Revenge Recap: A Close Shave

Revenge Margaux Pregnant

Something incredible happened on Sunday’s Revenge — an event so monumental, so shocking, it will surely go down in Hamptons history as the instant everything changed.

Ladies and gentlemen, David Clarke finally shaved his beard.

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But while David’s stance on facial hair has clearly changed, one thing remains unwavering: his feelings for Emily. “I’m not going anywhere without my daughter,” David told Victoria, who — after realizing she’s lost nearly everyone who mattered to her — asked him to run away with her.

Vicky’s solution? Revealing the truth about Emily’s parentage to Malcolm Black via a secret messenger, though she never could have predicted that the messenger would be someone the viewers are already familiar with — and someone Jack is very familiar with. That’s right, friends, Mr. Porter is literally in bed with one of Malcolm’s peeps.

And she goes by the name of Agent Kate Taylor. Dun, dun, dun!

Elsewhere in the Hamptons this week…

WHOA, BABY! | Ready or not, it looks like Daniel Grayson is about to be a father! He drunkenly stumbled up to Margaux’s office — classy as always, right off the bat — intending to convince her to take him back. Instead, he heard the two words no one on this show ever really wants to hear: “I’m pregnant.” But should we really take Margaux at her word? She might be one of the more trustworthy characters on Revenge, but that’s not saying much. (Side note about Daniel: Am I the only one loving his “honest” talks with Emily? I’m still not giving up on those two, even though they’re obviously terrible for each other.)

FIRST WORST DATE | Officer Ben thought he’d finally broken through Emily’s revenge-y exterior when she agreed to join him for an afternoon of drinking and dart-ing, but when she “bear-trapped” his hand during his first attempt at a kiss, it was clear this was so not a date. She eventually came clean about her true intentions — she was merely pumping Ben for info. about Alvarez — and the two actually seemed to connect. Like, on a genuine level. (Is Emily actually giving in to Ben’s charms? Is Ben becoming… interesting? Honestly, this is a lot to process on the heels of a holiday weekend.)

SEEING RED | Speaking of strange relationships, Louise caught wind of Nolan and Margaux’s plan to expose her family’s secrets — and she’s not pleased. If I know my girl Louise, she’s already cooking up a post-Thanksgiving feast of pure insanity, so I hope Nolan and Margaux are hungry! And now, I leave you with Louise’s immortal words: “You never forget your first mental institution.” Preach, girl.

All right, Revenge-rs, let’s talk: How will this Daniel-Margaux baby drama play out? Who’s dying next week? And most importantly, doesn’t David look so much better without his beard? Drop a comment with your thoughts and predictions below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tommy says:

    This was the first episode this season that felt like complete filler. Still enjoyable though. I love the banterr between characters and I am loving the weekly Emily/Daniel scenes. I’d be satisfied with them hooking up for old times sake even if it doesn’t lead to something more.

    • Andy Swift says:

      “I’d be satisfied with them hooking up for old times sake even if it doesn’t lead to something more.”

      Me too!!

    • kat says:

      TOTALLY AGREE…Emily and Daniel have this weird chemistry even after all that happened. I was hoping for them to rekindle something

      • Jase says:

        The chemistry isn’t so weird when you consider the actors are in a relationship in real life and have been for years.

      • Netty says:

        There goes my DEmily fantasy…I love their heart-to-hearts even though Emily is always very bi*chy to Daniel. I know he shot her and all but ohh well who is a saint on this show.

        • dax says:

          haha seems like their real-life chemistry is SO strong that it’s transcending into their now-estranged reel life coupling ;)

          I do find the “all out in the open now” Demily possibility.. but with Margaux baby storyline that seems like not happening

          • Allison says:

            Which is why killing off Margeaux now would be opportune. Get rid of her and the baby, leaving Daniel to mourn her (though was he really in love with her, I think not) and grieve to Emily during their chats. She sympathizes with him (now I’m dreaming obviously) and they casually hook up. Then feelings become real and they can’t deny their love any longer. Then they get engaged and married for real. Ok, I will step out of fantasy-land.

          • pochette_fluo says:

            Yesss the perfect scenario!

          • I agree with you dax and Allison. Honestly, I really want Emily and Daniel to get back together. Somehow, someway.

    • Delante says:

      Yes when Emily was at the clubhouse and Daniel dropped his jacket down I actually screamed Yes! Love the weekly Daniel Emily scenes!

    • Sandy says:

      I think Margaux will be murdered on the show and Daniel will be very upset and will want to find out who killed her and will end up working with Emily to get answers.

  2. mamamia says:

    I liked this episode very much, everything is so twisted. I would like to have 2 hours Revenge on Sundays.

  3. Kelly Deeny says:

    First off, great title!

    I’m glad that Officer Ben seems to actually be genuine. Seems the key word because, after all, this is Revenge.

    The Daniel/Emily talks continue to intrigue me, but they still need to re-address the fact that he shot her. Interesting that Danny forgot all about Sarah when discussing the women in his life. Not complaining, just found it interesting.

    I really enjoy the complexities in Margeaux’s character. She’s smart, strong, and vulnerable all at the same time.

    Jack fell for “Amanda” without knowing who she really was, and now he’s headed down a much more dangerous path. I hope he gets the upper hand and takes action instead of getting some.

    • Tee says:

      Don’t forget…he sterilized her too!!!

      • Kelly Deeny says:

        Ah, yes. That was one intense scene!

        • Ivette says:

          According to Victoria, u know she only says what’s beneficial to her. For all we know she enjoyed torturing Emily with that info. I still wonder why emily hadn’t gotten a second opinion about that!?!

          • Iakovos says:

            I agree. I cannot recall any other reference to Emily’s losing her chance for children save for Victoria’s revelation of that during a one-on-one conversation. Unless it was the injury during the shooting. But I sense Emily will have a child… with Jack… when all is said and done. That has to be the end game.

          • Allison says:

            I don’t believe a word Victoria says, especially to Emily. They are mortal enemies. If a reputable doctor had told Emily that she couldn’t have kids I might have believed that, still there is room for error. I still think Emily will be pregnant by the time this show ends.

    • Netty says:

      Don’t remind me of Sarah, I almost quit Revenge because of her…she’s the worst character Revenge has ever had!

    • Ellie says:

      Agreed! While I love the Honest Chats with Emily and Daniel segments, I also wish she would throw the “sterilization” elbow. But maybe there is hope for that when she learns of Margaux’s pregnancy.

      On the Jack front, I saw all kinds of weird warning lights on that. You knew he was definitely going to be getting some FBI action when they had that loaded conversation in front of a door labeled B52 (as in the singers of “Love Shack”). And you had the feeling Kate-FBI was going to have something to do with the conspiracy when it felt like they were subtly referencing one of Courtney Ford’s better TV roles by dressing David in Dexter’s murder clothes (minus the apron) and shaving off the crazy beard. I mean, Kate-FBI’s portrayer did play the Trinity Killer’s daughter- someone who hid things and also killed someone, if I remember correctly.

      Is it too late to recast this season’s big bad as John Lithgow? Even the Canada thing would still work!

      Bets on who’s dying: My favorites are Jack (since he’s sleeping with the enemy- maybe he’ll find the Emily picture and a struggle will ensue!) and Margaux (because I find it weirdly satisfying to kill off a character just as they’re getting interesting, plus this show has no idea how to care for infants- I’m looking at you, Carl, Jr.).

  4. Doobeedoo says:

    Am I the only one who thought this whole bad-guy-in-Canada-controlling-everything thing sounds like the season 2 Initiative all over again?

    • Alichat says:

      Nope. You are not alone. And I had a feeling that Miss FlirtyBI agent was working with this new big bad. I’m almost convinced that Ben is as well. Or maybe I just hope he is…otherwise….why is he on the show? Seriously. My yawn-o-meter hits a high when he’s on the screen. So an episode with alot of him and Victoria, and I’m comatose.

  5. zgbu says:

    Hmmmm who will die? Maybe David Clarke will be killed off for real… but I would think he would continue to be integral to future storylines so I am inclined to dismiss that idea. Is it a major character or supporting character? The promo made it seem like it was a major. At this point it could be a wide range of people.

  6. Gina says:

    What did Victoria write on Emily’s picture, it was hard to see.

  7. EJ says:

    I think the dirty Fed agent will bite the dust next Sunday. Shame because she was actually a nice physical match for Jack. Even in heels she wasn’t quite as tall as he was.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      I think it will be Kate as she is only down for one episode according to Wikipedia. (although she has already been in two so maybe that is not correct)

  8. Sarah says:

    I will throw my 2 cents in… Still wishing that Demily was the real deal atm… Truth be told, now that everything is on the table, I feel like they understand each other so much better now. And they are both a lot more honest; neither one of them is hiding behind a mask of deception (Emily is accepting that she’s really Amanda Clarke, Daniel is no longer hiding behind the Grayson name, fame and fortune). They are just Daniel and Amanda, both screwed up, damaged, driven people.

    In spite of him shooting her for a situation that he really didn’t know all the details about… I actually think it can work for the two of them. Call me crazy, but now that the gloves are off, and they are brutally honest… I think something can happen.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree. I feel like they are able to be completely honest. They’re so perfect together.

      • Jase says:

        Is everyone forgetting about the fact that Daniel SHOT AND TRIED TO KILL Emily and then bragged to her about “sterilizing” her??

        • Netty says:

          Yes but have you also forgotten how it was/is Emily’s sole purpose to destroy the Greyson family & legacy and she succeeded & also stringing Daniel along all in the name of revenge. To the viewers we knew why Emily was doing all this but to Daniel she was a deranged woman who had deceived him for so long and was just after the Greyson name.They both damaged each other beyond repair. Daniel still cares for Emily, hope Emily realises that she cares for him too.

      • Cheryl says:

        Has everyone forgotten that they share a sister? And even though it’s a bit of a farce, their parents are together right now. Seems a little creepy. Then again, Daniel did try to murder Emily and people still want them together, so what do I know.

        • joy1013 says:

          Lol I am so with u! I want her to end up with jack. Not only did Daniel shoot her, but it would be wierd since they share a sister. She may have damaged him emotionallu, but that doesn’t give him the right to kill her. He just walked into the party like nothing happened after wards too. Why was he even drunk on his wedding like that? Was it because he wanted to be with Sarah but married emily only because he thought she was pregnant? If so, that’s even more a reason why I don’t want them together. Of course they have good chemistry since they are together off screen, but for the show

          • Netty says:

            LOl they need to just kill off Charlotte so that this whole sharing a sister is not an issue anymore. I’m a DEmily fan but i do agree the issue of sharing a sister is an inch away from incest.

        • joy1013 says:

          I wouldn’t want emily to end up with Daniel either. Did everyone forget how drunk he even was at his wedding? I forgot why that was. Was it because he loved Sarah and was only with emily since she said she was pregnant? Even more of a reason I don’t want them together if so. She may have damaged him emotionally, but that doesn’t give him the oka to shoot her lol he walked back into the wedding like nothing happened too. I think everyone just likes their chemistry since they are together in real life. Idk why, I just have always wanted her and Jack to end up happy together.

    • kat says:

      I think if the writes put them back together it would be such an amazing plot twist

    • After Daniel shot Emily and the whole sterilizing thing happenned there’s no way in earth i would ship these two again..i shipped them back in S1, but no way in hell i would shipp them now. I think Daniel maybe still has felings for Emily, but i don’t think Emily has feelings for him.

  9. Dennis says:

    I love the Emily and Daniel scenes!!!!

  10. kat says:

    I honestly loved the “honest” talks emily and daniel were having….I loved them together even if it was messed up. David is a whole other story I cant even comprehend so until that gets settled I have no comment…and margaux being pregnant is bad. I do not want her and daniel together can I have a feeling that even with a baby they wont last

    • Alyssa says:

      Why the F*() would they again ruin this thing going on with Emily and Daniel with a baby just like last time with Jack and Emily oops pregnancy alert get a life already. Sure Daniel cant fit into Aiden’s shoes in the revenge department cause even when he shot her he was Drunk. But he can be sympathetic to her pain in a lot of other ways. And that’s kind of how real life love works. You don’t always get the soldier. If she is going to be Amanda again I say Daniel if she is Emily she needs Aiden no one new. Cause what was the point of killing off Aiden it’s ludicrous.

  11. Garrett says:

    I thought the episode was kinda meh; there wasn’t much development going on, and I could literally guessed the twists about the FBI agent being dirty. I’ll definitely watch next week to see who’s going to be killed off. The ones that are safe would probably be Emily, David, Victoria, Jack and Nolan. For Margaux, Louise and Daniel? Not so sure. Louise might still be interesting enough to garner more interests, so my money’s on Margaux. I know the writers love Daniel, so they’ll keep him around as cardboard cut-out in the background.

  12. GuyAwks says:

    I’m sick of all this conspiracy rubbish. I don’t care about “Malcolm Black”, I want Emily vs the Graysons. This is starting to feel like the Initiative all over again.

    • NoMoreInitiative-ish says:

      Agreed! Season 2 was the worst one mainly because of the Initiative cr*p and now they’re bringing all of that back… Stop ruining the show!!

  13. N says:

    Not the best episode, but I still have NEMILY!!!!!!!!

  14. Jase says:

    It doesn’t matter what they do now. The show jumped the shark when they brought David back. If he can be alive, then why should we believe ANY death?

    • r0ckmypants says:

      The others, with maybe the exception of Conrad, have been on-screen deaths where we’ve seen a body.

      • Bob F. says:

        They finally showed a picture of Conrad in next weeks preview. Makes me wonder if we will see more of him. Is that what they meant when they said “no ones does death better then revenge”? Maybe Conrad escaped the big D. Stranger things have happened.

        By the way, don’t jump the the concludion that Daniel id the father of Margeau baby. Perhaps Carl jr, is getting a brother.

      • Actually, if I remember correctly, we never saw Declan once he was dead. They just hauled him away for medical intervention and then they said he was dead, we didn’t even see them trying to save him. That’s probably why I’ve always wondered if Dec is actually alive and being held by someone, or gods only know what. But then again I really didn’t want him to die, so maybe wishful thinking :P I also, from season 1, thought David was still alive … I suppose I watch with paranoia.

  15. Tom says:

    I think either Louise or Margeux is going to die at the hands of the other. They cast Louise’s brother so it’s possible he’ll seek revenge for her death. I want them to play more with Daniel/Emily because they really have such a spark when they’re honest with each other.

  16. YM says:

    They obviously had David shave to accommodate the flashback. It was so jarring seeing him with his beard in a flashback with Amanda a couple of episodes ago. Now, if they could just pay attention to his hair. It was much longer in previous flashbacks. I don’t know why I’m such a stickler for continuity, but I get really hung up on it, especially when it’s a flashback.

    I’m also a fan of Emily and Daniel. I think there’s a spark there even after all they’ve been through. I wouldn’t mind a hook up for old time’s sake, but now that Margax’s preggers, I’ll have to settle for their honest chats … for now. Also, how many big dangley pairs of earrings does that girl own? I always think that her time will be up when she runs out of earrings.

  17. Giorgia says:

    Absolutely loving the Daniel and Emily scenes! If they hooked up again, it would be an amazing plot twist…and I can’t say I wouldn’t be fan-girling level: maximum! I also agree with the comments below about their how they are being completed honest with each other and aren’t hiding behind any secrets. Can’t wait for next weeks episode. :-)

  18. th says:

    Sammy the dog has actually been hiding out for the last few years waiting to make his surprise reappearance. When the bad bad FBI agent gets Jack on the bed, Sammy will jump out from underneath the bed and chew the bad girl to pieces, saving Jack from danger.

  19. scotlore says:

    Emily can no longer have children because that drunken wuss Daniel shot her. If the writers seriously consider her ever going to bed him for “old times sake” than I am finally done with this show. The show is called “Revenge not “Forgiveness.” And will the character of Jack Porter never, ever be given a clue that no one that just shows up in town is what they seem or are they going to continue to have him the resident doofus. This is a better season than last season, but would nice too if characters got even a tad smarter.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Don’t forget that the only reason Emily thinks she can’t have children is because Victoria told her so (and probably bribed the doctors). We don’t know that for certain at all because Emily never got a second opinion.

      • scotlore says:

        @ klwlrevengefan: Well the writers have told us what they want us to know which is that Daniel shot her and as a result Emily can’t have kids. If they want to change that plot point down the road fine. But that is not what they’ve told us. So, based on what the writers have told us and want us to know Emily can’t have kids because Daniel shot her, so no, I really wouldn’t to see her hop into bed with her shooter. Uhm nope not entertaining for me, so I would skip any of that. *shrug*

        • bj says:

          I agree. That’s like an abused woman going back to her abuser because he’s said he’s “changed.” I definitely hope they don’t go there.

          Lots of people have onscreen chemistry. It doesn’t mean they have to hook up.

        • joy1013 says:

          I wouldn’t want emily to end up with Daniel either. They are cute in real life, but this is a show and I still am rooting for jack and emily/amanda!

    • lol, i actually like this whole new dynamic betwenn Daniel and Emily, but in no way i would them to have anything romantic after so much damaged that they both caused to each other. In the end, will be probably Emily and Jack..this endgame has a lot of hints since Season 1

  20. Darla says:

    So Klaroline is offensive and abusive but you ship emily/daniel! solid Andy he only shot to kill her and that shooting is the reason she can´t have children yeah lets ship that…. any who other than that loving revenge this season

    • Netty says:

      They both damaged each other for life..Emily hurt Daniel just as much with her lies and destroying his family to shreds. They are both just as bad as each other. If someone came into my life and deceived me & destroyed everything I hold dear the way Emily did to Daniel..I’d shoot them too. Difference is Daniel is trying to redeem himself and Emily is still hellbent on her revenge. They belong together.

    • H says:

      At least they’re entertaining together and have some sort of chemistry, which is more that I can say about most couples on this show… even Emily and Jack. And sometimes writers should just go with it.

    • H says:

      And who are Klaroline and Andy? Are we watching the same show?

      • Allison says:

        Andy is the writer of this article and he also writes articles about “The Vampire Diaries” (and “The Originals”?, not sure able that one). He is not a fan of Caroline and Klaus’ (Klaroline) relationship which is mostly Klaus pining for Caroline while she dates other people and he manipulates her boyfriend or possesses his body…anyway they are a match made in hell. They hooked up ONE time when he agreed to leave town for good. And they haven’t spoken a word to each other since. I personally LIKED their forbidden romance type love, but LOVED Caroline with Tyler. I don’t know how Andy feels about that though. I like this new WHATEVER going on with Daniel and Emily too. They hurt each other in the past, but the games are over, and I hope they can settle their differences, tell the truth, and be friends or possibly more.

  21. Coal. says:

    That’s it for me, I got my happy ending everyone knows the truth and Emily’s dad is alive and David and Nolan are all square. Deuces.

  22. Netty says:

    David needs to die for real next week, so Emily can start a new Revenge crusade. What was the point of bringing Emily’s father back if the two hardly ever have any screen time, and when they do, they are just arguing. I keep hoping for a tear-jerking scene between father & daughter & it never comes. David and Victoria scenes are exhausting, David has more chemistry with Nolan than with Victoria.
    Fav scene as always Daniel & Emily, their honesty is refreshing. I’m sure Margaux will die next week. What will be the point of killing Louise this soon when she has not fulfilled super-stalking Victoria.
    Ben is growing on me, I think he’s starting to get interesting.

  23. Dil says:

    I saw a picture taken at a funeral of Nolan, Louise, Victoria no Margaux….so as much as I hate it , the one dying could only be Daniel or david…because Victoria won’t go to anyone else’s funeral..and Louise could only be there to support Victoria in her loss,,

    Either would be beyond what was even the point of bringing david to life for ten episodes….and they better not kill Daniel just when his conversations with emily were fast becoming my only reason to watch this show anymore..

    • pochette_fluo says:

      ok could someone clarify it for me where is this mysterious funeral photo? i only found so far the images of something that resembles a party, so please help guys!

      • Jen says:

        It was an Instagram that Madeline Stowe posted. It was a behind the scenes video that showed her, Gabriel Mann, & the actresses that play Margaux and Louise all dressed in black and seemingly at a cemetery.

        • pochette_fluo says:

          Thanks Jen! I just saw it, basically everyone’s in it apart from Daniel & Emily (I can’t imagine Victoria in the funeral of Jack or Ben or someone like that). So I really hope it’s not Daniel as I always rooted for Demily, but if it’s not him then I suppose the bet is on Charlotte. Or maybe they will kill off someone irrelevant like Alvez or the FBI lady?

          • Jen says:

            I forgot David was in it. I can’t imagine them killing Jack off, since they’ve made it pretty clear that a Jack-Emily relationship is the end-game. Which really only leaves Daniel…which will be incredibly maddening since the Emily-Daniel scenes have been some of the best this season.

          • Baby Boomah says:

            I think it is David Clark planning his own fake death
            think about it, it will keep Emily safe and no one will get the money

    • jess says:

      margaux and david was there in the picture (video)… i hope its not daniel..

  24. ikernad says:

    I’m enjoying a lot this season!! I’m loving Emily and Daniel scenes, finally they can be honest with each other! Although a part of me always thought that Emily and Jack were ending game (like they had something unfinished, and their relationship was based on something not revengie) I can no longer see them together… unless the writers start to build something fast!
    I hope the person who dies is the FBI agent Kate or Margaux (even I wouldn’t mind if it’s Ben)

  25. eric says:

    I miss Aiden and Emily…

  26. Anna says:

    I kind of want Jack to die. I mean, I don’t dislike him or anything, I just think he’s useless alive and his death would be more interesting? Really, what’s the point of having this guy around, sleeping with all the wrong women and not really doing anything for the story other than being Emily’s inevitable “endgame”? I get that Emily used to like him and I got their romance in S1, but by now they don’t really go together anymore so please don’t force it, show. Just kill him off and be done with it!

    • Zoe says:

      Yes!!! They should kill Jack. I think he’s the most stupid character in the show. Even the crazy Louise is smarter than him

    • Betty says:

      Killing Jack off would give Emily another reason for “Revenge”. Maybe we would see the red Sharpie again.

      • babysteps4health says:

        As much as the girl in me would be crushed to see jack die, it would let loose a silly storyline and allow Emily’s character to grow much like on the Good Wife- the show has a new life without her old flame in it, it may help this show as well, but I am still hoping it’s just the ever helpless Charlotte that is cut- even though they could recast her role and bring her back in ninja form a la Takeda training next season!

  27. kn1231 says:

    Really hoping Margo is the one who ends up dead. I can’t imagine losing anyone else at this point, well maybe Charlotte but I don’t think its going to be here because she hasn’t been on the show lately. Ben could go too, but by the looks of the end of this episode, he is going to be needed during the second half of the season.

    Also, can someone tell me what Victoria wrote on that picture of Emily. I tried to read it the two times it came up, but I was unsuccessful.

  28. chris says:

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I didn’t even notice David hairless face. Something else I also didn’t notice, an episode worth watching. Between David, Emily and Nolan’s whisper talking this show has become so irritating I need a break. I’ll catch up on recaps, not that anyone cares.

  29. Wait Wait Wait. Another first.. Emily actually smiled!! Yep, I saw it.

  30. Emily and Daniel are so cute. The scene in this episode along with the elevator scene might’ve been his best work on the show

  31. mediahype101 says:

    I remember reading it’s a male with close ties to Conrad… But also read that Daniel’s safe :O

    • H says:

      That thing was posted before the season even started, though… although so was the info about “Amanda’s old stripping friend” and that happened only about two or three episodes ago. Maybe the axed one really is Alverez or whatever his name is.

      They better not kill off Daniel, just when he finally got interesting.

  32. jerrired says:

    I don’t care how popular Demily is. I would be really pissed if the show made Emily end up with Daniel. I’m okay with their friendship, but a reigniting of romance doesn’t fit with who either one of them are. It would definitely fall more into the fan pandering category. And don’t we get enough of that already on television?

    • Netty says:

      It would not be fan servicing at all, Emily and Daniel still have chemistry between them. Daniel was a complete jerk in s3 and I’m sure not a lot of fans liked him, but when he learnt of Emily’s true identity he could have reacted in any number of ways (like stupid Charlotte) & the most likely reaction being; exposing Emily for who she really is and dragging her through the mud for all she did to him and his family but he chose to be mature about it and put himself in Emily’s shoes and he realized why she did all this.

      Him asking Emily to leave him out in her revenge plots against Victoria and not trying to stop her from hurting his mother was kinda him understanding where she is coming from. And also Daniel telling his mother that he talked to Emily & that she was going to destroy Victoria kinda shows which side Daniel is on. After everything Emily and Daniel have been through, Daniel still has a soft spot for Emily, surely that’s a very refreshing arc that’s worth exploring. It would be good to see a relationship between these two damaged people with everything out in the open.

      Yes JEmily were epic in S1 but that was all ruined with the fauxamanda storyline with the baby, marriage and then death..And then soon after fauxamanda’s death Jake has been so pissed off and angry with Emily for about 80% of the time till now, and has said more than a couple of times that ‘I’m done with Emily’. Jake does not approve of her deception & revenge and is always telling her off. He’s kinda the voice of reason in Emily’s life but chemistry between them is gone even though they might still care for each other.

      • Jerrired, I agree, a DEmily revival would have me reaching for the red sharpie myself!

        Really you have to look at the psychological makeup of Daniel’s character. He’s classic self destructive/self sabotaging. THAT is why he’s seemingly intrigued by Emily now, and the sparks are palpable. He’s like an addict! Plus he has such major mommy issues, what better way to piss off Queen Victoria than by partnering up with her (now openly) sworn enemy? Not to mention he ALWAYS wants what he can’t have. There’s nothing pure love about this ship anymore, just morbid curiosity and attraction on Daniel’s part. HOPEFULLY the writers keep Emily smart enough to see that, because seriously, I don’t care why he shot her, he still freaking shot her! And basically emotionally battered her on a daily basis after the wedding … It’s not about if he had a right to, it’s about Emily being the strong Emily we love, not a hopeless romantic doormat. That will never ever be a healthy romantic relationship.

        However … I do love the banter between them, and a DEmily alliance/partner-in-revenge situation could be awesome! Their chemistry would remain in play without making me want to riot.

  33. Imogen says:

    Oh I agree with you about Daniel and Emily, I so wish they get back together. But then, with the whole Margaux baby thing… Not sure. And David finally shaved his beard! I thought he woul never do it! He looks more younger now. Can’t wait to see next week’s episode, It’s gonna be monumental!

  34. Imogen says:

    My idea is that Margeaux will have the baby (if there is one) and there will still be fights between he and Daniel so Margeaux would live somewhere. And Daniel would go and visit the baby? And have turns on taking care of it? But then, she could be lying… I can never know what to expect next on these shows! I’ll just go with it as it comes.

  35. Sarah says:

    I’m with you Andy, Emily & Daniel are completely terrible for each other, but this season the scenes they’ve shared, I absolutely love. Since Emily can’t be with Aiden (I’m still really mad about his death), I will settle for her and Danny.

  36. Shevy says:

    Margaux is totally going to be the one to die next week right?

  37. Annonymous says:

    Where was Charlotte in this episode maybe she’s the next one to die being that everyone thinks her character is so annoying?

  38. marissa says:

    Idk but Daniel is entirely intrigued since he has come to know Emily Thorne, is in fact, “Amanda Clark”. Revealing that Margeaux is pregnant have the viewers shocked, and puts their relationship in an awkward position. I have a funny suspicion Margeaux could be next to go. Perhaps Daniel will take over her company, and opening up a chance for he and Emily to rekindle.

  39. Gabby says:

    I feel like at this point Margo is a filler character she only really interacts with Daniel. Take away Daniel and what’s left a character with a magazine who has a vendetta against a crazy girl. She doesn’t interact with multiple characters the way that others do, my guess is that Louise shoots Margo.

  40. Asta says:

    I admit it I’ve been sleeping through this season. Who pray tell is Malcolm Black?

  41. Shirl says:

    I’ve been bored since David came back and don’t care for him at all. He’s a horrible actor, besides we need Emily’s/Amanda’s fire back!

    • th says:

      I agree, the actor that plays David Clark is terrible. He is not convincing at all and has no facial expression for anything he does. He reads his lines as if he were reading a newspaper.

  42. jay says:

    No no no to the baby drama, we’ve has that. Though maybe we can fast forward to the birth and have Louise be an evil fairy godmother and whisk it away to he lair.

  43. janet says:

    who is the real father of Jack’s son Carl?

  44. Any idea where i can buy Nolan’s shirt from this episode. It was the navy blue one with the anchor pattern.

  45. anaaa3 says:

    Even though A LOT has happened between Emily and Daniel, I still hope they will be together! I am loving the scenes with them in season 4. And honestly, I think the way Daniel looks at Emily these past few episodes, there definitely is hope for them. I hope Margaux baby drama stops ASAP!

  46. Diana Crawford says:

    I had heard last season that Josh Bowman(Daniel did not want to be on the whole season hence possible him ..He designing his own clothing line and wants to be in something else

  47. Kayleigh says:

    I hate to say it but I predict that Jack is going to die in one of the most tragic deaths that revenge has yet to see. Why is agent Taylor trying to get so close to him? She obviously hasn’t actu fallen for him. I mean she singled him out from the get go.

    • I think she singled him out because he’s David’s son in-law (at least everyone thinks so) and father of his grandchild. She is after David, after all. It’s the same reason Charlotte was kidnapped. I seriously hope Jack doesn’t die though :( the writers need to kill off his bad taste in women though.

  48. Elizabeth says:

    The only reason I continue watching this show is to see Nolan, Emily and Daniel scenes; they are great together now that the truth is out. I love the was he just keep popping up in her space. Emily and Daniel need to fall in love for real this time, slowly. There is no chemistry between David and Victoria, Conrad was so much better, he had so much passion, he needs to be alive, David is a wet noodle.

  49. dee123 says:

    Daniel is so dead.

  50. jmbeach says:

    My predictions about who is going to die is First off Nolan , second Jack and third Daniel. Nolan is my first choice because if Nolan dies Emily will lose her friend, tech support and ally in her war against Victoria. Furthermore, Jack has been friends for years with Emily and he is her last tie to her childhood before everything went bad other than her ding bat father. It could be Daniel because he wanted to leave the show for a long time now. This may be a good opportunity and good excuse for him to leave. While we are on the subject of Daniel he may be a decent guy In real life . However, on the show he is a certified jerk and supposedly made Emily sterile and I do not want them together by any means. If he shot her once he could always do it again. I don’t see him trying to make Amends. I know people might “beg the differ” but I still say he is not trying to redeem himself and here is why? Because up until he found out that Emily was Amanda he hated Emily for what he believed Emily took from him. The only reason he is talking to her now is because he think she could no longer hide behind her secrets. Also he thinks if she comes up against him that he have leverage that he could use against her.
    As for officer Ben I don’t think he is evil but I think he has an alterative motive. I think his main goal is to further his career. Lets not forget in the episode before this one he got upset because he was not selected to help out with the investigation and Jack was. I knew she was dirty from the second I laid eyes on her. By she I mean the FBI agent that Jack stupidly slept with. Seriously when will that boy start making smarter decisions? Here is my predictions on the scenario. I think Emily is going to find out that the FBI agent is coming after her and Jack because he is sleeping with her. And he will be caught in the middle. He might be used to bring Emily down. Before he finds out about her real motives and who he is working for. I do want Emily and Jack together but I need Jack to be a little smarter. I don’t know who is going to die but I am just hoping that its not Nolan and Jack.
    In closing I just want my girl to have some happiness she deserves it. If I was her I would get a second opinion from the doctor to find out if she is sterile. Not only do I think she should be able to have a baby I think she should have twins.

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Oh boy, everything you say makes sense, it scares me! It is true that they have made Daniel likeable this season so we would care more about his death. Just like they made fauxAmanda more likeable just before they killed her off. My bets are on Daniel being the death next week. I think I might cry!

      Also the creepy Police Chief almost warned Victoria by saying that he hoped she wouldn’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Maybe it is Daniel that ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time instead. Something big is going to happen, that is for sure.