Nashville Recap: Jingle Bell Shock

Nashville Season 3 Recap

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a tell-all Rolling Stone cover story! And when I got over the shock and told her I still loved her, she basically told me to stuff it. Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!”

While Deacon doesn’t exactly sing that little mash-up in this week’s holiday-tinged Nashville, he probably should, because it’s an accurate representation of what happens. But before you start crooning “Blue Christmas” for all of the Music City folk, take heart in the fact that Juliette and Avery cannot deny the fact that they go together like egg and nog — can a reunion be right around the corner?

Also, Layla sleeps with Jeff. Coal for you, young lady! Let’s review what happens in “Two Sides to Every Story.”

TOUGH TINSEL | Luke and Rayna have decided that taping a Christmas special at her house is a really good way to raise money for Toys for Tots… and it won’t hurt the couple’s album sales, either. When Deacon shows up to give Maddie her lesson, he looks warily at the over-the-top decorations — it definitely looks like The Nutcracker threw up in there — and the pair talk about how Rayna, Luke and the girls will be in Australia for the holiday. Across the room, Luke scowls.

But it’s Deke who starts making faces the next day when he gets his hands on Rayna’s Rolling Stone and realizes that she told the world the details of their relationship. When he drops off a travel guitar for Maddie, he gives Rayna a shoulder so cold, Santa could set up his workshop on it. Ms. Jaymes — who, by the way, is wearing a blouse from the Kris Jenner Fancy Pilgrim line — pulls Deke aside to explain how she talked about their relationship in order to protect Maddie, but he doesn’t want to hear it. “You gave him us, what we had,” he spits disapprovingly before taking off.

IT’S NOT SUCH A WONDERFUL LIFE | Luke doesn’t understand why Rayna can’t just let all the drama about the RS story go, but he gives her his approval to address the situation directly with Deacon later. So Ray goes to his house, where he’s no longer ticked. Everything she said in the interview was true, he says, as is this fact: “I love you. That’s it. It’s easy.” He loved her while she was married to Teddy, he loves her now that she’s with Luke and he’ll go on loving her for as long as he can. (Side note: I may be a Grinch about how many times we’ve gone on the merry-go-round with these two, but even my crabby heart grew three sizes upon hearing Deacon once more proclaim his feelings. Can the man monologue or what?)

Anyway, she ruins it all when she tells him that she’s getting married in two weeks, and he’s got to understand that she’s moved on. Oh Rayna, didn’t you see Love Actually? At Christmas, you tell the truth.CONNIE BRITTON, WILL CHASE

She goes home and finishes the Christmas special by singing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” — AKA the date-rapiest of holiday songs — with Luke. And when the taping wraps and everyone congratulates each other, Rayna winds up standing alone in her festive sweater. (Side note: Alone in a Festive Sweater is going to be the title of my memoir about sneaking leftover pie in the dark of my parents’ kitchen late on Christmas Eve.)

BOOT-SCOOTER BOOGIE | When Sadie and Gunnar engage in some songwriting, at first I think that maybe the show is going to pair them off… and then I realize it’s just that Laura Benanti has chemistry with absolutely everyone. When Ms. Stone mentions that she wants a new producer, Gunnar recommends Avery. A little misunderstanding and a lot of hormones later, Juliette is wearing a scarf, sunglasses and a hat and riding an old-person scooter as she stalks him at the Winterville Nashfest. As he and Sadie are discussing possibly working together, Ju catches her baby daddy’s eye — and in an attempt to get away, she accidentally backs her scooter into a vendor’s rack, knocking everything over and making a big, preggo spectacle of herself. I don’t know — the visuals of Juliette careening through the crowd and later sheepishly patting her belly might be worth all of the insanity.

The incident angers Avery and spooks Sadie, but after Ju smooths things over, Avery gets the gig. He tells Juliette he thinks it was “kinda cute” that she got jealous, and she replies that it was “kinda cute” that he found and excuse to swing by her place and OH MY GOD PLEASE JUST KISS. They don’t, but just like after the CMAs, they want to.

THE TURTLE STRIKES AGAIN | Elsewhere at the outdoor music festival, Will and Layla dress like “hipsters” (read: they both wear black knit caps) and revel in the fact that no one there knows they’re reality stars. Like a fabulous heat-seeking missile, Will somehow sniffs out the beer stand manned by an openly gay hot guy. Mr. Lexington drinks a few too many and then tries to kiss the bartender, but the guy protests that he’s in a committed relationship and that “there’s more to it than anonymous hook-ups, or at least there should be.”

Meanwhile, Layla impresses some festival-goers with her earnest girl emoting — and Jeff Fordham is among the impressed members of her crowd. They chat, he plays guitar rather well, he apologizes for dismissing her as a hack… and she winds up spending a naked night at his place. You know what? NO. Nope nope nope nope nope, Nashville. I will not think of the smirky turtle as a human being. Please tell me that this episode is an aberration, that Jeff’s oily smugness will be back in full force next week? (Side note: Now accepting names for Jeff’s college Dave Matthews cover band in the comments. I’ll get you started: Pants Marching, Stripping Billies, The Rest of What’s Around…)

ACTUALLY, I AM LEAVIN’ WITHOUT YOUR LOVE | Meanwhile, Sadie’s manager is interested in getting the ZAG band out on the road, but Gunnar’s not interested because it’ll take him away from Micah. His refusal is the final straw for Z, who leaves for Los Angeles (for good?). And although Terry’s performance brings the house down, it’s too much for him to bear. He drinks and yells at Scarlett that she’s pushing him to do something she’s scared to do herself — and after crying about it, she suddenly volunteers to sing Zoe’s parts during the ZAG SAG performance that night. I adore the ZAG/SAG music; if Nashville wants to make them more of a thing, that’d be fine by me. (Though maybe you can cool it with the PTSD talk, Scar? You choked and hid under a piano, you didn’t take enemy fire in ‘Nam.)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. I’ve been a big champion of this show since Day 1. I’ve been with every episode, campaigned like a crazed person for a season three renewal, and now I just sit and watch with so much disappointment. There’s always a little “something” in an ep to make me smile… but if I can’t unconditionally love the main characters ie: Rayna, how am I supposed to enjoy this ridiculous storyline they have her in? You have no idea what Rayna you’re going to get from one scene to the next. This inconsistency has all but ruined her, which is a shame because I adore Connie Britton.

    Stop dragging this Rayna/Luke/Deacon story along. Fish or cut bait. Or maybe I need to? :(

    • TS Johnson says:

      Right there with you. I feel like the writers can’t decide what they want to do. On one hand they seem determined to drag out this Luke?Rayna?Deacon story line. BUT they show us every way possible that Luke and Rayna don’t belong together.

      It makes no sense. And I for one am tired of it.

    • Lisa says:

      I loved the episode except for Rayna’s parts. By the end of this season I’m going to like Luke “Babe” better than Rayna.

      Juliette was hilarious.

      • izzieb says:

        I think I’m already at that point – Luke is actually showing emotion (not to Rayna, he only shows impatience and money-grubber-ness to her). When Rayna got back from trying to throw Deacon away yet again, Luke had a huge sigh of relief. I’m kind of starting to feel sorry for him, having to put up with Rayna. Because Rayna definitely is no longer the Rayna that we all knew and loved!!

    • Elsa says:

      I agree as well. The Ruke storyline is completely unbelievable, Rayna doesn’t even seem to like the guy. I am wondering if she is capable of leaving a man. She stuck with Deacon for a long time even though he was a hard-core alcoholic and only left him when she met Teddy. She did not leave Teddy even though she did not love him and did not approve of his actions, he left her. And she got in her current relationship with Luke only by the force of things, like she went with the flow all along but never really wanted to be with him. I just want her to realize she belongs with Deacon. I really don’t know what she is pursuing with Luke, except escape reality and be in denial.

      • SP says:

        I know I’m in the minority, but I disagree. I think this love triangle is believable and effective. I love Luke as a foil to Deacon. He embraces all the things about celebrity life/music industry that Deacon avoids. They each seem to be a different side of the life Rayna wants. It makes perfect sense that Rayna finds herself in the middle. I think the writers want us to believe that she really loves Luke. If not, she is a terrible person. Luke gave her an out during the first episode this season. If she has been stringing him along this whole time than she’s a jerk. She has changed over the past season, but I don’t see that as Luke’s fault. She knew all this about him from the get go and he has offered to leave the limelight behind to go live a private life w/ her if that is what she wants. Obviously, I think Rayna belongs with Deacon, but I hope they keep Luke around and I bet they will. If I were writing the show and were guaranteed a 4th season I would let Ruke get married and have their relationship die a little more realistically while Deacon spends time focusing on fathering Maddie and making music. I have NO expectations of that happening, however. I bet they do something way more soapy to keep both Luke and Deacon in her life. Here are some possibilities:
        1. They make Luke a straight up villain. Rayna calls off wedding for sick or wounded Deacon and Luke joins forces with Jeff to bring down Rayna’s label. ( seems so unrealistic to me)
        2. Luke gets stuck in Rayna’s life via Maddie. Rayna calls off wedding but then Maddie gets pregnant with Colt’s baby and the next thing you know the 3 of them are co-grandparenting.( GROSS. PLEASE NO!)
        3.Broken hearted Luke falls for Sadie who is on Rayna’s label…blah, blah, blah. (snooze)
        4. Maybe they get married just long enough for Luke to join Rayna’s label and then she is stuck sucking up to/supporting her label’s biggest artist even though he is her ex husband.

        Whatever they do, they better not let Deacon fall back off the wagon. Despite what nest week’s promo suggested, I’m sure they wouldn’t make that decision now that Maddie is in his life.

        • Looch says:

          I totally agree- they better not have Deacon fall off the wagon We would Really be disappointed with that story line Pretty obvious he has some medical condition Let s see how Rayna handls this situation?!?! Do u really think she ll marry Luke??? They sure want us to think so…. Hopefully she comes to her senses and runs the other way

        • Completly agree!! I think this love triangle is the perfect metaphor for Rayna’s inner struggle that began in season one episode one. She wants to remain the queen of country, but is she willing to sell out for it? Deep down I think we all know she isn’t … hopefully she realizes it before saying ‘I do’. My money is on some form of the number 3 scenario. But I could almost see Luke getting fed up, going on another whiskey cowboy bender, and in a mixture of spite and legitimate chemistry, hooking up with Sadie, while he’s still with Rayna! Seriously, think of the drama … Sadie is under contract with Highway 65 and Ray NEEDS her, so there is no ignoring the situation. The paps would have a total field day! Ladie (or Suke)sounds better than Ruke anyway.

    • Juliane Wimmer says:

      I totally agree with you. Loved the show from the beginning, the music and especialy the Rayna-Deacon storyline. I also adore Connie Britton – but the writers are ruining it all. They have no ideas to keep nashville “exciting” with Rayna and Deacon being a couple. (look FNL – there it works for Tami and the coach) As a result we’re tired of the Rayna-Deacon-storyline and get more and more confused of the character transition of Rayna. We still want to like her but …
      I thought of stop watching the show after Episode 3.01 when Rayna decides for Luke and against Deacon. I’m sorry that I didn’t because now I’m really pissed.

    • Nate says:

      I kinda hate the attitude that you need to unconditionally love a character to make a show work. If you have no problems accepting the characters, no matter what, that doesn’t make for engaging TV…that makes for little more than Mad Libs watching patterns. Characters should screw up, good characters should have moments of badness, bad characters should have moments of goodness, and viewers who are truly invested in the show and characters should have emotional reactions to those moments, whether they tarnish their views of the characters or not. That’s what a well-done TV show is, not some idiotic procedural where the characters are just ciphers to get us to the next crime scene or forensic/cyber/medical research montage.

  2. diane says:

    Rayna is not worth it.

  3. Adam Lenhardt says:

    Clearly they’ve been taking great pains to highlight Rayna’s self-deception about her feelings. But given that promo for next week’s fall finale, it looks like she’s finally going to have to piss or get off the pot when it comes to Deacon.

  4. Riana says:

    Is anyone else hoping Zoey never comes back?

    • wrstlgirl says:

      That’s a yes from me too.

    • Elsa says:

      YES !!! (And yes, CAPS are necessary)

    • Tvgeek says:


    • Normandy says:

      The show’s not allowed to have more than one black character in a lengthy storyline. The whole political stuff fell apart so they got rid of Lamar’s rival/Deacon’s sponsor and in comes Zoe, and now Zoe is gone because they have Mykelti Williamson. =P

      Also, is Oliver Hudson the first actor on the show they gave an instrument double to? The cutaways were pretty obvious. Because everyone else has been playing their own instruments and singing their own songs, so does that mean Teddy can suddenly develop musical talent too and be integrated back into the cast storylines?

      • Anna says:

        Oh, please. This has nothing to do with Zoe being black. She’d be a very boring character if she was white, too. For the record, I was very sick of Scarlett as well before she joined the band last night, because I think this will work for her & maybe make her character/storylines not suck as much.

      • Cant PlayNice says:

        I was thinking the same thing as soon as the show aired. I’ve HATED Zooey ever since she hooked Gunnar, and I’m glad she’s gone. But why does a show that takes place in the deep South have only 1 black character at a time?

      • Shay says:

        Zoey held a lot potential than Layla, who is being shoved down the viewers throats at this point. The lack of diversity on this show is almost alarming at this point, and people cheering over Zoey being gone is just as alarming. Zoey could have easily been a commentary on how hard it is to break into the business as a minority. Instead, she was shoved to the side as a token, while Layla (a character nobody even likes no matter how many songs they give her or how they write her) gets to be fleshed out.

        • izzieb says:

          Wanting Zoey gone has absolutely nothing to do with her skin color. The actress played (very well) an annoying character who didn’t fit in any storyline.

          • Shay says:

            Layla also did not fit any storyline, but was forced to fit and ruined Will’s storyline progress in the process. They could have said something important through Zoey’s storyline as well, but they chose not to.

        • Cant PlayNice says:

          That’s an excellent point, Shay. I can’t remember her race ever being mentioned on the show, and to pretend it’s a non-issue in any entertainment business is ridiculous. Perhaps if the show still had the same focus on the industry as it did in the first season, they would have. But they moved from country music commentary to soap in the second season. I’m still glad she’s gone, though. Hooking up with your lifelong best friend’s super-ex less than a year after they break up? And acting entitled to it? There is no coming back from that in my book. Then again, I’m probably one of the few people who agrees with Julianna Margulies that Alicia would not and could not continue her friendship with Kalinda.

        • lorna says:

          I actually like layla a lot,now that she has shown her human side.

    • RUCookie says:

      Count me among that group!

    • So much YES!! I have a feeling we’re headed for West Coast segments though, since Tandy is out there too. Zoe has just come across as a selfish brat since getting with Gunnar, with only scattered moments of genuine caring. And seriously I have been waiting for Scarlet to replace her in the band since their road trip tease! The whole thing looked like an album cover/arr shoot. I was bouncing up and down in my seat when that three part harmony hit my ears!

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Anybody know who the actor is playing Sadie’s manager? He looks very familiar but I can’t place him.

  6. Lisa says:

    Sadie is the best character addition Nashville has added. Juliette’s scenes were hilarious. Zoe showed her selfish self and hope she is just s footnote in Nashville history.

    • Shay says:

      Selfish? How? Because she wanted to have a career instead of raising Gunnar’s son who is so clearly his brother’s son? How dare she!

      • Lisa says:

        No it was understandable that she didn’t want to be an instant Mom and follow her own dreams. I thought she was selfish toward Scarlett. Scarlett, her best friend, begged her to help her find Terry. Scarlett was worried for his physical safety. I also thought she was selfish to back out of going onstage moments before She was to go on.

  7. Terry says:

    Sadie’s manager is a former soap actor. He was on the Young and the Restless and General Hospital.

  8. Sarah says:

    Juliette was hilarious. And Javery were great as well.

    Who cares about anything else?

  9. Jill says:

    Oh my Nashville writers, what have you done to Rayna?!! They’ve just destroyed her for what??? The most boring storyline on the planet. I hate Luke, but I’m starting to like him better than Rayna too. She’s an emotionless pod person who’s treating the man who’s loved her for more than 20 years like crap. I used to love them together, now I kind of want someone to shoot her peggy style.

    • Jay says:

      I kind of enjoy seeing Raina try and navigate Juliet type opportunities. But Ruke is an abomination. Raina and Sadie should have a fling.

  10. Stacey says:

    Anyone know who the bartender is that Will hits on? He looks familiar and I can’t place him!

  11. Callie says:

    I for one think it’s a christmas miracle that I didn’t have to endure Teddy and his bizarre story line this week!

    • Tim says:

      Yes! I didn’t even realize he was missing until someone mentioned his name. I guess they keep him around because he’s the girl’s father. I still think this is one of the best Network programs.

  12. Carla Krae says:

    Great ep. I have fun every wed. it’s on. Died laughing at Juliette’s stalking on the scooter.

  13. Sarah says:

    I know from the promo that we are supposed to think that Deacon has fallen off the wagon again, but I don’t think they will go down that road again so soon. My prediction, Deacon has liver cancer and Maddie is going to have to give him a piece of her liver. Full on Soap Opera. I don’t think they’ve quite learned their lesson from last season’s ridiculous car crash. Either way I think we are in for tearful hospital scenes. I was kind of hoping they would have Juliette go into labor in order to stop the wedding, but I guess we will have to wait for the season finale for that.

  14. nfan says:

    what is the name of that guy who played the gay bar tender?

  15. GeoDiva says:

    “Kris Jenner Fancy Pilgrim” is awesome! Also loved Juliette’s line about finding something that made her look even shorter!

  16. Jane says:

    I’m done with Luke, Rayna needs to figure it out that Deacon is where its at. Deacon needs some consistent success and not with roadies, but with his talent. Scarlett needs to start performing again, Avery needs to be with Juliette and the baby and Will and Layla will just drift apart naturally and ultimately legally hopefully. Zoe was kind of an opportunist and was not really in “love” with Gunnar. It was probably easier to leave he and the kid than not. ZAG is a great sounding group so they should be promoted. Scarlett will function better as a team member and not the star.

  17. PTF says:

    Oh God, Rayna’s the worst. That doesn’t seem a smart direction for a show to take. If she wasn’t played by Connie Britton they would have lost me a long time ago.
    WHAT was the point of all this R/D/L ‘triangle’ nonsense? All it’s made me think is that Deacon can and should do better than a woman who just rejects him and crushes him over and over. SO BORED of waiting for them to get R/D back together, at some point you just think: why bother?

    • Kalia says:

      I agree. Rayna is the worst. She is not a good friend for Deac, not a good fiancee for Luke and not a good mother for her girls! SO she break up with Luke cause Deacon is sick A VERY GOOD REASON!
      Will story line is over! how many country singer are gay? yes this is the point! Good bye Will and Wife
      it’s such a shame really loved 6/7/8 episodes.
      if Nashville wasn’t a soap: Juliette’s baby dies, Rayna is pregnant and comes back with Luke. Deacon fall in love with Sadie and make good music together! Rayna deserve to lose Luke and Deacon
      (I watch for Connie Britton)

    • Looch says:

      I totally agree This love triangle is boring me to tears She is treating Deacon ;like crap and I;m kinda getting sick of that! Come on Rayna you know where u belong and it s not with Luke

  18. AB says:

    I faithfully watched every episode of Season 1 but I bailed after the car crash and it was obvious more Rayna/Deacon angst was in the works. Every week I come here to read the recap and see if this is the week I happily return (crossed my fingers for the season three premiere). Instead, I always find out that I have saved myself another week of frustration. I love the premise of the show and am a huge Connie Britton fan. The chemistry between her and Charles Esten is amazing. But I refuse to be all in until it’s clear the show itself is as well.

  19. izzieb says:

    WHY. CAN’T. SCARLETT. STOP. LOOKING. LIKE. A. FRUMP?!!! My gosh! That giant hair shirt she was “wearing” was ridiculous! I’ve had long hair, I know that you don’t wear it all around you like that, come on, let’s show a little neck! Nice to hear her singing with the boys again, but she looked awful, from her hair to her facial expressions, to her gunny sack for a dress. I’m glad Terry turned the mirror on her, but thought it was a little quick that she actually jumped back in. Glad she did though.

    Zoey = Buh-Bye!

    Deacon….sigh. Why are you laying on the floor in the promos for next week? It’s not drink, I’m sure, as they’ve already beaten that horse to death.

    Tired of Rayna going along on this crazy ride of Ruke, but I did see glimmers of her dissatisfaction – especially when Deacon pointed them out, so maybe there’s hope for her yet.

    Avery and Juliette – they are so awesome together!!

    I hate the thought that we have to have a wait after next week until the winter break is over. I’ll miss my Nashville buddies!

    • Bonnie Winslow says:

      My thoughts exactly. When Scarlett’s on screen, I’m totally distracted by that hair, and her mopey expression. Somebody, please give her a comb!!!

  20. Dawn says:

    Yes I agree the whole Rayna/Luke/Deacon triangle seems like it’s going on forever. But I also know from experience that petty jealousy resulting from having ex’s around does have a way of ruining current relationships. Usually the person caught in the middle (in this case Rayna) is confused about things, and that’s why the triangle drags on. So to me this storyline is somewhat credible.
    On a side note, I’ve been a fan of Will Chase (Luke) for years, and love watching him on Nashville in this role. He’s an incredibly talented actor and singer, regardless of his storyline.

    • I wanted to jump in again and reply to this. Despite my utter hatred for the RUKE storyline and what they’ve done to Rayna, I in no way blame Will Chase. He has a wonderful voice and is a really great sport on Twitter. He’s played his role to perfection. It’s the actual story that I have so much contempt for.
      My dream story would be for Rayna to turn BOTH men down. She would actually do some real soul searching and figuring out exactly what she wants from life and by this time realizing she wants to be with Deacon, and they agree to work on their issues together. In the meantime Luke, being rejected, turns on her and joins forces with The Turtle to bring Highway 65 down before it’s even off the ground. It may still happen, but at this point, it’ll be them trying to mop up the mess they’ve made. ::sigh::

  21. Iakovos says:

    I love NASHVILLE. I will say the series started strong but like other shows (DESP H’WIVES, REVENGE) a second season sometimes goes awry. The series could not carry the side plots about politics and Rayna’s family so they wisely let that go. Tho dismayed at Juliette’s pregnancy, I am enjoying her maturation and humor. The Rayna-Luke storyline seemed forced — still does — but I get it. We needed conflict for our heroine. I would like more Highway 65 business stories, and hope the show gets time to develop more of those with Sadie and the SAG band. I liked Zoe and was sad for her fate but NASHVILLE needs to remind us show biz even in Music City can be brutal to talented people and on hearts and spirits. Wish the show did take more time to develop stories. This may be a minority opinion, but I am feeling rushed with Gunner Has A Son. Would have liked to see more development there.

  22. Delta Girl says:

    I can’t stand every time Rayna says “Babe”, and even I am starting to dislike Connie Britton’s style of acting…

  23. Toni says:

    Love the show, however, Rayna’s characters attributes are skwed. How could anyone keep track of her story line when it changes minute by minute. Maybe Luke will hook up with Sadie..poetic justice. It’s painful to watch week after week as the writers turn Rayna inside out. Her current character is 360 from her supposed core. Now it’s just ridiculous. .maybe Luke will go down in a plane crash….or maybe they are waiting to put Rayna and Deacon together when the show is cancelled.

  24. Shan says:

    Scarlett’s PTSD is understandable to me, it is mostly from abuse from her mom & manifested while performing. Jeff needs to show a real human emotion – no one is 100% good or bad but his character has been so far. Still saddened that Reyna has stayed with Luke after all of his temper-tantrums!! His fragile ego is much more of a threat to Reyna & kids than alcohol being used by Deacon ever could!! Looking forward to seeing Avery & Juliette together again. Glad Zoey went to LA to claim her own life & decided to stop living in Scarlette’s cast-off, former life.

  25. RUCookie says:

    Couples, couples, couples (and pairings) galore…

    Rayna/Deacon-please take that back Rayna cuz you just killed him and lied to yourself. We all know it!

    Zoe & the boys – take your attitude and go to LA and please stay.
    Scarlett & Terry – we all saw this relapse coming BUT I thank him for bringing back:
    Scarlett & the boys – she need to sing more often, so YEAH

    WIll/Lalya – I like them as friends. Its is cute to see them fret about their troubles together. Sadly this friendship will not last
    Lalya/Jeff – yuck – my eyes, my eyes… why does this girl make so many bad decisions. She needs a handler pronto
    Will/random bartender – oh no, he is going to get outed soon!

    Juliette/Avery- they are on the road back to each other. That granny cart scene had me howling.
    Sadie/Avery – glad Juliette cleared that up and got him the job – It seems that they are writing Sadie to be a good girlfriend. She was going to say no cuz her and Juliette were labelmates?!?!

  26. Merry says:

    I know I’m in the minority here but I’m actually kinda sad that Zoey is gone. Yes, I know the writers had written her as jealous and selfish so far this season. But let’s face it, Juliette is far, far worse than her about all that. (Side note: I was pissed at Juliette for firing her because she absolutely can’t stand anyone taking the spotlight away from her even though technically Zoey saved her butt because that concert didn’t stop immediately and get everyone gossiping that Juliette passed out. Look at what bad press she got after Scarlett’s meltdown or right before she and Rayna sung at the Grand Ole Opry. That Juliette fired her so snarkily but then expected Avery to just forgive her for cheating on him? Who’s selfish now? ;-))

    Not gonna lie, there’s next to no excuse for dating your best friend’s ex. She doesn’t get a pass with that even though her and Gunnar were cute together for awhile.

    Zoey has an incredible voice and I wish the show had kinda addressed how hard it is for minorities to get their start in the country music business directly. I honestly hope that Zoey DOES get her career restarted in L.A. and returns to Nashville a bright new star (and trumps Juliette by winning a CMA award they are both nominated for).

    I thought that Zoey was absolutely correct about what she said to Gunnar last night. Gunnar DID want her to just raise his kid and not pursue her own music career as a performer and songwriter. Gunnar is at fault here because it doesn’t appear that he ever sat down with Zoey and laid all his card on the table. He never told her that Micah would have to take priority in his life because his mom had abandoned him and he didn’t know he had a son for the last ten years (or so).

    Yes, Zoey could have been a little less selfish in her approach to Micah (like not asking Gunnar all the time when Micah’s mom was gonna be picking him up). But he was not her responsibility and Gunnar could have got Micah into sports, play groups, music classes, something that wouldn’t require Zoey to always be watching him or picking him up. Hell, Gunnar could have hired a nanny to help with Micah! He had the resources (money, house, time) to be a full-time parent to Micah but Zoey could not. She is not an establish singer-songwriter yet and she does need more time to devote to her career, to be able to go on tour and record at the drop of the hat. Gunnar did exactly that so why wouldn’t he understand that Zoey needed to do that to?

    As for turning down touring for ZAG that’s ridiculous because look at how Rayna, Luke and the other country artists on the show with kids tour all the time and will bring their kids along on the road sometimes. True, their kids have another parent at home to take them to school and to not disrupt their lives all the time. But like I said, Gunnar could have hired a Nanny or asked a close friend in Nashville to look after Micah while he and the band were out on the road. He could have worked out a touring schedule for the band that didn’t have him away from Nashville for long stretches of time. He just said no to all of it. I don’t blame Zoey for being pissed because she really needed that for her career.

    Clearly I’ve thought about this way too much… ;-) I just thought I’d put in my ten cents about the Zoey/Gunnar/Scarlett/ZAG situation.

  27. Scarlett’s PTSD is due to childhood abuse – the stress of going on tour is what brought the symptoms to the forefront for her, so she was worried that being in the spotlight again would trigger her past trauma.

  28. sherry says:

    I am getting so tired of the deacon, Rayna, Luke story. They need to make a decision. I don’t feel sorry for Luke, he knew what he was getting into when he got involved with Rayna. He was jealous when Rayna was winning all the Grammy’s. Maybe next week it will make her realize her feelings for deacon. I wonder if Maddie will blame her mother. Just as long that they don’t kill off deacon, for then I will be done with the show.

    • SP says:

      You really don’t feel bad for Luke at all?? Yes, he knew she had a history w/ Deacon but he has expressed his concerns about it on several occasions (the military episode and again when she told him about Deacon’s proposal). She keeps assuring him that she loves and wants him over Deacon. Poor guy. He has been nuts about her since his mullet days and it is clearly going to end poorly for him.

  29. Holly Kowgios says:

    I used to like Rayna. She has become so superficial like Luke who I find annoying! Rayna used to be a good mom. She has not only sold Deacon down the river, but her daughters as well. I don’t know how long I can watch Ruke in ‘tinsel town’. One possitive outcome of last night’s episode was that Zoey is gone! Now Luke needs to go…….

  30. John says:

    Kimberley Roots (Senior Editor) really does need to educate herself on PTSD and complex PTSD (C-PTSD) and what those entail before referring to PTSD in a public article. Sadly she has no idea what she’s talking about.

    (“Though maybe you can cool it with the PTSD talk, Scar? You choked and hid under a piano, you didn’t take enemy fire in ‘Nam”.)

  31. Kate says:

    I do get that this is a soapy drama, but do the writers really need to make Rayna so freaking dumb? I don’t think I’m along in feeling like the Rayna character has morphed in this season from a strong, smart woman to a dumb, shallow idiot. Where are her principles? That was such a huge part of what made her compelling in the first place! What I keep hearing in all of the comments I’ve read online is that people actually want a strong, smart, kind leading woman. Yes, she will have her issues over time, but are the writers on this show so terrible that they have to painfully draw out a love triangle instead of just letting her be with Deacon and finding a way to write about the small daily ups and downs of their life with some nuance? I sort of find it insulting that they think that their viewership is comprised of people who can only be interested in painfully unrealistic drama.

    And yes, if they kill off Deacon I’m done. I’ll just got back to rewatching Season 1, when Rayna was still a compelling person to watch.

    Also – what the hell has happened to her wardrobe this season? Anyone else think that aside from her outfit when she went to see Deacon she looked really matronly? I miss gorgeous silk bloused and cashmere sweatered, smart, dynamic and strong Rayna! Please bring her back!

  32. Larry C. says:

    So happy Zoey is gone. I wish she had taken Scarlette with her. She just whines like a child. Plus, I don’t understand why men have been interested in her as she isn’t attractive. As for Juliette, it’s always the same thing: she’s happy; she gets ticked off; later, she is sorry. The scene with her in the wheelchair and “disguise” was pathetic. She is a major star running around (or riding around!) like Lucy and Ethel spying on Ricky and Fred at the Tropicana. Let’s not forget Teddy’s five minutes of sex with the hooker at that event. Next thing you know, he will be sexting her pictures of his “junk”. Poor Eric Close. He deserves a better storyline. Deacon is the show’s best character, and Charles Esten should become a major tv star if there is any justice.

  33. Linda Stevens says:

    I surely do hope the writers do not have Deacon drinking again.Would be such a bad choice.I really do feel sorry for the way Rayna treats Deacon.HOw much more can the man pour out his soul to her. Rayna seems to have become very hard..But I guess if its power and fame she wants they should keep her with Luke..they deserve each other. BUt Rayna and DEacon..Man I watch the show just to get the few glimpes of the two of them together..Great Chemistry..Be sad if she lets Deacon go..Let them go through their trails and tribulations as a couple and show the world that with endurance true love can last. sigh just a wish

  34. sc says:

    I have been a big fan of the show and I love the music. I feel like we’ve had to tolerate Rayna ‘ s relationship with Luke and it looks like there is no end in sight.. She is clearly following in her father’s footsteps by putting business ahead of family. I was turned off by her cold response to Deacon after the accident. This episode took the cake. I’m not sure she can be forgiven. I’ve always liked her character but I have turned against her now. She and Deacon have amazing onscreen chemistry. She and Luke are fake and it is hard to watch. If Luke rolls his eyes one more time, I’ll scream.
    I hope the writers can find a better balancing act….
    We don’t need so much drama to keep watching. The characters are interesting and the music is great. Is it too much to ask for a little peace and happiness ?

    • Linda Stevens says:

      It would be great to see a little bit of Happiness for Rayna and Deacon..And Deacon can be happy and so can Rayna..We all watched A season and part of a season having to Tolerate LUke..I have ben checking out Vidieos of Charles Esten and I think the writers can have Rayna and Deacon together and have them happy..Why the writers made so much of Luke and his singing with and without Rayna is still beyond me..Some of the songs I have heard performed by Charles Esten (Deacon) are incrediable.”.He ain’t Me “and ” Its all good”would be perfect songs for Deacon to sing on Nashville With Rayna..I think the writers should put those two together and let them tour on the show.. With Maddie and Daphine..They would make a great Storyline line and it would be much better then Luke..How they ever put Luke above Deacon is beyond me..There are some great songs out there..Maybe should focus more on the music of Nashville then on the lives of the singers on Nashville..No more crazy dramas and crazy putting people together Lets have some great singing Happening with the Actors and Actress..They are all great..

  35. nikki says:

    Deacon, Deacon, Deacon – what is wrong with Rayna?

  36. Who did Will kiss? What’s the actor’s name?

  37. Terry noyola says:

    I want the Christmas CD I can’t find it anywhere

  38. I am a true fan of the series from day one. You must allow Rayna & Deacon to get together. Yes, I know Deacon is sick, but she has to be there for him and he has to let her & Maddie be there for him. For their sake, if not for his own. I want Deacon to live happily ever after with Rayna & his daughter, Maddie. True love must win!!! If Deacon dies, or worse doesn’t hook up with Rayna because he is sick, I am never watching the show again. When there is a tragic ending to movie or tv show, I feel like I wasted my time. If I want tradagedy, there’s real life.