Ratings: Murder and Parenthood Rise, Reign Slips to Low, A to Z Ticks Up

Reign Ratings

The “winter” finale of ABC’s How to Get Away With Murder on Thursday night drew 9.8 million total viewers and a 3.1 demo rating (per finals), up 7 percent week-to-week.

Grey’s Anatomy’s own “winter” finale opened ABC’s night with 8.3 mil/2.4 (flat), while Scandal (10.1 mil/3.1) ticked down a tenth.

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CBS | With NFL preemptions factored out, Big Bang Theory (14.7 mil/4.1) was down 9 percent,  Mom (10.2 mil/2.5) dipped a tenth from last week’s series high and Two and a Half Men (8.6 mil/2.2) rose a tenth, while The McCarthys (6.3 mil/1.4) and Elementary (6.4 mil/1.0) were flat.

NBC | With NFL preemptions factored out, Biggest Loser (5.1 mil/1.3) inched up 11 percent and a tenth, Bad Judge (3.5 mil/0.9) was flat, A to Z (2.4 mil/0.7) ticked up a tenth and Parenthood‘s “winter” finale (4 mil/1.3) rose 30 percent.

FOX | Bones (5.3 mil/1.3) and Gracepoint (3.1 mil/0.8) were both flat.

THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.7 mil/0.8) ticked up 8 percent and a tenth, while Reign (1.1 mil/0.3) dipped to a new series low.

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  1. Tamika says:

    Lately Big Bang has been awful! I am seriously considering no longer watching.

    • Neki says:

      TBBT is fading… Im not watching it anymore.

      • Iakovos says:

        Don’t we have THREE more seasons of TBBT to look forward to? I hate it when a network hinges so much on one series. It hurts creativity and takes away the fun of watching.

    • Luli says:

      I thought last week’s episode was hilarious! The one where Leonard had surgery.

    • Tran says:

      Come on guys. Don’t rule TBBT out if CBS is planning a “final season” in 2017.

      • David4 says:

        It will be what 11 seasons, and it’s still scoring a 4+? Look at 2.5 Men, both it and soon to be Big Bang Theory will go on for way to long just because of the syndication rights.

    • Babygate says:

      I was completely turned off by their recent salary negotiations. Especially when I found out that Kumal, Simon, Mayim and Melissa make so much less than the ‘top’ three. Which I think its ridiculous and unfair, especially for Raj and Howard who have been sharing the same amount of screentime since the beginning and who are funnier than Penny and Leonard combined.

  2. Tran says:

    Big Bang Theory and Mom were both hilarious last night.

  3. Boiler says:

    Look for Elementary t rise when Murder done for year based on 100% gain in DVR. Stil watch TBBT but tend to gee it is getting a little old.

  4. JW says:

    Parenthood has really bothered me the past few episodes. This yet another repetitive cliff hanger is just the icing on the cake. The whole way they have been dealing with Max’s stalking has been irresponsible writing, and the sexual assault wi s simple tslking to is just absolutely disgusting,

  5. Sarah says:

    Bones. :) And I’m taking the viewer numbers with a grain of salt because it started about 17 minutes late here in Indy.

  6. July Lark says:

    With the demolition of the B & B dynamic, Bones is no longer worth watching and the current demo and viewers acknowledge that. Aubrey and writers are single handedly destroying the show. #Free David and Emily for new projects, please.

    • aa says:

      And Stephen Nathan has been with Bones since SEASON 1, so I cant even blame a new showrunner findìng his/her feet….yes TBBT return hurt Bones but thats not all the story, fans aren’t connecting with the narrative hes sellìng either and are dropping off…..B&B ARE PARTNERS they have been since day 1, yet Stephen Nathan thinks he can trash that and diminish their scenes to barely any, all for a newcomer Aubrey who brings nothing to Bones, he practically just trails after Booth and has taken over Brennan’s spot as Booth’s investigative partner like an unwanted cuckoo in the nest…they next to fix this before it is too late….

      • Remy says:

        Aubrey is fantastic! He’s definitely not a replacement for Sweets, but he’s still great. He’s the reason I’m still watching. I don’t understand all this Aubrey hate.

        • John NYC says:

          I think it’s rather he’s seen as a replacement for BRENNAN, and that’s an issue when it’s the Booth Brennan scenes that sell the show.

    • Jane says:

      Eh, I’m admittedly a huge Sweets fan, and I stopped watching after the show killed him off. But that being said, I assume it’s a bunch of factors working against Bones at this point: it’s 10 years old; one of the main ensemble was killed off, leading to a lot of focus on a new character (a Cousin Oliver is always dicey); the leads are married with kids; it’s facing tough competition; yada yada yada. But really, it’s 10 years old and it’s probably only going to struggle more when it disappears from December until the end of March. Maybe the 200th will get a bump? It will be interesting to see how many episodes it winds up with now, coming back so late. I do hope for those sticking it out to the end that the show has time to wrap nicely, whether this season or next. (But I sure wish they hadn’t killed Sweets, because I would have enjoyed his return post-hiatus.)

  7. Nate says:

    Yeah mom you deserve it

  8. Moment says:

    Anyway looks like todays the day we may see Elementary go under a 1. It has adjusted down every week so far.

  9. Babygate says:

    After 10 seasons, Grey’s is now coming in #2 in the time slot. Still, it is the best performer ABC has had in that spot in years. Surprisingly, it has been pretty steady beyond the typical high of a season premiere. Scandal is phenomenal. The writing and the performances are nothing short of masterful. Mom, on the other hand, is so crude and classless that it astonishes me it gets these kind of ratings. Twice I’ve tried to watch because I love Allison but I can never get passed the first few minutes. And as much as I’m enjoying HTGAWM, it doesn’t have the strength and quality to sustain this level of support. Once the novelty of having Viola Davis on the screen wears off, it will most likely slide. Hopefully not but it is just not the same caliber as Scandal. The writing is choppy and the characters are only marginally likeable and with the element of competition there are no friendships or relationships to root for. Other than Annalise, I can’t really root for anyone.

    • Jane says:

      Heh. After just noting that Bones is struggling because it’s 10, I realize so is Grey, which is doing pretty great right now. Of course, there is still so much to play with on Grey’s since the relationships can still be in flux, whereas Bones is painted into a corner now that the leads are happily married with kids so … Yea. Domestic bliss is always tough for tv dramas.

  10. kmw says:

    Domestic bliss does not have to kill a show. Bones is struggling with viewers not because of that but because of lack of ANY real scenes romantic or otherwise. The demo stayed the same but the long layoff will probably hurt it I would really like to know how they are going to get 22 episodes coming back so late

  11. DarkDefender says:

    I am curious how football messes up ratings (and why do they get adjusted).. Is it because the higher rated sporting events bleed into the regular prime time hour? And for example.. Every week DWTS goes over a minute (sometimes 2) and does it affect Castle’s ratings every week?
    I’ve never understood how it works. Anyone have insight they’d like to share?

  12. ninergrl6 says:

    Sad about Reign’s dip. The episode two weeks ago (where Bash and Lola found out that Francis killed Henry) was the best of the season. Maybe because it felt more character-driven and less about politics? Though historically relevant, I’m sure the Protestant/Catholic tensions are less intriguing to most viewers than last season’s love triangle. I really like the new characters they’ve added this season (particularly Conde), and I hope the writers can focus on individual relationships within the framework of historical politics. I love this show and I hate to see it losing viewers!