Pretty Little Liars Christmas Scoop: Ezria's Plans, 'Santa Boxers' and More

The Pretty Little Liars Christmas special is still four days away, but because waiting is the worst, TVLine has some scoop to stuff into your stockings until then.

Below, executive producer Marlene King gives us the dirty details on Tuesday’s holiday extravaganza (ABC Family, 8/7c) — including which of Rosewood’s resident hotties will be stripping down to his skivvies. (Spoiler alert: It might be more than one.)

TVLINE | The last time we spoke, you mentioned something Ezra and Christmas boxers. Is that still happening?
There are Christmas boxers and there are boxers. There may be multiple people in Christmas boxers!

TVLINE | Is it like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, where they just pass the boxers around?
[Laughs] No! I will say this: There’s more than one pair of Santa boxers.

TVLINE | OK, good. Now, we’ve seen the clip of Ezra giving Aria that wedding present. … Wait, not wedding, Christmas.
That was a Freudian slip!

TVLINE | Yeah, seriously. OK, so do we get to see Christmas at the Fitzgerald house?
We hear about a lavish Fitzgerald Christmas, and this whole episode is certainly is a lavish Christmas in so many ways. There’s a lushness to it, and such beautiful cinematography. It’s by far the most cinematic episode we’ve ever done. It’s gorgeous all around.

TVLINE | I also love that Mona leaves something behind in her will for Hanna. Like, what normal teenage girl even has a will?
I know, right? She was thinking ahead, though, and Mona knew there was a chance she would meet her demise. She had to plan accordingly.

TVLINE | Any reason why Hanna is the recipient of Mona’s “gift”?
Well, even in their darkest moments, Hanna and Mona share a special bond. They’ve gone through so much together, and I think Hanna still has very sympathetic feelings for Mona. It makes sense that she’d be the one person Mona would reach out to.

TVLINE | I feel like it might help clear Spencer’s name. Will that murder charge go away anytime soon?
It’s not completely wrapped up by the Christmas episode, but it meets its completion early on in 5B.

TVLINE | This show now has at least two more seasons. Do you know how it all will end?
We have a roadmap that takes [the girls] all the way to the end of Season 7, the major milestones. It’s exciting to fill in the blanks along the way as they meet different characters. We’re open to flexibility, but in terms of where they end up in the show, we know that.

PLL fans, any guess as to which guys end up in those aforementioned Santa boxers? And what gift could Mona have for Hanna? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. C says:

    Why is Ezra still on the show? Still can’t believe Aria forgave him for basically stalking her… dude should have gone to jail many moons ago for having sex with his teenage student… that kinda thing leads to major scandal and lawsuits, yet he’s still treated like somekind of romantic hero on this show? What’s with that?

    • paris says:

      Paige bullied and tried to drown Emily. Toby ran over Lucas, framed Paige, and drove Spencer crazy. Caleb helped Hanna continue her drinking problem last season.

      Are any of the love interests good?

      • C says:

        No, but at least those ones are all age appropriate…

      • ann says:

        are you really trying to compare caleb and hanna going through drinking problems together for a few weeks to ezra raping aria???

        • Joe says:

          umm Ezra never raped Aria wtf. 16 is the legal age consent on the show where they live, which the writers have said many times. whether it’s like that in real life where they live idk, but they’ve said on the show it’s legal. and aria has consented to having sex with him every single time.

          • ann says:

            they live in pennsylvania on the show and the law in that state is very clear, teachers (or any other school officials) are not allowed to have any sort of sexual relationship with their students as long as they are still in high school – no matter how old they are. it’s called institutional sexual assault.

          • Yaymiii says:

            It’s a TV SHOW for goodness sake!!!!! The timeline of the show. The buying of the lies. FREE YOUR MIND!

  2. Sheryl says:

    it’s sad how this site always support the pedophile character on the show. Ezra had sex with a 15 years old girl & kissed a 14 years old girl too, and also filmed teenagers while they were asleep and on the shower. that’s so sick.

    • paris says:

      Ezra never had sex with a 15 yr old girl. Aria was 17 when they had sex and was not her teacher at the time. And he did not know that Ali was 15 ( she wasn’t 14) when they kissed. And he didn’t film anyone in the shower.

      • C says:

        They were certainly making out while he was her teacher, and they have since had sex since he returned to being her teacher.. A teacher doing ANYTHING with a student is immediate grounds for dismissal from the school.

      • ann says:

        ezra has definitely had sex with aria while he was her teacher, they dated for the entire second half of season four while he was teaching at rosewood again. in the state of pennsylvania it does not matter how old a student is, if they are still in high school their teacher may not have sex with them, it’s the law. it is institutional sexual assault and if ezra were a real person, he would be in jail and would have to register as a sex offender.

        • Joe says:

          LOL as if this show has people punished for ANYTHING. you have byron cheating with his student, never getting in trouble with the school, mrs. marin stealing money from a client at a bank, never getting caught, Alison blinding a poor girl, Melissa buried a girl, A murdering people left and right, yet a 17 (maybe 18) year old consenting to have sex with a 23/24 year old teacher is the biggest and only concern? doesn’t make it right, but really this show isn’t something people should watch if you’re looking for everybody to do the right thing and everybody getting punished for laws they break.

  3. Nick says:

    nothing says Merry Christmas like seeing a pedophile in Santa boxers.

  4. Rebecca says:

    Confused?!? If everyone hates Ezra, and thinks he and the storylines are so awful. Then why support it by watching?! Plenty of other shows out there… Then I can finally read things about PLL without the same comments over and over again.

    • ann says:

      because i love so many other things about the show! i love the four main girls, i love their friendships, i love the mystery and the campiness and the humor!! but none of these things cancel out the disgusting messages the show is sending to it’s impressionable viewers. if you hate seeing the “same comments over and over again” maybe you should take your own advice and stop reading articles about the show.

      • Rebecca says:

        Well I am not complaining about the show or hate anything with the show. So therefor I like to read everything on Tvline about the show. Not complain about things that can’t and wont change.

        • ann says:

          if i choose to stay silent, you’re right, things will never change. things only change when people make them change. maybe marlene will never listen to her fans but discussing topics like this can influence future media. that’s how progress works.

          • Rebecca says:

            Oh wow. You really need to find a good cause to focus all of your energy on!

          • ann says:

            i’ve got plenty of causes, this just happens to be one that is personal for me. standing up for rape victims in every way possible is always a good cause in my eyes.

    • Joe says:

      Ezria is still the most shipped couple of the show, so certainly not everybody hates them/him.