Revenge Sneak Peek: Ben Makes Emily an Offer She Can't Refuse

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Does Ben have the worst timing — or the best? Even after watching this exclusive clip from Sunday’s Revenge (ABC, 10/9c) we’re still not sure.

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The officer/gentleman swings by Emily’s house to formally ask her out on a date, but she’s a little tied up at the moment. Actually, she has someone else a little tied up. Either way, she doesn’t have a lot of time to listen to Ben ramble, which might actually work in his favor.

We’ve already seen photos from the episode that imply Emily accepts Ben’s offer, but this being Revenge, you never really know how things are going to turn out.

Hit PLAY on the preview clip above, then drop a comment below: Are you digging this potential Ben-Emily romance?

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  1. Chris says:

    I guess I’ll find out what that is when I read the recap since I usually break my thumbs trying to fast forward through his scenes as quickly as possible.

  2. Last year i wouldn’t believe what i’m about to write but: I’m excited for new Revenge episodes (not so much about this Ben thing, but for the whole show itself). This season has been good, even if i said that binging back David was lame, i think they found the good way to portray that situation.

    Yay for Revenge, and for us of course.

  3. lana says:

    hate Ben is so boring
    hope the writer will let jemily happen

  4. Letti says:

    No. I’m waiting for Jemily since season 1, and I’d be even happier with Demily than with Bemily. Daniel is becoming better, but I’m still not interested in Ben. But Jemily should be endgame IMO.

  5. Kim says:

    Could it just play out before shippers start moaning? In all honesty Jack is as boring as Ben, but he is far less shady than Jack at the moment who is ok with arson, murder attempts and tampering with evidence. Fingers crossed that Emily decides none of the guys are worth it.

  6. smartysenior says:

    Why on earth would Ems attach herself in any way to a real cop? You know, the kind that can arrest you for wrongdoing….and she has done a lot of wrong stuff, illegal stuff, go-to-actual-jail – stuff. I can’t imagine any scenario where someone as clever as her wouldn’t brush that guy off brutally, coldly and totally. Especially since he pictures himself as a detective with high ambitions, wouldn’t he love to take down a one percenter with a famous name!

    • kiwirevengefan says:

      Yeah I agree, especially since she was in the middle of torture for interrogation when he dropped by (after midnight no less)

  7. Netty says:

    Awww I hope Emily lets him down easy..I’m rooting for Daniel & Emily. Ben’s definitely growing on me. You gotta admit he is much more tolerable than Charlotte & her witch mother. I really miss Conrad, the best Christmas present Revenge can give me is to bring back Conrad and to keep Charlotte where she is.

  8. Netty says:

    I have always wanted to ask this of our American friends on this platform. Is it that easy to become a cop in the states. There was a time jump of about 4 months between season 3 & 4 and Jake is already a cop. Or did I miss something in previous seasons. In my part of the world, you have to jump through some very high hoops to be a cop.

    • Patty says:

      Haha, good question! No, it’s not as easy as Revenge would seem to imply. I believe he works for the Suffolk County police of New York and you have to sign up to take the test, wait a few months, then take the test, then wait a few months to find out if you passed, then go through the other hoopla of physical exam, psychological exam, background check, etc. They give out the test every 4 years or so I believe, and they’re very selective, so you’d have to score extremely high to get hired. It’s not like you can go in, fill out an application, go for an interview and get hired like a regular job. Thanks for pointing that out!

    • DSAMN says:

      It doesn’t take too long to become a cop in the US (maybe a year of basic training, tests, etc) but then you spend time as a rookie in training with a more experienced officer….but definitely longer than on tv.

      • smartysenior says:

        Don’t forget the rigorous 12 week training academy. They figure out who is good enough to make it both at the academy and then in supervised on-the-job training. Also, there is an educational requirement of 32 college credits plus an exemplary background. Jack could possibly have made it thru all this in 4-6 months but they seem to be showing him as a full time cop which would not be possible this soon. I think he’d still be in supervised rookie training in real life.

  9. DSAMN says:

    Emily will end up happily married to Daniel, and David will be visiting Victoria in jail until the end of time. Nolan will fall madly in love with someone?? And after Charlotte gets out of rehab, she and Jack will get in a huge argument and wind up in the sack. Charlotte will end up little Carl’s step mommy. As for Ben, he will be the one who finally puts Victoria in prison and will be promoted to detective…….this us how I see things going.

  10. Lupita says:

    i am sick of Emily when is Nolan gonna fall in love or is he waiting for Patrick to come back

  11. Tyler says:

    Reading comments here is losing brain cells by the second…

  12. GuyAwks says:

    Ew no. Daniel/Emily or single Emily. I used to to ship her with Jack but he’s gotten so stale this season with his cop shtick. Daniel on the other hand is as charismatic as ever. Make it happen writers!

  13. pat says:

    I’d like to see Jack & Emily be together! They were childhood sweethearts plus they’ve both been thru so much!

  14. fanlb says:

    the writers got it all wrong. We were waiting for Daniel to hook up with Emily and go back to the way it was when they first me. That would have bee revenge for Victoria. Now that the killed off Daniel I was so disappointed I don’ even want to watch anymore