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Once Upon a Time Spoilers Hook Emma

Will Once Upon a Time‘s Killian lose his hook on Emma? Will Vampire Diaries‘ Elena have a merry Christmas? What makes Arrow‘s Laurel suit up? What fresh Hell will Haven unleash? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

Haven‘s winter finale is upon us — how much wine will we need to get through it? –Dawn
How much have you got…? A lot goes down in Friday’s episode, given the “mother” of a bombshell that Charlotte dropped on Audrey. When all is said and done — and following the reveal of one of the coolest Troubles ever plus a highly entertaining exchange of words between Audrey and Mara – no fewer than two major characters will elect to make a tremendous sacrifice in the name of Haven’s greater good. And the very final scene? Creeeeepy.

Any scoop on what’s coming up for Once Upon a Time‘s Hook? –Stef
I am hearing that, as perhaps hinted by Swan’s conspicuous reaction to last Sunday’s liplock, Hook’s heartlessness will indeed impact Emma – and that Belle will get pulled into his predicament, as things get ever dicier. Bonus Scoop: For Episode 15, Once is casting the possibly recurring role of a king whose crown was hard-won, and the fight to keep it has taken a toll. He is also described as “handsome, though not refined, and highly protective of his family.”

Any info on Hawaii Five-0‘s Mirrah Foulkes (who plays Ellie Clayton)? –Russell
And how! In the new year, watch for Foulkes to put in another appearance when Ellie and McGarrett go toe-to-toe — in a boxing ring?!

Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite shows. Do you have anything on that? –Sabreen
How about some scoop on Mona’s ghostly return to Rosewood this coming Tuesday? The late, great Ms. Vanderwaal has a few big surprises for JANEL PARRISHAlison up her sleeve, though it might not be what fans are expecting. “The real surprises are the ones she offers to Alison, who finally gets to see things through Mona’s eyes,” executive producer Marlene King reveals. Bonus Scoop: We’ll get to see more of the past through Mona’s eyes in 2015. Says King, “She will offer us, through flashbacks, more insight into her life… and her death.”

Any scoop on Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Elena??? I need it like a water in desert… — Enya
Drink up, Enya: Elena may have admitted to feeling a “glimmer” of love for Damon, but don’t bank on a full-on reunion just yet, no matter how romantic the holiday season may be. Per executive producer Julie Plec, “There is mistletoe in the midseason finale, and fans are free to wish for anything they want — and also prepare for crushing disappointment in the way that we always tend to like to serve it to them.” Take that as you will.

Did Arrow‘s Marc Guggenheim mention anything about under what context Laurel is going to be wearing the Canary outfit? –Kathleen
The EP wouldn’t go into specifics, but allowed, “Something happens in the midseason finale (airing Dec. 10) that makes it necessary. Which is not to say [Laurel wears it] in the midseason finale, but the impetus [for the costume] will happen then.”

Everyone always asks about Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity, which is fine, but I would rather get some spoilers on Quentin or Roy or Thea for once. –Nikki
Hey, I’m all about spreading the love, and with regards to Ms. Queen, I’ve got EP Marc Guggenheim saying, “There’s a lot of Thea and Felicity coming in the back half of the season. They’ll be sharing quite a bit of screen time in 2015, and it’s very interesting.”

Is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2B premiering a week earlier now that Agent Carter is premiering with two episodes? –Matt C.
Excellent question, but no, S.H.I.E.L.D. will still resume its run on March 3.

CBS’ Scorpion is my favourite new show! Do you have some scoop, preferably about Toby and Happy? –Daisy
“That’s a very complicated relationship,” EP Nick Santora tells us. “Toby is a student of human behavior and emotion, and Happy’s an expert at hiding her emotions. We want to see them progress toward hopefully getting together one day, and while we can’t promise if that will happen or not, we’re moving that relationship along. And it might take a big step in Episode 15.”

Is it true that The Flash Flash Reverse-Flashwill be introducing Reverse-Flash very soon? That seems more like a season finale sort of thing. –Greg
The iconic adversary’s introduction apparently was — wait for it — fast-tracked. In the midseason finale (airing Dec. 9), “Barry and Reverse-Flash come face-to-face,” Grant Gustin affirms. The actor then makes clear that it’s not The Flash who meets the foe, but Barry—”and it rocks him, to say the least. It terrifies him.” After it is confirmed to Barry that Reverse-Flash killed his mom, “It’s kind of a relief in some ways, because it confirms that Barry isn’t crazy and that what he thought he saw as a kid is true,” Gustin previews. “Now he is more determined than ever to find this guy and stop him, kill him. This might be a special circumstance where Barry would break a neck.”

Anything to share about my new CW obsession, Jane the Virgin? –Leslie
Previewing singer Paulina Rubio’s guest-starring turn, as herself, in the fall finale (airing Dec. 15), Andrea Navedo says, “It has to do with Xo’s aspirations as a performer. She’s always idolized her, so a sort of fantasy/dream life bleeds into reality for Xo, and she actually gets a wish fulfilled.”

Do you have any scoops on Bones squintern Wendell Bray? –Mary
Recurring player Michael Grant Terry notes that “things are going a little bit better now” for Wendell – including the possibility of a love interest (played by Tony nominee Shalita Grant) who’s a literal Florence Nightingale. Health-wise, the actor says, “There’s still a looming fear of the unknown, of coming out of remission at some point, but things are looking good for Wendell.”

Any scoop on Law & Order: SVU you’d be willing to share? –advanteege
Prepare to meet later this season Detective Amaro’s sister Sonya, a “brassy, sassy, buxom” (well that’s specific) and “street smart former party girl” who, despite her “proclivities,” is a great aunt, sister and daughter.

How is the relationship between Reign‘s Mary and Conde going to play the rest of Season 2? I know romance wouldn’t be exactly following history, but their chemistry is undeniable. –Danielle
Conde and Mary’s bond will continue to grow, I am told — and that will eventually force Mary to make a decision that could put those involved in grave danger.

Have you any information on The Fosters‘ Christmas episode? –Tricia
Sorry, Tricia, but I’m gonna skip right past the holiday outing (airing Monday) and instead gift you with some knowledge about the end of Season 2, where we will meet Robert’s parents – including Robert Quinn Sr., a wealthy, domineering patriarch who during a heated dinner table debate just might detour his son’s opinion about his parental responsibilities.

I loved the season premiere of The Mentalist — things are pretty nice between Jane and Lisbon. But I can’t help but notice that Jane’s still wearing his wedding ring. Will that be an issue in future episodes? –Charlie
Funny you should mention wedding rings, Charlie, seeing as for the series finale, airing Feb. 18 and titled “White Orchids,” the CBS drama is guest-casting the role of a jeweler who’s pulling a fast one on a young couple when Jane intervenes. One has to wonder if Jane might then pursue other business with the merchant….

Real questions, real answers. If you need the Inside Line on a favorite show, email reporting by Vlada Gelman, Andy Swift and Rebecca Iannucci)

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  1. A says:

    I’m glad that we’re finally going to have Thea/Felicity scenes.

    • brenna says:

      I am too. Really looking forward to these two together.

      • Lisa says:

        I wonder if Thea will see Felicity’s love for Oliver and Oliver’s love for Felicity.
        And I wonder Thea will help Olicity get together ?
        I would love to see that and maybe Felicity founds out Thea has been with Malcolm Merlon for 5 months and tells Oliver
        What do u think ?!

        • Briggs says:

          I don’t know about her involvement with Olicity, especially with Oliver being gone for the first three eps after the winter break. But if Felicity finds out Thea’s secret, I imagine her reaction will be similar to what she told Roy when he showed her Thea’s note. She’d tell Thea to tell Oliver herself. This is, of course, with me knowing absolutely nothing about the context of their relationship in the back half of the season. We’ll have to see.

          • Nico says:

            Roylicity? Mr Harper and Miss Smoak have been sharing a screen time this year so it wouldn’t be that shocking.Thea might be a little jealous, then once that misunderstanding is cleared up, both women bond over their shared love of Ollie. This is a CW show and romantic drama is kind of there thing, so I’d expect it to come up at least once. Hopefully I’m wrong but that setting seems plausible to me.

          • Briggs says:

            Mmm, no. They’re getting more scenes together because Emily and Colton are so close in real life. I get more of a big sister, little brother vibe. Besides which, he knows Oliver would kill him if he tried.

        • Ella says:

          WOW. Olicity fans need to be put down, you guys make everything about them and it’s beyond annoying.

          • Briggs says:

            I talked her down gently. No need to get nasty.

          • Um, the only tie between Thea and Felicity is Oliver. Those relative relationship to Oliver are the starting point of any speculation regarding how Thea and Felicity will come together and what the intent is. There is no need to overreact.

  2. Vari says:

    Thanks for the Hook question (he is my fave)
    I’m glad it’s going to impact Emma and that she is gonna feel like to lose him :( .
    Also kinda knew Belle would be included in here since Rumple is being callous and deceiving.

    • I cannot wait to see Belle’s reaction and how she will help Emma and Hook getting his heart back, I hope we don’t have to until until MArch tho

      • meresger says:

        If Belle helps Hook in any way, that will be the final rape culture retcon/destruction of her character. Rumbelle already seems like a psychologically abusive relationship, and now Hook gets a free pass for his physical abuse of his new allies, including the one he has shot in the back and punched in the face? That’s ludicrous, but then the writers seem to think they can redeem Hook just by having him cry about Emma every episode like an emo man-child.
        And this heartless henchman storyline is just bad writing and an excuse to insert angst all season as build up to the predictable heart-returning-finale sex, because Hook has no other purpose than to be Emma’s blow-up doll. If the writers wanted to win over the anti-CS crowd with this storyline, they’re failing miserably, and I don’t think many CS fans are thrilled with it either. And Rumbellers are pissed. Nevermind SQers who were particularly ticked after the latest OQ trainwreck on Sunday.
        The soap-opera-y mess of Season 4 just makes me sad. A&E keep insisting that they don’t write ships, that the characters’ journeys are not about romance, and yet EVERY episode seems to shove sexytime and teenage love emo angst in our faces while leaving those “quiet scenes” about adult interactions that TVLine (and viewers) want more of on the cutting room floor. It’s ALL about the ships at this point.

        • Freddie says:

          Can you please get over yourself with such rude comments which make no sense, i only read the first line, and the name gave it away as usual…. Ignorant

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Just one (1) user name per IP address, thank you! — Mgmt.

          • Moment says:

            Now that you pointed that out Matt, I can see his and Varls writing style are similar and they both are defending Hook pretty well lol.

        • Letti says:

          I agree with you to an extent. I still love OUaT, but I also think we are overwhelmed with ships. I don’t really enjoy CaptainSwan, I feel like Hook doesn’t have a personality anymore, he is going after Emma and doesn’t even have any other purpose. Yet everyone loves him because he’s hot. I’m ok with OutlawQueen as I’ve always wanted Regina to get a love interest, but they are also just too much right now. But I hate how Rumbelle is treated right now, and I also hope Belle won’t help Hook after everything he did to her. The ony right couple is Snowing now, and they barely get some story. I wish the writers would rather focus on the stories or even the family drama instead of romance. Too much shipping ruins every show.

          • Jen says:

            Yeah I don’t know what happened to OUAT, it’s not even the same show anymore :( It’s all about Hook and Robin Hood, and the spark and fun of the show has just died. They’re recycling stories over and over (woohoo another dark curse taking over the town!) and it’s just not as fun anymore. I wish we could get season 1 back, or even season 2…it was so good when it focused on the main characters, now it’s all about side characters (Hook and Robin) or characters who are about to leave the show (Elsa and Anna). I want the old OUAT back. Sigh…think I’ll probably just stop watching soon, sad to say but I want to remember the show as it was before, instead of resenting it so much that the whole experience is ruined. Such a bummer.

  3. Ria Das says:

    Any scoop on Supernatural?

  4. Nav56 says:

    I so hope Hook gets heart back and that too by Emma. I can’t wait to see Emma’s reaction to this and the heartbreaking goodbye he said to her was his final goodbye.
    Kinda hope Belle finds Emma’s phone with Hook’s heartfelt confession and also I want Emma to hear it

  5. EL says:

    Things had better go well with Wendell on Bones after so many fans are still in mourning over Sweets. Wendell is probably the most popular of the squinterns.

    • Melinda B says:

      Not to mention having lost Zach and Nigel over the years. I can’t handle losing another character.

    • John NYC says:

      The problem may be writers have patterns… it’s not mandatory but there seem to be certain tendencies a show will follow over time and this show kills off characters.

  6. ” This might be a special circumstance where Barry would break a neck.” do’oh

  7. Azerty says:

    I have the feeling that in the Flash season finale Barry will go back in time to try to prevent the Reverse Flash to kill his mother (but probably fails). I don’t remember if it was just a theory or if it has been confirmed by the EP but someone said there was to streaks during the murder: a yellow and a red one. I am convinced that adult Barry was there as the Flash too.

    • Gail says:

      That is the comic Flashpoint story if he is successful, which would change all of the present if story followed the comic book. Alternate universes are fun. Not sure they would go there this early in the show.

      • Azerty says:

        Ho yeah I haven’t read the comic but I have seen the animated movie. You are right it might be too soon for this kind of storyline but that would be really awesome in live action! Maybe for this season he fails but later during the serie they could do it. Anyway I can’t wait to see Reverse Flash.

  8. Melinda B says:

    It is only because of Robert Carlyle that I find Rumple not completely despicable; in the hands of a lesser actor, I would be pulling for him to lose Belle and be vanquished once and for all. I want him to finally find redemption. And I used to dislike Hook, but he’s grown on me, and I hope that he and Emma fight through the obstacles to be happy.

    • Vari says:

      Robert Carlisle is so good that what’s makes Rumple intriguing but as a character in rooting for him… I can’t never have. But looking at his character from a narrative point Rumple is intriguing. But good has to win over evil. Emma has to win and Hook has to be saved! Love has to win! Something that Rumple had a choice over choosing love but he kept on choosing power – again Hook asked him this similar thing last episode. For Hook – love always been enough, love is his

      • Vari says:

        Hook is motivated by love… always been. Losing loves his Bro and first love scarred him to such darkness change him. But love has brought him back… The hope and light.
        Which is something Rumple fails to understand and thinks Hook hasn’t changed but Hook has changed for himself to be a better man, for Emma because he loves her etc

        • meresger says:

          Hook hasn’t changed. He’s just been reframed as a “hero” by the writers. He never redeemed himself, he just cries about Emma, the woman he said he would “win” like a prize. The show just wants to whitewash and retcon his bad behavior for fan service and it is ruining the show! As is the Evil!Rumple storyline.

          • Freddie says:

            As i said either watch properly or dont comment CANON stuff, ignorant person!

          • Moment says:

            Hook has changed, he wants to change, become a better person. Even if its just for love, he’s taking that step. He isn’t pretending to be good for the sake of fitting in around Emma and those she cares about. While he will always have that pirate side to him, there’s nothing to say he can’t just be plain old Killian.

          • chris1 says:

            So true.

        • K says:

          Hook has changed SO much–that’s why he’s still blackmailing, threatening Belle, and lying constantly to Emma.

          • I can’t wait to see what will happened in 2015

          • Michelle says:

            he hasn’t threatened belle this season, all he told rumple was that he would tell belle rumple is lying to her and rumple ended up blackmailing hook. Yes hook made a mistake blackmailing rumple at the beginning of the season to get his hand back but not everyone is perfect. Not all the hero’s are good and not all villains are bad, but at least he’s changing unlike rumple. Rumple will always be evil and will choose power over love which will end up biting him in the butt one day

    • John NYC says:

      It’s because of Robert Carlyle that I find Rumple completely despicable. The man is a great actor. Terribly sad for Belle, but that’s one villain that must NOT have a happy ending unless there’s some way the story-book’s author can find to do what would have to be a monumental re-write! Rumple being a far larger challenge in that department than Regina who has demonstrably changed to me eyes anyway. While, if anything, Rumple has gotten worse.

      • I got a feeling that Rumple and Regina will have a hard time having a happy ending. We both know that something will always will destroy their happy ending.

        • Moment says:

          Regina will get her happy ending, I have no doubts there. She just needed some understanding and love and sure enough she became a better person.

          • Freddie says:

            Rumple and Regina need to understand that wanting power or even rewriting the book is NOT going to ensure an happy ending but have to earn it. Thats where these two are imo – well Regina is miles ahead from Rumple as it seems.

          • Moment says:

            Reginas more frustrated at her misfortune.

      • K says:

        Yes, Rumple’s worse than he’s ever been. Maybe it’s because he had a year of unspeakable torment that STARTED with dying and got progressively worse. Of course, we can’t be sure of that because we never get his point of view because it’s much more important to concentrate on poor, noble, loving, suffering, heroic Killian. It’s rather ironic that the show wants us to weep for poor Killy being controlled by selfish Rumple for three days, but wants us to have no pity for Rumple being controlled for the better part of the year, while being kept in a cage, tortured, and sexually molested.

    • shunda1177 says:

      I love the contrasting stories they’ve created. Rumple essentially has his happy ending but is choosing power. Regina has power but doesn’t think she will ever have her happy ending.

      • Gail says:

        Interesting that Rumple knows how he felt when the Wicked Witch was controlling him and now he is doing the same thing to Hook. Has Rumple still not moved on since he lost his first wife to Hook? Is he angry that Hook was able to move on?

        The time line on OUAT is as always confusing. We found out that the Frozen story happened 30 years ago. Emma came to Srorybrooke at 28. I have to assume she has been there at least two years. However David was a long haired shepherd when he met Anna so this was before he met Snow and before he took his brother’s place as a prince. When did the flashbacks for the first few seasons have a chance to happened. They should have left the Frozen story set at an undermined time in the past.

        • Freddie says:

          Rumple is NOT angry. He wants power and he think he can USE Hook to do his dirty work and think that Hook is not changed but Hook has changed. Rumple will hurt anyone it seems – he didnt give a two hoots about killing Emma with the hat

  9. Tran says:

    Wonder if Jane & Lisbon is going to live happily ever after before the series finale come February not even if Marcus Pike is going to end up as a “wedding crasher” (not referring to the Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn movie).

  10. I am glad that the rating was great for the Flash. I can’t wait to see the meeting between the Flash and the Reverse Flash on 12/9/14. I also can’t wait to learn how and why Laurel Lance became the Black Canary. I also hope that there be a team-up between Black Canary/The Huntress in the near future.

  11. StephonJS says:

    OUAT: That sounds like King Triton

  12. eva says:

    Is there any scoop on Chicago fire

  13. Fosho says:

    More Felicity and Thea…together. That sounds fun. More Felicity is always fun. Keep teasing things like that EP’s and I might continue to watch the show live after the hiatus.

  14. Lily says:

    Bonus Scoop: For Episode 15, Once is casting the possibly recurring role of a king whose crown was hard-won, and the fight to keep it has taken a toll. He is also described as “handsome, though not refined, and highly protective of his family.” ~ One guess, who this will be…. King Stefan from “Sleeping Beauty”.

  15. Really? Casting a king who’s crown is hard-won or something. What is this The Hobbit? Lord of the Rings? There are giant glaring plot holes and unsolved questions but let’s just keep on adding new characters! Let’s ignore the fact that the town just keeps running from mysterious curses and big big bads. Like, whatever, because new king…and.. he;s related to Rumple in some way, and also.. all of the other plot tricks they’re pulling over and over and over and over and over.

    • John NYC says:

      They do tend to use the introduced characters to illuminate things we did not know about the core group. So I find the additions okay.

  16. Lanie says:

    Please tell us that REIGN will return for a third season. The ratings have not been fair at all to this wonderful show. Please give us some hope. Fans are out there and fighting daily for this.

  17. Jason says:

    I am guessing that Once is casting King Triton. I think his crown was hard-won from Ursula…

  18. Briggs says:

    In regards to Laurel, I don’t know that Guggenheim was vague *enough*. LOL Kidding. I’m willing to see what he’s talking about when it comes.
    Felicity and Thea share screentime? A lot? Seeing as they have no real reason to do so, I’m intrigued. Did he say anything about the context, Matt?
    Once again meeting a figure that haunts your nightmares? Yeah, I’d be freaked. *checks calendar* Seven days? Give me strength…

  19. Ana says:

    Thank you so much for the Killian Jones scoop, Matt!!
    I loved the little subtle indication from 4×09 where Emma realized that something was off with Killian’s kiss – I’m very excited to see how our Captain will get his heart back and what part Emma and Belle are gonna play in said retrieval. Hoping very much that Emma will be the one to place Killian’s heart back in his chest. Especially since his heart is very clearly hers anyway :’)

    I’m very curious as to whether or how the bonus scoop is related to Killian. Any hints or #nospoilers?

  20. CourtTV says:

    Thanks for the Haven scoop. Last week’s bombshell was big!

  21. aurat22 says:

    I think one of the reasons I like Hook so much on OUAT is because his character reminds me of Cole from Charmed. Does anyone else see the similarity? I just hope we get a happier outcome for Killian and Emma from the OUAT writers than we did for Cole and Phoebe from the Charmed writers. If not there’s always fan fiction! I wrote my own happy ending for Cole and Phoebe can always do the same here. Lol. Thanks for the scoop Matt.

    • Kay says:

      Cole and Phoebe!!!!! I loved them together. It still hurts

    • Freddie says:

      OUAT and Charmed are two different show in terms of structure and writing. OUAT get the couples together and then we see what happens after… the journey
      Personally Emma and Hook have been the build up since season 2. They are IT, they have a connection and bond and so on. True Love!

      • aurat22 says:

        That’s good to know. I know the course has to be filled with obstacles or otherwise it be boring to watch, just as long as love and goodness triumph in the end at least in the fictional world. If you give up on a character who is doing his best to change, it’s like sending the message that evil wins. It of course does sometimes in real life, but IMHO I don’t want to see that happen in my escapism fantasy shows.

  22. robson21 says:

    Hey matt can we get any info on OUAT if sean is coming back for 4b? :-) also, I love that felicty and thea will have some interaction!

  23. Jan says:

    Excited to se Reverse Flash!

    TVD: Ugh enough of Delena already! I wish you guys would stop answering, most people dont care or had enough of the delena diaries

    • Me says:

      OMG grow up, just coz yu dont like Delena does not mean, everyone else doesn’t. no one forced you to read up on Delena…those who don’t care move along & let those of us who want to know enjoy that scoop!!
      some people are just immature and petty

      • Letti says:

        Many people despise Delena, and stopped watching the show because they are the main storyline. I’m one of them. And even if Delena reunion isn’t happening yet, I’m sure 90% of the scenes will revolve around that toxic relationship.

        • Me says:

          That’s why I said those who despise the show, stop watching or reading up on it and let those of us who enjoy it keep watching.

        • zed says:

          Unfortunately it is Delena Diaries now…but I continue watching cos of Bonnie, Enzo and Tyler, Liv…and wish they give us more Bamon dynamic because that is where the sizzle is!!! Unfortunately Elena has become a redundant character in my opinion…

    • Netty says:

      Delena haters are exhausting. TVD rocks!

  24. Me says:

    That Delena scoop just went over my head, what is Julie really saying. 1 thing for sure is that there is no DE reunion just yet. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait for the mid winter finale.

  25. Evan says:

    Thea/Felicity scenes are going to be amazing. I’ve been waiting for them to interact and this is really exciting. Can’t wait!

  26. Lorraine says:

    Y is the mentalist getting a short season and y is going off the air

    • Moment says:

      Because CBS doesn’t own it and has no reason to care, that and it is already syndicated so getting a few more episodes will just increase the studios profit margins. CBS also gains as they get a cheaper show to air.

      • Rich Abey says:

        and because the Red John storyline (which was the founding premise for the show) is finally over…so 13 eps is plenty sufficient to bring about a natural & satisfying conclusion to the series.

  27. Freddie says:

    Looking forward to finally Emma finding about Hook and his heart. And maybe finally giving Rumple a punch that he so deserves, the man tried to kill her with the hat and didnt do anything even when Hook begged him to.
    As for Belle – its about time she knew what Rumple has been doing and to what extent

  28. Lizo says:

    THEA AND FELICITY SCENES!!!!!! So so so so excited for that.

  29. Charlie says:

    Ahhh Matt, loved the scoop on The Mentalist, thank you so much (as always)! Such a bittersweet taste, tho, I’m really excited for the series finale, but at the same time not ready to say goodbye. I’ve been watching this since 2008, I’ll miss it A LOT. At least it looks like a lovely “goodbye”

  30. Jared says:

    The Flash has so much potential story I cant see the writers/producers getting too much into time travel this early on in the series. I know the EPs of Arrow like to push through storyline fairly quick(which is what I love about both shows)but I just have a feeling that time traveler/alternate universes will be saved for atleast S2. But a hint during the S1 finale would be nice..just sayin

  31. herman1959 says:

    I can’t believe they are actually doing the Reverse Flash thing so soon and that Grant spoiled it. OK, now I really am going to have to stop reading these scoops. So, Reverse Flash is literally wearing a reverse lighting bolt…wow.

  32. ja says:

    Hawaii five-o yeah

  33. Reverse Flash omg!!! I’m so excited for this! And yes for Felicity and Thea sharing mroe scenes together! More Felicity is always very good!

  34. ferozah says:

    Please don’t let Casey & Dawson break up. They need to work things out. Love to see them really make it work

  35. Ella says:

    Do NOT like Mary and Conde together at all. Compared to her chemistry with Francis, everyone else pales in comparison.

  36. cyclone says:

    I see Papa Quinn Sr. as either John Bennett Perry (Matthew Perry’s dad) or Robert Pine (Chris Pine’s dad) or Gregory Harrison whom I’ve always loved. They all have the silver fox hair that matches the look Kerr Smith rocks. As for Mama Quinn the first name to pop into my head was JoBeth Williams. You’re welcome The Fosters for doing the casting for you.

  37. So, Thea gets another personality transplant? Sheesh, there goes my hoping for her to turn villain to explain away the crazy. Please don’t ruin my Felicity time with Thea. Ick.

    • Briggs says:

      I have no idea what you’re talking about. Thea-wise, this has been the best season for her, yet.

      • Well S1 she was a spoiled brat teenager. S2 she was–against all logic and laws–a sorta together business women with holier-than-thou moral core. S3 she’s an irrational, supposedly badass–against all logic and appearances–cold-hearted witch who lets random people kiss her and viciously manipulates a brother trying to make amends. And later this season she is a nice enough, genuine enough person to want to and possibly succeed at making friends with Felicity? Tha’ts what I mean.

        • Briggs says:

          You missed all the growth she made through her time at CNRI and her relationship with Roy, and her (justified) anger at being lied to? Or the fact that she, having spent a lot of time in nightclubs, was probably uniquely suited to take over so *people wouldn’t lost their jobs*? Or that she didn’t try to defend herself with Nyssa, not only because Roy was watching, but because she was *picking her battles*? That Oliver was and is still lying to her and she knows it? That the DJ stole the kiss, she didn’t initiate it? I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, but clearly, you need a refresher. Netflix or an Arrow wiki can be your friend…

          • I’ve watched the show. But unlike you, I haven’t added a whole bunch of extra character development that never happened. She’s 18 years old, she knows nothing about running anything, and couldn’t be bothered to even go to school, let alone take responsibility for anything. She didn’t want the CNRI deal just to spite her mother. And taking a bad boy into your bed isn’t character growth. They just up and changed who she was when it fit a storyline and they continue to do so. And we have no idea if she knows Ollie is lying or not, but being hypocritical about the lying to him negates any slim justification she might ever have had for siding with mass murdered Merlyn in the first place. None of your making more of out stuff does anything to show steady character growth. It just makes it all the more flimsy.;

          • Briggs says:

            First of all, honey, you may have watched the show, but you clearly weren’t paying attention. Or you’re being deliberately obtuse to start an argument. If that’s the case, you need to get a life. But, presuming you really are paying so little attention, let me explain what you can’t seem to figure out for yourself.
            Secondly, Thea is not 18. She’s closer to 20. She was still a teen when Oliver came back from the island. And she’s graduated. If you’re referring to her mother allowing her to ditch, that’s not exactly something that lasted long after Oliver told Moira she would be better off changing her parenting habits.
            Thirdly, she was certainly able to run her social life, which was varied and vibrant. However, considering she *is* the daughter of Moira Queen, who was more than capable of running QC with Walter Steele at her side, so maybe the ability to run things is a family tradition from the Deardon side. Oliver certainly runs Team Arrow.
            You conveniently leave out where her time at CNRI grew on her, probably in an effort to continue to allege she hasn’t changed. Not impressed, btw. When Roy stole her purse and tried to sell the police a sob story, she dropped all charges. By the time they became an item (about the time she took him to the hospital after he got stabbed defending her), she learned to care about him more than herself. He taught her compassion, even if he didn’t always deserve it.
            When Oliver and Thea talked at the coffee shop after she came back with him from Corto Maltese, the way she looked back at him when she left clearly said she didn’t believe him. Much like the way she looked at him when he tried to tell her there was nothing behind the door she can’t open in her own club. The only reason she hasn’t called him on it is that she’s keeping her own secrets.
            I’m not making stuff up, here. I have tv canonical basis for everything I’ve said. Like it or not.

          • First off, if anyone is trying to start an argument, it’s you with your condescending honey’s. Stop being rude. I didn’t say you were making stuff up, I said you were making stuff more important than it was. Thea turned 18 in S1 and took over a night club 5 months later. That’s what I am referring to. She isn’t even allowed in the nightclub nor is she allowed to tend bar. Even now a year and half later, she is still underage to run a nightclub. Moira let her skip school, she didn’t tell her to. So the irresponsibility for not going to school initiated with Thea. And letting a cute boy with a sob story off the hook may have been suggesting she “learned” something, but the following conversations with him where she equated her difficulties in life with his, showed she hadn’t learned crap. She let the cute boy off because there wasn’t a reason to care–she got the purse back and she thought he was cute. Thea has sporadically shown consideration for others. Having a boyfriend doesn’t demonstrate growth in that regard. I agree that she should be suspicious, but we don’t know for sure if she know Oliver is the Arrow and has a lair under her club. If she did, why did she thank Merlyn for “saving” her and not Oliver who actually did? I won’t disagree that they’ve changed her character. I will disagree that they’ve done a consistent job in doing so. Like her ridiculous comment “what do normal people do” like 5 months ago she wasn’t a normal person. Her character consistency is just as abrupt as her memory.

          • Briggs says:

            And you actually don’t think you’ve been rude? You can’t say you’ve always been pleasant. And all Thea needed to run the club is someone over the age of 21 to order and purchase the liquor, as mentioned within the first five eps of season 2.
            I never said Moira told her to skip school. She still shares blame for not trying to make her go. Read it again.
            I never said she learned quickly. You need to read over what I wrote more carefully if you’re going to try to toss out my reasoning.
            I never said she knew about the lair. Just that she suspects he’s full of crap because, as established in season 1, Oliver can’t lie to save his life.
            She didn’t really see who saved her, it happened so quickly. Remember, Oliver and Malcolm have similar outfits. She saw a hood, she thought it was Daddy Merlyn. Why would she think the Arrow was saving her? How would the vigilante know she was there?
            You’re looking for reasons to dislike Thea, I get it. They just aren’t solid reasons.

          • Okay, we’re done. I’m tired of them changing her character radically and without foundation. That’s it. If you think she isn’t an inconsistent character on the show, good for you, obviously you’ve spent a lot of time reading into 30 second scenes. No, Thea can’t have a liquor license, she can’t be behind the bar, she can’t serve alcohol as she does in the Cupid episode, and she is the one dealing with liquor distributors so acting like they’ve covered that base is absurd. But please, she’s been saved by the Arrow multiple times and he spoke to her. You are telling me she doesn’t know Malcolm’s voice after training so extensively with him? I’m not looking for reasons. I’ve never liked her and her actions dictated that. I didn’t write and then rewrite, and then rewrite the character. But I am certainly tired of the writer’s doing it.

          • Briggs says:

            As you are clearly the only one against this idea, fine. Every bit of reasoning I had came right off the top of my head (aside from her age, whiich I looked up) You’re still way off base, but if you wish to simply hate on Thea based on your clear prejudice against the character, I wish you good luck and good night

  38. jj says:

    Looking forward to more Thea .. not so much on Felicity.

    Also interesting to see Reverse-Flash.

  39. I didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to tell me that Rumple avoid any message on Emma’s phone that would tell the truth about Rumple’s dark nature. I got a feeling that the true will come out next year.

  40. Danica says:

    Nothing on Brooklyn99?

  41. GildedRose says:

    Very excited about the Arrow Felicity and Thea info. I’d love to see those two interacting, especially since they are connected by Oliver. I’m a fan of Oliver and Felicity, too, so I always love hearing about them. But finally! Scenes between Felicity and Thea. I wonder what they’re up to. Can’t wait!

  42. Daisy says:

    I like that there is spoilers on ny two favorite shows
    Once and Bones but I would like some spoilers on Supernatural’s Cass.
    On Once I am a HUGE Rumbelle fan so I would have like so spoilers on that but this spoilers is ok. I wonder what Hook is going to do to Belle what did she ever do to him.? But Hook must be crazy to go after Belle again Rumple will kill him if he hurts Belle now that she is his wife. But I am curious what Hook is going to do to Belle and why.?
    And on Bones everything is fine with Wenddell now so and he is going to be on a date so everything is cool for now.
    I want to know on SPN if Hannah is coming back or not she was right for Cass and he also like her too so I hope she comes back soon. Oh and I wonder when Chuck is coming back too.?