Did HTGAWM Not Unmask Lila's Killer? Is Jane Moving Too Fast? Did S.H.I.E.L.D. Dupe Us? Where's Ruby? And More Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, Jane the Virgin, Chicago Fire and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | Has the absence of Once Upon a Time’s Ruby ever been more glaring than when Mary Margaret, David et al were tracking Emma? Is the mighty Sorcerer’s Hat’s “sucking” action not powerful enough to reach past a pair of doors? And what happened to Regina having exactly zero regrets, seeing as this life did bring her Henry?

2 | Instead of overlaying hideous patterns onto it, couldn’t The Good Wife simply have used the computer to shift the color of Alicia’s dress? In 2014, would it really be such a huge political disaster for Peter and Alicia if they got divorced? And the way Peter kissed Ramona in the limo felt like much more than an office fling, no?

The Walking Dead3 | Um, how did the Walking Dead van land upright, after nose-diving off the bridge? (Heck, the POV through the windshield even indicated it was arse-over-tea kettle!) And was the quiiiietttt all-Daryl/Carol episode a case of “Be careful what you wish for?”

4 | Was “Run” the strongest Newsroom episode of the past two seasons?

5 | Did you die a little at Valerie’s failure to remember the last name of producer Jane (aka “Mean Spider Eyes”) on The Comeback? And is this season’s arc leading toward serious marital woes for Val and Marky Mark?

6 | How much you wanna betJane the Virgin Season 1 SpoilersGotham’s Bruce promptly asked Alfred for lessons in precision bagel-throwing?

7 | Jane the Virgin fans, given this week’s crushing break-up with Michael followed by that steamy kiss with Rafael, where does your heart lie when it comes to the men in Jane’s life? And our gal’s moving pretty quickly from guy to guy, yes?

Castle8 | Where does this Castle get-up rank among Beckett’s Hottest Looks of All-Time?

9 | Was The Flash unwise to reveal his true face to (the albeit imprisoned) Tony/Girder?

10 | Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans, is it possible that Ward’s family is actually A-OK and a false news report is all part of some long con orchestrated by Coulson in tandem with repentant Grant? And why are so many shows – The 100, S.H.I.E.L.D. – out to hurt the amazing Dichen Lachman?

11 | Even though he ultimately helped solve the Case of the Week, shouldn’t Forever‘s Henry at least have gotten a slap on the wrist for tampering with — and cooking! — a piece of evidence?

12 | Did New Girl‘s Jess/Ryan kiss approach Jess/Nick levels of squeedom for you? On a related note: Julian Morris’ character can’t be that perfect for her, can he? He’s gotta have a major flaw, right?

13 | Were you surprised to see The Mindy Project‘s Danny — who had no problem with Mindy naming their future children in the Season 2 finale — freak out at the idea of a pre-Christmas proposal?

14 | Does anyone on Marry Me, y’know, actually have a job?

15 | Chicago Fire‘s Cruzumba plot: cheesy or cute?

16 | As gripping as this week’s Sons of Anarchy was, did it almost become silly how many people would ask Jax or Gemma what’s wrong, only to get an oblique non-answer (a la “It’s fahmily business”)? Thank God at least Nero finally got looped in! And why exactly hasn’t Gemma committed suicide yet?

Arrow17 | Was it “OOC” for Arrow’s Felicity to coo over a couture dress (and $10 million necklace), or had the queen of bandage dresses/pencil skirts/midriff-teasing tops established herself as a bit of a fashion plate? And can we please put an end to the Pretty Woman trope in which men buy women dresses (that always, somehow, fit perfectly)?

18 | After their interaction at the CMA Awards in this week’s Nashville, are you worried that Luke will cheat on Rayna with Sadie? And the show’s version of the CMAs looked shockingly authentic, no?

19 | Are we to think that American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Dell isn’t just a brute but a dumb one to boot? Or is there some other explanation for why he’d make Amazon Eve — arguably the toughest broad on the carny circuit — his first pick to kill for Stanley?

20 | Did we miss the part on Vampire Diaries where they explained why Jo didn’t know where the twins were? And why is it assumed that the male twin (Kai, Luke) is going to consume the female (Jo, Liv) when they merge?

Scandal21 | On Scandal, knowing that something was gonna go very bad during the episode-ending “dance party,” what did you think/worry would happen? (That maybe the Stevie Wonder album was some sort of bomb?) And is this the first time in TV history we’ve ever seen a character (conspicuously) stop to charge their cell phone?

22 | As satisfying as How to Get Away With Murder‘s killer reveal was, are you a bit disappointed the show went the “self-defense” route? On a related note, how are they going to explain the missing carpet? And while we now know who killed Sam, does anyone really think that Annalise’s now-dead hubby was the one who offed Lila? (If not, who’s your top suspect for that murder?) Finally, an ABC crossover thought: Can we get Connor and Revenge‘s Nolan in a room together, pretty please?

23 | Did Allison Janney just snag her second straight Emmy for Mom via her hilarious, wordless reaction to landing a six-figure salary at a stock brokerage — followed by a panty-flashing escape out the window as her forged résumé was about to be exposed?

24 | Should President Obama have ended Thursday night’s (somewhat-)televised immigration announcement by saying he needed to go check on Dr. Shepherd’s latest decision?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. madhatter360 says:

    About number 7. The break up happened before the kiss. Jane is no cheater.

    • JBC says:

      I like Jane with Raphael better than Michael.

    • Dude says:

      That doesn’t matter. He was someone she deeply loved and was committed to marrying. Whether he lied to her or not, she owed him more than jumping into Raphael’s arms five minutes after ending her engagement. Even the actress who plays Jane said the whole thing felt “icky” to her.

      • K says:

        Jane was having doubts about marrying Michael ever since Michael wanted to push up the wedding date, not to mention she’s had feeling for Rafael since she was a teenager. While I agree the Jane/Rafael kiss happened a lot earlier then I was expecting, I didn’t think it was out of place.

      • Ella says:

        Well said. I lost a lot of respect for her that episode and have continued to do so ever since. Poor Michael. I like Rafael, plus he’s a hottie, but Michael and Jane actually have fantastic chemistry and he deserved much better than that.

    • Ella says:

      Team Michael. Rafael’s hotter but Jane and Michael have much better chemistry.

  2. #17 – Felicity getting excited about the dress didn’t bother me – how many times did she change her outfits when she was on the Flash? – but Ray buying it for her was weird and a tad bit creepy, and the necklace thing was just ridiculous. I’ve been trying to get on board with the Ray plot, because I wanted Felicity to have a real love interest outside of Oliver for a second, but Ray is definitely not working for me. Goodbye, please.

    • justtobesane says:

      Totally agree about Ray. I tried to like him since the producers built up his character and his relationship with Felicity so much. But he comes off as creepy with Felicity. Bribing her with an expensive dress and necklace was creepy. But it was really deceitful that he included her in the dinner to purchase mines, just so he could power his ATOM suit. Especially when she had that cheesy monologue about how Ray is great and honest. Felicity having a love interest outside of Oliver is fine but I really wish it wasn’t Ray.

    • Drew says:

      I agree. I don’t like how they’re writing the Ray character. His vision for the company is just unrealistic. They hired him to get the company back on its feet, yet he keeps acting as though money means nothing. How does he still have that job? And how has he been allowed to name the company after himself within a couple of months of working there?
      Also, Felicity’s speech at dinner was a long ramble to nowhere. She didn’t actually say anything convincing. She looked like a silly little girl, not an intelligent VP at a major corporation. She should have gone on about the specifics of a plan and explained the benefits in ways that even Ray couldn’t. If they want to push this angle, they should make her Ray’s equal, they shouldn’t turn a really, really smart woman into a babbling schoolgirl who swoons over the guy at a business dinner. I mean, was that mine owner trying to get into Ray’s pants too? Because that’s all the speech would have accomplished.

      • Chuck Farlie says:

        Ray bought the company after having the better sales pitch.

        • Drew says:

          It just seems weird to me that he pitched the board this idea for bettering their company, and all he’s done since getting the vote is essentially strip the company of everything it had and declare that he has no interest in making them money in the future. At some point, aren’t they going to start questioning his decisions the way they did Oliver, which led to the hiring of Isabel?
          For that matter what happened to Oliver’s shares in the company? Ray can’t own all of it. Oliver was booted as CEO, but he shouldn’t have lost his shares in the company, unless I am forgetting something. Which means that only 50% of the company was available after Isabel died, right? Am I forgetting something?

          • justtobesane says:

            If he wanted a company with his name on it, he should have just started his own instead of taking over a dying one with so much bad press attached to it. He chose Queen Consolidated for a reason, I think because he wanted to weapon technology that was part of the applied science division.

    • Dude says:

      The dress didn’t bother me because she’s always dresses nice and really how many times have they dolled her up for a swanky event now? I feel like its cliche to assume the techy girl doesn’t like fashion.

  3. Lindsay says:

    What’s with the references to car wash books on Bones? Last night was the 2nd time in 3 weeks. I have never been to a car wash that sold books.

  4. Liz says:

    22. I was disappointed at first… What saved it for me was really the ending. I started figuring something was up when Annalise started the message, and that carried me through to what I thought was a great ending! I’ve never thought sam killed Lila. My bet is on Annalise or Bonnie for that one.

  5. Daisy says:

    7. Jane – I still want her with Michael. Poor Michael. He means well.
    9. Flash – Probably unwise but who could resist facing your bully after bringing them down?
    17. Arrow – Too much attention was being paid to that meh dress and not enough attention to that beautiful shirtlessness going on.
    22. Murder – The missing carpet has bothered me from the beginning.
    24. Awesome.

  6. C. says:

    15- Cheesy AND cute! I couldn’t help but love the scene where they were all dancing.

  7. JeffDJ says:

    #6 – ha-ha, no doubt. He sure did give it his all once he knew what the prize was though.

    #8 – not sure about the ranking, but Beckett’s get-up was dang hot for sure! Yee-haw! (Castle’s reaction upon seeing it was priceless too)

  8. Sarah says:

    #22 — I think Nate killed Lila. To set Sam up to (a) destroy his rival, or (b) to drive Sam and Annalise apart. Or some other reason. Bottom line, dude is shaaaaady (but oh so hot).

  9. John NYC says:

    The necklace made some sense: people borrow/rent spectacular pieces like that all the time and it was a pretty hefty meeting. OTOH the dress was totally weird: send her out with a black card or have a personal shopper come in with a rack, but he having picked out a dress? No.

    • Drew says:

      The weird part about the dress was that she wore it back to the Arrow-cave… with a ten million dollar necklace that is on loan, there would usually be security people following it around.

      • Madison says:

        Yes, in real life I’m sure a security guard would be fallowing the necklace but it’s a comic book show so sometimes you just have to go with it. What I thought was weird and creepy was that the dress was basically just an upscale version of what Ray saw her mom wearing (or maybe it’s just me that sees it that way). I know he said he had his assistant or whoever get it, but still what was the thought process when he saw it? Way to go wardrobe dept haha!

    • Isobel says:

      Agree the boss doesn’t buy dresses for his employees remarkably in their size, and I agree it did look like he wanted her to look like her mother

  10. Julie says:

    #1 – Does anybody else notice that when they are in Granny’s there seems to be a body double of Ruby? For example last week when Robin and Will Scarlett are talking in Granny’s you see the bottom half of someone who dresses like Ruby and Robin even makes a point to look at her.

  11. Mare says:

    3 Yea, that was a bit unrealistic but considering it’s a show about zombies…I loved the episode though. Carol and Darryl were awesome.

    9 I thought it was a bit unwise for Barry to reveal himself too but I could see how hard it would be able to resist considering this guy bullied him all through elementary school.

  12. Jurbd says:

    I am officially done shipping nick and Jess and am now team Ryan after Tuesdays new girl episode!!!!

  13. Susanne says:

    #1-I’m willing to believe that Regina’s regret kicked in when Henry said he felt ordinary.

  14. Kate says:

    1. I know and I even sort of thought that there might have been some contract dispute because when Will and Robin were having their tete a tete at Granny’s diner, Will was checking a waitress out and…well, who else would be working there except Ruby?

    9. Probably, I keep wondering why we didn’t have the same concern with the fact that the Huntress knows who Arrow really is.

    10. I have a suspicion that they are fine and I am unclear of Coulson’s role in it because he did let Ward be handcuffed in the front which seems to make it easy to escape. And plus as I am unclear what exactly Ward’s game is, I do know his end goal involves Skye. He has to know she wouldn’t forgive that particular task. Plus, I feel like Mrs. Ward apparently has some stories to tell.

    19. I know, and how odd was this thought to me, while I think nowadays, Desiree and Jimmy would have had surgery to repair their issues, of all the other ‘freaks’ Eve has only ever struck me as tall. So, my thought was, I have doubts she would have even been a satisfactory freak for Richard’s purposes.

    20. That was my major thought too, but I guess Jo was excommunicated? I didn’t get any good vibes from their dad and even Liv and Luke spoke badly about their coven last season. I don’t know what the assumption over the male twin winning is, I mean, I get the danger with Kai, that’s how his powers work, he takes it so an enhanced version of that would kill Jo (I sort of wonder what happens now that he has stolen time warp version of her magic), but, and I think this is the actual thinking. There really isn’t much of a doubt that Liv is the stronger witch, but she loves her brother and I think he pulls her back.

    • Chuck Farlie says:

      I don’t know about Ward’s family being okay for 2 reasons. First, they’ve shown Ward to be mentally unstable for a while now, also I don’t think Coulson would be keeping it a secret if he would work with Ward at all after everything.

    • About 20, I think Liv is the strongest twin. They even said so last season, how she ws more powerful than her brother. I think that Liv is not afraid of dying, but of killing her own brother. Luke is doing a “melodramatic video” for HER, I bet it was like good bye video, for her to remember him and not feel guilty. The thing I don’t get… Luke and Liv went to Witmore to protect the doppelgangers from doing whatever the travelers wanted. So… Why re they still there, and why they weren’t “punished” for failing miserably, or worst, if one of them is supposed to be the next leader of your coven: WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SEND THEM AGAINST FREAKING CRAZY WITCHES, VAMPIRES AND WHAT ELSE???

  15. GeoDiva says:

    18. I don’t know if Sadie would actually get with Luke while he is still with Rayna, but they will end up a couple together.
    22. Nolan & Connor so need to meet!
    23. Bonnie job hunting was so funny. It was nice to see Violet come to terms with giving her baby up too.

  16. Drew says:

    10: In response to the comment about The 100… every person on that show needs to have their guns taken away. Those are some seriously irresponsible people, including the soldier woman who leads the team that didn’t even identify their target (Anya and Clarke) before opening fire on them, despite the fact that a good number of their own people are out in the woods! And I hate what they did to Finn this week. It went beyond ruining the character and just made in crazy stupid.

    17. This week’s Arrow pushed me from not caring much about the Oliver/Felicity pairing to officially hating it. They have sacrificed a great character and the group chemistry by pushing this romance angle, on a show that was once a serious, hardcore type of series. Felicity has gone from being the quirky, fun character to being the Lana Lang of this series. The bond between the core trio has shifted from a tight friendship to romance rehashes.
    What it comes down to is that this show shouldn’t even have cutesie name mashups in mind, but it’s becoming more and more juvenile the more they push this Olicity stuff.
    And no, I don’t care if he ends up with Laurel. He can end up alone for all I care, as long as it doesn’t do more harm to the characters than good.
    I want the Felicity that we saw in seasons 1 and 2. The one from The Flash.

    24. So when the President’s representative told Derek that the President doesn’t like to take “no” for an answer, was anyone else expecting her to present an executive order and have Derek taken into custody against his will? Because when the Prez doesn’t get his way, he usually just stomps his feet and violates the Constitution a few times.
    (hey, I didn’t bring up the topic. Don’t blame me for making a comment about it)

    • Abby says:

      The only acceptable outcome for Finn after this week’s episode is him dying, in my opinion. He had so many opportunities to stop, so many pauses in shooting, but he just kept going. He was evil, not just crazy, about the whole thing. There’s no going back. I don’t like the complete 180 on his character at all, but the actor who plays Finn needs a LOT more training to be a good actor, so maybe this whole plot was about convenience…it certainly doesn’t feel that believable as fluid storytelling. Either way, I’ve felt all season long that Finn was totally expendable as a character, and last night sealed the deal.

    • Abby says:

      And for the record, every US president has violated the Constitution in some way. Bush did when he made up reasons for the Iraq War that were proven lies, so check yourself :)

      • Angela says:

        Thank you. Lord knows Congress doesn’t seem keen on ever doing anything either way, after all, so if the president wants to get something done, well…

        • Drew says:

          The whole reason for having different branches of the government is to keep anyone from siezing too much control. Congress isn’t just for show. The President is not a king.
          Let’s phrase it this way… What happens if the next President decides to outlaw same sex marriage, regardless of citizen votes, Congress, the supreme court, etc.
          The President has clearly defined authority. He overstepped here by a large, large margin.

          • Abby says:

            All conjecture. You’re acting as though there’s ever been a specific national voter referendum against the ACA when you know there hasn’t been. Let’s talk TV cuz i like your TV observations, and leave the politics for a different day :)

      • Drew says:

        What was a lie? And also, congress approved the war, so it was totally constitutional. You can’t just pick something you disagree with and say it is unconstitutional.

        • Abby says:

          It wasn’t because the constitution says that Congress can approve a declaration of war, but Bush never made one. They skirted around ever declaring an actual war because the Constitution lays out rules for when and why you can declare war, and those reasons were not present. Rather than take on the taskod rewriting the Constitution because it would take too long, democratic process was subverted by the Republicans. True facts, sorry.

    • Emily says:

      I don’t think you understand how Executive Orders work, and every president for the last 50 years has given them (including Bush and Reagan regarding immigration). Perhaps you should stick with discussing TV since THOSE comments you made actually made sense.

  17. Ange says:

    I believe Rebecca killed Lila.

  18. Azerty says:

    6: Why does Bruce train in shirt and sweaters? Can’t he afford a swimsuit?

  19. Abby says:

    Re Walking Dead: I don’t mind the slower episodes because I appreciate the story the show wants to tell about the characters. Its hardly about zombies anymore, and its more about post-apocalyptic societies. I dig that. I dig the “connector” eps that set up the action and ‘badassery’…but I’ve also never hankered specifically for a Caryl ep and just wish AMC would splurge a little on paying more actors to appear in more episodes. I thought the separation of Abraham, Glenn et al. immediately after coming back together again was a stretch, far more so than this Daryl and Carol tangent. Abraham would not have convinced Glenn and Maggie to join him if it hadn’t needed to be done to save cash. Its been 3 episodes since we’ve seen Rick at all…that’s silly, in my opinion.

    Re: Mindy Project…letting Mindy name their hypothetical future children is one thing, but actually proposing and taking that plunge are totally different things. Especially since marriage ended so well for Danny the FIRST time. I’ve had kids’ names picked out for most of my life (changes from time to time but still) – doesn’t mean I’m ready to walk down the aisle and actually have them yet.

    Re Nashville: am I WORRIED Luke will hurt Rayna somehow? No. I hope he does, so he can gtfo. I’d rather he not shack up with Sadie, because I’d like his character relegated to almost-never-on-Nashville status. I’d rather discuss what a beautiful voice Laura Benanti has (I never really knew, never listened to her before this show). Holy cow, her CMA song was excellent, but made better by her voice! As for the authenticity of the show, it was very clear they filmed in a very small theater and not a large venue, so I thought the authenticity was actually WAY off.

    And finally, WHY would Gemma kill herself? Unless she truly believes there’s no way out from under the pile of isht she created for herself (and its Gemma, so that’s not possible), she’ll fight like hell to save her own skin, just like she’s always done. Besides all that, if she’s going to kill herself I don’t think it’ll be before the last episode. All fans really want from this season is Gemma’s death – if she dies before the series finale, any stories the show has left to tell will be far less interesting…

  20. Hayes says:

    I thought they needed to show that Quinn’s calls weren’t getting through to Olivia, that’s why they showed her charging the phone. Or maybe I misremembered.

  21. Weezy says:

    #2. I don’t know why don’t you ask the Clintons

  22. Bianca says:

    #8 Now I understand when I hear peoople say “I am straight except for Stana Katic!!!”

  23. Weezy says:

    #20. I was wondering that as well until I remembered a couple of things. With Luke/Liv, they never say one is favored over the other. Liv simply says she has the choice to kill her brother and become a leader or lose and die. I don’t think either twin necessarily thinks they are going to win. In Jo’s case, it was because Kai can absorb magic. As soon as the merge starts, he would presumably steal all of Jo’s powers and that would be that. She would have no chance is what they are trying to make us think. Of course when they finally have the Jo/Kai showdown, I’m sure somehow the power of love or how good Jo is will come into play somehow.

    • Ella says:

      Completely agree. Besides, I’m still angry at other continuity errors, such as Elena’s compulsion not vanishing when Ric turned human again. Or the fact that they could call on any original vampire to do them a solid and restore her memories. I don’t think Elijah would mind that at all.

  24. bj says:

    9. Big mistake on the part of the Flash.

    10. I thought the same thing about Dichen. I was so happy to see her again. :(

    And if the fire wasn’t actually a con, so much for a reformed Grant. I was really hopeful when I saw him walk off with his brother, and the Senator even put his arm around Grant.

    15. Cute. I love it.

    22. Oh please no. Nolan deserves so much better.

    24. I think that would have been hilarious. PMSL.

  25. Kim R says:

    2. TGW- the dress change should have been simple and the kiss between Peter & Ramona felt like it had a history. As far as the divorce, I don’t think the public would at all be shocked or surprised.
    9. The Flash – On him revealing his identity, perhaps unwise but totally understandable.
    10. Marvel AOS – I think Ward killed them all. He forgave his brother WAY too fast. :)
    23. Mom – the more I watch this show the better I like it. Her exit from the office was hilarious. Without a word! :)

  26. Marco says:

    22. Did ANYONE find HTGAWM’s murderer reveal to be satisfying? The only twist I see people praise is the one about someone else…

  27. Jenna says:

    #2 Alicia’s entire campaign story, while well acted, is a snoozer and difficult to believe. Nothing new is being exposed about how campaigns operate..in fact, the material is dated as other shows have already covered this ground. As one who has watched the series from the beginning, the idea that Alicia is a newbie at political game playing and image management is rather preposterous. At this point, what would really be fresh and exciting, would be a divorce and an Alicia that is a little less morose and so tightly wound.

    • Kim R says:

      I also think, after watching from the beginning, that public life would be the last thing Alicia would choose for herself. Not loving the storyline, although, as you said, very well acted.

  28. Viv says:

    18. That was irony, yes? About the CMA? Because I sat there and I started giggeling as soon as Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley appeared and made this hilariously bad joke. (okay, maybe bad that I actually watched the real CMAs just yesterday…).

  29. Deb Caskett says:

    #8 Kate Beckett looks so hot in this outfit – probably #1

  30. Tedi says:

    18. It did look very authentic! Nashville’s production values are usually impressive. I totally think Luke and Sadie are gonna hook up.
    22.Connor and Nolan would be a force! I’d love it

  31. wrstlgirl says:

    #3 I thought that whole Van scene was dumb. We literally laughed out loud. The episode was good but it could have been better. Side note: my guess is either Beth or Carol don’t make it out of that hospital.

    #15 Cruzumba was hilarious.

    #16 Does Gemma did help, I’m happy to assist.

    #22 I was a bit disappointed in the big reveal on HTGAWM until the twist at the end. We had already scene most of the episode just not in the correct order. Connor and Nolan, YES PLEASE, STAT!!!!

  32. David says:

    I think Beckett had about 300 hottest looks …

  33. Meg says:

    #17 I think it has been established Felicity is crazy into fashion, so it doesn’t surprise me that should would turn into goo after seeing the dress. I don’t think it was out of character. And BTW (lol) I think Ray Palmer kind of goes over the top in everything he does, so the dress the necklace sort of fit that characterization. I don’t think it was needed in the story though. Just the fact that she is the VP means she should be at the dinner trying to help get the mine. All the fluff of the dress and necklace weren’t needed it is just “TV” stuff. I will go with it.

  34. georgia says:

    #22 That would be interesting! But I do have mixed feelings about that. Connor is all over the place and would sleep with anyone, but Nolan just wants someone normal in his life!

  35. Regina doesn’t regret that what she’s done in her past has led her Henry, just as Robin doesn’t regret having Roland, but Regina DOES regret not taking a chance on love and happiness as opposed to, as David put it, “the countless innocent lives she destroyed”. And Robin does wish Regina had come into the pub because he’s fallen in love with her and sees how amazing she is and wishes she hadn’t had to go through what she did. Having regrets about things in the past doesn’t mean you regret where it led you. Regina wouldn’t trade Henry for anything in the world, neither would Robin with Roland, but being a parent doesn’t mean you can’t find your own happiness and love outside of that.

  36. Winnie says:

    #14 – I love this. And we know what happened to Ken Marino’s character’s job…

    #21 – I thought Jake – or Olivia – was going to get shot by a window sniper mid-dance. I was actually thinking to myself, “please don’t kill Jake that way.” #deathbyStevie #SongsintheKeyofDeath I also was glad to know that Jake knew she had been taken…after he saw that she’d wasted wine. If it was between Fitz “in VT,” Jake “in the sun,” and her favorite wine, she’d be like, “wine.”

    #22 – “Can we get Connor and Revenge‘s Nolan in a room together, pretty please?” #yesplease #stillmoreunnecessaryhashtags #ishouldjustwritethewordslikeanormalperson

    • herman1959 says:

      I thought Jake was going to be killed when he left the living room, but I was totally fooled. And when Live pulled the trigger and nothing happened…WOW. Credit to the writers!

  37. herman1959 says:

    (21)Yes, that cellphone charging thing was strange, it was like the entire show stopped for it. It also seemed like the phone was bigger than her usual one. So, I was thinking new phone, new product placement deal?

  38. Robin says:

    Too quick, but sure there will be a slow down or even a stop. Still believe that, in the end, Jane and Rafael belong together! Love Watching Justin and Gina work together!

  39. Anna says:

    “22. Finally, an ABC crossover thought: Can we get Connor and Revenge‘s Nolan in a room together, pretty please?” YES PLEASE. Think about it, they’d be totally into each other! Connor seems to be into tech-savvy guys and Nolan loves crazy people! It’d be a match made in hel- heaven. I mean heaven. Obviously. Duh.

  40. David4 says:

    There is no way Sam is the killer, none. That whole episode was very predictable. Worst of the otherwise awesome “Murder” series.

  41. Jared says:

    1) Sadly ive given up on OUAT this season. I started to hate every character I used to love…
    7) I definitely prefer Jane with Michael(but I think thats only because I love Bret Dier)
    9) Im guessing it really doesnt matter that The Flash showed his face to Tony because he is already imprisoned. I took that scene as more of an F U to the guy that used to bully Barry and him wanting to rub it in his face.

  42. mommaknowsbest77 says:

    Question not yet asked about L&O:SVU – Anyone else bothered by Rollins trying to get Amaro to hit her while in the bar the other night? Wow – not only is she a drunk, she’s a MEAN drunk. Curious to see how they finish playing out that side story.

  43. Alichat says:

    17) I think I’ve stated my opinion about this quite enough.
    22) I thought the killer reveal was a let down. Not satisfying at all. And I have a hard time believing Sam survived that fall especially when in combination with the skull crushing blow his head made against the banister. And if Sam wasn’t the killer of Lila, I believe this episode proved he was capable of doing it.

  44. Angela says:

    #22: Eh, not really. I had a feeling, as the show was building up to the night, that the murder was likely going to be a self-defense sort of thing, especially since I didn’t think Annalise would be the one to deal the fatal blow. And given how manipulative and scheming these students and Annalise have been thus far, I do think a self-defense murder can humanize them better and make them more sympathetic when they have their moments of breakdown and guilt in the aftermath. A cold-blooded, premeditated one wouldn’t work nearly as well in that regard.
    As for Sam and Lila…I dunno, he looked pretty capable of violent action during that oh-so-heated confrontation with Annalise, so I still won’t put it past him to be the guilty party. I’m not exactly sure who else I might consider for a likely suspect for that murder yet, but I’m willing to keep my options open.

  45. Bwhit says:

    15: Cruzumba= one of the best things to ever happen on Chicago Fire! The first time with just Brett and him was gold.

  46. kt says:

    I tweeted something incredibly close to your #23 last night, Allison Janney “favorited” it too so I think she knows it’s in the bag now ;)

  47. Ram510 says:

    8) Beckett was HOT! This and the Halloween episode are probably the best
    21) I thought the cell phone charging was odd but I thought it was also a nice touch of realism. It one of those things you never see on TV but yet everyone does it sort of like going to the bathroom, checking for boogers and adjusting oneself

  48. LaPiquante says:

    17. Season 1 Felicity seems to have been a figment of our collective imagination. She was mousy and didn’t understand how to do her hair and I loved her dearly. New Felicity doesn’t wear sleeves, and has ventured into the world of bold dresses. I’m very very very sad that we missed out on Goth Felicity. I’m not sure how Goth Felicity would have reacted to her boss buying her a magical dress. I agree, that Pretty Woman thing needs to die violently STAT. Or a woman he buys a dress for rejects it outright, or it doesn’t actually fit or something. Maybe Mindy Kaling will use that. Or not.

    22. Re: Connor & Nolan: YEHHHHHSSSS!

    • Briggs says:

      I’m pretty sure season one included some great Felicity outfits, including the gold number she wore to the auction and the dress she wore to count cards for Oliver. Sure, the outfit she wore in her first appearance was unassuming, but I don’t think she’s ever been ‘mousy’. She certainly made an impression on Oliver, based on their conversation during their date.

  49. Grey's Fan says:

    Totally had the same thought about President Obama/Derek Shepherd. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if President Obama had a cameo on Grey’s Anatomy later this season while Derek is in Washington D.C.?
    Another thing what happen if the #HTGAWM spinning cheerleader took a ride on the Grey’s “it’s turning and you can’t make it stop” carousel?

  50. #22: my money is on Bonnie being Lila’s killer. I’m not exactly sure who she is more in love with: Sam or Annalise. I can see her killing Lila because she thought she was in love with Sam. I also see her killing Lila for coming in between Sam and Annalise. She probably thought she was doing the right thing. Her utter and total devotion to both of them is what drove her to it. As for Connor and Nolan, yes please. They would take scheming to a new height.