Walking Dead Midseason Finale Post Mortem: [Spoiler] Sounds Off on Killer Twist — 'I Did Not See It Coming'

Warning: The following Q&A contains major spoilers from Sunday’s Walking Dead. Proceed at your own risk. 

Well, Rick’s plan worked: Both Carol and Beth were “discharged” from Grady Memorial in The Walking Dead‘s midseason finale Sunday.

But only one of the women — professional death-cheater Carol — left the hospital with a pulse.

Sadly, Beth — played by series regular Emily Kinney — was shot to death by the hospital’s self-appointed dictator Dawn before she made it out of the building. Daryl, in turn, whacked Beth’s murderer in retaliation.

Below, an emotional Kinney — who got choked up several times during our exclusive chat — reveals why she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to her alter ego, speculates on what could’ve been between Beth and Daryl and answers the question on the minds of many fans: Did Maggie forget she had a sister?!

TVLINE | How long have you known that Beth was getting killed off?
Since late August. I found out the day the script [for the episode] came out.

TVLINE | Who told you?
[Showrunner] Scott Gimple.

TVLINE | What was your initial reaction?
I was very sad.

TVLINE | Did you race to read the script right away? Or did you put it off?
[Fighting back tears] I didn’t really feel like reading it. Also, the next day, I still had all of [Episode 5.07] to shoot. All of the Beth scenes you saw last week were done in two days of shooting. [Crying] So I wasn’t anxious to read the next script…

TVLINE | Was it tough to have to shoot all of those scenes right after learning you would be leaving in next episode?
[Crying] Yes.

TVLINE | Are you OK?
Yeah… I’m fine.

TVLINE | Did you reach out to your co-stars for emotional support?
I think the original plan was for everyone to get a call [before they read it in the script]. I know when Scott Wilson was killed off [in Season 4], everyone was called [ahead of time]. And I think Scott Gimple originally [planned to do] that because he had times set up to talk to everyone that day. [But] I know not everyone got called, because some people called me the next morning when they read the script. Like, Norman Reedus and Andy [Lincoln] didn’t get any kind of call or anything like that. [Editor’s note: A source close to the show maintains that Gimple, on set in Atlanta, contacted all cast members either in person or via phone within hours of his meeting with Kinney, well before the script was distributed.]

TVLINE | Was it a comfort to have that support?

TVLINE | When you finally did read the script, what was your reaction?
I don’t really remember. At the time I had to deal with all of the logistics, like figuring out what to do with my place. [Crying] I’ve basically lived on and off in Atlanta for four years.

TVLINE | Were you satisfied with how Beth went out?
I think the writing throughout has been great, but I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I think the Beth character, in particular… more could’ve been done with a teenager growing up [in that world]. I did not see it coming at all, especially this season. It’s weird, because I would’ve been OK with [this happening] in the second season or the third season, when I was like, “Oh, maybe this character is coming to a close. What else is there to do with her?” But now I feel differently… I feel like there was still so much more to [explore.], like, what could have happened with Daryl?

TVLINE | Did Scott offer an explanation?
He didn’t, really. I think the whole point is there is no rhyme or reason [to the deaths on the show]. It’s like real-life. Why does that person [die] as opposed to other people? We really don’t quite know why.

TVLINE | Did Daryl’s act of retaliation — killing Dawn after she killed you — warm your heart a little bit?
[Laughs] I don’t know…

TVLINE | Fans have been buzzing about the Daryl-Beth relationship ever since they had that big episode last season. What do you make of their dynamic? Romantic? Brother-sisterly?
They never really told us what it was supposed to be… I think it was a situation where they were getting to know each other. First, they were just trying to get along at all, because I don’t think that they saw each other’s point of view very well. And then as the story went along they maybe became friends, and I do think that it started to sort of go, “Oh, what more could this be? Could it keep going into something else?”

TVLINE | Beth came off as rather noble and almost heroic in this final arc. Was that of some comfort to you, the fact that she went out on such a high note?
[Crying] Yeah. I do feel like she grew up a lot. I do think that she always had it in her. Maybe it wasn’t something the audience could read, but I’d like to think this was a part of her from the beginning. She always had a fight in her.

TVLINE | She certainly wasn’t afraid to stand up to Dawn.
She started to become fearless, like, “I could die at any moment! Whatever!” She would rather be the person she wants to be, strong and fighting for herself, then play the game. She didn’t have anything to lose.

TVLINE | Some fans are wondering why Maggie hasn’t expressed much concern about the whereabouts of her possibly-alive sister prior to tonight’s episode. What’s your theory about that?
It’s a world where they’re losing people a lot. And if you’re going to survive, you can’t sit around mourning for very long. And just because we don’t see those scenes, doesn’t mean those are things that Maggie isn’t going through. You didn’t see a lot of Beth in Season 2 or Season 3, but I was imagining all along what she was feeling and thinking. So just because we don’t see Maggie being upset about where Beth is, that doesn’t mean it’s not on her mind.

TVLINE | What was it like shooting your death scene? Emotional?
Yeah. It was a long day.

TVLINE | Did you have a farewell dinner like the other killed-off regulars did before you?
[Fighting back tears] Yeah, we had a party.

TVLINE | Ten years from now, which castmembers do you think you’ll still be in touch with?
Norman and Lauren [Cohan]. And Scott Wilson. [Crying] And Steven [Yeun].

TVLINE | Do you have a particular fond memory from the past four-plus years?
There’s a lot. [Crying] I can’t pick one.

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  1. zacqua10 says:

    I don’t know what to think. Had I not read that interview with Norman Reedus saying he balled his eyes out, would I be feeling different?

    • b. Mclane says:

      If Reedus’s plan was to cry himself out so not shed a tear then it did not work.

    • Carrie says:

      After reading that, I thought it would be Carol and/or Beth. I actually hoped Carol would be the one. I feel like the character has been explored enough and she’s kind of damaged goods at this point. There was more potential for Beth’s character, like her possible relationships with Noah or Daryl, and the fact that she kept getting stronger and smarter. It was a good episode, but I’m disappointed. I did like the fact that they finally left a place w/o completely destroying it (like the church was destroyed). The hospital will be better w/o Dawn.

  2. TV Gord says:

    I hated tonight’s ending. That’s why I voted A for Awesome!

    • RHAddict says:

      Me too. I was shocked and I actually teared up a lot for her death. That never happened with the other deaths. Even with Hershel’s (I was very sad when he died, but not like with Beth). I will miss her a lot.
      There is something going on though with her death. I don’t think Dawn killed her. She was mouthing something like “it wasn’t me” and if you look closely at the shot on Beth’s face, it was on her forehead. Someone from the staff shot her, not Dawn!

      • she was a professional liar and manipulator and i just think she was trying to talk herself out of the situation only that Daryl put her lights off in secs. I don’t understand how it would be someone else in the staff and why they would do it it doesn’t make sense..

        • bigguy3080 says:

          I swear the gun looked like it was pointed at Beth’s stomach if anything.

          • the gun was holstered and buttoned. there is know way you can unholster and accidentally shoot someone upwards in a fraction of a second (or even intentionally shoot someone that quick). also, you can tell Beth is stabbing towards the lower right abdomen, yet the scissors end up in the upper right shoulder. Beth wouldn’t do this, Beth wouldn’t compromise her safety; even for Noah (who honestly should of not have gone with them in the first place), he was someone who she only knew for a few weeks Vs her sister, and the rest of her group. I just don’t see it. sure they had some chilling conversations; but nothing so sinister that she would sacrifice herself to take her out. Furthermore, Beth has been killing zombies for a while now, and I think she would know how to take someone out with scissors; go for the jugular. No, she risks her life for a non fatal stab to the solder (likely where the armor vest would be). This leads me to believe the writers were struggling on how to kill her off. I understand it had to happen, but this was pathetic… I’m still going to watch tho.

      • I think she was saying “I didn’t mean to.”

        • B says:

          That’s what I saw too. And the way they showed the gun after that it was almost as if to imply she had her hand on the trigger and the shock from the stabbing had her reflexively pull it. But she definitely said she didn’t mean to.

          • Kaitlyn says:

            Your right. She did say that she didn’t mean to.

          • kimberly says:

            she’s saying i didnt mean to but wasnt her gun supposed to be holstered? when did she take it out. im actually glad that beth died. she can move on with her singing career. just kidding thanks beth and happy holidays you were great wish we could of watched your character grow smarter and stronger.

      • Jessica says:

        Her lips said, “I didn’t mean to.” It was definitely Dawn.

        • Walker bait says:

          Dawn didn’t do it bullet come from the back of dawn and she said it wasn’t me. Beth’s bullet hole was in the front of her head not her chin watch it in slow motion you will see the bullet hole in the front of her head.

          • Lily says:

            Dawn definitely said, ‘It wasn’t me.’ And bullet hole was in the forehead not chin like Walker balt says…good spot!

          • Christine says:

            Ohhhhhhh wow! Who was it?

          • anon says:

            it wasn’t on her forehead, if you re-watch it a couple times, you can see that the blood on her forehead is actually just a piece of blood or bloody skin that landed on the baby hairs surrounding her forehead. the bullet came from under her chin, because it came out the back top of her head

        • kimberly says:

          it was dawn watch it in slow mo online

          • WJK says:

            Hopefully someone will chime in later & settle the debate with facts once Season 5/Coda is released on DVD by watching with the subtitle feature turned on… which should prove/show that Dawn said, “she didn’t mean to” and that Dawn pulled the trigger more on impulsive reflex in regards to Beth’s out-of-nowhere payback/going away present for Dawn… which of course/unfortunately backfired for Beth. And for what its worth… yes its a TV show, but so missing Beth’s character, especially the singing scenes they wrote for her. IMO… I think killing Beth was a major mistake & is going to be seen as a regrettable “Jump the Shark” down hill slide moment for the show! After all… the producers are only 2 years away from the 7 year itch ;)

      • CountryQueen says:

        I’m sure we are done with the hospital, and will never see it again (Morgan found that map, so he won’t go there, he’ll head to D.C.)

        From where Beth’s head blew off, it’s obvious that she was shot from below, from the angle Dawn had her gun at. She wasn’t expecting Beth to stab her, and shot reflexively (as anyone would). She mouthed “I didn’t mean it.” And I believed her. But it was her fault as she was a greedy, manipulative witch, who had to show her group that she was in charge, not Rick who arranged this, so she demanded Noah, and Beth lost it. Remember, Beth would have done the same thing to the crazy doc guy (probably), as she had hidden scissors then, but then they wheeled Carol in, and she didn’t.

        • kimberly says:

          Spoiler alert: this season is following the comics they are still going to washington d.c. to another place though not following the big liar though. if you read the comics then you know i dont want to spoil too much.

      • Jerome says:

        Nope, it was Dawn that shot Beth. I rewinded a handful of times and Dawn was saying No I didn’t mean to No No shaking her head no. Plus her gun was at an angle to where it could hit her in the forehead. So Dawn did shoot Beth and Daryl whacked Dawn. Plus there was some scenes where they were practicing that shot so Dawn did it (sorry)…

      • melanie says:

        it was at the top back of her head, so I’d say dawn put the gun under her chin and the bullet went up to the back that way. i did have to watch that bit a few times

  3. Knope says:

    That was the most stupid death of all

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Exactly the point, exactly like real life…pointless death…death where someone with so much more story to tell is taken from us…people we care about and liked so much just gone….thats real life, and that is what the show/comic is trying to accurately portray.

      • LaReyna says:

        So true! ^^^^ comment pointless young life’s lost. So sad

      • austin says:

        While that would be a good explanation, and I was thinking the same thing; they have made that a consistent theme throughout the show.

      • Binh Vu says:

        What if she didn’t really die? It looked like the bullet just grazed her skull, she could still be alive and just passed out. D:

        • DARKlordvor says:

          Even if she’s passed out, she will lose a lot of blood because no one attend her. If no one knows she’s alive, she will die of blood loss

        • Cody springer_ loves beth says:

          You can see the hole
          In her head. Maggie would have noticed when daryl was carrying her. She’s not still alive..

          • kimberly says:

            shes not alive. she even said on the talking dead that she is looking for somewhere else to live. beth dies in the comics anway and there isnt even a daryl in the comics but mostly following comics this season.

          • Christine says:

            I thought Beth didn’t exist in the comics?

      • 4&6 says:

        It’s still a show, should have more dynamic to it; IMO this was really stupid killing off a character like this. If there were more pointless death then this show would just be super boring.

      • Delirious says:

        It’s not so much about the pointlessness of the death, I’d say it’s more about it being reasonless. It makes no sense that Beth would do that, tbh. Why would she stab Dawn in the shoulder? If it was a mistake, how/why would she do it anyway? And if she was trying to kill her, how could she miss by so much?

        TBH, io9 has an interesting article called “The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Was Tragic For Two Reasons” which I quite agree with, and it touches this issue, among several others.

    • Lyn12 says:

      Totally pointless death; Beth deserved better. Virtually every other character people cared about went out in a way that tore at the emotions, was tragic, ironic, heroic, etc. Even the fat guy who was mauled on that mission with Shane (sorry, forgot name) died in a way that was shocking and advanced the plot, since it was a crucial development in Shane’s personality and m.o. Why did Beth have to die doing something totally useless and stupid?

      • bigguy3080 says:

        His name was Otis…same guy who played Glen Fogle in Justified.

      • TMor says:

        Lyn12, this is the point that I have been trying to make to my husband. Her actions at the end were so contradicting to the courage and intelligence displayed during her time at the hospital. Her death was pure shock value, but her actions leading to her death didn’t make sense to me at all. Putting everyone at risk, just to stab Dawn? Why?

    • Kaitlyn says:

      It was the stupid death of all.

  4. Rook says:

    Really. Beth was final became a more interesting character. I’m pissed.

    • Sofia says:

      I agree. The character really came into her own this season and I was excited to see how that would translate once the group was all together. Killing her seems entirely too premature.

      • Sharon says:

        Yes, I agree with u! Would’ve like 2 see more of hers n Daryl’s storyline more!!!! They became so close 4 couple of seasons

      • Rook says:

        I think this is just how the Walking Dead is going to be. New characters are gonna come on the show and the group will become to big, so they’ll have to kill off secondary characters.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        I too agree, Beth was coming into her own and gaining confidence in herself. That was insane how she went out, am I the only one that wanted to see Beth and Maggie REUNITE after all that happened w/Hershal last season?
        Also I’m disappointed that we won’t be able to see the bonding relationship btw her and Daryl….and to see Daryl break down like that…….goes to show what she said to him in S4 When i’m gone you’re going to miss me Daryl Dixon”.

    • Emily Shore says:

      I know! She was way more interesting than Carol. They should’ve just killed Carol or the preacher or Eugene

      • Babygate says:

        No way. Not Carol. Take the preacher AND Eugene and send them both to the woods with nothing but each other. They can cry and whine into the sunset. They are both deeply uninteresting characters. But Carol is a badass…

      • SeanC says:

        lmao are you kidding me? Carol is the most interesting character ont he show. Beth is a complete bore.

      • fri says:

        oh no no no!!!
        carol has a very strong and attractive character and i’m waiting for a romantic relationship between carol and drayl.
        i am disappointed beth has gone for good.
        i want all characters be alive until the last episode.

      • Kaitlyn says:

        I agree with you.

      • Stop making those dumb comparisions. Beth was a completely different person from Carol. I liked Beth, but in no way on earth she was more interesting than Carol. Carol is one of best female characters on the show..Carol and Michonne. Now the father Gabriel or Eugene it’s another thing…They are alive for now,.but who know tomorrow? In this show a lot of people is still gonna to die..TWD and GoT are always gonna be like this..main characters are always gonna to die and supporting characters too..Beth’s death was not shocking or surprising..all the hints were there since the start of this season

      • Nanne says:

        What???? Nooooo, Not Carol! Eugene or the preacher maybe, but NOT Carol!

        • kimberly says:

          carol is a good strong person for the group she’s getting it back together with daryl’s help. the preacher and euguene are just scared and tyrese and sasha are having it rough. now they got to keep maggie and noah together. rick carl and michonne are the strong points right now.

  5. Zenobia Jackson says:

    I am glad it wasn’t Carol…I guess that is selfish, but, I don’t think that Beth’s death is as big of an impact as Carol would have been. Best outcome possible in my mind.

  6. . (@yikes77) says:

    i don’t even watch this show but I have to feel for this woman. She clearly loved being part of it and is heart broken that her time is now over.

    • Angela says:

      Agreed. I’ve read many interviews with actors/actresses on here whose characters have been killed off of shows in the past and while it’s obvious they’re sad to leave the show, I don’t recall ever reading any of them breaking down in tears during the post-episode interviews (or if they did, they hid it well enough somehow). Aw.
      I imagine it would be very tough, if you’ve really enjoyed working on a show for years, to leave in this sort of way. And sure, there are flashbacks and other ways to “bring back” characters who’ve died on a show if the actors want to return at some point…but it wouldn’t quite feel the same, I wouldn’t think.
      I’m glad she has some good memories to take with her, at least. But yeah. I feel bad for her, too.

    • Lauren says:

      I know right? I mean it’s basically like being fired. I think people forget that part. So I’m sure it’s very emotional. I have been laid off before and I cried my eyes out. So I feel for her. Wishing good things for her in the future!

  7. We knew it had to be either Beth or Carol, and I didn’t want it to be Carol. That said, it was well done and very sad. Reading this interview makes it even worse when you hear Emily’s reaction to everything.

  8. Zara says:

    This was the worst mid season finale ever rick negotiating for another greenes life was repetitive and bad writing. To add Beth into the main credits build up her storyline make us root for her and Daryl and then kill her off is a big f you to her fans and telling us were gonna dig her storyline I’m so mad!!!

    • Mouth says:

      Ha, nice try Chandra!!

    • Angela Marie says:

      Zara! Yes I totally agree!!!!!! Worst mid season ever! Beth (Emily Kinney) was awesome! And did an oustanding role! There was to much left undone and shouldn’t of been her or Carol to go defently wasn’t ready for this one /poor maggie! But they all ♡ed her and oobviously we all ♡ the show! Huge fan and miss Beth all ready! The only ones that shoulda been killed was that Dawn and her hornball fellow officers!!!! I woulda killed her n her sleep a few episodes ago!wow, but it is like real life. People are fregin crazy almost makeing the zombies seem sain! Can’t stand it it was like loosing my own family! And just makes ya wonder who’s gonna get it nexttttttt

  9. Matt C. says:

    I never really cared for Beth, but I can’t lie: I cried when she died. Mostly from Daryl and Maggie’s reactions. But reading this interview was super sad. She got killed off just when her character was becoming more interesting and likable. At least she got upgraded to the opening credits before she left!

  10. So now, when a female character finally starts to get interesting, we should see the death coming. Lori, Andrea, now Beth.

    • Jimmy says:

      I agree with you about Andrea’s death, even though she made some pretty stupid choices and actions in season 3, she grew a lot stronger and was able to face off against the Governor. I didn’t agree with her death.

      Lori is a totally different story. All she did was yell at Rick for one thing or another, make Shane out to be a villain for wanting to be with her and Carl, and even if she didn’t try to consciously do it, she pinned best friends against each other for her affection. Yes, her death was a huge loss to Rick, Carl and Judith. But I’m thrilled she isn’t around anymore.

      Beth’s death was really sad, and it is disappointing that after building her up to be a stronger character and take more of a main role in the past, they go and kill her off. But story wise, it opens up so many possibilities and it made sense. The cast is pretty bloated and Beth has never had a major purpose until now. I much prefer seeing her go as opposed to Carol or anyone else.

      • Lilly says:

        You almost said everything I was going to say in response to Denise’s comment. Lori was annoying and an emotional mess 99% of the time. I never liked Andrea. She went from sex kitten to macho gunman and back in her last season. She just never struck me as tough, just ACTED tough, her last two episodes notwithstanding – not sure whether she was poorly acted or poorly written. I hated to see Beth killed just when she was getting stronger. It would seem that now she could actually bring something more than her singing to the group, but, alas, we’ll never know. I HATE the way they build up a character with deliberation just before killing them….

  11. BrennaStar says:

    I hated the ending … Beth was my favorite character …. she had potential and was growing up to be a strong and fearless young adult with friends and family that loved her … its not fair they killed her

    • CJ says:

      I agree. She was finally getting interesting and she was beginning to be one of my favorite characters. I’m so sad she died :(

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Exactly, and thats why the shows great. The show isnt about all of your favorite characters surviving and going on awesome adventures where they kill bad guys and zombies…its trying to represent real life in the zombie apocalypse and also be a allegory for real life in general…and dont our favorite people die in real life? Taken from us too soon? People that had so much amazing story left to tell? Dying in car accidents, shootings, cancer etc… We know from other deaths (and births and new additions of characters) that the show didnt just do it for shock value or cause it was “time for someone to die”….the crew of people (especially her sister) will be forever changed and we will see that journey play out in the other half of the season.

  12. Abby says:

    This was the most predictable death yet, and pointless. Let’s kill someone so another character can experience man pain. I had such high hopes for this season after last year’s, but this season has been such a mess.

  13. eric erwin says:

    My reaction was… Daryl shoot that crazy woman!

  14. Lucie Winborne says:

    Do you think Beth acted stupidly or was there a heroic element to her death? I can’t see how she could have envisioned a “successful” ending to that scenario. Or did she essentially “pull a Merle”?

    • Goten says:

      There was, she was trying to help Noah out after Dawn demanded that he return to the hosptial.

    • Lyn12 says:

      Someone was going to kill Dawn anyway. And Rick’s group was going to hold on to Noah anyway. Beth’s futile little gesture was so stupid and pointless that my son theorized that she’d had a mental break and was committing suicide! I don’t agree, but why they’d have a girl who was increasingly strong and stealthy do something so idiotic, I can’t imagine.

  15. Gigi says:

    I was so disappointed about Beth’s death that I lost interest in future shows.

    • Lyn12 says:

      Yeah, every now and then a great show (e.g. “Mad Men”) has a season-ender that’s so stupid, I don’t really care when it comes back. Sort of feel that way now, though I WILL watch again!

    • Tab says:

      Agree!!!! My interest in this show is over now. As much as I love Norman Reedus….. I just don’t care enough to watch it anymore. Beth wasn’t given a chance to see what she could ultimately become. And it’s gonna prove to Daryl once again… why get close to anyone? They all just die eventually. This show has run it’s course with me. No longer a fan and could care less now where it goes.

    • Chrostina Jones says:


    • chacha says:

      me too..I dont think I’m watching the show ever again.I wanted to see how she and Daryl are reunited and she was becoming more interesting

      • Brandy says:

        I am really sad that they killed off Beth after all this effort to get her back, and her recent character development. I am so disappointed. This is probably my last season to watch.

  16. alistaircrane says:

    Good riddance to Beth (and Emily). Beth’s scenes tonight were laughably bad—she is a terrible actress, and her ridiculous little girl voice. Ugh. I just can’t! Glad to see her go, and very happy Caryl won the Shippers War.

    • April says:

      You must be a miserable person. Every time Beth is mentioned on any article you spew this mouth garbage of Carol and Daryl. Here’s a thought that might be too hard for you to understand, not everyone wants Daryl and Carol together. In fact not everyone wants Daryl and Beth together. It’s one thing to “ship” for 2 characters, but you go overboard by making the same rude comments on every Walking Dead comment section about how no one deserves to be with Daryl but Carol. Wake up tonight’s episode had nothing to do with romantic relationships. It was about how the group lost one of their own.

      • alistaircrane says:

        If anyone’s miserable, April, it’s you. You just wrote a paragraph of vitriolic hatred. Get a hold of yourself and stop being so nasty.

        • Carol says:

          The hypocrisy in your statement is laughable, but what else is new?

          • Mo says:

            alistaircrane seems to be a professional shipper troll. I seem to remember seeing this username fanning the shipwar flames on other shows too.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Ain’t no hypocrisy! I didn’t bash April at all. She’s just lashing out because her ship isn’t happening anymore, and I’m smackin’ some sense into her.

        • CarpeDiem says:

          WOW. Allstaircrane. You have issues. CAROL is a women near 50 and maybe she just cares about him like a family member. Besides they might make Daryl become attracted to a dude. So get over you obsession.

      • I'm Carol stan says:

        alistaircrane wants Daryl for herself and not with Carol. Carol was just her dummy. Daryl belongs to T-Dog forever!! DaDog forever!!

    • Angela says:

      And this sort of attitude is why people find shippers annoying and obnoxious. Seriously, grow up.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Bitter much, Angela? Sure sounds like it! I know you’re reeling that #Bethyl will never, ever happen, but please deal with it without taking it out on other people, thank you very much!

        • Angela says:

          Actually, I have no dog in the pairing debate, because I don’t watch this show. People I know do, however, and I’d heard it was a big deal episode, so I’m reading because I’m simply curious about what everyone would have to say. But way to make baseless assumptions!
          I’m not “taking it out” on anyone. Just stating a fact: your arrogant attitude, which I’ve seen displayed numerous places on here for various shows, is incredibly irritating and will not endear anyone to your viewpoint, no matter what it is. And that message goes to anyone who gets involved in “ship wars”-no matter what the series, they’re stupid and annoying and pointless and ruin the fun of fandom. I really wish more fans would realize that.

          • yeah some people have 0.00 value in real life and if they can get any attention whether +ve or -ve from behind their keyboard it makes them feel ‘important’..they believe trolling’s the reason for their existence.

          • alistaircrane says:

            “You don’t watch this show”. Then WTF are you doing in this thread?! Is your life really that pointless that you read articles about shows you don’t even watch and them comment endlessly on them? Sad!

          • Mo says:

            alistaircrane if you actually read Angela’s comment you would have seen why she is reading an article about a show she doesn’t watch.

          • Angela says:

            I mentioned what I was doing in this thread. I know people who watch this show but don’t really frequent a lot of TV-related sites, so I checked to see what all was said about this finale in case there was any interesting information they might not have heard about yet but would like to know. And sometimes if I have time to kill I just like reading new things out of simple curiosity. Reading comprehension, it’s a good thing.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        100% yes to this. And crane is a one note wonder. I knew before I even started reading the comments that it would be on here spewing hatred for Emily Kinney and the character Beth. Very predictable and boring.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Kinney is a bad actor. Thee Walking Dead trimmed the fat last night and got rid of the weakest link in the cast. Very happy with TPTB right now!

          • Ali Amarante says:

            She’s a great actress. I think you’re misdirecting your anger. You see, Kinney doesn’t write the show, so she has nothing to do with whether the writers decide to imply a tentative love triangle between your beloved Carol and Daryl and your hated Beth. But hating Emily Kinney because her character might have had a shot at Daryl because of what the WRITERS wrote… it’s pretty stupid.

    • Sofia says:

      That’s what you got out of the whole episode? That Daryl and Carol will now be in a romantic relationship? I don’t know if I should laugh or wonder whether or not we were watching the same show.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I don’t know what’s going to happen with #Caryl, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that #Bethyl sure isn’t happening! :-D

        • I'm Carol stan says:

          Miss, you have to remember that without Beth, Carol could have died if she didn’t insist on giving her meds. Someday my Queen Carol will die. And you be bawling like Emily.

    • 'A' Has Spoken says:

      I agree with April. All you do is hate on this character. And its not just for her character either. I see you spew hatred on different articles as well. Maybe you should get ahold of YOURSELF and stop being nasty. Your comment was in fact more nasty than April’s (actually, her’s wasn’t even that bad).

      • alistaircrane says:

        So wait a second, let me get this straight…..I’m *only* allowed to post positive statements praising and loving the characters? Get a grip! It’s called criticism. Deal with it.

    • Meh says:

      She was on this show for several seasons. They cast well and don’t keep people there for giggles. Get you don’t like her, but you seem waaaay over the top in your criticism of Emily/Beth.

    • tina lamonica says:

      pay attention u missed a great now wasted storyline. emily is awesome

      • alistaircrane says:

        No she’s not. When she was on Talking Dead I just wanted to smack her upside the head. Get a grip, Emily!!!

    • Carol says:

      I’m not a fan of Bethyl or Caryl,,, but im so sad that Beth just died. I dont know why,, maybe because I can now see the potential Bethyl relationship when Daryl reacted that way. HE must have fallen in love with Beth. Now I can see. Carol and Daryl will die someday too. Just don’t be happy yet.

    • Angela Marie says:

      Hater! ;)

      • alistaircrane says:

        Haha it’s so funny to see the maggot Beth stans come crawling out of the woodwork. How ridiculous! But at the end of the day I take comfort in knowing their girl is off this show and never coming back! Their hopes of Bethyl ever happening will never come to fruition. Last night’s TWD filled me with so much joy. I had a huge grin on my face from the gunshot to the final post-credits scene with Morgan. GREAT ep!

    • keepcarolalive says:

      I agree 100% on all that you have said about Beth….She had to go! #TeamCarol

      • alistaircrane says:

        Yep! Thank you!!!

      • Nicole says:

        You do realize that all but one of the romantic relationship on the show have ended tragically, right? Is that what you want to happen with Daryl and Carol, cause if they get together it’s practically a guarantee that one of them will die… Plus the show is about survival during a zombie apocalypse, not about romantic involvement.

    • Ali Amarante says:

      I think Emily Kinney gave a great performance in all her scenes from The Walking Dead. She is a 29 year-old that is capable of playing a much younger role. That “ridiculous” little girl voice, along with her youthful features, is what helped her do that and helped her win over not just the other characters on the show but fans of the show, too. If you watch her interviews, do any “looking in” on her at all, you realize her mannerisms in real life aren’t that different from Beth’s. She is cute and sweet–she carries herself in this naive, childlike way, but you can tell she is very independant, strong, determined, and talented and is most definitely not naive. I’ll admit her character annoyed me at first, but watching the character progression, I came to love her. And now that Emily won’t be on The Walking Dead anymore, I’ll probably buy some of her music, even if I don’t like it that much, just because I’d like to support her.

      Whether you think she was a bad actress or not, she lost her job and is now having to move to a new city, away from all her friends, including people she’s worked with for over four years. She pretty much has to start over again, change her life course, find a new plan. She deserves a little empathy, whether you like her or not. Her ridiculous little girl voice is getting a lot more attention than yours, and I think you’re just jealous–because I can’t think of any other reason someone would want to spew meanness in response to a sad, life-changing event in an actress’ career. I agree with April–you must be a miserable person. I think you’re just holding it against her in real life that her character was a potential rival for Carol in regards to Daryl, and that’s pertty sad considering she didn’t write the episodes.

      If April’s post is what you call vitriolic hatred, I don’t think you’ve ever witnessed real hatred. I think your post trashing Emily Kinney because of your obsession with Carol and Daryl is a lot more hateful, nasty and miserable. Get a life. It’s just a TV show.

    • CarpeDiem says:

      OH. A FYI. In the comic version that this show is based on. TYREECE and CAROL become lovers. So stop obsessing over the C & D hookup.

  17. Jeff Meyers says:

    “I didn’t see that coming”? I did more than a month ago… More time has been spent on character development for Carol than Beth for starters… From the Twitter reaction it seems fans don’t want any main or major recurring cast member to be killed, highly unlikely and damaging to any form of realistic storytelling, dreamworld stuff really… For me Glenn could go anytime, sooner the better…

  18. Hayley Extine says:

    How will Daryl act now that Beth is gone now forever?

    • b. Mclane says:

      Yeah! He felt responsible for losing her to the black cross car and now she was there one second and gone the next. He could go medieval

  19. Lovely says:

    Watching Talking Dead right now and the actress who plays Beth is crying, which is making me cry… I never really cared about Beth one way or the other… but I’m surprisingly sad to see her go.

    • Jimmy says:

      I think it was how the whole scene went, and then everyone’s reactions afterwards, especially Maggie when she saw Daryl carrying Beth’s body. It was very sad. Just like Sasha’s reaction when Bob was dying, and Bob’s last scenes with her and Rick; very powerful, very sad. And I, too, didn’t really care much for Beth, but after the last few weeks, I’ve grown to like her more and it makes her death that much sadder.

  20. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    Seeing that Emily Kinney was so sad while having this interview is really breaking my heart. Then actually watching The Talking Dead and having her become super emotional and crying really broke my heart for sure. -sigh- Deep down I knew it was going to be Beth but ugh. That death was so.. weird. The way she died.. was just, huh? Why stab [____] in the shoulder knowing [____] would retaliate? -sigh- RIP Beth and I hope Emily Kinney has a great career ahead of her! Still a great midseason finale btw! ^_^

    • Lucie Winborne says:

      Yep, her manner of death does seem senseless. From the spoiler I read, I thought she would be caught in a hail of bullets or sacrifice herself for someone else, probably Carol. But this just felt so senseless to me.

      • b. Mclane says:

        Beth did sacrifice herself for someone else. Noah. Maybe not consciously but she disliked Dawn heaps. Her pushing to keep Noah set Beth off but Beth risked the entire group losing her cool. This just sets the stage for more Daryl.

        • Vyu says:

          Yeah. People always do senseless things when they lose their cool, in this case Beth losing her life. That’s just real life, as they’ve pointed. Beth realized that Dawn was “using” her again to get Noah back, that’s why Dawn re-quoted “they always come back” and Beth lost it. Even if she managed to not to get shot there would still be an exchange of gunfire (which ppl were probably expecting). But I think the other police are a bit relieved now that Dawn is out of the picture too. Sucks it had to end like that but the show keeps me on my toes, wondering what’s going to happen next. I never had a bias to a certain character so I’m not crazy upset about any deaths. I think I’m more upset for the actor/actress not being able to work on the show anymore.

  21. Jimmy says:

    Beth’s death was in the cards for a while. I didn’t see a scenario where she would get out of that hospital unscathed, and after her almost-escape with Noah, I knew it wouldn’t end well for her. It made me really nervous when Carol was brought into the hospital, because then it became, which one is going to make it out alive? And to be honest, I would much rather see Beth die than Carol. Yes, she’s grown into a much stronger character this season, and actually had a purpose and interesting story, something she never had before. But I can’t say I’m too surprised with her death; how it happened is a different story, it was a shocking scene. And I was so wholly satisfied when Daryl shot Dawn right after. But I’m not angry that Beth is dead; it opens up story possibilities for Maggie, Daryl and Carol, and it proves again that no one is safe. Overall, I think it was a pretty good mid-season finale; not better than season 4’s, but it was still really good.

  22. Lovely says:

    Watching Talking Dead and Robert Kirkman just said they made Daryl’s character asexual… I don’t want to see him wifed up like Glenn because that would be boring… like Glenn and Maggie… but come on… is it too much to ask for a random sex scene, a booty call??? Come on… everybody needs a little lovin and I want to see it.

  23. Kisha from Houston says:

    It’s like the season starts with a bang, slows to a crawl, then kills a major character to wrap things up. I love this show but they don’t have to kill someone to keep it fresh. There are other ways to add cliff hanging excitement.

    • Zach says:

      Dying is the show. “Walking Dead” refers to the people as much as to the zombies. This one definitely shocked me because of how quick it happened, but I can appreciate how the toxicity of the world turned even a sweet innocent optimist like Beth to an act of violent thoughtless hate, and it cost her. Dawn’s face after she pulled the trigger was spot on, because I think she really liked Beth, but if you stab a highly trained officer who’s on edge, bad things happen.

  24. David_S says:

    Whether you like seeing main characters get killed off or not, shouldn’t it at least make some sense? What was Beth trying to accomplish? As bad as Dawn was, Beth knew the other guards were worse and Dawn was at least keeping some order. For Beth to just attack her like that made no sense, especially since Carol (being alive), presumably told her of the groups survival and her sister. Poor script writing.

  25. Lovely says:

    I think.its hilarious that all of a sudden Maggie cares about Beth… I don’t recall ONE scene where she even asked Daryl about Beth… unless I’m forgetting something… all she cares about is Glenn and poor Beth didn’t matter to her. If she was any kind of sister she should have been looking for Beth long before now… Maggie puh-lease

    • B says:

      I completely agree.
      I’m glad beth is dead. She was to young for Daryl. She was a waste. Carol is worthy!! Maggie didn’t give a crap about looking for Beth after the prison. Good riddance.

      • B says:

        I would like to add beth tried to commit suicide early on so maybe this was her way out. She should have known shend get shot for doing what she did. That’s what she gets for being stupid.

        • Lovely says:

          Yes, I really can’t imagine Beth actually thinking she would walk away after that. And if she was going to take her out, take her out. What’s stabbing her with a tiny pair of scissors going to do???

      • tina lamonica says:

        carol won nothing shes next. now we only have a devastated daryl who will never have a romance. he lost the love of his life and the group yet another good person who they needed desperately for emotional stregth and hope. they used a beautical character develooment and storyline to give us more daryl pain. come on writers. bg mistake

        • Lovely says:

          Actually I never got a romantic vibe between Daryl and Beth, more like a big brother, little sister vibe. Same with Daryl and Carol. The only time I can remember even a hint of something is back in season 3 when Carol asked Daryl of he wanted to fool around and he blew her off. He seemed really uncomfortable with a sexual.proposition. And now that Robert Kirkman has said Daryl is asexual … well first he said he was asexual , then he said he was heterosexual . I think that was to clear up all these rumors about Daryl being gay. But it does make you wonder. Humans need sex, its a normal human need. Or is Daryl really asexual?

      • Angela Marie says:

        # hater

    • J says:

      She asked him about her while they were in the train car, at the start of the season 5 premiere. Don’t think it was an actual scene, just on the voice-over.

  26. melody says:

    IM mad BETH was killed i hoped her & darell would get together. but i love the show :(

  27. Chris says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I find it rather irksome how many times this article states that Kinney was crying or fighting back tears. Telling us in the intro that she was emotional during the interview should be enough. Writing “Crying” in brackets half a dozen times feels like youre playing it up in a frankly inappropriate way to me.

    Anyway, shame to lose Beth, but seems to be the way this show works now. Characters actually getting development and screentime is basically a death sentence (Unless you’re Carol…. for now)

    • Eammes says:

      I would agree with you if I didn’t watch her interview on The Talking Dead and she literally couldn’t get out a complete sentence without breaking down in tears. I think the actress might have taken her character’s death a little too personally.

      • 'A' Has Spoken says:

        It appears she did. She was definitely NOT ready to leave and that was shown on Talking Dead and through this interview.

      • Ali Amarante says:

        She brought up several times how she had to deal with getting rid of her place, packing up shop in Atlanta, while filming episodes with her coworkers and friends, knowing she wouldn’t be working with them anymore. The other characters that died after several seasons were older, more experienced actors and had experienced things like this enough in their careers that they probably took it a lot easier, knew how to handle it professionally and with maturity. Andrea’s character handled it very gracefully, for example. Kinney’s reaction was a little immature–but look at her, she is very young, this was her first major role, and they made a decision without even caring how it would affect her. You know it’s always sad for the actor when their character dies, but unless Kinney ahd brought it up, I wouldn’t have even though about the other impacts on her life, like her having to move. I think it’s good that Kinney reminded fans, and the writers/creators alike, that their actions in the writing room don’t just affect the plot and the fans. Maybe they should consider that before they kill a main character off just for dramatic effect on a season finale, instead of just saying “No hard feelings” as if that makes it okay that they gave her one episode’s notice that she was being fired after four years.

        Her death was pointless. Beth wasn’t stupid–why the eff would she attack an armed crazy woman with a measly pair of scissors? She wouldn’t–the writers just had her do it so they could create a shocking death scene. The scene wasn’t just shocking because it came out of nowhere but because it was such a pointless action that made no sense for Beth’s character. It was poor writing, hastily executed, and while it was a good scene, we’re all just sitting there going “Why?” not “Why would they kill Beth?” but “Why would Beth do that, did she just have a nervous break down or a suicidal relapse or something?” She was this little ray of hope, then all of a sudden, they have her killing living people and then dying for no apparent reason. Oh yes, yes, she wanted to save Noah. Except that they crafted this character who has learned to be smart and stealthy, then all of a sudden have her commit this dumbass move that leads to her death. No sense whatsoever.

        • Lilly says:

          Agree with your assessment. Another question: Why was Dawn’s gun drawn anyway? I get the whole “don’t do something stupid around an armed person who’s on edge” but Dawn specifically told everyone to holster their guns. Did she not? And wasn’t Beth hugging her? Why was Dawn’s gun pointed up at Beth’s chin (based on the exit wound out the back of her head)? I’m sorry they killed Beth off just when she was getting interesting, but I’m really kinda ticked that they seemed to have done it irrationally just for mid-season-effect.

  28. rd0127 says:

    I feel like she was killed off just for shock value. I agree with Emily that they could have done so much with her character. I am sad, but not just because she died, but because of what could have been. :(

  29. cindi skotzke says:

    I cried so much, when “Beth” got killed off…I was also a Lil pissed..sorry..

  30. LJ says:

    Boycott walking dead! They just killed off one of the most interesting characters. Rewrite the scene. America will love you for it. Just saying

  31. Drew says:

    I really liked Beth. More than others on the show. I enjoyed watching her grow as a character throughout the season’s. Especially recently with her getting close with Daryl. Such a tragic ending. She’ll be missed.

    If you watched the Talking Dead show after she was choking up quite a bit. I could imagine how it affects her as a character and in real life. They even showed the other cast member’s and their reactions and they all cried a little. She was obviously a beloved character and actress. I look forward to seeing her act in future performances.

  32. Floyd Smith says:

    I’m sad to see Beth go, but one good thing could come out of it. If CBS & WB are smart, they will cast Emily Kinney as the new Supergirl STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. madstabber says:

    I think Emily said it best with the “it’s like real life” comment. You never know why one person dies over another, just like life it’s random.

  34. Ara says:

    Omg! I totally burst into tears when this happened! I loved Beth! She was like action Barbie! After the show ended I immediately began thinking of ways the show could “undo” Beth’s death. I am considering writing the show and giving them some of my ideas, that’s how much I hate that she died. Normally I hate shows where someone dies and they magically return somehow, but for Beth I could overlook that!

  35. Joey Padron says:

    Good and sad mid-season finale. I’ll miss Beth. Emily try to hold back tears on Talking Dead. poor Daryl & Maggie. Glad Noah will stay with group. Good to see Mogan again in after credits scene. Hope see more of him in next episodes.

  36. I never saw this coming either. Now they’ve added Noah(who I know is big in the comic, but does absolutely nothing for me) and the Priest(who also does absolutely nothing for me) and subtracted Beth, who was starting to get a lot more interesting. Maggie never got to say goodbye. All those people in the hospital won’t last very long. Beth got smacked in the face so much they should give her an episode on SVU as a battered wife or girlfriend. An amazing first half of the season.

  37. 'A' Has Spoken says:

    “The only thing that comforts us in this time, is knowing you’ll soon be in the arms of your father.” – RIP Beth (as seen on Talking Dead) :\

  38. Saah says:

    I never cared much for Beth, however, this season I really started to enjoy her character. I was completely shocked actually. This is one show I don’t read spoilers for or watch promos so I was not expecting any of it. When does it come back from hiatus?

  39. ann says:

    Oh no they couldnt yet! Why not noah or someone else! They couldve really made her story so great as growing up in that kind of world and exploring the daryl carol beth triangle! Were all mad and sad! Emily did an EXCELLENT JOB THESE SEASONS! She will be greatly missed!!

  40. owie says:

    Though i was saddened by what happened to beth, by far this is the best season final….

  41. LJ says:

    I hope this episode doesn’t become the “jumping the shark” moment for the walking dead. There are a lot of upset fans.

  42. Patricia says:

    Omg I love TWD but this episode was so sad :( I never seen that coming the show will never be the same R.I.P Beth :(

  43. Amber says:

    Beth was never my favorite, but let’s face it, she was the weakest link. I’m glad she finally got some stones, but she got them too late. Someone from the earlier episodes had to die this season, and I’d rather it be her. We’ve already seen Carol go from very weak to strong, so I don’t think we needed to waste time watching another character do that. It was a sad death though – almost as bad as Hershel.

  44. Martin says:

    I would of not know what was happening either, but nooooo. the walking dead page on facebook just had to post it.

    • Yanez says:

      I know! That happened to me too. I was so upset. Why would the Walking Dead facebook page post that? Even though they ruined the surprise for me, I still cried when Beth died.

  45. Meh says:

    First time I have genuinely questioned the direction of the tv show. I have loved The Walking Dead and accepted the deaths of so many characters, but this makes zero sense. Love Beth, wish we had been able to see her story and connection with Daryl through. This feels unfinished and unnecessary. Meh.

    • Why did you idiots put a spoiler in the title (changed the title since but the original appears on google) then put a spoiler warning at the start lol Logic? I’ve already seen it but if you’re trying to warn people about spoilers maybe not put the big spoiler in the title idiots. …..

  46. S.W. says:

    I wish Ms. Kinney well in future acting roles. Losing a job is traumatic. As she has stated in this interview as well as the “Talking Dead” show, she was overwhelmed dealing with real life (relocating, leaving established friendships in Atlanta, and what about finding a new acting gig?). Since filming, she still maintains that there were main actors not told ahead that she was being cut from the cast. She felt it was not time for her character to die. The story line between Beth and Daryl (those tears… ) made this episode epic ! Chris Hardwick deserves an Emmy nomination for his brilliant handling of the awkward moments of tonight’s show.

  47. Joseph says:

    We’ll miss u beth great job.

  48. Doreen says:

    I’m so mad right now, i loved the character of beth and actress emily kinney i knew it was coming i was just hoping I was wrong. It was heartbreaking to watch i was crying right along with daryl. It does sorta feel like a slap in the face to the bethyl fans i wish it hadn’t happened this way im actually not even sure i can watch anymore. I’ve seen every episode of twd and that last 10 minutes wrecked me. I hope that robert kirkman accomplished what he wanted to because there are now alot of upset fans. It felt pointless to me to build up beth as much as they did to just kill her off i think there was so much more she could have done it’s really a shame. Maybe they can bring emily back as beths twin lol

  49. Claire says:

    I have never been a fan of Beth. Personally I thought she had the least interesting plot line, the most boring scenes (imo) and never really…changed because of this intensely changed world. HOWEVER, it is sad she is now gone. It would have been interesting to see how she would have changed after the hospital and Kinney’s emotion in this interview is heartbreaking. Im very very interested to see Daryls arc/evolution now though.

  50. alonda maisonette says:

    Just keep doing what you do to make it work. It will all come together in do time.