Castle Recap: The Goodbye Girl

Castle Beckett Moves Out

This week on ABC’s Castle, Rick got a blast from his 1980s past when a murder investigation introduced him to a bevy of action-movie idols. Meanwhile, Kate said a bittersweet goodbye — to her apartment.

If you’ve followed my recaps over the eons, you know that I occasionally enter an episode with tempered expectations — think Season 5’s Ring riff, for one — only to come away pleasantly surprised. This was one of those instances.

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Expendables (or Indestructibles, as the case may be), and I tuned in mainly to see how hammy Ted McGinley would go with his take on an aging action-movie star (answer: not very, until Brock read in Castle on their off-books op to pinch the slot car). But I can get wary when they lean too heavily on Castle’s “fanboy” tendencies, if only because it can cross the line into “manchild” territory — which runs contrary to his standing as a mature, esteemed author.

That said, “Last Action Hero” was a whole lotta fun, and with a nifty case at its center, to boot. From Lance DeLorca having fibbed about his “spy” background (thus devastating Rick), to the wealth of red (and redheaded) herrings, to everyone’s reaction as they witnessed video of the goat-herder vic leveling a quartet of goons, the episode was highly entertaining on multiple levels. That this was ultimately an instance of a paternity cover-up, I did not see coming — though I possibly was off my sleuthing game.

But then, as an emotionally rich added bonus, you had this B-story of Kate saddened to realize that Rick never cared much for her apartment (or at least Mr. Kubiak, the neighbor), as they prepared to move her out so that her cousin Sofia can move in. That teed up a too-rare Kate/Lanie scene, in which Beckett’s BFF recounted all that she had been through, lived through and solved — and come to love — while living in that place. I won’t lie, the final scene where Kate pays the place one “last” visit, carving her name in a wall, surveying its emptiness and blank walls while surely revisiting so many memories, kinda sneaked up on me with its impact. And all without saying a word. (Confession: When Kate at first was bothered by Rick’s almost random admission, I for a fleeting moment thought it was a hint that 3XK/Dr. Nieman had swapped in a lookalike during his vanishing.)

* “The honor is mine —  I passed many an hour in the john reading your books.”
* “Do you think it would be weird if I asked her to sign this?” “When, on her way to jail?”
* “Well, you’ve got trouble — Ryan trouble.” “I don’t know what that means.”
* “Do you really think I would stand between you and your boyhood dream?” “You are my boyhood dream.”
* And basically everything that was said in the van, as Brock invited Castle to bandana up and join them on a mission.

What did you think of “Last Action Hero”?

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  1. adri says:

    This episode was FUN

  2. dave says:

    Kinda sad.. lotta fun.. this is why I love this show.. I hope they all decide to stay for one more round.. wanna see Kate and Rick with a little cosmos before it all ends.. IMHO..

  3. Anna says:

    I liked that episode, I expected to hate it but it was fun. Castle was too over the top for me but I guess this is how the prefer to write the character …
    It was good to see Beckett having her storyline, but it’s too bad she and Castle had to be separated once again for this. Happens a lot this season. I loved her place too, I was as sad as she was at the end !

    • lkh says:

      I agree–Castle is just an edge too far for me this season. His silly behavior seems to be the ‘new’ reality. I’m with you, I really loved her place. What I really need to know is where is the Alex Gross painting!

      • sigh says:

        Loved that painting! As for Castle…yes, silly and also going backward as far as women go IMO. Next week didn’t look too good, either, as far as him having a bit of a wandering eye. I’m all for fun, but witty fun. :)

      • Just one thing says:

        I thought seasons 5 & 6 were as silly as it could get, but they continue to raise the bar…

        • lkh says:

          Hi JOT–I use the word silly often now too–but I’m just really being polite. Is this the character they think we want to see? I watched a season one episode–what a different Castle. Raise the bar, lower the bar?

          • Just one thing says:

            Ha, sometimes the silliness is harmless and sometimes it’s pointless. A few times it’s really freaking annoying. This episode didn’t quite go that far. :-P
            And yeah, raise the bar, lower the bar, twirl the bar after lighting it aflame. All apply.

        • TacoB says:

          Nathan should tone it down or have a better direction

    • KCC says:

      I agree with your opinion Castle is going over the top being goofy. I don’t think it’s the writing but the actor’s/director’s choice to play it that way. You can play silly without shouting “look at me, I’m being silly!” Less mugging and more sly looks would be funnier to me.

      • Harvey says:

        Nathan played it according to the scenes, the writing obviously required him to be too much into it, and all Castle did, overall, meaning what he was wrote to do in the ep, only looked good because Nathan played it out perfect and showed exactly how much Castle’s excited.

        • KCC says:

          The writer’s don’t have the final say in what’s presented. That’s up to the director. Any line of dialog can be played in any number of ways. With the tight production schedules I don’t know how many takes they do of a particular scene, but the actor will often do different takes to give the director and editor choices on how they want the final production to be played. It’s not about Nathan Fillion being a good or bad actor but on the choices being made in editing and post production.

  4. Kourt says:

    This episode was light hearted and fun. I loved and hated the scene where Beckett says goodbye to her apartment. Beckett playing her guitar, spending her first Valetines Day with Caste, realizing Castle is her partner and more than a plucky side kick, investigating her moms case with Castle and without him, discussions with Lanie, important and heartbreaking conversations with Castle. So many memories in her apartment that are vital to Caskett’s story.

  5. DarkDefender says:

    Another interesting “meta” episode, which Castle does so well. Fanboy Rick was a little over the top… But I liked that Kate wasn’t annoyed and kinda encouraged it. Makes up for the Hooch comment last week. Lanie/Kate time was awesome (we need more!).. And I got a little teary eyed at Beckett’s goodbye to her apt. I didn’t get why she was so annoyed by Castle’s creaky floor/noisy neighbor comment, she could have been sad and nostalgic without reacting to that. I also like the kinder Gates and her increased level of cases involvement (ala Montgomery in the earlier seasons).

    “It’s Ryan time” was the best catch phrase.. Would be fun if he tried it again in another episode.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      “Fanboy Rick was a little over the top… But I liked that Kate wasn’t annoyed and kinda encouraged it.”

      I tell ya, it’s critical that they show her smiley reactions to such instances, because it then makes them sweet (“Aww, she adores that part of him”) versus cloying (“Why is she with this guy?”). But yeah, when his voice cracked, “She’s here?!”, that’s a case of going a bit too far, when a subdued “She’s here?” with a cocked eyebrow would work just as fine.

    • lkh says:

      Because when something is so important to you, you want the people you love to feel the same way.

      • Harvey says:

        And if you are the guy’s wife, why not tell that it’s important to her straightly, rather than not being open with your husband even when he asks whether’s anything wrong.

  6. RP says:

    I know it was to introduce the fact that Beckett’s going to miss her place but I felt like Castle was being very insensitive telling her he didn’t like her place, it annoyed me …

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Then maybe my theory is right: FakeCastle!

      • DarkDefender says:

        Yeah, fake (3XK) Castle would have been a nice twist, but those personal wedding vows delivered with a twinkle in his eye pretty much kills that theory. (pun intended)

      • Yawn says:

        But would FakeCastle have spent enough time in Beckett’s apartment to know about creaky floors and noisy neighbors?

      • taran63 says:

        FakeCastle wouldn’t know about Castle’s childhood trauma that eventually inspired his writing.

      • lkh says:

        There is one sure way that Beckett would know if it was a fake Castle….

      • Mary says:

        Nah, I don´t think for a minute it´s a fake Castle…but maybe this lack of sensitivity will be bought later? What kind of bothered me was that Castle didn´t understand what the apartment means to Kate, but she also didn´t tell him – she looked sad about it, but looks like the ” no communicating” of previous seasons showed again:(

      • lame says:

        If you take it to the next level, Beckett would have to be extremely gullible, if she couldn’t tell one Castle from fake Castle in bed.

    • RP says:

      Ahahah no please, don’t scare me !

    • M3rc Nate says:

      “Very insensitive” telling your new wife you never were a fan of her apartment? LMAO jeez…people are hyper sensitive now a days. Are you gonna freak out next when she says she cant stand his couch and to replace it? Lol…jeez

      • lkh says:

        would comparing moving out of her apartment and replacing a couch be an example of false equivalence or some other fallacy?

        • Harvey says:

          I would really like if we get Castle saying he doesn’t get much attached to any apartment, maybe because he has changed his apartments or houses so many times because of money problems or anything like that, or otherwise it wouldn’t even be that true to how his character is for Beckett.

          Beckett is, though, moving on and having a married life, not something to be very sad for, I felt. Good thing they showed her leaving the apartment rather than nothing about it, many people had asked about her apartment afterall.
          Liked the episode, loved Nathan’s acting, the comedy was just perfect! Stana was awesome, Lanie scene was fantastic too.

          • paula says:

            I agree – Rick has probably had a lot of different apartments over the years (remember Martha’s comment about his college apartment) because of more money (when his books sold well or Martha was doing well) or less money (when he spend all the money from the first book or when Martha’s various marriages broke up). Because Beckett is the daughter of 2 lawyers money has never been the issue for her. She either inherited money when her mother died or her father helped her get her apartments. Because for her to afford the apartments she’s had (both this one and the one that blew up) and not have to have a roommate or roommates to help pay the rent means she had help, possibly her father bought the place for her.
            Yes, I glad they addressed the whole apartment thing. I had sort of expected Alexis to move into Kate’s old place at some point.
            The Lanie scene was great as well.

          • lkh says:

            Paula–maybe she just worked really hard.

          • paula says:

            We’re talking about a NYC apartment here – one of the most expensive places in the world to live. Most NYC cops and firefighters live in Queens and take the train into the city. Also since her cousin is moving into the apartment I’d say her family owns the place.

      • RB says:

        Yes it was insensitive, they’re together for more than two years and it was made like Castle didn’t even know she loved her place. I love my apartment and it would bother me to find out my boyfriend doesn’t like it after 2 years. The way he said it wasn’t very delicate.

        • KCC says:

          As often happens in their relationship, all it would take are four words from Beckett to get Castle to understand her attachment to the apartment: “I’ll miss this place,” but she doesn’t say it. You would have thought he would have mentioned the neighbor at some point and if he didn’t that’s on him. I get sensitivity being not having to say the words and for him to sense her feeling for the place, but as far as we know she never showed any special attachment to the place. They seem to spend most their off duty time at Castle’s loft, at least for the last 2 years and she’s only lived there for 4 years (her first place blew up in season 2.) Fans even wondered if she kept the apartment after they got engaged. What I’m saying is let’s cut Castle a break. He’s shown himself to be a very supportive partner but not a mind reader. He does not have the benefit of getting a closeup of Beckett’s face and other cinematic queues telegraphed at him like we do when he says something that’s upsetting to her. When she tells him something is bothering her, he always shows support and has the perfect words to say.

    • sigh says:

      What bothered me is that it never got resolved between the two of them. I expected the final scene to have Castle helping Beckett finish moving and then realizing what her apartment symbolizes. At least Lanie knows I guess. :/

      • lkh says:

        exactly, Lanie understands, Castle doesn’t

        • Dmac says:

          But isn’t that more realistic than the other way around. I love my husband but some things from my past that I hold dear (like my first place) don’t reasonate with him BUT my best friends gets it without me having to explain it. That one moment made those two seem like a real couple.

          As for fan boy Castle, have you seen Nathan at Comic Con? He and Joss Whedon are man child personified and he is just like he was on this episode. Yes, more slightly over the top but not as much as you think.

          • AliceInWonderland says:

            if I had to spend much time per day with a man child I would jump off a bridge

          • lkh says:

            I’m familiar with how NF is in RL. I’ve seen him interviewed and he is very hyper and can be what I might call immature. That’s why, on occasion, I’ve said I’m not sure he’s really acting, that that is him. I’m not being as critical as it sounds. Because he takes ‘fun’ to a new level, I heard he’s #1 invite to a dinner party. So, actually, I think he can be even more over the top. The last interview on Jimmy Kimmel was–I don’t have the words.

            It seems to me that Beckett is taking a hit for not telling Castle how she feels about leaving a previous life–how come we never say ‘why doesn’t he know this’. I agree, it is real. I don’t want to bring up gender–and this isn’t anti male–but I think many times men and women just aren’t the same when it comes to the importance of self sufficiency and independence. Women’s lives and thoughts are so much different then men’s. Yes, I know that obvious for certain things, but there are others that are more subtle and dear. Don’t get after me about this, it’s true. I don’t want to get into women feeling safe–getting in an elevator, walking across a parking lot, finding a safe place to live, etc–men generally don’t have these thoughts to the same extent. I know she (KB) doesn’t seem vulnerable but … I’m not saying better or worse, I’m saying different.

            Anyway, my honest first thought was, “I wonder if she’ll get her deposit back after carving her initials in the wall?”

          • lkh says:

            and Dmac, it absolutely is more realistic. not really a surprise at all.

          • sigh says:

            I’ll just say that I’ve always loved the more poignant moments in Castle where he knows Beckett better than she knows herself. Like he knew right off the bat being a cop wasn’t her first choice; he knew she hid behind her mom’s murder; he knew she was with men she didn’t really love, etc. Plus he gets really sentimental about things, especially when it comes to Alexis outgrowing things, moving away, etc. so I would think he would be more sensitive to Beckett having to move out of her apartment. I do, however, think she should have said what was bothering her, given that he didn’t get it.

          • lkh says:

            Sigh-agree. But when you think about it, we’re really the ones reacting to it, she was a bit sad, but we didn’t see her treat him differently because he didn’t get it.

          • sigh says:

            Very true. I’ll stop letting it bother me haha. :)

        • Harvey says:

          Castle has lived in an apartment for the whole journey after meeting Beckett, seeing Alexis grow, has lived there for more than 6 years, they actually got together in his apartment, compared to that, he wouldn’t have thought Beckett’s apartment’s importance in the last 4 years, while a friend would have.

    • Harvey says:

      I has only been 4 years, while he has an apartment for more than 6 years, and she didn’t exactly tell him ever about her apartment’s important to her so obviously.

  7. Lena says:

    Well, it was good. But why basing the promo on the 1 minute ridiculous of the episode ? Haha seriously I was embarassed watching this scene …
    The ep would’ve been more attractive to me if I knew there was going to be something about Kate’s place. I would’ve like Castle to be with her in the end scene though, at the end he wasn’t even aware she was sad about leaving it so it’s a little weird.

  8. Matthew Weber says:

    Liked it a lot, but Castle was a bit insensitive. I had hoped that he would pull some gesture for her and her apartment at the end instead of being a little selfish. Also wish the Beckett/Lanie scene was more than 30 seconds long.

  9. meggy says:

    And Lanie knows why this place means a lot to Kate but Castle doesn’t ? He appeared to be completely clueless about, it would have been nice if he showed up at the end like Chandler in Friends with Monica when Rachel moved out. It was a missed opportunity …

  10. Rick Katze says:

    I half expected a very poor episode based on the subject matter but glad that I was wrong. Definitely a fun episode. And really upset I did not see that final twist especially with the way they emphasized the medical issue and the remission of the disease.

  11. lauri5567 says:

    Kate’s moving to a swanky penthouse loft with her millionaire husband. I don’t feel so sorry that she has to say goodbye to her apartment. But that’s just me.
    The “ops” mission was hysterical. Also, did anyone else notice that Esposito and Castle were on one side with the movies with Ryan making fun of them? Has that occurred before?

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I agree with you for the most part, i mean she is taking a huge step up and moving in with her Husband…but i feel sorry for her in a small way just in how important that apartment was to her, but i felt like this episode made it seem more important than it was to me as a viewer…i dont remember much regarding that apartment, the most being her and Castle (kicked off the case) solving her mothers murder.

      Its crazy to me how his apartment is a swanky millionaires apartment…millions buys SO little in NYC, jeez. If he was in TX he would have a 8,000+ square foot two story mansion on a big property for the same price.

    • lkh says:

      Not so sure that money or ‘swanky’ is the issue at hand. The apartment represents a lot more than that to her. And she’s moving to his place, he’s not moving. She decorated that apt, she paid for it, she took care of it, that’s where she went to relax, read, protect herself, where she was independent, and on and on. It’s not just the apt that she’s saying goodbye to. Not saying that the change is good or bad, just saying that’s it’s a big change–noticed that she did smile and move forward.

      • Just one thing says:

        They touched on the issue of their independence and autonomy last year, then Castle had his epiphany about alphas… I guess he will be reminded of that next week when their possessions begin to blend?

  12. Debbie says:

    You know, something I had been meaning to ask every Castle fan : How has Beckett actually changed? I mean, she changed from her season 1 personality, but not much from Season 2’s. I mean, what is ‘more open’ supposed to mean, her being fun in the 19th ep of season 2 showed she was fun then. As for saying she loves Castle, she almost said it in Season 2’s finale. She kept joking, as for hiding things, she didn’t before Season 4, and if talk about that then she even hid things after getting together. She didn’t really change. Also, in Season 3 Mike had came and said that she once said ‘Drop the gun and I will show you my boobs’, not really something somebody whose not that open would say, I mean, can’t even imagine her saying that now actually. Castle actually changed a lot, he was less jackass in season 2, lesser in Season 3, in season 4 he was just waiting for Beckett, but Beckett, she kind of stayed the same.

  13. Witsel says:

    A whip ? We get it, they have sex, no need to make it awkward …

    • Viv says:

      Please! Don’t remind me of that line! I had managed to forget it.

    • Lena says:

      That line was terrible and embarrassing. Seriously who uses a whip when they have sex ?? It was just to tell us they are doing stuff even if we never see anything but I would prefer not knowing that kind of thing …

  14. Blah says:

    Nice headline matt. That triggered a serious OC flashback for me. Especially given how similar stana and mischa Barton look (or looked then)

  15. Great episode. The last 4 or so have been pretty good compared how this season started, and most of last season for that matter. Dunno about return to form per say but its been a decent pick up from a slump.

  16. Linda says:

    I think that, in the final scene, Kate should have carved “K.B. + R.C.”, It would have shown that she was indeed moving on and that the apartment also had significance in the relationship with Rick. After all, in the Valentine episode after they get together we see her desire to share the apartment, and all it means to her, with Rick.
    On another plane, Rick’s “nerdy” reactions are totally in keeping with his character through 6+ seasons. He will never lose that little boy awe. I do agree that I always wish for more couple time in an episode, but Kate’s smiles and glances at Rick, as he wanders through his theories and fantasies, says it all. This is the man she is married to, and she loves him, foibles and all.

    • Lynn says:

      Rick has always been insensitive where Kate’s feelings are concerned! I always find it interesting how some fans seem to stick up for his behaviour no matter what. When she was protecting the rich guy she reminds Rick that the millionaire could have any girl he wants, what does Rick say? “oh yes of course ” in other words “right your not that much he can get anyone so why would he chose you” really sensitive Rick! Ignoring her and playing on the computer with the kid! nice!!! Now her apartment wasn’t up to his standards!! well gee whiz!! And this insensitivity has been going on almost since the beginning! But in the story she loves the guy, personally there are several times I would have ditched him. And I would certainly have kept the apartment. If he has so much money, no reason she couldn’t have her own place for a relaxing getaway! That he never seems to know or understand her feelings about her own things and only cares about his own interests. Oh well after all it’s only a show!

      • Harvey says:

        LOL! The guy stayed there for 4 years, stood on a bomb for her, and takes her for granted once and she kissed another guy, had actually taken him granted for a year before getting together, then hide her interview from the guy, and takes it as if just it was her decision without telling him, and all the things she hid, always it was him who found out, not really her who her. And also, she had said Billionaire could have any girl, and he said of course, which wasn’t insensitive, I mean, he should have said, no he wants you? It was always him moving the relationship forward till now, and he’s the bad guy in it? He’s also a millionaire, and think about everything then he should have left her after she hid the interview, but didn’t, and rather took the relationship forward.

      • lila1star says:

        You have got to be kidding! There is no one more full of herself than Kate Beckett.

        • Briggs says:

          I think they both have failings in equal measure. They fit together along the jagged edges. I realize Kate Hate is somehow en vogue, but those of us who are longtime viewers don’t find it cute. Save that kinda thing for TVD.

          • lila1star says:

            I don’t know what TVD is and nor do I read anywhere about “Kate hate” which is far from what I said. I am a long time viewer and then some with a right to my opinion. Its ok to trash Castle/NF but heaven forbid one might point out that Beckett/SK is not perfect!

  17. ljd213 says:

    Blah, except for seeing Lanie and Beckett do a girls’ night out.

    • KCC says:

      “Girls’ night out”?…sitting in an empty apartment? I can see way they don’t do it very often. It doesn’t seem like much fun to me. A nice moment in the episode though.

  18. Dar Palmer says:

    This ep was really fun. I for one enjoyed the manchild that is Castle. Fun and heartwarming to see Beckett doing the eye roll of yesterday once again. The apartment scene was very touching, almost like a piece of her life being traded for new memories.There is so much more story telling to do, so I do wish/hope there will be a S-8 or more. Creative writing and acting by all, one word….Fantastic!

  19. bj says:

    I must confess to laughing out loud at a few of Castle’s reactions in this one. I really enjoyed it. And having those comedic scenes tempered by Kate’s reaction to leaving her apt was perfect.

    I loved her talk with Lainie at the end where Lainey helped put her feelings in perspective for her. The carving of her initials was a perfect touch too.

  20. Luis says:

    i have yet to completely eliminate the possibility of a 3XK knockoff Castle from my mind, and I swear, if that’s what happened. I will shoot whatever TV I’m watching when I see the reveal (which means, of course, I can’t watch Castle at anyone else’s place until the question is resolved.)

  21. Harvey says:

    Many are saying that Rick shouldn’t have said it, but he was actually just being open, but she said she was okay even when she wasn’t, considering she’s her wife, she should have been more open. I mean, till now we haven’t seen Beckett actually open up to even him.

    • Lena says:

      i think there are some things that you just don’t say. Saying he didn’t like her place after almost three years of relationship (so we can’t assume he’s been there often, even if they spend a lot of time now at his loft) was kind of rude, she seemed surprised so apparently he never said anything about it. I didn’t really get what was the writers’ point here. Castle is supposed to know Beckett, to be someone perceptive so it would have been a good moment to show a nice scene instead of sticking him in a clueless role. Especially since the rest of the episode was showing him acting goofy, it would have keep a balance between these two sides of him and to show he could be serious and mature.
      For me, the probleme here was the way he said it, it almost came off as an “I hate this place, we’re finally getting rid of it” even if it wasn’t what he meant. It wasn’t necessary, they could have just make him say something about being happy that she was finally moving in with him (and she could still have been sad etc …)
      So this is why it bugged me personally but it’s just my opinion :-)

      • KCC says:

        Although I defended Castle above, you make some valid points. He was only thinking of Beckett moving from his own perspective. That they’ll be sharing the same space from now on and he’s excited about it. But from Beckett’s perspective she’s ending a phase of her life, and giving up the apartment is a major vestige of her independence. It’s one of those happy but sad moments in life, especially to someone as independent as Beckett.

  22. Diane says:

    I am not a fan of Castle this year at all. I DVR each episode and skip over most of it. To bad I was a big fan, but no longer.

    • KCC says:

      It’s hard to have an informed opinion of something if you skip over most of every episode, but that’s your option. I’ve enjoyed this season so far.

  23. N says:

    Loved Castle!

  24. James D says:

    fun episode I love when Castle blurs the line between man-child and fan-boy Nathan is always pure gold in those types of scenes. I found the confession of not liking her apartment i little strange, it felt forced to me. but the final scene with Beckett in an empty apartment was surprisingly moving as Matt pointed out.

  25. BetiSA says:

    I liked this episode, sadly the ratings are really bad. 6×23 consequence?
    how nobody has written this review yet?: “how to ruin a 6-year successful show in one episode” ? oops.

  26. T says:

    I surprised myself when I realized that I really liked this episode. I was prepared for a different outcome. Some of Castle was over the top. The storyline still refuses to let Castle and Beckett actually have an intelligent conversation about each other’s feelings. Both of these have become the norm so no point belaboring it. I did like the Castle and Beckett moment in the precinct after he was invited to go out with his action heroes. His little boy approach to Beckett was cute; her “aww” was sweet and his giggly exit from the break room was laugh out loud funny. I still don’t feel like this season has any cohesion for a consistent story. There are a lot of Castle escapades but not really any continuity of purpose. I suppose that will come in an undesirable form later.

  27. Briggs says:

    All the more enjoyable because I didn’t see the ending coming. Then again, I missed the first 5 minutes, but still. Even with that handicap, it’s been easy to finger the suspect lately, and I’m glad to be surprised this week. Good times. Oh, and Ryan trying to be cool was just *adorable*.

  28. NF and SK fan always says:

    love it, at first I thought I wouldn’t but ended up as fun…..would watch again. silly maybe but that’s what i like about the show you never know what’s going to happen… for Beckett and her apartment, that was sad……and her carving her name—-shame shame shame…..all in all a fun esp, can’t wait for more.
    I love season 7 as a whole better then season 6.

  29. Phil Jones says:

    What the writers and producers seem to have forgotten is that people fell in love with Castle the TV show because we fell in love with the characters they had at the beginning: the world-famous author who’s a bit of a cad, has a bad-boy edge, but is very intelligent and basically a good guy; the smart, practical and formidable lady cop who just happens to look like a supermodel. You either want to be with or be one of them. The viewers want to see them work together and have flirty banter as equals–formidable equals who together or alone outshine everyone else in the room.

    Now, the writing is lazy and cliche-riddled. “Humor” comes in the form of slapstick and the same “stupid dad” jokes that you see on lunch meat commercials. It used to be the banter, the gallows humor while in danger, or the peculiar clues that created humor; however, that takes work. And the sexual chemistry? Non-existent.

    The problems began with that abysmal “conspiracy” surrounding Beckett’s mother’s death. While Kate’s struggles to solve it were interesting, because the writers relied so heavily upon it to drive the show, after the fourth season, it left a void and Marlowe clearly didn’t have a plan. Season 5 had its good moments, but that’s also when we see the rise of Rick the Buffoon, which basically neutered the badboy we had all come to love. By Season 6, it had almost become parodic as Castle the character seemed to be pulled in whatever direction everyone else wanted to go. The idiotic DC arc, with Kate’s “I’ve never discussed it before and I’ve never met a Fed I’ve trusted dream job” was also poorly thought out and the writers painted themselves into a corner out of which they stepped rather clumsily.

    The impending wedding build up, the fan-insulting Vegas marriage for Beckett, the interrupted ceremony, the vow of celibacy that Caskett seems to have taken, all of those have weakened the fans’ loyalty–which used to be so strong.

    If you go over to the Castle boards, you see fans who bemoan the quality of the show and they’re very specific about what they want to see. Usually, if you’re a fan of the series, you’re willing to go along for the ride if you feel as though the creators have respected you–even if you don’t like everything that has happened on that show. When fans start producing checklists of things they want to see, it’s usually a manifestation of the fact that the creators have lost the fans’ trust.

    • KCC says:

      Yet, 10 million viewers tune in every week. Those same Castle boards that have fans bemoaning the quality have an equal, if not greater, number of fans that say they love the show. Of course the show progressed and changed. It had to as the characters’ relationships developed. You can only go so long with the “will they or won’t they” scenario. Once Castle committed to Beckett having him continue to be a bad boy womanizer wouldn’t fly. Beckett would never put up with it. Castle had to be shown in a different light if we were ever going to accept Beckett getting involved with him. Even with the softening of the Castle character, some fans go in a tizzy if he flirts with another woman. As for the vow of celibacy you mentioned, Castle only had one sex scene in it’s entire run, when they first admitted their feelings to each other. Other than that, the sex has always been implied, like the “I have the whip” comment in the last episode. I guess I admire your loyalty, but I don’t think the show is going to ever be the show you want to see.

      • T says:

        I agree that the characters had to evolve if they were to get together, as did the show. I was all in for that evolution at the conclusion of the season 4 finale, Always. I don’t watch the show as a shipper but I do think that was the best episode of the series for the way that a variety of story related developments came together. However, I am now in the camp of those fans that have been disappointed with the show since season 5. The story of their relationship was lost in subtext at the end of that season. It was annoying, and telling, when the show bosses told us after some episodes what the characters actually did. The marriage proposal was dismal (so them?) and I guess that this year’s wedding was so them as well. I still don’t understand the temporary diversion into the FBI. Castle morphed into someone that was not always recognizable as his season 1-4 self and Beckett became superwoman but completely unable to have a one on one conversation with the man she loved (to be fair, he could not have a conversation with her either). Season 6 was just go along with the wedding planning (although nothing seemed to get totally done). We never saw them do anything else as a couple: never went out to eat; never talked about living arrangements (except a picture); never talked about a prenup; never talked about taking his name or not; never went to one of his book premier events; never… To me, the season 6 finale was awful. It had funny moments but the underlying story about Beckett’s teenage ignorance and the soap opera burning car put that episode in last place on my Castle episode enjoyable list. Now in season 7 we have to believe that it is possible to have someone’s very specific time frame memory wiped clean in order to buy into Castle’s disappearance and subsequent decision to just move on with his life. That is a nonstarter for me. So, I continue to be a fan and do find some of the show entertaining. However, it has definitely lost its luster for me and has missed so many opportunities for good stories since the beginning of season 5 that I no longer look forward to the next episode. .

      • Phil Jones says:

        Actually, the ratings have been dropping precipitously this season. “Bad boy” doesn’t necessarily mean cheater, either. Implied sex is boring–especially in the 10e/9c time slot. It doesn’t have to be Skinemax, but I think the fans who are requesting a little more heat (no pun intended) are feeling abandoned by the writers and are asking for things that they feel will address the emotional charge they used to get from the show.

    • paula says:

      I agree that the writers frequently get themselves into a corner and then don’t know how to get out – not just the DC job but also Castle getting back together with Gina, the Vegas wedding, the designer wedding dress and the whole Pi debacle. I totally expected Pi (and possibly Gina or any of Kate’s boyfriends) to wind up as the corpse of the week to get them out of that. I was good with how they got rid of the dress but I still have issues with the whole Vegas wedding thing. Something is up there because that should have shown up on her background check for the DC job. I just don’t see enough planning going into some of these story arches or any planning at all sometimes.
      Also Castle gets into trouble when he’s bored or he spends time with the wrong crowd or he drinks (in my opinion). When he spends all his time at the 12th or with Alexis he does much better – a naughty boy but with a good heart. We know about Kate’s father’s drinking problem but I think Martha was going that way before Chet and I think Castle could have gone that way after Meredith but having Alexis kept him sober. Also I think in the early seasons Castle was sometimes living up to his press rather than being himself.
      But that’s my opinion – what do I know? I know that if we’re talking about all this then fans are interested. If we stop talking then worry because it means we don’t care anymore.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Honestly I don’t think he ever really got back together with Gina. I think she came to the precinct (in her own or at his request) at the end of season 2 to make Castle look less like a lost puppy with Demming in the picture. I wish they would explain why they were married/divorced/still friends. It’s part of the Castle “onion” that I don’t think has been peeled as much could be.

      • Harvey says:

        Nah, I don’t think Meredith and Castle actually loved each other so much for him to get drunk at all. I think it was said they even had sex when she brought the divorce papers.

        • paula says:

          Castle referred to Meredith once as “a deep fried Twinkie” – OK once in awhile but bad for you on a day to day basis – after one of their rolls in the sack (can’t think of anything else to call what it was). I think at some point it was said or implied that Meredith was pregnant with Alexis when they married and cheating on Rick and/or bored with motherhood when they divorced.
          I think Gina married Castle because he was fun to be with and good for her career but they couldn’t get along living together – plus it may have been a rebound relationship for both of them since Gina has been referred to by two different last names (one her maiden name, one her ex’s name maybe). When they got back together I don’t think Gina ever actually moved into the loft – just visited – because Alexis and Martha were already there.
          I think Castle’s a nice guy so he tries to get along with people and he has to get along with Meredith and Gina because one’s the mother of his daughter and one’s his editor.

  30. Ed says:

    Maybe its just me, but Beckett smiled when Lanie said ‘she solved her mother’s murder in this apartment’ and she frowned a little whe she said that she ‘fell in love in this apartment’. Beckett has always held back on her feelings (has to be standing on a bomb to say I love you). I’ve always had the feeling that she had met Castle (even before she had her book signed). Maybe she was a ‘one night stand’ and hates that Castle doesn’t remember?

  31. lame says:

    I understand it was a slow week, but 8.45 mil viewers and 1,5 demo is very low. Hope it picks up after the hiatus.
    Maybe if AWM & CO changed their approach to the Castle mythology instead of following the one used on Johanna Beckett story, How about having Castle setting up the murderboard on his big screen tv in their {Caskett} study, and have a constant flow of info from people he has looking into his abduction, After all Castle has people everywhere, or have we forgotten, That way we could see little pieces of the puzzle taking shape, instead of the out of the blue incidents that occurred in the J.B murder. At least this way fans can invest in something, It’d be nice to see Caskett in their lounge wear piecing together the puzzle in the after hours,
    Then again what do I know.

    • lame says:

      For me, Castle lost it’s magic in 6.23. It went against everything Marlowe had lead us to believe, It felt like a betrayal and the wedding was only rubbing salt into the wounds. When we had been conditioned to believe in seasons one and two that Caskett was one of the great love stories,those were Marlowe’s words and to end the six year arch on a shoddy set with a horrible green screen, thrown in as a filler for the last minuets of an episode was more than disappointing.

      • T says:

        I think that the show lost its way in season 5. There were some good episodes but the overall story of Castle and Beckett together was lost compared to the story of how they got together in season 4. I don’t believe that the quality of their story has recovered since then. I always liked that the characters were intelligent and flawed. Starting in season 5 it seemed that they were dumbed down and broken. I was not interested in a tv wedding of 300 people but the show storyline set that up, not me. If they had wanted to do some kind of interruption that ended up with the wedding being Castle, Beckett, their family (including Aunt Teresa) and their NYPD family in the end of 6×23 that would have been great. However, that did not happen either. I have zero interest in this new Castle mythology. In all of the 6 seasons now complete, we don’t even know with certainty why he married and divorced two women before Beckett. I sure don’t need to know why he was kidnapped, disappeared for two months and met the Men in Black to have his memory wiped.

        • Briggs says:

          When I no longer enjoy a show, I stop watching, stop commenting, and move on to something more worth my time. That being said, you can feel free to do what you want. Just know that other people might tell you to go away with less tact that I just did.,,

          • Phil Jones says:

            That presumes–no matter how politely you think you put it–that anyone should listen to someone who tells another poster to leave a board just because s/he doesn’t like people complaining. Clearly, it would be pointless and rather presumptuous of someone to do that, given that this is a public board. You know, free speech, etc. whether you like it or not.

          • Briggs says:

            I sincerely doubt our forefathers risked their lives and livelyhoods so you could annoy people who are still enjoying the show with when and/or why you *stopped* enjoying it. There are clearly better things to do with your time, and you are doing none of them.

          • Phil Jones says:

            Actually, that’s EXACTLY why they risked their lives and livelihoods–so I could say whatever I want, despite what you self-styled censors think. I have every right to say I don’t like a show. You talk about how I should have better things to do than complain; well, the same could be said for you–don’t you have better things to do than to monitor comment boards and tell people how they should use their time? You must not.

          • lkh says:

            Oh, Briggs. At last, someone who understands and can interpret what our forefathers were thinking. Clearly, it wasn’t so people could say what they wanted to…does this equate to yelling fire in a crowded theater, if you review a TV program?–oh, well, never mind that, explain that second amendment to me, will ya. It’s clear they anticipated TV and computers, but did they predict semi automatic weapons? Thanks for your insight.

          • Briggs says:

            I still think you’re wasting your time (nearly a quarter to one, my time) complaining about a show that, clearly, you would be happier not watching, whether or not I’m in the right about freedom of speech. If you really didn’t like the show, you’d stop watching and commenting. As it is, I think you just like attention. So I’ll stop giving it to you.

          • lkh says:

            So, that’s a ‘no’ on the second amendment interpretation? g’night

          • T says:

            I appreciate your “genuine” concern about how I spend my precious time. I am quite capable of managing my time as I see fit. In the same vein of time management, can one conclude anything about spending time to tell someone else that he/she is wasting time? To be clear, I like Castle. However, I liked it much more in seasons 1-4 than since then. I continue to watch because sometimes an episode comes along that I really like, such as this one. However, I used to watch the show because I liked how the characters, all of them, were intelligently written and worked together. I liked Alexis as a smart, overachiever teenage girl; not as someone who suddenly had a hissy fit and brought a boyfriend home from the banana plantation. I liked how Castle and Beckett were both strong, independent and personally flawed characters that were drawn to each other because they truly were each other’s yin and yang. Their discovery of each other led to their understanding of themselves. I could rely on what I learned about them last week or last year to build into what I learn about them today. I don’t see that type of storytelling now. It is one thing to suddenly learn that Beckett has an Aunt Teresa. It is quite another thing to learn that she has been married for 15 years and did not know it. It is one thing for Castle to spin wild theories and have fun and quite another when it feels like Beckett has to reel in her silly kid. Now this season I have to believe that it is possible to have a very specific time period wiped from Castle’s memory in order for the storyline to proceed. I like great science fiction but a memory wipe is exactly what the flashy blinky thing does in Men In Black. The reverse of it, planting memories, is the essence of Total Recall. This is a type of story that does not fit in the version of the Castle universe that I have been trained to enjoy. So I will watch Castle next week like I have for the past six years. However, on a week by week basis I do not anticipate the same enjoyment as I did in the past and that makes me a bit sad.

          • Harvey says:

            Briggs, you are right, but that’s more if somebody says he doesn’t watch the show and it has lost it’s taste, but otherwise, not really. See complaining is alright, and even saying that it’s near as good as before is alright. I don’t think that for Castle, but I remember thinking that for Prison Break, I was addicted to the show and watched every ep, on net near the end, but still watched. See you stopped watching, but then I don’t get why you are still seeing recaps. I mean, most see the recaps to tell their thoughts about the ep, see other thoughts about the ep.

          • Briggs says:

            Oh, I haven’t stopped watching Castle. I was giving an example of what other people could do who haven’t enjoyed the show since either season 5 or the end of last season. Why on earth one would continue watching a show one continues not to enjoy is beyond me, but that appears to be a choice some people are making.

          • Harvey says:

            Addiction bro! I mean, it’s just another 40 minutes show that you once loved, and it’s not a theater where you sit through all of it. I love Castle, but there have been shows like Prison Break, as I said, and Bones that got so bad but I just kept watching as it wasn’t a big deal. And if you once watch an episode, you have the right to complain about it.

        • lkh says:

          Amazing! Well done! You’ve expressed what a lot of us have been thinking. I believe that others here think that the show is not important to us because we critique it. For most of us though it is important. I have watched the show since day one. I have all the DVDs and have watched the episodes multiple times, seen all the bloopers, interviews, excluded scenes, etc. I’d been embarrassed to say exactly how many times. Since season 4, there may be 3 or 4 episodes in season 5/6 that I have seen more than when they were aired and I haven’t re watched any of season 7. The dialogue/banter was so clever, the cases interesting, the supporting case great/endearing, and on and on. Since then I barely even recognize them. Some days it seems to me that it has become a stage for a buffoon. The Castle character is so silly, foolish, and out in left field so often now and the Beckett character seems absent to me. I got the feeling last Monday that Beckett was present but really ‘missing’.

          I remember hearing Marlowe say that at the end of season 2 when Castle left with Gina, that there was such an uproar about it and that he got such a strong reaction from the fans that they had to address it in episode 1, season 3. Remember how he was treated when season 3 started–he was ostracized by the 12th. This was done intentionally to respond to our anger about his behavior. And it worked, ’cause he was back pretty quickly. I do think the writers/directors/producers hear what the fans say–maybe not every complaint or suggestion, but certainly some. Plus, it’s great fun to discuss the characters and the storyline with others who like the show.

          It’s good to once in a while revisit the fact that people who review the TV shows don’t hate TV, just like book critics don’t hate to read, or play critics don’t hate theater…you get the idea. My position has been and I restate it here, if the critical review posts bother you, don’t read them, skip over them or read them with a different understanding of the writers.

  32. lamew says:

    Okay guys, play nice. I can understand people wanting to voice their opinion on a series they once loved and invested time in There’s nothing wrong with stating how you feel about the direction that program has taken, that’s what this page is all about. Picking out the inconsistency in character behavior or plots is what we do, isn’t it. If we can’t keep the writers straight who can. Even if it’s not our story to tell, we can give’m hell when we feel they screwed up. It’s okay, it’s fun, just leave the actors private lives private.

  33. Laura says:

    This show is becoming a comedy, it has become so silly. The show took a nosedive when the lead actors became a couple. It is okay for light fluff, but I like something more serious and this isn’t doing that anymore.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      it is suppose to be a comedy/drama and that’s what it is…..yes a little silly-that’s why I liked the show in the 1st place because it was different then the rest of the shows on and IMO still is. could use a little more drama but still very entertaining to watch, to me they are really together….that’s not why I watch it anyway. I’m just enjoying a good show and that’s what I’ll continue to do.