Constantine's First Season Ending After 13 Episodes; Season 2 Still Possible

Constantine Series Premiere Preview NBC

Constantine isn’t getting the extended demon-hunting season he was hoping for.

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NBC has decided not to order a back nine for its freshman drama — based on DC Comics’ Hellblazer series — meaning Season 1 will end after its initial 13-episode order, our sister site Deadline reports.

But don’t go shouting the C-word just yet; Constantine is not cancelled. NBC still has the option of renewing the supernatural series for a second season.

Constantine premiered in October to 4.3 million total viewers and a 1.4 demo rating — well below the ill-fated Dracula’s year-prior debut numbers — and at last tally did 3.5 mil/1.1, down some 20 percent from its launch.

Are you surprised by this decision? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Constantine below.

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  1. Jennifer Sturdivant says:

    Well this makes me sad. Was really enjoying this show. Fingers crossed for a second season!!

  2. Moment says:

    I think NBC are waiting to see how the remaining episodes do before deciding. I think they were underwhelmed by the numbers Episodes 2-4 pulled. Episode 5 showed some sign of recovery, I assume if this continues it could be renewed. NBC likely had a date to tell WB if they wanted more episodes.

  3. Ellinas1978 says:

    After the second episode, everything else sits in my DVR for either a very slow day when I don’t have anything else on, or the word that it’s cancelled so I can delete it. Give us the “C-word” already so I can empty the DVR…

  4. Charissa says:

    No, I’m not surprised, but I was really hoping NBC WOULD surprise me and give it a back nine order. This has become my favorite new show, and I think they’re doing a great job of bringing John Constantine to life. Matt Ryan is perfect. I have a feeling it’s just going to keep getting better and I really don’t want to see the show end after episode 13.

  5. Bryce says:

    I hate to say it, but I didn’t watch because I wanted to see if it would get renewed and because it seemed like binge-watching kind of show.

    • Rab01 says:

      It’s really the opposite of a binge watching type show. There haven’t been any cliffhangers yet and the continuing arc type stuff is all in the background. At the moment, it’s largely a monster of the week structured show that’s (in my opinion) being done pretty well. If you watch a bunch back-to-back, it might get repetitive.

  6. this is upsetting. I have been really enjoying Constantine, and they have done a decent job staying faithful to the comics.

  7. Gilded Lady says:

    Why would they renew a show they didn’t even feel confident enough to order a back nine on?

    • Usually you would say that but I’m not sure NBC were ever intending a full season order unless it proved to be a breakout hit because they would have needed to move it out of its Friday slot to accommodate Hannibal. So it’s not the death knell it would be if it was on a night where the network didn’t have a show lined up for that slot

      • Gilded Lady says:

        I’d agree with you, except in that case they probably would have promoted it as a shorter run series, and then surprised with back 9 run. It may be possible, but still seems highly unlikely.

    • J.B. says:

      Well considering that 3 to 4 shows have were cancelled BEFORE they even aired makes me think this TV season might be one of the most head scratching in recent memory.
      That said, FOX did do the same thing with Sleepy Hollow though they were quick to say that it would get another 13 episode second season.

  8. It’s so discouraging to see multiple people say they won’t watch something unless it becomes an established hit that won’t be cancelled. Come on. There have been a lot of amazing shows that only lasted one season and to not give them the chance based on their longterm viability is just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know none of you have one of these phantom Nielsen boxes, but if you’re interested in a show, watch it no matter what. So many bad shows stay on the air for years while some of the best shows are lucky if all of their episodes are shown. Honestly, Constantine is pretty good, not great, but has a lot of potential and Matt Ryan is excellent. I’ll be watching the entire season and hoping it comes back next year. They can’t really expect to do better than 1.1 Fridays at 10.

    • kirads09 says:

      Ditto to everything you said. I will keep watching each episode until they say no more. It is too much fun to miss!

    • Katmandu says:

      Yeah, because Fall Fridays at 9pm are football and party times in my area. Why couldn’t they have put it on Tuesdays when there’s jack squat on t.v?

    • veniascott says:

      Amen preach on , some of my favorite show are show that lasted 1 or 2 season. some show that last longer get worst each weel. Actually these last to episode of C. have been very good. and Matt is hot hell and I love him .

    • Tisiphone says:

      Unfortunately, I’m beginning to lean toward not watching a series until it makes it past the first season exactly for the reason that some of my favorite shows were cancelled after 1 season. I’m tired of investing the time and interest in something that’s just going to be cut off on a cliffhanger. This has become common on many channels and not just broadcast networks. Anything that’s not part of a franchise (e.g. CSI, NCIS, etc) or requires a little effort to follow nuances or complex ideas doesn’t have much chance anymore.

  9. kirads09 says:

    I hope it continues improved ratings. Each episode IMO has gotten better and better. I am not necessarily surprised that NBC is being cautious, given a slow start. I do hope they don’t cancel it. I have fallen in love with Matt and the show almost despite myself.

  10. lizo says:

    I decided not to watch when the writers announced they wouldn’t be honouring the character’s bisexuality. If they’d kept that element in, their viewership numbers would have been higher.

    • Marco says:

      They went back on that. A while ago.

    • kirads09 says:

      Seriously? Really? If the whole point is equality, and a person’s (or even TV character’) sexuality shouldn’t matter – why insist on making it the front and center issue in everything?

      • alistaircrane says:

        No. You don’t get it. I don’t know where you got this idea that sexuality shouldn’t matter because it should and does matter. I think you maybe need to take a course on gender and sexuality to truly understand why it’s important to see depictions of gay and bi people on television. Yes, the whole point is equality, but equality can’t be achieved when certain groups are not getting equal representation.

        • If you want a male hero who is not only bisexual but has lots of sex with men, watch Torchwood. Or maybe porn. If you want a male hero who is bisexual but doesn’t have sex often, watch maybe any show with a male lead who doesn’t have sex often. If you look at statistics, only 1.6% of Americans identify as gay and 0.7% identify as bisexual. According to GLAAD, out of all series regulars on the five terrestrially aired American networks, LGBT characters represent 3.9%. It’s not as high as the 4.4% from 2012, but it is still higher. Than. R-e-a-l-i-t-y. And this doesn’t even count recurring regular characters, one off guest characters, cable characters or anything on the Logo network. Granted, a lot of it is stereotypical stuff written by straight white men, but they’re here, they’re queer and we got used to it. I don’t care about sexuality one way or another or even that you want more representation than is realistic. Just don’t act like it would be more realistic if every show was half LGBT. It wouldn’t be.

          • J.B. says:

            What does any of that have to do with them ignoring comic book cannon and somebody complaining they chose not to watch because of it? I sure hope you’re leaving stupid comments like this to the MANY more people who complained and didn’t watch cause he doesn’t chain smoke on camera.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Oh wow, this is the most homophobic comment I have ever encountered! How sad for you, TigerNightmare, that you are such a hateful and bigoted person.

          • alistaircrane says:

            J.B., thank you! I am pretty sure TigerNightmare is just trolling. Let’s not feed the trolls!

          • lizo says:

            I love Torchwood….but we shouldn’t just have ONE show with a queer lead. How many shows are there about straight white men? Countless. Telling minority groups to essentially shut up and accept what we do have is pretty swell of you. Not to mention Torchwood is about a queer man who is also white. I want narratives of queer men of colour, of queer women of colour,

          • alistaircrane says:

            TigerNightmare’s just a troll getting off on all the attention we’re giving him. He most likely leads a very sad, lonely life and this is how he gets his jollies. Let’s ignore him and maybe he’ll cease to exist.

          • Um, all of you, no. There’s nothing homophobic about pointing out the ratio of LGBT TV characters to actual LGBT humans (according to GLAAD, not me). Not against more representation (like I already said), I’m only saying that we’ve long crossed the line between realistic and unrealistic and there’s another line way down the road that crosses into pandering. Right now, I think we mostly have a good balance with some shows (House of Cards, The Good Wife) doing better than others (Glee, Modern Family). A character not being gay enough is a terrible reason to not watch something. Where’s the outrage for the severe lack of Asian representation? Of all the shows I watch, I think there are only five actors I can think of (John Cho, Ming Na Wen, Lucy Liu, Steven Yeun, the guy from Grimm). 11% of Americans are Asian and only 3% of characters are represented . Now let me rephrase this question: Do you want realism or do you want pandering? Neither answer is wrong, but one answer is better.
            As for Constantine, I’m totally not against him being bi or anything, but if they do address his sexuality, they need to do it right. He’s not waking up next to random women right now, it would just be random if they just decided to turn him into a horny seduction artist. This is something the character might get to explore in the long term. Right now, they’re still establishing the show’s universe and characters. Do you want Constantine to have unnamed men wander out of his bedroom on a regular basis or do you want him to have a boyfriend in a serious relationship? I vote for the latter. Who knows, maybe he already has something going on with Chas.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Notice that TigerNightmare never actually denies he is a homophobe.

          • alistaircrane says:

            Still laughing at that @$$hole telling us to watch Torchwood, a show that isn’t even on anymore. I love it when dumb straight dudes try to tell LGBT people to shut up. What a tool!

          • Oh, you poor kid. Maybe read what I said? Address points? Conversation? I don’t have to say I’m not a homophobe (or that I never said anything homophobic) for you to determine whether I am or not on your own. But if you need it spelled out because you have single issue tunnel vision and poor reading comprehension, here you go: I am not homophobic. Voted against prop 8, will never eat at Chic-Fil-A. I also never said shut up or anything remotely resembling that sentiment. I said stop acting like you’re an underrepresented victim wanting more realism. Say you want more LGBT characters for the sake of having more characters you and the LGBT community to relate to, not for the sake of realism or underrepresentation. You just misrepresent yourself if you really don’t care about other minorities being depicted.

        • the comic never makes a big deal out of his “sexuality” like you seem to imply it does. the comic mentions his “boyfriends” once, maybe a couple times in passing conversations. but it is not a plot point in the comics. it is not something that defines this character.

          they do draw in Constantine having relations with WOMEN. but they never drew him with any men, at best it was just background discussion, but never important to the plot of the comics.

          it seems like you want it to be more important than it was in the comics.

          I understand that…. but the fact is. it isn’t something that is important to the plot of the comics or tv show.

          at the end of the day.. the series has really been great so far. and I do mean great. I love the show.

          • Gabriel R. Patterson says:

            I am a 55 year old bi white male and have every issue of the original Vertigo series “hellblazer”. I have loved this character (John) since his first appearance in “Swamp Thing” Written by Mr. Moore. My favorite DC at the time. Never once did his bi-sexuality come into play or was a part of any plot points. Honestly, I forgot he was bi until all this hoopla. Shows should be judged by the stories and the story-telling talents of the writers. Even though Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo book was “Sandman”, He writes great TV scripts. An episode written by him would be phenomenal. Lighten-up people.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I agree. David Goyer’s attitude towards Constantine’s bisexuality was so dismissive and rude. I managed to put his idiocy aside and tried the show, but it just wasn’t good. It’s also pretty ridiculous that they don’t show him smoking. Hellblazer was a Vertigo series—-meaning it was mature readers. Constantine should have been on cable—even basic cable like AMC or FX—where his sexuality, smoking, and adult language could have been depicted properly.

      • catherine says:

        The last episode they actually did show him smoking which I thought was interesting given they claimed they would not. Also he has made a few little comments that I think hint toward the bisexuality of the character.

      • Dunno about the (bi)sexuality, but American censors famously (and thankfully) allow through enough violence for the show to work. However, smoking is actually very hard to push through the MPAA–for good reason. Yes, it’s good for the character, but a -cool- character like Constantine smokes, fact is, a few people are going to imitate, then many presumably will get cancer and die in 20 years. If there was one thing to leave out…

        Sure, they could use the metastasized lung cancer plot from the film, but….I want to see other story arcs, by other writers, and that wasn’t so great it needs doing twice over.

      • veniascott says:

        I agree if he was on the network you mention would have gotten a better show with better rating. I think NBC was trying to make it a famly show by taking out his smoking , and sexuaity becaue I think there were scared people would be offend. Hello … some comic book characters are adult and that would have been great on tv. I am tired of everything being pointed at kids.

    • analog says:

      Same thing happened in Da Vinci’s Demons. Same creator.

    • ScottJ says:

      Five episodes in and the character’s sexual orientation has not been an issue. In fact its been totally irrelevant. I’m also pretty sure Constantine was not referred to as bisexual in the comics for the first 5 or so years.

    • osofine says:

      So far the character seems to have a LOT of other things on his mind than sex and/or love. Which is fine! We don’t need a romantic plot in every drama we watch, do we? That being said, I hope that if the show continues to the point where Constantine might have the time and inclination to hook up with someone, or get romantically involved (though I can’t imagine how he could sustain a relationship for more than a week), that they allow him to be bi. Still, as a certain lesbian clone once said, “My sexuality is the least interesting thing about me.”

      In the pilot episode, he helps a girl whose father was a friend of his, and there was a brief scene in which she asked him about his relationship with her father and it certainly seemed to me that he was coy with his answer. It seemed very possible that the friendship had been more than platonic, but that was not something he was going to talk about to this young woman, who he had just met, who had never even known her father. [I haven’t read more than a few issues of Hellblazer, so I don’t know if the character, and Constantine’s relationship with him, was from the comics.]

      It’s interesting that you say, “If they had kept that element in, their viewership numbers would have been higher.” Is Hellblazer a popular and successful comic because, occasionally, Constantine was shown in bed with men? I don’t think so. The books are not about life as a bisexual man, they are about fighting demons. The showrunners really put their foot in their mouth when they originally said that in this version Constantine wouldn’t be bi (though I don’t recall exactly what they said or the context). I can understand not wanting to support a show that is actively whitewashing a character’s sexual identity, but I don’t think that is the case here. I think they handled the question of the character’s sexuality poorly rather than just explaining that they are showing the adventure and magic and horror aspects that are the core of the concept and not pandering to those of us who might appreciate some gratuitous sex scenes with Matt Ryan and men… or women… or maybe even some supernatural entities. ;>

      Two last things…. So far, Constantine has shown little sexual interest in the attractive female “companion” character (to borrow Doctor Who terminology), and she hasn’t shown much, if any, in him. Also, (off the point, but…) did anyone else notice that in the pilot episode he said the f-word? Of course it was pronounced “fok” in his English accent, but still… has any other (big 3) network show dropped an f-bomb like that in prime time before?

      It’s a shame about the 9 episodes we won’t get this year! I really hope that they decide to renew it!!!

    • veniascott says:

      I think there may be a point to that. When NBC said it would not stay true to his bisexuality or his smoking , they may have killed their own show, , NBC has done this in the past with show. If you cannot stay true to a bi character than maybe NBC should have not done this show. Matt is killing is as this guy to bad NBC does not believe i this how. HIs bisexuality would not have offend me at all, might have been sexy .

  11. Tran says:

    Too early to tell if Constantine gets renewed for Season 2 or getting canceled just like what Dracula did last season. Really hope the upcoming season of Hannibal will fill the void in the 10 p.m. Friday night time slot for the second straight year in a row.

    • Ray says:

      Season 2 is possible in the sense that anything is possible, but highly unlikely. The episode cap essentially equates to cancelation come May.

  12. georgiamadman says:

    Constantine has been getting better just as Grimm is falling off the cliff. Keep Constantine and get rid of Grimm.

    • J.B. says:

      Not likely. Grimm gets better ratings and has an established fan base unlike Constantine. Plus it’s near syndication which is an added bonus. You may not like the quality of Grimm lately but the numbers don’t lie. Sure Grimm’s ratings are sliding a bit but so are a lot of other established shows. What hurt Constantine were the small amount of viewers it started with and the small amount of viewers they didn’t loose.
      Personally the show was doomed from the start. It should have not been on network television. They should have stuck with the original premise from the pilot instead of changing it to bring in Zed as the female lead to have a built in romantic

    • J.B. says:

      Oops, hit comment button too soon.
      What I was trying to say is that they wanted romantic tension built into the show so they ditched the original female lead and brought in a fan favorite from the comics hoping to draw in those who read the comics.

  13. Deion says:

    Constantine has been getting better. Matt Ryan and Angelica Celaya are finding their chemistry after a bumpy few episodes, this last one was pretty good. Dracula was pretty good, but I think Constantine has a better chance of bringing in new viewers.

  14. alistaircrane says:

    Constantine isn’t very good. The pilot was atrocious, but I gave Episode 2 a chance. It also wasn’t very good, so I couldn’t continue wasting my time on it.

    • Ray says:

      You made the right call. I stuck around for a few more episodes as I usually love all things occult and supernatural but this show is such a stinker. It’s a real shame NBC cancelled Dracula in favor of this bumbling mess.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I watched all of Dracula but felt it went downhill after the pilot. Constantine just felt like a ripoff of better paranormal shows, specifically Supernatural.

  15. Geo says:

    The only way you could do Constantine right would be on a pay-network that doesn’t censor everything interesting out of the character. NBC was decidedly the wrong place for this material. In this day and age, a bisexual, chain-smoking, unapologetically morally ambiguous Constantine, who fought genuinely disturbing supernatural forces would be much, much more appealing than NBC’s watered down version.

    • alistaircrane says:

      It could work on basic cable like FX. American Horror Story has nudity and swearing and gore, so Constantine could work on that network.

  16. NBC you suck. You expect all these high numbers on a Friday night. This is a great show give it a chance.

  17. Mike Pascoe says:

    nbc put the show in too late a time slot,buffy worked because of an 8pm slot try shuffling day/times since writers are too lazy to think up new concepts w/o stealing from comics give what you have a second shot.

  18. Moment says:

    NBC also has Hannibal Season 3 waiting in the wings. A back nine order would have pushed the premiere back.

  19. valeriel40 says:

    I wouldn’t be upset about a 13-ep season, especially if it gets renewed for a second season. I have *thoroughly* enjoyed the show. Hopefully the writers/crew have enough time wrap up the story in 13 hours.

  20. Ally Oop says:

    Another one bites the dust. I watched this show but if it`s cancelled I won`t be devastated.There`s other low-rated shows I`m much more worried about (The 100, Nashville, The Originals, Reign, Revenge, Hart of Dixie and Jane the Virgin).

  21. dref22 says:

    It’s totally not coming back. I’m glad I decided to wait.

  22. Drew says:

    I was looking forward to this series, but found it disappointing. The atmosphere is all wrong. The writing is weak. Compared to shows like Supernatural, it looks goofy, as though nobody making it can take the plot seriously. It’s a shame, because the character has a lot of potential. The execution was just very wrong.

  23. Rick Katze says:

    Definitely feels like the “C” word but I suppose if enough other shows tank, it could come back.

  24. Raven says:

    That’s too bad… my family and I actually liked the show. Hope it gets renewed.

  25. Jeri says:

    I love the show! Much better than anything that’s followed Grimm. Please pick it up!

  26. Lynzy says:

    I really love this show! It is exciting and a bit scary ( I don’t go in for horror much lol) and it’s intelligent and witty. You see so little of shows like this these days. Everything today is so dumbed down and stereotyped that it isn’t even worth dealing with the commercials to watch! But Constantine is none of that. It’s just finding its bearings, like all new shows do. If you give it a chance and get it out of that crappy time slot and give it a decent day to show on instead of Friday, when everyone is out and about instead of at home watching TV, then it would do much better.

  27. Pat says:

    I think this show is getting better each episode, and I hope that NBC gives it a chance! Please!!

  28. Joey Padron says:

    Sad news. Hope the show will get renewed for season 2. The show is so good.

  29. christian Sorensen says:

    Personally I find the show enjoyable, and 13 episode season or not, I hope we’ll see more seasons. Could it have been made differentlt? Sure. It could have been made more “adult” and truer to the comics, but the show’s certainly not horrible.

  30. silveraynea says:

    This news makes me really sad. I have been enjoying the show. I thought Matt Ryan was a great Constantine.

  31. Matt says:

    NBC cancels any show that doesn’t get “lost” ratings. That’s why I don’t like to invest time into thier series.

  32. Erika says:

    I really am a huge fan of Matt Ryan’s and feel that he embodies the character John Constantine quite well. With that being said, the unexpected removal of the Liv character for the Zed character took me by surprise. After viewing the episode that introduced Zed, I will admit I was not crazy for her nor the fact that I feel that perhaps a more talented actress would have made her likable. Why did the producers not give Liv more of a chance? I stopped watching after episode 2 because I already watch two other quality shows in which I have to tolerate a specific character that I don’t like because I like the show but I don’t need to do that again. The pilot was very good and engaging but fell flat for me in episode two. Sorry but I feel Zed is the dead weight of the show.

  33. yurie says:

    For people who have read Hellblazer, they all know whoever adapted the comic must only have read it upto issue 10-12 because Zed was never really a proper helper/companion for Constantine and he was a bigger bastard than how he’s portrayed on the show lol

  34. Kaushik says:

    Its very sad to hear this… this series was a good one!! hoping to watch second season of this series.

  35. Isobel says:

    I think Bryan Fuller has said Hannibal is coming in April this year, so presumably NBC is filling the remaining time with some thing else

  36. rafael says:

    I seen it coming. Friday and NBC doesn’t spell good ratings.

  37. ISimmons says:

    Perfect show to follow Grimm.Better than the stupid reality shows.Love the show.

  38. j says:

    That is to bad. It is a great show. I think they will regret this in the long run…

  39. John Clayton says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying the series. It reminds me of how Grimm got started. Just needs a good back story.

  40. Amy Bjornstad says:

    That’s too bad. It’s not meant to be rocket science. I find it the right amount of entertainment with a dash of paranormal thrown in. I hope it returns for at least another season.

  41. Sam says:

    This is crazy talk. It’s a genuinely good show.

  42. Just me says:

    Love, love, love this show and would hate to see it go. One of the season’s best new series; please keep going!

  43. T says:

    I was a little iffy on this show based on the first episode but now it’s one of my favs! Hoping for a 2nd season!

  44. Malina says:

    This show is awesome, it would be a shame not to see a second season.

  45. Mimi says:

    Pleeeeeeaaaaase don’t cancel Constantine!!!! I can only watch it ondemand but I DO WATCH IT AND LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I used to read Hellblazer!!

  46. Mimi says:

    Please don’t cancel Constantine! I love it!

  47. Rae says:

    i LOVE constantine<333 Please make new eps!!! ITS REALLY GOOD, soo far i like it better than Grimm..

  48. I am thoroughly enjoying Constantine and will be terribly disappointed if it is cancelled!

  49. Ebum says:

    I usually don’t post about these things but I really enjoy Constantine and would hate to see it cancelled!! I believe that the ratings will pick up and more ppl will join the ride! My first time watching was ep. 4!! So, sometimes it takes us a moment to catch on:)

  50. Katmandu says:

    It’s cool except for the fact that they seem to be following some template. The writers need to branch out the story some, buid it up, elaborate. Give us some backstory for those of us who’ve never read the comics.