Emily Deschanel Pregnant: Will Bones Also Write In Baby No. 2 for Brennan?

Bones Baby Brennan Booth

Is the Bones family once again due to expand?

Series star Emily Deschanel is expecting her second child with producer/actor husband David Hornsby, her rep told E! News, raising the question: Will the Fox drama once again write in the actress’ pregnancy, as they did during Season 7?

On the immediate heels of Deschanel’s announcement, a source tells TVLine that a decision has not yet been made about having art again imitate life.

Interestingly, TVLine just a few weeks ago — at Bones‘ 200th episode party — asked Deschanel if Brennan and Booth might add to their brood. Her response: “Anything’s a possibility.”

Do you think it’s time for Christine and Parker to gain a new sibling? (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Julie says:

    Heck no, they’ve already forgotten Parker, Booth’s firstborn.

    • thisismenow says:


      • Daisyparty says:

        I don’t see how any of this has to do with Parke”r. He’s with his min not with Booth. Anyways Parker is coming back soon. I read in an interview. If Booth and Bones have another baby the baby would show up more than Parker because Parkersburg with his mom.
        I think they should have another baby.

        • Jada Wilson says:

          I also think that.

        • GaiL Ann Bastian says:

          December 9, 2014 Time 6:49pm
          I Love watching the TNT channel 36, here in San Diego, California. I have been watching my show with Emily Deschanel, David Boreanez, T.J. Thyne, Michaela Conlin, TamaranTaylor, and John Francis Daley as they search for murders at lab down to the degree, person, age, sex, how that person died, and who killed them.I never get tired of watching Bones, and wish that TNT would keep the program on as forever. With Dr. Brennan suspecting another baby, I would say yes. She looks

    • Stacey says:

      They haven’t forgotten him. I think it is about actor availability. There are rumors they may be planning to recast him if not. Rumors of new actor in the role, but haven’t confirmed them yet. Also Parker while important, he’s not that important. He has always come and gone. Whether there is a new baby, it depends. I can see them ignoring it. Or also writing it in, having it be a boy and naming him after Booth’s grandfather and Brennan’s father.

      • suzi says:

        They have pretty much forgotten him, as they have forgotten Jared, Russ and Zack, (who is a polarizing character to many, I know) . These characters were important for a while, and many fans haven’t forgotten them.
        Speaking of Booth’s grandfather, I hope they are still planning on a tribute to Pops/Ralph Waite.

        • Stacey says:

          No Jared or Russ IS about actor availability. Both are busy with other projects. Given they aren’t under contract, the show has to deal with who is available. Same with the squint-terns. We probably won’t see Fisher this season due to the actor’s full time job on Forever!

          • Kathie says:

            I wondered about that as soon as I saw him on Forever, one of my favorite new shows. He has a similar role working with dead bodies. I like him better now that he’s not chronically depressed, lol.
            Jared and Russ have always been peripheral characters and Zach is, presumably, still in the looney bin. They broke him out once to help with a case and he was in the dream when Booth was in the coma, but I don’t miss him or expect to see him again. I’ve wondered if he’s still acting. I haven’t seen him in anything else.
            Personally, I think they could have come up with a better, more believable way to write him out. Even getting killed in Afghanistan would have been better than life in an asylum. He was too smart to let himself be duped by a cannibalistic serial killer.
            And don’t get me started on the killing of Sweets!!

        • Cas says:

          Is this about the Zack who is in prison for those murders he helped with? Because I mean I would hardly call him forgotten about.

        • Sel says:

          It doesn’t seem likely that Zack will be back anytime soon – if at all – given that he ended up in a mental institution on the show. And the actor who plays Zack – Eric Millegan – left the show because he has bipolar disorder and had trouble dealing with it. He explained it all in a YouTube video (which is no longer posted but you can read about his experiences with the disorder and how Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel were part of his support system in a two-part piece on Huffingtonpost.com). Besides the occasional reappearances of Zack on Bones in the fourth and fifth seasons, he hasn’t acted at all. So I think there’s a possibility here that Millegan does not wish to return to acting and Hart Hanson is respecting those wishes. If that’s the reason we haven’t seen Zack in awhile, I think the fans should respect them as well.

          But I agree with you on the other characters. I’ve been re-watching Bones from the beginning, and I really miss Russ and Jared. I wish they at least returned for the wedding episode.

          • suzi says:

            Mention them once in a while, what gifts might have been sent at the birth of a niece, allude to why neither brother was at the wedding, how Hodgins’ “best friend” reacted to his marriage . One line here and there that acknowledges their existence without dealing with the real issue of availability.

          • Hope they write in baby #2 says:

            I never heard this backstory before but what I know is that Eric Millegan would be willing to guest star on a Bones episode in the future. He’s tweeted about it before but I think that they just don’t want to bother with his character. i’d love to have some small allusion to him through Hodgins because they were so close and Hodgins has changed dramatically since they were last together. You could argue that they do reference Zack whenever Hodgins calls himself ‘King of the Lab’ but its so small and insignificant that it doesn’t mean much. At the end of the day, i just don’t think they could write a decent Zack scene and no one wants a half- a**ed scene.

            To answer the question about Russ and Jared, the wedding was so last minute that it would have been hard for either to take time off work on short notice and pay to fly to the Jeffersonian. Everyone else lives close by with the exception of Parker and that would be far easier ( a plane ride from the uk is 9hrs and its easier to take a kid off school for a few days).

          • Kathie says:

            OK, glad for the info on Eric Millegan. I hadn’t heard about his condition.
            Below this post, I saw the post reminding me about the hurry-up aspect of the wedding and that Russ and Jared couldn’t realistically make it in time. Makes sense, but I would like to see them occasionally.

          • Nicole says:

            I totally agree about zack not
            being on the show, it sucks, he was totally awesome, one of my favs, and what a stupid way to write him out, he was so smart, he would never get caught, are you serious?, and I miss John F daily Superbad, he was like the whole reason they solved crimes & was such a big help profiling ppl,and Aubrey is a like a dumbass for real

  2. A says:

    NO…the last thing Bones needs is another baby when they pracitcally ignore any other kid on the show who isn’t Christine.

    • Stacey says:

      Parker has always been largely ignored except for the first few seasons. A new baby would be interesting. And change the dynamic of the family. Especially as Christine is now close to school age… I figure if they do, it will be a baby boy which would challenge Brennan and they will name him Hank Maxwell Booth or Maxwell Hank Booth. And honor Pops (and Ralph Waite)

      • Kathie says:

        OK. This answers my question above about whether Eric Millegan is stil acting. Too bad. I liked his character.
        I, too, was surprised that Russ and Jared had not been at the wedding.

    • Beth says:

      Hell we rarely see ChrstiNe as it is

  3. anon says:

    Other shows are able to hide a pregnancy and so should Bones…they did a good job covering up Kerry Washington’s pregnancy in Scandal & with the two female leads in HIMYM, take note Bones TPTB

    • Samantha says:

      But why should Emily and the show have to hide it? It wouldn’t be fair to her. If they write it in they write it in if they don’t they don’t.

  4. Chad Smith says:

    A bigger concern would be another shortened season due to Emily Deschanel wanting another maternity leave. If season 11 were to be shortened for that reason, maybe they should just make this the final season.

    • Moment says:

      A shortened season wouldn’t be a bad thing, especially if it has a decent slot. Well I’m just thinking too far ahead.. Anyway, I’m sure it’ll get something.

  5. Lois says:

    I’m all for baby #2. This baby will enter into a different family dynamic than Christine did. I think it would be fun. I’m much more interested in a second baby Booth than I am in a Baby Daisy!!

  6. Jerri says:

    They should just end the show.

  7. Viggie4 says:

    I hope they write in. I guess it depends on when Emily is due? If #bones is cancelled a different network could pick up Family Show with all the kids of course the cast would have to come!

    • Patrick says:

      Unless the two stars ask for more (and maybe a lot more) than 1 mill per ep, it will be back. Fox is in real trouble, and Bones is one of its best performers, both new eps and in syndication. It won’t be allowed to die.

      • Moment says:

        Pretty much, if Season 11 isn’t announced as the final, it’ll be game on for Season 12 next season.

      • leannejansen says:

        only the main cast of big bang theory gets that much money of anyone on TV! They’d know better then to make demands, it’s totally unrealistic and know Fox would just cancel it anyways. It’s an average performer, which means average and fair salaries. Besides, Emily mentioned in an interview that the show runners have been great allowing her first child on set with her all day while taping with a nanny and i think thats why the show does so well…everyone seems supporting of anything

        • Patrick says:

          BBT gets that sum of money because it performs well, both new eps and in syndication. But virtually all of the actors are necessary for the show to work. Fox needs to have something to air next year. Cause, right now, it doesn’t have a lot of sure bets. All the sunday shows will be back, ditto Sleepy hollow, and New Girl and apparently Mindy, for at least a few eps. There’s only so many hours of reality programming that Fox can air. If you assume an average burn rate for any new shows they bring out, then that is a lot of empty air. So, yeah, they will bring back Bones, with the two leads probably getting north of 750 thousand per ep. It will take that much to get them both back, and Fox needs them both back.

  8. David4 says:

    They never show either one of the other children Booth has, why bother with another?

    Just end the show before she shows.

  9. Fernanda says:

    Yes!! They should hve another baby!! They are perfect toghether!! And screw everyone that thibg otherwise!!

  10. anon says:

    They’ve been hiding Emily Deschanel in increasingly creative ways: holding a giant bunny rabbit during Daisy’s birth episode being the most hilarious, people have been speculating for months and episodes have become increasingly Brennan-lite and B/B lite as they reduced her screen time. They’ve always said they’d write in another pregnancy, it seems strange that now no decision has been made since it’s obvious that they’ve known for a while.

  11. monique scott says:

    Of course they should parker will be in a episode after the winter break if they dont write her pregnancy in the show we wont see her in every episode shes the main character along with david

  12. Kelley says:

    If she had a baby bump in September, she may be due in the spring. Remember, after the 200th episode, the show won’t return until late March, probably due to her maternity leave. Parker has never been a constant part of the show. He lives out the state or country with his mother. He’s mentioned and sometimes shown, but other than that, he’s really not needed. Now if they write her pregnancy into the show, that would be great. But right now, my only hope is that we get another season. Season 11!!

  13. Samantha says:

    Congratulations to Emily! I’m more than happy with Booth and Brennan having baby number two. Season 7 started near the end of Emily’s pregnancy so we didn’t get to see much of it so I think it will be great if they write it in because there is a possibility of seeing much more that we didn’t see the first time round. Hank could also tie in because I think it would be great if they had a boy and named him after Hank in his memory. I do not want the show to try and hide it because that would not be fair on Emily. At the end of the day Emily is what matters most.
    Parker has not been forgotten about. We don’t see him often because the actor who played him (Ty Panitz) was unavailable but Parker has been recast (Gavin Mackintosh). We’re going to see Parker but they’ve just got to work him into the show and make it as normal as possible. Another baby plus new Parker coming in would make for some great family scenes.

  14. Guest says:

    I don’t know why people keep stating they have already ‘forgotten’ the other children when it’s not central to any of the storylines they’ve written. Why put them in if it’s not related to the storyline each week? Besides, Parker lives in London with his mom…at least he did when Brennan and Booth got married, so it’s been mentioned he isn’t even in the country. Besides, I think that Daisy and Sweets baby will have more mention then any other, giving it’s importance to the characters after that loss to Booth and the huge sense of responsibility he’d feel as the godfather and filling that father-figure role. That has far more impact then what’s been showcased as the ‘normal’ home life they’ve shown of Christine. I wouldn’t be surprised if they write in the pregnancy…I’d think it makes it easier then hiding it and they’ve shown that just because they have a baby, doesn’t mean you’re going to see a lot about it after the fact unless something arises. I’ve been really impressed that after 10 seasons and 200 episodes, the show doesn’t seem to lose anything. I really hope they’re renewed and they come back again.

  15. I think it would be great for them to had a new baby to there family . I love watching this show . But there one was time I missed one with the psychological dies that sad I liked him and daisy together

    • It’s those two characters’ I like the LEAST! The ‘associate’ squints are very good. Glad they still ‘turn up’ every now & again. Miss ‘mr Nigel Murray’ the most! Still enjoying it after al these years’ & hoping that it will continue!

  16. Joolzac says:

    I don’t think the show needs another baby. They’ve been working around her baby belly already anyway for weeks with one button jackets and plastic aprons. They film her from the back or front on only, and she’s been carrying things and standing behind props. If people didn’t realise she was pregnant, I don’t know what they’ve been watching! By the time the show returns in March, she may have already had the baby and they’re still filming now I believe, so they should have a few eps up their sleeve to cover her, so she can come back to filming after she has the baby.

    • Sandra Holl says:

      You said exactly what I’ve been thinking! She looks as if she may be may be 5+ months along! which would have the baby being born in Feb. sometime giving her time to have a maternity leave this year! It should not affect season 11 at all! People are saying they make one million an episode , but TV Guide posted their salary as $2,500,000 per episode, which is comparable to other shows that have been on that long and longer! Margista Hardesty from Law and Order SVU makes over $4 million per episode and Mark Harmon from NCIS makes $5 million per episode so there is a lot of money involved! I hope this is NOT the issue because I will die if there is no BONES!!!!!!!!

  17. Linda says:

    The fact that Bones will not return until late March and there are at least two episodes already in the can after the 200th seems to speak to the fact that they may not be planning to write in the new pregnancy. I hope they do, but this news at least explains some of the shift in screen time over the past few episodes. Congrats to Emily, David H. and big brother Henry!

    • Samantha says:

      I have a feeling Bones knew about the pregnancy way before Emily confirmed it to the press. Even if they do have some episodes filmed after the 200th there is still 12, give or take, episodes to film and air and they can’t do all those with her hiding like they have in previous episodes. The hiatus is because of American Idol and I don’t think her baby will be born before the hiatus is over so I’m really hoping it’s written in.

      • Linda says:

        In past seasons both American Idol and Bones have aired in conjunction. Placing Idol in that time slot may well have to do with Emily’s pregnancy rather than Bones going on prolonged hiatus due to Idol’s schedule.The only time there has been a large gap between winter finale and spring episodes was Emily’s last maternity leave. But like you, I would love for them to write the baby into the show.

  18. Jenifer says:

    Yes they defo should have another baby! It’s natural that a couple like them would have another. And I definitely want to see another season! Why do we have to wait until March for it to air again in 2015?

  19. Kendall says:

    If she blows up as much as she did the first time then there’s no way they could hide it until the end of her pregnancy. Shots from the chest up and holding things in front of her belly wouldn’t have hid her ginormous boobs and puffy face if they’d tried that in season 7.

    They can have Bones be pregnant and just not make a big storyline out of it the way they did last time.

  20. Nancy K Perry says:

    Yes, Brennan with a second child can add to the show. She was over protect of Christine but with the second child they could show how parents relax a bit. Letting Grandparents taking care of children more and others. Lots of stories about birth order too.

    • Kathie says:

      I’m glad someone mentioned that in the show, Christine is almost ready for school. They have aged her like soap operas do, or did when I watched soap operas. I quit cold turkey for the 3rd time in July ’98, lol.
      Chronlogically, she should be about 2 1/2. She was born in spring of 2012. In the episode where they were trying to find her a preschool, she looked at least 4.

  21. kmw says:

    Booth and Brennan having another baby has nothing to do with Parker. it has been established he is living with his mother and it Is overseas. The producers of Bones have most certainly known about it they have been hiding her for awhile. While I would love a little brother for Christine and it would be great to see Brennan handle having two kids, I think writing the pregnancy in would have more to do if the show continues. TV LINE continues to say it is a sure thing and David and Emily do not seem to want to leave yet. if the show ends it probably would not make sense to write it in. Given that they are not coming back until March it is possible they have shortened the season order of episodes. I really do not believe giving them another child would turn the show into PARENTHOOD or anything like that. As it is we actually do not see that much of Christine. I think Booth having another son would be great seeing as how he has really been just a part time father to Parker. Booth being a father to Parker has almost always been off screen. The boy who has been playing Parker was only on maybe twice a year at most. If BONES stays on the air and they write her pregnancy in most likely she will not give birth till next season. Either way I will understand whatever they do. Congratulations to Emily and David on their baby news!!!!

    • Samantha says:

      I agree! Bones obviously knew a while back because they’ve been hiding it. Just because they’re going on a long hiatus doesn’t mean filming will go on hiatus so maybe they’ve even started writing it in.

  22. Bonnie says:

    I really think they should right in her pregnancy. It was a really cute season the first time.

  23. Jean says:

    Yes, they should. To try to hide it would be really stupid. You can tell in previous season 10 episodes that she was pregnant. I hate it when shows have the actresses hide behind items. Plus, she is always on the platform in plain sight. I think they should do an episode having the squints talk about why she is denying she is pregnant again. lol

  24. lorene says:

    Absolutely – first little genius needs a sibling – Brennon and Booth will have more domestic issues to juggle – think they need a few children

  25. Adrienne Hobbs says:


  26. KC says:

    NO, Please NO! This show is bad enough

  27. kmw says:

    When she was pregnant before and they wrote it in they had to deal with two things they would not have to now. One, Booth and Brennan were adjusting to being couple and two getting ready to having a baby. They have been a couple for awhile now and Christine is older. The plots they used in season 7 are not necessary now. This could be a story to get Booth to realize he needs help for his PTSD. I also do not like it when shows hide actresses because most of time it does not work.(SCANDAL probably being an exception). I found it interesting earlier in September, Emily did an interview where she stated they would not have more this year and now she tells TV LINE anything is possible. Even if they do not write it in it will be ok, but given that they wrote a baby in for Daisy, when she is not on the show all the time, why would they hide Emily for practically entire season? If Bones does not get picked up or if David and Emily decide not to come back , I do not see why they would write it in because if they did they would have to skip even more time on screen. I do not believe her pregnancy has had anything to do with Booth and Brennan not having screen time, I think either producers or FOX want to see if show could go on without either one or both of them. This is what I have to say about that NO! NO! and NO! If either one them is gone or both of them is gone I will not watch. The last several weeks have been really very boring without them on screen as much. The last time FOX went on with their show without one of their leads look how well THAT turned out(THE X-FILES anyone?). With or without a baby being written in I hope BONES goes another year. David and Emily are terrific on screen together. Congrats once again to Emily and her husband

  28. John NYC says:

    While I’m totally happy for the actor, for the show another child for the couple would simply add to the sideshow so I’m neutral at best. With a slight consideration it would make the scenes easier to structure absent the silliness usually involved in blocking views of the growing baby.

  29. sandra says:

    Yes I think another child would add to the show however I do think Parker should come to visit more often I enjoy the show very much

  30. Jada Wilson says:

    I think it would be a great set up for B&B to have another baby.

  31. Heidi says:

    I hope they write it in. It’s ridiculous to hide actresses behind large plants, file folders and books.

  32. julia m csizmadia says:

    That is awesome. They make a great couple on tv. And her first pregnancy was well played I have watched all the episodes. And thank you for putting it on Thursday nites. Keep up the great work

  33. Quannay Burgos says:


  34. Paula says:

    I would suggest that her pregnancy be written into the storyline the reason: I am not the only one who has noticed the baby bump all ready. So it is a little late to start hiding it.

  35. Paula says:

    I think that her pregnancy should be written into the storyline. The reason, her baby bump has all ready been noticed by many of Bones fans with this being said it is a bit late to hide her baby bump.

  36. Linda says:

    Yes we want you to add the baby to the Bones. We love personal information in the episodes. I have seen every show at least 3 times. My absolute favorite TV show

  37. Courtney Hurt says:

    I think it would be amazing to add in the new baby!! It would make for a new and exciting episopes!!!!!! Hope you make a season 11, it would be AWESOME. 😁

  38. ann st.antoine says:

    yes there’s alwayroom for one more why not make it twins hope you go on for a long time your like my family my mom and I alway’s watched you together and she just pasted away and watching your show keep’s me close to her and I have her ashes with me and if Emily want’s to produce a new show would love to go over it with anyone interested i’m 67 phone is 760-670-8782 and please keep the show going

  39. Cheri Horton says:

    Yes, it’s the perfect time for Bones and Booth to add to their family.

    Bones Lover,

  40. Judy McCollough says:

    Yes I think it is time for Christine and Parker got another sibling it will be so cool to see Booth and Brennan to have another child.

  41. maryann says:

    they need another child

  42. dbl.phantom says:

    Yes they should add the real pregnancy into the show. They should also add Angela being pregnant at the same time.

  43. Sallie Stewart says:

    Sure. a 2nd child would be great addition maybe boy/girl twins tie the whole family together 2 boys/girls!

  44. Kathie says:

    My question is–Is there going to be a season 11? I could have sworn I saw something on this site last spring that said season 10 would be the last. Was I imagining things or has the situation changed? If there is a season 11, they should write in another baby. I’d like to see Angela and Hodgins have another one, too. Of course, they might be afraid of the birth defect possibilityand not push their luck, but surprises could happen. I think there could be lots of fun on the show with Angela and Brennan pregnant together.

  45. I think they should have another baby. I hope they write her pregnancy into the show

  46. Vick says:

    Absolutely I’ve been waiting for the booth and bones announcement that they are going to have another child as Christine is about to start school soon and Parker should be about ready for high school or at least close to high school age I think it would be awesome to bring in a new sibling I hope the series decides to follow Emily’s walmart pregnancy with a Bones pregnancy

  47. Vick says:

    I want to know why the character Sweets was written out because I’m majorly totally and completely pissed off that he was written out and Bones fans have a right to know or maybe I missed the explaination so what’s the deal?