True Detective: Rachel McAdams and Season 2 Character Details Confirmed

A few more mysteries have been solved regarding Season 2 of HBO’s True Detective.

The network confirmed Monday that Rachel McAdams, Taylor Kitsch and Kelly Reilly — long-rumored additions to Nic Pizzolatto’s meditative mystery series — will join the previously confirmed Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn, and also offered details on the characters they’ll be playing.

McAdams has landed the role of Ani Bezzerides, “a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with others and the system she serves,” while Kitsch is portraying Paul Woodrugh, “a war veteran and motorcycle officer for the California Highway Patrol, running from a difficult past and the sudden glare of a scandal that never happened.”

Reilly, meanwhile, will play Jordan, the wife of Vaughn’s criminal entrepreneur; she’s described as “a former D-list actress who is a full partner in her spouse’s enterprises and ambitions.”

Season 2 of True Detective, which will consist of eight one-hour installments, has already begun filming in California. The plot will focus on a trio of police officers and a career criminal who find themslves navigating “a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.”

Vaughn’s Frank Semyon will find his fortunes at risk when “his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner.” Farrell’s Ray Velcoro is “a compromised detective” who’ll be torn between “a corrupt police department and the mobster who owns him.”

Justin Lin (Fast & Furious, Fast 5) is on board to direct the season’s first two episodes.

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  1. Kvivik says:

    Oh yay, some more reasons not to watch it. :-( The premise was great, until they ruined it with the casting. Hoping #3 will be better (if it gets an order).

  2. militantgod says:

    Yeah, write it off cause you don’t like the actors. This kind of worthless drivel would have occurred before season 1 if it was shot 5 years ago (when everyone hated McConaughey with his countless rom coms).

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Exactly…Farrell is PRIMED for a explosion on the scene with his talents, he is a true actor that can have a turn like McConaughey had. Same can be said of Kitsch, he has been SO unfortunate to pick the movies and be in the movies he has been in, but he was AMAZING in Friday Night Lights and was fantastic in The Lone Survivor and it is also believed that if he could get a role like this (True Detective) that is weird and deep and he can really really sink his teeth into it, he can finally start getting some great roles. I mean he was supposed to be like what Chris Pratt is now, he got “John Carter” a HUUUUGE movie that he very singularly stars in, but because of horrible marketing and studio decisions the movie tanked and he went back down into doing smaller films.

      I feel like Vince Vaughn might be in a place where he also shocks us and puts out an amazing performance. However he has already had such a long and sucessfull career that im not nessararly expecting this show to explode him like it did McConaughey.

      As for the women, i am very excited to see what McAdams is going to be like in her role, she does almost exclusively romantic relationship movies and is girly and dressed all cute with makeup, so the idea of her playing a Sheriff in this meaty dark show…she could really blow it out of the water and totally change her image and future roles she gets (if she wants different roles than the rom’s) or she could be the weakest link in the season and unbelievable (in a bad way) as a Cop and that hurt her career outside of romantic movies.

      Overall; i believe the show has all the same writers and showrunner(s) and team doing the second season that did the first, so why wouldn’t you give the second season the benefit of the doubt? How often have people that comment on the internet about “bad casting” been wrong? I’ll tell you, a LOT of the time.

      • Jodie says:

        I agree stop whining, watch AND THEN give ur critique. Seriously so tired of ppl boycotting shows they haven’t even watched yet for some dumb reason or another.

        Personally I LOVED Kelly Reilly in Black Box and was sad to see it go. I think she will be a great addition to this great show. I have no issues w/any of the actors, although I am sad to see last seasons greats go.

        I love the show American Horror Story, I love to see how they recast and recreate the show each season. I am excited to see them do it in season two of Murder in the First (big Murder One fan) and I am excited to see them do it in season 2 of True Detective.

        I think this is the new “key to success,” rather than continuing to bombard us w/all these dumb reality shows, or continue to cancel great shows, because the younger demographic does not have the attention span to watch any show for more than a season. We keep the premise, and the format, and just switch up the actors and the story line. The little bit of shake up keeps it fresh and the limited attention spans can handle it. While the rest if us keep the shows we fall in love with, even if we r in the demographic no one cares about.
        Lol 😆

  3. Reb says:

    Like the ladies, hate the men they’ve casted.

  4. omar says:

    Love Rachel McAdams. Yay!

  5. Ian says:

    Itll be interesting to see Rachel play this against type. Im watching it for that reason. Im sure she can pull it off, and it might prove to Hollywood just how talented she really is.

  6. pecola says:

    Brunettes and redheads.

    So. Much. Diversity.

    Good job, Liberal Hollywood.

  7. jen says:

    true detective 2: mayonnaise

    • lechatnoir says:

      its very much mayo . and it looks dull as hell so far. we’ve seen those actors everywhere can we a have fresh blood . I am sure anyone with a bit of melanin will be just a blip between scenes . Has anyone seen a actual ginger actual as the lead , because I am not seeing any . The gingerettes are the ones getting some play.

  8. Jenna says:

    Very much looking forward to this. Rachel McAdams…love!

  9. sarah j says:

    Can not wait!

  10. Man, aside from McAdams and Reilly this could pretty much a redemption project for everyone. Farrell I thought was always a bit underrated as an actor but most of his recent films haven’t exactly been that interesting (loved Seven Psychopaths though). Taylor Kitsch REALLY got the short end of the stick by starring in three films that bombed in 2012 (Battleship, John Carter and Savages), and again, not a bad actor per say. Vaughn really has been in a bit of a slump since most of his more recent comedies have sucked (The Dilemma was pretty bad off the top of my head) and while’s done okay with drama in the past it can be hard not to also remember he was the guy cast as Norman Bates in the awful Psycho remake.

    • DL says:

      I agree. I think films like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, among others, have shown Farrell to be a talented actor, and likewise with Kitsch and FNL, The Normal Heart. Vaughn, too, had dramatic promise in his earlier films like The Cell before he fell into safe popcorn comedy territory. I’m very much looking forward to this season because I know Nic Pizzolatto will kill it writing-wise, and with such great scripts, I believe these actors will have a chance to truly shine and deliver career best performances.

  11. yurie says:

    Velcoro and Semyon… lol, Nick is taking the piss. And who thought it was a good idea to get Justin Lin of all people to direct a character drama???!

  12. Hodan says:

    Love Rachel McAdams. I will definitely watch.

  13. Jared says:

    I couldn’t get into True Detectives first season but the cast for S2(minus Vince Vaughn) really makes me want to try it again.

  14. Fido says:

    Lots of Rachel fans here but for me it’s Kelly Reilly I’m the most keen to see :)

  15. Rebecca says:

    Yippy! A mini Sherlock Holmes reunion between the ladies!

  16. Keith says:

    Keeps getting better with the announcements.

  17. TinLV says:

    They got lots of big names for this cast. But this is the kind of show where the writing and directing will make or break it, so in the end it doesn’t matter who is in the cast. I look forward to it based on the success of the first season.

  18. S.Gooch says:

    As long as the show continues to hold my interest don’t care who the actors are!