Chicago Fire Recap: Trouble in Paradise

Chicago Fire Season 3 Recap

Has someone been naughty during the holiday season on Chicago Fire?

Last week’s emotional moment between Dawson and Mills leads to a whole lot of tension between Casey and his fiancée — and a drunken night out on the town — during Tuesday night’s fall finale.

Dawson attempts to apologize, calling it “stupid bar talk,” but Casey doesn’t think her confiding in her old flame about current troubles at home is nothing. Dawson bonds with Brett about how things were simpler back in the day – when Casey was engaged to a doctor, Brett points out! – while Casey drags Severide out for a drink. Or two. Or seven. Before he knows it, Casey is waking up on some random girl’s couch. Fearing he might have been a naughty boy, Casey makes amends with Dawson for his “jerk” behavior.

“We’ll work it out,” he assures her before confirming with Severide the details of their night out. (When you’re looking to Severide for clarity, you know it’s bad.) As it turns out, Severide is the one who slept with the girl, while Casey passed out in the living room. But just because nothing happened doesn’t mean he isn’t in trouble. The blonde bimbo, as Dawson dubs her, shows up at the firehouse with Casey’s phone, leading to a screaming match between the couple.

“Maybe this whole thing is too big for us,” Casey argues. “I’m trying to be a lieutenant and your fiancé, and you can’t respect either one.”

The pair leave it on that ugly note as Dawson asks for permission to go home, where she ends up crying by herself.

Elsewhere in the episode:

* Mills and Brett disappear during a call after a mysterious black car shows up at the location. Casey and the rest of the truck crew find the abandoned ambulance and an injured man, but no sign of the paramedics. Is there anyone who doesn’t think that mobster Anthony staged the incident to get payback against Mills for his son’s death?

Chicago Fire Season 3 Recap* Boden doesn’t want to hyphenate his son’s name because tradition, like turkey on Thanksgiving – yes, that is the comparison he makes – is important. Hey, can someone please drag Boden into the 21st century? Thanks! Boden and Donna don’t have much time to argue about it as she goes into labor, delivering the baby in the middle of a traffic jam. When they finally arrive at the hospital, the baby boy goes into respiratory failure.

* Molly’s II also makes it debut when the truck crashes and burns into a nativity display at a Christmas festival! Some good does come out of the cursed vehicle: Hermann donates it to a soup ktichen.

Chicago Fire fans, what did you think of the fall finale cliffhanger? Grade the episode below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. The show has almost turned me off completely with the Dawson becoming a firefighter story line. I haven’t liked her much at all since it started. They either need to make things work for her & Casey or break them up, but if it continues like it is, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be watching in the new year. :( It’s taken over the show, which I hate. And as much as I like Brett, I miss Shay.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree. They are not selling me on Dawson at all, every decision she has ever made on the show has been a poor decision, and good decision making is exactly what you want in a Girlfriend/Fiancee/Wife (especially wife). Whether she has feelings for whats-his-face or not anymore, being alone in a bar, having drank, talking about your finacee and your problems after you had a huge fight? Touching him (the ex)? Just another horrible decision in a long line of bad decisions by Dawson that has me thinking if she wasnt so insanely hot, no only would Dawson not be with her, but 90% of the people that are fans of Dawson+Casey wouldn’t be.

      Im also not a fan of how they wrote Casey this episode, VERY typical, very much so a trope, somehow after experiencing what he did as a grown mature adult in his 30’s that has maturely handled a finacee burning to death and much more, he goes out drinking and picks up a hot chick and ends up waking up at her place then hes off to running to forgive Dawson and all that cause he messed up thinking he potentially cheated on her (but wont tell her)? Lol i mean … i understand this type of writing on the CW but come on…this is typical writing when they need to manufacturer drama that throws off the balance (shes totally in the wrong, hes totally in the right) but need to get the balance back, they write (no matter how stupid/unrealistic) something to put him in the wrong as well so they are even again. Its moronic.
      You see the same thing with the Chief and his wife, they need drama so they bring up (out of the blue) the double last name, and she flips out on his tradition (what did you expect? Hes a firefighter and probably has a proud family history of Boden’s that are firefighters). Why does “compromise” mean she gets her way?

      Overall, i mean this show is what it is, not well written, 1/2 prime-time drama and 1/2 soap opera (the way TV has gone as soaps have died off). I mean are we really saying that the life of real firefighters, or real firefighters with a little embellished stories aren’t exciting enough for us to watch? We really need these insane story lines and insane coincidences straight out of mid-day soaps for us to be entertained? Its my big issue with network TV, they have 18+ episodes a season, they last as many seasons as they can pump out (aka over stay their creative welcome), they write to the lowest common denominator, they all eventually use the same stories/tropes/stereotypes/etc because they all use the same format and arent all that different (cop show, firefighter show, lawyer show, etc). Its like Hollywood writers for network TV get a book from the Network with “Fill in the Blank” scripts that almost every show uses where they just fill in the blanks with their characters names and thats the episode. “Well this ep is the finacee walking in on a misunderstanding between his finacee and her ex, so he goes out and gets drunk and wakes up thinking he slept with the girl, he comes back and doesn’t tell her but says he forgives her cause he feels guilty now….etc”.

      TL, DR: Bad writing (per usual), Dawson is unlikable.

      • Let me say if they get the show renewed for another season and I am not sure if they already have but they need to do some better writing as I was disappointed in this season.Compared to the previous 2 seasons this one could have been better written in my opinion. Like with the last 2 seasons I was on the edge of my seat up until the finale but this finale when it came I wasn’t excited about or anything.If they are granted another season they better do some better writing or this will be another show that will bite the dust because of a loss of interest by the viewers.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Same, i mean from the start it was 1/2 soap and 1/2 prime-time drama, we all knew that coming in…this wasn’t some dramatic but trying to be realistic take on a Chicago fire house and the firefighters in it lol…this is pure NBC drama through and through…but the “cliffhangers” of this fall finale involve the disappearance of a weird new chick (blonde medic) that i feel no attachment to, and Mills, a guy that i dont think is a fan favorite, doesnt exactly have a lot going on on the show (thats interesting/compelling) and personally im not really a fan of him. Hes kinda a try hard IMO and i never, EVER bought him getting together with Dawson, he looks like a 21 year old and acted like one…but still some brand new story line about some mafioso’s son dying? Ummm does anyone here find that interesting or compelling?

          I also take up issue with things they start but never finish…so Severide’s back is 100% healed now? What about Casey’s head? Last thing i remember is the doctor saying if he takes one more blow to the head he could die/get brain damage….hes taken like 3 shots to the head and a huge fire-truck on fire-truck crash since then and hes 100% healthy….they establish all this stuff then drop it…the most recent being Severide’s marriage. There is no reason other than them wanting him single and the actress already having a TV series of her own for him and that woman to divorce. I dont respect shows that barely ever make a permanent decision because the more a show changes on network TV the more a show risks losing viewers…so they do everything they can to stir up drama but then make sure to bring everything back to where is started. Its a snake eating its own tale, very few creative decisions with lasting impact.

        • Sly says:

          I agree that so far this season needs new writers. I got hooked with the drama and expectations but this Casey and Dawson thing has gotten boring! I know this is TV but what happened to talking!! I get that Casey is in charge at work and that he is not happy with a choice that Dawson made but really. Chew her out at work but when you get home tell her that it out him in a rough place and then talk about it! He also seems like the one who is having trust issues! She made a mistake and if he is to be her husband then he needs to figure out how to make her a better firefighter which will help her be a better wife. Yeah talking to your ex flame was ‘t such a bright idea but he was the iniatiator. Come on now step it up!

    • Hmm says:

      THANK you. I feel like I am the only person in the world sometimes that doesn’t and hasn’t ever liked Dawson. Season one she spent half the season whining and pining over Casey and the other half with Mills, which made me start to like her. Season two first half she got to be a little more badass and a little less Casey-whine and I really I’d turned a corner with her. But as soon as the firefighter thing became a thing, I knew it was all over. I appreciate what they were trying to do with that storyline – women empowerment and all that jazz, but at this point I feel like they are trying hard to make Dawson likable and it’s not working for me. And yes, I miss Shay, as she was wayyyy more interesting and wayyyy less whiny. Shay should’ve been front and center as the female lead. And if they were insistent in killing someone off, it should’ve been Dawson. I do and I don’t like Brett because there are times when she’s her own person and there are times when they are trying to write her in as Shay and it’s annoying me.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I love this show but agree. I’ve also hated the Dawson firefighter crap and the relationship with Casey. It’s become the Dawsey soap opera, just like I knew it would. IMO, one of them needs to be killed off, or at least move away, at this point because that’s the only way we will be rid of it. As long as both are on the canvas, together or broken up, the stupid drama will still be there.

      • Romey says:

        Casey and Dawson’s relationship makes NO sense. Shouldn’t they be arguing about the SAME thing that he and his fiance were arguing about. Career versus family?! WHEN did he decide that he no longer wants kids IMMEDIATELY? They should’ve shown his transition because that is a compelling thing for a man to have to deal with. Instead, he’s superhero supportive, while she’s independent superwoman and now they’re both having trouble being emotionally or physically faithful. Can you really be BOTH a super-fiance while also being capable of physically cheating? How does a wistful, doe-eyed girl with a crush on her superior become a firefighter with commitment issues?! WHO am I supposed to be rooting for?! I’m so confused!

        P.S. I also can’t get behind Boden refusing to share the child’s last name with his wife, its not like she’s asking for the child to have just her last name. I’ve met people with double last names and it was easier to remember their last names than normal. What a dumb “controversy”! Give me a break!

    • shea mandalay says:

      I’m desperately trying to keep liking it (it was my fave show for the first 2 seasons) but I just can’t anymore. All the soapy melodrama going on with Dawson and Casey is destroying my ability to like any part of the show. And I may be able to keep liking Casey if they start writing him like before, but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to stand Dawson again (and I used to like her more than Casey!)

      From now on, I’m only going to watch Chicago Fire if there’s a crossover with Chicago PD (which thank God is still badass and awesome.)

      And yes, could someone please drag Boden into the 21st century–or the 20th century even! Man, they’re even making me dislike the chief!

  2. Cassie says:

    I thought it was a great fall finale. Lots of different cliff hangers to keep us anxiously waiting for January. I know the writers like to refer back to previous episodes so a year from now I’ll be looking for the pink top that Brett gave Dawson to put in the bottom of her locker to remember their conversation.

  3. HeatherC says:

    I was expecting a LOT worse from all the Dawsey stuff thanks to some apparently incorrect spoilers that leaked before the episode aired so I’m actually happy that they’re still just arguing and not broken up. I love them together and watching them fall apart has been hard because we know they love each other so much. They just need to figure out a better way for Dawson to be a candidate to take the work stuff off their shoulders (neither of them are handling that well at all). I’m worried for Brett and Mills safety although I don’t think they’ll do anything bad to them and that they’re doing this to scare the fans. That baby better be all right because Papa Boden was ADORABLE. Hopefully there’s no time jump when the show comes back in January so they don’t really leave all these stories hanging where they’re at and we get some of the resolution. Great episode overall and now the LONG hiatus begins, LOL ;)

  4. bj says:

    I loved it when Herrmann came in and told our fighting duo to “Take it outside.” At least one person was acting like a Lieutenant.

    I’m getting really tired of the Dawson/Casey fighting at work. I assume they’re getting away with it because the chief is so preoccupied with the upcoming birth. I hope he takes them to task soon. They were told that if it wasn’t working one of them would be transferred, and it definitely isn’t working!

    I just hope that baby is ok. Surely they wouldn’t show us that beautiful boy and then have him die.

    And I hope they get to Mills and Brett in time!

    • MissingShay says:

      “I loved it when Herrmann came in and told our fighting duo to “Take it outside.” At least one person was acting like a Lieutenant.”

      How about, one person acting like an adult? This would last one second at my work place.

  5. Dr. Phage says:

    I think it would an awesome twist if it weren’t connected to the mob, but instead connected to the side job Mills did with the other guy from squad. The last “mission” they went on, the bad guy gave Mills a good, hard look as Mills stood by the truck. Just saying, if they wanted a twist that wouldn’t be the same old, boring, predictable story line…

  6. Before the baby was born both Boden & Donna were told by the doctor if everyone remembers it is not normal but I would hope nothing happens to the baby but who knows this show does have twists to it. I agree with the comment by Dr.Phage that it is not the mob guy who was in the black car but it is a guy from a side job with that other firefighter. It would make sense. I am excited for this show if it has another season but it sucks we have to wait until next fall again as I wish it came back sooner.

    • Charlotte says:

      “it sucks we have to wait until next fall again as I wish it came back sooner”

      We don’t, this was only the fall finale…it should be back in January.

    • Bwhit says:

      It is coming back sooner, this was the fall finale, it will be back the second or third week of January.

  7. Yoki says:

    Wonder if it’s Brett that is the target of the disappearance? I always thought her ex was behind her house being robbed.

  8. Hmm says:


  9. Bwhit says:

    I don’t like Dawson being a FF at all
    and it is not because of her relationship with Casey. First she wants to be a doctor and they introduced her as a smart, fast thinking medic who knew a lot about the medical field which I liked. Than they turn it around and make it like her ambition was always to be a firefighter in like one episode. Now that she is canidate, I never see her doing the things Mills and Jones had to which is kind of annoying. While I love Casey, the only one acting like an LT in this episode was Hermann. I hope they don’t do the time jump thing again and pick up right where they left off to find Mills and Brett and show what happens with baby Boden.

    • CC says:

      Yes! I’m all for them exploring the storyline of women becoming firefighters, but the retcon of her going from med school dreams to FF dreams was ridiculous, and the story isn’t compelling anymore. I don’t care if she stays a firefighter or not, but there’s no story in it anymore – they need to focus on other plotlines.

  10. chris says:

    I don’t miss Shay at all, I was never invested in her character, so I couldn’t care less that she’s gone. Every fan has a favorite and mine is definitely Dawson. Where is it written in stone that a person can only have one passion for a career choice? I also love how her character is unsure about Casey, he comes across as stiff and unable to express true passion, especially with Dawson, he seems like the one not really into her, so I think it’s best they part ways.

  11. Pam says:

    Great finale…Makes me want it back sooner. Only thing I would change is making baby boy, Terrence Rollins-Bowden, to get to 21st century ways !

  12. Tina says:

    Ugh… this Casey and Dawson thing is so stupid. .. i just can’t deal anymore. I can’t wait til Jan 6.. i love chief Boden..he’s hot ;-)… i hope they make things work out for him n his wife. I didn’t care much about the finale

  13. gerry says:

    I don’t like Dawson and Casey either, too predictable. How about Severide and the new gal, that I would like.

  14. eva says:

    I liked the finally I guess I am the only one who likes Brett and in no way is she trying to be like Shay I hope that the Chicago fire department and Chicago PD can find Brett and Mills I hope that chief Bowden baby is OK Dawson and Casey need to fix there problem’s

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I like Brett. I think she and Cruz would be very cute together.

    • Bwhit says:

      I like Brett, she is fun and seems genuine. I think the problem is that she got introduced in the same episode that Shay died so people that loved Shay automatically resent her in a way. Dawson and Casey are both at fault for bringing their work home but how could they not? I want them to make it but this was a bad turn for the writers to make in regards to them.

  15. travis says:

    4 the season please

  16. MissingShay says:

    Shay was supposedly killed off for more creative story lines and we get… Molly’s II, a three week Severide’s wife, a non character Brett, an EVEN MORE whinier Dawson, Cruz Sumba and more Dawson whining.
    If they were going to get rid of a character why oh why not Mouch…Dawson…or Otis. I loved this program, but I am having problems keeping interested.

  17. Chris Smith says:

    Love the show! My daughter and I are always at the edge of our seats waiting for the next episode! Keep up the great work Chicago fire! Looking forward to the next episode…and the next and the next one and the….etc….lol!

  18. pip says:

    too many cliff hangers but love the show !!!!! 1 the baby will he survive and Donna been in her 40 is will she be ok. 2 Dawson and Casey (should they stay together or split (i think stay together and she goes back to been paramedic) and Mills and Brett where have they gorn and WHO WILL THEY SURVIVE!!!!!

  19. Marie Stoutenborough says:

    It kept me interested every minute. Cannot wait for it to return. Loved the cliffhangers!!!!!

  20. Rob says:

    I really wish they would leave Dawson and Casey alone. They keep going thru it. Just let them be together and be a support to each and leave it instead of the up and down. And really stop torturing Boden

  21. JC says:

    I believe Casey went too far with that “I’m trying to be a lieutenant and your fiancé, and you can’t respect either one.” Line. Really, Dude. I believe Casey the one whose more disrespectful of the two. I understand as a firefighter she made decisions that weren’t by the book but sometimes especially in some situations thinking for your feet might be the best way to go. I understand he was upset she still didn’t believe in not having an affair. They need therapy or at least moving her to Severide’s crew (which surprise no one suggestion that happen). Anyway I hope Baby Boden survives and so does Brett and Mills. They threw everything at Mills this season.

    • pip says:

      the idear of Dawson going under Severide’s would be a good idear and take the presure off of casey would help but it is a different ball game under him alot more intence

  22. Love, love, the finale. The wait an anticipation for next season is killing me. I can’t wait!!!!!

  23. zakariyya kajee says:

    I assure you that anthony is ŧђe instigator

  24. Shak says:

    When Dawson and Casey were going to announce they were together I didn’t feel like she needed to tell mills nothing he broke up with her because she didn’t tell him about boden and his mom and she didn’t need to tell him that her and Casey were going to live together that’s why he’s an ex boyfriend that’s where the writers messed up at and she they should have let her been talking to Brett..this is why you don’t date co-workers MILLS is always sneaking around listening to people problem if they come back for season four they need to cut that out that’s female stuff