How to Get Away With Murder Winter Finale Recap: And the Killer Is...


That’s my hashtag, and I’m sticking with it — after a Winter Finale (aka Murder Night reveal) featuring scalding hot sex, gooey-sticky blood, spontaneous vomiting, body rolling (not the kind you see on Dancing With the Stars), one of the nastiest marital fights in network TV history and so much brains-reduced-to-smashed-taters more.

Did I mention the following bit of dialogue from Lurky McChurchmouse to Asher? “I’m a grown-ass woman. I might be drunk, but I know what I want when I want it. So get over here.”

But, yes, I’m burying the big news: After getting knocked over a bannister and to his (assumed) death while chasing Michaela and Laurel With the Flash Drive, Sam rises again and tries to choke out Rebecca. As Laurel, Connor and Michaela stand by, Wes (I’m 99.7% sure — we didn’t actually see it, only the aftermath) smashes in Mr. Keating’s head with the Scales of Justice trophy — and the flash-forwards of body disposal/burning/mental meltdowns play out as expected… right ’til the final scene.

Turns out, when Wes goes back to the Keating residence to retrieve the trophy/murder weapon — prior to a second trip where the Keating Four roll up Sam in a rug and dispose of his remains — Annalise is sitting at her desk.

“I’m so sorry,” says Wes, to the corpse, not realizing there’s another live person in the room.

“Don’t be,” purrs Annalise, who’d been called nothing but a “disgusting slut” by her lying, cheating, nasty piece-of-work spouse earlier in the evening. Let’s be honest — he had it comin’.

KARLA SOUZAAnd so, the morning after Muder Night, Annalise summons the Keating Five to her house, tells them Sam had been carrying on an affair with Lila then went missing, and finally asks them to be as honest with the police as possible — the better to track down her missing hubby. Annalise and Wes, however, know that she knows he won’t be turning up anywhere other than underneath some discarded grapefruit rinds and emptied Keurig k-cups at the county waste station. Annalise and Wes have forged a dark pact — they’re committed to burying the whole truth, though to what end, we’ll have to see when the show returns in 2015.

OK, so here’s where it gets tricky… I could attempt to recap the action of “Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me” in Point A to Point B to Point C fashion, but moreso than ever, the show’s flash-foward, flash-back, flash-lies-and-deception style would render that a fruitless endeavor. So, instead, let’s examine tonight’s revelations in terms of the Big Questions (yes, I meant to make that upper case) that loom in front of us heading into HTGAWM‘s final six Season 1 installments. (Also, in the spirit of true confession that never quite reached our central characters, there’s no such thing as a HTGAWM recap anyway. You simply MUST watch: My job is merely that of book-club moderator — throwing out theories and talking points to get the larger discussion started.)

* Did you ever expect Sam and Annalise’s happyish-couple facade to unravel as quickly and brutally as it did in their final argument? | Arrrrrrre you rrrrrrrready for Keating Vs. Keating, clash of the heavyweight marital fighters! Boom! There’s Annalise telling Sam that she cheated, too: “His name is Nate and he’s good to me. He knows how to make me scream and groan and sweat.” Pow! There’s Sam with his hands around Annalise’s throat. Boff! Annalise tells him to go ahead, “Kill me! Kill me! KILL ME!” Splat! He tells her she’s not good for anything other than “dirty, rough sex,” that she’s a “disgusting slut.” But is that relief washing over Annalise’s face as her spider-eyed hubby spits his bile? “At least you’re finaly able to tell me the truth,” she says. But instead of bludgeoning him, she flees the scene and heads directly to Nate’s— and we see exactly why he makes her scream and groan and sweat. Side question: Considering Annalise has had access to premium vanilla and chocolate desserts (yes, I am going full euphemism here)  — the kind that burn calories, no less! — how come she been so damn somber all season?

* Anyone get a Murder on the Orient Express vibe while watching Sam’s killing play out? | I described it briefly above, but it’s interesting how pretty much every member of the Keating Four (plus Rebecca) manages to get a hand (or two) dirty on Murder Night. As Laurel sagely notes following Sam’s nasty tumble, they’re all guilty of having broken into the drunk, dead guy’s house — and the whole chain of events was prompted by Rebecca attempting to steal info off his flash drive —  so that further weakens any self-defense strategy. Yeah we could (and maybe should) ask, “Why are Connor and Laurel on board with the plan? Unlike Michaela, neither of their actions really contributed to Sam’s spill/splat — and it’s Wes who ultimately finishes off the homicide by thwacking Sam’s noggin.” But Connor’s vomit in the kitchen sink certainly ties him to the Keating house at the wrong time. And it was Laurel who was running with the flash drive when Sam’s nearly fatal injury occurred. In which case, I accept the circumstances that transformed Mr. Darcy into Mr. Corpse-y, and how Wes, Michaela, Laurel, Connor and Rebecca felt compelled to think like attorneys and try to get around the letter of those pesky Pennsylvania murder laws. I will add, however, that no couple — no matter how young, how attractive, how promising — should be smooching moments after the male member wipes copious blood splatter off his lady love. Are you with me? And if things get dicey, which of our Murder Night co-conspirators will be the first one to flip? My money’s on Laurel, because she’s not going to end up in the state pen just because Michaela’s collapsed in a confessional heap underneath her bespoke Vera Wang.

* Should Laurel should get the trophy? | Girl is smarrrrt, citing case precedent in which murder charges were thrown out due to missing evidence as she advocates taking the trophy (then cleaning it up and hiding it in plain sight)? Plus, her post-murder lies to Frank come across so guilelessly I kinda sorta almost believed the worst thing she’d done in the past 24 hours was steal a silly statuette from hapless Asher?

* How did Peter Nowalk & Co. find room for so much hot sex on Murder Night (although none involving Connor)? | OK, so Bonnie and Asher’s tryst was more comical than steamy — I loved how our girl, having selected a barfly partner whose low stamina had him “spent” in the lobby, was so focused on getting hers that she didn’t even care if her head was bouncing off a pile of textbooks – but it was still pretty graphic. Oh, and that Annalise-Nate coupling had me wondering if ABC might rename this series How to Get Away With Imploding the Brains of the Parents Television Council.

On that subject, what about the illicit couple’s last conversation? “Are we terrible people?” Annalise wonders. “I don’t know. Depends on who you ask,” Nate replies. [Side note: My brain immediately flashed back to a similar two-liner from last Sunday’s The Good Wife, with other woman Ramona declaring, “We’re bad people,” and Peter replying, “I know.”] But here’s the thing: We see Annalise knocking on Nate’s door immediately after Wes returns to the woods with the murder weapon. So, Annalise knows Sam is dead when she’s with her ex-detective lover. Was she maybe thinking of confessing the ugly truth to him, was she firming up an alibi, or was it as simple as needing momentary sexual release in the midst of the craziest evening ever?

TOM VERICA, VIOLA DAVIS* Was there anything genuine about Annalise’s final phone message to Sam? | Annalise also knows Sam is dead when she places her call to his voicemail — presumably another bit of fiction to cover her butt and make it look like she just thinks he went missing. But I wonder — and I’m really torn 50-50 — if she means anything she says to him. Let’s review the full monologue — while removing Connor’s intercut “Hey guys, I think I just detached the tibia!” — to make heads or tails: “Sam, it’s me. I didn’t think that you would pick up. There’s still so much I need to say to you in person, not by phone, but I guess this will have to do. We built a life together, Sam — 20 years. Whatever we said to each other, all the horrible things, we’ve seen each other through so much, everything good and bad in our lives. So much pain, so much happiness. It’s a rare to know someone that well, to bear witness to so much in someone’s life. So I’m asking you right now, baby, please forgive me for what I said. I didn’t mean any of it and I know you didn’t either. I don’t want things to end this way. I want us to work through this. I want us to be together. Because what ever you did, whatever the truth is, I will stay by your side no matter what. Because I’m your wife and I love you and I need you. So, please come home, Sam. Come home so we can be together. Come home.” Is it possible there’s a part of Annalise who, after all the ugliness, might’ve forgiven Sam for even the crime of murder, might’ve deep down wished some stupid student hadn’t clocked him in the head and ruined any chance she and her hubby could live duplicitously ever after? And even if she didn’t mean any of it, then Annalise Keating is almost as fine an actress as Viola Davis, huh?

* Which of these things will come back to haunt the Keating Five? | Michaela’s missing ring (probably in the dumpster)? Wes smashing the thumb drive with intel about Sam’s affair with Lila? Laurel telling Frank she stole the trophy (when Asher knows it was Michaela who pilfered it)? Connor telling Oliver he’s a drug addict after his Silkwood shower shakes him out of his Murder Night stupor? That bald dude in the car who got a long look at Wes’ face? Rebcca’s quickly aborted hotel-room call to 911? Maybe all of the above? (Here’s hoping for Michaela’s sake there’s nothing in the prenup stating she can’t be arrested for suspicion of homicide!)

* And finally… WHO KILLED LILA STANGARD? | Everyone tonight kept saying “Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam…did it,” but without any actual proof that he was the guilty party. Which leads me to believe we’ve got six episodes left to uncover whose hands actually crushed the pregnant sorority girl’s windpipe. My bet’s on Annalise, with Bonnie a close second. Is it sick that I want it to be Annalise? Well, obviously it’s sick, but I guess I’m just asking for one of you other twisted folks to second the motion? What think you?

Be sure to grade the Winter Finale of HTGAWM in our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. lizzieB says:

    No poll to rate that winter finale? Because that was awesome!!!!!

  2. Kat says:

    So was Annalise’s apology to her husband an act?

    • CK says:

      Yep! The fact that you are questioning it is reflects very well on the writers/directors. I mean they’ve constructed such a tortured, complex character that what she did/said in sending that voice mail is completely within her character. Yet, now we know that it was merely a ruse. On most other shows, such an act would have been an obvious give away.

  3. Kavanaugh says:

    That. Was. Amazing. Hell, this show is great, totally didn’t see that last twist coming.

    • metekaan2013 says:

      It can’t be a ShondaLand winter finale without a twist.

    • Mary Kate says:

      Seriously! Up until then I was like okay this isn’t really surprising and BAM.

      • Kavanaugh says:

        Yeah, most of the episode was about thing we already knew, the only “new” stuff was discovering who killed Sam. My money were on Michaela, but I guess Wes was the most logical choice. That last two minutes were EPIC.

      • David4 says:

        I went “This really isn’t surprising, and then at the end went “Yeah? So?” I saw this coming weeks and weeks ago, it was the only thing that made any sense.

    • Sharone Brown says:

      I would concur! Just like every week. .right when we think we have seen it all the final boom is saved for the last three minutes! !!! I am not a television person and I definitely can not stomach reality tv, but this show is phenomenal. . great writing, great acting by Viola Davis and an amazing ensemble cast!!! This is television at its best!!!!

      • Kavanaugh says:

        I watch a lot of TV series, but seriously, HTGAWM is one of the best thing on TV right now. Viola Davis is amazing, and while I wasn’t really fond of the Keating 5 at the beginning, they really surprised me. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

    • Shelley says:

      I DVR’d it and drat if there was a delay due to President speech. I missed the best part. The rest was pretty much suspected to happen. That part I got to watch. Well, I’ll have to watch it later. Was this the fall finale?

  4. C. says:

    Viola Davis’ delivery of “Don’t be” was a bit frightening and cold, and perfect, but I am completely unimpressed by the reveal that Annalise orchestrated without orchestrating/ knew about Sam’s death. It seemed so obvious very early on, but especially during that 3 minute long voice mail. That voicemail should have cut off or asked her to re-record.

    • chickie says:

      Was the final reveal so obvious? I was shocked and don’t think I’m alone. Well done, writers!

      • metekaan2013 says:

        Partly…I mean, you had to know going in that there was going to be a twist. IT IS SHONDALAND.

      • abz says:

        You weren’t alone. I wasn’t expecting it at all. There has to be more to that conversation when she told Wes to not be sorry. Hope they flashback to it.

        • Cobra says:

          I’m certain they’ll flashback to it. And I was expecting something else, but was shocked by what it was.

        • Cornelius says:

          I bet Annalise is the one who convinced Wes to burn the body. Which is why he lied when he did the coin flip.

          • abz says:

            Yeah, when we first saw that he lied about the coin flip, I thought it was because of Rebecca and he wanted to bury Sam to help her out, but after that reveal, I definitely think it was at Annalise’s orders.

          • TigerLIL says:

            check on that one you got two sociopaths operating in the same space mutually exclusive or mutually elusive you can jerk off if you want the writers did a good job with the show. They also pick the right lead character for Annalise I don’t think too many actress got the chops she brought to TV she is hilarious

    • Sharone Brown says:

      You might be psychic, because I think 99.99% of us did not see that coming! Lol! :-)

    • Ricardo says:

      wtf best show ever

    • Flaw says:

      I thought it was obviously about to happen when Wes first went back to the house, alone but I started doubting myself after nothing was shown and with her monologue on the voicemail later. Still, when it went back to the scene of Wes alone in the house at the end I knew what was coming, I wish I had been more surprised but it seemed like they would end up in it together since the begging, after all, it’s sort of a reverse situation that in the pilot, one of them catching the other red handed and playing along, even if they upped the ante with this one

  5. Robin says:

    Awesome!!! I did not see Analysse knowing that Sam dead and that she saw Wes!!! Omg!!

  6. Merina says:

    Are we sure Wes did it? He had the trophy in his hand but we never actually saw him do it. And what about Annalise? Did she finish him off or does she just know they did or have they been planning this the whole time? I NEED ANSWERS

    • Cheyenne says:

      What Wes did was justifiable homicide. It’s no crime to kill someone to prevent them from killing someone else.

      • TigerLIL says:

        I agree even the fall was not a cause for panic that was justifiable as well. They didn’t break into his home really the door been open all season. They work at the place and even if Rebecca was stealing information off his computer which no one saw they still had justification for smoking the guy that dude is a choker and actually he attacked Rebecca up stair struck Conner knocking him down and was choking the life out of Rebecca when he got clocked. I don’t think a prosecution could have penned a murder on them but they were not sure what happen so they panicked.

      • Grey's Fan says:

        But the actions afterwards – cleaning up a crime scene, removing the body, violating the body through burn and chopping it up – are all crimes.
        If Annalise and presumably Bonnie were in the house and found Sam between the time Wes took Rebecca to the motel and returned, where was Frank?
        The missing pieces: Annalise/Wes confrontation; what happened when Annalise found Sam’s body; whether Bonnie was also there; what Frank was up to and whether or not Frank let Laurel in on the truth. There was definitely something missing in the Frank/Laurel scene after her confession…
        Interesting that both Wes and Laurel (and Asher sort of) have connections to the main players at the law firm that will likely help them, while the other two are kind of left to their own devices.

        Still don’t believe Sam killed Lila and I don’t think he was the father of her baby either.

      • herman1959 says:

        True, but everything they did after is. They destroyed evidence in the house and destroyed the body, plus in the coming days/weeks they are going to have to lie to the police repeatedly. Covering up a murder is a major crime.

  7. Tran says:

    I give the winter finale of HTGAWM an A. Can’t wait until January 29th when the series returns for the last six episodes of Season One.

  8. BrightLight says:

    I always wondered when Annalise came home that night after they had gotten rid of Sam’s body why she didn’t ask where her rug was. Now I know.

  9. Cheyenne says:

    So Annalise watched the whole thing go down? Well, after the midwinter break she’ll help them all get away with murder.
    P.S. Michael, you owe me a new keyboard. You made me spit my soda all over this one with “Lurky McChurchmouse”.)

  10. Kristen says:

    Did anyone see the piece if the trophy is missing?? The thing that hung on the hand!! So many good twists and turns! Sooooooooo good!

    • Kait says:

      I thought that too! I didn’t see the chain holding the scales but I wasn’t sure

    • Omar says:

      OMG! That’s right!

    • Grey's Fan says:

      Yes the scales on the trophy are missing.
      The engagement ring is missing.
      Rebecca’s voice will be on the 9-1-1 dispatcher’s machine.
      The kissing couple in the woods when Laurel’s phone rang (not as big as the other things but it could be something).
      And when Wes was walking back to the house (where the guy in the car yelled at him) and had the flashback of dropping the trophy – was it not dropped on a bloodless part of the floor? When he returned to the house and picked up the trophy it was sitting in the pool of blood? Not sure about this, maybe I’m imagining it. I’ll have to re-watch it.

      • Lisa says:

        I think you are right about the pool of blood. There was an enhanced liquid sound when Wes picked up the trophy.

        Can Laurel’s phone ringing in the woods pinpoint their location? Do we know if it went to voicemail?

      • vallikat says:

        I’m assuming that even though the trophy was dropped on dry floor, the blood pool would spread which is why the trophy was drenched in blood when he picked it up.

      • JessiG says:

        Am I crazy or is everyone forgetting about a couple episodes back in a flash forward when the police knocked on the door as the group was carrying the body/rug out the door. As I remember the cops got distracted by something else and walked away without little questions but it certainly pegs them at the house the night of the murder.

    • The Beach says:

      I found it a bit odd (unrealistic?) that those students, all of whom had been fighting over that statue all season, didn’t notice that the scales were missing.

      • Kait says:

        Yeah, definitely. The first time I noticed it was missing was when Laurel was at Frank’s with it, they showed it on the table and the scales were not there (34 minutes into the episode it has a good shot)

      • Bee says:

        You also have to put yourself in their state of mind that night. You really think after the sh!t they had just gone through, they would notice? I think it’s an understandable omission lol

  11. dan says:

    A few weeks ago I posted a prediction that Wes killed Sam. Just had a feeling that the “puppy” was the murderer. I still think that Bonnie killed Lila. I suspected there’d be a twist at the end, but I didn’t expect Annalise to be sitting there when Wes walked back in. So I assume she orchestrated the whole clean up by telling Wes what to do. That’s why he had to lie about the coin being head’s up when it was really tails (he knew they had to move the body). Also explains why Wes was so calm during the whole clean up and body burning. Good job show!

    • Sharone Brown says:

      Yes, writing at its best! Don’t forget to vote for Viola Davis- Peoples Choice Awards! ! :-)

    • TigerLIL says:

      good call…. I predicted that Sam fell down the stair case but I didn’t see the bannister. I had to handicap my pick I had Laurel to win, Wes to place and Michaela to show of course they all had their shine in the murder…LOL

  12. Sam says:

    He was chasing Laurel, not Michaela!

  13. Crystal says:

    This was the best episode of the season so far. This show show is so much better when it drops the case of the week deal.

  14. abz says:

    That final reveal of Annalise knowing what happened totally made up for the lameness that was Wes killing Sam (not a fan of his “damsel-in-distress rescuing” syndrome). I really was not expecting it. Damn Viola was great tonight.

    • Sharone Brown says:

      Thank abz: I am not really a fan of Wes in general, but boy were we all surprised! !! Viola Davis has been great and is great period; even when she is not talking she is amazing in a scene

    • Sara says:

      You summed up my feelings perfectly here, abz! The Wes reveal was just such an obvious choice for the killer. But the Annalise reveal more than made up for it!

      • Sara says:

        Whoops, I didn’t finish my thought about Wes. I found that it was an obvious choice because of his ridiculous need to play hero to Rebecca, or as you, abz, phrased it “damsel-in-distress rescuing syndrome,” LOL.

  15. Lisa says:

    What do you think is Bonnie’s backstory?

    Liza Weil did a great acting job.

    • metekaan2013 says:


      • Lisa says:

        There was too much Bonnie story tonight for it not to be important.

        I suspect she knew about Sam’s death was creating a cover.

        Why is she so unquestioningly loyal to Annalyse? Annalyse made the comment to Sam about knowing Bonnie would tell her. Did Sam and Annalyse add Bonnie to their marriage as a third. A sister wife sort of arrangement. They all like kinky sex.

        • TigerLIL says:

          Lisa that is an excellent observation I think she was over involved in the marriage acting like a third wheel. Hell did she live there? She was dismissed and winded up in a hotel occupying her time to she was to report back to base….lol

        • metekaan2013 says:

          Yes, please.

      • herman1959 says:

        Ditto, and I’ve felt the same way all season. I think the problem is the actress, not the role (funny, it’s usually the other way around).

  16. Carm says:

    I thought I was right about Michaela killing Sam. But then he wasn’t dead yet. It was a great winter finale. I was shocked to see Analise in the house. Can’t wait for the show to return.

  17. abz says:

    “Enough about the ring, Frodo!” –> One of the best lines of the show. I was laughing way too hard. That line is proof of why Connor is one of my favourites. Too funny.

    • Flicker says:

      Agree totally! The Frodo comment was da best!!

    • Mr. Practical says:

      Totally agree with you on that, when he said that line I busted out laughing

    • Sara says:

      Hahahaha, yes!!! I love Connor’s quips! And Jack Falahee delivers them so well (as well as Connor’s more dramatic moments). He has definitely made Connor my favorite new character of the season and he is my favorite new actor as well.

      • abz says:

        Yes, Connor and Annalise are what make me excited to tune in each week. Viola doesn’t even have to have words in her scene and I can just sit there and watch her. And Jack Falahee just plays Connor so well with the banter with Michaela, his hilarious quips, his manic behaviour on murder night, and even his softer emotional moments. He is definitely the breakout star of the show IMO.

    • Angela says:

      That made me laugh, too :D. I also liked Laurel’s, “It’s murder, none of us know what we’re talking about!”
      I’ve liked the interactions that Michaela and Connor have had thus far-they’re both the ones who panicked like crazy that night, and there was that scene in one episode a while back of Connor needling Michaela about his fling with her fiancé that was kind of amusing (bad though I felt for Michaela there). I’d be all for them getting more scenes together as they deal with the aftermath of this.

      • abz says:

        Yes, Connor and Michaela’s interactions are one of my favourite parts of the show. They’re very amusing. I love how he teases her and I like that she doesn’t just sit there and take it. The back-and-forth is fun to watch.

        • Angela says:

          Exactly. It’d be kinda neat to see them form a good, strong friendship as time goes on. I could see them helping each other out with their respective issues, both with this coverup and with the other things they’re dealing with.

  18. metekaan2013 says:

    Such a satisfying episode. Best since the pilot.

    A few complaints: Layer Paris Geller and Asher don’t work together and the episode was sorta predictable.

    • abz says:

      Don’t think it’s fair to dismiss it as predictable. A lot of it is supposed to be because the flashforward events and real timeline were finally converging in this episode so we were aware of a lot of what happened going in to the episode.

      • metekaan2013 says:

        It is also not fair to dismiss it as a complete shocker, turning everything on its head. Because it is NOT. They had to do something big, so why not make Annalise aware of the murder? It’s ShondaLand. Please…

        • abz says:

          With any show that has flash-forwards, there needs to be planning. I don’t think they just wanted to do something big so they decided to make her aware. Obviously it’s a finale so they want to get people excited and give them something to keep them hanging on during the long winter break. However in order for them to provide details of murder night in the flash-forwards, it makes sense to conclude that they somewhat knew what happened on murder night in the beginning of the writing process and used that to help them write out the story and figuring out which details of the flash-forwards to reveal at certain times and which ones to withhold. I don’t think they can just make things up as they go along with this show or else it won’t be good.
          Also, Shonda is just the executive producer of the show. So many people are misinformed thinking it’s Shonda’s show but Peter Nowalk is the actual creator/writer.

          • metekaan2013 says:

            I know that Shonda is an EP. But her DNA is all over the show. (And Peter Norwalk is not the sole writer, for your information.)

            Here’s the thing: a show needs to plan a story arc, how the characters, narrative, and other literary elements pan out. Unfortunately, while planning this, the writers have failed to take into account what they are giving away.

            They have tried to claim focus, but have given away the most important of details in the process.

            While the finale is somewhat exciting, thinking about is another concept. It is actually quite slow: very little new material is presented.

            The editing is fantastic and Viola Davis is amazing. But that’s it. This show is not “Damages” or “The Good Wife”. It will probably never match up to their par (especially “The Good Wife”.

            This is a fine legal drama, but it’s not nearly as great as it could have been judging from the pilot.

            Quite frankly, HTGAWM has ripped off the first season of “Damages”. The flash-forwards, episode titles from dialogue, characters are so incredibly similar.

            I will repeat this for you: HTGAWM is not great. And it probably never will be as good as other shows. So stop praising something that doesn’t deserve it.

            Maybe if it had went full on serial drama…Maybe?

      • Sharone Brown says:

        Abz are on point again! !

  19. Sean says:


    My heart dropped when Viola said “don’t be.”

  20. Cobra says:

    DAMN! That was awesome. It played out brilliantly!

  21. Flicker says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Aanalise arrived at the house first after seeing Nate, she was leaving a voice mail for Sam outside the house. But when the longer voicemail was being played, she was speaking from inside the house. I thought that was a clue early on that she had been aware of what happened, leaving the msg purposefully, perhaps for police records. Awesome finale!!

  22. Sara says:

    To be honest, the big reveal of who actually killed him (Wes) was a bit of a disappointment because it was such an obvious choice. But the reveal that Annalise knew about it? That was the big shocker for me for the night.
    And I’m just going to say it, Conner is my favorite new character on any show this season. Love, love, love him!!!

    • Sara says:

      *Meant to write “Connor.” Would hate to have people think I don’t know how to spell my favorite character’s name, hahaha!

  23. mseevers says:

    They need to stop thinking that people sleeping together counts as a shocking twist. It’s not.

    • abz says:

      I don’t think that’s always the goal. The sex does serve the overall story. Knowing that Annalise was aware of Sam’s murder, her sleeping with Nate tonight probably gives her an alibi for the night of Sam’s murder. Laurel sleeping with Frank built their connection together and when she needed help with the trophy situation, she exploited his affection for her by having him deal with the trophy and Asher questioning where it had been. Bonnie called Asher to meet up and that served to distract Asher momentarily while the Keating 4 were in the car with Sam’s body. Like it or not, characters sleeping together is common on television. At least it serves a purpose in many ways on this show.

      • Sharone Brown says:

        Abz.. you need a blog!!! I will back you.. I promise you are taking all my material! !! Dead on again ( no pun intended)!!!

      • Kait says:

        Didn’t she sleep with Nate while the murder was happening and sneak out afterwards only to go home and find him dead? Only waiting in her office to be all “I’ve been waiting for you” without the over dramatic chair turning around lol basically waiting for the guilty party to return

        • abz says:

          Yes, but my point was about the sex serving the story. Regardless of Annalise knowing that the murder was taking place at the time, she ended up sleeping with Nate and now the she is aware of the murder, it could be used an alibi for her if she was accused of murdering him.

        • adri says:

          I believe she had the fight with him, left to go tell the police but couldn’t and while that was happening, the murder occured; later, she returned home, saw him dead and Wes came into the house, they probably talked about what happened and then she left to go to Nate’s house. Then she went home to leave the message. I had to see the episode again to make sense of the timeline.

          • TigerLIL says:

            adri I think you hit it on the head. Annalise set up her alibi with going to Nate’s house and placing a call to Sam from there where she left no message and with the camera’s by any police station they got her date stamped there. I mean she got a former cop vouching for her whereabouts the night of the murder told you that sociopath is smooth… lol

          • Kait says:

            Yeah, I rewatched it you’re correct.

  24. Amy says:

    I could tell that Annalise and Bonnie were creating alibis, but I couldn’t figure out why they thought they needed them. And, when did Annalise know he was dead? There are probably way more twists and turns to come. Love it!

    • adri says:

      I don’t know if Bonnie was creating an alibi or she went to Asher’s house because she was upset… someone wrote saying that bonnie probably knew and while that would be a cool twist, I don’t think she knew at least until she got to Annelise’s house. Idk…

      • TigerLIL says:

        Annalise is an officer of the court I’m sure she got some obligation by her profession to report crimes she becomes aware of

      • Este says:

        I really think that Bonnie was trying to drown her sorrows with the guy at the bar and annalise called her, because one minute she was making out with the guy and the next she was hurrying away like a bat out of hell. the call from annalise was planned at acher’s apartment.

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    so that thing is maintained over here.

  26. Angela says:

    So. Yeah. Didn’t see THAT ending coming! Whoa.
    I also love how everyone ran around setting up their lies for the night-Connor with a drug addiction, Michaela hastily signing that prenup, Laurel with the “I want to win!” excuse for holding on to the trophy. I’m going to be VERY interested to see how long they can keep those lies going (and if they’ll let the others in on them. ‘Cause I think it’d be in their best interest to let each other in on their lies and make sure everyone’s on the same page).
    And the whole thing with the garbage being taken out? Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhh… That’s going to come back to bite them all in the rear, isn’t it?
    And finally, Wes is officially uber creepy. That smirky look he kept on his face throughout. Eesh. Now I’m actually a little scared for Rebecca’s safety.
    We seriously have to wait until the 29th of January to find out what happens next? Not. Fair.

    • anita says:

      Or they might not be lies. Michaela may be signing the prenup in a desperate need to go on with her life as she planned it. She’ll marry the rich guy, protect herself if she has to with the family’s wealth. An addiction to drugs may explain Connor’s frenetic running around. (In a previous show, he mentioned to Wes that he has Adderall-I thought this was just Connor being his usual shocking self but maybe not.)

      • Angela says:

        I forgot about the Adderall thing-you raise a very good point. Yeah, if they’re going to do their damndest to cover this up, it would certainly help to have some truth to what they’re saying along the way, to make themselves appear relatively believable.

        • bj says:

          They say that if you’re going to lie you should keep it as close to the truth as possible. That way you’re less pt to slip up.

      • herman1959 says:

        I felt the same way – they were all attempting to go about their normal lives, but of course, that won’t happen.

  27. Kait says:

    Definitely thought because of lighting/angles that Annalise was a figment of Wes’ imagination until she spoke.
    Also, every time Annalise and Nate hook up I want to crawl into my tv and hurt him and his hot body for betraying his cancer-striken, likely dying wife like that, and then smacking Annalise for knowing it as well. Sorry, it makes me really angry, I’m probably projecting knowing what cancer and chemo does to people and their loved ones.

  28. Omar says:

    “Annalise and Sam have forged a dark pact…” The pack is actually between Annalise and WES!

  29. Mista B says:

    After reading the comments some people think Wes being the killer was obvious. I think that was for a reason. I get the feeling somehow this was planned but it just didnt happen the way it was supposed to. I think when she told Wes that Sam was father of Lila’s baby and not to tell Rebecca there was more to that conversation. It’s like she picked the fight with Sam and then conveniently left. It’s like she was using her boyfriend as an alibi.Why was Wes sharing the fact that Sam killed Lila with Connor and Laurel?

    • Anne says:

      I’d have to go back and watch the series, but I think that Annalise knew that Nate got involved. When she told Wes about the pregnancy and told him not to tell anyone, I think that she knew it would get back to Nate. I believe she knew exactly what she was doing and is playing everyone like a fiddle!!

  30. aar says:

    Slezak: you mean Annalise and WES have forged a dark pact.

  31. Mike says:

    Didn’t Asher try to get into the house when he thought everyone was partying without him or was he just ;looking through the windows? Why didn’t he just go into the house like everyone else. That door is apparently always unlocked. Looked at how many people entered. But when Asher went there, the door was locked?

  32. I was so angry at her when she was leaving that no good scum that message, I yelled at my TV. But of course at the end it was made clear she was setting up an alibi for herself. God this show has good writers! Didn’t see that coming at all. Great episode as they all have been.

  33. Kiki says:

    I need to go back and rewatch the series to catch the other clues . I am sure there are something’s I missed…

  34. Sharona says:

    Really? 82% of you thought the show was awesome? Really? The only reason I watch this show when all is said and done is VIola Davis– an amazing actress and even so this role is pretty far over the top. Do you really care about these law school preppies, the quasi-goth defendant Rebecca, the s.o.b.husband Sam or Annelise’s mouse-ish assistant? I can’t say that I do and to be frank, too much disgusting ramming sex (ther’s no love making anywhere. don’t confuse effing with passion) and not a single character that I am rooting for. The way these kids deal with the body is to chop it up? Really? What is it that you folks like about this show? Seriously— I really do want to know.

    • Angela says:

      Lots of people chop up bodies to try and dispose of the evidence (or, in some cases, for more personal, sadistic reasons), so it doesn’t surprise me one bit that the kids would think to do that here. Desperate times call for desperate measures. *Shrugs*
      Anyway, yeah, I am interested in these students. I like the idea of the normally cool, collected, together characters like Connor and Michaela suddenly being the ones to freak out, or people like Laurel and Wes, who’ve had their moments of floundering and feeling overwhelmed and unsure, being so together. It’s an intriguing flip-flop. I like Michaela’s attempt to put on a perfect façade, and how she handles that, and the potential vulnerability lurking within someone like Connor (and that’s presuming he’s being sincere with that vulnerability, that is). And I like Rebecca’s struggle between trying to do the right thing in solving Lila’s murder and looking out for her own self-interests.
      Sam’s a creep and a half (the stuff he said to Annalise tonight. Whoa), so it is admittedly hard to feel much sympathy for him…but I still want to know what the heck exactly went down with everything surrounding him and Lila, and maybe explore what his marriage to Annalise was like a little more deeply. And Bonnie’s a mysterious, strange little thing. She SEEMS mouse-ish, but what’s that saying about it always being the quiet ones?
      I don’t think most viewers are thinking any of the people who are sleeping together here are actually making love, that these are people who are in these flowery, lovey-dovey romances. It’s blatantly clear that all of these relationships are screwed up on some level or another-if there IS any genuine romantic feeling involved, it’s not without some SERIOUS messed up baggage, thus making the sex scenes absolutely unromantic. But that’s the whole point. Plus, college students sleep around. For all the talk about the more unrealistic moments this show brings sometimes, that is one area that IS pretty realistic. So that doesn’t faze me.
      I got into this show because I was curious about the main mystery, but now I’m really interested in seeing how the aftermath plays out, how these people deal with it, and how they continue to answer whatever loose ends are still dangling.

      • TigerLIL says:

        Now Angela you on point. People f**k like rabbits and plenty of people have sexually charged relationship that are carnal at best. People use people to get what they want when they want. People act like these hook ups have no realism to them please, kids play with what I know goes on sexually between humans going all the way back to the ancient civilizations and homosexuality can be traced all the way back to the Greeks and was common place in Roman society. The sex are simple backdrop other wise we have to believe that no such thing goes on please….

        • Angela says:

          Heh, thanks. But yeah, you’re exactly right. The sex is partially their way to get what they want-this show is all about manipulation, deceit, lies, and sex is a BIG way to make all three things happen.
          I’m not saying it’s RIGHT, necessarily, mind…it’s not behavior I personally would involve myself in, and using sex to mess with people generally tends to not work out well for all parties involved and it’s in people’s best interests to not treat others like that. But for a fictional TV show, I can roll with such things happening and watch the craziness that results from that behavior play out.
          And as for the same-sex hookups, nothing wrong with those in my book! I can certainly understand people being offended by someone taking advantage of another person sexually to get what they want, but if there’s viewers getting all rankled simply ’cause two guys are having sex, well, that’s their issue to deal with, I guess.
          (Not saying that’s what Sharona’s on about here, mind, as I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth or anything. Just speaking in a general sense with that last part.)

      • Grey's Fan says:

        I agree with everything you have said. I love the theme of the show (besides the murder part, ha ha), being – What do we really know about the people we associate with every day?
        The sex doesn’t bother me – I don’t believe any of these characters are in love with their partners (though Frank seems smitten with Laurel if he really did dump his girlfriend – since he apparently cheated repeatedly on her but usually dumped his college lover in the past – that’s the closest I’d say to anyone having real feelings. Connor may also have real feelings for Oliver or he may just not like being dumped.)
        Connor and Michaela appear to be people who are good at acting stronger and more experienced then they really are (fake it till you make it) but crumble in stressful situations.
        While Wes and Laurel give off the impression of being meek and weak to their peers but when the chips are down and something big happens they can be calm and practical.

        • Angela says:

          Hooray :D! Always good to be in agreement. LOL, yeah, this is certainly not something I could EVER imagine myself getting involved in, nor would I want to, for a whole host of reasons. But YES, the whole, “Who can you really trust?” issue is something I’m always fascinated by, be it in real life stories or in fictional ones. Everyone’s got their secrets, it’s just a matter of how serious those secrets are.
          I do think Frank does genuinely have feelings for Laurel, yeah. And I think Wes and Rebecca genuinely care about each other, too (though I’ll be interested to see how long that lasts, given their little argument last night over him destroying that thing she went to so much trouble to retrieve in the hopes of proving Sam’s guilt for Lila’s murder…). Connor and Oliver, I’m not quite sure what’s up there, but I do like those two together, so I’m all for them sorting out whatever’s going on!
          But yeah, the whole “jumping into bed (or against a wall, or in a chair, or on a desk…)” thing that people are doing in this show doesn’t bug me, either. To each their own, though. *Shrugs*
          Well said about Connor and Michaela versus Wes and Laurel. This makes me wonder which side I’d be on now. ‘Cause I can easily see myself panicking the way Michaela did if I were in such a situation…but at the same time, I tend to have a personality similar to that of Laurel and Wes’ (meek, quiet, unassuming), and yet THEY could step up, so…I dunno. There’s another thing all us viewers can wonder about :D!

          • TigerLIL says:

            Yo Angela, you are always on point and got an open mind and one that is realistic. Like you it’s no mess I got the nerve to get involved in but it’s pointless to say the crazy is not a daily occurrence because in real life it is. Anybody in doubt, check the ID channel you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. A drama is based on potentially real life scenarios with identifiable characters and I assure you every one of these characters is identifiable and what goes on at these college campuses, the so call higher institutions of learning, mind blowing but a true microcosmic view of society as we know it….

          • Angela says:

            Aw, thanks :). I think, with life, you kind of have no choice but to be open minded a lot of the time (not to say people can’t have their own personal moral code to live by, but to shelter one’s self from what really happens out there…well, it’s rather unrealistic, I think).
            I watch the ID channel way too much, LOL. Like you said, there’s stories just as crazy as this one, if not more so, that actually happen every day. There’s stories that, if they were written as fiction, people would moan and groan about the plot twists…but they’re real and actually happened.
            Well said about this show being a microcosm, too. And yes, any good series needs to have people who you can identify with or at the very least feel SOMETHING for, be it good or bad. These kids aren’t perfect, God, no, and I can certainly see why their behavior wouldn’t appeal to some people. But while I wouldn’t put up with a great deal of this behavior in real life, since this is fiction, it doesn’t bother me as much.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Sharona people got their opinions, don’t hate, celebrate you got an actress who is getting her chance to shine and different people like the show for different reasons. I happen to think it is a great dramatic comedy myself, but watch the real life murder drama that comes on the ID channel then tell me this stuff is crazy or out of character of real life. This stuff is kids play compared to whats happening with murder and sexually in the real world of the unwritten scripts. –
      -Viola Davis is a phenomenal actress I mean a Betty Davis and Joan Crawford acting chops. They knew they would not have a show without such a lead. Humans will shock you with the crazy, this is no different and a lot of the material comes from situations that have come out of some crime files. You got sociopaths and psychopaths as well as nuts of all kind operating all over society and some that appear to be highly intelligent and successful. Hopefully, this will help Viola get some more credible roles to your liking and you can tune the ones like this out!….LOL

    • Trace18 says:

      @Sharona, watching this show is a guilty kind of fun — you never know what in the world is going to happen. And Viola Davis is doing some fearless, amazing stuff as an actor. Like you, that’s enough to keep me watching — in spite of the fact that, yes, I’ve had enough of all the graphic panting scenes, too, and have started fast-forwarding through them.

  35. greysfan says:

    Wow wow wow! Its all i can say. Brilliant show and brilliant ending for the winter finale. So awesome.

  36. Yoki says:

    Don’t ask me how, but I think Wes had a hand in killing Lila. The whole late entry, remaining so calm even before he saw Annalise. What if it was all a setup. Rebecca going over there, and then everything else. That cop is guilty of something too, interesting to see what.

    • dan says:

      Lila was killed three months before the “night of the flying cheerleader.” Maybe Wes had a hand in killing Lila before the semester started, but it wasn’t on the night Sam was killed.

    • TigerLIL says:

      You know what Yoki I said the same thing it’s something about his carefully crafted I’m going to do the right theme that just doesn’t sit right with me. He knows more about the Lila murder than he is letting on and maybe the baby was his. I think Sam will get pinned for the murder but I don’t think the baby will turn out to be his. It’s some s**t with Nate but I don’t know what it is but I know this he cross Annalise he gonna get flat-lined. She got him hooked, he is crazy about her, but he got her number, he know she is slick as oil and my goodness, they are going to be a mess together….

    • TigerLIL says:

      I doubt it only person connected to Lila’s murder around the Keating circle is Sam, Rebecca and Nate. There had to be some strong circumstantial bases for the arrest of Rebecca and the football player. Rebecca might have been broke but the football player with his wealth family and college backing and being that they are still in the football season would hardly be arrested, detained or and going through hearings and motions without a reasonable amount of evidence that he was involved. Now if Nate is not involve he has enough information that he was gunning for his lover’s husband who he believed she was putting on a pedestal. Nate is in love with Annalise because his emotional foundation is shook with his wife being ill facing a life/death situation he is not thinking straight. He is no fool either he has got to know he is dealing with a nut but she provides him a sexual release he is not willing to relinquish at this point. I still can’t get him gunning for Annalise husband unless he is wanting to gain more control of her. He is convinced that Sam chocked Lila and Rebecca knows it was Sam. How could that be? The way I see it Rebecca was involved with Mr. Darcy too and maybe Nate knows that as well. I can’t wait til Nate wakes up and finds out he has not only been sexed into a coma but played for the alibi…lol Hell he might be the next person choking Annalsie

  37. Imzadi says:

    I’m sorry but so much of the show was so dark (physically dark as in lack of light, not dark as in heavily dramatic) and so much was going on that I had a very hard time following it. I realize that’s how it would have been in real life, but it was so difficult. Maybe I should have turned out all the lights in the room. I am still very very confused.

  38. Cinderella07 says:

    Is there ANY chance that Wes is Annaliese’s son?

    I don’t think Sam killed Lila, but at this point I have no idea who did. I still don’t like the Rebecca character and I can’t understand why Wes continues to fight for her. She can’t be trusted at all.

    • Ashley says:

      rebecca is very annoying, im hoping she killed lila. Doesnt seem to probable but with this show you never know lol. And I believe wes told rebecca in the seen where he’s telling her about his life that his mom commited suicide. not sure though gotta go rewatch that episode.

      • Cynderella07 says:

        He did tell her that. I thought about that after I posted… Its just that they have this strange connection that seems to go beyond teacher-student or even employer-employee. Some strings somewhere must have been pulled to get him into that class, because we are never allowed to forget he was wait listed. I think even in the pilot they had a moment directly after he accidentally discovered Annalise’s affair that felt like there was more to their backstory than what we were told.

        For someone who was so naive and unprepared for this class, he sure has grown a pair over the course of the season. He blindly believes Rebecca is innocent even though she really doesn’t give him any reason to trust him. At this point in a show, there’s usually one or two people who I am rooting for. But in this show, It’s hard to know who that person should be.

        I’m interested to see how this show can possibly go beyond one season without growing stale or gimmicky.

        And, DANG, Sam got cold-hearted fast on “Annie”a when he was giving her the “nothing but a slut” speech. Jeez.

        • herman1959 says:

          Just a minor point, but applicants who are waitlisted have met the requirements for acceptance. The issue is that there are more qualified applicants than the number of places in the class. Applicants who do not meet the requirements are rejected outright. So, string-pulling would not have been needed, just one person who declined his/her place in the class. I think the waitlist thing was just about showing that Wes was considered an outsider as compared with the rest of the group.

        • Angela says:

          And, DANG, Sam got cold-hearted fast on “Annie”a when he was giving her the “nothing but a slut” speech. Jeez.
          I was just sitting there muttering, “…ooooooooooooh…” during that whole speech. That was…yeouch. I’ll say this, if Annalise had whacked him with the trophy immediately following that, it sure as hell wouldn’t have surprised me.

    • Comeon says:

      “Is there ANY chance that Wes is Annaliese’s son?”
      To quote Michaela, because all Back people are related.*rolls eyes*

      • Cynderella07 says:

        Ha, well I’m black and not related to a lot of other black people. So, yeah. I appreciate your sarcasm.

        I wasn’t asking because of any other reason than their strange connection. I feel like it only works if there is some back story for them.

    • herman1959 says:

      Based on the backstory he gave to Rebecca, Wes grew up around some crazy stuff and he isn’t the innocent “Puppy” everyone expected. He was probably attracted to Rebecca because she was the one person he could relate to and who could need him.

  39. kate'shomesick says:

    Hilariously enough…I predicted EVERYTHING he right way….that’s definitely a first for me…though we still can’t be sure that is was Wes…

  40. Nichole says:

    Gave it an A for that awesome twist of Annalise sitting calmly in the lounge room starting at her dead husband when Wes comes back in, that was definitely a “wow” moment!!

  41. tahina says:

    Amazing! Did not see it coming like it turned out. It’s like I’m watching a Hitchcock movie..and Viola Davis is a goddess, giver the Emmy already!

  42. Maryann says:

    So I’m wondering if we have STILL only seen a fraction of what happened and we are going to learn more of how Annalise was involved…

    Also, I am wondering exactly WHEN Annalise came back to the house. After the killing and before he came back for the trophy? And why was he just sitting there?

  43. Tee says:

    How in the world will this show get a season two unless it gets a whole new cast? I can’t imagine watching a new season where we know every single person was involved in a murder, and waiting for them to get caught is going to get so old.

    • Nick says:

      I’m pretty sure they are not going to get caught, and the Season one finally will probably address the point

    • herman1959 says:

      I’m thinking that Annalise is going to be suspected in Sam’s “disappearance” and the students will end up helping her when some unknown person finally ties Sam and Lila together – a MOTIVE FOR MURDER! Anyway, with only 6 episodes to go, the show should move pretty quickly.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Tee, season one will likely end in Sam’s murder starting to be investigated with the discovery of his charged remains just as we are getting a beat on who might have killed Lila with possible Nate being charged and Annalise needed to defend him. Or Rebecca being acquitted when she actually did commit the murder. Something crazy like that. Season two is where the chess match begins and the students will be in law school semester two where they should actually be leaving criminal law and going into their chosen specialties but will be glued to Annalise and year three by the time season three roles around it will be about them finishing law school and going into their professional lives and in the end finding out that they “did not know how to get away with murder” (if they want the karma ending) as everyone goes down or maybe everyone gets away with it in it end. I don’t think the show is designed for a run longer than them going through the process of finishing law school and passing the bar. Just like Scandal will have a natural ending once Fits presidency ends because the back drop will be gone. JMO

  44. Ashley says:

    Most amazing/entertaining/shocking hour of tv ive seen in a really long time!! A++ also I think michaela’s ring or the fact that she didnt have her gloves on when digging in the bag for her ring!!! And Im pretty sure Annalise coached wes into wat to tell the others to do(with the body and whatnot) and they didnt burn the body like they were supposed to which will prolly bite them the most. Lastly laurel rocked this episode even down to using the bonfire as their alibi.

  45. Cate Amos says:

    These are some of the things that will keep me occupied until January: 1-How is Michaela going to explain her missing ring to her fiancé? 2-Is it possible Wes only thought he killed Sam with one blow to the head? 3- If that blow didn’t do Sam in, who finished him off – Annalise or Bonnie? 4-Will Bonnie go back for seconds with Asher? It looked to me that they didn’t have an auspicious start for a physical relationship. 5-Who will crack first and spill the beans? My money is on Michaela. She’s the only one who has her perfect future planned out, and she doesn’t seem to be the type to let anything ruin that. I can easily see her getting backed into a corner during the investigation into Sam’s “disappearance” and doing what she can to save her own skin.
    That said, I enjoyed the first half of the season and can’t wait for January to get here.

    • Angela says:

      1-How is Michaela going to explain her missing ring to her fiancé?
      I’m wondering about that, too. Same with her mother-in-law. How appropriate that it’s the time of year when she can have the excuse to wear gloves as often as possible, right :p? But yeah, I’m very curious to see how the hell she’ll handle that whole situation.
      2-Is it possible Wes only thought he killed Sam with one blow to the head? 3- If that blow didn’t do Sam in, who finished him off – Annalise or Bonnie?
      Ooh. I hadn’t thought of that. Those are interesting questions…hm. *Ponders*

    • TigerLIL says:

      Cate good questions for the set up. First the kids failed to follow the complete instructions they disposed of the burned body parts in a trash dumpster, bad move all trash bags are opened and sorted and that when some human remains will be discovered. DNA can come from bones as well that’s what they did to test DNA ancestry for King tuts linage so the technology is there. After being identified, the policeman who observed them removing the rug will point Nate who may become the investigator, if he becomes the hero of the Lila Stangard murder investigator by fingering the killer and getting his job back. Laurels phone call will pen then to the discovery site cause they may be far enough away from the school’s barn fire for the call to ping off a different cell phone tower and Michaela’s ring is going to be discovered and traced to the jeweler where it was custom made. Rebecca will survive with the prank call to the police. Since the policeman observed all four of them caring the rug so that is what’s going to tie them into the murder cover-up. Annalise may have actually delivered the final blow.

  46. Sarah says:

    I feel like it’s too easy to have Sam be Lila’s killer. I am starting to think that maybe Nate killed Lila to set up Sam and ultimately destroy Sam and Annalise’s marriage and bring Annalise back to him. It would certainly make for an interesting turn of events.

    • TigerLIL says:

      Sarah the only problem is that Nate did not have to go through all that to get her back remember he ended the relationship and she spent all her free time chasing him down. What Nate wants from Annalise is for her to trust him completely and she doesn’t trust anybody he already knows she is crazy. To keep a women like her you have to control her and he has no control of her neither through trust or through her being married to someone else. What I think Nate wanted to do was discredit Sam to Annalise because he knew what Sam was doing behind the girls back and that she puts him on a pedestal. Right now Nate is hook on Annalise because he needs that sexual release she is providing him, giving his wife sickness and the fact that he has to be with someone who has as much to lose as he do to keep his thing under raps…lol

  47. Licelot D. says:

    Wes has some serious mommy issues! wow that was an intense winter finale!cant wait for the next six episodes!

  48. Gerald says:

    That was an awesome episode.
    I am most upset to read that there are only 6 episodes left this season?????
    Why is this a shortened season. I want to keep watching until May!

    • TigerLIL says:

      The network ordered 22 episodes but Viola Davis other commitments will only allow her to do 15 episodes for this year and she wanted the space open for the students to be able to work other projects the way it was explained. Scandal started with 7 episodes and got 21 or so the next season after it started to go…

  49. aureola says:

    I personally believe it’s nate. Nate who killed lila. He was creepy last night

    • TigerLIL says:

      aureola, you on point with creepy Nate last night. And he might have killed Lila to protect Annalise but I don’t know yet…. For now I do think Sam killed Lila by choking her while stroking her. I don’t think his trip back was with the intent to kill her I think he was responding to her need after finding out her so call best friend Rebecca was boning her main man which will usually throw somebody in her psychotic state over the ledge even if you are out doing the nasty yourself. Its a trust issue. Nate might be the daddy but that story line is hmmmm. Him and Annalise got a back story that has got to be a whopper. Annalise trust Nate for some reason and Nate is crazy about her for the obvious reasons, she is a hell of a challenge, for him but he got her number not to mention both of them are some freaks. He is a weakness for her, but she is a weakness for him too, and I asked a couple of weeks ago why is Nate gunning for Sam like this? I thought it was because he wants control of Sam’s wife or that he can’t stand that Annalise puts Sam on a pedestal when Nate knows Sam is a straight dog. Go figure….

      • Grey's Fan says:

        Sam received a message from Lila’s cell phone on the night of her murder which indicated she was upset. So he drove all night to see if he could calm her down.
        The only thing is… Lila left her cell phone at Rebecca’s so the message to Sam from the phone wasn’t sent from Lila…

        • TigerLIL says:

          See the fact that Rebecca winded up with Lila’s phone with something that could really incriminate her makes me think she was involved in the murder and using the phone to pin it on Sam. She did not want that phone found in her possession because I believe her and Sam are the killers. See the time line is odd. New Haven CT is 3hr 19 minute highway drive to Philly. Records indicate Sam left the hotel and 7:00pm and return at 6:05 the next morning> Now he had to have received the phone call earlier than 7pm for him to leave out at that time. Rebbeca claims and the football player claim they were at a Frat party doubt if it started at 7pm more likely 10pm which would have been near the arrival time of Sam. For Sam to get back to New Haven CT at 6:05 he had to have left bout 2:30 or so in the morning which means for 4 hours he can’t account for his time. Griffin claim Lila and him fought and she scratched him up and Rebecca claim the girl was fighting her and Griffin pulled Lila off of Rebecca. Then its no way one person put that girl in the tank. I think Lila caught Rebecca doing her man and then Rebecca caught Lila doing her man which was good ole Sam. I think Rebecca and Sam might have had some action going on in Rebecca old apartment which is where Wes lives today… now that would be a twist…..There is something Sam knew that Rebecca doesn’t want Wes to know and there was something about Sam that Rebecca knows that Sam was willing to kill her for to keep secret at least away from his wife. It is some s**t in the game somewhere….LOL Oh and believe this she did not go out for doughnuts that morning she either gave Nate that drive or she got another one to switch out the one Wes smashed she might have erased everything on Sam’s computer.

    • Nick says:

      But just because he was creepy (which I disagree), what could possibly have been his motive for killing Lila? And shouldn’t they have left some clue for the viewer to pick?! Have you noticed any?