lose their memories.

    Guess we will find out next week about Marion, did she unfreeze???
    Love Crulla’s look

  36. Ashley Jones says:

    I need to watch this show. I read the re-caps all the time. It sounds like it was a good episode.

  37. WAB says:

    The door / portal they show frozen characters walking thru next week is one previously shown to be created by sorcerers apprentice (he had snow queen walk thru it to get to our world). And he is in the hat. So maybe they resolve the hat issues/get everyone out of it in next episode.

  38. Matthew B Lawler says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t 101 Dalmatians Take Place in “” the real world and Cruella Deville is just an eccentric crazy woman with a bazaar fashion taste I can’t wait to see how once upon a time is going to successfully connect her to Ursula and maleficent

  39. Liz says:

    Loved the episode – though I knew it was written by Scott Nimerfo who had written 4×05 which was so off canon it broke my heart, I still gave 4×10 a chance and I’m so glad I did. It was so entertaining and yet also filled with meaningful moments.
    Using Regina’s hatred against Emma to break the ribbons was just an awesome idea and seeing Regina and Snow fight it out had me laughing out loud. I also loved how easily Killian diffused the Will situation and how he focused on Emma possibly using the word “together” when Henry was telling him he never liked him.
    Seeing the Snow Queen sacrifice herself was something that I hadn’t expected and it made all the difference to the other villains that have been on the show till now. Really well done.

    And for me personally hearing Killian say that villains never win, and asking Rumple to spare Emma and the rest of Storybrooke only further solidified that he’s a true hero, a man of honor and I couldn’t admire or love him more. I can’t wait to see Emma fighting for him and help him get his heart back!
    And I’m so curious to see whether Rumple will find his way back who once told his father that villains never get happy endings before sacrificing himself for his loved ones.

  40. WAB says:

    This deleted scene explains how snow queen was still able to use the rocks to pull Emma’s memories. And shows Regina visiting her suspicious about how she got to town.


  41. Kristen says:

    Loved this episode! Amazing story and performances by all especially Regina hook & Ingrid! :)

  42. Lex says:

    We totally enjoyed the episode. It was a nice throwback to season 1 where the focus was on the core cast.

    Sad to see Liz Mitchell go. She’s incredible in all things.

    My favorite parts were The Evil Queen’s disgust in her own wardrobe choices, the EQ and SW brawl and most off all, seeing Regina LAUGH. I could watch an hour of Regina and Snow White laughing at each other. My how far we’ve come.

    We enjoyed it. Loved the focus on core cast and the preview for next week was glorious.

  43. Luis says:

    I’m just waiting to see Storybrooke overrun with dalmations

  44. Parker says:

    my favorite line was Regina’s about turning Emma into a garden topiary! :D

  45. David Kahoun says:

    Does anybody remember when August/Pinocchio changed the fairytale book? I remember him having stolen it and was making new pages for it. Was this ever explained or did they just go on and forget it? Sorry to go off topic from Sunday’s episode.

  46. vb says:

    Thank you so much for your recap. My power went out just as Anna brought the scroll to Elsa & Emma. It came back on just in time for me to see Gold walk off. Bummer.

  47. Chad H. says:

    Loved the episode sunday. ihad a hunch that Ingrid would sacrifice herself to end the curse she created but Anna saves Storybrooke. Loved the part when Anna cracked Kristof over the head with the bottle and finding the letterthat saves the day. Looking forward to next week’s finale, but I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Anna nad elsa, since they are in a way linked to Emma now. looking forward to next Sunday.

  48. dks says:

    I so enjoyed the show. Wonderful humorous moments. but will still be sad to see Elizabeth Mitchell’s job finished. What a class act. I really laughed along with Mary Margaret and Evil Queen after their epic fight. Thanks to all for a very memorable episode.

  49. Petter says:

    I think there is a very small chance that Rumple would get away since that would splitt the story lines too much AND kill Killian. Then there is a few fairies too release. So should we assume that the Hat also happen to include Cruella, Ursula (MIA for a long time according to Ariel in 306) and Maleficent (spirit captures by the hat below the library and returned with alive with the updated look)?

  50. Gail says:

    Rumple told Hook that Henry and Belle wouldn’t remember anything about what happened during the curse when they woke up the next morning in NY. He would then tell them Storybrooke was destroyed and he saved who he could. However everyone remembered what happened after the curse was broken. So was Rumple going to use his magic to remove their memories? I hope not as that would mean when ever Belle ever finds out anything that Rumple has done, he can just make her forget it.

    The town is still surrounded by ice, correct? Will Elsa be able to remove it or did it disappear with Ingrid’s death.