The 100 EP Previews Finn's 'Quest,' Jaha vs. Kane, Linctavia Drama & More

The 100 emerges from its tryptophan-induced hiatus Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c) with what executive producer Jason Rothenberg calls three “ridiculously tense” new episodes. You know, for a change.

Below, TVLine squeezes tons of year-ending scoop from Rothenberg about Jaha and Kane’s confrontation (“Two men enter, one man leaves”); Finn’s dark shift (“It definitely wasn’t a momentary thing”); Lincoln’s dilemma (“He’s being turned into a Reaper”); and more developments in The 100‘s rapidly expanding universe.

TVLINE | This season is so much more complicated than the first. Is it ever difficult juggling so many storylines now?
It’s fun, as a storyteller, to be able to play in this huge sandbox. I feel like people are getting it that we’re doing something a little different. We’re trying to tell an epic story, which Game of Thrones does brilliantly, where you’re cutting between multiple stories all the time. We also have shorter run, which we know going in, so we can construct the story without needing to fill the season with wasted episodes just to tread water. We get to tell stories really fast, and that’s how I like to do it.

Season 2, Episode 6

TVLINE | I’m still on a high from Jaha and Kane reuniting in that cell. What comes next?
It’s a subway station that’s been converted into a prison by … oh man, I don’t even want to give it away. [Jaha and Kane] have an incredible story in Episode 6, where we get to meet a very important player going forward. There’s a little battle of wits; it becomes a ‘two men enter, one man leaves’ kind of story.

TVLINE | I know this show is always about survival, but now that Clarke and Finn have reunited, what kind of romantic drama can we expect? Any tension with Bellamy?

You’re right that this is more of a survival-focused story, but she genuinely loves Finn. That, to me, was her story with him, and it still is. I get that people have responded to [Bellamy and Clarke] and a lot of people are pulling for them to be together … but I think that anytime you have characters who are antagonistic towards each other, which those two were, people respond to it for some reason. I don’t really look at their situation as a love triangle. There was genuine relief and joy when Bellamy and Clarke came together in Episode 5, but it was the same thing she felt for Octavia and Raven. Going forward, Clarke’s going to have deal with the boy she loves having just done this horrible thing right in front of her — and for her, essentially. It really throws a huge monkey wrench in her plan to unite the Grounders with the Sky People.

Season 2, Episode 6

TVLINE | So Finn’s actions will damage his relationship with Clarke?
Well, the massacre is yet another thing to worry about and to blame Finn for. Can she get over that? We’ll see. I think she can, and that she’ll be able to put it in its proper place, which is that he thought he was saving her. There’s a version of Finn’s story that ends with him being the hero, if he was right and she was really there. In the moment, he thought he was dealing with the people who murdered his friends and the girl he loves. That contributed to him snapping in that moment.

TVLINE | Is this the beginning of a dark path for Finn?
It’s probably the darkest he’ll get. It definitely wasn’t a momentary thing, though. He’s been on this singular quest all season; he killed the Grounder in the bunker in Episode 3 in cold blood, he didn’t want to rescue the girl on the cliff in Episode 4 — he’s been driven towards this moment all season long, really. Everything he’s done so far has been in the name of saving his friends and Clarke, and now he has to realize, “What have I done? These people had nothing to do with this, and I killed them.” He’s not going to go more ballistic because he’s not stupid, though he might try to rationalize it.

Season 2, Episode 3

TVLINE | I’m also pretty worried about Lincoln. Is that stuff they’re pumping into him reversible?
I won’t say whether it’s reversible, but I will say he’s being turned into a Reaper. The Reapers are the guardians created by Mount Weather to protect them and to reap Grounders for their blood transfusion room called the Harvest Chamber, which keeps them alive. So that’s where Lincoln’s going to find himself now, which is pretty crazy.

TVLINE | According to The CW, Octavia is about to encounter “her worst nightmare.” Might that have something to do with Lincoln?
I think the trailer gave that moment away, personally, when she sees him and screams, but what happens over the next two or three episodes with the Lincoln/Octavia storyline is pretty cool. Episode 7, in particular, is just ridiculously intense.

So, 100 fans, what do you hope to see in the final three episode of 2014? Which “survivor” will be killed off next? And how do you feel about the possibly nonexistent Clarke-Finn-Bellamy triangle? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Aly says:

    I’m not a shipper of any pairing, but I kinda wish they’d kill Finn off. The love triangle was the worst bit about s1, and Finn is just so booooring. I don’t get why he’d have two awesome girls after him. Him killing all those people was horrible but also pretty much the most interesting thing the character has done. They should either make him really dark or just kill him.

    Really looking forward to the return of this show. Always fun to watch.

    • ? says:

      I’m glad they’re trying to do something with Finn other than make him a vacuum that sucks all the energy out of the show when he’s on screen, but I still don’t think it’s working either. The best thing they could do is kill him off for both the immediate drama and the long term health of the storytelling.

      • mic says:

        I couldn’t put my finger on it until I read your comment…Finn’s character does suck all the energy out of the show when he’s on screen. He’s been bothering me since season 1…a lot of strong characters on the show but Finn just fizzles out every time he’s in a scene.

        For me personally the “going dark” wasn’t believable. I just couldn’t buy that he was so mad over hills in love with Clarke and desperate to find his friends that he just lost it but then again I never bought the romance in the first place.

        Don’t really ship anyone on the show but if you are going to have one, the two actors involved either have to have great on-screen chemistry or be able to act so well that they can fake it. I just don’t think the on screen chemistry is there and although there has been some good acting it hasn’t been in this particular romance.

        • Don’t agree at all with you. What they did to make us hate Finn and give some fans like you what they wanted, just ruined the show. Many of us appreciated this peacemaker and the values he promoted in the show, until they made him go crazy in a really out of character violent scene. Nothing is plausible since then.

  2. Katherine215 says:

    I really love this show, and I hope Rothenberg sticks to his word and doesn’t develop a triangle. I am a little disappointed that they’ve gone this direction with Finn. I liked that he was this pacifist, easy going guy in the middle of a very violent and turbulent world. He was a cheerful/bright spot for me in such a dark show (which I like). I’m not sure how they can bring him back to anything remotely resembling that character though, so that concerns me. I am LOVING the world-building they’re doing and how quickly the story is moving. I hope they continue to focus on that.

    • Aleisia says:

      I definitely agree. I liked Finn a lot. I always noticed how Clarke and Bellamy seemed cute and connected, but Finn and Clarke really loved each other and he even chose her over his practical soul mate, Raven. I certainly hope there isn’t tension between the three for this reason, though. I feel like it would take away from all the seriously crazy stuff going on right now in Season 2.

  3. kate'shomesick says:

    Yeah…I don’t know who you’re trying to kid with the “Clarke likes Bellamy only as much as Raven and Octavia”…it is clear from a story-telling point of view that Clarke and Bellamy are the only logical couple…(and maybe Octavia and the nerdy dude that’s currently hooking up with the mountain-men-chick). Finn just seemed so self-righteous and bland all the time. He really never was the kind of guy everyone thought he would be (he cheated and lied ….basically starting with not telling Clarke about his relationship fully…and so on)… Bellamy is just the much stronger character…I hope they find a way to develope that relationship naturally and not draw it out too long…

    • Christine says:

      This! Thanks you! Bellamy and Clarke make the most sense and it’s not because they were “antagonistic at first” but because there is genuine respect and equality between them plus an insane amount of chemistry!

      If Clarke forgives Finn for this and he’s not like on his deathbed or something then I don’t know how I’m going to continue watching this show… There are some things that are just unforgivable.

      • Valerie says:

        Completely agree with you!

      • Lena says:

        They dont have intense chemistry and the two leaders getting together is cliche, predictable, and boring. He has a much more interesting push/pull dynamic with Raven

        • Abby says:

          And a far more compelling triangle would be Clarke-Bellamy-Raven, as opposed to Finn-Clarke-Bellamy, anyway.

        • Marissa says:

          I agree with you, I think the relationship between Clarke and Bellamy isn’t romantic and I don’t think it should become that way. I see it more like they have a strong mutual respect for each other, and they’ve bonded over the difficulties of leadership. I think Bellamy and Raven have a more interesting relationship with better chemistry.

        • Aleisia says:

          I can definitely agree that Bellamy and Raven always seemed to have some hidden connection. I thought that was going to be the purpose of Finn picking Clarke. Raven would look to the next strongest person in the group-Bellamy. They are both very strong and talented parts of the group aside from Clarke. However, I did also think her and the mechanic seemed to hit it off pretty well in an earlier episode.

      • kate'shomesick says:

        hm…don’t agree about the forgiving part. I think Clarke should absolutely forgive him for what he’s done…anything else wouldn’t do any good for anyone. We still have to keep in mind that those are traumatized kids…that were hunted and slaughtered by the grounders…that starved…and so on. I do not condone any of his behaviour but it’s psychologically pretty simple to explain and I think really none of us know how those things develop and feel – thankfully-…but there are soldiers (esp. kid-soldiers) that do and will have to keep on living (or not) with what they have done. I think they over-did it a little bit with the mass-shooting…it would have been more realistic for Finn to kill one or two people and be really, really traumatized and conflicted about it (the pacifist he once was)…now the next logical step would be to make his psychological struggles horrible and maybe end it with a suicide(attempt)- cause that would be the realistic thing to do (doubt that’s gonna happen). Maybe not the smartest decision on the writer’s part. It’s true though…he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for a very, very long time (unless he’s a psycho…THAT would be a plot twist ;-))

        • Aleisia says:

          I agree with most of that! I did think it made sense. It got quite out of hand, but I think it all made sense because he did it all for Clarke. Every hint that led to them having his friends agged him on. That is just how strong his love was. He spent so much of the show trying to make peace, trying to keep everyone from killing each other. Every time he tried, someone said he was wrong or his attempt at peace backfired. This eventually leads to him doing what everyone tried to get him to do in the first place. He just takes it too far. He knows he has done too much though and i am sure the writers won’t turn him into a killer now so Clarke should definitely forgive him.

      • Daisy says:

        Yes Yes Clarke and Bellamy are made for each other!!
        you can see it on the screen. If they don’t develop Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship there kidding themselves! the show will be a flop without the on going interest of Clarke and Bellamy tension.

    • Jen says:

      COMPLETELY AGREE. I mean, honestly. Who did she run to tackle hug? Which reunion was shot in excruciating detail with swelling music?

      Aaaand then who stared at whom tenderly in the firelight? I love The 100 dearly, and I love this show, buuuuut there’s no way they’re doing those things unknowingly… right? I don’t see how you can watch the show and not see something beyond mere friendship in the Bellamy/Clarke dynamic.

    • Tara says:

      If they didn’t want us to see that hug as any different from how she hugged Octvia, and Raven..then they should have filmed and edited that differently, lol. They even gave their reunion a swelling music score. She jumped on him and then hugged him a lot longer than the other two. Plus when Abby told her 6 were alive, she only asked about Finn and Bellamy, indicated that out of all her friends, she feels closest to those two.

    • Abby says:

      Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only fan who’s straight up had it with Finn!

    • Raina Ahmed says:

      Complete agreement! Couldn’t have said it better. Clark and Bellamy are so much more compatible than Clark and Finn, who did cheat on Raven with her and committed horrible massacre.

  4. hope says:

    Oh man please tell me she doesn’t forgive Finn… That would be so monstrously out of character for Clarke, who let’s not forget holds grudges, just for the sake of some forced romance that no one is buying anyway…. Honestly.

    • Dominique says:

      clarke forgave bellamy for killing 300 of their people by not letting the ark know they survived. she forgave bellamy for trying to kill jaha. does that make her monstrous as well, or is that suddenly different because it concerns someone else?

      • Jordan says:

        Not trying to start an argument OR defend what Bellamy did – just pointing something out. Bellamy didn’t murder people in cold blood. Yes, his actions were selfish and led to the unnecessary deaths of 300 people – which is HORRIBLE. Bellamy MIGHT AS WELL have shot those people himself, but the difference is he didn’t. As messed up as it sounds, in the scope of this show, there is a difference between what Bellamy did and what Finn did. It’s a lot easier to forgive someone whose actions (which he committed to protect himself and his sister AND which he TRIED to fix before it all happened) UNKNOWINGLY led to those deaths, than it is to forgive someone who, with his own hands and at his own will, murdered innocent men, women, and children in cold blood.

        Of course, if this were a real life situation, I’m sure I would feel differently. But as far as this story goes, I don’t think these two situations can be fairly compared.

        • Abby says:

          But he DID shoot to kill Jaha, he just failed…

        • Aleisia says:

          Also, in addition to these points, it is slightly in Bellamy’s character to do things without remorse. Clarke loved Finn because of who he was and he was a pacifist who encouraged people to keep peace and not to kill the grounders. When Bellamy indirectly and without an actual choice kills 300 people, it isn’t really anything new. When Finn physically kills innocent grounders against the will of Murphy, you know something is wrong.
          FYI, I rather have Flarke, but I also think Belarke is a good connection.

      • Jordan says:

        Oh but in regards to Jaha, you’re right that Bellamy shot him in cold blood and if he had ended up dying from that wound, I wouldn’t even be making my last comment.

  5. J says:

    Can’t wait for tonight!

    I ship Bellarke so much! Lol, I think there won’t be a triangle because Finn probably dies in the mid season finale. Can’t be a triangle if Finn is gone.

  6. Lucy says:

    I get that show runners aren’t big shippers, they never are which is totally fine, but when they negate the opinions of those who are it gets to me a little because let’s be real, they’re the majority of the fan base. Relationships in shows never go the way the writers plan, just look at Oliver and Felicity – Felicity was only introduced as a way to push the story forward at the start of season one and now she’s been a regular for two seasons and their relationship is a big part of Arrow. The 100 is primarily a show about the survival of these kids, and now the Ark citizens, but because this is the CW romance will always bleed into that and please don’t ignore the chemistry of a pair because you’re focusing on something else.

  7. Tara says:

    Sigh. This is what I was worried about. Jason is romanticizing Finn’s actions.

    • Beccy says:


      “There’s a version of Finn’s story that ends with him being the hero, if he was right and she was really there.”

      Cool motive, still murder!

    • Abby says:

      But it COULD just be planted romanticism to throw fans off, keep them guessing. Because any betting person is already leaning towards Finn dying…take these comments – almost everyone wants Finn dead.

  8. Dominique says:

    I’m glad he talked a lot about Finn. I still don’t get why people hate finn, I love him. So Rotherberg discussin ghim, his hourney, and Flarke, pleases me.
    I’m curious to see what will happen next, with all characters. This show has gotten so good!

    • Aleisia says:

      Thank you! I hope Rotherberg doesn’t decide to kill him off. There has been chemistry between Finn and Clarke since the very first episode. They can’t get rid of him now.

    • Lisa says:

      I’m hoping you don’t kill off Finn I kinda understand why he did what he did they did have there stuff I also think killing all those people went to far granted everyone seems to forget that Clark killed 200 grounders to I also don’t like that the people who just got to the ground Abby and such just think that there in charge because they were on the arc I mean they sent them down there to die and kept each other alive I kinda want to see the one who came down first Bellamy Clark etc go back to their drop ship and go back to being the leader they were honestly I think they were better leaders than Abby etc they have been down there longer and know the ways

  9. Amy says:

    Its so funny to me that he kind of sneers at the idea of Clarke and Bel being together….. Like its some great surprise…..when in the books they are together. Finn is not even in the books. He is a character that they created as a love interest and it’s not working. As Elsa says… LET IT GO!

    • Abby says:

      I didn’t even realize there was a book series. Great, now I’ll be compelled to read ahead like the walking dead, even though I shouldn’t spoil it for myself. I know better!

      • Amy says:

        It’s a good book series but totally different from the show. So your safe :)

      • Jordan says:

        The show doesn’t follow the book :) Just a heads up. Jason created the show before he even read the first book, I believe. It’s based off of the idea and many of the characters, but the show in NO way follows the events of the book.

      • Actually Bellamy’s character in the books is Finn on the show, so essentially every Bellarke shipper that hates Finn and Flarke are hypocritical by saying that “Finns not even in the books” or that “Bellarke is endgame in the books” etc

    • Katherine215 says:

      I really enjoy how fans of a pairing assume that EVERYONE watching the show agrees with them. Surrounding yourself with people who agree with you does not mean your opinion is fact. Not everyone likes Clarke with Bellamy. Not everyone likes shipping.

  10. Feather says:

    Couldn’t show a pic of Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos).

  11. Julie says:

    All shipping aside, I really don’t get how Finn’s actions can be excused away because he’s in love. He murdered people who were unarmed and he did it in cold blood. That isn’t something true love can fix. It definitely isn’t something what ever infatuation Finn has developed for Clarke over a few weeks times time can just sweep away. Finn needs to be executed for his crimes.

  12. Abby says:

    My only Christmas wish is that this show just kills off Finn. Actor is weak (sorry, its true!), Finn’s lost the plot, and what he did can ONLY truly be rationalized by someone who is desperate to forgive him, anyway. I’m not. He was completely in the wrong and lowered his gun enough times in that shootout that he wasn’t having a psychotic break, he was gynningchildren down,

    • Abby says:

      …Gunning children down, despite all the evidence he had telling him the grounders did not have his people.

    • This is the cw so i’m one hundred percent sure writers are giving finn his hero hair at this very moment, he’ll be saving the other 47 soon, they give shippers a moment or two here and there to try and boost ratings. Unfortunately i can’t stand finn and clarke is a lot more likeable when she’s not around him. Finn is the 100’s Charlie/Revolution, annoying, annoying. The adults aren’t very likeable right now, don’t care for mount weather stuff much. So if its to be blood, mud and hero hair finn, i’m not looking forward to rest of season 2.

      • Abby says:

        But I think that the fans’ wholeheartedly negative reaction to a character that is fairly expendable on account of not being in the source material (which I just learned about, but it solidifies my prediction Finn will die know that I know it, anyway) sort of seals his fate in our favor, no? If he gets a hero arc, it will be just for the effect of making fans feel a little bit of emotion when they kill him off. At this point, fans would cheer his death, and the writers may want to sign his death warrant with a little bit of redemption for the guy…

        • Abby says:

          I suppise there is a small group of fans who still appreciates the presence of Finn, so I retract wholeheartedly, but still think the overwhelmingly negative reactions have sealed his fate…

          • Katherine215 says:

            You retract wholeheartedly but still use overwhelmingly? I know this is shocking, but not everyone agrees with you outside of your bubble!

          • Abby says:

            But overwhelmingly is more realistic than wholeheartedly, at least judging by these comments, which is what I said :)

  13. Carola says:

    Can´t wait for tonight! Will we ever get a Jasper / Octavia reunion scene? I miss them together!

  14. karin says:

    he broke my heart :(
    if he doesn’t believe in bellarke THERE WONT BE ANY BELLARKE
    goddman jason why are u so mean

  15. Letti says:

    I love this show and the interview. I am thankful that The 100 is about interesting stories and not about endless love triangles and relationship dramas. I hope it stays that way. Personally I don’t want Bellarke to happen, but I’ll be ok with it if the plot is still exciting. The only disappointing thing this season is how they destroyed Finn’s character. He was an innocent good guy, and then bang, they turned him into a psycho without developement.

    • TG says:

      I also love that it is about strong women. Raven, Clarke and Octavia kick butt and are awesome characters. I’d really like to see more Raven and Bellamy if they refuse to go rhe Clarke/Bellamy route.

  16. Karin says:

    I am surprised to see all the anti-Finn opinions. Finn is the reason I watched the show beyond the first episode. I’ve grown to love other characters as well, but Finn is central to me. I was disappointed in his recent behavior. I don’t know if Clarke can forgive him and I think she’s grown close to Bellamy. However, unlike some other posters here, I believe Clarke can go either way on his one. I’m more interested in how they will explain some of the “science” that requires a lot of Suspension of Disbelief to swallow. Like Jaha landing so close to everyone else given his hail Mary departure from the station remnant. I’ve suspected that the Reapers are Grounders after “something” happens so that’s not a surpise. I’m curious to see where this show goes. It definitely has my attention.

  17. I, as many others say do not want any relationship triangles..i wouldn’t want a clarke/bellamy/finn, clarke/bellamy/raven or octavia/jasper/linc triangle. The show goes beyond mare relationship goes about testing teenagers survival intincts.the fact that they’re not adults yet is what captivates Clarke and Bellamy have amazing solid leadership skills and i don’t think that should go down the drain just because the adults have arrived.The adults have their leader and so the 100’s leader’s(Clarke & Bellamy) should remain intact..on Finn and clarke.I like those two and would like for the writers to continue exploring that though i am a bellarke shipper and would always be one. I love the small glances and hugs and whatever tiny screen time they have.they should grow romance wise only after clarke and finn are over.and finn shouldn’t die just yet perhaps after a couple of seasons.i will not stop watching it just because the jason guy said there would be no bellarke. because that could eventually change.I have hope that they would be endgame at least. unless they kill off bellamy cause then i definitely stop watching.i got my sister to start watching it and she also has become a bellarke shipper for someone who doesn’t watch series much.

  18. Violet says:

    For the love of pete, Rothenberg, PLEASE just let Finn die. His character & romance with Clarke is so forced, and sadly him being a mass murderer is the most interesting thing that’s happened. He needs to die a good death and let better actors take his screentime, not be redeemed.

  19. Violet says:

    Also, NO love triangles. Enough with the love triangles. Don’t even do a romance between Bellamy and Clarke, just let them naturally develop as they have been for the past 17 episodes. If you really feel a need for romance, give us Raven and Wick, but other than that you can keep it on survival.

  20. Wright says:

    Belamy and Clarke belong together. I don’t know why the writers can’t see that. Do they have blinders on or are they just adamant about not giving the fans what they want? I would HATE a Bellamy/Clarke/Raven love triangle. I think they should kill Finn off. I haven’t liked him since we found out he was a cheater. Raven and Wick make a good couple. As for the argument about Bellamy killing 300 people….he didn’t knowingly do that and he tried to fix his mistake. He only shot Jaha to get on the drop ship to protect his sister and honestly I think Jaha survived because when Bellamy shot him he didn’t really want to kill him so his aim was off. I mean he was a cadet with the guard, so he should have better aim at point blank range. That’s just my opinion though. Finn on the other hand knowingly killed 18 unarmed elders and children even after he was told that he was misled by the one eyed traitor. I mean even Murphy was trying to stop him.

  21. Vovo says:

    A few things that may come as a shock to some “specific” shippers:

    1. The majority of fans are not shippers. Some “specific” shippers tend to make more noise that’s all.

    2. According to Jason, while Clarke and Bellamy may have chemistry, there’s no romantic tension between them just mutual respect.

    3. According to Jason, Finn is the boy Clarke loves.

    4. The “famous hug” was just a ship tease. Shows do this all the time.

    5. This show is mainly about survival. While romance is inevitable for some characters, it is not the primary focus.

    There, I’ve said enough.

  22. Alice Pytel says:

    Jason Rothenberg should stop saying he thinks Clarke can forgive Finn. It’s him who has created this show so he should be straightforward with it. Also, why the hell would Clarke forgive Finn? She pretty much thought Charlotte (season 1) was a monster and didn’t forgive her even though her actions were more justified. Finn went totally crazy and killed innocent children, and personally, I would never forgive someone for doing that. Break a window for me don’t kill a whole bunch of people. I am also really mad at Jason Rothenberg because he teases people who ship Bellamy and Clarke with the small little moments in the show and it only makes me want to bash his head in. He said in a previous interview “People who ship Bellamy and Clarke will be happy with upcoming episodes!” But then he gives this interview and says Clarke loves Finn? She had sex with him once and barely even knows him. Their relationship is a one night where they try to make it work but fail miserably.

  23. Sasha says:

    I only recently started to watch The 100 and I completely got obsessed with it since the first episode! I love how they make major Buttholes learn from their mistakes and get better and vice versa. I think tat the character they should kill off next is Bellemy because:
    1.They need to reintroduce tragedy
    2. It would make Octavia be more desperate to save Lincoln

  24. Jane says:

    Needs lesbians

  25. Kum says:

    Does anyone really give a toss about Finn? Even as a cold-blooded murderer one step away from total insanity he simply isn’t interesting to me. And I’m not seeing this “love” that Clarke supposedly has for Finn, they have very little chemistry and there isn’t really that much to explore in their dynamic. I hate it when the writers try to force a story that simply isn’t there onscreen. Get rid of him and let’s move on please.

  26. I don’t understand why they wrote Finn into the show in the first place. To me the show is way better than the book but one of the best things in the book was Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship. But they had to ruin it by making up a character that most people hate.

  27. Ruth says:

    I’m really worried the only way Finn will be able to prove his love will be to sacrifice himself for the others. its that kind of of show so it might happen. i seriously want him to live though he is one of my favourite characters in the series.

  28. Bela says:

    I don’t think they should kill Finn, it’ll be a shame to create him if he’s going to die now. He has a good role and I think they should stick with Finn and Clarke being together. I believe that Clarke can forgive him and will understand. I know I do. My opinion anyways.

  29. Love this show. Hate the Bellarke fandom…they ruin the show for me.

  30. Lill says:

    I want Bellamy and Clarke more than anything

  31. Bella says:

    Finn is the dumbest character ever introduced on any show period! The actor is neither good looking, charismatic nor can he act to save his life. If the Finn/Clarke fake love story goes on and Finn is not killed off soon I will just stop watching. This is not even abt ships anymore. Finn is an annoying character that can make your blood pressure sore so high and land u in hospital. He is that infuriating. I only hope the reason silly Jason gave this uninteresting character a storyline this season was to kill him off! Nine out of 10 people are not even interested in this character so Jason just stfu! And the flarke story makes me want to puke my guts out!

  32. Olivia says:

    The only way this show can improve is if they kill off Finn! The actor is not male lead material and looks like a girl. Bob Morley/ Bellamy all the way! And for pete’s sake Flarke is so gay! Jason why can’t u see how gay Flarke is and how yucky Finn looks on screen. Do you actually watch your show sometimes? It looks like Jason loves ugly actors and ugly couples Lol!

  33. Hwa-sun Song says:

    Finn was in love with Clark and thought those grounders could have killed her. What could he done nicely to them? How can you guys think Finn was bad in this case? I definitely believe Clark will forgive Finn because what he did was from his deep emotion toward her. The relationship between Clark and Bellamy is more like good companionship leading the people together. Don’t mess up with these sybtle lines!

  34. smiles says:

    I can’t see Bellamy and Clarke working- they have a power balance that would totally be compromised if sex were thrown into it.
    I do believe they’re going to kill Finn off. The Grounders aren’t going to let a sky person kill them like that without there being repercussions. Imagine them seeing Finn during negotiations of peace. Finn will probably die the last episode (or second to last), in some heroic and possibly romantic way- inwhich Clarke will witness and be helpless to stop.
    Just my speculations.

  35. Neha says:

    I’m a little disappointed that Jason basically said that Bellarke is improabable if not impossible. I think that those two would definitely have an interesting relationship. If they do go that route (fingers crossed) I hope that they let it build slowly and not have it be as quick of a turnaround as Finn becoming a psycho was. I really love this show and I definitely like the direction that it’s going in, but I would hate to see Clarke just forgive Finn. I saw one of the previous comments in which someone said that Clarke was better without Finn and I completely agree. I don’t know if I want Finn to be killed as some others have been saying, but I would definitely want to see him and Clarke separated, meaning not as closely linked. I hope that any romance in the story keeps to the background and doesn’t overwhelm the show. That’s why I think slow developments in terms of the romance would be a good idea. Really hoping for Bellarke!

  36. Sandy says:

    I like Finn and do not believe his character is boring! Please people, let there be some love in this thing and let him and Clarke work out!

  37. Valerie says:

    To me it seems as though Finn and Clarke just don’t have good on screen chemistry and although it’s cliché to pair up Bellamy and Clarke, they have some great chemistry and moments shared that have us all on our toes wanting them but also not wanting them to be together at the same time! I just can’t make up my mind! It’s more of a love/hate relationship I have with them! They tend to bond more as the show goes on. Bellamy & Clarke have a mutual respect for each other & I think respect & care can go a long way. They face a lot of the same struggles; being leaders, caring for their people, same goals. It just makes sense! Finn’s character is just extremely boring and HE REALLY DOES suck the life out of the scenes he is in.(No offense to Thomas McDonell) I feel like Finn just hasn’t gotten any really good scenes. Plus being just a pacifist has really made his character ridiculous in a time like this. Making Finn a bit darker would make me like him more but i’d still want him dead by the season 2 finale. But more than likely we all know Finn and Clarke are going to end up together just because mostly every tv series tends to go back to the original power couple in the 1st season. Unless they end up doing us all a favor & killing Finn off. I know a lot of viewers don’t like the love triangle idea but honestly, in my opinion, put a little light & happiness into this murderous dark show makes me love it even more.

  38. Lisa says:

    Ok I hope you don’t kill off Finn yes he needs to be punished I also don’t like how they sent those people down there basically to die and they come down and basically take over because they were in charge on the arc I would like to have the original 100 to go back to the drop ship and have Clark and Bellamy back being leaders they were better leaders than Abby and Kane etc I don’t like how they come down and take over and think they should have the same rules as they did on the arc they don’t even know anything about living down there