Scandal Winter Finale Recap: Gone Girl

Scandal Season 4 Fall Finale

This Thursday on Scandal‘s Season 4 fall finale, Cyrus made headlines, Fitz made an unpopular decision and Jake made too long a trip to fetch a blanket.

With a massive target on his back, Rowan initiated a “shutdown” protocol for B613, landing Jake, Quinn et al on a kill list. Meanwhile, the search for Papa Pope turns up Mama Pope, who’s been kept in that hole at the super-secret compound. “Tell ’em, Livvie. Handle them,” Maya says to her daughter, expecting to be freed from custody. But no dice. All Liv wants to do is get her dad — or more specifically, to “hunt him, find him, kill him.”

Making things extra-interesting amidst this manhunt, LizzieBear confronts Olivia about betraying her to Cyrus, warning of consequences — and moments later, PORTIA DE ROSSI, KERRY WASHINGTON“sexy-time” pics of the “Chief of Staffs” and Michael are in the press. Fitz makes the call to “fight this,” and to that end Olivia proposes a marriage between Cy and the pro, that she can spin as a “love story” for America to gobble up. Cy, though, refuses to do that to dead James.

Quinn finds and warns Charlie about the shutdown protocol, prompting him to suggest that with the Grim Reaper looming, they (ahem) “affirm life.” Quinn protests for a half-second, before they go at it like the rabbits they are. Afterward, Quinn realizes that Charlie has been tasked with taking her out; a half-naked wrestling match/fight ensues, with neither able to dispatch with the other; instead, they bond some over Charlie’s dead granny.

Cyrus hands his resignation to Fitz, beseeching him to “build yourself up by knocking me down.” Fitz hesitates, a lot, before saying the words his CoS wants to hear: “Thank you for your service, Cy. It’s been an honor.”

Huck gives Jake what seems to be a lead on Rowan’s whereabouts, but instead they get Silence of the Lambs‘d — Rowan is actually inside Olivia’s apartment. When Liv finds him there, she attests that he can’t disappear and “be a normal person” because he is not normal. Rowan erupts at the “ungrateful” daughter who would rather “send in her clan of good ol’ boys to kill me” that appreciate what he made her into. “It is you who cannot be normal,” he argues. “It is you who has no comprehension of love.” In the midst of his oration, Liv grabs his gun off the table, and after some consideration, pulls the trigger. But there are no bullets. Nonetheless, Rowan is wounded. “You just shot your own father!…?” he marvels before slinking away, back into the shadows.

If I may make an aside KATIE LOWES, GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ, KERRY WASHINGTONhere like the @Serial lady, “Let’s talk about Kubiak for a moment.” Quinn has informed Olivia that Winslow’s crony is dead (the bloody business witnessed by young Javi), and that Lizzie and VP Andrew have been boning. Huck determines that the previous time all three of those people were together was at Winslow’s firm the night Caitlin was murdered. Quinn digs around at the firm and finds the client for that meeting to be “WACO Inc.” Hmmmm.

Back to Olivia, who visits her mother aka the holder of “the PhD in Rowan’s brand of crazy,” only to be told, “Girl, you need to move on… You’re just like him.” When Liv balks at the comparison, Maya notes: “Look around Boo, I’m in a cage, you’re visiting me,” just as it was during her captivity at B613. Touche!

When Liv finds Cyrus lamenting the media’s labeling of him as a “gay stereotype” as he packs his office, she sets out to “Cyrus Beene” him, and does so quite effectively. “Your life’s unfair? Grow the hell up, because that is how it is!” she roars. “The Cyrus I know doesn’t hide… and wet his pants like a little bitch baby. He’s a patriot, he bites the bullet, so I want to know right now who you are!” Cyrus fights back, “I’m not a little bitch baby!!!” and then follows through on the faux marriage plans with Michael, telling a TV interviewer he won’t apologize for “falling in love.”

Lizzie confronts Mellie upon hearing that Fitz won’t attack West Angola, and as such he’s “lost the party.” “I thought we were on the same page…?” the RNC boss says, to which Mellie interrupts, “Because we were both screwing Andrew?” The First Lady acknowledges that while Andrew may be “dedicated” in bed, he is not POTUS material, so Lizzie better choose wisely come election time. “I’m not nearly as gentle as Andrew,” Mellie warns. “It will hurt.”

As the fall finale came to a close, Quinn and Huck realized that WACO stands for West Angola Commercial Organization, an assets fund managed by Winslow’s firm. As such, Lizzie and Andrew were quite upset that Fitz elected not to wage war on the country — especially since West Angola “targeted” Andrew in what was revealed to be staged bombing that the veep knowingly dodged. But why the surveillance of Olivia?

As Huck and Quinn mull SCOTT FOLEYthat one, we see an irked Andrew meet with Fitz, while Olivia at her apartment invites Jake to join her in a “I’m no longer thinking about my father” dance party, set to Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing.” Liv evokes Kelly Taylor by telling Jake that while she wants Vermont with Fitz and she wants to stand in the sun with him, right now “I’m choosing me.” And then she chooses to have sex on her piano, so Jake goes to the boudoir to fetch a blanket (for traction/warmth) and pillow (for cushioning)… but by the time he gets back, Olivia has vanished, her wine spilled (!!!!). Meanwhile at the Oval Office, Andrew taunts Fitz, who now realizes that Olivia has been targeted, “How are you liking that war now, sir?”

(Elsewhere: David learned through interviewing Abby about Cyrus’ scandal that she’s bedding Leo, while Huck presented Astrid with his B613 files, to prove he’s not crazy as she thinks.)

What did you think of Scandal‘s midseason finale? (Season 4 resumes Jan. 29.)

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  1. C. says:

    I have never laughed so hard during this show than the bitch baby scene. Was it supposed to be funny? If so, bravo!

  2. CK says:

    I enjoyed the episode, especially the later Mama Pope scenes. My only issue is that after figuring out that these people (Waco/Kubiak) murdered 2 teenage girls and staged an assassination attempt on the vice president, Quinn/Huck didn’t think of offering protection to Liv. I mean sure, they didn’t know exactly what they were going to do, but given Kubiak’s/Wacos history, anyone could guess that it wasn’t going to be pleasant at all.

  3. Cheyenne says:

    OK, one of two things is happening:
    1) She faked her own disappearance. Or:
    2) Fitz tells Cyrus Olivia has been kidnapped, Cyrus calls in Charlie and/or Huck, Charlie and/or Huck get creative on Andrew with an electric drill, Andrew gives up Olivia’s whereabouts after which he conveniently expires of a heart attack or whatever, and we’re off for another 12 episodes of Shondamonium.
    You know what? I don’t even care any more. The craziness is getting out of bounds.

    • Cheyenne says:

      Another thing: Mama Pope was in that hole for two months and when they haul her out of there her hair is still all fried and laid to the side? WTF?

    • cmsfl says:

      I was watching and thinking “Why am I wasting my time with this show?” I really don’t know if I’ll watch once it comes back at the end of January.

      • Cheyenne says:

        I want to see where Olivia ran off to or was carried off to. But I’m not especially impatient to find out. I really need a rest from this show.

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Gosh cheyenne so agree with you there is never any progression with the plots lines still always in same position. They need new writers to move the show on without losing any of the characters. 4 seasons and the main character is in the same position – stagnant scandal; time for change please. Here we go again where is olivia pope havent we just done this!!!!

          • Asta says:

            I think they need to get back to their core group. Have Abby return because just Huck and Quinn isn’t cutting it for me. What happened to the Brit? And if Harrison in real life is over his problems, bring him back. And Jake, seriously? You deserve so much more. On the other hand, Liv will go off to Vermont with Fitz and will be so bored.

    • Pam says:

      You know, I thought about it being a Gone Girl disappearing act on Liv’s part too. Then realized she wouldn’t spill that expensive wine

    • Asta says:

      It was so obvious when Jake left the room that she was going to be kidnapped.

  4. R. says:

    Damsel in distress waiting to be rescued. Really, Scandal, really? Tell me this is a case of misdirection and the scene where olivia chooses the same record her father was talking about is suppose to be a clue, otherwise that was just weird too.

  5. ... says:

    The fact that this show refuses to kill Rowan is insulting. His presence removes any amount of tension that might develop because he always wins. And if it doesn’t look like he’s going to, there’ll be a deus ex machine that keeps him on top. Incredibly boring television for a show that only became big due to its reliance on shock tactics.

  6. Para Lin says:

    I love the Bitch baby line.

  7. Carm says:

    Loved the bitch baby scene. Why oh why couldn’t there have been bullets in that gun? I really wanted Olivia to kill Rowen. I am so sick of Rowen and his never ending speeches. He is really ridiculous.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I was hoping she had the gun from Jake in her purse and was gonna pop him mid-monologue.

      • meg says:

        The chekhov’s gun that never came to be…super disappointed.

      • Larc says:

        I was hoping Olivia would sit down and shoot him under the table so he would never even see Jake’s gun.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Perhaps it was Rowan who kidnapped Olivia at the end – to protect her from the WACO plot and before escaping her father’s clutches and after both give another long speech, Olivia will pull the gun from her purse and kill her father.
        Isn’t the actor who plays Rowan slated to be on another show midseason? I’d rather they kill him then send him off into the universe to return when the actor has time… Plus, Olivia dealing with killing her father would make for an interesting character development.

        • QueenB1972 says:

          Interesting theory. I like it!!!!!

        • MC says:

          I was thinking the same thing about Rowan kidnapping Olivia. Does the VP know about Olitz? He could have been talking about having Mellie or maybe even his daughter…

          • Cheyenne says:

            Oh absolutely, Andrew knows. Go back to last season when Olivia told him to choose between Mellie and being VP and Andrew said to her, “What did he do to you?”

      • Asta says:

        That whole scene rang false. Rowan would never leave that gun unattended, she’s a smart girl and should have known it was a test and take gun from purse.

      • Lesley says:

        I was hoping the same thing. *sigh…….

      • MLPR says:

        Ditto! I kept waiting for it. I just want Rowan to go away. Liv is supposed to be this amazing handler, but I haven’t seen her at her best in quite a while. Maybe if he goes away she can continue OPA successfully.

  8. Cheyenne says:

    I usually can’t stand Mellie but she had the two best lines of the night:
    “That doesn’t make us friends, it just gives us the same STDs”.
    “I’m not nearly as gentle as Andrew. It will hurt.”

    • Sally says:

      Mellie always has the best lines..I love her!

    • Zuri says:

      Funny thing is this statement can be applied to Olivia who is passing out community vagina, and the show has become about who she will slob down this week. SHonda makes bold statements then writes Olivia so contradictory to the message. She also did this by never addressing the fact Jake choked her, but then writes an ep on domestic violence. She really needs to get back to more realistic plots and focus on character development and progressing the story, maybe new writers are needed. 4a has been a let down.

  9. Allison says:

    I was wondering why Andrew was around and now we know. I didn’t think they would bring in Portia de Rossi and not give her a juicy role. I love Mellie’s line to LizzieBear when she told her that screwing her would hurt. I believe that completely. It is a shame that Fitz’s enemies know that Olivia is his biggest weakness – now she will always be a target. She sure picked a fine time to break ties with her papa. Cyrus oh, Cyrus…sigh…OK, well…he did have that great line about owning the guy instead of renting him. Mama Pope was entertaining; especially the way she got to Olivia by comparing her to her father and saying how much alike they were – Olivia did not like that. I love Stevie Wonder (especially the Songs in the Key of Life album) and I was screaming Noooooo throughout the entire scene with Olivia and Jake dancing to his music. His music was not meant to be used for this!!!! Meh, as long as Stevie’s music gets some love, all is well. I don’t know why Huck gave the B613 files to the crazy lady formerly known as his wife. She is so far gone and those files will not help one bit. She is madam hysteria. I enjoyed Quinn as usual and I loved how she flirted her way right on in to that company with nothing but a seductive smile all the while carting around some dead guy’s finger. Oh Quinn, please don’t ever go back to the way you were! Well the wait begins. I am looking forward to finding out where Olivia is. I wonder if it was friend or foe that swooped in and swooped her up. Oh well until it returns…i’ll just have to theorize with friends and family

  10. Huh says:

    What does Olivia have to do with west Angola? And why is Andrew all of a sudden a moustache twirling villan?

    • abz says:

      I’m thinking the VP knows a war in West Angola is a mistake but wants Fitz to got through with it to sabotage him in some way. He clearly wants the presidency and Elizabeth North wants a president she influence and some sway with.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        My guess is Fitz will team up with his ex-VP Sally to bring down Andrew and she will return to the White House after Andrew is ousted for his crimes. The only question is who will go to Sally first: Fitz, Mellie or Cyrus?

  11. Bernadine says:

    Is it sad that all i could think about during this episode was the Abby and Leo thing?! I ,mean I love Liv and all the antics but my gosh did they downplay them hooking up! Im so keen for them to be together and David to get jealous like can that take centre stage for a while? But then again if it got more focus there would be a sex scandal, a death and some hidden agenda……. overall great episode ! however because of the way they shot Jake and the hallways and stuff I kinda expected it coming, still good though ! excited to see how far Fitzboy will go for Liv. Still not keen on the Huck storyline but he has to have something ! and YES ASTRID LOL ! ANNNND i loved Mellie, I love strong Mellie not whimpy Mellie ah love you Bellamy!

    • Overthinking says:

      Yeah I was surprised too with downplaying of Abby and Leo too. Especially since they had noted at the beginning that this season the focus would be on Abby. But they still have time to scandalize Abby/Leo/David. We are only in episode 10.

  12. Mika02 says:

    All I kept thinking during Olivia & papa popes scene was ohh man you caught me monologuing.

  13. abz says:

    LOL the “bitch baby” motivational speech was more funny than actually moving.
    And oh how I wish there was a bullet in that gun. I knew she would pull the trigger and nothing would happen and that it would trigger another one of his never-ending monologues after we just heard him speak for like 10 minutes. Why, Shonda? Why couldn’t there have been a bullet to shut Rowan/Eli/Joe Morton up on Scandal forever? All I can think now is how many minutes into the next episode will it take before I have to sit through another one of his terrible Shondalogues!

  14. abz says:

    Maybe its the way the season has been playing out or the writing, but can someone explain to me why those two girls were murdered again? I don’t remember. I understand the whole issue with the VP and Elizabeth and how that Kubiak was part of the plan for kidnapping Liv and the West Angola thing, but I just can’t seem to remember how it all started. Maybe I should reread some of the earlier recaps.

    • an says:

      I hope someone can explain it to me too. I’m so confused about that storyline.

    • Guest says:

      Yep I’m equally lost

    • Overthinking says:

      In Quinn’s words from last night episode, the first gal got killed because she saw a meeting btwn the vice president, Kubiak and her father at the law office where she took the folder from the office (the folder that had Olivia’s photos) and that ensured a struggle btwn her and Kubiak in an elevator.

      Later she (the first gal) hide the photos in a locker and gave her friend the key. When the first gal was killed probably because she threatened to say/give what she heard/got from the office, Kubiak confronted the 2nd gal (first gal friend) probably asking for the folder. The 2nd gal didn’t give Kubiak what he wanted so he skilled her also. Before she was killed, the 2nd gal swallowed the locker key that Quinn later took from her body by performing an autopsy. Later found the content of the folder (Olivia’s photos in the locker).

      This is how I understood this particular storyline. But the show has been really messy, chaotic and disjointed making hard to follow this season so I may have missed something too.

  15. Ginger says:

    hmm this episode was hyped and I thought I’d give it a chance. I have found myself not watching many of the shows live this season because of how most of them have been awful and disjointed.

    So here we are on a merry-go-round of non-progression in the winter finale and we have ended up in the same place we were in episode one of this season. Olivia missing!? what? I don’t even care where she is. All of these things happening in the season don’t many anything because the story is not progressing so whatever happens seems to mean nothing. seems like nothing is really developed.

    no person has this much drama in their life! terrorist mom, assassin dad, in love with a man sleeping w another switching on and off from week to week. Shonda what in the world. what happened to the cases? too much, taking a break

    • Lovely says:

      Just like NOTHING happened last season and the entire season was completely pointless. It seems to be going in that same direction this season, nowhere. People are getting Fed up with the pointless drama. Everything that happens is undone or FIXED, there no progression, nothing ever sticks.

  16. an says:

    How sad is it that everyone knows Fitz’s weak spot is his mistress? Not his family or his work. I guess he’ll now keep Andrew chained in a basement so he can beat him up.

  17. Lee Clark says:

    Now this is the Scandal show I know and love where you can only blink or breathe during commercial breaks!

  18. Lewis says:

    I thought Jake’s beer was poisoned. Expected a face plant, body crumple, or slide down the wall at any moment. Especially when he stopped dancing, and doubly especially when he said he loved Liv. But I also suspected that Charlie would take Quinn by surprise and kill her. I was just being Scandalnoid.

    • RUCookie says:

      I didnt think the beer was poisoned BUT I kept waiting for a bullet to soar through a window while they were dancing. And when that didnt happen, I expected it in the bedroom. I was shocked that Jake made it throughthe midseason finale.

  19. Netty says:

    I loved this episode and I’m happy that Rowan is still alive, I doubt he will be killed off anytime soon. I love his scenes with Liv, they are truly dysfunctional.
    Best scene of the night IMO was Charlie and Quinn, they have a messed up chemistry. I hope to see more of them and also why is Abby and Leo on the DL..I loved that first kiss, was really hoping for more scenes with those two.
    When Jake was going to fetch the blanket, I was so convinced he was going to be shot.

  20. Yoki says:

    I think Fitz, Jake, Mama, and Popa will all have to team up to find Olivia

  21. Ovethinking says:

    Wow, What a mess! IMO this episode was chaotic, disjointed and hard to get into. It felt like there was a zillion things happening making it hard to care about what was going on. By the time we got to Olivia holding a gun to her father, I found myself wishing that they would give a gun to every character on the show and they would just shoot and kill each other. It has become very hard to care or root for any of the characters on the show. I have finally hit the wall with this show. Thankfully they are taking a break for some time. At this point I think the viewers need the break from all the madness.

  22. Deb says:

    I loved that the gun was empty. I will allow for Olivia to be conflicted around her father so that her emotions overruled her suspicion of her father in her decision to reach for the gun. I love that Shondra can still find a way to portray moments of empathy for Rowan (Olivia’s father after all…). He really seemed to want to know if his daughter would turn on him so far that she’d kill him. This was Shakespearean. And poor King realized that she indeed would kill him. She who continues to be a major part of his orbit, despite everything. That’s parenthood.

  23. Hayes says:

    This show is so ridiculous.

  24. david says:

    what if scandal pulls castle and Olivia returns and spends the next 11 episodes after figuring out where she was and who took her :)

  25. Lovely says:

    Dear Shonda , No one cares about Liv and Fitz anymore. Please let that tired story line go.

    • SweetTweey says:

      And while Shonda is at it can she please, for the love of God and everything that is holy, let the tired storyline of Jake Ballad go. The only reason the Kidnapping plot was even put into scandal was to give Jake something to do. With B613 gone, Jake’s entire storyline was gone and now with Olivia begin kidnapped it just gave the character of Jake a reason for being. .

      Olivia is not choosing herself – she wants them both (Vermont and the Sun – but three scenes prior she flat out told Jake that she was not going to stand in the sun with him

      This was the perfect opportunity to kick both Fitz and Jake to the curb and give herself the opportunity to find somone else. I couldn’t help thinking “What is Jake’s excuse”. He is single (some woman find him attractive) why does he accept this. What single man has to compete this hard for the love of a single woman and his only competition is a very married man who is not going to leave his marriage for at least another 3 yeears.. .

      I’m not a Jake fan because I believe he is the character that is stopping the story from progressing. If Jake’s character was out of the picure, then Olivia would have to make a real choice – keep her affair with the president or move on. Now she is keeping her affair with the president (Vermont) and her side piece (Jake). Back to square one.

      • Lovely says:


        YASSS!!!! I agree with you completely. So many people are either team Olitz or Olake and I’m like how about neither. First of all, Fitz sucks. I’m sorry, he just does. There is no way after everything he has done to Liv and how he has treated her that I could ever in good conscience root for them as a couple. At the same time I’m not feeling Liv and Jake. I agree completely, if she chose herself then she needs to be by herself and let them both go. Still having sex with Jake and kissing Fitz in the hallway is not cool. And last season she was sleeping with one in one episode and the other in the next. Its like they are passing her around… not a good look for Olivia Pope. Liv saying she chooses herself then continuing the exact same behavior is typical silly Scandal writing, more meaningless drivel.

        And yup, this show is unrealistic in many ways but you hit the nail on the head with the why is Jake so obsessed with Olivia thing. He is very attractive, single, good between the sheets apparently, good job lol. There is no way he would tolerate being with a woman who openly tells him all the time that she is in love with another man. There are too many thirsty women out there who would gladly drink from Jake’s fountain. Jake would easily find himself a woman who is madly in love with him and would have told Liv a long time ago, I care about you but you’re in love with a married man so good luck with that! I’m outta here! Here we are with this boring love triangle story line that I predict will again go nowhere this season. I would love to see someone finally stand up and make a real choice. But who am I kidding, this is Scandal.

        • SweetTweey says:

          Thank you lovely. I could never find the words to sum up Jake, but you summed up my opinion of Jake in your last paragraph perfectly.

        • Okay, I love the show and this episode was good (not the best this season, but good). However, I agree with some of the comments about Jake. Why does he love Olivia? I’m confused. Olivia keeps telling him she’s in love with another man who isn’t even worth her giving him the time of day (or night). She’s been with him for 2 months (or 3 according to Quinn who said it took her 3 months to track them down) and him alone, but doesn’t know a thing about him. Quinn knows more about Charlie. And, having to compete with President Putz is just insulting. The scene where Olivia stops Putz from going farther than kissing and Putz says why not is very telling.
          Here we have Olivia that’s not even Jake’s girlfriend stop and the clearly married man has absolutely no problem continuing (just another example of Putz’s lack of integrity, character, morals and ethics). I wanted Olivia to finally choose herself, but I don’t think all that it entails has sunk in. It means she realizes her own worth, that she’s worth more than being anyone’s mistress and that she makes the decision not to stand in line and wait for any man. At what point is Olivia’s “love” going to stop being surfacey? When is she going to actually look at what a person does as opposed to what they say. I always watch how a man treats the waiter or waitress when we’re out, basically how he treats someone that can’t do a lot for him. Putz treats everyone around him like servants that owe him something. He was also willing to leave his shipmate behind, Jake, (violation of a cardinal rule) and have him handed over to Rowan to be killed (because it was the most convenient outcome for him) instead of having Rowan arrested too and having David sort it out. With friends like him who needs enemies. And, this is the man Olivia desperately loves. Wow! If this is just about biding her time until President Putz is free, then she needs to leave Jake alone and get herself a sex toy and a blow-up Putz doll (and according to the phone sex and the Putz kiss right outside where Jake was being held it looks like this is where everything’s headed). After helping to find her, Jake needs to walk. He deserves way better than this, any man about something would.

          • SweetTweey says:

            It seems to me that you don’t like “Putz” very much and I disagree with many things you say. The man is President for Christ sake so just the job title is going to have people jump through hoops trying to please him and “acting like servants” to meet his every need. I’m pretty sure the people around the current President treats him with the same fawn and awe way.

            Also, Fitz did not violate a code with Jake. If your most trusted secret service agent (Tom) tells you that this is the man who ordered the murder of your child, who would you believe – your most trusted secret service agent (who really had no reason to lie because he is toast anyway) or a man that knows you are in love with a woman and yet scews you over at every chance he gets. Jake knows how Olvia feels about Fitz (hell, he spied on her for a few months) and he knows how Fitz feels about Olvia. So why would he want to get involved with Olivia knowing damn well her feelings for Fitz. Also, just because the viewers knew Rowan was involved, what did Rowan do that let Fitz know that he was behind the murder? At one time, everyone thought it was Maya who killed lil Jerry.

            As for “Putz”, his actions have shown that he clearly loves Olivia – the man tried to leave the Presidency for her in Season 1 (Amanda Tanner), came to her house and ran down the clock with his wife going on National T.V. to out the affair and didn’t even submit his papers to run for a second term. He actually accepted the believe that he was going to lose re-election and was making plans with Olivia but Olivia, once again, sabotages the relationship and tells him about Mellie’s rape (which I thought was not her place to tell him). He even risked his Presidency by helping her mother (a terrorits mind you) leave the country. What more do you want “Putz” to do to show that he loves Olivia.

            Yes, Fitz and Olivia have a sexual attraction to each other. Did you see Liv’s reaction to the phone sex (she said, “what’s next” which tells me she was really getting into it). Also, when he asked her for the kiss, did you see how “hungrily” she kissed him. – she grapped the back of his head and pushed her body into his. Olivia wants to jump that man’s bones just as much as he wants to jump hers, which I have no problem. As for sex,

            if you are being objective, Fitz and Olivia have only had 3 sex scenes that were actually shown in the four years of the show (1st meeting, Deskgate and Vermont). Everything else was kissing. Jake has had just as many sex scenes (if not more) with Olivia.

            Also, why does Jake deserve better? What has he done to make him seem like such a great guy? The man not only killed James, but two innocent, young female workers and buried their bodies in a ditch so the family doesn’t know what happened to them. To make matters worse, no matter how bad Rowan is, he is still Liv’s father and Jake has a compulsive need to kill Rowan. At least Fitz, when leaving the bunker, the first thing he told Olivia that “I know this must be hard for you’ he is your fater to this can’t be easy”. Fitz gets it, and Jake doesn’t.

            It seems to me that some viewers have more of a problem with the audultery versus the actions of the characters. If I had a problem with Fitz and the idea of adultery, I would never have watched Scandal to begin with. With all the murder, lying and political backstabbing going on in Scandal, especially when the other option killed my Goddaughters father (which is personal) and two innocent, young female reports and left their bodies in a ditch, adultery to me, is the least of the sins.

    • Tara says:

      yes we do and we want more

    • Cheyenne says:

      What a presumptuous comment. You are not everybody. You don’t speak for everybody; you speak for you.

      • Lovely says:

        I’m not everyone, really? Are you sure? LOL, thanks for pointing that out. My comment was not a literal one obviously. But if you actually read articles and the blogs you would know that yeah, a lot of folks are tired of Liv and Fitz. Eonline did a funny article that described all the reasons you’re an idiot if you think Liv and Fitz should be together. Of course there will always be die hard Olitz shippers and that’s cool. Personally, I don’t think people who want Liv and Fitz together are idiots… I just don’t care about them as a couple period. It was cute the first two seasons but now its just played out. By the time Liv and Fitz actually end up together, if that is Shonda’s end game, many people just won’t care.

        • SweetTweey says:

          To be truthful Lovely, many people do care about the “Olitz” relationship which is why Shonda won’t break them up. The scenes in which Olivia and Fitz are in together usually sends twitter and the internet crazy. That phone sex scene between Olivia and Fitz sent everyone, even the “Olitz haters” into a frenzy.

          It was Shonda’s “heavy handed writing” which made people hate Fitz. I’ve been on the Scandal bandwagon since Episode 1 and I think Shonda was taken aback that people accused her of “supporting adultery”. She even went out of her way to say that she does not condone adultery and the next thing I know, the character of Mellie was rewritten (rape – and us long time scandal watches were scratching our heads because we saw Mellie’s interaction with Big Jerry and nothing remotely screamed rape) and Fitz and Olivia were rewritten beyond recognition. Fitz was once an idealistic man who fell in love with a woman who as not his wife. Now he is written as some whiny ass hole who can’t seem to get out of bed without Olivia’s help. Olivia’s character has just been assassinated to the point I don’t root for her to much because she is written as a big hypocrite. She chastises Fitz for calling Abby a bitch but remained moot all of Season 3 while Mellie was hurling around the word whore.

          • Lovely says:


            You are right. There will be die hard Olitz shippers forever. Even I had to fan myself during the phone sex scene. I have to admit that was hot. One of the things that makes the couple so addictive is their chemistry, which is amazing. KW and TG have awesome chemistry which made the Olitz frenzy what it is. KW and SF don’t have anywhere near that kind of chemistry; at times they are actually awkward to watch.

            I was once an Olitz shipper too, but the horrible writing, as you pointed out, turned me off. Their relationship was so annihilated that I just can’t anymore. You spelled it out perfectly. The things that happened during season 3, Mellie’s rape, Fitz jealousy over Mellie’s affair with Andrew etc., were so out of place and didn’t fit with what we learned about the characters season 1 and season 2. Horrible writing. Its like they think people won’t remember what we were told season 1 and season 2. The writers clearly don’t understand that just because an idea is shocking and outrageous, it doesn’t mean they should do it, especially if it doesn’t fit with the history of the character or relationship. If Scandal is based upon the love story between Fitz and Liv, I don’t understand why they would tear the characters down as they have. The integrity of their relationship has been completely destroyed.

          • Nathalie says:

            Sweet Tweey, You are so right about everything.
            But i have few things to add to your affirmation, “Fitz and Olivia have only had 3 sex scenes that were actually shown in the four years of the show (1st meeting, Deskgate and Vermont)”
            They have more sex and lovely scenes (for me) like in: season 2 episode 8, at camp David, season 2 episode 11 during the trail, season 2 episode 14, Ella christening, hot! season 2 episode 20, after “Putz” chooses Olivia , season 3 episode 12. (8 sex scenes)

    • Nathalie says:

      I care about them. Good directind by Tony Goldwyn tonight.

  26. Lovely says:

    Another fail was Huck and Quinn knowing Liv was in danger, choosing not to tell her about it and choosing not to at the very least, protect her. “Oh lets just not tell our boss that she’s a target, she has enough on her plate right now.” Huh??? Stupid.

  27. Austin says:

    Not a good episode at all. Scandal is a soap that never progresses. The big reveal is Olvia chooses herself and gets kidnapped? Give me a break. When has Olivia not chosen herself? She is the most selfish character on the show and uses anyone that she needs to get what she wants. this is so stupid, no likeable characters, and no developing story line just utter chaos

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      Austin so agree with you its about me me me with olivia again and same no progression with the show. Its time to end the relationship with jake its now pathetic. How can she have spent so much quality time with jake and none with fitzs and she is still unable to choose a life with just him! If the tables were reversed and olivia was able to spend quality time with fitzs i guarantee there would be no choice to be made. They are now just using the fitzs and olivia storyline to hang on to the people in the white house. Shonda has been clear she does not like the pairing of fitzs and olivia she wants jaje and olivia but who is gonna be a fool and goes to the heights we did with another of shonda’s couples as we did with olitzs you would have to be gjutten for punishment!!

  28. Matt Barnes says:

    “Astrid”… ha ha ha!

  29. Isabel says:

    I was honestly waiting for Jake to get shot while he was in front of Olivia. Or die some way in that final scene. This show is so ridiculous but I can’t stop watching. I don’t watch it for how realistic it is. I’m just a sucker for crazy drama! Kind of like Revenge but I tend to enjoy Scandal more.

  30. kimberlyduncan says:

    Is Huck’s ex-wife really named Astrid on this show or was that a Fringe reference?

  31. izzieb says:

    This was the best episode of Scandal that I’ve ever seen. Of course, I missed all of Season 1, but not much since then. Loved that Olivia felt freedom from the freak show that are her parents!

  32. Liz says:

    FAIL. Such a bitch baby episode.

  33. Kathleen says:

    Tell me why do all the characters deliver their lines with the same speed and cadence. None of them have an individual way if speaking.

  34. Joshua says:

    I wonder why no one ever cries domestic violence whenever Quinn is in a physical altercation ? Ah well let’s do this again in January.

  35. Lee McNutt says:

    I hope the President has seen the movie “Commando.” Hold on to the vice president and ” convince” him to return Olivia.

  36. Babygate says:

    My new girl crush is Quinn. Period. That scene was awesome. Very definition of badass. I hope she sticks to Charlie and never revisits the weird Huck hook-up. When you contrast Scandal to Grey’s it makes you wonder who fell asleep at the wheel over at GA. Five minutes in and Scandal has you on the edge of your seat. The only laughable part about this is how they insist that Fitz is a Republican. I don’t think there has ever been a more liberal president on Tv since West Wing. Jeff Perry deserves all the awards. Magnificent performance. And I’m glad Matthew DelNegro is sticking around to play the new husband. That should be interesting. I think the guy actually cares about Cy. This was a great, great episode. Kudos! There is no way that Scandal is lasting only 5 seasons like Shonda said some time ago. This is now the #1 drama on network tv in terms of the demo. And they are still keeping it fresh…

  37. niloofar22 says:

    i’m also looking forward to the next time.

  38. Cheryl says:

    I LOVE this show more than any other show I have ever watched. But it is too confusing sometimes. I’m having a hard time “getting” the Kubiak storyline! And I too am SICK of Rowan. GET RID OF HIM. Hate his long speeches!! Also Olivia needs to return to being STRONG!!! Don’t like seeing her act weak!! Hate Portia’s hairdo!!!!

  39. J. says:

    Well-done finale to the fall season! Observant and helpful synopsis of the many plot lines! However, Huck’s wife/ex-wife’s name is not Astrid. It is Kim.

  40. niloofar22 says:

    what about Huck choking her?

  41. tiffany says:

    I just want fitz and liv together. Rowan and the B crew need to go. And let quin run the firm

  42. joy says:

    I want oliver and fitz to end up together, otherwise it’s such a kill joy

  43. joy says:

    If fitz don’t end up with oliver, then it was all a waste, and a kill joy, there shouldn’t have been a jake in the picture from the start sef