CBS Sets Premiere Dates for CSI: Cyber, Battle Creek Dramas

CSI Cyber Premiere Date

CBS has set premieres dates for two midseason dramas — CSI: Cyber and Battle Creek — and one of them isn’t landing where you thought it was.

Though conventional wisdom (or at least CBS’ original midseason playbook) had CSI‘s latest offshoot claiming its time slot, Battle Creek instead will call Sundays-at-10 home, starting March 1 (two weeks after CSI‘s season finale).

CSI: Cyber meanwhile will air Wednesdays at 10/9c beginning March 4, bumping Stalker from the schedule until later in the season.

From David Shore (House) and Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad), Battle Creek stars Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas) and Dean Winters (Law & Order: SVU) as mismatched law enforcement officers whose opposite views of the world and crime-solving breed frustration, disdain and humor as they clean up “the hardscrabble streets” of Battle Creek, Mich. Janet McTeer, Kal Penn, Aubrey Dollar and Edward Fordham also star.

CSI: Cyber stars Emmy winner Patricia Arquette (Medium) as the head of the Cyber Crime Division of the FBI, a role she first played in an April episode of CSI. James Van Der Beek, Peter MacNicol, Charley Koontz, Shad Moss and Hayley Kiyoko round out the cast.

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  1. Iakovos says:

    CSI: CYBER is better suited for Wednesdays and the Eye’s established criminal/procedural milieu. I like that CBS is seeing Sunday as its night for quality television with 60 MINUTES, MADAME SECRETARY and THE GOOD WIFE. They are Sunday shows to me. A new 10 PM entry is welcome. Would not likely have given time to another CSI franchise there. Now if it were not for those darned sports overruns. They disrupt viewing.

  2. Becky says:

    I am so disappointed that they are bumping Stalker! It is one of my favorite programs coming in second only to The Good Wife.

  3. Tran says:

    Why CSI: Cyber on Wednesdays? It should have fill the void to replace CSI in the 10 p.m. Sunday night time slot. As for Battle Creek, great to see Josh Duhamel back on TV and I hate to wonder whether or not CBS is planning to move Stalker on a new night and/or time.

  4. Gregory Greene says:

    What is the eye going to do with Stalker, it’s pretty good!!

    • Moment says:

      Leaning towards cancelled until I see a renewal announcement. I think the scheduling speaks for itself.

    • Amy says:

      The eye is stupid to give us yet another CSI. We had 3, and 2 of those were cancelled. Stalker is so much better!

      • Moment says:

        CSI Miami got 10 seasons, CSI NY 9 seasons, both made CBS ridiculous amounts of money. I don’t see what being cancelled has to do with anything, they were both hugely successful and if they can replicate this success, which they obviously think they may, it’s genius.

        • Amy says:

          It’s just that how many recycled storylines can they give us. Apparently, most American’s enjoy recycled stuff hence all the crap reality shows.

          • Moment says:

            How do you know they will rehash old ideas with CSI Cyber? I know as much as you, or anyone else here about what’s coming up for the show. Watch a few episodes when it airs, judge it then.

  5. Kat says:

    Shad Moss=Lil Bow Wow. You’re welcome.

  6. Jenna says:

    I’m glad they are giving the Wed slot to CSI:Cyber. I hope it’s good, and I hope it succeeds. I like Patricia Arquette, and I’m hoping she can provide us with a notable crime solving character like a Monk, or a Grissom. CSI:original needs to retire; it’s way past its expiration date. But as a past fan of CSI, I’d like to see the franchise continue.

  7. Moment says:

    I suspect CSI Cyber is airing on Wednesday due to CSI failing badly on Sunday, if an established CSI show cant do well there the spinoff would die horribly, at least on Wednesday it has a chance. Although small.

    • shea mandalay says:

      CSI is failing badly because it’s geriatric, not because of its timeslot. TV shows almost invariably lose viewers over time. Being “established” is not an advantage beyond the first couple years. CBS is debuting Battle Creek in that slot, rather than moving an “established” show there, so obviously it doesn’t think the timeslot spells a horrible death for new shows.

  8. David says:

    It probably means that Stalker may be in trouble. Stay tuned to see if/when it gets back on the schedule.

  9. Bobby says:

    Love Stalker, hate to see it being pulled off schedule. Why not put CSI:Cyber on Thursdays in place of Elementary since its ratings are not good. Hope this doesn’t mean CBS is canceling Stalker.

    • Moment says:

      Elementary has a $3 million an ep syndication deal so it won’t be pulled anytime soon.

    • Amy says:

      I know. I love Stalker, and am worried now that CBS may cancel it. CBS pulling it from the schedule for yet another CSI, and also trimming the episode order to just 20 episodes does not bode well. :(

  10. Kris says:

    I hope Stalker isn’t cancelled. One of my favorite shows.

  11. Jeanne Marie Wallace says:

    You know everytime you get a good show on this station like “staker’ or the “Good Wife” we end up playing games with it. I like stalker and I also love the Good Wife she deserves an emmy! she is that good. I think if you are going to get rid of a show it would be the one that I think called “NCIS NEW Orleans” I would get rid of that one in a heart beat! and put back on the Tuesday with the other NCIS’s that are on Tuesdays along with the one that is on in L.A. NCIS. sorry but this just my opinion and I would also get rid of “Madame Secretary” sorry that show does nothing for me! SHe is too dry and no it all! sorry jus tmy opinion. Thank you for letting me share.

    • Amy says:

      I agree with you, Jeanne. I have not been impressed with NCIS: NOLA, and have heard mixed reviews about Madame Secretary.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    Can’t wait to check out Battle Creek!

  13. Jim J. says:

    “CSI” Cancellation + No final season or series finale for original “CSI” = TRAGEDY.

    Plus, any cancellation for the original “CSI” will make the CSI franchise worthless, irrespective of whether the “Cyber” spinoff gets renewed for next season or not.

    • ChicagoDan says:

      CSI will not be canceled. Mooves already said that CSI will receive a proper farewell when it’s time because CSI was the defining franchise that revived CBS. Additionally, when the episode order was trimmed from 20 (the original or, not 22) to 18 because of scheduling, CBS could’ve announced that was the end, they didn’t and in fact said it was timing issue. (The one week between CSI season finale and Battle Creek is Academy Awards.)

      With Cyber it became clear that Stalker didn’t live up to expectations – CSI was doing far better than Stalker in the time slot. CBS wants more female-lead shows so they are going to make this work. It should be a perfect fit. And, with all the cyber crimes that are impacting the world, a far broader spectrum than one-note Stalker.

      • Joy Davidson says:

        I think Stalker is a darn fine show and it’s such a shame that its being bumped for yet another stupid CSI show. Enough with the stupid CSI franchise already! I have seen previews and I have to be honest. Patricia Arquette’s acting skills on this show are not that great. They better bring Stalker back and soon!

  14. Adriana says:

    Yaaaaaaaay! I am beyond stoked for Battle Creek! Been waiting since day 1 & now 3 months away thank you! Sundays for me just got better. :D

  15. Boiler says:

    Ah this is great:(. Another CSI

  16. Amy says:

    Major dislike. I love Stalker, and am bummed that it’s being shafted for another CSI. Enough with the CSI franchise. You all had CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, which were both cancelled. Ugh!

  17. arial2 says:

    Battle Creek? Wow, never thought of that as a crime capital! Just make sure you know when they refer to “hopped up on Special K” they’re probably referring to athletes eating lots of cereal, not using a veterinary drug illegally. And just remember Tony the Tiger is allowed to roam the streets, so don’t shoot him! So many bad Kellogg’s jokes to be made.

    • shea mandalay says:

      The premise of the show is more of a fun-ride mismatched buddy cop movie (like say 48 hours or Lethal Weapon) than a procedural in a crime-ridden big city. Thank God it’s not another police drama set in New York City. And Thank God it’s not another CSI. I’m really glad Battle Creek sounds like something different.

  18. Broadwayfan says:

    No problem. I have no intention of watching CSI:Cyber. CSI:NY was 10 times better than the original CSI that’s still limping along. The day it ended was the day I ended any interest in, or viewing of, a CSI program. Starring Patricia Arquette only makes it easier to miss.

  19. shea mandalay says:

    Really looking forward to Battle Creek, hope Sunday at 10 doesn’t prove to be a tough spot for it. But it works out well for me, because no way I’m watching anything other than my beloved badass Chicago PD on Wednesdays at 10, and I have overdosed on all things CSI anyway. I’m just waiting for the original CSI to end–I’ve invested too many years to stop now–and then there’s no way I’m getting dragged into yet another one.

  20. Susan says:

    I love Stalker and am ticked off that they are bumping Stalker from the schedule until later in the season. That better not mean they are going to cancel the show as it is one of my favorite shows. I’m getting sick and tired of all the shows I watch being cancelled. Enough of this crap already!

  21. Tamara says:

    Stalker is a great show I hope the eye doesn’t close it

  22. Dorothy says:

    Battle Creek is a show which fills a void between a comedy and a drama. The comedies are all 30 minutes of one liners (2 broke girls, worse show on TV), Battle Creek started a little slow but now you have a story line, love interest, mystery behind FBI transplant, and other characters have emerged and changed. Shame on you CBS, you had a winner, and should have given it more effort instead of just letting it go. You have a show that is between a comedy and a full drama. Light enough to enjoy, but a storyline has just started to develop. BRING IT BACK FOR A SECOND CHANCE.