Once Upon a Time Recap: When You Wish Upon a Star....

Onxe Upon a Time Elsa Finds Anna

This Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, as a shat’storm began brewing, Elsa and Emma scrambled to find Anna, Rumple plotted against the industrious fairies and in flashback we learned for just how long Anna and Kristoff were Frozen.

IN ARENDELLE…. | Having been frozen by the Snow Queen before she set off for our realm, Anna and Kristoff defrost but are quickly cornered by Hans and his brothers. The lovebirds get free and head out to find the urn that Rumple ran off with, and to do that, they seek a “wishing star” like the one Anna’s parents procured before their trip. That quest brings them to Blackbeard, to whom they are willing to trade gold… ‘cept the buccaneer is part of a trap set by Hans, who wants his ex-fiancee dead. To that end, Blackbeard locks Anna and Kristoff inside a trunk  (lest there be “finterference” by mermaids, groan), but before they get pitched into the sea — in the same spot where Anna’s parents’ ship went down — Hans reveals that 30 years passed while they and Arendelle were frozen, conveniently synching things up for later.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | Upon Snow Queen unleashing the Spell of Shattered Sight — which unlike other curses takes its good ol’ time floating across town — Rumple fine-tunes his deal with the sorceress, assuring safe passage out of town for not just him but Belle and Henry, too. Elsewhere, the assorted good guys make plans to thwart the spell’s effects as much as possible, by separating loved ones who might do harm to one another or, in the rare exception, leave Henry in Regina’s (versus immune Emma’s) care. When Belle suggests to Emma and Elsa that a counterspell may be possible, either using Anna’s star necklace or if Anna herself be found, the “sisters” use a locator spell on the pendant to track Anna down once and for all. Rumple meanwhile plots to keep the fairies from foiling the curse (and give him the power boost he needs to break free of the dagger) by tasking Hook to use the Sorcerer’s Hat on Blue and the whole lot of ’em.

The locator spell leads Emma and Elsa to a collapsed section of the mines, and time is running out, so the debate becomes: “Save the town, or save the sister” (as Grumpy puts it). Elsa seemingly agrees to give up the pendant but in fact sneaks back to the mines with it, using her ice magic to blow a hole in the collapsed wall. Emma arrives just as she does so, and beyond the wall they find… the beach. And yet the enchanted necklace is glowing brighter than ever? Even when the necklace goes dark, Elsa refuses to give up hope, clutching it and wishing that Anna was “here with me now.” And with those words, the trunk containing Anna and Kristoff, near-drowning at the bottom of the sea, is transported across realms to the beach, where the sisters are joyously reunited. (Turns out, the necklace was the “wishing star” the girls’ parents had found — though I’m a bit fuzzy on how it got back to the castle, for Elsa to gift Anna, before their folks died.

Oh, and the girls are oblivious to the “message in a bottle, sent by their mother at sea, that also washed ashore. Wanna bet that’s a plot point soon?

The quartet race to the diner to deliver Anna to the fairies, only to discover that everyone is gone (having been sucked up by the Sorcerer’s Hat.) Rumple meanwhile has whisked Belle off to his shop for safekeeping, sealing the place with a protection spell. Regina similarly seals Henry in the mayor’s office, after apologizing for losing focus on Operation Mongoose. (“It’s OK, Mom,” he basically says. “We still have Season 4B!”) COLIN O'DONOGHUE, JENNIFER MORRISONRobin Hood arrives to see Regina, professing, “I’m not afraid of you” — to which she ominously warns, “But you really, really should be,” before she slinks away to seal herself in her vault.

At the sheriff’s station, we get some amusing reunions between David and both Kristoff (who admire each other’s shorter ‘dos) and “Joan” (aka Anna’s”code name”), before David and Mary Margaret lock themselves in separate cells, while Kristoff handcuffs himself to a desk. Hook shows up, needing to see Emma “one more time” before the curse strikes. “I’m not a tearful goodbye kiss person, but maybe this once,” she says before sharing a liplock (to which I felt she had a conspicuous reaction. Did TLK just undo Hook’s servitude to Rumple? Or was she sensing he was “heart-less”?)

Just before the Spell of Shattered Sight (finally) hits, the Charmings profess, “No spell is strong enough to break what we have” — yet as the ouchie-sharp looking bits of glass start raining down on everyone (even slipping through air ducts), their look of love turns cold and they let go of each other’s hands….

* This is magic — it doesn’t care about ceilings.”
* “And I sang with you.”
* “Regina kept a whole dragon under there for 28 years. I’m sure you could fit a small princess, too.” #ForeshadowingAlert?
* “Yeah, well, if the mayor only has to worry about one villain — and it’s herself — that frees up a lot of time for infrastructure. I’ve had other issues!”
* “I should know better than to trust blondes by now.”
* “You rolled around in gold bars? Weird. And ouch!”
* Are we to infer that Hook traded his ship to Blackbeard, for the magic bean to find Emma in NYC?
* Assuming that Frozen 2 doesn’t accommodate the 30-year time jump, how will they undo that come Season 4A finale?

What did you think of the episode “Fall”?

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  1. Lyn says:

    Sitting here patiently waiting for the Frozen arc to end. Egad!

  2. zacqua10 says:

    All I have to say about this episode is “Meh.” I figured with Jane Espenson writing it, it would’ve been good. Only thing I liked was the end montage. That was done really well.

  3. LADY_in_MD says:

    I think we are to assume that hook sold the ship since Hans made the comment that it was the Jolly Roger didn’t see the time jump coming in Arendalle but it was a nice way to sync up the timeline
    also did Emma not check her voicemail from last week yet? The looks on snow and charmings face at the end has me thinking some nasty s**t is gonna be said next week
    How is Emma suppose to save the town while hauling baby Neal around?

    • LADY_in_MD says:

      Oh yea also I think the look Emma gave after the kiss is some indication she knows that something is different with Hook

    • Me says:

      I agree, Hook would find anyone else to sell his ship to other then Blackbeard. Hook sold the ship to Hans in my opinion.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        LOVE > HATE

      • Gail says:

        Wasn’t Hans just defrosted prior to his sending Anna and Kristoff to the ocean? Not sure how long its been since Hook found Emma in NY but has to be several months since Mary Margaret had not given birth yet.

      • ninergrl6 says:

        If Hook HAD sold the JR to Black Beard in order to get back to Emma in 3B, then he would’ve known that BB was alive and probably wouldn’t have felt so selfish & guilty for letting down Ariel (really Zelena in disguise tricking him). Hook must’ve sold it to someone else (Hans is a good guess, although he was frozen until very recently) who in turn sold/gave/lost it to BB.

        • LNS1 says:

          He felt he let Ariel down and that she lost her love. But he didnt know they found each other until he saw the mirror and them in it

      • Mikaela says:

        When they said the Jolly Roger, I yelled at the TV “Hook sold the Jolly Roger to HIM?!”

    • TJ says:

      He sold his ship last season to get a magic bean to return back to NY and find Emma to bring her back to SB.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Gold erased the voicemail Hook left for Emma in the previous episode. He talked about it when he had Hook tied to the fence, before he took Hook’s heart.

  4. laurelnev says:

    Felt like the 1st half of the ep just dragged, and it didn’t do anything to really move the plot forward. All of that stalling to just suck Blue and the antidote into a hat when they were right about done. Guess Blue was the missing element revealed in the whisper.

    I also think it was AWFUL CONVENIENT that SQ put a 30 year freezing spell on Arendelle so she could intervene in a 28 year curse. And that curse broke RIGHT when there was a portal to SB about to open? (Or was that supposed to imply Anna & Elsa’s parents ended up in SB BEFORE the 30 year freeze and the 28 year curse?)

    • laurelnev says:

      Hit post too soon. :) I only hope that next week will pick up the pace, and the action, a little more. LOVE how Rumple is going all dark again, trying to keep his hands clean all the while.

    • I believe the missing element that the Snow Queen told Rumple about is the heart of someone who knew him before he was The Dark One. He needs the hat to hold enough power to use it to separate himself from the dagger. He just needed power, not fairies, specifically. That’s why he was going to trap Emma.

      I think Elsa being released from the urn somehow unfroze Arendelle.

  5. StephonJS says:

    Overall GREAT episode!
    I wouldnt call Arendelle past at all. It was concurrent with Storybrooke

  6. Bianca says:

    Enjoyed Regina & Henry’s scenes and the Outlaw Queen scenes. And the end scene of the curse coming – that was really really great. But I am so over the Frozen.

  7. abz says:

    Loved the emotional moments towards the end with Emma, Snow/David, and Hook, Although, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Emma calling them “Mom” and “Dad”. I don’t how to describe it entirely, but it just feels weird and forced. It doesn’t feel like something Emma would naturally say. To me, at least. Nevertheless. great moments. I expected this episode to be a bit slower given the two-parter a few weeks ago and how things needed to be set up for the final two episodes of the first half which I’m hoping will be epic!
    And seriously if they kill off Hook I’m gonna be SO pissed. I’m starting to dislike Rumple more and more with each passing episode. I know his progress in changing would never entirely be complete while he was still the Dark One, but it’s like everything that’s happened the past three seasons, and everything he’s been through and being with Belle, etc., hasn’t had any impact whatsoever.
    I really like Anna. She’s such a bubbly and funny character. Her reunion with Elsa was great to watch. I wonder how the letter in the bottle will come into play.
    Can’t wait for everyone turning evil next week. Regina vs. Snow. It’s gonna be so much fun :)
    Is next week when they’re gonna explore Emma/Ingrid’s foster home connection and how they she became her foster mom? I really wanna see that. I remember there being a spoiler on this site about it in episode 11 I think.

  8. Donna MaMa says:

    why did not anyone see that bottle that floated up in the water, would have loved to have seen everyone’s reaction to the note, nice tie off, mentioning where their parents were lost at sea, Emma was sooo happy for Elsa

    • John NYC says:

      Undoubtedly the camera setup filming the closeup blocked their view: they’ll find it soon enough in the next episode when the gear has been moved off the beach (unless it’s picked up by all those other people that could be seen wandering around in the background in both directions on the beach in the opening shots when Emma and Elsa first broke through…).

      Always leave them wanting more…

  9. Donna MaMa says:

    Loved Anna’s reaction to Emma’s parents, it was priceless!

  10. Chris says:

    Hold the freaking phone!! How was Blackbeard in this episode?! He’s supposed to be dead!! Hook pushed him over a plan into shark infested waters in 3×17!!

    • Dean says:

      He said a mermaid saved him at the last second, smart money is that it was Ariel and thats how she found Eric last year.

    • abz says:

      Blackbeard said the reason he was putting Anna and Kristoff into the chest was because one of his enemy’s pushed him off the plank and a mermaid rescued him so he knew how possible it could be to survive walking the plank.

      • Abi says:

        Interesting, I missed the line about a mermaid saving him. I guess I had thought this occurred during the year-ish when everyone was sent back to the enchanted forest by the defeat of Pan’s curse, before the Hook/Ariel episode, but that makes more sense now. So that means Elsa’s wish didn’t time-jump Anna and Kristoff forward a year like I’d been thinking.

  11. Dean says:

    Really didn’t make a lot of progress unless it was uniting the Arendelle sisters. Rump continues to be an even bigger douchebag than Hans was a surprise that Blackbeard was alive and back to skippering the Jolly Roger. Next week looks like all the ‘unresolved issues’ between everyone is going to go down and hopefully Frosty the Snow Queen bites the dust.

  12. Donna MaMa says:

    *****Assuming that Frozen 2 doesn’t accommodate the 30-year time jump, how will they undo that come Season 4A finale? – – possibly the EP’s had to get/have permission/approval of the story/scripts??

  13. Jake says:

    Easy answer to your question, Matt: Frozen 2 doesn’t have to acomidate any of this at all. Nothing done on Once Upon a Time is canon within the Frozen franchise, just like the Evil Queen in Disney’s Snow White animated film does not hate Snow White for causing the death of her true love. This is essentially fan fiction, and any Frozen film sequel by the Disney Animation team will pick up after their first film, without regard for the OUAT story at all.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Oh. You apparently know that for a fact. OK, cool. I now feel silly for asking.

      • Jake says:

        I’m positive Eddy and Adam said that at some point, although I can’t find the link at the moment. Was it not in an interview for TVLine?

      • John NYC says:

        And yet they welded Elsa into that dress: so the connection is there…

      • murley says:

        As I understood it in the episode (and I might be wrong) the writers kind if created a perfect situation for the movies to work around. Hans said the spell froze everyone in Arrendale for 30 years. Meaning the place and people haven’t changed in 30 years so can’t the movie just sort of pick up where the other left off since essentially it’s like those 30 years never happened?

    • Adam says:

      The OUAT Frozen storyline begins with Anna and Kristoff preparing to get married. Frozen ended with Anna and Kristoff only just starting to date. There is room there for an ample period of time (several months at least), particularly given the dialogue in the movie about “marrying a guy you just met”.

      There’s time to stick a sequel into that gap, if they wanted to keep the two storylines consistent (which they don’t have to).

    • Gail says:

      I think having the Frozen characters on OUAT, in addition to helping the OUAT ratings, keeps the characters in the public eye between films, which can take many years to produce. Much like the TV specials featuring the Toy Story characters does for that franchise. I am not familiar with the movie but I don’t think they have done anything major to the characters to effect a future movie, I would assume Anna and Kristoff will not marry on OUAT for example. Since apparently the entire kingdom was frozen for 30 years, no one there will realize that Elsa, Anna and Kristoff have been gone for so long.

  14. Jake says:

    On another note…I honestly felt like this was kind of a dull episode. “The curse is coming, the curse is coming, the curse is coming,” but it cuts off right before the curse takes effect? This makes me want to watch next week, but it doesn’t feel like anything much of consequence occurred.

    Also – Matt – I think a better question would be how Elsa, Anna and Kristoff are written out. Unless they are going to keep them around Storybrooke indefinitely, which I’m not sure Disney would allow them to do, I’m assuming that the Frozen characters will end up back in Arandelle. But how will they cross realms without the OUAT folk, who are going to have to stay put in Storybrooke for season 4B, wanting to follow and go home to the Enchanted Forest/Misthaven?

    • Gail says:

      I believe it has been stated that Mary Margaret and all consider Storybrooke their home. They are not looking to go back. Also they are still cursed, by Mary Margret this time, and can’t go back. The Frozen characters are not cursed. If Mary Margret broke the curse she would have to be separated from the ones she loves most and they, including baby Neal, would not remember her.

  15. Sandra says:

    The blue fairy keeps getting killed every season :´(

  16. Gail says:

    I guessed that Anna had been frozen for many years because they didn’t start her scenes with “a long time ago” which I think they did with all the other flashbacks. Whatever else the note in the bottle does, their mother will probably write that she loves Elsa just as she is and would never change her by taking her powers away.

    I think Emma will use the time portal she used to get back to Storybrooke to send the Frozen characters back to their land 30 years ago perhaps without their memories of the present.

    For me the best part of this episode, which seemed like filler, was the preview for next week with Mary Margret and Regina fighting. Though if the curse makes you want to kill those you love most why wouldn’t Regina go after Robin Hood or Henry first and Mary Margret go after David.or the baby, Neal? Since Regina cast Henry’s protection spell she should be able to remove it and get him. If she can’t how would she ever get him out?

    Belle saw her evil self in the mirror but I guess that does not qualify as being cursed so i guess she will change and hopefully go after Rumple.. Presumably if that happens whe will find out what he has done when she is cursed. Speaking of which, why didn’t Rumple leave with Belle and Henry before the curse arrived? He has enough power in the hat and he has Hook’s heart. He has a deal with the Snow Queen to leave with them. I don’t see any reason for him to still be there. Hopefully he is not pretending to be evil. That would make no sense.

    • Gail says:

      Sorry It should say “Presumably if that happens , she, Belle, will find out what Rumple has been doing,, be very angry, and seek revenge because she is cursed. ”

      I believe they have established that the ribbons protect Elsa and Emma. and Anna is protected because she already was cursed. Everyone else, including Belle and Henry should be subject to the curse. I don’t think the Snow Queen allowing them to leave changes that. Again why didn’t Rumple leave with them?

    • Gail says:

      OK I just read on another board that Rumple needs something else besides the hat and Hook’s heart in order to escape the dagger’s control over him. So iguess it makes sense that he is still in Storybrooke. Anyone have any guesses about what else he needs?Something Frozen perhaps?

  17. Tiffany says:

    Loved this episode. Loved the reunion between Anna and Elsa. Almost cried but held it together. Best moment every. Now I really hate they have to leave. When Elsa, Anna and Kristoffer return to Arendelle, they’ll probably make forget. Which would stuck.

  18. Gail says:

    Random thought:

    Regina should never have had the ability to transport herself by disappearing in a cloud of smoke in Storybrooke. There are too many times when she should do this and doesn’t for some reason. If she transported herself out of Storybrooke she save herself from the curse. Even if she lost her powers outside of the town it would be better than being cursed,

    Wasn’t the beach outside of the frozen wall that was keeping everyone from leaving Storybrooke? Wouldn’t everyone be safe there?

  19. ninergrl6 says:

    There are so many holes in the story (the wishing star necklace getting back to Arendelle, Black Beard on the Jolly Roger, why Arendelle unfroze when it did, the bottle coming to the beach in Storybrooke with the trunk, Henry being safer with Regina than with immune Emma, Belle seemingly not reacting to Anna’s return even though she felt uber guilty a few eps ago, Hook helping Gold even though he’s doomed either way, Marian still being frozen all this time, everyone in Storybrooke locking themselves up, etc.) that it’s really confusing when I try to comprehend everything. It literally doesn’t make sense and it’s frustrating.

    However, when when I shrug off all of that stuff & just go with it, I really love this show. I’m so glad Elsa finally found Anna (and Kristoff), and finally the Snow Queen’s curse begins to take shape. It’s about time! I love the potential for “good” characters like Mary Margaret & David to show a dark side, though I wish it would last more than an episode. That could be fun to see them all turn on each other (temporarily). I loved David’s reunion with Anna & Kristoff. Anna had some fantastic lines tonight (“Weird and ouch”). In general I’ve enjoyed this season both in Storybrooke and in flashbacks. I wish there weren’t so many illogical holes in the plot, but I guess with fairy tales you’re just supposed to go with it.

    Regarding Emma’s reaction to the kiss, I don’t think it had anything to do with TLK (though I’d love that!). Hook was saying goodbye to her forever, not just until they resolved the curse, and I interpreted Emma’s reaction as her realizing something was off about him — not necessarily the missing heart because he kissed her without his heart in the previous episode — but she just knew something wasn’t right or as expected about the way he kissed her. I hope there’s some explanation for why Emma reacted that way, but I’m not holding my breath.

    • abz says:

      A lot of those things you mentioned are not plot holes and were clearly explained. Blackbeard was alive because he was saved by a mermaid after Hook pushed him off the plank last season. The bottle was explained by Hans when he was droning on about how Anna’s bones will mix with her mothers because the location they were at was near where her parents were shipwrecked. Hook is doing Rumple’s bidding because if you remember from last episode Rumple took his heart so he has no choice in the matter because Rumple is controlling him. Marian is Frozen because they haven’t figured out how to break the Frozen curse keeping them trapped in the town. She’ll probably defrost in the fall finale.There wasn’t much time for a reaction from Belle given all the rushing before the curse finally came at sunset. Hopefully we will get one. The people of Storybrooke are locking themselves up because the spell of Shattered Sight will make everyone turn on each other and obviously they’re all worried because they don’t want to hurt people and their loved ones. It does make sense.
      Lastly, there are two episodes left for the Frozen arc, so any lasting questions like why Arendelle unfroze when it did or how Elsa got the wishing star necklace to give to Anna could still be explained in the coming weeks.

      • Koi4u says:

        I think that Anna and Elsa had the wishing star necklace because as Blackbeard says about their parents, “their hearts weren’t pure,” And there’s evidence that they’ve probably voyaged before, (Anna mentions reading her mom’s diary where she first heard word of the wishing star her mom spoke about and had)
        So, I think that they,(Adgar/Idun) voyaged once, met Blackbeard, obtained the wishing star necklace and proceeded to try to use it, but it was to no avail since their hearts weren’t pure. They came back from the voyage and brought along the necklace which was kept wherever Elsa found it, along with the wedding dress.

        (Hmm.. Unpure.. Perhaps because Idun/Gerda trapped her older sister, of whom she promised not to judge for her magic, in an urn and then tried (if true) to remove her own daughter, Elsa’s magic for whatever reason)

        After finding that the wishing star was out of the question, they decide to go to Mist Haven/Rumble as an alternative since Idun/Gerda’s met him once before. But.. That makes me think… Rumble knew they wanted to remove Elsa’s magic, but that seemed like the only thing he mentally knew about them.. So what could their mysterious truth be?
        #1 Idun/Gerda went on the voyage in order to ask Rumble to restore their memories (if Grand Pabbie truly took them) so they can find where the urn containing Ingrid was to help Elsa which was also their secret.
        #2 Knowing that her daughters have purer hearts than her, Idun/Gerda’s message was for Elsa to decide herself whether to use the necklace to vanquish her magic powers for good but that she loves them

        Or, as we’re lead to believe;
        #3 Idun/Gerda is the only one who retains her memories of Ingrid and seeks out Rumble in order to find a way to remove Elsa’s powers as Grand Pabbie mentioned, “there’s always a price in magic,” that of which possibly was having your eldest born have the same powers.
        Just my thoughts. ^^

      • ninergrl6 says:

        Nope, as much as I enjoy this show, there are still massive holes that may or may not be explained in the near future. HOW did BB get the Jolly Roger back? Did EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. in Storybrooke chain themselves to something away from their loved ones? Did someone relay that message to everyone or is everyone else just screwed? Elsa didn’t wish for the bottle (or Kristoff, for that matter) to come back, just Anna. So why did the bottle (and Kristoff and the trunk) magically appear too? I guess I didn’t understand the heart control thing. I thought it was just a blackmail tool, not a method for actually controlling people’s actions like the dark one’s dagger. If Hook didn’t want to help Rumple, I assumed he could just let Rumple kill him & be done with it. Regardless I think Hook should at least try to tell someone the truth of what’s going on. I like the theory that Anna and Elsa’s parents made two trips: one in which they for the wishing star from BB and another in which they died trying to get to Rumple in the Enchanted Forest.

        • abz says:

          Yeah, hearts have always been able to be controlled. Remember Regina using Sheriff Graham’s heart. Or Cora taking Aurora’s heart and controlling her back in season 2.
          Hook is probably embarrassed and ashamed for being in the position he’s in and there might be a part of him that thinks Emma won’t believe him or that she won’t forgive regardless of his intentions and the reasons he ended up doing what he did.
          Word about the curse was probably spread around town the way everything usually has. The smoke is clearly visible and a clear indication of a curse as they’ve been through this several times before plus it’s a small town and word spreads around quickly in small towns and also Grumpy has always had a big mouth so it’s not a stretch how everyone knows about the curse and what their plans are when it finally hit. Either locking themselves up or whatever. Any further analysis into that is just nitpicking IMO.
          Also with regards to Elsa’s wish. Anna was trapped in a chest and Kristoff was with her inside it so when she was wished to come to be with Elsa, Kristoff was there too. The bottle was explained by the fact that they were in the location where her parents were ship wrecked so it’s not a stretch that the bottle would be near where the chest sank. And since Anna was brought back through a water portal in the chest the bottle must’ve been in the same waters. These things happen. When Emma and Hook came back from time traveling they never intended to bring back an urn containing the Ice Queen of Arendelle, Elsa, but when they opened the portal that sucked them through back to Storybrooke it also sucked the urn through.
          I too like theory about the two trips taken by Elsa/Anna’s parents.

        • Lisa Benwitz says:

          The thing is, all the inconsistencies and things that are unclear could be so easily explained with ONE SENTENCE in most cases… as someone else said in one of the comments, I too have to turn off my brain while I watch… and still, the lazy writing seeps through.

  20. Abi says:

    The thing about Blackbeard was explained, remember? Blackbeard had taken Hook’s ship while he was gone. Then Hook betrayed Ariel to get it back, but then he did give it up in search of Emma/helping save Storybrooke/mostly Emma. They talked about that. Also, I think with the Frozen 2 thing it’s important to remember that OUAT has separate storylines from the Disney movies, so Frozen 2, if it does occur, doesn’t have to have anything to do with the OUAT plotline or the 30 year jump, even though the OUAT plotline has more or less been a sequel, more so than with any of the other stories they’ve explored. And can I just say, I love OUAT Anna’s sense of humor so much :)

  21. mariel says:

    It was a little slow episode, the first half a little boring.

    Great the Rumple is bad again, it’s the most enigmatic and deep character for the evil side.

    Loved the scenes between Regina and Robin, they recall the feeling of real people above magical characters, I would like to see more of them together and a happy ending for Regina and Robin (I still wonder how can the writers will undo the mess caused by Marian coming back and keep Robin and Regina together).

  22. Jake says:

    Way too much filler in this episode. I think if you recorded it, and FF through the commercials and the filler, you’d have about fifteen minutes of actual story. If you read though the summary above you can see that. It’s like they’re running out of story and padding everything.

  23. Kyle says:

    Moments I liked: Every Anna and Kristoff scene, the ending montage and the shattered sight spell in Snow and Charming’s eyes, Regina and Henry with Robin Hood at the Merry Men’s camp, Regina’s goodbyes with Henry and Robin at the town hall, Emma’s scenes with her parents before the spell hit, Kristoff, Anna and David reunion.
    Other than that it was okay, but I wasn’t blown away. I like Anna and Kristoff, but I will be glad when the Frozen story is over to be honest. It took up too much space in this first half of season 4. Maybe a Frozen mini-series to air during OUAT hiatus like what Wonderland was supposed to be like would have been a better idea, I’m not sure.
    I’m enjoying Rumple being evil and selfish again, he’s tons of fun like that, but the show will eventually have to start revealing at least some of his lies and evil deeds to the characters because since the end of season 3 they keep piling up.
    I don’t know if the show honestly expects me to feel sorry for Hook, but I really don’t because he’s acting dumb and like he hasn’t learned anything from the ‘cursed lips’ story last season that was basically the same. And I also remember when Cora had Princess Aurora’s heart and wanted to use it to control her and let her act as her puppet for her evil plans, but Aurora was incredibly brave and the first thing she did was let Emma and Snow and Mulan know what was happening. So Hook lying by omission again and again and then making said puppy eyes at the camera doesn’t really do anything for me.

    • Danielle Nordahl says:

      I get what you are saying about Hook, but his choices with the cursed lips was kiss Emma and take away her powers or tell Emma and Zelena kill her family. And as for not telling her about Rumple blackmailing him about his hand, I see a lot of things coming into play there. Shame and embarrassment that he thought it necessary in the first place, nervous that Emma may not believe him when seeing the video Rumple took himself out of, and more than anything, not burdening Emma with his stupid mistake over being self-conscious about his hook when she had bigger things going on with the Snow Queen. I think that shows a character with a lot of depth, not perfect, not all good, not always making the right choices, but trying. Then, as for not telling Emma about his heart, I have a feeling Rumple wouldn’t let those words even come out of his mouth. His whole gig would be up if Hook could tell Emma. That aside though, if Hook could tell Emma and is choosing not to, I again see it as a selfless act. As I’ve said, Hook knows Emma has bigger things to deal with and I’m sure he is afraid of the actions Rumple would take if he did tell Emma. I get that there is an argument against every point I just made and I can see that side to that too (trust me, I’ve yelled at the tv screen “just tell herrr!”), but I guess I’m just saying I think he has every right to feel the way he does right now and be totally torn up about how to handle things without making them worse.

  24. Amy says:

    Both Blackbeard (he traded it in the years previous to their death) and Elsa commented that mother already had the Wishing Star or as Elsa knew it as just the necklace before they died but couldn’t use it probably because her mother wasn’t pure of heart since that was a requirement to make a wish, most likely because of what she did to her sister and Arendelle plus if she was attempting to ‘wish’ Elsa’s powers away herself that would also be very selfish.

    I thought it was really smart to have them frozen for 30 years to link up the the present day…and that we know where the Jolly is. I’m assuming Hook knows Black Beard is alive and that’s who he traded with for the bean but like that it wouldn’t mean Hook would have to know that Ariel saved him (heck maybe it was another mermaid) and that Eric was alive.

    I really enjoyed the episode and am looking forward to next week and even though I thought I was ‘done’ with the Frozen arc I really loved the Anna and Kristoff scenes last night.

  25. chris says:

    End already!

  26. Sara says:

    No offense but are they going to do this every time? How many more curses can there be?! Geez…..get a new ‘thing’!!

    • Lyn says:

      How many wars can there be? in a world with magic, curses are the equivalent of wars. And human nature [with or without magic] is greed and a lust for power to get their own way. There will always be bullies and victims.

  27. Donna MaMa says:

    I think Elsa lost that necklace in the 2nd episode when her and Emma were trapped in the ice cave and that’s why it reappeared when the wall cracked. Elsa found it again when the ice cracked as it was reacting to David’s attempt to climb it. Rather than thinking it a contrivance, I’m kicking myself for not realizing when she lost it that it would pop up again.

  28. Ella says:

    As much as I’m enjoying this season of OUAT it still has never gotten back to that season 1 magic. I honestly think the biggest mistake made on the show was breaking the initial curse in season 1. They could have introduced so many more characters and their historie and then had a couple people “awaken” from the curse. THEN have the curse break at the end of season 2. I really miss the feel season 1 of this show had.

  29. Kay says:

    Well for me last nights episode was ok but with Rumple being bad again, can Belle at least find out…..I hate how she’s always in the dark on things!!

  30. Liz says:

    Did anyone else notice all the people way in the background by the trees when Elsa and Emma were talking on the beach?

  31. Gail says:

    I am waiting for the scene where Evil Queen Regina runs into Robin Hood and even though she thinks she wants to destroy him, she can’t. True Love. I would prefer a scene like that to one between Mary Margaret and David not being able to kill each other. Looking forward to the return of Evil Queen Regina and Bandit Snow White.

  32. Gail says:

    What is Emma going to do with her baby brother? She will have no one to leave him with and it would be odd if she spends the next two episodes running around with him in her arms.

    Hope we see some of the original characters like maybe Geppetto about to use Pinocchio for firewood.

    • Erica says:

      Pinocchio for firewood-ha!

    • Lyn says:

      OMG! I just got a mental image of baby Neal turning into Chuckie and trying to bite Emma’s head off. I wonder with all of these people chaining themselves to stationary objects or in jail cells, what provisions have they made for potty breaks and for food and water.

  33. Ana says:

    Very good episode. Lots of emotional moments and the two most heartbreaking ones had me wishing my heart would have gotten ripped out :'(
    One of those moments was Killian and Emma saying goodbye to each other – the fact that Killian thought he was bidding the woman he loves so deeply goodbye forever had me in tears. But he didn’t burden her with that knowledge. His love for Emma is truly selfless. But Emma has changed thanks to him as well and seeing her be so open and vulnerable with him was one of the most beautiful things any fan of Emma could wish for. I love that she realized that something was off about her pirate’s kiss. I’m hoping 4×10 will afford them some opportunity to delve into that storyline (Killian/Rumple and emma’s reaction to it) a bit more.
    A little more heartbreaking was the scene of Killian hiding from Emma at Granny’s. Sitting on that floor so forlorn and devastated – hating himself for what Rumple forced him to do and not being able to fight along Emma’s side was gut wrenching. No one conveys the depth of the pain and desperation the way Colin O’Donoghue does.
    But I am hoping that Adam and Eddy will start cutting our Captain some slack and stop putting him through so much pain. Please. He deserves to be happy – even if it’s just for a brief moment in typical once fashion.

    • Killian not telling Emma is such a parallel to Charming not telling Snow that he can’t leave Neverland. He wouldn’t burden her when there were more important things to be done. Emma’s growth since knowing Killian has been amazing to watch, you can see it from the goodbye to everyone at the end of season three to her goodbyes now. She’s opened herself up and finally accepted that this is her home, she’s accepted who she is. AND THE SCENE AT GRANNY’S WHERE HE WAS HIDING FROM EMMA, GOODNESS GRACIOUS. That was hard to watch. I think Colin O’Donoghue is amazing actor, no matter how little time he is on the screen, or even if he doesn’t have any lines, you just feel it. It’s great when you have a character who can do sexy and hilarious and heartbroken and devastated so well. I have my fingers crossed that at least by the midseason finale Emma will know about Hook’s heart and Belle will know about Rumple’s betrayal. I think Adam and Eddy love Hook, and Emma and Hook, and are just drawing out/building up to their happy ending.

    • sararnoldi says:

      I agreed Hook’s actor is really talented

  34. Gail says:

    Will Kristof under the curse turn to Anna and say, ” Why don’t you ever shut up”

  35. Rebecca says:

    Last night’s episode was amazing! The CaptainSwan scene had me in tears. Jennifer Morrison & Colin o’donoghue are both soo talented! I can’t wait to see Emma fight for Killian’s heart!

  36. LNS1 says:

    Beautiful heartbreaking kiss by Emma and Hook.
    Snowing and Emma
    Elsa and Anna reunion
    And seeing Blackbeard again

    • Erica says:

      Yes to Blackbeard! Robin & Regina were great, too, though there should’ve been one last kiss goodbye in that town hall scene.

  37. Luis says:

    Message in a bottle? Are they seriously going to save Elsa and Anna’s parents too?

  38. Anne says:

    Omg, enough with Hook already, he is the worst filler-puppy character. Anna is the most pleasant surprise.

  39. Heather says:

    Can’t wait to see the Evil Queen next week! Loved seeing Regina so scared about reverting and how she said goodbye to Robin and Henry.

    I’m glad Anna and Elsa have reunited. I thought Anna was going to be 30 years older for a minute there.

  40. elmogirl922 says:

    We don’t need to infer the Hook/Blackbeard thing, do we? Didn’t he tell Emma that he traded his ship for her last season? Okay, so maybe he never specified to whom, but I can’t imagine too many people were as keen on the Jolly Roger as Blackbeard.

  41. Pamela7k says:

    I LOVE Once Upon A Time, but the “curse” plot is getting OLD! Get some fresh ideas, hire new writers, just DO something NEW!!!

  42. Soomy says:

    Couldn’t Else or Anna just wish to revoke or stop the spell? Like they could’ve at least tried using the wishing star! :/

    • abz says:

      Elsa didn’t know the necklace was a wishing star when she made that wish.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I thought the exact same thing! At least TRY to wish for the curse to stop. There would probably be some contrived loophole to explain why it didn’t work, but it’s like no one even considered it.

      • abz says:

        How would they even consider it if they weren’t at all aware that Anna’s necklace was actually a wishing star? Anna knew about the wishing star but there was no indication she knew what it actually was (i.e. The form). Elsa, from what was shown, had no knowledge of the wishing star so her wish was a happy accident. Even if she wanted to wish the curse away she wouldn’t have known it was possible.

        • ninergrl6 says:

          But after Elsa accidentally wished Anna back, then they knew what the necklace could do. My immediate reaction would’ve been, “Let’s try that again!” Maybe the wishing necklace is for one-time use only? I don’t know but I thought it was silly that they (particularly Emma) didn’t try to use it to wish for the curse to stop or reverse or for a force field to rise up around Storybrooke or SOMETHING. At least give it a shot!

  43. sararnoldi says:

    I didn’t understand the all Wishing Star/ necklace plot…
    is the necklace a Wishing Star? When did the necklace start to be a Wishing Star?
    Is from their mother?or what?
    I missed something out!

  44. sunberry says:

    After rewatching the episode, I realized a significance in the fact that Elsa, Emma and Anna will be immune from the curse. It’s like a direct parallel to the original three sisters: Elsa is parallel to Ingrid (has cryokinetic powers, blonde), Emma parallels Helga (both blonde, “dead ringers” for each other, as mentioned a few episodes ago) and Anna is parallel to Gerda, her mother (both are redheads, mother/daughter, resemble each other).

    Knowing the writers and producers, I’m sure this was intentional, especially as it has been put forth that Ingrid wanted Emma and Elsa to finish off her trio of sisters. However, I’m wondering if this new particular combination will play any significance in the upcoming couple episodes in defeating Ingrid.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Wait, why is Anna immune? Because she already suffered from the curse of shattered sight in the past? Was that explained at some point?

      • sunberry says:

        Yes it was mentioned in the episode that she was immune because she’s already been subjected to the spell. That’s why they were planning to use her to create a “vaccine” to make everyone else in town immune.

  45. Gail says:

    What exactly did Hook do to betray and or kept things from Emma? Prior to his losing his heart, he leaves messages to Emma saying how he betrayed Emma and that Rumple was blackmailing him. The only thing I remember was when Hook got his hand back, he behaved like he used to and blamed the hand, He found out from Rumple that it wasn’t the hand that was forcing him to behave badly but himself. How is that betraying or keeping things from Emma? Is there something else I forgot? He know or assumed the blade Belle has is a fake. Was it a betrayal of Emma that he didn’t share this information? Seems like a betrayal of Belle.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I guess the secret-keeping is the betrayal? At least initially that’s really all I can think of. It’s a thin excuse to drive a wedge between them. After the Zelena kiss curse last season was basically based on the same thing, you’d think there’d be some OTHER plot device the writers could use to create tension this time. Or better yet, just have Hook tell Emma the truth of what Rumple is up to (lesson learned from last season) and take away Rumple’s leverage. For someone who spent 300 years bent on getting revenge on the “crocodile,” Hook succumbed to Rumple’s manipulation surprisingly easily.

  46. Gail says:

    Still unclear what the Snow Queen thinks will happen if her plan succeeds and everyone in Storybrooke is dead except her two ” sisters”. What would they do with everyone dead? Frolic around with their ribbons and fly kites? I can only assume she is insane and hasn’t thought that far in advance. She wants revenge on everyone who thought of her as a monster but after she gets her revenge, then what?

  47. Lisa Benwitz says:

    I try soooooo hard not to think while watching this show, so I can still get some enjoyment out of it–but somehow the lazy writing always seeps through to annoy me. How did Anna know that one piece of straw came from Rumple? If I’m recalling correctly, when she went to see him, he was in his castle. There was no straw anywhere in sight that I recall, nor did they talk about straw. I mean, does no one in Arendelle have a spinning wheel? It couldn’t have stuck to one of the maids’ aprons? Or how about a curse is coming in which a shattered mirror embeds itself in everyone’s eyes… call me crazy, but if it were me, I’d be on the floor with my hands over my eyes and not staring up at the sky or ceiling, perfectly still, just waiting for it to hit me. And how did Hans get to the Jolly Roger only seconds after Anna? He said he knew her plan and was one step ahead of her and had ALREADY PAID OFF Blackbeard. How, when they were all frozen for 30 years? Even if he left at the same time as Anna and Kristoff, how would he have gotten there before them, with enough time to accomplish all that? And last but not least, why did Rumple wait so long to suck the fairies into the hat? He made a comment about they were all at Granny’s Diner so it would be easy–don’t they all live together in a nunnery or something? I guess the lazy writing bothers me so much because most of the inconsistencies that jump out at viewers every single week could be so easily explained with one line of dialogue. The show has such wonderful actors and actresses–and I know some of the writers (Jane Espenson, for example, who wrote this episode) have done such excellent work in the past… I just don’t get it. But I’ll keep watching, as I am a sucker for fairytales–and there’s still no other show like this one.

    • Phil says:

      In order

      It was gold straw — who else could it have been from?
      I doubt closing your eyes would stop magic.
      Hans mentioned that they had used the fastest ship in the navy.
      All the fairies in one room is better than all in the same building; and questions would have been asked if they disappeared earlier; he had to wait until everybody else was too busy to notice … or maybe fairies have a “best before” date.

      • sunberry says:

        I agree Phil, I mean if those mirror shards were embedded in METAL like Belle mentioned when examining Anna’s necklace, I’m pretty sure it could get through the skin! I keep seeing people complaining about things like this, where if you paid attention to the episode, you would know the answers to your questions! It bothers me more than I should let it :/

  48. Gail says:

    I am looking forward to what should be a heartfelt aftermath. How will Regina feel after she recovers from full Evil Queen mode? Will she finally express regret for what she has done to anyone else but Henry? Though cursed the reasons for their anger is real. I guess it will depend on what she actual does and if she kills anyone. Maybe she will put Marien’s heart back which would kill her.After all she wanted to kill Marien at first.

  49. Gail says:

    Anyone else notice except for the Charmings, Henry, and Belle, everyone tied themselves up to prevent themselves from harming their love ones? If you do that to yourself and you change you mind, ie you are cursed, what is to stop you from getting free. Everyone should have had someone else confine them. Of course if no one got free it there would be no story next week.