Emily Wickersham Talks NCIS Holiday Drama, Gibbs' Big Reveal to Bishop

NCIS Preview Bishop

This Tuesday at 8/7c, a Thanksgiving-themed episode of CBS’ NCIS will serve a side dish of Bishop insight alongside a main course of terrorist drama, when the probie agent, her husband Jake and Agent Tony DiNozzo spend their time stranded at the airport investigating a threat to holiday travelers.

Coming on the heels of an episode which shed much-needed light on Gibbs’ kid-gloves treatment of Bishop, TVLine thought it time to check in with Emily Wickersham on that emotional reveal, Battlestar Galactica alum Jamie Bamber‘s debut as her TV husband and more.

TVLINE | Looking at the pictures from this week’s episode, it would appear that before we get to the high drama of it all, the whole team gets to meet Bishop’s husband. Does anyone offer immediate feedback?
Initially, when he first comes in, Abby (played by Pauley Perrette) is like, “Aww, Ellie, he’s adorable!” – in her Abby way. And then he meets the whole gang, with the exception of Tony. We meet Tony a bit later on.

GroundedTVLINE | That’s during the main thrust of the episode, when the three of you find yourselves stranded at the airport?
D.C. is having a very cold, snowy Thanksgiving, and Jake and I are off to Turks and Caicos for a much-needed vacation when we find out that all these delays are happening. Then, after we run into Tony (Michael Weatherly) at the airport and the guys get to meet, we find out that there is some chatter about a possible situation involving a terrorist, so we kind of spend the entire episode in the airport.

TVLINE | Is there the faintest whiff of Die Hard 2 amidst it all?
[Laughs] Uh, I guessssss you could say that, maybe….

TVLINE | Tony’s not charging across a snow-covered tarmac waving a pistol at a jumbo jet?
No. That would be awesome, but no.

TVLINE | What assistance is Jake able to offer, as an NSA attorney?
Well, he doesn’t really know what he has gotten himself into at first. He kind of lets Ellie take the lead and is in a lot of ways is in awe of her. He’d seen her do her thing when they worked together at the NSA, but he hasn’t really seen her in action at NCIS, so this is the first moment that he sees what she does every day. But Jake actually helps out with his NSA skills, which is pretty cool. What was interesting to play, and was an interesting thing to read on the page,Grounded is that there’s this whole new dynamic in their relationship, because at the NSA they were able to talk about their days. But now with just him being in NSA, they can’t do that.

TVLINE | But would you still call them a “happy “couple?
Yeah! Definitely. I think everyone is going to absolutely love Jake.

TVLINE | How was Mr. Bamber as a husband? Did you join his fangirls in lamenting him not using his native accent?
I know! Jamie has a lot of great, great fans out there, and he has a wonderful accent. I’m sure many were disappointed that it wouldn’t be in the NCIS episode.

TVLINE | So, the last episode had a really important moment where Gibbs (Mark Harmon) called Bishop on the carpet, and they kind of worked through some stuff that neither of them quite knew had been in the air there for over a year now. Do you think that was always the plan, for it to be this deep-seated thing with Gibbs, where he was purposely allowing her to skate? Or could it have been written in in response to viewer reaction?The Searchers
That’s a good question…. I think he did that because of the two agents that he had lost before. He was just trying a different approach….

TVLINE | But you don’t know for certain if that was [showrunner] Gary [Glasberg]’s plan from the get go? “We’re going to have Gibbs treat Bishop differently and not say why, but ultimately…”?
That’s a question for Gary; to be honest, I don’t really know. My take on it is Gibbs was just trying things differently. A lot has happened and come from that desk [where Kate Todd and Ziva David previously sat], and he didn’t want to tilt things one way or the other. He wanted to keep things pretty stable and forge ahead.

TVLINE | Did you ever wonder why the mighty Gibbs was so tolerant of your character’s quirks?
I like to think that he trusted Bishop all along and felt like, “She’s really smart, she’s super-capable. Although she has these weird quirks, she’s going to get the job done at the day.” It was a really fun episode to shoot, playing that sort of conflict. It shows a huge growth in their relationship and also for Bishop personally. It exposes this whole new side of her to fans.

TVLINE | Do you think she feels more a part of team as a result?
Yeah! To me she is more a part of the team than ever, but also she’s real. She’s flawed. She’s not perfect. She doesn’t get 100 percent on every test, she’s not as perfect as she, I think, first was written, which I loved.

TVLINE | As an actress, are you glad to no longer be sitting on floors and desks? Was it uncomfortable? Was your butt falling asleep?
Sometimes! [Laughs] On certain takes it was.

TVLINE | Looking back on your first year-and-change with the show, have you seen why TV’s most watched drama is TV’s most watched drama?
It’s interesting – when I first joined, I was kind of nervous all the time, especially at the very beginning. The No. 1 show in the world, these people had been working for so long….

TVLINE | You were filling a void of sorts…
Yeah. And I didn’t know what to expect. I knew how much this show impacts people around the world, but I’ve now seen, by working with them, that it’s about the chemistry between the cast and between the characters. All the hard work that everyone puts in every day shows on-screen, and that connects with people.

TVLINE | In today’s TV climate, it’s really something else to be drawing 20 million viewers a week [in Live+7], in Year 12.
It’s insane. Its pretty crazy when you think about it.

TVLINE | And they’re not doing it with aliens or sci-fi.It doesn’t have any big “trick,” just good stories.
It’s good stories, well-written. And again, the characters are like real people in the way that they’re quirky and not just one-sided. They’re weird, they’re smart, they’re very dynamic, which is what we are. It’s not like your regular procedural television show.

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  1. Mendy says:

    dynamics ?! LOL .. really ?

  2. as524 says:

    Interesting take on last week’s ep from EW….still think it’s because of the Bishop basher around social media and not some grand plan of GG’s. heck if one pays ANY attention to show canon, Gibbs has a history of going much easier on the women than on the men (save for EJ, who he was deplorable with).

    Do agree with EW that watching her spark & yell at Gibbs made her seem more real though.

    Looking forward to seeing Jake. Surprised that they aren’t going home for the holiday though – hopefully that’s mentioned along with where Tony’s going.

  3. Violet says:

    Sorry, but there is no way Gary planned all along for Gibbs to suddenly crack down on her after a full year of taking an incompetent agent into the field, putting everyone’s life at risk. As spin control goes, this is lame even for NCIS. Especially when Gary and Mark couldn’t stop bragging about how she sat on the desk. Bishop has gone through makeover after makeover, and she still hasn’t found a place on the team. Pulling in a charismatic actor like Bamber will make a fun episode, but it won’t improve her personality.

    • as524 says:

      he took ziva out in the fied for longer than that & risked everyone’s lives – not just the team’s…

      & this is EW’s thoughts, not GG’s or MH’s. This was nothing more than a poke at Bishop Bashers much like the Abby Tony convo was a poke at OpBBC & the ziva zombies

      • Mendy says:

        It has nothing to do with Ziva, it’s only about Bishop.Deal with it that some fans do not like her !

        • as524 says:

          Most of the fans who ‘don’t like her’ never gave her a chance either.

          • Mendy says:

            I’m so over Ziva and I gave Bishop a chance. She got year ,It is a long time and she still does not fit. how much time hmm ?

          • Kathy A says:

            I don’t care for the character, and I’ve been watching since the back-door pilot was aired on JAG. I haven’t stopped watching — and I won’t. But that doesn’t mean I like the character any better (I didn’t like Jenny Shepherd, either, and her prominence on the show didn’t drive me away).

          • Jackie says:

            That’s not true. It’s not our fault she has no chemistry with the cast and is a subpar character.

        • Joni says:

          Mendy, You don’t have to wait. Millions of viewers are still tuning in, indicating they like Bishop just fine. Nothing is making you keep the show in your viewing line up.

        • jl says:

          Bishop doesn’t fit the team. I liked ziva. but if she is not coming back. find someone that fits the team. But it is not bishop! she might be a good actress, but she is terrible on ncis.

          • Nettie Roberts says:

            I got a grip and got over ziva so should you
            She (Bishop) is okay in her own way. So give it a rest and enjoy the show or change the channel

      • D . Miley says:

        I love being. A Ziva Zombie. AT Least.I had good taste .And she was far from a Zombie. Now Bishop is a Zombie thats the whole problem. Wonder who she is kin to.A producer, someone in power for sure. SHAME SHE CAN”T GET A JOB UNDER HER OWN POWER.GET PREGNANT, GET SOME PRIDE AND LEAVE.THE.CONFLICT IS YOU AND YOUR. NO TALET YET.NOW GO CRY TO MOMMY.SAY BYE.

        • OlivaK says:

          I’m sorry, your medication doesn’t really seem to be working–perhaps you should double the amount, take a nap and give it a try tomorrow. Oh, by the way, you left the caps lock on. Bless your little heart……..

    • Lorraine64 says:

      I have to agree – since Gary couldn’t even forward plan his own NCIS-NOLA pilot – ie, never heard of the “fab five” and did I care about the guy who died – funnily enough no, because we’d never met him – unlike DPB who was a master of forward planning – I find it impossible to believe that Gibbs’ reaction to Bishop was a year in the planning and believe that it to be purely the result of fan opinion in the wake of Bishop’s introduction. Besides which it made no sense anyway – Gibbs might well feel responsible for Kate’s death but that had nothing to do with his training of her and all to do with his obsession with Ari. Likewise Gibbs had absolutely nothing to do with Ziva’s departure, which they’ve repeatedly emphasized was her own decision.

      • as524 says:

        GG did NOLA the same way SB did NCIS LA….honestly who really gave a rats butt about the supposed history between Callen & Gibbs? Or that suddenly made up back story for Macy?

  4. Annette says:

    Oh, team dynamics went out the window a long time ago when Bishop joined. I just hope we’ll get to see smart, witty Tony in this episode.

    • Violet says:

      Who? Smart Tony disappeared in season 11

      • Dean says:

        You mean back when he was Ziva’s whipping boy?

      • as524 says:

        Smart Tony disappeared in season 7, Luc….

      • Lorraine64 says:

        Sadly for me smart Tony was disappearing way before season 11 – Michael Weatherly commented himself that Tony started to change as early as Chimera and for me any semblance of old Tony had disappeared without trace by the beginning of season 10.

        • Erin says:

          This is one of the things that has had me tuning in less and less. What a character regression he has had. Yes he’s great for the fun light-hearted comedic stuff but whilst doing that they have dumbed him down for the last 4 seasons or so. They veered too far into the comedy which really set back his character. Same with Gibbs, there’s only so long you can have a gruff ‘functional mute’ and Abby verging on being a caricature, You should never change what isn’t broken but at the same time they need a bit of growth instead of going backwards.

      • Mendy says:

        I agree, right Tony is gone:-(

  5. Jean says:

    what a nice interview. EW is a gracious person not taking anything for granted and a preciates what she was given. I love Bishop and her hubby is a hotty. Can’t wit to meet him. :)

  6. Jeanie says:

    There’s no way they can make anyone believe Gibbs being soft on Bishop was planned. Team dynamics went out the door with Bishop, and it’s so boring now.

  7. Christine says:

    Time to make the popcorn and get a tasty cold beverage. Kick back, relax and read all the over the top hate. This is gonna be great!!

    This was a very nice interview. Emily Wickersham seems so sweet and grounded and very grateful for being given the opportunity of a lifetime.
    It’s always interesting to hear the casts insight into their characters and the relationships on screen.

  8. Rick Katze says:

    I’m not answering the question raised in this article. I prefer to look forward to see if it works. Ziva was a wonder but Bishop seems to be working. The girls have different strengths which result in different interactions. Would like to see Tony with a girlfriend who is not done because she is a target of opportunity for a case.

  9. Sammy Thinks says:

    It’s pretty pathetic when you have to point to the L+7 numbers to still get near 20 million, really.

    • BJG77 says:

      Viewership has changed a lot over the years. Can you actually tell me that you watch every TV show live? or the next day? I just watched NCIS LA & NOLA over the weekend. Still haven’t watched the last 2 episodes of Criminal Minds & haven’t watch one episode of Homeland this season but they are all on my DVR. Another thing is that NCIS is up against The Voice which is a live show. I know many people that watch that live (same with Dancing with the Stars) and watch other shows later.

    • Christine says:

      Most of the networks are using the L+7 ratings now. It’s a much more accurate accounting with the changes in peoples viewing habits.
      17-18 million a week is nothing to be ashamed of, especially from a twelve year old show.
      Keep trying though. As far as scripted talking points go, this one is at least somewhat original.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        To be clear, regardless of whatever the networks wave around, the advertisers at the very most only care about ads seen within Live+3.

    • as524 says:

      Actually what’s pathetic is the idea that a certain small group of ‘fans’ can’t comprehend that the DVR and on demand and even online has replaced watching a show live for many people

      • Violet says:

        And the advertisers know that DVR viewers never watch any ads, so they don’t care.

        • as524 says:

          Strange how you fixated on DVR only, Luc…..when it’s obvious that on demand & online numbers have become a force in the ratings as well – something that usually has at least a couple ads that can’t be skipped.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Background: During the interview, “20 million” tumbled out of my mouth (out of habit), so I added the necessary qualifier to make that number accurate. That a 12-year-old show can still easily pull 17 million in Live+SD is, as Emily puts it, insane.

      • Darlene says:

        Agreed, Matt. It’s amazing what this show is doing in terms of viewer numbers 12 years in! I think that’s something to be celebrated.

  10. Christopher says:

    I thought the people in charge of NCIS are smarter than that crap Bishop character! Obviously not!
    Mrs. Wickersham is not only one of the worst actresses on TV but an actress who shouldn’t play a smart person because the interview shows she doesn’t know what smart means…
    There are countless good actresses in L.A., time for CBS to hire one for NCIS and get rid of this silly high school character Bishop!

    • Christine says:

      Now this talking point is not original at all. I’ve heard the same thing from Bishop haters, word for word and repeatedly for a year now.
      It’s just hate for no other reason than just to hate.

      • Violet says:

        It’s not a talking point. It’s a consensus.

        • Peggy White says:

          Oh, really? A “consensus” of whom? A pathetic small group of “fans” who can’t comprehend the fact that Cote quit and went on to do other things with her life? That these same “fans” are continually harassing an actor just trying to do her job? How many people are in your “consensus”, sweetie? Care to add them up? Considering how many people are still watching NCIS and enjoying it–I’d say your “consensus” is of the sour grapes kind. A “consensus” indeed…….

    • Kathy A says:

      Can we please not bash the actress? I share your dislike of the character (and the way the writers write her), but bashing the actress is completely unfair.

      • Christopher says:

        I don’t bash anyone! Emily Wickersham simply can’t act! And anyone (waiters, clerks, actors…) who does a bad job needs to live with this criticism!
        By the way I am not a Ziva fan but a fan of good acting and there is no way in hell that NCIS producers can’t see that Mrs. Wickersham is not doing a good job!

        • Mendy says:

          Christopher – Now you probably labeled as pathetic or fanatical Ziva’s fan because Bishop fans can not tolerate criticism.

        • Seriously? says:

          “Mrs. Wickersham is not only one of the worst actresses on TV but an actress who shouldn’t play a smart person because the interview shows she doesn’t know what smart means…” Oh no, you don’t “bash” anyone at all–before casting aspersions on who is smart or not, you should try looking up logical statements and see where you failed on that. Sorry Christopher–care to show everyone your degree from Julliard? I mean, after all, since you seem to be such an expert on acting–surely you have the experience and talent to back up your outrageous claims. Pardon me, if I don’t take anything you say remotely serious…..Insert massive eye roll here.

  11. Erin says:

    I used to be obsessed with the show but I haven’t watched it all this season. IMO ever since NCIS branched away to LA and now New Orleans it’s like the show has actually been diluted. I miss the big impactful episodes like Call of Silence, Chained, SWAK, Twilight, Heartland, Semper Fildelis etc. I appreciate the regular episodes but this show needs a big gripping character developing episode every now and then. The larger arcs and villains have been a bit let down the past 2 or so years. That said this episode does sound promising so I’ll be tuning in for the first time in a while.

    • Erin 2 says:

      I used to watch faithfully with excited anticipation but this has been badly eroded over the last several years by the degradation of my favorite character,Tony, who used to be written in a way that indicated that the writers cared about him for more than just providing the evening’s “humor” moment. The writers no longer seem to want to encourage fans of the show, or even fans of Weatherly’s Tony to care about the character at all. The only characters they seem interested in developing sympathetically are Gibbs – who has just been developed and over exposed to death, their new favorite McGee – who I find to be a pleasant secondary character, but don’t want to see featured in every dramatic or exciting story when they’re not featuring Gibbs, and Bishop, who I am liking better, but I don’t think should be promoted and given more drama than the core 4. The only member of the core four who seems important to the writers now is Gibbs. Featuring Gibbs as the hero and in all the drama week after week has made me care less about him and the show since it has become so utterly predictable, and since other great characters are forgotten if the story is significant, dangerous, dramatic, or exciting.. Too bad – they used to spread the good stories around.

      • Darlene says:

        So what did you think of the Thanksgiving episode which had loads of SmartTony, ActionTony, and HeroTony who brought down the bad guy with Gibbs nowhere in sight?

  12. Arydrea says:

    “I know! Jamie has a lot of great, great fans out there, and he has a wonderful accent. I’m sure many were disappointed that it wouldn’t be in the NCIS episode.”

    Are you TRYING to torture me Matt?! Still looking forward to the episode!

  13. mike says:

    You know if you don’t like the Bishop character, and you think the shows lost it, then why would you watch? I don’t usually comment, but I for one like Bishop.

    • Violet says:

      Same reason those who don’t like Ziva kept watching the site for 8 years, probably.

    • Erin says:

      Well as per above I haven’t watched for quite a while (though I don’t dislike Bishop, don’t love her either but haven’t watched recently to make great judgement). But I will be watching and I will be commenting. Freedom of speech and all that, I think this semi Die Hard premise sounds promising and I’d like to ‘meet’ Bishop’s husband.

      Shouldn’t bother you if others are unhappy with the direction, we all have different tastes, as long as you’re happy. If people are unhappy it means they care. Apathy kills shows.

    • Kathy A says:

      Um, because she’s not the only character on the show? Because there are still characters on the show that we -do- like? Because we had hopes the writing and characterization would get better (and it did, with the way Gibbs addressed things — even though I don’t buy GG’s explanation).

  14. Maryann says:

    Bishop is a breath of fresh air for the show. Have loved her from the beginning.

    • Andrea says:

      I think Bishop is great. She has no problems with being a probie, and I continue to love how McGee, Tony, and Gibbs are gelling around her in the capacity of mentors and teachers. Everything feels a little newer because a lot of it is experienced through Bishop’s lens.

      • Violet says:

        Her only problem with being a probie is that she is a terrible probie. It’s so bad, they are spending this season so far coming up with excuses about why she is so terrible. In tomorrow’s episode, there will undoubtedly be more excuses for her. Oh, the excuses.

        • Peggy White says:

          Go watch, The Flash–save yourself the agony of disappointment–oh, wait, I’m sorry, you prefer to whine don’t you? Want some cheese to go with your whine?

        • BJG77 says:

          And what excuses have they given? I’m talking TPTB not the viewers. And just to add some of the problem is coming from Gibbs who admitted that he was not training her as he should have. BTW, I think she’s doing great as a probie. I’m sure when you started your job you knew everything and you’re still doing everything perfectly.

        • Andrea says:

          I disagree that she’s a terrible probie. She reminds me a lot of McGee, who we also saw as a probie. She’s made mistakes and so did he.

    • D . Miley says:

      Superficial thinking. How many times did you get up.to do something else. I guess you would like Bishop.

  15. Carole Calwell says:

    When we lost Kate, we all mourned and thought she would be impossible to replace.. She was replaced by a very credble and exciting character called Ziva, the team chemistry remaned. When Ziva wanted out we all waited to see if the replacement could match the earlier two actresses. We watched with an open mnd, and were frankly incredulous that the replacement could be so weak and totally without charisma. The character of Bishop (played by Emily Wickersham) has weakned the series so much that we do not look forward to watching anymore. If you call frowning a lot acting, I guess she does a lot of acting. She has added absolutely nothing to the series and is better suited to a sit com. We (my husband and I) keep wondering if she is the daughter of a CBS
    executive, with so many actesses that could portray a strong woman, why her? We hope the character will get pregnant and leave the series so that some oher actress can come in and bring backt the vitality that made the series so interesting.

    • Emily Morgan says:

      Just exactly who is this “we” you keep parading through your post? If it’s just “you and your husband” goody for you. As far as my group of seven plus, WE love Bishop and the actor who portrays her. Nice passive aggressive comment about “wondering if she is the daughter of a CBS executive”, I’m surprised you left out the usual. “who is she sleeping with to get the job” I’m enjoying every moment Bishop is on the screen–just like I have enjoyed Kate and Ziva–difference is, I don’t repeat the same comments the typical Bishop Bashers (of which you are obviously one) throw out–including the frowning as acting comment–try and get some originality, now you are just as boring as the others.

    • as524 says:

      There was nothing credible or exciting about ziva – unless of course you like a live action version of the powder puff girls all rolled into a single character.

      as far as acting goes – you mention Bishop’s frown. Throwing it right back to ziva’s endless smirk as being the only expression her portrayer seemed capable of.

      But hey – nice slam to the actress’s lineage there – think that’s another talking point from the beginning of the ‘hate bishop’ campaign.

  16. lsperling says:

    “he hasn’t really seen her in action at NCIS, so this is the first moment that he sees what she does every day. ”

    I’m still waiting to see her in action. So far, all she seems to have done is keep the floor warm and look like she has no idea what language anyone else is speaking.

    • Same mantra again and again..... says:

      Meooow–why bother apologizing? You constantly repeat yourself–slow clap for you–WE ALL GET IT–you hate Bishop. Trouble is, you are like a leaky faucet saying the same thing over and over and over and over…give it a rest. Not only are you repeatious, you are as boring as Hell.

      • lsperling says:

        I’m sorry – I didn’t realize YOU were the only one permitted to express an opinion. Don’t like what I have to say? Don’t read it.

        • Thomas Powell says:

          Huh, guess what? That little comment works both ways–if you don’t like someone’s opinion of what you write–don’t respond! Their opinion is just (or even more) as good as you seem to think yours are.

          • lsperling says:

            Thank you for your unsolicited opinion. Every time someone expresses a dislike of the Bishop character or the actress in the role, you people think you have to counter with your nasty retort. Now run along and mind your own business. I wasn’t talking to you.

          • Erin 2 says:

            As someone whose favorite character is Tony, and who didn’t like Ziva or tiva, I was hoping to like Bishop. Last season I resented the fact that they used so many episodes to develop and feature this new character while my favorite Tony, did things like fret over casseroles, bubble baths and voodoo dolls. I didn’t blame the actress. She is just playing what is written but I still didn’t care about her one way or the other. I am starting to like her better. Tonight’s episode was a refreshing change. Tony finally mattered in the crime story and Bishop is being developed in a less aggressive and forced manner.

          • lsperling says:

            Yes, Tony had a much better part in this episode, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot get into the Bishop character. I realize that some of it is the writers who create the part, but I just don’t care for her as an actress.

          • Peggy White says:

            Well, now you are talking to me–I agree with Thomas–what gives you the right to tell people to “run along and mind their own business” or “don’t read it”? What are you Queen of the Boards? You posted your usual nasty, mean girl comment–if you don’t like being called out on them–try and act like an adult! Anytime someone disagrees with you–you come back with the nasty retort–practice what you preach, dearie–anyone can post and reply on these boards–get the Hell over yourself. Try acting your age instead of your shoe size.

          • lsperling says:

            No, I’m not Queen of the Boards and neither are you. Try not feeling the necessity to comment on the posts of everyone who doesn’t like Bishop. If you like her, fine. I – and apparently quite a few others on here – don’t and we have as much right to express our dislike of her. Try finding a new set of retorts, you keep repeating the same tired old insults, DEARIE.

          • Thomas Powell says:

            Well, you sure keep repeating the same comments/insults all the time about Bishop and anyone who DARES to challenge you–but, I guess because you somehow feel “superior” to others on the board you continue to throw your weight around. You aren’t special and if others disagree with you take it like an adult instead of crying foul and telling others to go away or don’t read what you comment about. You are totally rude to people who don’t agree with what you state–so, if you don’t like their responses, maybe that should be telling you something. What are you going to do now? Tell me to not read what you write and respond to it? Don’t give my unsolicited opinion? (I have as much right as anyone else to comment and that is something you can’t seem to understand! IT WORKS BOTH WAYS!) Perhaps you want to fall back on your usual, minding my own business or you weren’t talking to me–see, DEARIE, you should find some new retorts of your own–or as the others have said, grow up. SMDH

  17. Marlo says:

    Admittedly, as a BSG fan I will probably be casually watching this week’s episode just for Jamie Bamber’s appearance. It really strikes me what a nasty, mean spirited bunch the anti-Bishop cronies are, though. Wow. Do you guys really think writing this kind of vitriolic stuff is going to get you anything more than ignored by anyone on the show? Try offering constructive criticisms instead of nothing but mean girl put-downs and hatred.

  18. Rozanne Sanford says:

    Bishop does not work! Please pay attention someone! Sorry for her, nothing personal but something is wrong with the casting and writing and you are losing faithful viewers! I have read other sites loaded with frustrated fans and someone just plain does not care! Very, very dissapointed is CBS!

    • as524 says:

      those ‘other sites’ are mostly the same fans with new accounts or fans who pick up on he parrotted lines of others.

      Bishop works –

      • Mendy says:

        I also think Bishop does not work and I only have one account ..

        • Mendy says:

          I asked in my country on the forums, discussions, on Internet and responses on Bishop were mostly negative

          • Joni says:

            A reminder. People who post to sites like this one and message boards are barely a blip on the radar of 17 million viewers. The viewer numbers matter to CBS and their advertisers, not a few hundred people who get on the internet to discuss.

          • Mendy says:

            I know Joni, but do you think that all these people must love Bishop?

          • OlivaK says:

            Well, I’m one of those millions of viewers and the only negative response I have is towards the certain small group who appear every time NCIS and Bishop is mentioned and started their usual hate mongering. For the record–I love Bishop and I love NCIS, have watched since it was a pilot on JAG, so hate away with your shallow, mealy, mean girl comments–it only shows how pathetic YOU are.

          • Mendy says:

            Your opinion and that’s fine, but be ye reconciled to with the fact that not all her love.Someone with a different opinion about the character must be very pathetic or Ziva zombie LOL.Such conduct is pathetic that you have every right attacking each article with opposing views on Bishop..
            -sorry for my English is my third language, and I’m still learning.-

  19. Lauren says:

    She needs to take acting lessons. She’s awful. And hen she tries to explain her character and the non-existent chemistry between her and the team….I can’t

  20. jj says:

    The only thing that needs to happen is for Bishop to leave NCIS.

  21. D . Miley says:

    Still not convinced. What ever happened to the dynamics behind the scenes. They to something that wasn’t broke and broke it.Glad certain ones get to keep their jobs or choose not to rock the boat to keep their jobs. It is only human.But I don’t follow the heard. I have not watched it sense and won’t no matter how they try to fix it with a parade of silly women and polar men characters.It is dead in the water.And more are beginning to see it.Someone did something stupid, too prideful to admit it.

    • BJG77 says:

      The someone that did something stupid was CdP. She was offered a contract (which means she wasn’t fired) and she didn’t accept it. And I’m just wondering how you can talk about the show that you admit in your post your don’t watch??

  22. Love Bishop, but Jake does not match up with her so far. As of right now she could do much, much better. Sorry Jake.

  23. lsperling says:

    Well, if this was the episode that was supposed to turn everything around, it didn’t work for me. As for Jake and Bishop – the writers should be fired then shot for the lackluster “conversations” between these two. It was like they just met rather than being a married couple. Stilted and stiff. I didn’t think it was possible, but they made Jake’s character appear to be as confused as Bishop’s. They make a perfect couple. Now, let’s hope Jake takes her back to Oklahoma with him and the cast adds a person with some spark instead of a wet washcloth.

  24. Bishop’s screaming match with Gibbs was unbelievable…it was like a toddler throwing a fit. Jamie Bamber was great. jake and Tony clicked unfortunately Ellie did not click with Jake. It was forced and wooden but he came to life when Tony showed up. Keep Jake and let Ellie go.

  25. Last night’s episode Viewers 15.69 demo 2.4 Dropped again and it was promoted as a Bishop episode. Tony stole the show.

    • Darlene says:

      What a shame NCIS is failing so badly. Last night they were the most watched show of the night with over 16 million viewers, and they won their hour in the 18-49 demo, beating The Voice in the process (something they have never done before). NCIS’ ratings performance had nothing to do with Bishop last night. The ep they aired during Thanksgiving week two years ago brought in 16.47 million viewers. So if you want to blame the loss of 370,000 viewers on Bishop that’s fine, but probably not likely. But you might as well credit Bishop with helping NCIS beat The Voice in the demo.
      Agreed Tony stole the show. He always does.

    • Jen says:

      S10 episode before Thanksgiving managed 19.76 million viewers and a 3.6 demo.

      • Darlene says:

        Nope. Sorry. Thanksgiving 2012 was on November 22. The November 20 episode of NCIS ‘Shell Shock – Part 2’ got 16.47 million viewers.
        You’re numbers are for ‘Gone’ (great episode!) which occurred the week after Thanksgiving.

  26. Jackie says:

    It’s funny that she mentions the cast chemistry is what makes NCIS so popular around the world when she has no chemistry with the rest of the cast. A year and a half in and Bishop’s character is still irrelevant to the show.

  27. Thelma Spurgeon says:

    NCIS has tried everything to make Bishop fit in, and it just isn’t working. It seems that every other agent they have bought on in a temporary assignment would have made a better replacement for Ziva. I had a hard time making it through the Thanksgiving episode at the airport. If Tony had not been in it, I would have cut away immediately. I hate the husband, too. In the episode, he kept going on and on about how impressed he was with his wife–UGH!!! The fact is Bishop is horrible and needs to go. You can beef her up, try to make her a tough agent, give her more experience, etc. She just doesn’t have the personality for the role. You screwed the “halo” effect for this character in the beginning, and nothing you do can get that back. I absolutely hate her. She’s a “tag along,” and the writers have to write around her. I tune in each week hoping the show will get better, but it doesn’t. Any episode that features Bishop is going to make me change channels until the next hour. She’s ruining the show, and I only enjoy it now when she appears as little as possible. This was my favorite show. I’ll watch the old episodes on marathon days, but the moment Bishop appears in one of them, I’m gone. On Tuesdays, I hold my breath to see what the new episode is about hoping to see as little of Bishop as possible. I’m learning to like NCIS New Orleans, but I have now converted to NCIS LA as a favorite. I hope, though, that the powers over NCIS will get wise and get rid of Bishop.. It was a good show.

    • lsperling says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I keep thinking about the temporary actresses they had before they took on Wickersham and they were all given better scripts. Personally, I would have liked to see the one who administered the polygraphs get the part – she had a lot of unexpected zing to her. They could have made that into a great part and SHE would have fit in with the team.

  28. Gray says:

    *yawns* I was actually waiting for something to pull the show back to its feet again, and this was not something I had in mind. I miss the old NCIS, the show isn’t the same anymore and I’m not saying that due to Cote de Pablo’s departure, this is so much more and it’s sad that I already gave a try to watch her but she just doesn’t really fit in. Perhaps in a new sitcom she can fit, any series that isnt a crime show.

  29. Moe says:

    Please move EW out. She does not fit in. No one can take Cote’s place. She was/is just the most fantastic actress with all the acutrements that go along with that.

  30. Carol Katrawitz says:

    When is the new Series (and, New Orleans) going to be shown in UK?

  31. Have been watching NCIS for years..from Jag on up..and it is the best show, with the funiest and honest people on earth. No other show is this good, because you feel like they (cast) are a part of your family..Love everyone on show..Gibbs is top one and the rest are like your own kids..each has his own ad-lib. Thanks so much for having news about them..they are very special..ALL of them.!!!!!!!

  32. twink465 says:

    Bishop is growing on me in a good way!

  33. James says:

    Hey, Wickersham…Go back from where you came. You add nothing to the NCIS team.

  34. Imelda so says:

    Wickersham is not a good actress; just looking at her I get stressed out. Is she well-connected with cbs or the NCIS producers? Not even her “husband” can save her. A lot of us do not watch NCIS anymore. Ziva will never come back but how about a replacement in the caliber of Kenzie in NCIS Los Angeles, which is now my #1 favorite show & then NCIS New Orleans. I do not watch NCIS anymore because instead of being entertained I get stressed out everytime the bishop character comes out. Just watch: NCIS ratings will dwindle & advertisers will pull out because of her. A lot of fans do not watch NCIS anymore; so why is wickersham still there? I never saw such bad acting. Well, goodbye NCIS………. all because of wickersham whom you do not want to replace.

  35. Ben says:


  36. Pete says:

    Just wondering why she dyes her eyebrows – couldn’t look more fake blonde, try being proud of who you really are –

  37. lightwings1 says:

    EW Bishop just plain sucks, as an actor as a character and she is puling the show down. I have watched for years .no more watching her is truly painfull

  38. jesse1989 says:

    I don’t know why people dislike Bishop so much. I know she isn’t Ziva, but it seems like people aren’t even giving her a chance, I on the other hand like her sunny upbeat disposition, something the show hasn’t had for awhile. She reminds me more of Kate than Ziva, but that doesn’t mean she should be instantly hated. Plus, she’s really really smart, once she gets used to how things work, and learns to be more direct about what she’s saying she could be an amazing agent. But don’t hate her just because she isn’t Ziva.

    • lsperling says:

      I don’t dislike her because she isn’t Ziva. I dislike her wish-washy character, and her lack of acting talent. She’s stiff and just doesn’t fit with the group. Yes, Kate started out unsure of herself, but picked up in her role during the first season. Bishop, after almost two seasons, is still trying figure out who she is and where she fits in and, in my personal opinion, she fits in nowhere. The sitting cross-legged on the floor or on the desk is beyond unprofessional as is her choice of clothing for an agent. As for her being smart – she presents as a know-it-all and often appears to be trying to show up the other agents by blurting out whatever is on her mind. She is just not a character that appeals to me on any level.

    • jesse1989 says:

      But having another person with a rough history who always really serious and hardly shows emotion isn’t really adding anything. I just think her peppy different style brings a new effect to the show, you must all hate NCIS:LA

  39. Rdirsa says:

    Bishop is a big addition and a big improvement to the program.