Adam Pally Poised to Exit Mindy Project

Adam Pally Leaving The Mindy Project

Shulman & Associates is undergoing another staffing change.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Adam Pally‘s run as a Mindy Project series regular will come to an end in early 2015.

I’m told Pally’s pact with the Fox comedy was always set to expire with this season’s 13th episode. He joined the show as Dr. Peter Prentice at the start of Season 2 and was quickly upgraded to a regular. Pally is expected to make occasional guest appearances as his schedule permits.

The former Happy Endings actor recently inked a deal with ABC Studios to produce projects for broadcast, cable and new media.

Mindy has sustained a few casting changes in its short tenure, starting with Stephen Tobolowsky and the departure of practice-founding doc he played. More recently, Zoe Jarman was dropped as a series regular ahead of Season 3, yet executive producer Matt Warburton repeatedly has told TVLine the show would love to have Jarman’s Betsy appear again in the future.

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  1. Steven says:

    I hope only the best for Adam. He was one of the best parts of Happy Endings.

  2. Steve says:

    I wasn’t really a fan of his character in the beginning (disclaimer: loved him on Happy Endings). The character has grown on me a bit, but I’m not too upset about this loss. As long as they use this opportunity to beef up the characters they already have instead of adding more, then that’s great.

    • Silva says:

      Completely agree with you, I don’t think his character added to the show in a witty or enteraining way unlike many of the other characters.

  3. dkwilley says:

    sad :(

  4. Emma Waterson says:

    When a ship is sinking, it’s best to jump off before it’s full submerged in water.

    • Moment says:

      Mindy isn’t sinking, it has another season after this one.

      • What are you talking about? It hasn’t been picked up for another season yet. It got 6 episodes added to this season though.

      • Emma Waterson says:

        Nothing is official yet, but a 13 episode final season is what it will be if they get a renewal.

        • Katie T says:

          I wouldn’t bet on that. Moment is right. A full season 3 99% of the time guarantees season 4. And Mindy needs a full season 4 to get to the number of episodes that get a better deal in syndication

          • Moment says:

            Yep, and they will likely go into Season 4 knowing its the last and make it quite special.

          • Emma Waterson says:

            I’m sorry, but from a realistic POV, a full season 4 is a stretch. At least at this point when the ratings are very bad, making it the lowest-rated comedy on Fox after Mulaney. I’m not saying a full season is 100% not happening, just that it seems more likely that it will be 13. Syndication deals are no longer 100 episodes, they have gone as low as 81. So maybe TMP will get a bit more than 13, but I doubt it will be 22.

          • Moment says:

            Personally I can see New Girl and Mindy Project both getting full seasons and will be paired together again next year. Fox doesn’t own The Mindy Project, it’s an NBC series. The more episodes NBC can get made the better.

          • Emma Waterson says:

            It doesn’t matter how many episodes NBC Universal can make, it’s how many Fox wants to pay for. Some have speculated that NBC will lower the cost of season 4’s episodes since they will be the ones profiting the most from the syndication deal. But we will not know for sure until May, so I guess we’ll see.

          • David4 says:

            If we are going by ratings the show would have ended after the 13th episode of season. Fox likes the show and I don’t think we can rule anything out, the did just give the show5-6 more episodes.

        • Veronica says:

          Sounds like you work for the Fox network, right? I can tell from your authoritative tone. Do you know if they’re going to come up with any shows that do BETTER than Mindy before next year, or just a bunch of crap like Utopia, I Wanna Marry Harry, and Mulaney? If the latter, I’m betting she’ll get 21 episodes to make it to 88 — the same 21 she got this year.

          • Emma Waterson says:

            Well… aside from Mulaney, Gracepoint and Red Band Society, every other scripted show is doing BETTER than Mindy. For the rest; please refer to my other comments above.

        • Ray says:

          You’ll be eating your words come May. The additional episode order for this season all but guarantees a full season pickup for season 4. NBC has probably significantly lowered their licensing fee to FOX to ensure a syndication deal because their other recent comedies have all failed to make it beyond one season.

          • Emma Waterson says:

            You just repeated the words that I said above. I suggest you take a look at my other comments.

  5. Laura says:

    I do like his character but, to be honest, his inclusion took screen time away from Ed Weeks, who was one of the funniest characters in Season 1. Hopefully, if he must leave the show, it means we’ll see more from Jeremy in his absence.

    • lindsay says:

      Funny. I’ve always thought their writing for Ed has weak (no pun). And the only times I’ve enjoyed plots with his character have been playing opposite Adam.

    • Netty says:

      I agree Ed Weeks was the most hilarious character in S1 and now he has no plot whatsoever, he’s really under utilized. This is one of the reasons I’m getting fed up of TMP, its now all about Mindy and Danny and everyone else is an after thought. There are no riveting storyline outside Danny and Mindy.

    • LucyLui says:

      I thought i was the only one noticing that Dr Reed has been sidelined and I too thought of him to be the funniest in season 1

  6. MeJ says:

    Oh, this really sucks. I really thought his platonic friendship with Mindy significantly elevated the show. I wish him all the luck in the world and hope we see him somewhere even better next year.

  7. Katie T says:

    Wish him all the best but will be sad to see him go. I really liked the friendship that was growing between Mindy and Peter

  8. emmaoneill89 says:

    aww that sucks! I really loved him in the show!

  9. ... says:

    Ridiculous amount of turnover on this show. Behind the scenes turmoil? Mindy not confident in her vision of the show?

    • jenna says:

      my guess is budgetary reasons. Given the low ratings i’m sure TMP had a reduced budget this season

    • In The Know says:

      It’s certainly behind-the-scenes turmoil. And it has to do with the way Kaling treats the cast, writers, and crew.

      The full story will come out. Count on it.

      • mary says:

        oh that is cute your delusional hate makes you think it something other then the length of his original contract like the article said. not to mention his new found career success.

        I will say I am sad I loved Pally on this show, he added a lot but I have also seen a lot of articles with him where he talked about wanting to create and star in his own thing not be in an ensemble so hopefully I will get to see him in something else soon.

        And for as much that is made of the casting stuff on Mindy this is the first cast loss that was an actual loss up until now they were bit players, glorified guest stars & in Anna Camp’s case really untalented.

        • Scaraband says:

          “Mary”: Looks like your lack of self-esteem has caused you to inextricably link your rapidly diminishing sense of self-worth to Mindy Kaling’s floundering career. That’s awful for you, but please know there are licensed mental health professionals to assist you.

          Pally’s contract? It does end next year… just like all the other actors’ contracts on the show. Yet he’s the only one leaving. Hmmmm.

          Sarcasm seems lost on you, so I’ll explain: the “contract” stuff was a red herring in the press release, meant to distract the dull-witted. It worked, at least in one case. :-)

          You’re also wrong in your assessment of the other actors Kaling fired: Zoe Jarman and Amanda Setton are quite talented. Anna Camp is VERY talented. And Stephen Tobolowsky is regarded as one of the best comic character actors working today.

          Do better next time.

          • mary says:

            wow you have some issues sweetie, not thinking some sinister weird thing is going on has little to do with my self esteem, and much to your dismay Mindy Kaling’s career seems fine. I get you have some issues, regarding Mindy Kaling that I don’t quite understand I am going to guess she makes you feel small?

            I didn’t say that the actors who left weren’t talented, although Anna Camp truly sucked on the show and had zero chemistry with the cast or screen presence, I said they weren’t significant to the show like Pally is. Until these articles I thought Stephen Tobolowsky (whom I am a fan of) was just a guest star not quite the same impact of the Peter character now is it?

            Seek help because your irrational hate and anger towards a celebrity is scary and sad.

          • Dipa Banerjee says:

            Hmm…I’m glad that there are licensed mental health professionals, because you can certainly do with assistance my friend! You seem to only be able to rant with no method to your madness! Are you Anna Camp’s or Adam Pally’s bff’s or agents? Otherwise, how would you know anything about this? I will certainly miss Adam Pally on the show, and if there was one person whose scenes were the most vibrant after m&d’s it was certainly Peter’s with pretty much everyone else on the show. I also think Anna Camp was great on the show but again she wanted to pursue other opportunities. Zoe Jarman and Amanda Setton were no losses in my humble opinion. Can you please tell me what USPS they brought? I do think the show was lazy in not writing them off in any meaningful way and that they do better with PP!

          • danielle says:

            Attention Mindy Kaling fangirls: Could you tone down the bitterness a notch? You’re making actual fans of the show look bad.

            Seriously: I watch the show. But I don’t want to be in the same category with the likes of mary and “dipa.”

          • Mary says:

            @danielle how is just believing the article and not assuming anything negative being a fangirl. It’s called being rational and saying oh the article said his contract was up that’s a big loss.

            So you don’t want to be lumped with logical people?

          • Luíza says:

            In Brazil we have a saying “LACROU”, wich essentially means that the ass of the person you’re talking to is closed forever because of how great your answer was.
            and you, my friend Sacaraband, LACROU.

  10. Anna says:

    Aww, this is really sad, I love him a lot and was so happy to have him around in one of my fave comedies after Happy Endings was brutally murdered :(

  11. Lauren says:

    I enjoyed his friendship with Mindy. But what happened to all her female friends? Maybe we will see some of them after Peter is gone. Mindy is such a girl’s girl but all of the female characters on this show have gradually disappeared.

    • Veronica says:

      They’ve added 2 new female characters, Jean and Danny’s mother, Annette. While both were supposed to be recurring characters, they’ve both been on a LOT (Rhea Perlman was on 4 of the first 8 episodes and is set to be on the next one too). Also, they’ve expanded Tamra’s role quite a bit. I have mixed feelings about Pally/Peter. While I do like him, there’s a lot of talent on the show, and it’s tough to use them all in a 30-minute sit-com. The addition of Peter has resulted in a smaller role for Jeremy (which I don’t care about) and Morgan (whom I miss). So there are definitely people to fill the void, if any, left by him.

      I have to say I don’t miss any of those first season female characters at all. They just weren’t that funny.

      • Scaraband says:

        They were quite funny. But they were also more attractive than Mindy Kaling, which is why she fired them.

        Best of luck with your future justifications of Kaling’s piggish behavior!

  12. I can’t wait to see Adam Pally on another series real soon.

  13. Ray says:

    I’m glad. I liked Adam Pally in Happy Endings, but not so much on TMP> Hopefully Jeremy can the screen time he deserves now.

  14. Philos says:

    Pally needs to make some appearances on David Caspe’s new show Marry Me. I miss his awesome chemistry with Casey Wilson.

  15. Kate says:

    I sort of returned to the show this season (I might have missed a large chunk of season 2) and have been sporadically catching up. He’s an interesting edition, but I sort of wonder has it been at the guy who plays Jeremy’s expense and when I last regularly watched, Jeremy had a role to play. Now, he seems shoehorned in.

  16. Netty says:

    The cast turnover on this show is shocking. I hope they don’t get rid of Ed Weeks

    • TMPFan says:

      Adam Pally leaving actually means more screen time for Jeremy. I adore both of them though. Wish they could have accommodated them both. But Pally is better known than Ed Weeks and is probably being offered a more interesting role. Wish him well.

  17. Maya says:

    That’s disappointing. I was really starting to like Peter but I wish Adam all the best.

  18. Kat says:


    This is THE worst news. I’m going to miss hearing about his buddy Pubes and his hard lemmes.

  19. jo jo jo says:


  20. Angela says:

    Yay! I can go back to watching this program. He was too annoying for words.

  21. Jared says:

    The only other comedies Fox has are its animated block and B99. Sure Mindy and New Girl arent the biggest comedies on TV but they tend to do well with a specific demographic that the network clearly wants. I expect a full season for both.

  22. Joey Padron says:

    Sad he’s leaving the show. He was great as Peter, Been a fan of his since Happy Endings. Hope he’ll be back on TV soon!

  23. Megan says:

    Noooo! I love Adam Pally! He was the reason I tuned into the show which I am glad I did since The Mindy Project is awesome, but I am sad he is leaving.

  24. David4 says:

    He was awesome on Happy Endings, probably the best gay character ever on TV.

  25. Dennis Kish says:

    Good riddance!!!! He was soooooooannoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jason Paul says:

    This show does not know how to service the secondary characters. Good thing Danny & Mindy are so charming.

  27. KC says:

    He knows when to distance himself from a bad show

  28. Sims says:

    Happy to see that the Mindy Project continues to be the story of how Mindy Lahiri ignored all of her female and male friends, her job obligations and devote her attention only to her boyfriend Danny. Such a wonderful representation of women.

  29. Asta says:

    I have a feeling all the Mindy-haters are men.

    • Truth Teller says:

      Really? I have a feeling all the violently-obsessive Mindy fans are fat, lonely females laboring under the delusion that Mindy Kaling really cares about them, when she’d actually have nothing to do with them in real life.

      Takes all kind, I guess.

  30. dan says:


  31. I.R.E. says:

    There could be a chance that they might increase the main cast size from 8 to 12, so the interaction becomes more positively convincing with these:


    Nobody should depart from this show since it is building up properly.

  32. Nooooo!! I love Peter. Besides Mindy and Danny he’s my only other favorite! I’m sure he will do well in whatever he does but his portrayal of Peter will definitely be missed.

  33. Tee says:

    Nooooo, I have really enjoyed having him around! Granted since Mindy and Danny became a couple there haven’t been as funny friend moments between him and Mindy, but still really like him.

  34. Ami says:

    I didn’t like the Peter character much when he started but he’s definitely grown on me and I’m super sad to see him go now!!! Awful, it’s like getting someone hooked on something and then abruptly taking it away…….. like Starbucks does to me every holiday season.

  35. A says:

    No! I need Max on my TV! I don’t care what show it is

  36. Tom says:

    I’m so sad to see him go. I thought he really brought a lot to the table. Am I the only one who really dislikes the Morgan character?

    • ysosrs says:

      Yes. Morgan is the second best character on the show after Mindy. This is an objective opinion. Obviously you are the only person in the entire world who thinks differently. You alone walk this path.

  37. Television says:

    Glad they got rid of Betsy, need to get rid of Tara, and glad they are getting rid of Adam. Need to just focus on the main characters more and give back screen time to Ed. One of the best episodes was when they went to the female prison.

  38. I.R.E. says:

    I think since this show is improving and building up positively along the way, this show’s main cast needs to extend the size from 8 to 12 members. But of course, nothing more than 12 from now on.

  39. iamkessuki23tw says:

    not fussed about peter, i liked him at the start but have since gone off him and would much prefer to see more of morgan and jeremy – in particular. peter’s dating and relationships don’t interest me what so ever, in my opinion they need to concentrate on giving more backstoty, development and screentime to the original characters. i hope they bring back one of mindy’s gal pals.

  40. Thats too bad, I really loved him on Happy Endings and I was really enjoying him on Mindy!

  41. ysosrs says:

    I’m sure he’s a great actor, but I could not stand his character at all, so I’m not too sad. Bring on Dr. Reed and Morgan time!!!

  42. Silva says:

    I did not think his character added very much to the show, and rather found his presence annoying and made the show more cheesy. Thought he would just be a one or two time appearance when he first came. Glad he will be no longer be a series regular. Anyone with me on this one?