Does Supernatural's Dean Lack Game? Where Does Flash Keep His Cash? Did Good Wife's Grace Goof? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Supernatural, Marry Me, Red Band Society and Criminal Minds!

1 | If Will doesn’t win America’s Next Top Model, will you join our protest?

2 | We’re all for drumming up election campaign drama, but would The Good Wife have us believe that Grace — regardless of intent/context — would disseminate such a potentially inflammatory note written by her mom? And since we didn’t see his final response, do you think Cary may have taken Bishop up on his offer?

3 | On Madam Secretary, did the fact that Tim Daly’s son, Sam, looks so much like his dad distract you during his guest-starring stint?

The Walking Dead4 | In spite of how pouty-pants The Walking Dead‘s Abraham was after learning that Eugene couldn’t cure zombiism, wouldn’t the ginger hulk have developed awful leg cramps if he’d really sulked on his knees for almost a whole episode?

5 | On a scale of 1 to Orange Is the New Black, how bothersome is The Affair‘s opening credits theme?

6 | Who’s watching our new guilty pleasure, E!’s House of DVF? No way the girls actually planned that whole lunch by themselves, right?

7 | Now that Luke Mitchell is a free agent again, what do we have to do to get him on The Flash or The Originals? Speaking of the latter show…

8 | Did The Originals‘ baby Hope inherit all of daddy’s looks and none of mommy’s? (She resembles auntie Bex more than Hayley!)

Jane the Virgin9 | Um… Jane the Virgin spinoff, anyone? And is it completely normal (or deeply deranged) that we’ve developed a strong backstory for — and a significant crush on — the ER doctor who appeared briefly in the pilot to break the big pregnancy news, but whose stubbly adorableness keeps drawing us in during the weekly “previously on” interludes?

10 | After her performances on the AMAs and The Voice, are you suspecting there’s a sound mixer out there with a grudge against Taylor Swift?

12 | Which Gotham show-within-a-show would you watch the hell out of:  The Misadventures of Young Batman and Catwoman, or Good Cop, Bad Cop Starring Alfred and Harvey?the-flash3

13 | How did The Flash pay his Uber driver? Does he carry his phone and/or wallet in his costume? Finally, wouldn’t Gideon and The Tomorrow People‘s TIM make the cutest AI babies?

14 | Couldn’t this week’s NCIS bad guys have simply stabbed the real air marshal and taken his gun? (Why go to the trouble of enlisting a lookalike/As the World Turns‘ Henry?) And are you glad or mad they didn’t show Gibbs making “one” snow angel?

15 | Since when doesSupernaturalSupernatural‘s Dean need a dating app to get laid?

16 | Chicago Fire‘s Cruz and Brett: Yea or nay? And are we to assume Kelly and Brittany are going to get divorced? Couldn’t they make it work? (We kind of love them together.)

17 | On Marry Me, wasn’t Annie and Gil’s performance of “Memory” surprisingly moving?

18 | Is Red Band Society‘s Brittany naive for thinking she and Dr. McAndrew were a thing now, or is she awesome for punching him in the eye?

19 | Criminal Minds fans, can we agree that it is highly unwise to A) confront your wife about being a serial killer before calling the cops, and then B) turn your back on her after C) announcing that you are now going to call the cops?

NCIS Rudolph20 | Is there anything cuter on TV right now than the Rankin/Bass Rudolph interacting with actors from NCIS, Big Bang and other shows on the CBS lot?

21 | Did Savannah Guthrie really thank McDonalds for its “dedication to the overall well-being of children” during NBC’s telecast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

22 | On A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, why does Chuck ID himself on the phone to his grandmother by both first and last name? And while, yes, CB is basically bald, can we agree that Linus’ hair is no great shakes either?twitter

23 | Perhaps NBC Sports didn’t think San Francisco suffered enough of a humiliation at the hands of Seattle?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lucy says:

    2 | “And since we didn’t see his final response, do you think Cary may have taken Bishop up on his offer?” There wouldn’t have been any need to plead guilty if he accepted it. He would have also just waited the jury’s verdict and fly to Barcelona in case of sentence. So IMO it was pretty clear that he didn’t accept it. But the really question is “Is Matt Czuchry leaving the show?” Because almost everyone around the web thinks so…it would be cool to know something about it.

  2. CourtTV says:

    Luke Mitchell on anything! But if I had a choice: Flash. I don’t watch The Originals.

  3. Bwhit says:

    16- I know the partners getting together thing is cliche but Brett and Mills have the best chemistry. Plus are we to believe that Mills has been pining for Gabby all this time? She made it clear when they broke up that she was in love with Casey and now they seem to be turning it in to a love triangle. I am a Dawson and Casey fan so I hope they work it out but if they don’t, and she gets back with Mills I don’t think it will help with the fan base already growing tired of Dawson’s selfish antics. Loved her in season one and first part of season 2 but this firefighter thing has partially ruined her character for me!

    • Amber says:

      well Mills has only had one girlfriend since he and Gabby broke up, and he called her “Gabby” one time lol, so yeah I can believe he still has a thing for her. I prefer her with Casey though

      • Bwhit says:

        I know! I just feel it’s kind of ridiculous for Mills to hold this candle for Dawson. I do like Casey and Dawson and they have pretty much stated they are end game. Mills and Brett would be adorable in my opinion, he deserves a girl who wouldn’t treat him like a second option.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Fact is no matter how hot/gorgeous Dawson is, she is in fact quite the crappy GF lol. I mean imagine the show so far is a documentary…do you wanna date the woman who has her personality? Her issues? Her pining after a engaged guy then cause she couldnt wait for him going and banging the what? 22 year old intern (basically) and then when Casey is available and needing help she bails on him (Mills) and gets with Casey? Then theres right now, where she is choosing her career as a firefighter over marrying the man she “loves”, she then recently after fighting with her fiancee (and it seems weeks/months of not much of a spark in their relationship) is at a bar, with her ex, drinking, talking about how she and Casey are having problems and they are holding hands?
      Lol honestly who would think “thats wife material!” and in real life want to date and propose to that person? Shes a crappy GF/Fiancee and is what? 29 years old and still doesnt know to not be in a bar alone with her ex after a fight with her man? Lol granted the show is basically a 2014 primetime soap opera…its not like they are trying to right realistic characters who behave realistically. Watch that OWN Network documentary series on women firefighters and their firehouses and you will see its not all gorgeous people banging each other and insane fires and melodrama etc.

      • Bwhit says:

        I know how that is, my husband is a firefighter and worked with a married couple and always rolls his eyes when they bring up them working together; saying ‘just put they on opposite shifts!’ That couldn’t work for drama purposes. I just think she should of stayed PIC. She’s been a crappy fiancé, not seeing Casey’s frustration so hopefully they work it out because I do like them together.

  4. Jennifer says:

    re: #14 I wanted to see the snow angel.

  5. Luis says:

    20. I want Lucy Liu saying “Light it up,Rudy” as my ringtone

  6. Alex says:

    5. What’s wrong with The Affair’s opening credits?

  7. Rose says:

    16. I don’t get why Severide and Brittany are breaking up, it makes no sense. Why can’t she just go visit her family for a couple of weeks? Since when does needing to go home for a bit mean the marriage is over? That seems like a totally contrived plot device to me. If they didn’t want the marriage to last, they should at least make it believable that its ending. This ending is not believable. And as for Cruz and Brett … that’s a big no. They have no chemistry, and she basically said she’s giving it a try to break a bad habit! That never works. It’s going to be a disaster. She and Mills make a much better couple. Or Severide even!

  8. Rose says:

    15. Yeah, there is no way Dean needs a dating app to get laid. Just look at the man for god sakes!!! That was silly.

    • In Dean's Defence... says:

      Dating apps aren’t there because guys need them to get laid. End of the day, if you’re fugly it doesn’t matter how you meet the girl, she’s still not sleeping with you. Dating apps are just about having even more opportunities… ;)

  9. orchardist says:

    #15. Answer:Never.

  10. Tom says:

    #2 I think Cary took the first deal that was offered by the states attorney for 6 months probation to turn on bishop.

  11. georgiamadman says:

    #12 Bruce and Selina (and Alfred) are the only reason I watch Gotham. How about a Julie Newmar cameo?

  12. c-mo says:

    I’m not sure how anyone could want more Esposito and Lanie, he has more chemistry with his patrol car than he does with her! I’m hoping, although I fear I will be disappointed, that the defining moment in 7.10 is a breakup and maybe even Lanie moving on to another job. My Christmas wish is that Perlmutter becomes the go-to ME and works a case with Gates; that could be comedy gold!

  13. M3rc Nate says:

    3) Not really, I forgot he was his son until I read it afterwards and recognized him from their Youtube videos. They do look alike though.

    4) Yes but hes a badass former military guy…cramps are no biggy!

    13) Okay I feel like there is a bigger logic hole than whether or not he carries his wallet. Someone please explain to me how they established in the first two episodes that when he runs in his regular clothes/shoes that they burn up, and yet since then he has ran in his normal sneakers and clothes at least once a episode and shown up to his destination and not burning up of his clothes/shoes….WTF? Shouldn’t his clothing be on fire and his shoes torn apart and rubber melted every single time he runs in them? Way to establish your mythology in the pilot then never stick to it lol.

    16) Eh, they make Cruz such a punching bag and joke, and he’s so oddly emotional and weird, its hard to root for him. And kinda the same for Brett, shes so weird…I dont really like either of them so who cares if they get together.

    19) Lmao that applies to every show that has a person of authority taking down a “bad guy”. On TV they always turn their backs and do insanely stupid/against the rules/non realistic things. They are also SO fast to put away their gun on TV, they will quickly clear a house, then get SUPER comfortable and put away their guns and just start walking through the house like theres NO risk…then shocker shocker out of a closet or basement comes a bad guy who starts shooting at them and “almost” kills them. Its such a joke, these writers have no real world experience with anything other than sitting in a room snacking and writing scripts so of course they dont actually know how things work.

    23) Perhaps you should read up on how it’s a tradition that started with John Madden and a variation of it has been done every year on Thanksgiving games, and Go Hawks!
    P.S. San Francisco? Dont you mean Santa Clara? Their stadium and practice facility are in Santa-Clara…their only the “San Francisco” 49ers in name now. And no, to the winner goes the spoils.

    • alyssa says:

      Amen! Seeing Wilson and Sherman eating victory turkey right in the 49ers logo was fantastically sweet. Go Hawks!

    • ScottJ says:

      Obviously all the Flash’s gear has been treated with a fire retardant spray-on chemical that Cisco came up with. The show just hasn’t got around to mentioning it.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        No i know the Flash outfit was made for firefighters and I believe adapted even more so for his specific ability (speed)….so thats why its perfect for him (why it doesnt burn up)….but running even for a second at 100+ MPH in regular sneakers (like he does constantly when he runs to work or to the lab) would melt the rubber and tear them to shreds, let alone the friction from the speed burn up his clothing (as established in the first episode).

  14. Ange says:

    2 and that Kalinda joins him? Sure.

  15. Steven says:

    Anyone know where I can find that commercial for #20?

  16. Drew says:

    15 – Dean probably doesn’t need the app, but it’s like ordering in. Maybe there are times when he just wants something fast and easy.

    • Jude says:

      That was cute, Drew! Yeah! I’m guessing this might just be a new way of ordering ‘Asian’ or ‘Italian’ if that’s what Dean’s craving….and it delivers itself!!

  17. Angela says:

    #19: LOL, yep, not the brightest idea in the world, no. All for a spouse trying to figure out their loved one’s sudden unusual behavior and supporting getting them some desperately needed help, but yeah, that sort of confrontation would definitely be best done in public, with cops nearby, or something.

  18. LaPiquante says:

    7. Julie Plec called “dibs” on Twitter, so I hope Luke Mitchell ends up on one of her shows. So I think The Originals could be a good fit. Plus, he’s a hot Australian, and she really likes to cast those. ;) #IAin’tMad

  19. IMHO says:

    4. Just watching Abraham kneel on the asphalt made my knees ache.

  20. Daisy says:

    I would like to know about Cass and Hannah, Is Hannah coming back? Why is it when he likes someone they leave, Firsy its Meg she gets killed then it’s April but she tries to kill him, Then there’s the girl at the supermarket but she already on a date, And then Hannah and she left him for a good reason , My favorite girl is Hannah, I hope shr comes back, Why can’t Cass have a girlfriend that won’t die!!!

  21. Donna2712 says:

    The Good Wife, I am assuming that Cary will take up the offer of turning against Bishop. He pleaded guilty but we didn’t see if it was to take the four years or to do the community service and turn …

  22. Tom says:

    23 | Perhaps NBC Sports didn’t think San Francisco suffered enough of a humiliation at the hands of Seattle?
    They didn’t though

  23. Anastia says:

    WHAT! Dean would never need a dating app ….. look the face of this man😍😍

  24. JJ says:

    #14 – Silly question. How do you guarantee that you’ll get the air marshal in a secluded place. The assassin wasn’t leaving such a major detail to chance.

  25. Deb says:

    Getting to see GIBBS making a snow angel……. now THAT would have been a great Christmas present for me. :-(

  26. I never understood why they broke up Lanie and Espo in the first place, like they didnt like the fact that Caskett wasnt the only on show romance that worked as since that was two main characters they decided to break up the supporting players, now its at a point where they actually need to be serious or not they cant just having them being slow tbh because they act mroe like a married couple then all of the rest of them!

  27. Kim R says:

    2. Hate the election campaign, love The Good Wife. :)
    3. Madam Secretary: I didn’t know this so apparently it was not distracting.
    11. Castle: Espo and the transit cop.
    19. Criminal Minds: That’s what I yelled at the TV!!! :)

  28. Rick Katze says:

    Re: #14. Yes, the gun transfer was more complicated but actually less risk. If the first part fails, there is unlikely to be a connection to the actual killer. Alternative argument: It made for a better story. Take your pick.

  29. Rick Katze says:

    Re: #11. There’s just been too much history between the two to accept that they don’t get together. Think back to the wedding, I think, several years ago, when Lanie and Espo each brought a fake date to avoid the embarrassment of not having a real date.

  30. tigerfan says:

    NCIS – the lookalike was needed to get the gun into the airport. Being a U. S. Marshall allowed him to carry his weapon into airports and onto planes.

  31. Mr Wiggly says:

    #23 i loved it and especially how restrained Richard Sherman was, of course Russell Wilson was the complete professional. what a great game, and the Legion of Boom hasn’t allowed a TD in almost 9 quarters.

  32. KevyB says:

    OMG NO! I love The Affair’s credits and I FF through Orange is the New Black’s. Opposite ends of the spectrum.

  33. Mo says:

    15) He doesn’t need the app to get laid, but since his profile made it pretty clear he’s just looking for a random hookup as he’s passing through it probably saves some time.

    22) My kids sign their cards to me with first & last names, as if I might have forgotten. Or maybe grandma’s just the forgetful sort. I’ve always wondered why his friends expected him to cook a real meal by himself. He is a child after all.

  34. Viv says:

    7. Well, I´m all for Luke Mitchell on my screen. I watch both shows, but I think I would prefer Originals just so that they can throw him in a scene with Phoebe Tonkin. Another little H2O reunion ;)

  35. Candace says:

    I totally agree about the opening credits on The Affair. I FF through it. Something haunting and breathy about it just freaks me out.

  36. OMG – I was beginning to think I was the only one who couldn’t stand The Affair’s opening credits. I have to mute it or leave the room. I also think Grace is smarter than to show the note to anyone on TGW.

  37. lrdslvrhnd says:

    3) Honestly, I didn’t even notice and had to check IMDb to see who he’d played.

    14) Neither glad nor mad but sad we didn’t see Gibbs fall back in the snow with his arms outstretched. Enlisting a lookalike makes sense, as you can control when he goes where – the real air marshal might never go into a bathroom, might just use a urinal, would need to followed around and might twig on his mental radar, etc.

    12) And I’d watch both of those Gotham shows, but I’m not honestly sure who would be the good cop and the bad cop!

  38. Velocisexual says:

    18 | Is Red Band Society‘s Brittany naive for thinking she and Dr. McAndrew were a thing now, or is she awesome for punching him in the eye?

    She’s naive and what does it say about you for thinking punching someone in the face for such reasons is ever awesome?

  39. Jennifer says:

    #4-I’d kind of wondered how he could possibly have stayed in that position for that length of time yes, BUT my cousin who is a marine has been through training that allows him to sleep standing at attention so I take that into account as well. My concern was the length of time Eugene was unconscious.

  40. Ellie says:

    What happened to question #11???

  41. Ram510 says:

    1) No, I’m sure Keith is going to win, not Will

  42. Babygate says:

    2- The Good Wife: This is what was bugging me about this plot line. First, what level-headed parent would commit such a ludicrous threat to pen and paper? I would understand if Alicia said those things in passing as a joke, but she actually wrote them. Second, why on earth would Grace show that to her teacher? TGW is in my opinion, the best written drama on TV right now, but this was such an ameteurish, lazy road to take that it really left me speechless. On an unrelated note, I wonder if Bishop will ultimately kill Kalinda and that’s how she will exit the series.
    12- Gotham has completely surprised me. I did not expect to become a fan. I was very skeptical. But this has become the Monday night show that I look forward to the most and I particularly love the Bruce/Cat dynamic. The Alfred/Harvey pairing was fun. I would totally watch Alfred as a law enforcer.

  43. # 19: That was one of the dumbest things you can do. That and the woman leaving her bloody clothes where her husband could potentially find them. The writer has been known to do odd things. (I don’t like her anyway so…) And who can see Rossi with a woman of a different race, given that Criminal Mind seems to have something against inter- racial relationships?

  44. Sheldon W. says:

    12. Both please.
    14b. Better left to the imagination (Gibbs’ Rule # ? – Snow Angels? I’ll give you one!)
    15. Seems to me that Dean is just trying to be more efficient.

  45. she says:

    1. if not Will, it should be Lenox
    5. I like Orange is the New Black opening credits

  46. Curly Girly says:

    #22 – During the second half of the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special (the Mayflower episode) why did none of the Pilgrims have British accents?

  47. sarah j says:

    16) Yea Cruz and Brett. I liked Kelly and Brittany and wish they would have worked.

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