The Voice Top 8 Results Recap: If You Don't Know Them By Now...

Usain Bolt, California Chrome and Amtrak’s Acela service have got nothing on The Voice.

When NBC’s reality singing competition hits the live voting rounds, it feels like The Hulk (in full rage mode) is pressing his foot against the accelerator — and there’s barely a moment to register what’s going down.

Think about it: On November 10, the Season 7 Live Playoffs began with a deep and exciting bench of 20 contestants. A mere 23 days later, the field has been slashed — with extreme prejudice — down to five semifinalists. Heck, with that kind of schedule, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani barely had a moment to realize the counterproductiveness of their song choices.

I know, I know… The Voice has the Emmy recognition and the 18-49 demo ratings and the singular screaming lady whose pre-recorded howling leads us out of every single commercial break — I refuse to believe there’s an actual human who can muster that kind of hysteria that many times per hour — but I still think the show would have a better shot at producing a bona fide chart-topper if it stole one idea from American Idol and gave us more time to get to know its contestants.

But that’s just the gripe of your humble recapper. And maybe the percolating success of “God Made Girls,” the new single from adorable robot-girl/”Possible Gen Y Answer to Dolly Parton” RaeLynn  — inability to hit all the notes live notwithstanding — will prove me wrong. You’ll have to weigh in down in the comments and tell me who’s right, who’s wrong. (Yes, that’s a Janet Jackson lyrical reference. Rated O… for Ooooooold.)

Whatever the case, let’s recap the quick and bloody reality of Top 8 results.

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Matt McAndrew (Team Adam)
Damien (Team Adam)
Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen)
Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake)

Bottom 4
Luke Wade (Team Pharrell)
Chris Jamison (Team Adam)
Ryan Sill (Team Gwen)
DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell)

Last Chance Performances
DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell) — “I’d Rather Go Blind” | Grade: A-
Luke Wade (Team Pharrell) — Stand By Me” | Grade: C-
Ryan Sill (Team Gwen) — “Heaven” | Grade: C
Chris Jamison (Team Adam) — “Georgia on My Mind” | Grade: B+

And with those performances on the books, I had to Tweet on the side of Season 7’s sole remaining woman — even though, intellecutally, I knew Chris might have a better shot to stop the predictability of a Matt McAndrew/Taylor John Williams Top 2.

In keeping with my track record of total failure in Season 7 #VoiceSave failures, however, America got behind tonight’s second-best performer and sent Chris Jamison to the semi-finals.

And with that, Pharrell’s Season 7 work is finished. And Adam has all three of his finalists in the Top 5. Dude definitely wins the title of Best Song Selector, even if he’s the least genuine person on the panel.

On that note, I turn it over to you. What did you think of The Voice quarterfinal results? Was the right person saved? Did someone survive who should’ve been ousted? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Adake says:

    Luke looked like he just gave up. Probably didn’t inspire many to tweet. At least DaNica, Chris and Ryan gave it their best. Especially liked DaNica and Chris. While sorry for DaNica, was happy that Chris got a second chance. Definitely deserved it! America got this right. Wow, Pharrell out of contestants for now – bad song choices hurt his contestants while Adam has all three with solid coaching. Unlike some posting, I’m enjoying this season’s music and it’s unpredictability.

    • analythinker says:

      You and I think alike, bruh.

    • Timmah says:

      Adam could have 100 contestants left and it wouldn’t matter, because Craig Wayne Boring is going to win.

      • Adake says:

        Good luck on that prediction. In previous years when Blake was winning consistently and getting out the country vote, I might have agreed. But Matt, Taylor, Damien and Chris are charting right with Craig. I think the winner is not too easy to predict this year. Makes it interesting.

        • Timmah says:

          The only reason Blake didn’t win last season was because he had that kid who could barely sing in tune. And iirc he still finished second. I can see this coming from a mile away, CWB has this sealed up.

          • Scott says:

            I don’t know, I feel like Matt is leading the pack right now. People eat his songs up on iTunes.

          • Rick says:

            Hope you’re right. I was worried this week. I thought all eight were good and he picked a bad week to be mediocre. Hope he turns it up again next week.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I don’t think CWB has this sealed up at all. I’d say it’s a three-way tie for first b/w Chris, Matt, and CWB and it will all depend on who has their big moments next week and the week after. The only two I don’t think have a chance are sadly Damien and gladly TJW.

          • Timmah says:

            iTunes doesn’t matter for squat, otherwise Grimmie would have won last season. People that download songs on iTunes mostly represent the younger segment of the viewers, which are not the majority.

          • Timmah says:

            By the way, if you’ve ever wondered why the winners of this show are almost always singers who seem like their styles are very dated compared to what currently sells, google the median age of The Voice viewer. It’s 45.9 (Idol’s is 53.4 which explains a lot as well). Blake knows this and uses it to his advantage when he gets a horse like CWB, unlike Adam who generally prefers to be (slightly) more current.

          • Sara says:

            Timmah, the week that Christina Grimmie was in the bottom (and by all rights should have gone home, since the show originally claimed that there would be no save right before the finals), she had the least iTunes sales other than Kat. Kristin beat her by quite a bit in iTunes sales that week. The only reason Grimmie made it to the finals was because she had the twitter vote locked in with her celeb friends (Bieber and Selena Gomez both tweeted to save her that night) and her large number of followers going into the show. Josh on the other hand was pretty consistently at the top for iTunes (and if I remember correctly even went to #1 or #2 on the chart at least once, if not more times?) and he won the season.
            To say that iTunes “doesn’t matter for squat” is inaccurate, as it does present a pretty good picture week to week as to who is at the bottom.

          • Timmah says:

            Josh did not have a finale song in the top 10 on iTunes, while Grimmie had the #3 and #8, according to what I just looked up. But regardless, my point is that the demographics for who downloads songs is very different from the demo of who watches the show overall, the majority of whom are over 45 as I pointed out above. So you can’t look at iTunes sales to tell you who’s going to win.

          • Scott says:

            I think it varies with each season. I mean Cassadee Pope went #1 on iTunes 3 times and was in the top 10 pretty much ever week starting with Top 10. She dominated the iTunes charts and in the end took it all. I see something similar happening with Matt this season, which is why, if I were to bet, I’d put my money on Matt.

          • MC says:

            @Timmah The median age stat helps to explain Pharrell’s song choices. I am sure that he chose those songs to appeal to this specific demographic, not because he is clueless about what is current or best for his singers. I also believe that song selection had very little, if anything, to do with determining this final five. Matt and CWB have been locks for a long time. TJW has gained supporters each week, regardless of song selection and despite seemingly mediocre performances. Damien’s overwrought emotionalism has worked since day one and he has received consistent support from voters. Chris combines talent and “cuteness.” He has had a strong fan base for some time. I even voted to save him and I’m pretty far from the ideal demographic for him.

        • glenda says:

          I am so sure CWB is going to win, I feel no one else is even in the running. It doesn’t matter what the song choice is, he can sing it and make you believe it. He is never off tune…hits every note on the button and clear. His soft, sure, voice gets to anyone and everyone listening. His stage presence is so easy, like he has performed for longer than he has lived. He sounds like, looks like, and shows himself like a superstar. You will soon see…..he will take The Voice and make it look like a walk in the park.

          • Blank Slate says:

            He also looks likes he stuffs himself into the tightest jeans in wardrobe. Uh. What’s going on in there, sir? I also get the feeling he slathers on bottles of cologne before he hits the stage. He just looks too 70s.

        • Meme says:

          I think any of the top 5 could win it with the right song! Each one of them have had special moments and each one is very talented and will go far no matter the outcome!

        • Jaszy says:

          Nothing about this season with all boys left is interesting. What the heck is wrong with America?!
          I really believe that girls are better singers and performers than men are. They just draw me in. They show more emotion.
          Craig sucks!
          Matt sucks!
          Chris, I really don’t mind for some reason, even though I still would prefer a girl.
          Damien I don’t mind either. Still would prefer a girl.
          who else is missing? I forgot somebody…Oh, that’s right, that boring, sleepy Taylor John Williams. I really had to think who I was forgetting for a second. Didn’t like him at all and couldn’t stand him even more after Amanda Lee Peers rightfully won that Battle Round vocal, but cougar Gwen’s fondness for young boys (she was in a band with all boys) just knocked Amanda out of the running. Ugh!
          Instead of these five boys, I wish it was Sugar Joans, Mia Pffirman, Jean Kelley, DaNica Shirey, and Reagan James.
          That sounds more interesting to me!
          But maybe it’s just my partially closeted lesbian tendencies speaking.
          Sugar Joans!

      • glenda says:

        right on! Just listen to the crowd! He has it all. Voice, looks, and stage presence.

      • Gailer says:

        This worries me, he’s so dated

    • AlyB says:

      Ditto your entire post.

    • Tyler says:

      I’m enjoying this season’s music too. Probably not the best season of vocalists. But it definitely has unique artists. Whenever did we hear The Blower’s Daughter, Royals, Take It Easy, etc. on American Idol?

      • Jessa24 says:

        Tessanne Chin and that girl from Team Blake sang Royals that one time, and I’ve never seen a full episode of AI but I remember Phillip phillips singing Damien Rice’s “volcano”

        • Tyler says:

          That’s true. But Tessanne and Caroline sang Royals out of competition on the Voice. And when Philip Phillips sang Volcano on AI, didn’t a lot of people consider that to be the weakest season up to that point?

          • Michael says:

            Not at all. At that point, that was perhaps the strongest season yet, and in my opinion, I thought it was the best tbh. Skylar Laine, Philip Phillips, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone, Hollie Cavanagh, they were all varying shades of great. Weakest season of Idol was easily Season 9, with only Crystal Bowersox being truly memorable. But you know, this is just my opinion lol

    • Scout says:

      I definitely gave up on Luke in that performance. It was time for him to go home.

      • Michael says:

        Wait what? The ultimate Luke Wade fan gave up on him? Le Gasp! But I agree with you Scout. It was time for him to go home.

      • Indy says:

        I think Luke either forgot the words/arrangement or just gave up to. He only sang a couple of lines..I was not really surprised by the save or Team Adam

      • Cyndee Hoialmen says:

        I think Luke had difficulty after his flub week and never quite got his confidence back. Since CWB is ‘the last man standing’ from Texas, the question is, will Luke’s supporters stay around and help him go for the win? hmmmm … ??

    • Adake says:

      Did anyone else notice Josiah Hawley from season 4 in the Kohl’s commercial during the Voice last night? At least he got a modeling gig.

    • JM1 says:

      Does anyone else besides me have the feeling that Taylor’s arrangement of Royals is probably something he picked up from another band or singer on youtube? And got full credit for? It was good . . .suspiciously good, compared to what he’s given us before now.

      • analythinker says:

        *raises hand*

      • patdamico says:

        It’s very similar to, if not an outright copy of, Jason Derulo’s BBC Live Lounge cover. The kid doesn’t have an original bone in his body.

        • Davey says:

          To be fair, I don’t think his version of Come Together was like anyone else’s and I liked how odd it was.

        • Jacob says:

          I just looked up that Jason Derulo performance – it is not the same thing at all. Please watch them back-to-back. The only similarity is that they’re both not very much like the original. Taylor put minor chords into his, and the instrumentation and tempo are very different.

    • Blank Slate says:

      Did Luke Wade make a mistake during his STAND BY ME save me song? Sure sounded like he lost his timing and footing. Again.

    • Gailer says:

      Chris has the best voice, he deserved it

  2. analythinker says:

    I admit I #VoiceSavedChris. To be perfectly honest, I did NOT think Adam’s team was that strong in the beginning, now they’re all in the Top 5. This may be the worst season, but the twist is sure interesting. And the wild card is still there, right?

    • Adake says:

      Yep, I agree, think Chris deserved the save this week. DaNica still has a strong shot for the wild card. Not sure who else who has been eliminated so far has a better voice. Pharrell needs to let her pick her own song,

      • But wont whoever gets elimInated next week also get a chance to be a wild card too? Im confused. LOL

      • ShariaLynn says:

        I dont knw. I think that Chris totally shanked “Sexual Healing”. But as I have said before I think that 15 yr olds must be doing the choosing. Still, I must say Adam has played the game very well.

        Even though I wonder why being married has turned him into such a jerk or maybe him being single had blinded me to it. Lol.

      • JM1 says:

        Gotta disagree this time. Chris can hit all the notes just fine, but there is no special tone to his voice that moves me much. (Obvs I’m in the minority!) Luke has a great tone but seemed to fall apart. Danica is a crazy good singer, wish she’d been saved.

        • analythinker says:

          I’d agree with you on the vocal observation, however this is where other things are factored in. Obviously Adam has done a great job picking the songs for Chris, had they not been good, he’d probably have not been here. But as long as DaNica’s song choices are worse, he would still trump her.

        • Marianne says:

          Danica IS an excellent singer, bit singing dated songs has not helped her. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like she’s marketable. I’m sad that Luke tubed. I did really like him – he reminded me a bit of Brit David Gray.

        • I agree with you JM1. I wished she’d been saved. I hope she gets that wild card. However, I’ve learned from Voice how really difficult it is to get a singing career going-think Tessanne Chinn, Judith Hill, Kristen Merlin to name a few. What are people’s post “Voice” lives like?

          • Cold Topic says:

            Wow……you seriously put Tessanne Chin, Judith Hill……and KRISTEN MERLIN in the same group?

    • Tom22 says:

      I’m probably lease intrigued by the contestants.. perhaps because we didn’t get to know them… perhaps because a couple of the more interesting personalities were “out-sung” by some fine people but more normal (and yeah I don’t think normal cuts it as an artist).
      But… the performances were almost all good this season… perhaps none excellent in a “i want to buy that and hear it over and over again” way for me… but they were solid and I got to hear good guests and the judges are fun.
      It’s fun to watch the coaching sessions and there were some great guest coaches.
      That’s good fun TV ..good entertainment. Singing competition? that’s a small part of the show.. the contestants themselves are only about 30% of the show …And that is not an insult.. it’s good entertainment with a bit of a chance for some new faces ! Great model for what is really a Prime Time musical Variety show.

  3. Greg says:

    I felt bad for DaNica. She had to go first, did a damn good job and then they put a commercial break in between and Adam got to give Chris a tongue bath right before the vote. DaNica didn’t stand a chance. Luke was awful and Ryan was his usual mediocre self. Guess there is the outside chance DaNica may get the Wild Card slot.

    • I hope DaNica get’s the wild card because she was not presented well in song choices; all over the place and in changing her look every week. I like Pharrell but think he proved to be a rookie and Adam played his cards very well.

  4. Hannah says:

    I lament the fact that we lost Danica, by far the best singer of the pack. Pouring one out…

  5. Angie_Overrated says:

    Other than TJW, the other 4 are pretty decent. I don’t think any of these final 5 would have been final 5 in season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, but at least the joke contestants and Pharrell are finally all gone.

    • analythinker says:

      If that doesn’t teach Pharrell a lesson in coaching, I don’t know what will. Is he not listening to what people say, really? I’m pretty sure people “like us” have tweeted something at him.

    • Scott says:

      Yup I agree, I still don’t get the “this is the best group we have ever had, in all the singing competitions ever!” Wtf Blake, what you drinking?

      • aja says:

        Seems like Blake is trying to convince himself that it is the best group ever because he knows otherwise. No one is a stand out and this is the first year I don’t even care who wins.

      • glenda says:

        So, don’t forget the popular vote counts, and Blake’s Craig Wade Boring is my choice or sure. Danica does have a good voice, but where is the stage presence? Not a star in my book. Whatever happens in the next few weeks, Craig will end up a star. Mark my words! And who cares what Blake is drinking anyway. He is a star and putting on his normal attitude. I kinda like it. Mostly, I think he has found someone who can and might be the next winner of THE VOICE!

        • Scott says:

          I meant what is he drinking that would cause him to make such a ridiculous statement as “this is the best group of singers I’ve ever seen!” Not hating on Blake, I like him, but come on man, pretty much ever other seasons top 8 were more memorable and stronger.

        • Davey says:

          Craig will do well in country music. I like his voice a lot. But he sounds like every other country singer I’ve seen on ABC country specials and on Nashville, the TV series.

      • Normandy says:

        I’m pretty sure someone’s required to call whatever season is on the air the best one yet to promote the show. Blake just happened to draw the short straw. If Blake declared “this is the sixth best season of the seven we’ve done” they’re probably fire him.

    • Michael says:

      Angie! lol we just can’t seem to agree this season. I just needed Danica to be saved this week. Ik you have your major crush on Chris, but that was Kendra Chantelle’s SONG. Plus, I still disagree with you on TJW lol. Unless he chokes next week, he’s got a fairly decent chance of going to the finale.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        My crush on Chris aside, I objectively think he beat DaNica tonight. It was close. DaNica did well, but for whatever reason I haven’t believed her as a musician despite her obvious talent.
        I don’t have especially strong feelings on the top 4, but I do have white hot passionate thoughts on TJW not belonging in this group. I’d have gladly swapped any of the 3 who left tonight out for him.
        Chris is dreamy. Had to throw that in there. lol

        • OodlesOfNoodles says:

          The TJW love is majorly because he seems to be unique as an artist- he’s not a screamer, and the guy can hit the notes where needed; he’s not boyband material; he’s not ‘old, classic’ either. He has the indie appeal going for him- he has this curious ability to pour emotions into a song without showing us the emotions. He doesn’t need to be overly dramatic to draw us into the song. He might seem generic to some people, but he actually has the sort of voice that can help him to sing anything. Just because the guy has some attitude or is private doesn’t mean he’s someone to be hated. It just shows he refuses to dive into the ‘reality show’ mould and bare his heart on national TV. He has the feels, he doesn’t need to show us- but he hints at it, and that is what makes him intriguing as an artist. Personally, i find him a refreshing type of singer- he mixes classic with contemporary and translates it pretty well.

          • Lori says:

            Absolutely completely agree with you. He’s by far the most interesting, most artistic in the pack. Thanks.

          • Lindy says:

            TJW Kinda reminds me of James Taylor.

          • Gailer says:

            I’ve always been on Taylor’s side. I’m thrilled there are no divas left lol

          • justopinion says:

            I don’t think he has an attitude. I think he’s quiet. I’m like that and people often misunderstand it. He seems like he has a lot of potential. He is young and has talent…just needs the right songs and to fully develop who he is as he matures. I think he’s an interesting one to watch.

          • Susanne says:

            I agree. If Danica doesn’t come back as the WC, I’m totally behind Taylor.

          • Martha says:

            Wow, beautifully said. Thank you for this post.

        • will says:

          I don’t know how you of all people haven’t picked up on just how bad Chris’s falsetto is. I don’t know why no one mentions it. It’s forced and almost always flat, and grinds in a very unpleasant way. And they try to use it constantly as if it doesn’t ruin the momentum of every song he sings when he flips into it. He has a great voice as long as he doesn’t try to touch the high notes but that’s really not worth keeping him over DaNica.

  6. We are down to 4 left. How many eliminated next week?

  7. Lloyd says:

    Poor DaNica…. :(

  8. EH says:

    Chris actually ended the voting time at #12, two spots ahead of CWB who made it based on votes. DaNica was next closest somewhere in the 30s. If The Voice didn’t literally put half their contestants in the “bottom four”, then DaNica would’ve been saved. I don’t even consider Chris “saved” when he had SO MANY more votes than the other 3. Can you imagine if he went home even though he swept them on Monday?

    • EH says:

      *Referring to iTunes when talking about rankings.

      • We cant go too much by picking a winner because of i tunes because CWB was behind Chris Jamison (on i tunes) and was not in bottom 4!

        • drummory says:

          That was on the overall chart. If you look at the country chart, he was number 1. Just as Damien was #1 on the R&B chart.

          • Scott says:

            Yes, but the overall chart shows that Chris out sold CWB, meaning he got more votes via iTunes than CWB. So the top 4 according to iTunes rankings were Matt, Damien, Taylor, and Chris, however, CWB actually got the fourth spot over Chris, which mean he got more votes via the other methods. Anyways the point is we can’t rely on the iTunes rankings soley becasue they did not foretell the actual top 4.

          • Drummory Yes I know he was! Very excited he was number 1 on country charts which he also was last week! I was just stating that it seemed like everyone was already picking winners by just looking at i tunes, and I thought someone had told me only the pop charts count! Do you know if that is true? If the country charts count too than all the better, because I want Craig to win!

          • Troy says:

            They only get the 10x bonus on their votes if they get in the top 10 on the overall charts. Even if they are in the top 10 on the country, pop, or rock charts, they have to break into the overall charts to get the bonus.

          • Thank you Troy, that is what I thought also.

    • Adake says:

      I was worried that somehow Ryan’s followers would tweet in and save him over Chris or DaNica. That would have been a joke. America got this one right.

  9. Ana Andrade says:

    I’m happy with the results even though I rather have DaNica than Taylor. He can sing but doesn’t leave a lasting impression on me unlike the other 4 that made it tonight.
    On a sidenote, today proved why Christina Grimmie didn’t won last season. Her voice is too nasally for my taste. And what was up with RaeLynn?

  10. analythinker says:

    Sorry Michael, I think my one and only reason for not saving DaNica was to tell Pharrell something he’s been oblivious of.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      There’s that point which I think is valid, but more importantly I’d say nothing about DaNica pops. She is a force to be reckoned with vocally, but for whatever reason, I never felt it all came together into a knock-your-socks-off performance. Rather than ever going “WOW!!!!” it was always “that was nice.” “That was nice” isn’t ever going to win this show.

      • analythinker says:

        I totally agree. I said “to tell Pharrell something” bc it contains words like “she doesn’t deserve it, not because of the vocal, but because I just can’t see the potential of her doing great thanks to your coaching”. Whether or not it’s a matter of song choices, I guess we can’t see it now, since she did an oldie again for her “save me” song. And I want to say “making songs your own” gets you far in this competition, but TJW proves that wrong (sorry, can’t help it).

  11. shohreh says:

    Wow! Just wow!
    Still faaaar from my favorit season, namely season 5!
    I realy like chris and mat and can’t stand TJW.
    Had high hopes for gwen and my happy man, aaaahhhh!

  12. Song choice is so important now!

  13. Sue B says:

    I was really hoping it would be DaNica who was safe, but Chris was my second choice, and at least it wasn’t Ryan. Maybe DaNica will be back as a wild card. This is definitely the year of the boy band.

  14. NotVirgin Mary says:

    This season is definitely the worst. I also hate the wild card. I could appreciate it if they brought someone from the knockouts back mid competition… *cough* Troy *cough*. I don’t think someone should be shoved into the finals last minute.
    I really hated that RaeLynn song. I expected her to not sing well, that’s par for the course. I found the lyrics especially aggravating.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I had to mute poor RaeLynn’s performance. I remember when she got cut and people were livid. I think I was one of the few breathing a sigh of relief.

    • Michael says:

      I would *cough* Toia *cough* Troy *cough* Menlik *cough* Brittaney Butler *cough* as well tbh. So many upsets this season that I was just not okay with. It certainly depressed me to no end when Toia left, then when Troy left, I was a little upset with Menlik, but I was devastated with Brittaney’s elimination.

      • Mia, cough, but Adam learned from his experience with the great Sarah Simmons. If she couldn’t win over the vote, Mia was “dead in the water” When will it really be about the voice? Oh right, only in the beginning..

  15. Scott says:

    Man I feel like Luke has just gone downhill ever since his mis-step on that Ed Sherran song. And tonight I feel like he just gave up on “Stand By Me.” It’s a shame cuz he is very talented. Hope for the best for him. Damn Pharrell, probably has the most knowledge of this industry out of all the coaches, but he does not know how to coach contestants on this show.

    • Adake says:

      It’s his rookie season. Hopefully, he will learn from his mistakes because he will have to compete against veterans Adam, Blake and Christina next season.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I was never into Luke, but you’re absolutely correct that he went down in flames. He’s clearly talented, but he buckled under the pressure and had the worst coach in the history of the show.

    • S7 Fan says:

      I hope the best for Luke as well.

  16. monicaplace says:

    Would have liked to have seen Danica saved (voted for her) though don’t know what she would record (channel Joss Stone and Macy Gray maybe?) Chris did fine. Could have cried over both Luke ‘ s performance; changing “Holding Back The Years” key made it go from bittersweet to downright deoressing. Luke simply sounded like he was defeated in the save song. Thrilled that Darien is still in; there’s plenty if current material that would fit his voice (John Legend, Alicia Keys, maybe even Frank Ocean…and he sounded good on Jealous. ) Will be interesting to see what happens. ..though CWB sounds like it’s his concert nearly every time. Oh BTW…still don’t understand RaeLynn ‘s allure (and stop trying to make her look 35!)

    • Jeff Marley says:

      Agreed!!! Well, there’s still a voice wildcard!!! And she has an upcoming performance at her hometown!!! 😃😃😃 Also

      • Adake says:

        I appreciate your devotion to DaNica Jeff. I thought the song choice and her soulful rendition were excellent tonight. Wondered if she picked that song herself. It was a better fit than Monday night’s!

        • Jeff Marley says:

          Agreed. I think she has a shot at acing that wildcard. She just needs to play her cards right and mobilize her fan base Evan more cause it’s growing rapidly!!! 😃😃😃

    • Jeff Marley says:

      I think DaNica is a mix of florence welch, tina Marie, paloma Faith, and a little bit of Christina Aguilera. I think pharrel would be a better label manager than a coach to be honest.

  17. Courtney says:

    I Rather have Shakira and Usher back because the voice was better when it was Adam, Blake, Shakira and usher

  18. Glen Fly says:

    So glad Chris got another chance

  19. This was my first time watching The Voice right from beginning. I am done watching all these singing shows. In one way it’s a great experience for singers (to get alot of advice, tips, etc) but there is now such a saturation of these contestants from all the shows that I think people in the industry now shy away from all of them. I think it is hurting them now, even the winners. The only successful singers were from the first American Idol seasons. I saw some chart for winner’s albums and each year the figures for albums sold keeps going down. Cassadee Pope is doing the best from The Voice and you would think with her in the easiest genre to break through (country) she would be doing better. Maybe in a couple more years. I just feel sick for these singers listening to all this hype from the coaches and then back to reality and no success. I really think that Pharrell’s singers will do better than the winner. The reason is because I think since he is a producer he will work with them after the show and actually give them a shot. I think Pharrell gave bad song choices in this environment but he has such success with so many artists. I’m not even watching the rest of the season!

  20. JW says:

    Pharrell had such a deeply talented team, crazy that he’s out. What’s that all about?

  21. kandylynn says:

    I might be the only one but I just don’t see the appeal of Taylor. He can get very boring very fast.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I tried having an open mind about Taylor’s performance from last night since people were raving about it. Not only did I not like it the 2nd and 3rd times I heard it, but I actually hated it more once I realized exactly what he was doing musically. Such a cheap and tawdry trick that everyone gave the kid WAYYYYY too much credit for. That was a silly gimmick IMO, not the second coming of Christ the Musician like some of the posts I was reading last night. There’s wiggle room in my personal top 4, but the only thing that’s 100% clear is that Taylor is sitting pretty at the #5 slot on my list.

      • Martha says:

        I completely disagree that switching from major to minor was a “cheap and tawdry trick” or a “silly gimmick.” The move to the parallel major at the end accompanied by the added instrumentation (e.g. percussion) I found especially effective. Of course switching modes of a song won’t always work and can be “gimmicky” but in this case I feel it most certainly was not..

  22. Kaba says:

    Some umph was missing when DaNica sang her save me song. Took away from what could have been a great performance, shame. Though, that’s what I’ve been saying about her since day 1.
    Glad Chris is victorious…even if this adds to Adams ego.

  23. Kaba says:

    I’m sorry, RaeLynn cannot sing.
    Nothing can convince me otherwise, that was a bad performance.
    And I won’t even touch upon Nasal Grimmie

  24. Michael says:

    Good Job Danica on that last song. Luke just failed! He started out the season so well, during his battle, knockout, and his playoffs performance, but just has choked since the top 12. Ryan was done anyway you looked at it. Chris did do a good job, but that is just Kendra Chantelle’s song, and no one can touch it in my opinion. I really needed Danica to be saved, but Chris did well also, so I’m not super upset. I do have the only person that I would vote for having the wild card slot now available for that so good luck with that Danica!

  25. Betsy says:

    Hat guy is gonna win.

  26. JT says:

    Am I the only one who is dumbfounded that the producers keep showing the Twitter rankings during the commercials and up until Carson’s closing blather? It sure sucks all the drama out of the big reveal.

    • Adam says:

      I agree! The percentages never change enough between the last Twitter ranking display and the actual results to significantly change anything.

    • Adam says:

      I think the eliminations tonight were spot-on. I would have been happy seeing either DaNica or Chris stay over the other two, but Chris has been a favorite of mine from the start, so I’m glad he’s still in. I don’t really understand the appeal of Damien – he’s a great singer, but he can oversing at times and is rather boring. I know DaNica fell into the same category for some people, but I actually enjoyed her voice more than Damien’s. Damien needs to show some versatility (ie: do something upbeat) in my opinion. Team Adam definitely wins the season for song choice alone, especially for Matt and Chris. I wasn’t a huge fan of Team Adam all season, but somehow his contestants always lure me in!

    • Scott says:

      No you are absolutley right JT. It’s pointless and dumb, just like the Twitter save itself.

      • Phillip says:

        Scott, I agree with you on the Twitter Save. The West Coast doesn’t even get to hear the singers until later in the evening because the show is on est. That is not fair to the West Coast!!

  27. Davey says:

    I’ve never voted for Chris and I never will. Still wish Taylor Phelan were on the show instead. I don’t think Damien got more votes than Taylor. Adam deserves to win this season for song choice alone.

  28. Davey says:

    I am surprised at all the negative comments about Taylor. Not only has he improved over the weeks it’s obvious he’s doing well despite the fact that Gwen has not really coached him. His Royals recording is really good and sounds very different from the original. I think he’ll do well as an indie artist.

    I do agree with Michael that they need to add 2 weeks to the season. Too many contestants getting slashed too quickly. And I think the save should not happen every week.

  29. senorskippy says:

    Can someone PULLEEEASE clue Blake in that any of the first 6 seasons were better than this one. He must have put something a little stronger in his cup the last two or three weeks. My God man, wake up!

    • glenda says:

      Blake is sitting easy, cause he knows he has it in the bag. That’s my prophesy and I’m stickin’ to it. In fact, I’ll have a drink to it!

  30. Kim Moores says:

    DaNica has a pretty voice with 0 charisma or intrigue to back it up. Don’t understand her or why contestants with such an issue ever have appeal.
    Chris won tonight easily, the right people went home. Luke is just an awful performer.
    Oh, and Chris and Ryan were thought to have kissed at the end…turned out wrong…
    I need some more Chris in my life.

  31. Kaba says:

    Pharrell’s time on the show this season has ruined his credibility [for me] as a producer.
    He works with artists for a living making beats that suit their natures and intent…and he can’t seem to capture the musical essence of his artists? Give me a break. Even if you can’t be of much assistance to their vocals the least he could have done would be to arrange songs in a way that create captivating performances and highlight whatever good vocals came of it.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      On a show like this one, I don’t think you need to go crazy with the arrangements. Just let them sing and let the magic happen. I think his problem is he was trying to put his stamp on everything yet failed wildly.
      Just off the top of my head, the most memorable Voice performances were all straight-forward arrangements sung incredibly well: Juliette Simms on Roxanne, Amanda Brown on everything Amanda Brown sang, Trevin Hunt and Amanda Brown on Vision of Love, Cassadee Pope on that song written by Miranda Lambert, Josh Kaufmann on that John Legend song, etc.

      • Kaba says:

        I also just feel he didn’t pick suitable songs for his contestants..or rarely did.
        But agreed on all those performances. Except for Cassadee…never heard it.

        • Scott says:

          Go YouTube it. One of the best performances that season, it’s called Over You.

          • Michelle Burnore says:

            Blake wrote that song. His brother died and he wrote that song about it. His wife Miranda sang it.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Yes, what Scott said. Also her Stupid Boy was epic. I’d forgotten how much I liked her as my memory of that season is still clouded by the shock and sadness of Amanda Brown’s elimination.

          • Kaba says:

            Oh are we talking about Over You?
            Oh yeah, that’s when I liked it. Honestly I hardly watched that season that’s why I’m unfamiliar with the performances.

      • BrazenSongBird says:

        Hi Angie! Can I add one more to your list? Amber Carrington’s Stay was my favorite performance of that song EVER (even over Rhianna!). The way she bends her voice in and out of the phrasing is truly beautiful.

      • Bloom says:

        Hi Angie, during Season 5 I ran across someone’s comment that Amanda Brown’s performance of “Stars” was amazing. (Not an exact quote, sorry, but it’s been a while.) Was that you by any chance? If so, I want to thank you. I was unfamiliar with the song and hadn’t caught onto The Voice until S5, but that is one of the most beautiful performances I’ve ever heard in my life. I listen to it over and over again.

  32. Debi says:

    I thought the top 8 performances were all weak, not my favorite for any of them. I’m still rooting for Craig. His performance of WALK THE LINE was the best of any performance this season.

  33. Shalom185 says:

    Pharrell RUINED his contestants. Notice Taylor is advancing based on HIS song choices, not Gwen’s (thank God). I don’t know what Blake was thinking when he picked his contestants or let CWB go. He took him back but I swear he tried to sabotage him Monday with that song choice!! Adam is SLAYING it this year. I actually have respect for him again! No matter how well Danica sang on a good night, the poor girl has the Tessanne Chin curse – she looks old enough to be her own mother.
    Matt, Taylor & CWB in the finals.

    • Chrismcd says:

      Old is not really a bad thing. and oh wait, Tessanne won…..And yes I am an older person, but appreciate the Voice as there is no age limit. Watch Mick Jagger in concert if you ever get the chance–he is still amazing.

      • thank you Chrismcd. I saw Mick a few years ago and he owned that stage as usual. And DaNica isn’t old. She is in her 20’s. I think it’s a looks thing. People don’t find her or Mia attractive enough to win or now compete. Shame!

        • Timmah says:

          I don’t think it’s a looks or an age thing. DaNica just wasn’t a performer, and her versions of powerful songs like Creep and These Dreams came off as lifeless and uninteresting. That’s why she’s gone IMO.

    • I have to reply to that as an older woman. I think DaNica is a pretty girl who does look a bit older than her age. 27? but they tried to change her to look either younger with mini skirts or older with her hair pulled back harshly. It shouldn’t be all about looks. The show is the voice, isn’t it?. She should get the save

  34. Matt says:

    Fact: going last in the last chance performances is necessary to survive. Maybe it’s the short-attention span of many of the viewers but it can’t be a coincidence that every person saved since they brought in this format was the one who went last. Basically if you’re not closing it out, pack your bags. If Danica had gone last with Chris going right before her it would’ve gotten dicey though.

    • Chrismcd says:

      Agree completely with you. The order in which you sing makes a big difference in these save situations. Danica and Chris were both very good and it would have been a lot closer if she sang last or even next to last. As it was even with going first, she got about 26% while Luke and Ryan only have 10 or 12 each.

    • Greg says:

      Yep, as soon as I saw DaNica was singing first I knew she was a goner. Then they put the final nail in the coffin by arranging it all to where there would be a long commercial break in between her and Chris. The producers probably think they can squeeze a few thousand dollars more in sales from Chris before he fades into oblivion never to be heard from again. Since the live shows began he’s never had to perform in the first half of the show like everyone else has. He’s had the pimp spot twice, sang RIGHT BEFORE the pimp once and was still in the second half the other time he performed. And as we know in these shows, singing position is half the battle because people have VERY short memories.

      • Matt says:

        That is mostly in regards to the last chance save. Matt McAndrew has shown already that going first in the live rounds isn’t necessarily the kiss of death, he went first in the top 10 and was still the 2nd one saved that week, although having the final or next-to-final position is coveted.

  35. Gayle Wunder says:

    I think the instant save needs to be disqualified, One half of the country is notified that the voting is closed by the time they perform. This is bogus and unfair. As to the results … IMO there are only two potential winners…Craig and Damien.. the other three are “hot dogs” – nothing more!.

    • Davey says:

      i think Matt and Taylor have a much better chance of winning than Damien. Adam may be nice to Damien now but he will eventually sacrifice him for Matt to win.

      • Goldie says:

        100% agree…..Also Adam will shove Chris down our throats like he did with James 2 seasons ago and once he has control over the finals he’ll sacrifice all of them for his favorite (and I love Matt btw) . I kind of wished Pharrell understood more how this game show (lol) is played, because Adam plays it well. And Pharrell had the chance to beat him.

  36. WunderWoman says:

    please change my posted name (Gayle Wunder) to wunderwoman

  37. Jaszy says:

    Yeah, this season died a few weeks ago. Now that all the females are completely gone, what is the point of watching? I haven’t been. This has been such a gender biased season. Don’t like any of the men that made it to TOP 20.
    If this is the way this show’s going to be from here on out and in forthcoming seasons, count me out. I don’t watch the Voice to see all men perform. I’d rather it be all women. They’re better singers to me than men are.
    We all know that Luke Wade is going to be able to come back.
    I miss SUGAR JOANS! I’m still wondering why she is gone. She was brilliant!

    • Thank you. I miss her and Mia who had such self confidence for a young girl but we are in the minority. It seems most of the public say they are belters which is a bad thing?

      • Davey says:

        I think for some reason the belting thing turns off current viewers–or at least viewers of the Voice.. It was showcased on many seasons of Idol and it almost seems passe. Belting only works when the singer is almost perfect like Tessanne Chin. DaNica does it well but she doesn’t add her own stamp. Still I would have liked her to be in the final 5.

  38. Chaya says:

    Comparing RaeLyn to Dolly Parton is a BIG insult to Dolly. She has an annoying nasal voice and not nearly 1/10th the personality.

  39. Chrismcd says:

    Danica should have been saved, but often those who go first get forgotten about, even in such a short time period. Chris was definitely the second best. I don’t agree that Adam is not genuine, but I do agree that he makes excellent song choices. If Pharrell, (who really seems genuine), keeps his word, she will get a contract with his label. This really was an excellent Top Eight, and I think it is amazing that all three of Adam’s contestants are still in the running.
    My pick is Matt; but I would not be upset if any of these guys won. They all bring something different to the table, even Craig Wayne (and I am not a country music fan at all), is more of a Southern Rocker, so that is fine by me.
    Now I remembered that there was something about a Wild Card? Bring back Danica.

  40. Emerald says:

    Would have preferred Luke over Craig in top 5 based on season total performance. Craig is a good singer but I’ve heard his kind before–no originality. Luke’s voice is unique and instantly recognizable. Always thought DaNica was over-rated so not sad to see her go. If Pharrell had saved Elyjuh instead of Sugar, he may have had an artist in the top 5…just maybe. I love Damien’s backstory and his genuine sincerity but I think he is over-rated as well. My favorites are Matt and Chris and I also like Taylor just because of his uncompromising stand on artistry. Don’t think Taylor has that great a voice though. Hope Matt wins it all.

    • therealeyes says:

      Luke has forgotten words, screwed up phrasing and timing in each of the past 3 weeks. I agree he has a ton of raw ability but it’s obvious he 1) doesn’t know how to use it properly and 2) is either over confident and therefore unprepares because he just thought he’d breeze through or just plain can’t handle the pressure. In either scenerio there is NO valid argument for him deserving to stay. Ryan deserved it over him because at least Ryan actually completed his performance.

  41. jim says:

    Is it me or did Luke Wade look totally lost on stage during his save performance? Almost seemed like he was drunk and stumbling out of the bar at closing time

  42. Laura says:

    Swap TJW for DaNica and the Top 5 would reflect the title of the show much better. Rooting for anyone but him at this point to win.

    • therealeyes says:

      The coaches love to use the term “artist.” If the show is about finding a musical artist, Taylor is the only choice. He’s the only person that actually creates the music he performs. Everyone else is doing high quality karaoke for the most part. The show is called “The Voice” not “The person who does the most un-necessary runs” or “The Singer.” It’s the voice. Bob Dylan was the voice of a generation, but not even a good singer. The coaches define the criteria of what the winner should be and since they talk about being “artists” then the winner should actually have an understanding of music and have the ability to CREATE since art is to create – not regurgitate or replicate. You’re an idiot.

      • Laura says:

        if I’m an idiot for thinking TJW sucks, than I’m in good company.He’s a cliche of an emo-looking, same sounding product we’ve seen time and time before. His covering of Come Together was beyond laughable.

        Not going to resort to bashing you for your opinion. I won’t be wasting my $ on him.

  43. therealeyes says:

    This might be the most musically inept group of posters ever (speaking generally, of course). The amount of you that think Taylor doesn’t belong near the top is mind boggling. I get that it’s called “The Voice” and he may not be the most technically gifted of the group but he’s the ONLY true “artist” left on the show. McAndrew is passionate and talented but sails on the straight and narrow. Damien is probably the most talented pure singer and emotes incredibly well but I don’t see any creative ability. All the other contestants have their coaches pulling the strings and guiding the band on arrangements, melody, rhythm and tempo changes – who all have years of producing under their belts. Gwen’s only coaching guidance is on how to feather your hair and rock a wardrobe. Taylor is at least a very good singer, but has a true understanding of music on the whole. That rendition of Royals was the way that song was meant to be done. He’s brilliant. And the fact that he’s not getting any love here is very telling as to why popular music is in such a sad state today. The music consuming population clearly doesn’t know true creative genius when it’s standing right in front of them. There are a bunch of good singers on the show, but only one with true artistic ability. To be an artist is to CREATE not REPLICATE. And since this show loves to float that term “artist” around so often, there’s only one person actually creating his own music on this show – Taylor.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Speaking as one who is far from musically inept, I don’t agree with you that Taylor belongs anywhere near the top. You hit the nail on the head with “he may not be the most technically gifted of the group…” And what is your evidence that he’s an artist? Modulating the key from major to minor? No, sorry. That’s not artistry, that’s gimmicky garbage. I guess I’ll release an Xmas album tomorrow with a haunting Frosty the Snowman in minor since that’s so “daring” ya know?
      But I’m glad you like him. I respect your right to your opinion, as I hope you too respect my right to disagree. And boy do we disagree!

    • Tyler says:

      I agree that Taylor is the only true artist on the show this season. His rendition of Royals reminded me of something The Cure, New Order/Joy Division, Depeche Mode or any of the other goth New Wave bands would’ve done during the 80s. I still think he, Matt and CWB will make the finals.

    • PoopyPants says:

      I think Taylor is a gifted youtube rip-off artist. Here’s Jason Derulo, the person who actually came up with this arrangement. Taylor just copied it. Not exactly what I would consider “the only person actually creating his own music on this show”. I think what he did was REPLICATE. I’m sure he would like everyone to believe what he did was CREATE, but he’s just a poser. Talk about inept.

      • PoopyPants says:

        I admit Taylor is not my favorite, but don’t put all the posters down on this site. Taylor is not all that, but he is putting on a good act. I just don’t think he deserved the pedestal you are giving him when you can go on you tube and find his version in about 2 seconds that was posted over 11 months ago and has over 1 million views.

      • Jacob says:

        Dude, this is not the same thing at all.

      • Martha says:

        This isn’t a replication. Derulo sings the refrain in the song’s original major mode the whole way through, whereas TJW elected to sing in the minor mode save for the very end when he modulates to the parallel major key. The move from minor to major at the end is very effective and I haven’t heard any version besides TJW’s version that does this.

    • Martha says:

      Very well said!!! I totally agree.

    • Theralyes, CREATE NOT REPLICATE? Did he not REPLICATE most of his performances which were copied from American Idol contestants in the past? We have already seen these performances done by better performers! I live in Portland where TJW is from and the local news said QUOTE, UNQUOTE ” Was that performance good enough?” and the newscaster had a grimmacy look on her face while saying it! She was talking about the Royals performance!

  44. Koolkatz says:

    I am okay with the final 5. I am sad for DaNica. But I wonder, Pharrell kept saying he would work with these guys after the show, do ya think it was intentional sabotage???? I think the top 3 are at least under some sort of contract with The Voice after the show.
    I think that either Matt or CWB will take first, with me rooting for Matt. I liked him from the beginning. I also like TJW, but I don’t know if he can take it all, he seems to be more polarizing in his popularity. Though doing well so far. I am actually Ok with any of the top 5 winning, though of them all I think Chris is the weakest. But I don’t dislike any of them at this point.

  45. Jeanette says:

    Michael, why don’t you interview the contestants that leave like you do on Idol? Maybe since they leave so fast this would be a good way to know them:)

  46. No more women on the show. What’s up with that?. I thought the show had a lot of good women singers this season. Having said that, for the first time Damien gave me the chills on his song and although I don’t think he will win, his was the only song I bought. DaNica was not presented well and could have been a real contender with the right coaching and songs

  47. as says:

    No surprises last night…I’ve been so disappointed with the old-fashioned song choices Pharell has made and his self-indulgent focus on his production, but I think I was wrong. It’s just that the American Idol all “cute white boy” syndrome has caught up with The Voice. Look out Blake…unless Adam’s boys eat each other up and cancel out, they’re winning. I still love Pharell…..he’s learned the game the hard way.

  48. Yo says:

    Well, I just joined Twitter in a moment of extreme boredom and did try to twit save Danica. I thought she did an excellent job last night.

    With respect to your comments about the speed of this show, contestants leave so fast I failed to bother to learn the aspects of the game – like what the rounds are and what part of the contest we are in. Since they are over in a minute, why waste the mental energy? Yes, it takes time to build up a fan base for contestants. Although I think Idol may take too long to work on this, The Voice is too short and early evacuations too arbitrary to bother with involvement in either the process or the contestants.

  49. Davey says:

    Didn’t the first two seasons of The Voice run longer so we could have more time to get to know the singers? They didn’t have the steal but they also didn’t slash and burn.

    • Jacob says:

      The first two seasons were structured very differently – we actually had LESS time to get to know the singers, with even more severe slashing. They had 4 weeks of Blinds instead of three, and 4 weeks of Battles instead of two. It went on seemingly forever. Then when they got to the live rounds (with a Top 24), they would only show half of them per week, and cut two people per team per week (meaning that in 2 weeks we went from 24 to 16, and in another 2 weeks we were at 8). With Top 8, we saw them for one week and then they were 4, and then we were at the finale. It was much more rushed and crazy than it is now.

  50. PatD says:

    Once again TJW pulls the wool over everyone’s eyes with a cover of a YouTube cover (check out Jason Derulo’s Royals cover for the BBC). Ryan has a sweet voice, but nothing special and NO stage presence, at all. Luke choked too many times for me to think he’s ready for a bigtime career. Damien did a very good job with a difficult to sing Adele song, but I just don’t know what kind of recording artist he could be. I hate to say it, but I think Danica’s Whitney-Love did her in. How many times have we heard Adam advise against covering the iconic songs? What does he pick for Chris? “Sexual Healing.” A song that can only be pulled off by Marvin Gaye (although kudos to Chris for not changing it up or overdoing it). Adam is digging down deep and coming up with pretty good choices for Matt (who I really like). Too bad he didn’t spend more than two seconds on song choice for Chris. My Top Three: CWB, Matt and Chris (but I have a sick feeling the poser Amish kid will be in the finals).

    Next week: That’ll Be Me (by Kevin Welch and Kelly Willis) for CWB. Runaway Train (Soul Asylum) for Matt, Let Her Down Easy (George Michael’s version) for Chris (just sit him down on a stool and let him sing this for a real moment), Short Change Hero or Stuck (by The Heavy… seriously, Adam, why haven’t you picked something by this band for Damien?). Don’t care what TJW sings.