Fox Sets Dates for Following, Bones' Spring Return, Backstrom and More

It’s beginning to look a lot like… New Year’s?

Ready or not, Fox is the latest network to turn its eye to 2015 — with the announcement of premiere dates for Backstrom, The Following, Weird Loners and more, plus the spring return of Bones.

In addition to Glee‘s move to Friday — read more on that here — the network’s other scheduled premieres are as follows:

* Season 3 of MasterChef Junior rings in 2015 starting Tuesday, January 6 at 8/7c.

* A new unscripted series, World’s Funniest Fails, will launch Friday, Jan. 16 at 8/7c.

* Rainn Wilson’s freshman crime procedural Backstrom kicks off Thursday, Jan. 22 at 9/8c. (Gracepoint wraps its run on Dec. 11.)

* Will Forte’s comedy The Last Man on Earth is debuting Sunday, March 1 at 9/8c (before assuming a regular (9:30/8:30c slot).

* The Following kicks off Season 3 — with a new showrunner and a new Big Bad — with a special two-hour installment, Monday, March 2 at 8/7c.

* Hell’s Kitchen reopens for business (and yelling) on Tuesday, March 3 at 8/7c.

* Becki Newton’s ensemble laugher Weird Loners is premiering Tuesday, March 31 at 9:30/8:30c. (The Mindy Project’s recently extended Season 3 wraps on March 24.)

* And finally, Bones — which airs its winter finale (aka Episode 200) on Dec. 11 — will be back on the schedule beginning Thursday, March 26 at 8/7c. At that point, American Idol will begin a once-a-week cycle — airing Wednesdays only, sans results-show telecast.

Excited about any particular return and/or premiere dates from Fox? Sound off below!

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  1. Teag says:

    Whoa late start for Following. I’ll miss it in Jan and Feb.

  2. Ella says:

    Is it just me…..or is that a LONG wait for Bones?

  3. Et al says:

    I wonder if ‘world’s funniest fails’ will feature a segment on ‘Utopia’?

  4. Sarah says:

    Bones. :( I honestly think this will finally kill it. :( JMO

  5. kn1231 says:

    That wait for Bones is a little excessive.

  6. Claire says:

    The hiatus for The Following is bad enough when it’s in January. Now we’re going to have to wait almost an entire year to see the new season. This scheduling is horrible.

  7. Fran says:

    Is Wayward Pines still a go?

  8. Kyle says:

    So is the Hell’s Kitchen “reopen” season 14 or the return of the current season??

  9. ... says:

    So, Red Band Society isn’t getting a back order then, I take it?

  10. TideGirl says:

    So not excited to have to wait 3.5 months for the return of Bones :(.

  11. Kp says:

    So Masterchef Junior is on now and they will start another new season in January?

  12. Stacey says:

    I think BONES will be fine. They still don’t know if David and Emily will be back next season if FOX wants it back. But my biggest concern is how can they still air 22 episodes at least if they don’t come back until March 26th. They will have aired 10 by the end of the fall season. And there isn’t that many weeks left if it comes back on it’s appointed date. So either double blocks or it has to come back earlier. I don’t want reduced episodes in what may be the final season. Given that BONES still one of FOX’s better rated shows!

  13. Drew says:

    No release date for Wayward Pines? That is the one that I want to see the most.

  14. Sokratis Lakrindis says:

    Poor Becki Newton, 2nd show in 3 years to be basically burned off rather than given any opportunity to succeed. A late March start is just begging for automatic cancellation

  15. LynnH says:

    Backstrom! So excited to have President Palmer, er, Dennis Haysbert back in primetime.

  16. Tran says:

    March 2nd can’t come soon enough for the upcoming season of The Following. No word yet on when Wayward Pines is going to debut. BTW, let’s hope Fox brings back 24 for a tenth and possible “final season”.

  17. kmw says:

    That wait for Bones is way too long. if they have 22 episodes it will end way later. I will come back and watch but how many others will. I know the show has loyal fans but I do not think we have ever had to wait so long for show to come back. I guess we better enjoy the next two episodes MARCH 26TH REALLY!!!

  18. alistaircrane says:

    But what about Wayward Pines? It was supposed to air Summer 2014…how much longer are they going to delay it?

  19. not a happy Bonehead at all with bones being on hiatus till March. not fair fox.

  20. Lore says:


  21. kmw says:

    Bones has been one of the steadiest shows this network has ever had they have been moved all over the schedule and FOX cannot find an earlier date for it to come back. I know David and Emilys contracts are up this year, but unless something is going on with them that we do not know about this is not good. I really hope Bones gets another year because so far we have had hardly any Booth and Brennan partner scenes and no romance either. This year started out strong but has gotten weaker. I will always watch but this will not help at all. Hopefully when they come back we will have more Booth and Brennan less Aubrey with Booth. This is just making this disappointing season even worse. At least the 200th episode looks good

    • A says:

      The way Stephen Nathan has ran Bones into the ground is disgraceful….he has taken B&B partnership and threw under the bus, they no longer work together, the last ep they had THREE scenes together for the entire ep….for what? So the most UNECCESSARY addition to the show called Aubrey can work for Booth?….he is useless…who the hell wants to watch him & Booth and not B&B? NO ONE…..Who takes the reason that Bones is on air for 10 years: B&B partneship dynamic & reduces it to 3 scenes per ep AND separtes them most of the ep? WHO DOES THAT?

      • Jo says:

        I agree with you 100%. I’m a faithful Bones fan. I’m crushed season 10 has been a big disappointment. B&B need to be the center that’s how the show began & established the strong fan base. Please more B&B

      • Kelly says:

        I agree that Aubrey sucks and is a crappy attempt at replacing Sweets!! Sweets should haven’t been removed anyway. Season 10 has not been good.

  22. Phoebe says:

    When will Gotham’s second half of the season come back?

  23. Bill says:

    When does Sleepy Hollow finish up?

  24. harristha says:

    No no, such a long wait for Bones?! Fox, I think you’re dumb, you have one steady show that has proved itself many times throughout all these years and that long wait is what it deserves? Not fair and not a smart move.
    -An ex Fox fan

  25. Diane says:

    Bones, was a great show. Then season 10 happened. S. Nathan killed more than just a part of the team. He killed the overall feel of the show. I’ve tried to watch it but there isn’t any enjoyment in it anymore. It has the feeling of a show “trying too hard”. The dialogue is weak, the cases..boring. I watched for the team dynamics the push/pull between logic&emotion. All we got was Sweets killed in a pointless, tragic manner, & Aubrey being pushed as the Sweets fill in (he is not). It’s become the Booth and Aubrey show. Nathan is forcing a brotherly relationship that should not exist after only a few episodes .. if at all. Nathan’s “creative” decisions this season are fails. I don’t see a Hitchcock inspired 200 fixing the broken feel of the show either.

  26. Moment says:

    Glee’s two season renewal was another Kevin Reilly blunder. It’s only on Friday because it’s an unwanted show. I would hope The Last Man on Earth does well but I’m not holding out much hope.

  27. kmw says:

    I have been trying to defend why Bones has not put Booth and Brennan in more scenes but it is not making sense anymore. Last night they had at least 3 scenes in FBI room where she could have been. I liked Aubrey at first but ENOUGH. It appears we will get Booth and Brennan episode for 200th but what after that. We do not expect them to be on the whole hour but more than TWO OR THREE scenes. Also if Emily Deschanel is pregnant they are doing a poor job of hiding it they keep on putting her behind things. If she is pregnant than I could see the episode order reduced. Right now a very disappointing season.

    • Olivia says:

      That’s what I think too. The pregnant part that is. Maybe that’s why there will be a long hiatus and why they haven’t got that many scenes together and why she isn’t on the field as much. In season 7 they wrote her pregnancy in, and there were many scenes between them, but they can’t do that this time. The episode order for Scandal was reduced last season to 18 episodes when Kerry Washington was pregnant, and they didn’t bring it back after the December last episode until the end of February/beginning of March. Maybe that’s what’s happening here. I’m sure it will all become apparent soon if true.

  28. Viggie4 says:

    Waiting for #bones10 to return late March just makes me sick! Way way to long! Then it will only be on until early May!

  29. Viggie4 says:

    #Bones10 way too long for March26. Then it goes off in May. That hurts! Love Bones!

  30. Carolyn Thomas says:

    Oh no!….No Bones for almost 4 months! Terrible, terrible, terrible!!!!!

  31. Dizzle says:

    So what’s happening with Empire? It’s set to run Wednesday’s at 9 from January, will Idol become only a one-hour show from March, or is Empire going to finish by then and leave Wednesday’s as a two-hour Idol??

  32. Phil says:

    It’s amazing to me that FOX continues to not help Red Band Society by giving it a Tuesday time slot! It’s a family show, air it at a time when families can watch live! And not against the other biggest family show on TV.

    Scheduling ANOTHER round of MasterChef Junior, regardless of that show’s quality, in that time period is short-sighted. Red Band could be a hit for years if FOX would TRY SOMETHING.

    • Moment says:

      Errr no. It wouldn’t matter what the timeslot is for RBS, people simply aren’t interested in it. As for calling a new MasterChef Junior short sighted, perhaps if you understood ratings you would see its a great performer for the network.

  33. Sharon Lay says:

    What in the world is with the 3 month delay of the return of Bones. Dose that mean we will not get a full season of Bones .

  34. kmw says:

    I apologize for any comments about Emily Deschanel. Her personal life has nothing to do with when her show comes back. It is just going to be a LONG wait for show to come back. Unless they do double block later I do not see how they get 22 episodes in by even late May

  35. Alejandro says:

    The Following in March?? January is bad enough already! Season 2 ended in April 2014 which would be almost a whole entire year once Season 3 premieres, someone needs to fix this schedule!

    • Dave says:

      I agree, I thought they were not going to bring The Following back and that just would have not been cool. I think it’s a great show I just hope the story line can stay as intense as it was.

  36. Donna says:

    Extremely disappointed with the return date for BONES. Why such a long wait? Is FOX trying to kill the show? They hardly promote the show and it still gets better ratings than the shows they do promote, even thou the ratings have been dropping. We need Hart Hanson back. I’ve been a Bonehead from the beginning and don’t want to see it end like this. Parker is hardly mentioned any more. What happened to “the center must hold”, Brennan and Booth are the center and they are barely shown together. I miss all of the chemistry between the characters. Brennan should be helping Booth get past the loss of Sweets and the trauma from being framed and locked up. All we’ve been seeing is Aubrey being forced on us. Even Sweets was introduced to us slowly. We need more: Booth and Brennan moments, Brennan and Angela moments, Parker and Booth moments and we need BONES back before March. Please bring back the old BONES. I’d really like to see at least a season 11.

  37. noreen says:

    LONG wait for Bones to return, especially since I have NO interest in Idol.

  38. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Why can’t you tell us the reason Bones is not coming back until March? What is the deal here? Is it Fox or Hart Hanson ( per one of comments)? This is best show on TV, What’s up? What is the big secret? I agree with other comments & have expressed this before. We all miss Booth & Brennan working together. I like the new guy, but you are cramming him down our throats, too much of him. We want B&B back together. Is it because they are not getting along? Both Emily & David expressed in their 200th celebration, that they argue all the time. Is It because Emily is pregnant, I mean, come on its pretty obvious. I am not trying to pry into her personal life & I understand she wants privacy, but at least be honest, We are fans and support them All completely & love Cast & Crew. Give us some feed back. Is the show being cancelled? We want to support you, please give us some answers. Thanks. Ruth Ann

  39. Mary Ann says:

    Why does Fox treat Bones so badly? It’s the backbone of their network and one of the best shows on the air!

  40. Dawn says:

    When such a long time in between fall finales and spring?

  41. Jo says:

    Bones, Bones, Bones. Love this show. I’m not crazy about the spring start date. If it starts March 26 when does the season end?

  42. paladin117 says:

    what a waste of a milestone episode.Bones has gone downhill and should be cancelled.

  43. Cyn says:

    Why so long a wait for bones to show on tv

  44. My husband and I both love Bones and The Following, but March is a very long time to wait for the new Season to start!! Bummer, I thought it was bad having to wait for Jan every season for Downton Abbey, but I guess I’ll live!! Tee-Hee.

  45. Annie Fradin says:

    I am so happy that Bones will return ,I think it is one of the finest shows on Fox. I just love the whole cast and how well they work together-thanks fox for bringing them back!

  46. Dave says:

    I dont think Bones is as good as it use to be and then this past season they kill off Sweets, what a disappointment.

  47. Vanessa says:

    SERIOUSLY?! Why such a long wait for BONES? I could do without two nights of American Idol to watch BONES. I thinks that’s a little ridiculous.

  48. Kelly says:

    I cant believe Bones is off until the end of March!!! Its bad enough they killed sweets just because John Francis Daley needed 4 months off. If it wasn’t for David Boreanaz I would just stop watching!!

  49. Jaime says:

    Is the long wait for the return of Bones due to Emily’s pregnancy?