Dallas EPs: Attempt to Find Cancelled Show a New Home 'Did Not Work Out'

Dallas Cancelled

Like many an oil well, the #SaveDallas campaign has sadly run dry.

In a message to fans posted to DallasDecoder.com, Cynthia Cidre and Michael M. Robin — executive producers on TNT’s recently cancelled revival of the classic CBS sudser — reported that “Herculean” attempts to find the show a new home on another network or outlet came up empty, and thus have ended.

“[Production studio] Warner Horizon has attempted, in a Herculean way, to try and find us a new home, but at the end of the day it did not work out,” the duo’s statement reads.

Cidre and Robin then go on to commend the #SaveDallas effort, saying: “We so appreciate the outpouring of support by all of you, and the #SaveDallas campaign was a truly remarkable undertaking. We cannot fully express how much we loved making this show for you and with you.”

In the wake of waning ratings,  TNT pulled the plug on Dallas in early October, two weeks after it aired its Season 3 finale.

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  1. Claire says:

    Thank god this “Save Dallas” nonsense is now over. I would have rooted for a season 4, IF they replaced the showrunners and writers with competent people. But they wouldn’t do that, therefore I couldn’t support saving the show.

    I really enjoyed aspects of it: JR, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Pamela. But they ruined it with bad writing, destroying the only couple on the show that had chemistry (John Ross and Pamela) and turned him into a cheater. It was more of the same from the 80s and it turned people off. Plus they kept giving screentime to that awful Elena character that 80% of fans didn’t even like.

    I wish the actors future success, since I like most of them, but I am glad the show can now rest in peace.

    • Agreed …
      Dallas & their fans deserve better. Still hoping CBS or some other network is smart enough to give Dallas another chance. @CBS #Netflix

      • leah says:

        I agree! I’m only 33 and I have seen every episode of the original series and fell in love with this one too! It’s driving me crazy not knowing what the next season’s were going to be. It’s frustrating!!!

        • Kim McGinnis says:

          I am 35 n I loved it on the 80s n feel like they did a great job with John Ross being j rs son. Perfect actor to choose on this role!!!

      • fred b says:

        CBS? That ship sailed about 25 years ago. Unfortunately the writing was on the wall after untimely death of Larry Hagman.

        • I agree, the death of Hagman, lost the viewers who had watched the original.

          • de says:

            Not true! I still enjoyed and still watched the show even after the death of Larry Hagman. Once again, cancel the good/interesting shows and keep the cramp on!

          • Pam says:

            I watched the original and the new one and they didn’t lose me as a viewer after Larry Hagman died. I’m sure there are many people who feel the same way. Sure, he was great, but the story lines were still great even after he was gone.

          • joan says:

            Dallas will always be a legendary show.I am old enough to have watched the original.I am still hoping the new one gets picked up.

          • robert allen says:

            I love Larry hagman asjr and major Nelson but show was still good and should not left like that

        • Perry Patton says:

          Yes Larry Hagman “J. R.” made the show. Wether you liked him or not.

      • sonya graske says:

        This makes me upset. I never even knew about Dallas return 2013. When it started up again. I ran across the newest series on Netflix. Was so obsessed to watch them all and, at this very minute, I try to find out when episodes starts again.. and find this. What a HUGH BUMMER. Seems as if CBS would have picked you back up again on the new Dallas. I am sure you have tried to get the show on air again. DONT GIVE UP. PLEASE. LOVE DALLAS, and, the new episodes were just fab.i am going to get the complete series on DVD.i miss Dallas.
        Hope to see Dallas airing on maybe fox? TV LAND, run the old episodes..please give that a try. Don’t give up. From Asheville, N.C.

      • Anton Lategan says:

        I find it very hard and sad that the series is cancelled. I never missed a episode from 1978. This series is a legend and messed up by people who decides what others must watch. Very disappointed TV viewer. Anton South Africa

      • david belancourt says:


      • Hayley ford says:

        Please bring Dallas back I could help script the show I’m one of Dallas’s all time viewers absolutely loved it

    • Carole says:

      Obviously you have no clue what people like. And since when can you speak on what 80% of the people like

    • Lover says:

      You don’t know what you are talking about doofus!

      • joan says:

        Dallas is a legend. It started with the original back in the 70’s and yes I was old enough to watch it. It was one of the best shows on TV at the time. The new Dallas is also a fav of mine. Its not the original but the show was staying true to its form, It is much better then most if not all the other “reality” shows on TV. Dallas NEEDS to get saved by another network. its a great show and it still has millions of fans.

    • robert allen says:

      Save your negative comments and shove em

    • Irene says:

      Dallas was a great show and JR had nothing to do with being shut down.What made the show so popular was the actors and the story lines.That kept us in suspense,…They shut down out of there personal reason.The ratings were enormous in support to keep it on but they decided not too.They could of kept it going but didnt…

    • Irene says:

      Dallas was a great show and JR had nothing to do with being shut down.What made the show so popular was the actors and the story lines.That kept us in suspense,…They shut down out of there personal reason.The ratings were enormous in support to keep it on but they decided not too.

    • jeb says:

      Dallas was so entertaining and hundreds of thousands thought so too! So so sorry no one picked it up. Truthfully, I still hope there’s a chance

    • kimi says:

      That’s why they have more channels to watch if you don’t like watching it

    • tony says:

      you are a stupid whore. the show was great , even better than the original. go suck off a cok you dumb bitch and keep your assanine opinions to yourself

    • Nicholas says:

      I agree, John Ross was a potentially great character but turning the surviving Ewing into a cheating unethical immoral antagonist was not good for the show. They went too far with the bad behavior for JR, the subtle environmentalist policy messages were annoying, and the lack of messages of the virtue of hard work and honest capitalism common in the oil and gas industry were nowhere to be found, it was all corruption and sex at too many levels. There were some redeeming qualities, i wish the show had not been cancelled.

  2. Television says:

    I really liked this show, and I agree John Ross and Pamela were great before they made them be enemies. Elena shouldn’t have been on the show since day 1, awful actress…skeletor.

  3. Et al says:

    This will make it even sweeter when Kevin Reilly is fired from TNT.

  4. Tran says:

    When TNT went from We Know Drama to BOOM, their shows were like ticking time bombs. The cancellation of the Dallas reboot was fine by me and with Falling Skies set to have its final season come Summer 2015, where does TNT go from here? Hope Legends is still on the verge of getting canceled.

  5. Bob Gassel says:

    Trying to sell “Dallas” without JR is like trying to sell “Superman” without Superman…they had no chance.

  6. A says:

    They never really found their footing with this show, plots seemed to come out of left field and never get resolved before they were abandoned and something new happened.. A shame cause the first season showed promise… Some plots just annoyed me… Bobby being responsible for framing Cliff, Sue Ellen drinking AGAIN….. pretty much everything with Christopher & Elena… And i kept waiting for some explanation of why Ray & Jenna werent together anymore… Oh well, would have liked them to at least have a chance to end the series with more closure than they got, too bad TNT didnt give them a final 6 episodes or so to resolve things.

  7. Gerald says:

    I think this show was doing fine without JR. John Ross really pickup up the slack. He was a great character. And I really liked most every other character as well.

    • Bo says:

      Totally agree this is the young generation of Dallas tnt don’t on what there doing DALLAS LIVES ALLWAYS hope another net picks them up

  8. dman6015 says:

    No J.R., no Dallas. Just didn’t work without Larry Hagman.

  9. Melissa says:

    Sorry for the fans, but I have to say as a super fan back in Dallas’ prime, with the death of Larry Hagman, I just couldn’t watch anymore. 😢

  10. GuessWhat says:

    This was a better show than most stuff on the big networks.
    Bummed out actually.
    Was hoping someone would pick it up.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Totally agree; every bit as good as some of the network “soaps”(Nashville, Revenge, Shonda’s posse of shows). Sure, it had it’s faults but as a whole I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  11. Billy Norris says:

    The best part of this “reunion” is that Dallas fans saw a conclusion to the icon known as J.R. Ewing. If one looks at season two being the finale of the show, I think we can call this TNT incarnation a success. Given that the third season was all over the place and with a concentration of characters other than Ewings, I am half way glad the show was cancelled. Sorry for the cast and crew, but season three was just close to terrible.

    • Robin Gulliver says:

      I disagree the show was very interesting to say the least . Just because you can’t keep up with the plot doesn’t make it all over the place. I couldn’t stop watching once I started a season this was by far the best Dallas show writing Ever!! I think they have what it takes to keep it going for years to come.

  12. Sara says:

    Don’t get why couldn’t TNT at least let them tie up loose ends with a 2 hour movie. It’s sad the last scene is of a legacy character being killed off and we aren’t going to see the fallout from it. That’s cold.

  13. Miffy says:

    I never understood how Ray and Lucy could be married now.

  14. I really enjoyed the show, although like many people, I disliked the character of Elena as well as Ann’s daughter Emma. I personally believed that the show should have had included more of Lucy and her daughter, or Gary and Val’s twins. They really didn’t use Ray, Lucy or Gary & Val as anything more than props. Even J.R.’s funeral with his ex-wives could have been better. J.R. had at least two other kids, and both of them were boys as I recall. Callie had a child and then the character that Sasha Mitchell played. I hope that the producers get the chance to do a wrap-up TV movie, tying up all the loose ends.

    • Paul says:

      I know, Elizabeth, they really dropped the ball with all those loose ends. Good post, and I totally agree!
      Yes, J.R. had 2 other sons: one by Vanessa Beaumont (James) and the other by Cally. Seems as though Cynthia Cidre never knew about them! And also Bobby had a son (Lucas) with Jenna, but he was never talked about either.

    • robert allen says:

      Should Pam Barnes Ewing back

  15. David S. Samuels says:

    Netflix, Amazon, Hulu?

  16. Diz says:

    That just sucks.

  17. mdbchud says:

    Very sad about this. Amazing cast. Carried on the legacy well. Would have loved to at LEAST wrap up the cliffhanger with a movie or something.

  18. NEK38583 says:

    I really liked the show, I just wonder if they had not killed Christopher off if that would have saved it. I know this sounds crazy, but TNT did not want to reboot unless they had Larry Hagman in the beginning. I just wonder if killing Christopher went to far off the orginal outline that they decided to drop it. I wish they would at least gave it a final season maybe it will be back in another form one day

  19. Sheryl Morin says:

    Such a shame, I loved that show! Great cast and great storylines!! I’m so sad :( !!

  20. Robert Slauenwhite says:

    After having grown up with the original I rather thought the reboot was well done and well written. I am disappointed that they would do a cliffhanger and not at least do a made for tv or straight to DVD movie to tie all things up and give fans closure so to speak

  21. chrischandler says:

    I would be happy enough if there was a tv movie to finish it and maybe a series of novels.

  22. Rich says:

    There were too many disconnects from the original. The storyline was good but for a Dallas fan, I think Cynthia Cidre should have watched the original before trying to do a “continuation”. She would have realized that Cliff was no longer an enemy from the ’80’s and there could have been new plots of outsiders trying to infiltrate the Ewing family instead of the same old storyline which was done a long time ago. I think the characters carried on the family characteristics well especially John Ross. Not the same without JR but Bobby and Sue Ellen did well except they almost ruined SE with her drinking again.

  23. kates2424 says:

    The only thing I liked about this show were John Ross and Pamela. Christopher (or Miguel from Passions as I call him) is a terrible actor. And Patrick Duffy just creeps me out.

    • Kelly says:

      Omg, that’s all I can say about that comment.

      • Robin Gulliver says:

        I agree with you Kelly ! How can Patrick Duffy creep anyone out. Stay with the story and not trash the characters. Real fans loved all the characters for who they were in the story.

  24. Tony says:

    No network should just be able to pull the plug on a show without finalizing the story line. What about the loyal viewers that were watching the show. You just leave us hanging, a waste of hours and hours getting into a show then nothing. At least finish it so you can call it a sellable Mini series. Because their sponsors aren’t happy. Well what are they going to do when nobody wants to watch a new show anymore when its going to just get cancelled anyways. I myself don’t see commercials anyways everything that I watch is DVR’ed Death of TV is going to happen one day more and more options are becoming available. TNT though I am done with you. You should be sued for the hours of loyalty we put in and you stole from us!

  25. I agree with most of the comments here: breaking up Pamela/John Ross was a huge nail in the coffin. While John Ross should share traits with J.R. cheating on Pamela should have been off limits. Elena was terrible (I like the actress, just not the character) and I felt relieved when Christopher died. All Christopher ever did was cry and mope and whine. It was annoying.

  26. Liza says:

    While the show did have some continuity issues with the original and a couple weak actors/storylines, the good far outweighed the bad and I am very disappointed that it was cancelled!!!

  27. Millie Wyatt says:

    I watch every week. Don’t schedule anything on the night Dallas is on. I buy the products that sponser Dallas. They are like a part of my family. Its all we talk about week to week. We call and text each other to get everyone’s thought on what might happen. What a disappointment.

  28. Dallas & their fans deserve better. Still hoping CBS or some other network is smart enough to give Dallas another chance. @CBS Hear Your Viewers Roar #SaveDallas Young & old alike love the new Dallas. Reconsider & #SaveDallas. It will make you millions & increase your viewer’s. CBS don’t let your viewer’s down.#Netflix

  29. B.holland says:

    Herculean attempts….Right……You’all didn’t deserve to have this show….I hope maybe Netflix or another independent network will still step in…..You guys really do suck….

    • Roseann aversano says:

      I’m never watching TNT again I don’t care what they put on. They keep mindless shows and cancel my Dallas. Even the prime time shows can’t compare.

  30. Bert says:

    It’s very simple, my family and I will No longer watch anything on TNT from now on. TNT has managed to bring back a huge part of American Television History with Dallas only to take it all away again. TNT you are dead to us….

  31. Jackie Clark says:

    Please step up to the plate and bring closure to Dallas!! This show and the fans that have followed this show deserve more repect than that. Do the right thing TNT!!!!

  32. frankwv says:

    I am saddened to learn of the failure to find another network. Perhaps the fans need to flood
    TNT and even CBS with email and regular mail. Try and find who is the major advertisers axre on those networks and flood their inbox. I will agree that once Larry passed away it was going to be an uphill battle, but the writers should have anticipated Larry’s failing health, and have
    placed more emphasis on Cliff’s battle with Bobby. Plus bringing back more of the older characters would have helped the storyline. I really feel that TNT doomed the show when they
    moved it to Monday night. Way too many other choices on Monday. Any other night, and they would have owned that time slot. I sincerely hope that fans do not give up.

  33. Dawn mckinlay says:

    I wish they hadn’t cancelled the new Dallas it was brilliant I looked forward to watching it every week it was just as good as the old one Larry had an will be turning in his grave

  34. Catherine says:

    I am very disappointed that Dallas was cancelled by TNT. I really enjoyed this show. I would love to see a new home for Dallas or at least one final show that ties everything together.

  35. ron says:

    I wont be watching TNT anymore! Dallas was the best show that network ever aired!!! Thanks for the huge disappointment

  36. p.watkins says:

    I loved this new Dallas series. It is so much better than most the stuff on tv now. So disappointed!

  37. laura says:

    U cannot be serious!!! I looked fwd to my dallas shows!!! Wth is wrong with u people!!!!! Why start a show this good if your only gonna give up on it!!!! And, then leave fans hanging!!!!

  38. Jeri Dickinson says:

    I will really miss Dallas. I watched every week and couldn’t wait until the next one to see what was going to happen. I wanted to know who the father of Elana’s baby was. Hoping it was John Ross’s. Hope somebody has a change of heart and brings it back somehere.

  39. kmbr says:

    So disappointed to hear Dallas was canceled. I thought all the characters were great. Especially enjoyed Judith Light.

  40. paul james says:

    Could the makers at least make an extended episode to at least complete the story lines
    in play ?

  41. Sarah says:

    I feel the show could continue with the new characters as the story continues with them, John Ross being every bit his Fathers son……fighting with Christopher just as j r and Bobby did etc etc…… I sincerely do hope that another network picks it up.

  42. Dee says:

    I love the show. It was doing great without JR. John Ross pick up the slack. He is his father’s son. Try OWN, FXX TV station. Don’t give up yet. I want to know who is John Ross sister.

  43. Jay says:

    It’s unfortunate that too many “critics” out there seem to miss the point of the show. It was a legacy show that us Boomers enjoyed and often our children heard in the background as they grew up. Everything is NOT about attracting the younger gen, who hardly read news nor are loyal to much of anything and couldn’t tell you where Dallas is located. This is a case of another pencil-neck in the back room thinking he/she knows what we enjoy. TNT has sunk to a new low, as it was the only show they served up that had a spine to it and entertained by allowing us oldsters to reflect on the JR, Jock, Miss E & Sue Ellen days and what they reaped.

  44. Suzi says:

    The revived Dallas TV show was superb!! Some of the best Dallas ever! There are so many below par programs on TNT; Dallas was their hit! The ratings could have dropped because 3rd season was poorly promoted. I had no idea it was starting up except that my DVR picked it up (thankfully!). Bad decision by TNT. Hoping another network will make the smart choice and puck-up DALLAS!

  45. Bonnie Scott says:

    I don’t understand why TNT would leave us with such a cliffhanger if they knew they were going to cancel the show. Why not tie up loose ends and finish Season 3 with at least a satisfactory conclusion. They set up this huge ending and then leave us hanging…forever. Thanks TNT. I’ll have to think twice before committing myself to watching further shows on TNT. If your going to cancel a show loved by millions over stupid ratings, at least don’t leave fans hanging on the cliff, finish what you started!

    • sandy says:

      I agree loved the show,needed to be on another night though,TNT sucks hope someone picks it up.Should not of left us. Hanging,with that cliffhanger,please bring it back!!!

  46. Hayley Cowburn says:

    Is Dallas season 4 cancelled if so can I buy it from anymore, thanks.

  47. leah says:

    This sucks! You left us all hanging!!! Such BS! I’m done watching any I on TNT!!!

    • tina williams says:

      I wish they don’t cancel this show its awesome n I have a dallas date with my sister in law every Friday wings n pizza n dallas I live this show TNT suck I also add a young girl when the original was airing n loved it then also so u see y I’m hooked please bring this show back

  48. t,mason says:

    crappy move

  49. Dawn mckinlay says:

    I am from Scotland and I looked forward to watching dallas every week I didn’t think it would be as good as the old dallas but it turned out to be better and the young actors are good along side the old I just hope they find another network to show it Larry hagman will be turning in his grave all my family and friends watched it too so please please make a season 4 D mckinlay