AHS: Freak Show Recap: Violence Concerto

AHS Freak Show

Another one bites the dust. In this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Dell flunked his “Test of Strength” by bumping off a fellow freak to keep his dirty little secret… well, you know, a secret. Who ended up on display at the American Morbidity Museum? Read on and find out!

TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY | When last we saw Jimmy, he was about to rescue the Tattler twins from Dandy or — considering the killer’s foul mood — die trying. Gloria insisted, of course, that they’d never harm the sisters. After all, she noted, “We paid good money for these girls.” However, after Dot realized that Dandy had read her diary, the die was cast. Communicating telepathically with her besotted sib, she convinced Bette that their benefactor was, to put it mildly, off, and they had to leave. So, reluctantly, Bette told Dandy, “I’m sorry, but I choose my sister, always.”

Back at the fairgrounds, Jimmy – livid about Elsa’s treachery – didn’t ask but informed her that he was singing Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” at that evening’s show whether she liked it or not. But, to his (and Bette’s) surprise, Dot then lied about how they came to reside at the Motts’, thereby putting egg on Jimmy’s face and Elsa uncomfortably in their debt. Among their demands, they wanted 50 percent of the box office… and for Bette to become a comedienne.

At least Jimmy could console himself with the fact that he was now sleeping with Maggie. Plus, off Bette’s assertion that Dandy had been the real hero in the clown killer case, he had a strong suspicion that Richie Rich was the nutso who’d damn near sawed his new girlfriend in half. But how to prove it… ? Hmm.

QUEER AS FOLK | After spotting Dell looking for ill-fated Andy at the gay bar, Stanley threatened to expose the strong man’s sexual orientation if he didn’t provide him with the remains of a dead freak. Unfortunately for Dell, his attempt to chloroform Amazon Eve only resulted in him being smacked around and tossed out of her trailer. His intended victim even added insult to injury by asking rhetorically, “Who’s the strong man now?” 

Upon learning of Dell’s attack on Eve, Jimmy barely managed to keep Ethel and the freak show’s other women from killing the tough guy by promising to take care of the ruffian himself. His method, however, left something to be desired: He got so drunk with Dell that he tearfully admitted that he knew the brute was his father. Then, the unthinkable happened. A minute after it appeared that Dell was going to hit Jimmy with a brick and deliver him to Stanley, he embraced his son, and the lobster boy warned him about the women’s death threats!

The next morning, it got even more shocking. Dell, still blotto, yelled to the whole freak show that Jimmy was his son, and the lobster boy was able to say words that he never in his whole life had: “Good night, Dad.”

Of course, with Stanley continuing to put the screws to Dell and the women’s dissatisfaction with Jimmy’s handling of the strong man easy to see, he was hardly out of hot water. He handled his first problem by creating himself an even bigger one: He horrifically squeezed the life out of poor, helpless Ma Petite! (As if no one would notice the disappearance of the troupe’s most beloved member!) Meanwhile, Ethel and Co. still had (his) murder on their minds – and they don’t even know yet that he attacked their kindly doctor, who, in the aftermath, committed suicide!

PENNY DREADFUL | While Paul lingered near death, Penny risked her own life to tell her father that she was leaving home to live with her lover and the other freaks. Dad’s horrific response? He brought in an “artist” to tattoo her face and fork her tongue! Naturally, when Paul saw what had been done to his girlfriend, he was horrified. “This is all my fault,” he cried. “What have I done?”

SEPARATION ANXIETY | After Bette went Eve Arden blonde and suggested that she and Dot were now like the perfect before and after picture, the brunette sib responded to Elsa’s offer to give her anything her heart desired by asking for the surgery that would make her a solo act. When Stanley suggested to Elsa that instead, perhaps “a mercy killing” was more in order, Elsa being Elsa, she was delighted. (Mind you, she didn’t seem to know that Ethel had overheard the incriminating conversation… )

OK, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you more surprised that Dell and Jimmy bonded or that Dell murdered Ma Petite? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jake says:

    Ryan Murphy made a big error. Freakshow is based in 1950s. how is Jimmy doing a cover of a nirvana song from 1992?

    • Lauren says:

      You are kidding, right……? Most if not all of the songs have been time inappropriate by design.

      • Ken Lee says:

        Pretty common practice….remember the movie “A Knight’s tale”………dancing to david Bowie in Medieval times….AC/DC playing during the joust……..it’s called poetic license

    • Joey says:

      …This is your first time questioning this when Elsa already sang David Bowie and Dot already sang Fiona Apple? I think the bigger question is why was Jimmy singing this without the Murder House Kurt Cobain hair?

    • Scott says:

      Yeah, guess RM just complelty overlooked that, glad you caught the error. Smh.

    • The Beach says:

      Ok, I get the song business but what I feel is completely distracting and sloppy are the locale shots. This is supposed to take place in Jupiter, FL, a town in the southern part of the state yet there is nary a palm tree to be seen and in the town neighborhood scenes, the houses are all brick, mid-western not Florida stucco.

      • DebravedDarling says:

        Yes sooo true! I was born and raised in ft lauderdale and Jupiter is not far. So I definitely right off the bat noticed that it could not even the northern Florida.I have no idea why they couldn’t just throw out that little bit of extra money to move from New Orleans crappy Jupiter Florida. Not like Miami I mean come on. People who know what States and landscapes of certain parts of our beautiful country look like aren’t being fooled. Other than that I have nothing to complain about absolutely loved the season so far and I cannot wait till after Thanksgiving for the next episode!

  2. Joey says:

    Even though I’m still sobbing over Ma Petite, I have to say that watching Eve beat the dung out of Dell gave me a warm fuzzy.

    • K. Chaos says:

      YES!!!!!! Best comment Joey;)

    • valvacious says:

      yep, I loved to see Ma Petite. I wanted to just grab her through my tv and give her a big kiss. When she acted like a butterfly in the jar, I screamed..please don’t kill that baby…..

      Glad Deli got his butt kicked also. He deserved it for abusing women.

  3. abz says:

    Seriously, I cannot get used to Ethel’s accent. Kathy Bates may be doing it properly, but I absolutely hate it. It’s so awful.
    And when will the singing stop. This is American HORROR Story, not Glee. Enough already! It just wastes airtime and is distracting from the story.

    • abz says:

      Also, Ma Petite’s death was too sad. Why’d they have to kill her? Amazon Eve needs to kick Del’s ass again big time!
      And wow, poor Penny. Her dad’s insane.

      • RicFule says:

        I’m not buying it until we get confirmation. With all the “deaths-that-weren’t” we’ve already seen this season, who is to say this one wasn’t one as well? I mean, it’s HIGHLY likely that it was real, but …

        • abz says:

          Yeah, but I highly doubt they’d use the same “freak” twice in a fake-out. They already showed the fake scenario with Maggie where she killed Ma Petite, but this time I think it actually happened. Who knows, Stanley’s fantasies (like the one he had with Bette/Dot) may be foreshadowing their fates at some point.

          • RicFule says:

            I still think Dandy is going to kill Stanley. Even though he didn’t visit the bar on-air after the twins left.

    • rachel says:

      agree.cant stand all this singing. I didn’t mind one or to song maybe for a full season, but it seems its in every episode.

      • Scott says:

        That’s cool if you don’t like it, not everyone’s cup of tea, but it does serve a purpose within the storytelling.

      • Kevin says:

        well at least the singing fits in with the context this season, seeing that the it is a freak show and they gotta practice music numbers to perform. Coven’s stevie nicks stuff is the real pointless thing

      • ScottJ says:

        The singing in this episode was a whole 2 minutes – and half of that time it was background music for scenes with Paul and Dell. Its hardly “all this singing”.

    • Ellie says:

      It’s a Freak Show, what do you expect? Freak show’s used to have singing all the time.

  4. Robby says:

    Uh…the most shocking death of the season reduced to a single statement in the last paragraph? Andy, Ma Petite deserved more than that. Twitter is blowing up with anger at her “murder”…

  5. Kait says:

    Sad about Ma Petite. Dell is awful.
    But how would that doctor shoot himself if all of his fingers were broken? I doubt that detail will get touched upon again. Poor guy.
    I was surprised Paul was still alive and even more so what the dad did to his girlfriend, didn’t expect it to go that route. Tattoos back then must have been horribly painful let alone all the other transformations.

    • I thought Paul the seal man dice after the knife in the gut. The dad maiming his own daughter to join the freaks was a shocker!!! Will Paul dump her now? Why doesn’t everyone kill this trouble maker Stanley and bury him in the swamp?

      • Kait says:

        Right? I’m assuming it’s gonna pop up that he’s secretly a “freak” himself with his ummm male organs (idk what I’m allowed to say here lol) since that guy in his motel was like woahhhh buddy. How the one doll in the opening credits has a leg there instead. Maybe? I think it was brought up in an interview but I can’t fully remember.
        And I thought Paul was left for dead and that his girlfriend in that first scene would be mourning him and not like “but daddy! I love him!”

  6. lm1990 says:

    Why didn’t Dell kill Stanley instead?! WHY!

  7. Tina says:

    I hate ma petite want be on the show. She will be missed.

  8. spooky says:

    they killed Dora and now ma petite ): . my question tho is…was there any season 5 clues ????

    • Tyger Tyger says:

      With the scene of Stanley and Elsa talking about surgery while he’s eating a steak, I kept wondering about a Cannibal Diner. After all, AHS is about common themes in horror movies. I am still waiting for a Cthulhu cult, transformation into water-dwellers AHS.

    • abz says:

      I think it was confirmed that one of the clues was a Top Hat. There was a picture of it on a mug in the show and somewhere else I read about but can’t remember. When I read about it I thought it might be some twisted version of Monopoly or something, but I read some theories about something called Operation Top Hat.

  9. Tina says:

    I felt sad for Ma petite she is my favorite she is to cute I love her voice

  10. M says:

    ma petite :( I didn’t think RM would kill her off … so sad and wrong

  11. Why RM has to make us suffer ONE MORE TIME? wasn’t enough last week episode with the idea of Ma Petite being murdered by Maggie?
    I thought she was going to make it by the end of the season after that, but no. Was so sad to see her go.
    Dell has to pay, big time.

    I missed more airtime for Dandy and Gloria in this episode, but i really liked the way this episode started, with that close up for Dandy before the intro.

    Really enjoying this season.

    • Ken Lee says:

      RM has stated that most of the cast will die this season…he is following thru on that…..and he also said that unlike past season’s….this season, when they die…they are dead…no one is coming back……..of course…he could be lying

      • Rhonda says:

        That really doens’t make any sence because a character has never “came back” unless it was in ghost or witch form. Jimmy has played a different character everytime..so if Jimmy dies, then I’m sure he will stay dead but the actor that plays Jimmy will probably come back.

  12. Ken Lee says:

    Ma Petite :( :( :( :( :( I loved her

  13. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    That was F-d up what Dell did to Ma Patite he has to go and that girl Penny another messed up scene her father is a douchebag! I wonder how did Jimmy knew that Dell was his father? Their bonding moment was okay and pretty surprising but Jimmy is going HATE him again big time once he’s sober up and finds out what happened!

  14. catlady says:

    I love ma petite..closed my eyes when I knew he was choking her and when she was in the huge test tube. Nothing and nobody is sacred on this show……but that’s what we want..isn t it?

  15. Aly says:

    I love horror and have watched very graphic scenes but for some reason that forced tattoo scene horrified me. It put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night and I’m still thinking about it days later. It bothered me way more than ma petite’s death. Was anyone else shaken up by the tattoo scene?

    • Malvika says:

      Yes! Me too; that scene was something else. It sort of dulled the shock of Ma Petite’s death for me, because I was rather traumatised at that point. I think it’s because of the contrast between Penny’s dad’s sadistic happy face and Penny’s appearance and her screaming and the blood and stuff. Also, it might have something to do with personal fears.
      God, I can’t get over it.

    • saint707 says:

      You should find and watch an old movie, Tattoo, staring Bruce Dern. It left an impression on me for years. Not as gory as AHS but still a variation of this particular theme.

  16. April Wojtas says:

    I can’t believe he killed MA Patite. That is bull crap. I think the strong man should of just killed the little Jerk man black mailing him.

  17. Deb says:

    I was and still am terribly upset that Dell killed Ma Petite! And to make matters worse the show ended with tiny Ma Petite in a liquid solution inside a glass jar so that entire world can gawk at her. It’s deeply disturbing to know she is dead and on display. I feel the writers could have and should have come up someone else. Killing tiny cutie Ma Petite is in so many ways much like killing a child..so so sad…

    • Lynn says:

      Deb I feel the same as you, why Ma Petite, I’m still upset. I screamed when they showed the Maggie and Ma Petite fake-out. I said if they kill Ma Petite I was going to stop watching, but it was a fake-out. It wasn’t a fake-out this time I’m still emotional about Ma Petite’s death and I will not be watching anymore, I’m done. I loved Ma Petite.