Vampire Diaries Recap: Present Danger

Vampire Diaries Elena

Damon had two clear objectives on Thursday’s Vampire Diaries: (1) Bring Bonnie back from 1994 and (2) convince Elena to love him again.

Sadly, he failed to accomplish either.

Here’s what went down: With a little magical assistance from Liv and a stolen Ascendant from Alaric (more on that later), Damon and Elena returned to Kai’s ’90s hell prison and set up a rendezvous with Bonnie, who was only a 6-1/2 hour drive away from freedom.

With nothing but time to kill until Bonnie arrived, Damon and Elena did what any pair of undead exes would do: They got drunk! For a hot minute, everything was mimosas and vampire pancakes and happiness — until Damon’s little revelation about compelling Alaric to steal the Ascension from Jo. Not only was Elena furious that Damon put Jo’s life in danger, but she also accused him of using Bonnie’s rescue as a way to win her back. (For the record: Elena was wrong. Well, mostly wrong.)

Vampire Diaries Damon ElenaAnd just when things were starting to look up for the couple — don’t lie, Elena was thrilled that he fixed her porch swing — the duo was zapped back to the present, where an angry (for a change) Kai attacked them, burned the Ascendent and made his way into Mystic Falls. You remember Mystic Falls, right? That places vampires aren’t able to enter? This could be a problem.

Meanwhile, in present-day non-Mystic Falls…

LET’S MAKE A DEAL | In addition to discovering some of the finest achievements our modern world has to offer (cell phones = good, skinny jeans = bad), Kai also arranged for a reunion with his long-lost sister Liv, and it did not go well. Lots of door-slamming and magic-choking, mostly. Thankfully, Tyler showed up in time to save her, though introducing himself to Liv’s psycho brother may not have been the wisest move, as Kai was waiting for Tyler upon his return home. (For the record, no good conversation ever begins with “Feel like making a deal with the devil?”)

vampire-diaries-stefanMONIQUE, MO PROBLEMS | After weeks of wondering when this show was going to address the Salvatore brothers’ estranged relative, Thursday’s episode finally set up a face-to-face meeting between Stefan and Sarah… who turned out not to be Sarah at all. She’s actually Monique, a friend of Sarah’s from “sleep-away camp” who decided to hijack her life, though that plan failed twice over when Stefan compelled her to forget Sarah and Enzo snapped her neck. (Side note: Enzo, this is why we can’t have nice things!)

vampire-diaries-mattMATTY [DARK] BLUE? | Guys, can we talk about Matt for a second? His little speech to Stefan at the end of the episode — “when push comes to shove, we’ll be on opposite sides” — has me worried, not that I’m not always worried about Matt on some level. At least he’s choosing to target Enzo, with Jeremy in tow, instead of Stefan… for now.

OH, JEREMY | And then there’s Jeremy, who reluctantly got his hopes up about Bonnie, only to have them crushed when Elena reported the bad news. At least this episode had one happy Jeremy scene, a sleeveless jog through the park with Elena. … OK, fine, maybe that was more about making the audience happy than Jeremy. Either way, angst looks damn good on him.

All right, TVD-ers, let’s get your thoughts on this week’s episode: Were you hoping for more Delena action? Were you crushed by that Bonnie-crying-on-the-porch scene? And hasn’t it been way too long since someone’s been killed off? Drop a comment with your next-victim guess below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Christine says:

    Damon and Elena….

    • karen says:

      Yuck. So over these two. No chemistry since they broke up in real life. Damon and Bonnie.

      • Guest says:

        They are not helping Damon and Bonnie any by stealing their pancakes and ruin their porch. Damon and Elena have already lost momentum, don’t ruin Damon and Bonnie’s momentum too.

    • Dynan says:

      Pls bring Bonnie home and kill enzo jermey is sad missing Bonnie Damon should have not did that to his befriend but I understand he wanted Bonnie back he should have did it different

    • Fx says:

      By now, I hate Enzo more than those two. Wow, I used to love this show, now it sucks worse than Beauty and the Beast!

    • Jessica says:

      Damon and Elena have ZERO chemistry.

  2. soooo draggginngggg this storyline….I miss the originals on the show.

  3. Katerina says:

    Had such high hopes for Enzo. But he really needs to get a life.
    There’s got to be more to the Sarah Salvatore story.
    Why didn’t Damon leave the blood with his note and tell Bonnie to drink it? I was thinking that was gonna be the catch. I was excited when Damon started to say he left a note. Waaaaaa!
    Kai is def a good villain. Not since Klaus have I hated a villain (I love Klaus now of course).
    Glad Damon told Elena he’s getting Bonnie back for Bonnie and not her.
    Why is no one realizing there’s an ascendant that Kai already had that was used to bring Damon back so the one Jo had wasn’t the only way out. The “rules” are getting a little murky here. I hope the writing doesn’t start getting sloppy cuz this has been a great season so far.
    Fingers crossed for next week.

    • Alice says:

      Yeah, when they realized a Bennet witch was IN the prison with Kai- shouldn’t the whole coven have been like “Holy crap! He’s definitely gonna use her blood and magic to get out!”
      Which really makes me wonder what the details of Grams’s plan were. Seems like this would not have been something the creator of the prison would not have thought of when she decided to send her granddaughter there.

      • Katerina says:

        I know right!? And why is the key to every damn thing a Bennett witch or Doppelgänger blood regardless of where we are in the world? These bitches sure do get around! Lol

        • Chris says:

          But WHERE is the 1994 version of the decendant? Surely when Kai used it, it would have fell to the ground like it did before?

      • Guest says:

        It’s the kind of things that ruins The Vampire Diaries: Why send the very witch that could get Kai out with him? Why to free Damon when it would only ensure Kai would get the very witch that would send him free? Why do back knowing Kai could only use that chance to get out? If they would bother to protect the rest of the world as much as they bother to keep Elena’s love life then maybe this show could be interesting.

      • Gilby21 says:

        Am I the only one who thought it was obvious that Grams sent Bonnie there because she knew that was the only way Bonnie could survive and get back into the real world?

    • Curly Girly says:

      Damon didn’t leave the blood or a note because he and Elena were expecting to be there for another hour, they weren’t expecting to be ripped away so quickly back to the present. But I do have ANOTHER question: If Damon and Elena were in such a hurry to find Bonnie, why didn’t they get in a car and meet her halfway?? That would have cut the time in half. DUH.

  4. Alice says:

    Could we not have had at least one shot of Bonnie hot wiring a car? I need more Bonnie being bad ass.
    That scene on the porch with Kat was heartbreaking. I did appreciate that Damon’s little speach kind of summed up Bonnie’s role in the past 6 seasons and points out that while they take her for granted, how much it sucks for her, and now she’s once again all on her own. That’s behavior you would expect from a friend. Which is why I was very unimpressed with Jeremy, once again whining about how much Bonnie’s predicament sucks for HIM. (You do realize she’s dead because of YOU right?) Way to make it all about you Gilbert.
    So now I’m all for what Plec said about Bonnie being a little more selfish when she gets back, and I hope her NOT getting back together with Jeremy “it’s all about me” Gilbert, is top of the list of life improvements.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol yaaa…cause nothing says badass like a person awkwardly half inside and half outside of a car, head under the front dash, trying to find the right colored wires, stripping them, and touching them to start a car…..BADASS!!! I can hear the heart pounding soundtrack to that scene now…god it will inspire us ass to be badasses like her! lmao

      You realize Bonne is a adult and has constantly made decisions FOR Jeremy without his permission or opinion right? She basically commits suicide so he can live without telling or asking him….uhhhh that is not HIS fault.

      • Tammy4423 says:

        You do realize he’s everyone but the neighborhood squirrel ahead of her right. So, because she’s so sacrificing and they continue to benefit from it over and over again, she’s the bad guy in that relationship. What did he do when he lost her, started banging other girls. The one thing I hope ends is that relationship when she gets back.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I never said he was a good guy, i never said he isnt responsible for his actions, or that she should want him back after finding out what he did when she left….BUT she didnt just leave…shes dead, and disappeared…for all intents and purposes she is dead to him, he is grieving…sometimes people grieve that way, its not common people come back from the dead how she is going to. TBH whether he banged 100 chicks or he met someone new and moved on and so its just one, fans would be upset he moved on and cause they had the knowledge that shes still alive, felt he should have been faithful…to a dead ghost that is gone…lol.

          My point was shes an adult making her own decisions, a lot of people on here talking about how Jeremy is the bad guy cause he doesnt care about her at all, and this and that…but Bonnie hasnt mentioned Jeremy at all this season too, and she never consulted him before she started sacrificing herself over and over for people…so he doesnt HAVE TO do anything or be any way because she sacrificed herself…they arent husband and wife. Shes a 22 year old who has been in a state of death off and on for like a year or 2.

          • Tammy4423 says:

            If it was not Jeremy and he did not have the past he has with her, I might agree. However, he cheated on her with a ghost and broke her heart. Not only that, he has done things too without consulting Bonnie.

            Bonnie has not mentioned Jeremy because as always she is putting other people and their needs first. She was too busy trying to get back home, keep Damon’s hope alive, and running from a crazy psycho that stabbed her.

            Yes, people mourn differently. Like I said, if Jeremy didn’t have the history he has with her, I might have understood. He handles everything with sleeping around, drugs, or drinking. No one in that town ever cares about what’s going on with Bonnie, outside of how it affects them. Jeremy’s pain. Elena needs Bonnie here for Damon advice, etc. etc. How about get Bonnie back here, so she can finally have a second of happiness like everyone else on the show.

  5. Anna says:

    I’ve never thought, I’ll be writing this about him but when is Enzo dying? His irrelevance to the show struck me today. A truth seeker? Please, he’s some just nasty piece of eye candy.

  6. Susan says:

    Why didn’t Damon and Elena just hot wire a car themselves and meet Bonnie halfway?? Oh right, that would’ve been too easy and Bonnie would have actually been saved. Ok.

    • Katerina says:

      I thought this too!! Or run at full vamp speed? The only thing I could think of was that while in 1994 they needed to stay in or very near to where Liv was in the present. If this is the case it should have been mentioned. It would have taken 5 sec of script time that they could have spared from Enzo or the Sarah impersonator.

      • wendie says:

        I know, stupid right? Liv said if they drank the blood she’d have a connection to them and could find them so don’t think that was it. Just stupidity on writer’s part

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol yup, you forgot…the writers dont use logic or common sense when writing, they have point A and point B, and they try to cram as much drama and scandal and betrayal and romance inbetween those two points, making it as convoluted and melodramatic as possible, and in turn making the journey from point A to point B moronic and non-nonsensical.

  7. C.F. says:

    Why do they keep doing Bonnie like this? If she ends up stuck there I very well may stop watching. Sick of the nonesense.

  8. Kevin says:

    Who else thinks Matt will become the villain in the future?

  9. Leah says:

    Enzo is so pointless. In all his scenes all I could think about was Regina George saying “Omg why are you so obsessed with me?!”

  10. Ian says:

    Im just speechless after Kat’s performance in that porch scene. What an incredible actress.
    Makes me NEED for her and Ian to be scene partners all the time now. They’re a powerhouse act. The juxtaposition of Damon’s speech about how Bonnie’s such a goddess the way she cares about her friends and now how when it comes time to give back to her they fail, with Bonnie’s breakdown on that porch, the whole thing just left me in chills.

    • Tammy4423 says:

      When you see that, it makes you realize how limited ND is. When she was going on and on about needing to go back to get Bonnie, it was so lackluster. It makes me wonder if she’s not into the show this season.

  11. M3rc Nate says:

    This season has really been garbage in just about every way except Stefan. Probably because in writing him as “moving on” he is the most realistic character so far given everything thats happened. I mean just bailing and starting a new life and being super realistic about the situations he comes into (like with the not really his relative girl)…hes the most level headed and normal and reacting the most sanely.

    Besides that…DUMPSTER FIRE. Elena and Daemon…i mean are we surprised? More drama, more “OMG I CANT BELIEVE YOU” then he explains it all and then they are puppy eyes and kissing. The “villain” kid is really really annoying and not scary at all…i mean this show has had the most powerful beings in the world on it as villains…Klaus…Silas…etc. And now we got some annoying boy-faced twinky boy who can absorb magic and do regular magical things? Lol wow reeaaaaaaaal scary guys…please, if he wasn’t protected by “plot armor” (aka the writers keep him alive cause they need him alive, situations cant be realistic or else he’d be dead in a flash) he’d be dead so fast…i mean 200 year old people cant think of ways to kill him even with his magic? Daemon can go get a gun from a store, go at him, get the “frying your brain” magic done to him and as the guy is walking around gloating he draws the gun, aims, and blam…bullet into his brain, kid is dead. Hell he could buy a rifle and shoot him from 100 yards away … hes magical he doesnt have a spidey sense.

    Same thing applies to Enzo. He is…the….WORST lol…i mean is he gay? Is he secretly in love with Daemon? Secretly in love with Stefan? I dont get his motivation for wanting to ruin Stefan’s life. We have seen multiple times when the writers want a powerful character to get beaten by weaker characters, they write a way for it to happen…but now (because they dont) all of a sudden no one can kill Enzo cause hes…100 years older than Stefan? Lol they have taken down Silas, the Mikaelson’s and more…yet this one regular vampire whos a bit older they do nothing to? PLEASE. If he didnt have “plot armor” and they were writing realistically he would have been dead back when Stefan wanted to kill him for killing his asian girlfriend.

    I liked Jeremy this episode, i felt like he was talking for us (the viewers)…its a joke to think anything is gonna go right, and he should know by now given how many times stuff has gone horribly wrong in his life and how his GF kept killing herself “for him” without asking him what he thought about that. That last phone call conversation felt like exactly what i would say to her lol… “oh it didnt work out? SHOCKER! ITS LIKE WE ARE ON A TV SHOW ON THE CW!” *hangup* lol.

    • Leo says:

      Bonnie has never killed herself FOR Jeremy. She died in the process of dropping the veil and then she took to the opportunity to bring him back. She didn’t set out die, it just happened.The reason I’m over Jeremy is because when he found out there was a chance to save Bonnie, he walked off and made it all about himself. Bonnie would have got off her ass and actually tried to help. The fact that he didn’t even try to help is pathetic.

      • Tammy4423 says:

        Because that whole town besides Stefan and finally Damon, is all about how things effect them or the ones they are currently interested in. I don’t think I have ever been as angry with VD as I was last night. Even Alaric is putting a witch he just met over Bonnie. Yeah, you liked her but remember every day you waste trying to find another solution out this mess, when one is staring you dead in the face, was a day Bonnie suffered with a brother she knew was bat s’ crazy. If it was Bonnie, she would not have found another way. She would have gone the best way possible, if it meant saving their butts over her own. That’s what angered me yesterday. When it’s them, it’s any means necessary. When it’s her, there has to be another way. Shaking my head.

  12. Shaun says:

    Where was Caroline?lol

  13. Krista says:

    Does anyone know why or how there are 2 ascendents?

    • Jammy says:

      Jo was having the present time ascendant which Damon got Alaric to steal & later got destroyed by Kai. But Kai had to use 1994 world ascendant to get out of that world. So the 1994 world ascendant should still exist! And when Damon left the 1994 world the ascendant didnt follow, it got left behind, so Im guessing(hoping) it is at the spot where the eclipse shines! And Bonnie could still find a way out!!

  14. Jammy says:

    Kat Graham did a wonderful job! Her acting was just A* class!
    It was such an heart wrenching scene watching Bonnie break down & realising that she (might) never return! Time after time she has put her life on the line to save her friends who are family to her bit when her trun to be saved!
    I get that Liv was in danger but cldnt Tyler try to prolong her from being found from Kai a little longer!
    Kai is on borrowed magic which doesnt last long, Tyler cld have just led him to mystic falls to get rid of his power at the border and let Delena continue to get Bonnie back! He chose to protect Liv who he just recently got to know compared to Bonnie who helped him be even alive!
    Disappointed & heart broken that Bonnie is still stuck at 1994 world but still having faith! Kai destroyed the ascendant tha Jo was in charge of but the ascendant that Kai had to use to get out is I believe still in play! Fingers crossed!

  15. hello says:

    I hate this show, i really hate it

  16. Fangirl1312 says:

    Damon and Elena could have taken Bonnie’s Bear of Magic along with them! Hidden it in a bag or something (to hide it from Kai, incase he was there in the prison, which he wasn’t!) Upon realizing that Kai had gotten out, they could’ve left the bear on the front porch! That way, atleast Bonnie would have her magic back, then she could’ve somehow been able to break out of the prison!

    Now, Bonnie has no magic, no kai, no ascendant! Fabulous performance by Kat Graham! Even the way she smiled at the end of the scene inspite of the sense of hopelessness of the situation!

    • Katerina says:

      OMG the bear with magic! You’re right! That would have been yet another smart thing to do along with leaving the blood with a note!

  17. onelastemperor says:

    so Matt is gonna kill Enzo, for killing some random chick, and not Stefan for killing his sister…….that make sense, usual TVD……..and well lots of plot holes as always)

    • sunce says:

      Damon killed her. He took away her human life out of pure boredom. I remember the scene. They danced, she was crying, thinking he’ll comfort her, he raised her head and broke her neck. Her body fell to the ground and he skipped it like it was a dirty rug. Stefan even tried to help her until she got all crazy biting Elena. But DAMON KILLED MATT’S SISTER.

  18. I mean what the actual f8k with this episode. I hated it. It showed us what a big dick Damon really is, but he made up for it when he told Elena he was doing it for Bonnie and not her. But dammit you asshole, that was your BEST FRIEND. The only man on this show that has had your back from the BEGINNING!!! And Bonnie….BONNIE! Stop screwing her over every season,. This girl sacrifices EVERYTHING for these assholes, but the writers always seems to screw her over. Jeremy was spot on when he was talking to Elena when he told her off. I really want Kai to just kill them to hell off and put me out of my misery with this show. Enzo…grrr Enzo….Jeremy, STAKE HIS ANNOYING SEXY ACCENT ASS.

  19. Sara says:

    I’m trying to understand why Liv ended the ‘spell’ early? I guess I changed the channel. So she was unwilling to give up her magic to save Bonnie’s life? Is that correct? Why does Bonnie always get the short end of the stick on this show? She gets sacrificed for everyone else on this show. Tyler just put some girl he just met over his long time friend Bonnie. Sad.

    • RicFule says:

      What I want to know is why Liz was even ABLE to send Damon and Elena into the “prison.” It took a whole coven WITH an eclipse to strengthen the spell to send Kai in in the first place. Unless they needed to actually build it and that’s where all the power went. Liz had no eclipse and was working alone.
      And why does everyone assume that Kai will be the “stronger twin”? What rules govern that aspect of the coven? Is it because he’s male? It can’t be control of magic, since he has none of his own. And it doesn’t seem like it’s what actions they take. Otherwise, all his killing of family members seems like it would knock him out of contention. Idaknow.
      And as has been mentioned elsewhere, why stick around waiting for Bonnie to show up? Get in your car and drive to meet her. {Damon’s car IS still in Mystic Falls ’94, yes?} Or even use vamp-speed. What is maximum vamp-speed anyway? Is it faster than a car? Slower?

  20. Tammy4423 says:

    Can Bonnie get a break please?

    I am so tired of her getting the short end of the stick. I understand Alaric not wanting to endanger his girlfriend. Just remember Bonnie, is the reason that most of them are walking around that town now. She has sacrificed herself over and over again. The only one who seems to get it is Damon and Elena. While the rest of them are running around worried about these new witches and their family, they need to remember that Bonnie always put herself last. No matter what pain it brought her. Alaric’s gf is worried about her psycho brother but Bonnie was stuck getting stabbed by him over and over again in 1994. So, who’s the selfish one? I just can’t with Tyler. Sorry Bonnie’s over there but Liz’s problems are more important. Are you serious?

  21. Remy says:

    Are Enzo & Damon ever going to hang out again? We haven’t seen them together since Damon got back. This is super weird since Enzo was the only one trying really hard to bring Damon back.

    • Fran says:

      I can’t really figure out what Enzo’s point is anymore. He said he wanted to bring Damon back but he didn’t actually do anything to help him… And now he’s got some weird obsession with Stefan. Its just bizarre to me.

    • Heather says:

      Right! I’m bummed about that too. I wanted to see how Alaric was going to handle being around Enzo. They are pretty much opposites but they are both friends with Damon.

  22. jae says:

    Damon and elena is just so boring now .. and i really hope stefan and caroline jus reamain really good friends, seem like damon is really forcing him to have feelings for her.

  23. Liza says:

    So, Kai and Jo are 40 years old? The current time on the show is supposed to be 2012, right? And his ID said he was born in 1972. He is obviously the same age as he was in 1994, but Jo is 40? That was a surprise to me! I loved long haired Enzo when we first me him and was glad when he became a series regular, but they are doing nothing with his character. And if Sarah Salvatore was adopted, I am sure her name is not Salvatore and there has to be more to that story.

  24. sunce says:

    I am tired of shipping, but ever since Damon and Elena got together, everything went downhil for this show. Seems like every storyline is just a set up for Delena which is bad. Those two are boring, actors lost the chemistry and dragging their story is ruining the show. The way they got together was disrespectfull and plain cruel, their relationship was portrayed as very superficial and toxic, than writers had to rewrite the show to make them look better and now… this… pointless. They even use Bonnie storyline to create some more Delena angst. I am very disapointed in this show.

  25. GGK says:

    What I don’t understand is why the hell Elena and Damon didn’t meet Bonnie halfway? Could have saved up 3 hours and she would be home.

    Or leave the potion with a note for Bonnie, just in case something would get wrong.

    Poor writing, on that matter.

    They’re finally building a storyline for Matt. Albeit he’ll be anti-vampire, but okay.

    And why no Caroline? She is one of the few excellent things left on Vampire Diaries since the Originals left.

    Oh well. Still liked the episode and was crushed with Bonnie’s scene at the end. Never liked her dull character but she’s starting to grow on me (6 seasons in..)

    And please give Jeremy something to do already? He’s been a mopy, bigmouthed and stuck up teen for 4 out of 6 seasons now, so damn annoying.

    • wendie says:

      oops didn’t see this. I posted the same thing. Maybe they are all terminally stupid, you’d think Elena would be so excited to see Bonnie she’d say let’s go get her, esp as time was of the essence

      And yes, kick Jeremy up the backside!

  26. Dynan says:

    I’m mad because Bonnie is alone. Will she come home and Jeremy so sad I hope that they kill enzo.

  27. wendie says:

    ok are these peeps so stupid? Rather than hang around and wait for Bonnie to drive all that way, why didn’t they get off their butts and get a car themselves and meet her halfway! half the journey, meet in half the time= outta there!

  28. Heather says:

    What the HELL Tyler?! Bonnie is one of the strongest people they know and her magic could help them fight Kai. He couldn’t just wait an hour for her to come back? Liv isn’t that important when it’s a lifelong friend you’re trying to rescue. Stupid.
    I’m a lot disappointed in where they are taking Enzo. I wanted more bromance with Damon and Enzo since Enzo was all about getting his BF back but they hardly have any scenes together. Lame.

  29. victory friday says:

    nice movie

  30. Hank says:

    This episode made me mad with Bonnie getting the wrong end of the stick once again! How come she always saves them on time, but they can’t do the same. The writers are annoying me now…I hope Liv, Luke, and Jo don’t end up dying because they’re my new favorites. I barely noticed Caroline wasn’t in it.

  31. kunal kohli says:

    want stefen and elena together…..

  32. Jessica says:

    Bamon have five thousand times the chemistry that Delena has.

  33. sen says:

    its been a long time since stefan had a love life wauw