The Voice Top 12 Results Recap: They Want to Do the Wild-Card Thing

Your least favorite contestant on The Voice this season? You’re never getting rid of him (or her)!

[Insert executive producer Mark Burnett’s maniacal laughter here.]

I’m just kidding, of course. Sorta.

As Carson Daly announced tonight, Season 7 of NBC’s reality singing sensation is adding a new twist: Every Top 12 contestant eliminated before the finals (fourth- through 12th-place, in other words) will be brought back for a last-chance performance, with viewers advancing their favorite into the last week of the competition as a fourth “Wild Card finalist.”

“It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s going down!” exclaimed Carson. I mean, with that kind of endorsement, I’m not going to question whether it’s a good idea, a bad idea, or one that I need another glass of sauv-blanc to ponder. I’m all in! Or as they say on Cougar Town, change approved!

Also new this season? Another week of guest advisors, including Miss Diana Ross — I’ll pause while you process that one — Patrick Stump from Fallout Boy and two artists whose names I will never spell correctly without the help of Google, Meghan Trainor and Colbie Caillat.

Have I stalled enough? Let’s get to the Top 12 results.

Sent to Safety (in Chronological Order)
Matt McAndrew (Team Adam)
Anita Antoinette (Team Gwen)
DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell)
Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake)
Damien (Team Adam)
Reagan James (Team Blake)
Taylor John Williams (Team Gwen)
Chris Jamison (Team Adam)
Luke Wade (Team Pharrell)

Bottom 3 (Not a Big Surprise)
Jessie Pitts (Team Blake)
Ryan Sill (Team Gwen)
Sugar Joans (Team Pharrell)

I wasn’t entirely sure who I wanted saved, but after his abysmal Duran Duran cover on Monday, I knew who wouldn’t be getting my vote.

Last Chance Performances
Jessie: Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity” — A delicate, pretty performance that screeched like a car on two wheels on the big high notes. But otherwise… not bad! Grade: B
Sugar: Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” — A woeful song choice, delivered with loose, effortless power. Sugar’s tone, though, gets a little hinky at the top (a fact that seems to completely elude her coach, alas). Grade: B-
Ryan: Extreme’s “More Than Words” — I’ve had Nilla Wafers more exciting than this kid’s dreary power ballad cover. And at least a third of it wasn’t in tune. Feh! Grade: C-

Jessie’s slightly better last-chance performance trumped the fact that deep down, I felt like Sugar might be the more promising artist. And thus my Twitter campaign began.

It was all in vain, however, as America voted to #VoiceSave… Ryan Sill. Sugar fans, however, got a consolation prize when Pharrell repeatedly indicated he plans to hit the studio with her in a post-Voice environment. (Honestly, it’s that kind of committment the show needs to finally produce a viable, household-name-level pop star. Imagine what he could’ve done with Amanda Brown or Tessanne Chin? Damn.)

On that note, I turn things over to you. What did you think of Top 12 results? Did America get it right with the Bottom 3? Was the right artist saved? If not, what would you have done differently? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kaba says:

    I smell a Sanjaya in the making. Lord let me be wrong and let the instant save curse strike that boy down with the intensity of a thousand suns.

  2. Kim Moores says:

    I…I guess it’s good to hear that the Voice wants to bring in a Wild card 4th place?
    That wildcard finalist will be so DOA it hurts.

  3. Rowan says:

    I have a soft spot for Ryan. I think he killed it last week with that OneRepublic song and did really well when the pressure was on with this Voice save. I won’t miss Sugar because I honestly thought her voice was very shrill. Jessie was definitely something unique. I think in terms of like, indie artists and voices on the show? I don’t get what’s so polarizing about Reagan, she sounds like she’s out of breath all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan grow!

    • Sharon says:

      My son hasn’t been watching the show, and he wasn’t impressed by Ryan’s work on his save song, but he really liked what he did on The Tide is High. On the other hand, our family sure noticed that Jessie’s pitch issues and Reagan’s breath control problem were on glaring display in the team song with Blake and Craig. That was also one strange song choice for that group, and is not exactly one of Elton John’s great numbers.

    • Scout says:

      Of the bottom 3, Ryan was the best (though that is not saying much). I am just glad America could help Pharrell break his wholly-bizarre, completely unwarranted obsession with Sugar? It was getting creepy. When I heard she was singing “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” I knew she had also inhaled some of that purple hair dye.

  4. analythinker says:

    Wow, Michael, this is the FIRST time I REALLY disagree with your scores. Jessie was SO SO SO awful, I cringed all the way through! Come on, I don’t think it’s my ears??

    • MC says:

      Sugar was the only one who made a strong impression on me tonight, although Ryan was much improved compared to last night. MS said Sugar delivered her vocal with “loose, effortless power.” That a high compliment and I voted for her because I heard the same thing.

      • analythinker says:

        I was referring to him giving Jessie a B. Voice-wise, Sugar was the best in my opinion. But I saved Ryan because I don’t want to hear another dated song choice coming from Sugar, even though she wasn’t the one responsible for that (until she chose that as her “plea” song). I’m an 80’s girl who loved 80’s songs, btw.

        • MC says:

          I actually agree with your original comment. Jessie’s voice is too thin for my taste.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Agree with you both. Jessie sucks, no question. I’m still confused how she got a chair turn, and then a steal?! Whatevs.
            Sugar has a better body of work than Ryan. Sugar’s Love on Top completely blew me away. But tonight Ryan beat her fair and square. Not sure it matters because whoever got saved will be gone next week with either TJW or Reagan by his/her side.

          • I think America might be getting tired of those airy, soft voices. The one I liked was Melanie Martinez! The soft airy voice doesnt seem to make it far on these shows anymore!

          • Tom22 says:

            @Caleb I wouldn’t lump Melanie and Jessie together. While I think Jessie had perhaps a stronger voice with a bigger range I felt Melaine’s sorta “soft voice” was intriguing in how she made i haunting by consistent use of being flat places and over all a whole package persona that fit the voice. Jessies occasional use of the same techniques just made no sense to me in a cohesive way. Pennel was also very cohesive and for people who like her and that sort of voice buy her ep put out before the show.. it is very good.
            Melaine Rodriguez has proven to be a good song writer too and she’s got a future ahead of her as, if not as a musician for decades, some sort of designer (not sure if it’s clothing or graphic arts or movie sets or what).
            Melanie is a very creative young lady and her videos are really quite good. She’s been a star talent on the show… giving the show at least some creds even if far from discovering a overnight pop star (yet… never know when a song could hit )

          • Tom 22. Actually Im becca! Calebwackofan is just my funky posting name! Oh well I think Melanie Martinez was way, way better than Jesse! I wasnt meaning to lump them together. I was just comparing the “airy voices”, I had forgotten about Pennel until you just reminded me! Melani is starting to get notice now with her song “carnival” that is the song for the series “American Horror Story Freak Show”. You are right, she could surely be a designer also. She made all of her dresses and hairbows! Her originality made her stand out definitely! Have you seen Melanie Martinez “carnival” video? If you havent, you should. Excellent!

          • Oh wait Tom 22, Melanies song is Carousel not carnival! Woops! LOL

          • Okay I just watched Melanie Martinez “carousel” video. Very creepy carnival type eery, but so greeeaaat! I loved it, and why is Melanie so dang frikken cutie pie? There is a trailer for American Horror Story, and then there is her original video for the song, the original one is the one with Melanie in it!

          • Tom22 says:

            sorry I got Melanie’s last name wrong.. not sure why I mess it up as Martinez starts with the same M as Melanie.. I think its because i knew someone with the R last name I liked a lot.

        • Adake says:

          I was kind of shocked at how much he was beating both of them from the start of the voting and it didn’t change much. It will be interesting to see if this is a pattern with Ryan or a one time thing.

        • Scout says:

          Hm… In my head, I saved Ryan too. My fingers actually refused to vote for him though. It was very emotional for them.

          • Tom22 says:

            (btw) I stuck up for Ryan’s performance night too much because I’m sort of intrigued by a possible fight in him waiting to crack out.. unfortunately his voice did crack too much performance night and after review I must have been listening from the other room the second time to stick up for him.
            Still, I did feel I’d seen what Sugar had to offer and while good didn’t strike me as that special at what she’s good at (and what she’s good at isn’t that rare among the tier of people who’ve achieved making these shows). Jessie had moments of inspiration and at times a strong voice but I didn’t see it all fitting together and the “indy” vibe just didn’t seem that natural on her (or we’ve seen too far better at it on the show as I posted above about Caroline Pennel and Melaine Martinez
            I’m not sure Ryan will show more but I think there is a chance.
            He should sing Kyrie .. then we’ll see if he’s got a big enough rock voice or not… its a good song for him personality-wise too bridging a gap

    • Scout says:

      Maybe he liked her hairband. It was cute. I can’t imagine he was paying attention to her actual caterwauling. Nice girl, but one breath-y teen who can’t hit any notes on this show is enough.*cough* Reagan.

    • No, it wasn’t just your ears. We heard it in our home :)

  5. Adake says:

    The Bieber vote apparently ruled tonight. Ugh! He was by far the worst of the three up for elimination. Actually thought Jessie and Sugar gave better performances tonight. More importantly, the top 9 got through plus Ryan. And now there is this whole new fourth Finals contestant. Watch, Ryan gets eliminated but gets the fourth final slot. Now that would be an injustice. Hopefully it will be for an unjustly eliminated singer from the top 9.

    • Adake says:

      Did anyone get whether the new fourth finalist will be an overnight vote or an instant save process? I’m hoping for the former, to hopefully prevent what happened tonight.

    • JM says:

      Sorry, I may have agreed with Adake but after the sing off, I just couldn’t take Jessie or Sugar anymore.

      Jessie sounds SO affected, she needs time to figure out her true self b/c that’s not it. Plus, it honestly seemed like this competition was getting to her . . .she showed up in a frightful bleach job and a stress breakout, and looked horribly on edge all week. May be a blessing in disguise. I don’t mean that unkindly.

      As for Sugar – she is fun but MAN does her voice veer off the track when she hits the high parts. It just ruins her songs for me.

      Soo . . .Ryan it is.

      • JM says:

        okay, just want to clear up that blue JM is not me.

      • Laura says:

        You honestly are insane. People like you piss me off because I guarantee you have no singing ability and don’t know the first thing about music. Jessie was on The Voice for a reason, and she made it this far for a reason. OBVIOUSLY she has amazing talent and is more skilled and attractive than you will ever be. Stay off social media. Thanks.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Speaking as someone who has a great deal of singing ability and knows a great deal about music, I think you’re wrong, Laura. Bad contestants make it to the finals every year, but they typically don’t last long. Or in Idol Season 13’s case, they last the entire competition because bad singes is all they had.
          I think you’re extrapolating incorrectly that just because she’s there, she’s “obviously” talented when the only thing that’s blaringly apparent is she needs to learn to sing in pitch and also ditch the baby girl affected tone.

          • Laura says:

            Are you famous? Have you been told by famous singers that you are INSANELY TALENTED? No. Therefore, you don’t know more than Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and everyone else. Don’t be too jealous.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Ugh, I guess I should have known you were pimply hormonal 12 year old. Sorry. I think this would be an adult discussion. My bad.

          • Kim says:

            Hahahaha, I’d love to see the proof of Angie_Overrated’s “great deal of singing ability.” As is, she’s just another anonymous poster on a blog claiming all sorts of “knowledge.” Her “knowledge” isn’t any more important or better than anyone else’s here, no matter what she seems to think.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wow, the pimply hormonal 12 year olds are out in full force tonight. Must be a full moon.

        • Polo says:

          Jessie was my favorite!!! But come on everyone has opinions positive and negative

        • analythinker says:


        • Sharon says:

          Laura, it seems you are a very devoted Jessie fan, and you’re obviously very disappointed Jessie was cut last night. But you got really personal — based on no knowledge of a fellow poster — in the above comment. One of the things I like best about this chat site is that people seldom attack each other by making out-of-left-field accusations about each other’s intelligence, talent or looks. You did all three above. Not cool.

          • Well… Isn’t Angie attacking her as well? lol. I thought Jessie was the best out of the three, cannot believe Ryan is still in the race.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yes, Angie (me) was attacking her after she came at me personally. You are correct.

          • Marie says:

            Angie, she didn’t attack you. She asked if you had been told by famous people that you were talented. And then you called her a pimply 12 year old. Laura did make some derogatory comments towards JM that were uncalled for though.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            My point being if someone comes at me with childish insults like “you’re just jealous” or “has Gwen Stefani ever told you you’re amazing?” then I’m gonna smack the person down.

    • Scout says:

      Um…. yeah, he’s awful. But there were’t any “good” choices. I just couldn’t listen to Sugar… again. I couldn’t. Plus, he’s got great teeth. So there’s that.

      • AlyB says:

        LOL Great teeth! Yes, there’s that :p

        • Yes Ryan has nice teeth. He is cute, but did anyone notice his face was really flushed? I hope he doesnt have rosacea. The should use makeup to cover that up. Im not being critical but with the great make up artists they have, they should use them for even something like rosacea! Hes too young to have that! It was so red it looked like someone had slapped him! Im not being critical about him, but about the makeup people. He did do the best and great song choice too.

  6. Jeff Marley says:

    I’m really gonna miss jessie and sugar. :( Go follow them on Twitter everyone!!! 😃😃😃

  7. Bambi says:

    Sugar didn’t sound bad but it did sound like she flubbed the words a few times. Jessie might have had a chance if she attempted the big note in the bridge (not sure that’s the right word) because without it the song doesn’t have the same punch.

  8. analythinker says:

    This seems to be an unpopular opinion (even though “America” apparently agreed with me), I don’t think Ryan was that bad, either on the Duran Duran song or the Extreme song. Sugar’s giggles may annoy some people and her (or Pharrell’s) song choice has been all dated, we know the age brackets ruling the VoiceSave. Jessie was simply not good, people only tried to save her because they like her or Blake. So I might have saved Ryan by default, but yeah, don’t think he was bad.

    • Kaba says:

      Never understood the whole “America agreed with me” thing…
      “America” has saved plenty of undeserving contestants before and not just within the scope of this show. America named Jermaine Paul the winner of season 2.
      I’m having a hard time seeing what makes your point more valid. It just means people agree with you, not that it’s right :/

      • analythinker says:

        Where did I say I was right? I just said my opinion was unpopular, but apparently “America” agreed with me, so it’s not really unpopular. I put America in brackets because I know it doesn’t represent some people on this board, including you.

        • analythinker says:

          *quotes*, not brackets

        • Scott says:

          “America” did not agree with you, a very small sliver of Twitter users agreed with you. There was probably ten million people watching last night. Maybe 50k voted to save Ryan, that is less than half of one percent of all viewers. Saying America agreed with you because of a Twitter save is like the Republicans saying they have a mandate after the election because barely over 50% of voters checked their box when only 34% of registered voters bothered to do so. It is hard to say you have a mandate when almost two thirds of Americans essentially voted none of above.

          • analythinker says:

            I wasn’t gonna respond to this but I feel like I didn’t make myself clear. I did NOT say America agreed with me. I said “America” agreed with me. Obviously that means parts of America that did agree/save Ryan. See what I mean now? The quotes did mean something.

      • Dave joyal says:

        Jeanine Paul was the best performer in the finals that season… dude have the speakers in your television adjusted cause America got it right again tonight

        • MamaLis says:

          Totally agree with Kaba on this. Consensus is always “right.” As for the Jermaine Paul year. Honestly, I don’t remember the details of that year. It’s a bit of a blur. What I do vividly remember thinking is, “How did this happen?” and “Ugh!”

        • Scott says:

          Jermaine Paul was not the best performer that year. Juliet Simms should have won hands down.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Ryan and Sugar were my bottom 2 from last night, I enjoy watching, listening to them perform, but was not surprised they were bottom 3…

      . These “Coaches/Mentors” are always promising these contestants from the very first chair turn-around that they are stars and going somewhere, but most of them will be back to the local shows back home a year from now. But then, that’s the way the game is played.and it’s fun to watch the show.

    • Sara says:

      For what it is worth, I was with you and “America” on this one. I also did not think Ryan was that bad yesterday or tonight. I thought he’d be going home, but to be honest, he performed his save song the best, for me, so I tweeted to save him. I thought going into tonight’s show that I’d save Jessie, but I just felt like Ryan was better.

    • Scout says:

      I thought Ryan was “better” tonight, but how could he be worst than last night? I doubt if that’s possible. Both of the girls are clearly unaware of what their strengths/weaknesses are. If there were, they wouldn’t have chosen songs that highlighted all of the flaws in their voices. That is the nicest thing I can say about them, and it took a lot out of me :) I shant do it again. Not tonight anyway… Ryan was the least worst of the worst. There. Now, I feel better. Cheers.

      • analythinker says:

        Kudos for your positivism, but as I said, I saved him because when it came time to “prove themselves to be saved”, Ryan pulled through, and not just vocally. In my opinion :)

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Oh, I’ve got some intel for you. I was watching the news and it somehow came up that Kelly Clarkson was Reagan James’ baby sitter way back in the day. Remember how you were saying KC was endorsing RJ? Now we know why. I was confused b/c KC typically only goes out on a limb when the contestant is a “sanger” but mystery solved.

          • analythinker says:

            Aaaaaah, now that makes sense! Kelly gave shoutout to everyone but Damien, Sugar, Ryan, & Jessie this week.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m with ya, Analythinker. Do I love Ryan? Heck no. But he’s not bad. He sounds like any generic overly nasal tenor from Glee. It’s a “whatever” kind of sound. Kind of like Matt sounds like any other indie rock dude (though I will concede Matt did very well this week).
      There are so many worse singer than him, like TJW, Reagan and Jessie.

      • MC says:

        I usually don’t think twice about the votes, but I have to ask who is voting for TJW?
        And why? Sugar, for example, at least shows some artistry, power and a unique presence. TJW is just a stiff.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          TJW I don’t get at all. He has zero personality, doesn’t seem happy to be there, doesn’t seem to have the hunger to win, and has very ho-hum vocal ability. He’s not TERRIBLE, but he’s just so mediocre that it hurts.
          Even though I’m very anti-Reagan as well, at least she has a certain “something” to the way she approaches a song. I may not like it, but at least she’s doing something. TJW is just there. He occupies time and space. Barely.

          • I have always said the exact same thing! Is Taylor blank behind those eyes? He is like a robot with a guitar and microphone! Its like nothing phases him at all. Not the voting, not a sad song, not the applause,nothing. I wonder what kind of life he had? I have never really seen someone on one of these shows that we just cant figure out! Its like he is just along for the ride! Ho Hum! lol

        • Who is voting for TJW. We are all wondering that. It seems like most of us agree about it. He kinda creeps me out because his demeanor is so bland!His face never changes or shows happiness or emotion!

        • Martha says:

          Taylor John Williams is my favorite singer this season, or maybe from any season of “The Voice.” To say he has “zero personality” as Angie_Overrated stated is unfair. I perceive his comportment much differently. For example, to me TJW seems very thoughtful, and while he may be musically extroverted, he comes across as otherwise introverted. I find that combination interesting and charming. I appreciate that TJW puts a lot of thought and expression into his vocal interpretations. He also looks to be a great collaborator who listens closely to others and appreciates the accompanying instrumentalists. Taylor has said in interviews that he wants to stay true to himself, whether that gets him knocked out early or takes him to the end. Bottom line: Taylor lets his music and enchanting aura speak for itself. Some people (like myself!) feel it and connect with it, while others don’t. That’s art: subjective, mystical, perhaps even mystifying. To me, Taylor John Williams is simply magical!

      • erysimum says:

        What’s your problem with TWJ? I really like his understated style, and I disagree completely on your opinion of his voice. So many of the contestants go for these big, absurdly overblown, notes and runs. They all sound shrieky and desperate. And I am hating the song choices for these people. They seriously suck.

        • Sharon says:

          Thanks for chiming in, Erysimum. I am mostly in the “don’t get” TWJ camp, so I appreciate your perspective on his style. I get that you’re not a fan of runs and glory notes, but what it is about TWJ’s voice that you like? I mean, I assume it’s not just that he’s the anti-diva, right? I’m not challenging you, by the way, just sincerely interested.

          • Im going to chime in too! For me its not even about his voice, his voice is fine, but his weird demeanor. How can we connect with a blank robot personality? I still just wonder what happened in his life to make him that way. Maybe Gwen “gets him”.

          • Sharon says:

            There’s no reply option below your comment, Calebswackofan, so I am responding above it! One thought I have had about that robotic demeanor of TJW’s may be a sign of shyness, being very introverted (not the same as shy, though some people think it is), or even having a social disability, such as Asperger’s. I used to work in that field and have family members on the autism spectrum, and he potentially fits the superficial appearance. Or he may just be very low-key, as someone else suggested. I am not actually bothered by his personality (the world needs more introverts, in my opinion), but I don’t find his voice or delivery to be special enough to be in the top 10. But clearly he landed safely this week, so not everyone agrees with us.

          • Sharon, I was actually in my mind thinking of a social disability, but didnt want to say it. Aspergers is what I was thinking also. Nothing wrong with that, James Durbin American idol is one of my absolute favorites and he had high functioning autism and turrets syndrome. I just loved him, but he was quite a performer! Or it could even be anxiety disorder which is very common! If he does have any of these, then the job he has is perfect for him. Working at a dog hotel. Animals are great therapy! Im from his city. Portland oregon and we have dog bars where you can bring your dog to the bar with you and tons of dog hotels! People here love their dogs as I also do. I have 2 Sharpei, Anyway I feel bad now if he did have some kind of thing or disorder, because it must be hard to be on the show in that case!

          • Oh God, I will be glued to the TV tomorrow in light of the ferguson grand jury decision! I wonder between now and the next time The Voice is on how the world might change or be affected!

          • My husband and I have always wanted to visit Oregon — and now that I know my dog could visit cafes, I’m even more interested!

            Ha! We really loved James Durbin when he was on Idol, too. He is now working with other kids on the spectrum who are interested in developing their music skills, or he was the last I heard.

            Yes, the Ferguson situation is very tense. Please, let cooler heads prevail to prevent further tragedy.

          • ALWAYSAGOODDINNER Oh thats great that James Durbin is working with others who are challenged. I know he married that exact same girl who he said “saved him” and that he was a mess before he met her! Glad they got married! Yes Oregon is Beautiful but in both Portland and Seattle we get LOTS of rain. We have great beach storms and that is the best time to go to the beach! LoL Yes lets hope for the best in Ferguson tomorrow! Nice chatting with you!!

          • ALWAYSAGOODDINNER Oh yah I forgot to tell you about the dog bars and cafes! There are quite a few! You can bring your dog and have food and a drink! Also we are famous for VooDoo Doughnuts. Google them! Maple and bacon doughnuts, M&M doughnuts. Hundreds of doughnuts! I went there once at 3am and the darn line to buy doughnuts went back for 2 blocks. Very Famous! Come and visit

          • ALWAYSAGOODDINNER Oh my lord. Im not even kidding! Ijust looked at the voodoo doughnuts menu online. Listen,there are some funny doughnut names!
            1 Tex Ass Challenge
            2 Old Dirty Bast**d
            3 The gay Bar
            4 Co** and B**lls
            5 Butterfingering
            6 Maple Blazer Blunt (shaped like a joint)
            These are a few of the doughnut names, and there are a ton more. One has an ugly face with a toothpick stuck in it and looks like a voodoo doll!

          • I hope Mr Slezak doesnt get upset. Says no cussing, but I just cant believe an actual business has doughnut names like that! It cracks me up. Im also sorry for going off subject for a minute! LOL

      • John Anthony says:

        Angie. I hate to break your Reagan hate bubble but she’ll last longer than you think and she’ll be the biggest future star amongst this sad bunch of night club and bar performers. Once again, I could be wrong, but so far on these shows I had one bad bit of misfortune. My wife really liked Tate Stevens on one of the shows and I told her he would never win, he did! I’m not saying this about Reagan because I like her performances. After her last one I put her in the bottom three but that wasn’t the case. I also have a huge turn off when it comes to R&B. The reason I’m saying this is because I took the time to listen to her work prior to The Voice. Her Neon Lights version of Blake’s song was most entertaining. Blake loved it as well! One things these shows have proved. Me included, have no idea who the stars are or we would be making a living in the music business not on the computer passing our unimportant opinions around. Again, I respect the heck out of your critic regardless and I’ll take my hat off to you if your proven right! You take care and keep your critic going! It’s some of the best.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Agree to disagree, John. Reagan is awful and I firmly believe the general public can hear that as well. Like you concede, hey, I could be wrong! But I firmly don’t think I am. The girl can’t hold a note! When it goes longer than a second, she has to modulate into a squeak or something to compensate for the fact that she doesn’t know how to sing. I do believe viewers can hear that and aren’t fooled by the “style” of her voice. The “style” is merely a cover for the fact that she can’t sing.

          • John Anthony says:

            Have you listened to her album “Remedy” to date? It’s doing better in the early days than some of the winners on these shows at the present time. I have no idea why by I’m not an R&B fan by no means as you know. The new Blake interview regarding this artist certainly doesn’t side with your opinion of this young ladies talents. I know the future will bear one of us out and either way I still respect your opinion. After all, there are so many performers out there I can’t stand and they are making millions. I did like Gwen’s performance with her group. She surely knows how to move on stage for an older woman! Never heard that song they performed. What was it? I’m Your Number One?

          • Sharon says:

            John Anthony, the song is called The Tide is High, a 1967 song by John Holt, who fronted for a band from Jamaica called the Paragons. The song wasn’t a big hit for them, but a cover became a 1980 smash hit by new wave band Blondie, fronted by Deborah Harry. It was a smart choice for Gwen and her team!

          • Uuuh, I just loved Deborah harry! One of my favorites!Yes good song choice on Gwens part.

          • YAH I agree with that Angie. I think the good females are Danica and Anita! Christy Grimmy (if we are looking at young girls who can sing) is way better than Reagen. And maybe that other young one that Christina had on her team and I cant recall her name. So im just comparing the youngest girls and how they can hold notes. I too, noticed the breathy problem that Reagen has.

  9. Andres says:

    I had a feeling that Sugar was going home her previous videos were not viewed as much as the others on YouTube, however she and Jessie still deserve to be in the competition to Ryan. Ryan has no emotion when he sings and he always a has a blank face in my opinion. Hopefully people like Anita and Criag don’t go home before he does.

    • analythinker says:

      I don’t think they will. Even though I saved Ryan, I think he’s going home next week unless someone screws up so badly. People just seem to like everyone else more at this point.

    • Scout says:

      Sugar also has the least Twitter followers. Like by A LOT.

      • Andres says:

        That fact is also true.

        • ShariaLynn says:

          I think only Pharell is the only one captivated by her voice. Not a bad place to be because he will take care of her career and maybe somebody will finally break out from the show.

          • Andres says:

            I hope that is the case cause Sugar has a lot of improvement and potential. I am really happy that Pharell is willing to coach his team after this show, it shows how dedicated he is.

    • BrazenSongBird says:

      Sorry Andres, I disagree with you about the “Ryan has no emotion” thing. I thought he struck just the right emotional chord with “Ordinary World”. (All the notes, not so much.) And, here’s another thing to consider, he did attempt to do something that Simon LeBon himself doesn’t do: Those sweeping high notes at the end are meant to be sung in falsetto. Ryan was trying to do it full voice, probably to give it more of a rock edge. That’s Adam Lambert territory. The mere fact that he tried it, and was almost successful, shows me that the kid has some real potential. He just has to get out of his own way. So yeah, I voted for him over Sugar and Jessie.

      On a different note, I’m not sure that the poster who needs to see this will, but Angie_Overrated is most definitely a musician of some kind, most likely a singer and most likely classically trained like I am. I recognize the way she describes certain contestants, because I tend to think the same things myself, especially technically speaking. She and I do disagree at times, but musical taste is subjective. She liked Sugar and I didn’t (her tendency to fly sharp in her vibrato drives me a little loopy), but I respect her opinion, as you should. Personal attacks are not cool.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Yes! Like Matthew Schuler singing Wrecking Ball whatever season that was. Dude went straight into a full throttled tone still connected to the chest on those high notes. I have the utmost respect for popular music vocalists who do that because that’s the realm of classical singing. Not easy at all to do and I don’t think they get enough credit for doing so. As you noted, Ryan wasn’t 100% successful, but damn do I give him credit for trying. I still don’t love him as I maintain he sounds like a nasal generic tenor from Glee, but I agree he’s nowhere near as bad as everyone is claiming.

      • I also thought that! Angie Over-rated sounds like a singer or performer herself! I like to hear everyones opinion and we all have different tastes in music. Im a dancer not a singer, but I LOVE music! For instance, I loved Caleb Johnson (American Idol and lots of people didnt, But I also loved Burnell ( American idol contestant) and Astro (xfactor) and Stacy Francis (xfactor) and Phil Phillips, so you can see how my musical taste is all over the place. I love rock, r and b, rap, pop, oldies, Everything! From Neil Young to Neil Diamond and even Pantera! One of my favorite hard rock groups. And now Im for CWB and not really a country fan either! I also love any old motown music! I dont understand people who only like one music genre, because there is so much good music of every sort out there.

        • Oh and also who was the blonde girl who played piano barefoot and performed “let It Be” on american idol? It was so long ago. Loved her and also the blind guy. Same season. They all helped him move around during the performances. He was great! Good memories!

  10. Terri says:

    The only consolation is that the saved artist has usually gone home the next week, please may this be true next week!!

  11. danin says:

    No way in all the world did Jessie sing at all better than Sugar.Come.On.Yes, I was a little crestfallen w/Sugar’s song choice.At least she sang in key which Jessie&Ryan barely managed to do.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m a bit sad to see Sugar go as well, Danin, but it was admittedly her time. Her last performance was not the best. I thought she was better than Ryan and Jessie too, but hey, if not this week, she’d have been gone next week. Viewers never connected with her.

  12. Sharon says:

    Has any instant save contestant ever lasted beyond the next week? As for this new wild card, it seems very unlikely that person will win. Not only will they be competing against 8 others who got sent home before the 3 finalists, they will have had less time with coaches and mentors than the final three, and fewer opportunities to perform and build a following. So this seems like a stupid way to try to build more excitement. I know from seeing post-competition interviews with Voice and Idol contestants that one of the only things about being sent packing is that the pressure is off. But now, the entire top 12 get to have season-long (though it’s more like season-short) pressure until the last week — and with little likelihood of it paying off. I feel cranky about this.

    • Sharon says:

      I meant to say one of the only good things about being sent home.

    • Adake says:

      Yep, the rocker girl on Team Adam Kat Perkins was instantly saved twice last season.

    • JM says:

      Sharon – I agree that the seasons are too short. Would love longer seasons and less of them!

      • Timmah says:

        The season is the right length. The problem is they spend way too much time on the preliminary rounds and not enough when they get to the top 12.

        • Kiki says:

          This is why no artist ever breaks out on The Voice. We don’t get to know them well enough. The Top 12 portion is too short–they spend WAY too much time on the preliminaries.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            To be fair, name the last three people from Idol who have broken out. Other than Philip Phillips, I can’t name any more in the 2010’s era. I know a few people have done ok like McCreery and Alaina, but as far as true breakouts, those are slim pickins these days. That era is over.

          • helen says:

            This is a reply to Angie_Overrated, but might show up in the wrong place:

            Scotty McCreery just got three RIAA certifications for platinum singles and his current single is Top 15 on the country charts. He’s also been nominated for and/or won several country music awards already. I think he can safely be put in the “break out” category.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Go down the street and ask 10 people who Scotty McCreery is. I’d be truly shocked if even 1 person knew the answer to that one. Platinum certification? Great! Go Scotty! But I guess I was defining breakout in terms of name recognition across giants swaths of society. These shows can’t do that anymore. Even Phil Philips is relatively unknown despite having a song or two that most people would at the very least recognize. I’m not sure even 1% of America would recognize a Scotty McCreery tune.

  13. Rowan says:

    I noticed that each of the people in the bottom three were all judges saves last week. Clearly, America didn’t care for them again.

  14. Stacie says:

    Well if Voice tradition carries forward Ryan will be gone next week. Usually (if not always) the person who gets saved goes the next week. So he will either have to be saved again, which the public doesn’t usually like to do, or he will just be gone when other talent is up there next to him.

  15. Davey says:

    It would make more sense to have the wild card come from the singers eliminated before the top 12. A few of those were better than some who were saved last week.

    • sammy says:

      Yes!! I totally agree. I love Pharrell and have great respect for him but I don’t get his Sugar love. At all. He screwed up big-time by letting Elijah go. That kid could sing and was growing fast. I am sure he’d still be around had he been picked over Sugar. I’m still shaking my head at that one…

  16. Steven Dragon says:

    OMG Kaba, I was gonna posts the same thing!!!!

  17. Scott says:

    How about Blake claiming this is the best top 12 they have ever had? Um no. Also, Im pretty sure they say that every year.

  18. Sherry says:

    They should use that wildcard slot to bring James David Carter back.

  19. JM says:

    Yeah, no surprises. So let’s move on. If the coaches and/or singers were listening, what songs would you recommend?
    Here are some of mine:
    DaNica – I would like to see what she would do with a U2 song, like ‘One’
    CWB – ‘Beautiful Loser’ Bob Seger or ‘Let Her Cry’ by Hootie & The Blowfish
    Chris – Queen ‘Under Pressure’ or Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’
    Reagan – ‘What I am’ Edie Brickell
    Luke – ‘Blame’ by Calvin Harris

    • MamaLis says:

      CWB would prob do well with the Hootie song. But the Chris choices? I think he needs to stick to songs with a serious groove and something he can move in & out of his falsetto. For being so new to music, he’s actually got a great sense of timing and rhythm. He lands his phrasing really well too. (I’m probably not saying that right, I’m a dancer, not a singer
      :-) Anyway – I think that worked REALLY well for him last night and Adam should try to find more things like that for him to do.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Oh, you’re a dancer?! Cool! What kind of dance? I’ve always wanted to dance, but I have the coordination of a newborn giraffe on an ice skating rink.
        I’d probably say “He shapes his phrases really well”, but what you said works too.
        I really like CWB too. I hope he does some better songs though. I wasn’t crazy about his performance this week. He does better with that Memphis honky tonk thing he did earlier in the season. Now I’m the one who needs a check. Did I say that right? :) I’m a bit new to country music myself.

        • MamaLis says:

          Oh that’s funny!! You usually have good insight into music. I know that’s your background. My specialty was jazz and hip hop, though I don’t do it professionally anymore. To bring it full circle: I used to sometimes do choreography for bands. I used to work a lot with a guy named David Barry – who then went on to tour/be the musical director for Janet Jackson and up this year, was the guitarist for the Voice! :-)

      • Cool MamaL I am also a dancer!!! but cant sing a frikken note.

  20. hatful says:

    Do you guys realize that all bottom three is originally from Gwen’s team? What a coincidence!

  21. Julian says:

    Okay, so either the rest of America doesn’t get it or I don’t because personally Jessie was my favorite singer of the whole group but apparently I’m in the minority. However, I can’t disagree with some of the criticisms others have made about when she over-reaches for power or high notes. Adam recommended she really go for it in those situations but I disagree. What makes Jessie different than the rest of the people on the show is the tone of her quiet voice when she’s doing a ballad and in my opinion that’s what she should stick to when she comes back to try for a wild card. I think she would be better served to focus completely on where she stands out from the rest which is her soft beautiful tone when rendering a ballad rather than reaching for power and high notes where she isn’t going to compare to some of the others anyway. Maybe she could do something like Can’t Help Falling in Love with You or something else in that vein. In any case I wish her good luck. She’s actually the first person I’ve ever seen on one of these shows who I like well enough to buy her recordings so I hope she keeps at it.

  22. Michael says:

    Hmmm. I can’t say that I’m not surprised by America’s choice, but I was disappointed. I enjoyed Jessie. For once Michael Slezak, we agreed on her! Lol

  23. MamaLis says:

    As a complete non-sequetor, who is Anita Antoinette? I follow this show and I swear, I’ve never noticed that name before! I suppose I should do the math and assume it’s the one (yawn) female whose voice seems to be fine but whose performance I always FF. I’m curious who her voting demographic is.

  24. Normandy says:

    Ryan is another case of someone who actually lost the popular vote but won because the East Coast Twitter vote counted for more. He may be the worst Top 10 ever on this show.

  25. Absurdist says:

    If we’re being honest (and playing fast and loose with the rules, as the producers seem to be every season), I’d have sent all three of them home and brought Maiyah Sykes back. A battle between three two-chair turn singers? Underwhelming.

    I’m wondering now how long the producers can keep Ryan afloat. Only once has The Curse of the Instant Save been broken (Kat Perkins), and even she didn’t make it all the way to the final.

  26. Absurdist says:

    Except that Tessanne won (and got a tour) and Amanda… was on Team Adam Levine, who seems to have forgotten who Amanda Brown is. Come to think of it, only Tony Lucca was signed to Adam’s label, and that was mostly sto spite Christina Aguilera.

    Then, again… half of Idol Season 1 got record deals, that went nowhere for the most part (Tamyra Gray, who had recorded an album tor the “official” label that got kicked to J Records, ultimately being shelved completely until, well, the show created a record company to release it).

    To suggest that it would be nice to help these people make something of their careers seems a bit naive. I mean, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood made the most of what Idol gave to them, but it was hardly all they needed to become the filthy rich recording artists they are. The TV show is ultimately only as good as its ratings in the demo.

    • Kate says:

      I believe Adam also signed Christina Grimmie. Time will tell where that will go. And Adam didn’t do it to spite Christina, he did it because he thought it would be a successful endeavor since Tony came into the show with a pretty big indie following. They’ve since had a parting of the ways after a somewhat successful EP (and LOTS of touring by Tony, that’s his real bread and butter) and Tony is back to his indie recording roots. Adam’s label is still an upstart. I don’t really think him signing them is much more impressive than them trying to put out their own records via kickstarter or other methods.

  27. Marcie bagby says:

    What I’m confused about your asking us to tweet who we want but I’m from Washington we are a hour behind so really our tweet does not matter because you have already posted the you might want to change your voting

  28. Name That Tune says:

    All 3 of them should go.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Yeah, I would have supported a bottom 5 to get rid of TJW and Reagan too. We’re just trudging along until all the dead weight is gone. Probably my least favorite part of every season.

      • Sharon says:

        True. Though I don’t remember ever being willing to part with 4 or 5 in one sweep, and I could have gone for that this week. It casts an interesting light on the coaches, doesn’t it? Despite the negative view some (many?) people on this site hold of Adam, he seems to be doing a better job in terms of contestant selection, song selection and perhaps coaching than his three colleagues, which seems surprising, especially with Blake, who will surely be down to one team member very soon (she says with fervent hope). And Pharrell, with his great and apparently well-deserved reputation for finding and cultivating talent has made some weird choices too.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I think Adam’s going to win this season. I can’t stand the guy myself (he’s finally no longer the reigning Most Beautiful Man Alive!), but he picked the right 3 finalists. Even Matt who hasn’t impressed me at all this season came out strong and swinging this week. Chris Jamison for the win! So hot, and so talented. But I guess only hot to a cougar like myself? lol Your story was awesome, btw. :)
          Pharrell has been a huge disappointment for me. He’s proven himself to be wholly inadequate as far as this “game” is concerned. I know the dude is insanely talented, but it boggles my mind how he thought those arrangements for Piano in the Dark and Creep were good ideas. Maybe he’ll surprise us because he did have 3 very talented finalists and his remaining 2 are potential contenders if he can get his act together. Doubtful.

          • Sharon says:

            I know, right? Pharrell seemed to be making such intelligent pitches and insightful comments during the blinds, but now his song choices and arrangements are handicapping his contestants. It makes me wonder if he has a gift for finding talent, but has assistant producers who do the heavy lifting in the production side of his work. It will be interesting to see if he does work with Sugar and if we hear from her again, other than as one of the desperate horde returning for the wild card contest.

      • JM says:

        I agree there’s a bunch of dead weight! But, and I may be in the minority, I like this part of the show b/c I don’t have any clear favorites yet, and I like to see if anyone will surprise me. Good or bad (e.g., I liked Danica’s “Creep” b/c it was so unexpected), I just want something new. Those same-old, same-old retreads of Whitney songs and power ballads make me want to scream, so I welcome any risk taking.

  29. Dave joyal says:

    Seriously I don’t understand Pharrell’s obsession with Sugar and I don’t get your dislike of Ryan… I thought he did a great job on Duran Duran and Extreme, but I also thought Jessie was very good with both of her songs. I’m sad to see her go but I think Ryan was better tonight and deserved being in the top 10… now it’s going to be harder every week as this group is very talented

  30. Beth says:

    I’m so glad Jessie is gone! I actually voted to save Ryan tonight because I couldn’t stand the thought of listening to Jessie or Sugar again. He’ll be next unless he steps it up and I’m not sure he’s mature enough to do that.

  31. Adrian says:

    First Michael I love your tweet about Damien after he got saved. Of course seeing his ranking at the iTunes chart, I know he is not going anywhere yet. However I hope he will finally sing something more upbeat or up to date next week. Second, tonight’s result was not surprising at all, except that Reagan actually ranked lower than Jessie, but the ranking towards the bottom, the actual votes may affect the actual outcomes more. However I was shocked to see Ryan winning almost half of the vote from the get go. It told me that Ryan had a fan base and with or without instant save, he would still eek out another opportunity next week. That brings me to the main question: Is Instant Save fair? As a west coast viewer, instant save makes me upset. Although the actual final three performances might not affect my instant save vote, it deprives me the suspense that this instant save supposedly to bring. I have to vote without hearing any of their last minute performances. That is still unfair to the contestants and to the Mountain/West Coast viewers. Anyway, I share your excitement Michael – Diana Ross and let hope Pharell will do a better job in the song choices next week. Thank goodness that I don’t need to hear Sugar singing a Diana Ross’ song, which I think Pharell secretly plans for.

  32. MzChoClytt says:

    Everyone that I voted for was saved… so I’m happy. I was not a fan on either bottom 3 so it didn’t matter to me who went home. With that said… I do think the 4th wildcard is a nice twist, spices things up a bit from the norm. Now it gets harder for me because I have to start losing the ones I truely like😔

  33. Jaszy says:

    I still love you so much Sugar! America got it wrong! Absolutely wrong! I just can’t believe it right now. So upset. But I will get through this, just like I got through it when Christina Grimmie didn’t win last season, when Angie Miller didn’t make it to the finale on American Idol 12, when Elise Testone didn’t make it further than 6th place on Idol 11, and when Haley Reinhart didn’t make it to the finale on Idol 10. Each of these results deeply upset me and I’m sorry to add Sugar Jones to that list. I just loved everything about her: her personality, her look, HER VOICE! She was everything to me. I’ll tell you one thing: Pharrell’s not going to be as invested now as he would have been if he had Sugar Jones.
    Now there’s really no one left that I’m in love with. Reagan’s okay, but she’s no Sugar Jones. Still, Reagan’s the only one that will keep me watching this train wreck of a season.
    Why does everybody I like get eliminated? It makes no sense.
    This season I loved BREE FONDACARO, Mayra Alvarez, Kelli Douglas and AMANDA LEE PEERS. They are all gone. NOW the best, Sugar, is gone?
    Still can’t believe it.
    Why, America? WHY????? I’m now in a bad/sad mood.

    • Fan says:

      You claim to love Sugar so much, yet you can’t even get her name right. It is Sugar JOANS, not Jones. Some fan.

      • Jaszy says:

        Hey, I never made that mistake of spelling her last name wrong until after I found out she was eliminated. Trust me, I have commented over and over again about Sugar and I have never spelled her last name wrong. EVER! I comment a lot about her on here, and on youtube(go to her voice performances on youtube and read comments from HaleyVic17 if you don’t believe me) and over on Lyndsey’s Reality rocks blog. I never spell her name wrong. Shows you where my mind was. I was so upset I didn’t even notice I was spelling her last name wrong.
        But trust me, I am still a huge fan of Sugar JOANS (happy?). I guess I’m irked by your comment cause I am truly a fan of hers. Just because I spelled her last name wrong a few times AFTER she was eliminated shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t undermine my love for her voice and her amazing personality.
        She will truly be missed by me and I’m sure millions of others.
        I am a fan, honestly. I’m still reeling from this decision.
        I just hope Pharrell is still as excited to work with her as he was when she was in the competition.
        I really hope I hear music from this girl in the future. However, I think she should go back to her real name: Sophia Louise. I think that name paired with soul music is a strange dichotomy because Sophia Louise sounds like a folk singer’s name, yet we all know Sugar is a soul singer.
        I know I’ve just said a little too much, but, hey, Sugar does this to me.

    • Scott says:

      You crazy

    • Troy says:

      The sad thing is, you are that crazy/dedicated to a so-so singer, who sounds very abrasive and shrill especially on her high notes. It sad you don’t like anyone else, because there are far better singers on this show than Sugar.

      • Troy Yah I dont get all the obsession over sugar. Pharrell is crazy. She is like bottom of the barrel. I blame some of it on terrible song choices for her. Adam and Blake are picking some good songs for their teams! Adam likes to take a risk and pick a top song right off the chart and Blake picks an old classic and CWB did it so well. Im surprised Sugar made it over Toia!

      • Jaszy says:

        I do like other people in the competition. I like Reagan a lot but she’s not getting as much flak as Sugar has been getting for no reason.
        Sugar is not a so-so singer in my opinion. She is an amazing singer. Her blunt(not abrasive) style of singing couple with that vibrato, it’s what I love.
        I’m into tons of different voices. Sugar’s is the one I was drawn to the most this season, not just her voice but her personality and her look intrigued me as well.
        So don’t put words in my mouth and say I don’t like anyone else. I do,I just preferred Sugar over everyone else.
        And other people I liked got sent home in the battle rounds: Bree Fondacaro, Kellie Douglas, Mayra Alvarez, Amanda Lee Peers (who should be there instead of Taylor John Williams).
        As you can see, all these people have distinct voices that differ a lot from Sugar’s. So it’s not just one type of voice I’m into.

        • Troy says:

          Ok well Sugar is gone now, good for her for outlasting some way more talented singers, but her journey has finally ended. And her voice is abrasive and shrill, why would I wince every time she went to her upper register, but if you like it that’s fine! Really, everyone likes different things.

  34. Jaszy says:

    I think this wildcard thing has no integrity to it at all. Even if my favorite, Sugar, were to come back, it wouldn’t seem fair. Anybody who were to come back, it just wouldn’t be fair.
    Let there be another Instant Save. Bring Sugar Jones back! Bring her back!
    I knew she had no chance of making it far, but it still sucks. It really sucks.

  35. Polo Mann says:

    Wtf i am soo angry Jessie was my favorite they the the mr. Wayyyyyyy super wayyyy off tune high notes stay on the show at least let Sugar on not Ryan… I was super mad that toia left which inst Gwen’s fault but stupid Gwen let Ricky Manning go for some Ryan sill ugh I’m sooooo done with her and Ryan

  36. JJ says:

    Hate the instant save. If America didn’t like them singing once, gee, make us sit through them singing again! Then show 5 minutes of commercials and the contestants standing there with stupid grins on their faces to tell us our lack of votes last night means absolutely nothing! This show keeps going downhill. Such a shame, was the best singing competition. Now with this new twist, ugh. Thank goodness for DVR’s, and skipping most of these horrid falsetto performances.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      It’s a tv show, a highly successful one at that. All this instant save nonsense is to get more social media presence to be able to charge more for ad spaces. I agree with you the instant save is annoying, but it’s a smart business decision.
      I kinda snicker when I see people talking about the next big recording artist from these shows. That time is so over it’s not even funny. Doesn’t happen anymore. It’s a tv show, plain and simple, not a starting point for stardom. Idol is no longer capable of doing it, and The Voice and all the other shows have never been able to do it.

      • MamaLis says:

        Ya… why hasn’t that happened in awhile? What’s up with that?

        • Sharon says:

          I suspect it’s partly because there are lots of reality singing shows and some have been around a long time, so it’s a more crowded field. Also because the music industry has changed so much in the past 10-15 years and is continuing to change and this format may not be a great fit for the direction the industry has gone. It’s interesting to speculate on whether an emerging artist today can expect to have the 40-year careers of the past, and my guess is very few will.

      • Kate says:

        I agree that the next big recording star won’t becoming out of one of these shows, but that’s only reflective, as you and others have said, of the music industry as a whole. Rather, I think that the musicians featured on the show will just get more exposure. I know I have found several musicians from this show that I love and that I follow on twitter and support by purchasing their original music. If they ever were to tour near me, I’d probably go to their shows. To paraphrase Dave Grohl (who ironically seems to hate these types of shows) as long as the music gets out there to people, it is a win.

  37. Becky says:

    Blake’s 11 ,000 retweets for Jessie didn’t count cause he put an extra space between save and Jessie. And she was trending world wide! I say she won but we believe all things happen for a reason and trust that Had had a reason for this to happen:)

  38. Maureen Werlin says:

    Jessie deserved to be saved. Her voice is unique. She reminds me of Janis Joplin.

    • Kate says:

      What?! In what possible way does she remotely resemble Janis Joplin? I kind of liked Jessie, but her voice is completely different than Janis. Jessie is all light and airy, Janis was grit and deep feeling and rough (in a great way).

  39. Lee says:

    Anita is boring, and I’m bored stiff by the reggae thing because it was SO popular that it sounds the same to me. She did a Bob Marley imitation. OK. No one can top Bob Marley {and his sons} so why bother ? She seems a sweet person BUT SHE’S SO FRICKING DULL no matter what she sings. Reminds me a little of Roberta Flack, but Roberta was better !!!
    Roberta sang “the first time ever I saw your face”.

  40. Ok wait, its ok to have a wild card, but at the end of the show? When whoever is in the top 3 have worked every week to get to the top 3? And then somebody who hasnt worked for weeks gets to slip in there to the top 4 and maybe pull out the rug from someone? They should pick a wild card now then. Not at the end when we have worked and voted to keep our favorite in. Let alone how hard they had to work to get there! So in other words, if the “wild card” ends up winning they werent even on the show for weeks and didnt have to work for it!

    • For instance, if you guys watched the last x factor USA the judges decided together who the wild card was and they brought back Josh Levi. But they did it at top 12 and he made it top 13. So everyone had a fair chance and had to work the season. I dont like that the voice is going to wait until the end. Not fair to the contestants. Its like a free ticket for someone to come in and steal the show, not having to work for it. Bullsh**! Together with the dumb instant save that west coast cant be involved in and now this. This is not Americas votes and choice!

      • AlyB says:

        I have to agree that it would be far more fun to let us get a save from the battles or knockouts though the logistics would be impossibly difficult. What team would they end up on? We’d have to save 4 so each team had the same # & then have coaches pull names from a hat or something. Would be tough too to be America’s save stuck on a team from the coach that cut them or didn’t use their own save on them. I get what you’re saying about bringing someone back at the end of this thing after the others have killed themselves doing the show week to week. I do think the returnee will have a huge deficit to make up in terms of an established fan base though. It will be someone that lost the public vote and the Twitter save on top of having been out of the mix for awhile. Still I can’t say I’m not intrigued by the idea of what might have happened if say Judith Hill had a chance to come back in her season. Not that we have someone like her this season but it’s an interesting thing to try & its a done deal so I’m willing to see how it goes.

        • AlyB Yes you do have a good point that the wild card would have lost followers and fans! Hopefully the most deserving person will win this thing!

        • John Anthony says:

          The public has no business having that much input as to the make-up of the teams. We pick favorites for to many different reasons. Looks, type of artist they are, what sex they are, who moves around the stage best, and even who’s team they are on. I don’t like R&B so it reflects my opinion. I’m sure there are a lot of viewers out there who do the same. Country fans will never vote in big numbers for pure pop right? Look at the stink they are making over Taylor Swift moving into pop. I do agree with you that it would be fun for sure!

  41. Kiki says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s incredibly dumb of the producers to allow us all to see the status of the tweeting portion of the eliminations as the tweets are happening? WHERE is the suspense for us? We knew Ryan was going to win. So there is NO tension. Tension translates into people not turning the channel.

  42. Wendy says:

    Could the wild card scenario be happening because the producers & most of the viewers already know that Matt & Craig Wayne are locks for the finale?

    • Sharon says:

      I might give you Craig, Wendy, but I’m not as sure about Matt. He’s had a breakout performance that was really exciting, but so did Ricky Manning a couple of weeks ago. However, I think you’re right that the producers have thrown this wild card idea in to up the suspense. And maybe to keep viewers around who stop watching after their faves go home. On the other hand, I always wonder how many people who say the show is over for them actually do stop watching.

  43. Lloyd says:

    Ryan was easily the worst on Monday. Ugh…

  44. lindy says:

    Seriously do not get the Matt McAndrew love. He barely sounds in tune. Oh well. Another borrriiinnnngg season.

  45. AlyB says:

    I would have preferred to keep Jessie over Ryan but there really wasn’t much of a chance of her going a lot deeper into this competition. I wonder who decided I Wanna Dance With Somebody was a great choice for a Twitter save song lol. No words. I’m just relieved Sugar is finally gone.

  46. Marianne says:

    I’m sorry, Michael, but sweet Jessie had pitch problems throughout the entire performance. My son on the couch said “Yeah – she’s pretty bad.” Based solely on their performances I tweeted to save Sugar, but none of them were great. Not surprised the cute boy advanced (ala the Idol format).

  47. Iakovos says:

    Just give it to Chris Jamison already! Done!

  48. senorskippy says:

    Sorry if someone else already said this. My wife and I are at the point where we are muting the judges feed back because we know its the same drivel 90 % of the time. Adam is the only one who dares be frank on occasion. I would think Pharrell could be more honest based on his creds. I think they should go to a paddle system like DWTS. Any 9 or 10 paddle doesn’t have to justify the vote. 8 or below has to give constructive criticism that will actually benefit the performer. Averages could be posted on The Voice, beside the artists’ picture. Something needs to be tweaked!!
    To me the talent is on a slow decline and no amount of save rounds will produce a “viable household name” that we’ve been waiting on for 7 seasons.

  49. B Merritt says:

    They got it right this time,song choices for the bottom three not good.

  50. InMyPJs says:

    So what is wrong with Pharrell? His unwarranted fawning of Sugar never ends. He wants to work with her after the show?! Really? That attention should be given to Elyjuh who he unfairly didn’t save. Is Pharrell just blind to see that the public is not connecting with Shrill…i mean Sugar Joans? They don’t like her so why even try to make a record with her? She’s just going to bomb. Why she names herself Sugar is quite the opposite of her voice which is not sweet but acerbic!!!

    • InMyPJs says:

      Anyway, Slezak is wrong to say that Jessie did well. She was struggling on those high notes. She went off pitch. Sugar OTOH again irritatingly caterwauled her song and went sharp. America can only take so much of her shrilliness. Although, Ryan was bad last week and may have flubbed a word or two, he at least bested the other two and although that’s not saying much, I think America got it right. I agree though that he has no business being in the top 12 (So do Jessie and Sugar) because Taylor Phelan, Elyjuh Rene and JDC should have been in the top 12 instead of last night’s bottom 3.

    • Jaszy says:

      Nothing is wrong with Pharrell. He was a genius for noticing Sugars greatness. You can’t speak for all of America, because I bet you there were a ton of people, including me, that were just as obsessed with Sugar as Pharrell seemed to be.
      Whether you want to believe it or not, people did vote for Sugar. I know I did. And I don’t regret it one bit. As I’ve said before, I love everything about Sugar Joans.
      So you can’t speak for everyone.
      I feel if she were to ever make a record, it would need to be along the lines of a Joss Stone album, which is not the type of stuff she was singing on the show.
      I felt that she gave herself a new name because she felt that her real name, Sophia Louise did not embody the type of artist that she wanted to be, which was a soul artist.
      But what’s funny is, I think that had she kept her real name, I think she would’ve been better received. You wouldn’t expect somebody named Sophia Louise, who sounds like a folk singer, to be singing soul, throwback-type music.