Vampire Diaries EP Breaks Down Damon and Elena's Big Rain Kiss

Approximately 40 minutes into last Thursday’s episode, The Vampire Diaries delivered a moment destined to go down as one of the most celebrated in the series’ history. Six days later, the ground is still wet.

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I’m referring, of course, to Damon and Elena’s steamy rain kiss — known on Twitter as simply #DelenaRainKiss — a gift which arrived in the form of a flashback from the show’s infamous lost summer.

So where did this fan-fueled moment come from? And what convinced executive producer Julie Plec to make it happen? The answers you seek lie just ahead in what I like to call “Delena Rain Kiss: An Oral History.”

Damon Elena Rain KissTHE ORIGIN | “When Stefan got kidnapped in Season 1, Damon and Elena — who heretofore hadn’t worked together much — had to go and rescue Stefan … from Frederick; it was raining and they’re standing there talking to each other about rescuing Stefan,” Plec recalled with reporters on Tuesday. “That’s one of those canon moments where the people who started really connecting with Damon and Elena as a potential couple really always called out that moment as like, ‘Oh, God! One day, they’ll be in the rain and they’ll kiss.’ It started as a little Twitter thing. … We laugh at it sometimes, we laugh with it, we kind of love it. It’s been sort of a frustrating request to fulfill because it’s just so awful to shoot [from a technical standpoint].”

THE TURNING POINT | Plec continued: “Here we were in the season when Damon was trying to win Elena back, saying, ‘We loved each other’ and her saying, ‘Tell me a memory that mattered to you. I want to remember something.’ We were writing the story and we were thinking, ‘OK, what could that memory be?’ We’ve always wanted to say, ‘What was that summer that we skipped between Season 4 and 5 where they had the summer of their lives? What did they do? There’s got to be something awesome that they did.’ So we were like, ‘OK, is it a meteor shower? Are they out by a waterfall? We were just pitching all these ideas, and all of a sudden, someone — I don’t even know who it was, maybe it was me, maybe it was somebody else — said, ‘What if they kissed in the rain?’ And we all went, ‘Oh, God!'”

tvd-kiss-1“The story was, ‘What was this memory that they shared?'” Plec explained. “It was going to be something beautiful and epic, so the rain was a way of us [honoring] this group of fans who spent five years begging for this one thing. … I think it’s because of The Notebook … oh, and Spider-Man. Basically, there’s something about people coming together in the rain that’s the ultimate expression of love in the minds of most audiences.”

THE JUSTIFICATION | “For every naysayer that’s like, ‘Fan service, blah, blah, blah’ … There’s fan service when you’re telling stories as though the fans think it’s a choose-your-own-adventure, and that’s not what we do,” Plec said. “Then there’s the fan service when you have a group of people who, for five years, have been begging for one little thing and you find the perfect way to give it to them. That’s called honoring your fans, and I believe that so strongly.”

TVD-ers, did you enjoy the long-awaited #DelenaRainKiss? Which couple should get caught under a storm cloud next? Drop a comment with your take on this historic moment below.

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  1. mindy says:

    Haha dying at the no it´s not fanservice thing omg everything about TVD has become fanservice to the delena fans hence making the show the dullena diaries and that utterly ridic cheese fest of a wet kiss just proves that!

    • mindy says:

      OH and why don´t you honor other fans as well you blond ballon!

      • Netty says:

        Because all the other fans esp SE shippers like you are bitter and abusive. Why should she honor any of your wishes when they come wrapped up in an insult.

        • Fran says:

          Every fanbase on this show has bitter and abusive fans, even Delena’s. You’ll always find that on these types of shows. There are also plenty of same and normal ones too.

          • Letti says:

            I think it’s the writers fault that fans hate each other so much. They shouldn’t have made everything about who Elena chooses.

          • Guest says:

            Stefan fans have been the most abusive and unpleasant to Julie since season 3, she has said it on twitter earlier this year, and she was reminding fans that TVD is still one big family nomatter which ship. She recently tweeted something similar last week as well, even though she did not mention a ship you could tell that she does receive alot of hate and of late its the Stefan fans who are very bitter and unhappy.

        • Lulli says:

          LOL so you’re admitting that you kiss her ass to get it your way? Pathetic. I’m sure uou’ll never admit it, but you know your precious Delena has been handed very poorly at times, but you just shut up because some more ass kissing on Twiitter and praise for whatever crap she writes will eventually go your direction because she’s needy and DE fans are the ultimate ass kissers with second intentions.

          And uh, I never shipped Stelena nor Klaroline nor any of these famous ships on the show, but I have to be bitter and disgusted by how this show went from awesome when Kevin was on it to an epic crap fest as Plec and Dries turned it into a weekly Mexican fan service melodrama and bad fan fiction. So it’s not SE shippers only, definitely not, if you look around maybe there’s more non shippers than any other fans pissed off at what the show has become because of Dullena.

    • Hmm says:

      Somebody’s bitter. I think her response is smart and accurate; it’s honoring fans who suffered for over three seasons watching a couple that was so boring it was painful. The chemistry between Damon and Elena has existed since they first came face to face in the Salvatore mansion and has only snowballed since. It may not be your preference, but there’s no denying that.

      • lizz says:

        And what about the other fans? Stelena fans that are suffering for over three seasons now watching a couple
        That is so boring it is painfull. They are begging for them too, or the klaroline fans that are waiting for a reunion? Those couple also had a very hard time, but who cares about those fans right? Julie is team delena diaries not team vampire diaries.

        • Guest says:

          Delena is not boring to DE shippers, its just not your shipping choice & that’s fair enough. I think its time for Stelena to accept and move on. SE had a good run in S1 & 2.

          • Liza says:

            Yeah well, i think many other tvd fans agree with me that delena also had a good run and that it is time to move on. Delena fans may love them so much what i can understand, but the rest of the fans can’t stand them anymore and they just don’t see the chemistry aymore. Think it would be better if something would happen between bonnie and damon, those two are on fire when they play together.

          • Letti says:

            Stelena was not boring ever to most of SE shippers. For me, they had some cheesy moments, but they were the soul of the show. Maybe I would have accepted the end of Stelena if Delena was written in a good way (like in season 1 when even I enjoyed them), but I feel like the writers are forcing Delena down on our throats, like Stelena never even existed or was important. I’ll never believe that Delena is a good pair, no matter how many times they say they love each other. Stelena didn’t have to say that in every episode, it was obvious and natural.

            But last season proved to me that it’s time for Stelena shippers to move on from TVD at all. I still read the recaps unfortunately, hoping something would give me hope, but nope.

          • sara says:

            And stelena was not boring to those who shipped them

          • Guest says:

            I hope Damon and Elena find their way back to each other. I think Damon and Elena are the writers’ preferred choice.

  2. I kinda blank out when its Damon and Elena scenes, honestly find both characters very boring nowadays!

    • Lulli says:

      I know right? But Delenas kep getting what they want because even if they show a scene of Damon and Elena beheading multiple kittens for fun they would still think it’s wonderful and tell Julie how amazing of a writer she is.

  3. David says:

    this woman is just so full of sh**

  4. dude says:

    Fan service aside, that moment was pure awkward. Their chemistry is just gone and that scene felt sooo forced. Ian still seems to be putting some effort in but Nina has checked out.

    • Julia says:

      I noticed that too! I’m wondering if that is because they split in ‘real life’…it has to be difficult to do those scenes now.

  5. Liz says:

    I thought it was adorable. I just hope Elena remembers soon, or Damon rescues Bonnie and has her fix it, or at least enlists Elena to help him rescue Bonnie so that she can really understand that he isn’t all bad and let her fall in love with him again.

  6. Jules says:

    I’m not a fan of Damon/Elena romantically. But I thought what the writers did for those fan’s is really nice and Julie answered it well.

    Now if the writers could do something for the Stefan/Caroline fans, that would be great! haha

  7. lizz says:

    so what about the klaroline fans that are waiting for two years for a crossover? They are also begging, what about the stelena fans that are waiting for a return for 3 years now? My god julie plec cleary only thinks about the delena fans and she tries to make it right for herself but that isn’t going to work, most fans know that this show has become the delena diaries, it is sad.

  8. murley says:

    I know this has been said before but I always struggle with the whole “summer if our lives” thing when Stefan was stuck drowning over and over in a box. It just makes them both look a little bit like a-holes.

  9. Amadeu says:

    Well, This show is all about (delena) fan service…Where is the amazing TVD that I loved? Now it’s just about their (sexual) love who is so unfunctional that even the writers don’t know what to do with them!

  10. Dilara says:

    It was everything we ever wanted and more and we’re thankful to the writers for that!

  11. It was everything we ever wanted and more and we’re thankful to the writers for that!

    • KM says:

      I loved that scene! Such a sweet moment between the two. I understand that there are differing opinions – but I for one think Damon and Elena are the BEST couple on TV. I’ve never seen a couple that has chemistry like they do. It’s one of the reasons I watch the show.

      I would also love to see Stefan and Caroline hookup. They are much better suited for each other than Elena and Stefan ever were.

  12. luli says:

    So over Dullena… we need a Steroline kiss!! Now that is something that has me excited! And a Bamon reunion.

  13. valerie says:

    It’s a awesome show. Keep up with the hard work

  14. Netty says:

    Love the rain kiss, hope Elena gets to remember it too. Well its good that Julie honoured her fans. Now I hope she can put a pin in Steroline.

  15. Brigid says:

    Well I never needed a kiss in the rain from Elena and Damon. That is not as a fan what I want. I want good storylines and characterization and this show is truly lacking in that area. They had chemistry in season 3 but since she was turned into a vampire, something was lost. It just isn’t there anymore and they have become the boring Elena and Stefan of season 1. Elena should stick with Liam because it’s less angsty than her previous relationships and I like that, as a minority fan that is not serviced. :)

  16. Fran says:

    I have no problem with a show giving the fans what they want…. When its something that is universally wanted. Giving something to one group of fans, who just happen to be the most vocal, is a little unfair to everyone else. At this point I don’t care who Elena is with. I just want smart storylines again and less focus on the romantic relationships. What I loved about the first few seasons is that while Stefan and Elena were a couple, it wast the main and only focus of the show. I miss the show TVD used to be.

    • Lulli says:

      This! *applauds*

      They’re honoring ONE fan base that’s really loud and not so big these days, and a fan base that also always praises them in unrealistic ways, so that’s how the show has gotten to this low point.

  17. blugirlami21 says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that everyone who watches TVD is a Delena fan. I don’t particularly like Delena as a couple because I think its mostly an abusive relationship but to each its own. What I do have a problem with is every moment that was special to Stefan and Elena is somehow retconned into a Delena one. I just wish that she could honor Damon and Elena as a couple without stealing from Stefan and Elena.

    Julie Plec has been honoring Delena for five years. When has the show not been about them? Showrunners should be seen and not heard like they used to be, their justifications for what they do that may be disliked always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  18. bob says:

    Just like I thought usually the only ones that comment are the bitchy, whinny, crying fans that don’t get there way. Grow up you want to talk about fan service how about the fake se future life or the fake marriage proposal, or the kc sex in the forest and the fan service bd got this season since bonnie was supposed to die last season. If you dont like the show leave no one is stopping you and no one wants you the door that way go use it. —>

    • Lulli says:

      their way*

      And of course you want those unsatisfied to get out, you’re getting it your way, lol, don’t be a hypocrite

  19. rita says:

    well Im LOVING season 6! there is a freshness to it! The chemistry between Damon and Bonnie is refreshing… Its fascinating to see how gradually Damon’s character has evolved and grown

  20. Stefan and Karoline definitely need to get together! And soon!!! We’ve been waiting so long for that and I think it should happen! More interesting than Stefan and Elena ever were. Hope to see that soon. Keep up the good work :D Love VD<3

  21. Sara Shehab says:

    We want more of that delena rain kiss…bring it back please!
    And maybe the next cloudy storm could catch Stefan and Caroline together once and for all! We’ve been waiting too long for that…2 seasons of undeclared love…it’s about time!LOVING VD and every moment of it….please supply us more with this awesomeness and never ever ever ever think of stopping! Sincerely the fang fans❤

    • Geri says:

      I agree with all Stelena fans here, with all due respect, Delena fans. TVD was known in the first place because of Stefan and Elena’s epic love story. Remember the first 2 seasons when Stefan and Elena make us cry with just merely the way they looked at each other? That’s the kind of love that should go on. I perfectly understand that the producers wanted to please the fans but 2 seasons of forced, sex-based relations should’ve been enough. And Elena choosing Damon over Stefan? It was over the line. :-(

      • Non says:

        AGREED! scenes between elena and stefan made me cry and made my heart melt. But not everything was just about them. now TVD has become the delena diaries.. which i just cannot bring myself to like/support/enjoy. the delena relationship is enough

  22. Annie says:

    I want to see stefan and caroline TOGETHER!!!

  23. zed says:

    Well, the rain kiss was fanservice! Full stop. The fans were beginning for it and then they got it. And it was forced, but it could be seen as ironic thing- as it could be a goodbye and not a forever- who was Damon thinking about as well sharing his whiskey with- Bonnie! And then she sends him a message that she is alive! A true, real thing that is developing between Bonnie and Damon is what good storytelling is about. Characters developing as the situations and circumstances in their lives form them.
    I am a fan of TVD from the very beginning, and it started nicely, there was this girl, who fell for a guy, who was a vampire, and then came his dark brother, who was a great temptation, and it was interesting to watch how her character grew in relation to both. And it could have been a great character journey for Elena, but… it didn’t- she fell in a rut and still is in it in my opinion -end of season 3 she should never have chosen any of the brother- then it would have been interesting to see in season 4 how things would have developed….I know, I get into the dreamworld of what could have been if the writers stuck to storytelling and character development.. I am watching to see if somehow whether they will go back in season 6 to character development…

  24. sunce says:

    As a Stelena fan i must say i enjoyed the kiss. It was everything i expected it to be. Fake. Forced. Without a bit of chemistry between the main protagonists. Go ahead Julie. Honor your histerical twitter fangirls some more. Give them rain sex, give them Delena wedding. Insult our intelligence some more.

  25. Jane says:

    Twitter is the worst place to gauge fan research in my opinion. It brings the crazy out of people and the majority of the fans are not going to engage that way. you end up irritating a portion of your fans only to please a few. I personally think this was a mistake and they should make it clear it was one time thing. I realize this was a small scene but it’s set expectations for those that got what they want and enraged those that haven’t. They should stick to telling the story they want to tell and not be influenced by fans. If they’re storytelling is great than the ratings will show. They don’t need to slip in moments to honor a few fans.

  26. Lulli says:

    Yeah, still fanservice and a slap to the face of those who ship other couples and never get “honored” like this. There’s no spinning it. Twitter delena fans campaigned for it and you wrote it in. FAN SERVICE. ANTI PROFESSIONAL, WRITING driven by way too much praise from twitter fangirls. Julie has lost it big time and it shows.

    And this is coming from someone who never shipped Stefan and Elena: I HATE DELENA! Make it stop, it doesn’t work no matter how you spin it or try to make it look romantic. Last episode was the last straw for me, I’m don’ with the Delena Fan Service Diaries, and I guess a lot of ppl too, because the ratings were the worst ever for the show LOL.

    For what’s worth, at least Stefan and Elena had a believable and functional love story for a human and a vampire, even Klaroline wasn’t this toxic and off putting.

    Have fun catering to twitter tweens, Plec! I’ll show myself out :).

    • Non says:

      THANK YOU! I totally agree! TVD has now become the delena diaries which is ridiculous. I just cannot support the delena relationship when all it has done is turn elena and damon into worse characters (in terms of character development). I loved and still hope stefan and elena end up together. But now can’t elena be alone and single for once in her life. I want to see other characters grow and for the plot to grow! and please can they focus on bonnie for once! I feel like they don’t care about her at all.. she is always sacrificing her life for everyone else. The show has become just one big love triangle mess!! why do caroline and stefan need to be together?!?! they work so well as friends. Please writers just write a good storyline and stop listening to fan service from unreliable sources like twitter! Not everything needs to be about a love triangle! I was starting to enjoy the show more this season when elena was happy and doing other things with her life that didn’t involve the whole delena drama (which has been going on for FAR TOO LONG).

  27. Hope says:

    Delena fans have been waiting for five years? I’m sorry, have we been watching the same TV show? Because the last three seasons have been about nothing but Delena. Every episode is Damon and Elena this, Damon and Elena that. What exactly have they been waiting for? And what about the Klaroline fans? The fans who spend tireless hours painstakingly pouring their hearts into fanfiction, who united together to sign a petition in the vain hope that Julie Plec wouldn’t conveniently have amnesia and forget that there ever was a fan following for this couple, the fans who clicked and clicked to win every single poll, surpassing Delena fans as the favorite couple time and time again? Only to have Stefan and Caroline and Klaus and Camille painfully and messily shoved down our throats. How many times are we going to have Caroline tell Stefan that she’s angry and that she hates him before Stefan either gets the hint or JP stops stringing us along and executes one of the most cringe-worthy couples in history? How many times does Klaus have to compel, abuse, and endanger Camille before she either ends up on the fatal end of one of his outbursts, or JP has her realize that broody bad boys who blatantly substitute you for a girl he’s still pining over are totally worth losing your head over and throws caution to the wind? If someone had told me back in 2009 that this was what I was going to get for being loyal to the show, then I never would’ve bothered in the first place. And I’m certain I’m not the only one.

  28. kaykay says:

    I liked it better when #stelena was a couple they made a cuter couple and there was more of that drama every one loved. If your trying to put a end to the vampire diaries (witch you should not do) you should add a little spice and if your a real fan you would remember Stefan (Paul Wesley) saying “we will never happen” while he was at a party with Elena (Nina Dobrev) to Caroline (Candice Accola). In my opinion I dont think Stefan and Caroline should hook up. Im still pushing for #Stelena and i wont stop. #teamstelenaforlife.

    • Non says:

      STELENA is the best!! I refuse to accept delena. A girl who falls in love with one brother then falls in love with the other brother while still dating the first one.. WHAT THE HECK is that!!! so not fair and just ridiculous. TVD was much better with stefan and elena.. their scenes and their love was so pure and made my heart melt every time. And the plot was good too because it didn’t focus on just stelena. I literally cannot stomach the delena relationship. Now TVD is all about delena, which is unfair to fans and the other characters. WAKE UP writers because delena is not the most important thing in the show.I thought it was so wonderful how caroline became a much more confident as a vampire. On the other hand, Elena only became worse for me when she turned into a vampire. why does a show have to divide all the fans with this love triangle mess!

  29. kaykay says:

    this was my favorite show back in the first and second season and a little when Elena and Stefan still had a thing for each other. this show went from awesome,amazing,cool,favorite,best to worst,bad,boring,least favorite,terrible. this show went from supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to abhorrent. I hate saying this because I love this show but its true. Damon was meant to be bad. Stefan and Elena were meant to end up with each other not Caroline and Stefan nor Elena and Elijah. I know two vampires that were suppose to end up together and hope fully they still will their names are Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert.

    • Annie says:

      Damon was meant to be bad? I can’t stand people who say stuff like that. Damon was always meant to have a redeeming arc. He’s had awesome character development, and does not need to stay “bad.” He should, however, stay witty, sarcastic, edgy, all the things that make him Damon. But my god, I will never understand why people don’t seem to want him to be a better, happier person. I loved “evil” Damon as much as the next person, but that is in the past, and I respect his character growth and think it’s awesome because I want him to be happy.

  30. abhay says:

    Just woww,great story.
    Has played by great actors …thanks Andy

  31. Ashley says:

    Oh how about dw also put klaus and Caroline in the forest and they have sex ….. Oh wait they did (fan service )

  32. sam says:

    I think it was great! To those who say it’s the ‘dullena diaries’ you clearly haven’t been watching. We haven’t gotten very much Delena in season 6 at all, it’s mostly been about building Bamon as a strong friendship and possibly putting Steroline together. The rain kiss was about honouring the fans who waited for 5 years, it’s such a long time to wait and to keep asking means it was clearly important to them (us). Damon and Elena being together and in love is canon and i’m sorry you’re ship isn’t, but there’s no need to hate on Plec or the Delena fans for this, the chemistry just wasn’t there.

  33. katiewaghorn says:

    Stefan and Elena made me cry on more than one occasion. Scenes were just better written back then. Now the scenes are just toxic, sex fests. It’s just sad how poorly written and forced the past two seasons have been. I would take Rebekah and Stefan over Caroline and Stefan. Caroline is everyone’s sloppy second. Can we give the girl a real plot line because she’s my favorite female character. That goes for Stefan too – it’s his story not a story about Damon’s private parts pleasures. Just can we get someone in between the two Damon lovers to bring some balance back to this show.