Castle Books Annie Wersching for a Season 7 Encore

Castle Annie Wersching 3XK Returns

The doctor is back in.

TVLine has learned exclusively that 24 alum Annie Wersching is set to reprise her Castle role, as ice queen Dr. Kelly Nieman, later this season.

“She will definitely be resurfacing,” showrunner David Amann teased as part of our Winter TV Preview Q&A.

Wersching first played the world-class plastic surgeon — who appears to have been a girlfriend and/or disciple of Castle adversary Jerry Tyson aka 3XK in the Season 6 episode “Disciple,” which featured cosmetically altered Esposito and Lanie “lookalikes.”

The ever-busy Wersching’s recent TV credits include the CBS summer drama Extant and the upcoming Amazon series Bosch, where she plays LAPD officer Julia Brasher to Titus Welliver’s titular police detective.

Castle‘s Christmas-themed winter finale, Episode 10, airs this Monday at 10/9c.

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  1. Kourt says:

    Whether or not they wrap up this story next year will be telling as to whether or not Castle will be back for an season 8. Fingers crossed that they don’t wrap this story up.

    • tam says:

      I think you might be right. I can’t imagine TPTB not having a plan set this late in the game. Hopefully we get a season 8 (with an official announcement if it’s the final season.)

    • DL says:

      I’d be surprised if it wasn’t renewed for at least one more season. I think the low was a 1.5 or 1.6 which is still pretty darn snazzy for the 10 PM hour, and had a high of 2.2, which is excellent.

      • M. says:

        As much as I wish for season 8 at this point it’s not about the ratings (which have been better), but about the willingness of the main-cast to sign for one (or even) more season(s).
        I just hope TPTB will know beforehand if this is going to be the last season, so they can make a proper ending.

        Regarding the return of Dr. Niemann: I’m really looking forward to this episode! Maybe they can make it a two-parter?!

        • S. says:

          I feel like if Nathan and Stana knew they weren’t coming back, they’d have said as much before the season started in part to have themselves available for other engagements that Castle would normally prevent but also just as a way to promote it as the final season. It wouldn’t be some secret they’d spring. Castle’s storyline isn’t just some out of nowhere thing for Nathan, I bet. He probably had some input on the further development in that this opportunity for a mythology for HIS character would give him some good work to do. It’d be appealing for him to continue and I find it hard to believe they’d start that only to find it wrapping up with maybe a handful of eps even addressing it much. The fact that there’s the occasional negotiation posturing move and talks of any kind means the actors are willing, it just requires figuring it out. It would only collapse at this point if they wanted more than ABC is willing to give and trust me everybody can do the math on how much the network is making compared to the actors who deserve fair compensation. I expect producer credits to get floated around, and that’s not a surprise, nor a problem that would end the show.

          • lkh says:

            Here’s my concern, that NF may have wanted to show this part of his acting ability ;[ as an agreement to stay with the show, ie the fun, silly, comedic side of things-maybe too much so btw. And allowing or agreeing to this desire/request might have been made contingent upon him staying. There is also some gossip about a series he’s working on called ConMan. Also, I heard SK say something like ‘there are other people who need to make their decisions before she has to make any.’ Seems to me like we’re moving quickly thru the episodes and we may not get the answers we’d like to have to an awful lot of questions that have been raised–especially if this is the last season. They will very quickly have to complete Castle’s story, and, if previously planned, Lanie and Espo’s, Ryan’s family kinda disappeared since the birth. Of course, what is still on all our minds is the 2 month unanswered disappearance of Castle and of course, the answer to why he is so interested in mysteries, especially murder mysteries. There are certainly many series that have just abruptly stopped. NF was involved with one, as we all painfully know, Firefly. One I liked, Veronica Mars. Guess this happens all the time–would be sad and unhappy if it occurred with this show.

      • Kelly says:

        I don’t think the ratings are going to be the reason we don’t get an 8th season. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic’s contracts are up for renewal this year. If anything, that will be the key factor. Fingers crossed they want to come back.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Don’t think wrapping up the 3XK arch this season means no Season 8. If you read between the lines in most of showrunner David Aman’s interviews, you get the idea that he already has plans for S8. So hopefully they wrap up the arch this season while it is still relevant instead of dragging it on until it gets stale.

  2. c-mo says:

    YAY!!! I’m really looking forward to the continuation of this storyline.

  3. tam says:

    SO deranged and creepy.

    I have a feeling she is gonna mess with Kate somehow and Castle is going to have to deal with 3xk who I hope does make an appearence this time!

    • alieh86 says:

      Yes… She said something to the affect of , ” you’re beautiful, but not perfect…” To Beckett when they were in the interrogation room. 3xk has targeted everyone at the precinct in some way so I think NIEMAN/3XK will do something to beckett.

      • tam says:

        And the focus on Beckett when the song played at the end as a warning (though I dnt believe the song meant sth special to her) that she is next and she is the only one left they havent directed targeted yet.

    • Roxie says:

      The actor who played 3XK is the lead in his own cable show “Sirens.” I would doubt very much if he will be available to resurrect his role as 3XK. Doctor/girlfriend will have to be their nemesis instead of him. I think she is better at being creepy than he was.

    • Just one thing says:

      I absolutely loved that arc last year. So damn good.
      It’s a shame that this show volleys storyline around like a pinball machine on crack. Waiting a year to revisit an arc that ended with such a chillingly well-received “we’ll meet again” is just too silly to be taken seriously.
      The huge lag completely diminished any momentum or suspense they built during that episode. They already said she wasn’t involved in Castle’s disappearance, so what would be the point in reintroducing that story while the New Castle Mythos hasn’t even been fully fleshed out?
      Honestly, the storytelling on this shown has become a joke that fills me with secondhand embarrassment.

  4. Brendan says:

    Yes, it’s so great that Annie’s going to be on Castle again.

  5. Matthew Weber says:

    Not sure I care about the 3XK storyline anymore. I liked it at first (up to season 5) but it feels a little stale now. Is he dead? Isn’t he? Time to wrap it up and come up with a new villain.

    • lkh says:

      Doesn’t matter about him–see’s mean as a snake!

    • Harvey says:

      Actually the difference in his storyline is the amazing thing. First it was Ryan’s gun he gave away, then setting up Castle, then people looking like Lanie and Espo, it wasn’t the same clues to finding him situations, or that he did the same thing always, and adding the doctor in it made it more interesting. Whether 3XK lived or died, again is not sure, as some would have been sure with S05 ending of 3XK ep that he isn’t dead, but now he might be. And the concept of 3XK and lady doctor, whose a black belt, vs Castle and Beckett, whose a detective makes it interesting even more.

  6. Tran says:

    I’m always a huge 24 fan and Annie Wersching will always be Renee Walker forever.

  7. Teri says:

    Dr. Nieman was so spooky and she is evil, along with Tyson. I love this storyline and want to see some very big drama come of it. I love the more serious episodes and the Castle two parters are always spectacular.

  8. lkh says:

    She was amazing–so cold, scary, calculating. Scarier than 3XK just because. Hope she doesn’t do any ‘unplanned’ surgery on folks. Maybe we’ll get back to what that song means…

  9. Sarah says:

    Oh, this is going to be EXCELLENT. So happy that we’re getting more of her and 3XK. I enjoy this game of cat and mouse as I did the Bracken storyline all the way through. We get touches of 3XK here and there, and it’s always lurking in the background like a nightmare… never too much or too little. I love it!

    • S. says:

      Yeah and I think David Amann was behind the writing of the 3XK eps like the original “3XK” and also “Disciple” where Annie Wersching first appeared. I’m sure it’ll be as good as those. Suuuuper creepy and awesome. This storyline is so well used. Not too much, and when we do get it, it’s impactful.

  10. Alana says:

    Kelly Nieman is a SUPER CREEPY character, and I cannot wait to learn how this story line plays out. I have my own theories, if you’re even remotely interested in fan fiction. It’s a whopper.

  11. cri33 says:

    Nuts..I thought the article was going to say she was preparing to reprise her role in a new 24.

  12. SarahB says:

    This is great news. I hope this means Stana is getting something to do this season.

  13. karrie_pgh says:

    Cool. And hopefully they will explain Kate’s reaction to that song… “We’ll meet again…”

  14. Rich Abey says:

    Phew..at last! We’ve all been waiting for some news on the final showdown between 3XK and the gang ever since than eerie “We”ll meet again” songy-message from the serial killer last season. Hopefully it will do justice to this arch which has given us some truly amazing episodes.

  15. Joe says:

    I read that Kana Static is not sure about coming back if there is a season 8.Thought Nathan Fillion was the one not returning..

  16. Kate says:

    I’m so glad to hear this! There is so much more to learn about this story, and I’m sure it will be a great episode!

  17. carbono says:

    I truly believe that this is the final season of Castle so I’d really love a two part episode to conclude the whole 3XK story line. Including a definite answer on whether or not Tyson is dead. However I think that they’ve already said that the Feb two-parter will be the wrap up to the Castle disappearance story line so I doubt we’ll get another 2 parter. But as for the completion of the 3XK/Dr Nieman story-line; I’m hoping that Beckett get’s kidnapped & this time a “Bad-ass Castle” goes rogue & kicks some butt to save his wife! NF is a great comedic actor but as Firefly, White Noise 2 (terrible movie but he was good) & a handful of Castle ep’s have shown, he is also great at the dramatic as well. It would be cool to see him do some drama this season.

  18. Harvey says:

    Probably gonna see a Beckett vs this black belt match.

  19. yo mama says:

    Her character is deliciously evil. Looking forward to the Beckett and Doctor Nieman throw down.

  20. Beckstle says:

    The 3XK story now being continued with Dr. Nieman is been a great mythology that’s been running since season 3, and has all the hallmarks of a real thriller. It’s scary, creepy and has a way of giving viewers insight into Castle and Beckett in a serious way. It’s great because it effects them both individually and as a couple. I’m so glad to hear they are going to continue it! 3XK isn’t out of nowhere and I’m far more interested in this mythology than whatever they’ve made up about Castle missing. If they’re going to wrap up a mythology soon, I hope it’s the Castle amnesia thing.

  21. CarlaUK says:

    Really looking forward to seeing Annie Wersching again as seriously creepy Kelly Nieman. She was excellent.

  22. LD says:

    Is there a possibility that the tall, deep voiced Dr. Neiman is 3XK?

  23. Peggy Lewis says:

    I love Castle and I’ll watch anything Annie is ever in, so it’s a win-win for me!!!

  24. Luis says:

    And my duplicate Castle paranoia gets another shot in the tuchus!!!!

  25. Elaine Monn says:

    I would like to see more of the supporting cast – particularly Alexis and Martha. I think all of he supporting cast make this an ensemble production. It would not be the same without any of them!

  26. lame says:

    How peculiar, that most the fans here are hoping for a decent completion to this series. On NCIS in their 12th season, there’s great excitement about Jeri Ryan coming on board in a possible recurring role as Gibbs never before seen second wife, with plans for next season. Makes me wonder what went so terribly wrong with writers that the fans expect the series to end soon.

  27. lame says:

    There’s a conspiracy theory going around that Castle found floating in the ocean is a doppleganger. The biggest problem with that theory is that Beckett has had intimate relations with Castle before and Castle after and if she can;t distinguish between them, that would make her the most clueless woman on television. Don’t think Marlowe would want that for his leading lady.